Getting Started Freelancing

January 14th, 2018

Hi it’s Matt here, still at kurb – I’ve been travelling in europe and asia for 3 months and it’s really opened my eyes to the kinds of lifestyles now available to those who are involved in digital industries and the potential of working remotely, and freelancing as a digital nomad.

Obviously it begins with some of the countries where it’s possible to live a great lifestyle outside of the bigger commercial cities of the western world where most of the work and contacts are available – as these tend to be the same cities that are the most expensive to live in, or you maybe participating in an extremely competitive market where it’s harder to get work that pays well.

When you’re no longer “location dependent” it opens up huge opportunities, you may no longer need to work nearly as long or hard, or do things you’re not passionate about, when you relocate to where costs are much cheaper.

But this isn’t new information, it’s a lifestyle that’s been promoted to aspiring entrepreneurs for many years now. However, if it was easy everyone would do it.

It sounds like a good idea, but it’s not easy to put the right plan for you into action so that you can afford to live a jetset lifestyle, based in locations where a good lifestyle is cheap, and rules around immigration are relaxed.

When I write my blog, I use it as a tool to thrash out ideas I’m having, because this means I can present working applications of ideas that others can use to pursue this kind of lifestyle and make it work, because a concept isn’t enough without structuring a model that can actually be applied and demonstrated.

Obviously it starts with what your skills are. There’s so much you can do to earn money online, but you need to be able to sell yourself as a product with a clear brand, potential clients need to be able to assess how suitable you are for what their needs are. It’s not going to connect with clients if you say you are a “freelancer” rather than defining exactly what you are able to offer them.

You need to do a pretty broad assessment of what your skills are and how likely this specific skill is going to be in demand, or whether you can connect this particular skill to a market – maybe your local area or language or perhaps the areas you are looking to relocate to and are researching. It’s not just about how good you are at what you do, especially online, you need to be cognizant of how you’re going to access the market – either you are targeting a niche as I described, or you are aiming to enter into a competitive and crowded market such as a big freelance website and establish a unique offering of skills that are in demand.

What it keeps coming back to is passion. What do you want to be doing, and what do you hate doing?

I don’t want anything to do with the technical side of video or websites, and this is the key medium for making an impact online.

But I’m limiting myself here because clients do tend prefer to deal with someone who can do it all, yet, here is where I can make clear what I would rather do, and create a niche service around those parameters, as a concept for something viable that you are passionate about.

You have to be passionate because clients can be very demanding, and you may be forced to price yourself very competitively in order to get work. In freelancing it’s better to be working for less on what you enjoy, because that gives you the chance to relocate to somewhere that doesn’t cost nearly as much, and the time you do need to spend working isn’t sapping you of energy you need for other goals.

It just comes back to why freelancing is so appealing, many people are stuck doing jobs they hate because they feel they have to remain in an expensive, busy commercial centre that offers well paid work.

In modern times people are paying a higher price than they realise simply for the security of what they feel is a normal job.

They are doing work that makes them feel unhappy because they feel they have to reach a standard that comes with the pressure of maintaining an urban lifestyle.

So what do I want to do for work? – well, you want to do what you do anyway, you’ve got to keep dressing for the job you want.

That’s the key conflict for me, how can I be a forex trader if I am actually needing to freelance so that I can afford to pursue a nomadic lifestyle, spending time in Bangkok, Belgrade, Kiev, Tallinn – cities that offer a cheap lifestyle to those who can earn a few hundred dollars american online each week.

Well I focus on work around forex trading, especially offering writing services, because I’m leveraging a skill I have – writing – that I enjoy so I can keep doing what I would rather be doing.

The other idea is to do something that helps you develop and practice skills you would need when your doing the work you want to be doing.

I want to be doing work pushing connections between new zealand and ukraine/belarus so any work I can get associating myself with ukraine or connecting me with people who would be interested in engaging with what ukraine has to offer, that work is worthwhile to me.

I’m not strong in networking, so developing techniques specifically to engage with valuable contacts is a good tactic to make your temporary freelance gig into something more worthwhile for developing opportunities for doing work you really would prefer to do.

There are lots of opportunities to create a new, adventurous and exciting lifestyle if you decide to become a freelancer, which is a pay off from moving to a country temporarily where the lifestyle is good and very cheap. It is usually quite necessary because as a freelancer, you won’t be earning as much or as reliably as you were, but you can meet your costs because you can charge so competitively.

I think a lot of people are quite anchored to where they are and they connections they have, otherwise more people would be doing it, but I believe like a lot of things – online dating, and much of online culture – slowly the cultural misgivings will fade and many will look to other parts of the world where the cost of living is cheap and the climate more suitable at the right time of year to spend time supporting themselves with work that is structured a lot differently.

This is just part my introduction to the concept and I’ll be posting more hopefully about freelancing and digital nomadism as I continue to use the kurb blog to explore new concepts I’m working on.

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Websites Hacked, Website Strategy

January 10th, 2018

I just recently had one of my old sites hacked with malware, so my hosts shut down my whole account.

A bit of an emergency, I was aware I had far too many old sites that were not updated and not protected and were vulnerable, because I didn’t update the wordpress installs so that certain vulnerabilities that were never patched with their regular updates were way open to exploitation as time went by.

This but me in a bit of doomsday scenario in regards to my websites – what would I save if my server was on fire, are my back ups good enough to cope with a total fail, is this in line with my wider concepts of minimalism? That you focus on what you need and you do away with the rest in order to ensure it’s the proper and important things that are priority.

I decided that it was time to bring forward the work I knew I had to do this year bringing my web assets up to par – there was just too many loose ends I found unacceptable, to get the best results you can’t allow things to go on in a permanently unmanageable arrangement – paying for domains and services I am barely intent on using.

Too many domains I’d purchased with the thought that I would develop them into something, costing me hundreds of dollars a year. I have a hard time knowing when to quit. Now these old sites were risking my profitable sites and my personal sites by compromising my hosting account.

It’s just not worth it, I’m forced to make decisions about why I can justify keeping some of my domains and sites going.

1 group are great freelance white label sites for graphic design, video production, blog services, web design etc., and I have an idea that when I’m working with more people overseas I will have labour resources to spare that I will need to utilize, freelancing is a big part of where I’m thrusting forward with my ideas I’m developing in eastern europe and asia.

It has been something I recognised recently that the needs of communities are not about homes and nutrition as much as income and productivity. People are attracted to opportunities, and I have to hold those opportunities in hand to bring ambitious and motivated people around me.

The other group is related to another core business concept I am investigating overseas, and would not want to be rid of those valuable domains and undeveloped but still aged sites when this concept is still very much alive.

The rest are simply a few I have retained on a whim, and others that are still part of the core business I run that is still making money, so I can’t make a call right now to shut them down while they are part of a larger whole that is still putting money in my pocket – they are part of the broader kurb promotions business holdings.

This means narrowing my focus down to the actual active websites I am managing and developing and it turns out there’s only half a dozen.

Very specific criteria have to be met before I activate any of the former groups of domains I was discussing for freelance and other overseas business ideas, and so it seems suitable to me to simply power them down, hibernate them, and wait for a spring time when they are activated to be a part of a focal business effort.

This site and cd dvd duplication and video production and promotion sites attached to it remain the operational core, while my music marketing blog remians a bit of a distinguished relic, I have barely posted on it the last 5+ years, but once upon a time it was a thing of value, and the concept still holds value and so it sits alongside those other groups, that a more sustained effort in business to develop freelancing and overseas concepts could see a greater role for this site being expanded by staff or interns, freelancers, people I am working with.

My pirate site and my modelling site, similarly, I am not going to keep so much because I see business opportunities there, but more because I think it is an interesting part of my personal brand narrative that I have had dealings and operations in these areas.

It’s very much like this blog here, and this is what this whole exercise has shown me, that you start to ask, well what web properties do I absolutely need, and why?

My video production and copying and printing websites are not so important given I’m not actively looking for that work right now, I’m not sure if I’d really like to take that on.

If I don’t need the work and no opportunity arises to expand on that, then we’re not moving forward with it, we’re not committing to it.

Whereas my pirate site, my music marketing site, my modelling site, they are all a bit more fun and interesting, it’s not so much of a chore, I’m expressing myself, I’m doing me.

It also as I mentioned, has opportunities that connect to my next moves that I am planning overseas, but what I realise is that I don’t think there will be a major push on that for 15 months at least and I don’t think I will be activating any initiatives from any of my websites in that time and I think this is what the whole hacking issue comes down to, is that many of these sites I won’t really do much with for a couple of years, and I need to make sure they don’t become a liability.


The important thing is that they are backed up of course, and that the back ups are organised in such a way that it is easy to find everything.

What I’ve done is set up all the files so that if I ever did lose something significant, you’re not left with that blitzing feeling that you’ll never even know what you lost! I have all the folders downloaded update to now, and the wordpress databass which has the blog posts of important blogs, even though most of it is just rubbish.

It’s my rubbish!

Because in most cases – this case as well, I discover I didn’t have that much to lose, because I was able to recover it all and deal with the situation but it reminded me how vulnerable I am.



Internet Jobs Intern

March 3rd, 2016

I have continued to use this blog to throw together ideas about how to build a promo team.

The point I reached was that it may be a lot simpler than I thought – that is the plan may be more simple, but the work involved is unavoidable.

You’re never going to find employees under $20 p/hr who know what theyre doing. Everyone and anyone is going to need training, so you may as well accept training as a necessary evil.

If you are going to find good people to work with you have to take them on as interns, pay them something, at least $10, and train them up.

Next comes new opportunities in music management because this is how business works, we can have as many little dreams as we like about the business we would like to run, but we need to deliver services that artists want to pay for in order to make money, so getting clients and tailoring services to them can help us create a service artists will want to pay for and that means we can pay staff and build a team that is capable of functioning on a high level.

How do I think this is going to help me? The sooner I have established music industry work, that is at least $500 a week, the sooner I can pay someone to jump into that role. Having one or two clients is the start of something that can be built on. But in reality I am only paying them to work for me, but I am leveraging my position so that as long as I can provide the work for them, I can get all my work done as well. What does this involve?

Well the website, maintaining the website development, and the social media tasks we talked about this, content, advertising, publicity.

The website you can charge $500 for and ell them there’s an annual fee of $100. Social media and publicity you have to bill like a lawyer. It shouldn’t take an intern an hour to update social media.
How long should an advertising campaign take?

I play the client, I will tell you how much it’s worth to me. A good ad campaign? 3-4 hours. Research for publicity and bookings? Hour by hour. How long should it take? I look at the results.

I charge my staff at $30 and I charge myself at $60 s they have a choice. Of course this is actually $20 and $40 american, I might make mine $50 american it gives them a nice choice and lets them know that they can have quality if they prefer that choice for jobs like copywriting the publicity. Design.

I will only pay my staff $NZ20 and explain this is for 2 reasons – it’s realistic that I would take a proportion of their earnings in some way, but also I have costs and responsibilities to meet running the business and this has to be acknowledged. For the most part it grows the business. But they don’t have to know that the business is not really that viable. They just need to get paid.

So I’m saying to them, I will give you 20 hours work for $200, but the rest is commission, and you can earn $400. We will be looking to review this within a few months. The point is when they want to give up the $10 hours, they can. If they want to earn a pay rise from me or the clients they just have to do better work, and I have plenty of ideas.

This is sounding much more like a real job and not just as apprentice. A real job can be advertised. We just need that $200, and the beauty of it is that a trademe ad is only $150, we could get it all happening.

Internet jobs is free as a website and I don’t really see we wouldn’t take the most simple version of the concept and use that as the site. No the concept isn’t sophisticated or slick it’s internet jobs.

What, more sites drifting around? We want the sites that work, that’s the idea. If it works, good, if it does it, move on, if we don’t need it any more, move on. As far as I know right now, given that we have a source of income that is sufficient, all we need is good staff. That’s why we can commit to this.

The digital apprentice is a nice concept but internet jobs is so much more clear but also versatile because it is simple. There is a purpose for it in years to come when it’s primary use of getting me my first staff members has been accomplished, for it can still feed in.

Then, the gigs. Someone has to book te gigs, but someone may need to look after the gigs. And finally, publicity. All this, $40 p/hour, we just have to refine our results as we develop.

But wait now. I am starting to think this may be all to client focused when at the end of the day, I am the main client, and I am the client to keep happy.

I want videos. I want gigs. I want promo. I want publicity. I want all my websites looking good. Forex, the commune, some of this needs basic social media facebook all set up from scratch.

It seems like the sort of stuff that could get done pretty easily and then be done.

Let’s revise:

4 people to do my video, 1 social media and 1 manager, and 1 commune manager. Then there’s the maths girls.

In the old version it was just 1 video person, 1 social media and the assistant manager, but we’re expanding to cover the whole of NYL and video projects. So it may be the old model, 3 people are getting $600 and then there’s a second tier and instead of being internly dogsbodies, which can really be done a lot of from the commune, I choose girls for NYL.

But wait, I said no video person. For the big projects we will bring someone on board on contract.

Again, instead of paying them, I just rent a house and let them live there, I fill it with girls. Again instead of charging them in advance and bond, I can shake 12 hours out of them for a room they might not even have to themselves.

So as compared to how it was before, I actually only budget $2000 for 3 main people, but there’s $1k covers the cost of this place and an apartment, so I then have 3 different addresses where people can stay and swap services for rent. So I have my NYL and my commune, and another staging address. The cost to me is $4k.

But this could easily have the apartment and the third person removed saving me $1k, making my weekly cost $3k, making this a level we could be at next spring, but we wont be because we cant organise all this before then!

We know it would probably take us 2 years to find 6 people for all those roles. We only did this to work out the costs and suddenly it’s not the costs, it’s going to take time and we can’t get started now. But money is not the issue. We can afford $200 for our first employee with the sneaky trick move built in, and it’s really about us practicing having work for them every other day.

The difference is, from day one, they are working for me, on my projects. Not some random ass client that doesn’t exist. Right now my priorities are getting gigs, editing video, doing website improvements, of course as I said they would run kurb and the commune as well, the pirate and the forex stuff. In the beginning that’s just kurb and pirate – there is an order of things and forex and apprentice/commune stuff is not there yet.

But what do you want?

An assistant who just lets me know and I turn up and play the gigs. Once you have that, you cruise – but you have to build it first and it takes parctice with other artists to get into other venues.

We need a jobs list and a bounty. This helps us see whatkid of jobs we need doing and how much theoretically they might be worth.

Edit the tour videos: $600
Edit the archive footage: $500

Book 1 international tour here 2-4 gigs: $200ish
organise parties x 3: $200ish
Book 2 4-6 date tours: $200ish
other bookings including pirate matty: $50ish

The gig details need to be confirmed with venue and artists / promotion organised / payment secured. I simply turn up with the artists and play and drink and leave.

Confirming dates and all the specifics between the artist and the venue is the hard part, but once you’re working all your venues, you’re fine.

If you pay them by the gig you have to keep paying them. But if you pay them on a contract, it’s all part of their job.

Set up social media for the commune, romantech, kurb: $40 p/week

Fee for a videographer to complete a music video with me: $500
Fee for videographer to film NYL stuff for 3 hours: $80-100

It’s fine to say what something is worth to me but it’s just not likely I can go hands off, I have to be partially involved.

I’m gettnig a bit tired but the point I’m reaching for is that we are focused on my stuff and so we will sit down and nut it out.


All we can do is start working on our job ad, and working that on out.

I am an entrepreneur and investor looking for digital management assistants at various stages of experience to train up assisting me in a number of exciting projects managing promotional content online and offline as well as organising events.

I work in music, video production, event promotions, but I have also been a freelancer and a small business owner for almost 10 years it is a fantastic opportunity to learn skills that are indispensable in management and marketing.

You either will have the following skills or be willing to put a extra effort to learn:

– Video production and editing
– event management
– online promotion: social media/advertising/publicity

This is initally a part time role of up to 20 hours but could easily be full time for a motivated person who can make themselves extremely useful. I stress this is an incredible opportunity to work with someone with invaluable experience and skills in building and executing small business projects in and around digital media.

There is an opportunity to establish yourself in a position

Hours are very flexible in the afternoon or evening. you will likely be asked to accept a training wage for an initial trial period of 2-4 weeks depending on your level of experience.


I had some ideas for a romantech app. that’s where it ended, but we have the power to commission ideas for our promotion but I also see it in another way – we don’t need to do anything to keep our fans hooked because it’s some kind of business sales funnel, if you’re not interested, it’s not some huge problem for me, I just want to keep a core engaged.

Maybe I don’t need an app.

Building A Digital Marketing Intern Team

February 20th, 2016

I needed to throw down some notes on how I was going to run my apprentice game and I lost a whole bunch of writing again so I am quickly trying to jot down as many of the ideas I had as possible.

It wasn’t anything major or groundbreaking, it was just working through the issues that may come up or considering a plan of how things would unfold and be implemented

The way I see it I throw down the job ads on the jobsites, get my first person and put them on facebook organising the ad campaign. This should get a few coming in. But you see I quickly realised the ad would bring in more candidates than I need and there would be no need to put them straight onto a facebook thing unless it’s branding because we want to stagger the candidates as they come through.

We won’t go pyramid too early. By pyramid I mean encouraging new apprentices to get more apprentices.

Now it’s coming back to me.

It was quickly apparent that my own publicity needs were of priiority over any kind of regular business, it’s always good to use thinking on my blog to recognise the real objectives so you can focus on being profitable where and when you need to be, and if the objective is not being profitable you recognise the nature of the product is different.

If the business makes no money but does an effective job of promoting my brands, then I am happy, and so we see effective promotions services as the goal not viability which does shift the paradigm.

Firstly, because you then end up asking what I see as effective promo – more and bigger gigs really.

It becomes about the gigs. I really just want to play gigs, like promoting your music seems pointless because people either like it or not, selling it is ridiculous.

Yes you need to have a team who knows how to push out your content in fact we were getting deep into this stuff and we picked out 3 threads – ads, content promotion and influencers, that is standard publicity, contacting sources from which info pushing the brand can reach audiences.

Doing this stuff professionally is essential but doing it aggressively is ridiculous, how are you going to be seen as cool if youre just dumping money into having your face shown everywhere?

Your team runs your presence. Buzz around your gigs can be leverage for the attention you want, getting people to the gigs, and interested in their own experience they are sharing with you.

When you’re building your team from scratch it’s content, websites, ad campaigns, first. Flyers and posters, build your own team. You are me, doing the job for the client except this time, I’m the client.

I’m your customer, I want the work done, content, websites, campaigns, promo, then management and bookings, get on odesk and work and also hire the people to do the work you can’t do.

Get a virtual assistant in action doing donkey work that works, do publicity and prom the old fashioned way, who do you want to talk about you? Get in touch. What do you want to say, what is the brand you are pushing? Look at other successful artists to see what they are doing.

The web presence must offer ease of access to the content, to allow the fan to engage. Fan engagement becomes the big focus, not clickbait bullshit or massive push advertising, but managing relationships with fans because the idea is to get them to come to the gigs.

Not street team bullshit I mean a nice good thing that fans enjoy. When I say fan engagement I mean interactions that get them to the gigs, that get people to gigs.

In this respect, promoters are like superfans in that they are the fans that are most important because they send you straight to go, they put you on at the gig so you can get your name circulating. You can’t teach interns to schmooze. But it would be good if you could.

Coming back to the gigs, this is why the team need to be on the gig out look, because gigs are meat in a promotion sandwich, they are what can actually be promoted as the outcome rather than the artist brand, because you need to take the steps to get someone to actually engage to the point that they are going to be a supporter and be part of a swell of interest on which you can leverage attention.

We already know, sometimes organising your own gigs is all that you can do. But what I had said was that this would be second phase. You have to teach them content, ads and some publicity first but you can start to get them identifying targets and getting on the phone or the email to try and secure the object of the hustle around gigs, but as with hustling and the art of getting on the phone and making things happen, it goes beyond gigs.

It seems though really all we need is a manager, a video person and an assistant who runs kurb. Online assistant, forex person? Commune person? As I said, none of these are really full time jobs, one person may take 2 jobs to have a full time position but it seems the manager and the video person are the main roles and the kurb online person is the runt. The forex perso will be a maths girl.

That’s your basic set up, that’s say $1200-$1500 a week when previously we budgeted this at $2700 for 6 staff. there’s no way that’s happening with 18 months though.

In 2017 we’re kicking off on $1200 for staff, $1300 for rent and costs. We cycle back $3k, We collect $150k, which is enough to king us up to our desired level rolling into 2018 but to be honest I don’t think it matters. Once we hit that $5k level we’re just coasting.

Manager person, get me gigs, get me content delivery, kurb person, do kurb and then help the manager, video person, do video. It will be a slow process building up, because I need to be focused on what these people are doing or they will get lost and dawdle. In fact it maybe my need for them to maintain systems I build.

Whatever I’m trying to achieve, my staff are doing the work. I want gigs. DJ gigs, pirate matty gigs. I want people living in the commune. I’m on the star now, looking to get actresses for videos and fairies. We are trawling for talent. Gigs, videos and promo for the gigs and videos. Websites, all our prime web properties need to keep getting pushed forward.

Kurb, Romantech, Pirate Matty, apprentices, new forex, cheap video, etc., all these ideas need love.

But what are the ideas that I need to work so that I’m getting my $1200 worth a week?

Don’t you think you could get a video person $20 an hour on call? Sure, but stop being cheap. I need my gigs. Why pay a manager when you can just pay for the gigs? Like seriously. It makes me think that the little jobs can be worked up with my trainees but the serious missions I am better off saving my money and waiting for the sniper shot of what I want.

Gigs on the coast. Tour. Internationals, my own parties. We don’t have a manager we have an assistant to help organise our gigs such as touring internationals and a few gigs out of town, plus we try to jump on a few of our own, and of course a big hi and bye party. They’re event organisers.

The more I see it these are all novice people I may be struggling with a bit so I’m not paying them much at all, I am hoping – and we may have 3 or so doing the job of 1 – that one of them actually starts to show some skill for some particular thing whether organising, doing the discs, video, or websites. Luckily this shouldn’t cost me more than a grand a week. I really need some serious video clout I call it in.

So it’s their job to keep kurb running, I know nothing of it, hopefully, I just watch the money come in and make sure theyre making more than theyre spending. Once they get trained up that is, but what I’m saying is that you might not get these people doing high end tasks for some time. You will have to take time out to work alongside them, but at least it will get me focused on the two jobs – pushing out the work and teaching someone else to do the basics so it gets easier for me.

In the end I think that’s what we end up looking at – who is going to help you if you don’t push things forward yourself?

You might be surprised what could be accomplished with a smaller team.

Experimenting with Trading

February 18th, 2016

I have started to dabble with shares. As in a share, well 3 now. I realised the pattern with shares, they crash drastically and then reclaim their value. I said I wouldn’t touch shares because their value can be wiped out and that doesn’t suit my risk strategy of absorbing losses.

But I also saw that after each of these recent slides, it just carves that decline back again, especially following the GFC, that was a massive rally that’s been going on for years. Some people, again, would have got very rich.

The stockmarket is either going up or down. Once it’s finished going down, just like when a currency spikes downward, the relief rally begins, and it’s time to get in on the play while the going is good.

So it just occurred to me, we’ve just had another severe shock in this latest series that’s hit since the start of the year and I just went to check the chart and sure enough the japanese market composite is down 20% that’s a full sad story, and offering no better opportunity for me to jump in, the japanese is good because one share is only $200, where as the others are grands and I don’t think I’m ready for that, I think I will sit on my japanese for a few weeks and watch how it moves.

It’s much different than currency, you get these shooting star moves where you turn away and the thing jumps a dollar or more, just on a little $200 share. half a percent just like that, and of curse the pattern is then to keep grinding higher, until of course the crash arrives.

What I see here is a perfect opportunity for my trading style to be modded for shares, that is you have to be so careful, and have very deep pockets and also very patient.

You need to wait a day or more while the share either finds its way into profit or falls to a greater loss than 2%, should this happen 10 times, yes it will be grim, but the sharemarket falling that much doesn’t happen most months, it will happen, that’s why you must be so patient and conservative, but it will always move up in shooting movements where you can scalp nice gains, those sp500 shares worth $2k would easily pick up $20 or $30 in an hour or two, but certianly not every day, some days they would quickly lose $200. Let it fall and buy in again because your account can take it.

I already made a nice $5 profit on one of my japanese shares today and I just looked and my american share was worth $15 so I snaffled that profit. $20 today on shares.

I see, much like the turkish, a lovely little earner if I can slowly become confident in what’s going on. It’s just like what I’m doing with the yen crosses, you need to be absolutely confident you are covering your ass because a move in the wrong direction could all start going very badly since you’ve got no hedge whatsoever.

But these little moves that spurt up again and again, they look like sure fire winners.

You buy they dip, you buy, they dip, they rise, you sell . . . you never buy unless it dips significantly, the you’ve got all that headroom to take profit and wait for the next dip, or ot could roll through and raise profit on your next level. Their may be time where profits are slim, and losses run deep but I bet theres many days you can go back the same well several time and take up nice little earners and I believe after a few months I can play it more like the yen, and will really start to see a few extra hundred profits a week.

What is of course intense is the thought of this in a years time when the $20 I made could be $200 – adding another $1000 to my weekly pot.


Day 3 playing with shares. It is really cooking today now that I’ve worked out how to buy small mini lots, the japanese that fell back shot up again netting me $7, while the US stocks I still had in full lots also shot back for $10 and I grabbed a few others and some forex and less than a couple of hours after I got up I’m over $30 up.

I was thinking earlier that one day these shares are going to bring me pain. But not today. It’s part of the cycle that there’s pain at some stage, but I am just hoping I can at least scrimp up a few hundred on these gains to prepare for what will come.

I can’t help but thinking my technique works even better for shares because when it’s peaking, I’m not holding more than a micro lot, $100, the sharemarket suffers catastrope and loses 20%? I lose $20. And then it all begins again, I know the market is on a slow crawl back to the top.

However I could already have started position myself buying the fade so when the collapse picks up, I’m holding say, $5k, and that 20% costs me $1k, that’s the pain I’m talking about, I’ll need a few grand to prop myself up. A serious collapse becomes a lot more scarier for my risk exposure because shares are one way traffic, straight down. But such is the cleansing fire that it is only an opportunity to make more money.

I’m just getting this crazy feeling again as if I’ve cracked it, this doesn’t change anything fundamentally, it just speeds up the process and makes it more likely I will have another situation in my life where everything goes on the line and I have to raise 5 figures within hours to stop the fire claiming my whole account.

The essential thing is that I’ve gotten into the market after the worst crash in years, albeit that it was only slightly worse than the most recent crash in august that killed me last time.

It’s the very best time, there is the lingering threat it may take another leg down, but even then after most stock markets have lost 15-25% in the last few weeks, it would be hard for them to keep losing value when the fire has created all this new room for growth and that’s what the market sees. It wants to fill the gap. It’s wants to make that 20% back because it knows it’s there and the most likely event, that it will cover that gap in the next few months is a very good one for me which should allow lots of opportunity to coast upwards, buying into any dips and fades.

Unlike currency that swings, shares trend up. They want to go up, companies don’t work if they aren’t increasing in value, and so you can have more optimism they are going up. They are generally on most days creeping up, except for those days it spikes down. When it drifts down, that’s bad for me because it tempts me to buy into the dip which I hold as it creeps lower before then spiking dragging a fair bit down with me.

What is crazy about these damn stocks is they jump down and creep up so more often than not when they dip it does a chance to jump in and grab a short ride up, rolling up on only 2 or 3 positions knowing that when spike comes then you test getting in again except now you’re rolling up 4-6 positions, so youre covering the gap with some nice profits – you’re always gaining more comig up from the bottom then you are falling down from the top.

It does mean when the market reaches record highs I am not really going to be making much money as I will be insisting on one or 2 positions because a big drop from the top is always a possibility and that’s where you’d find trouble, falling hard from the top with a whole lot of money down.

All markets and commodities would fall together so you need to have that money off the table.

It’s just watching and learning how stocks behave in their moves I’ve been really surprised. When they start jumping you’ve got a chance to jump on if you’re watching, then you can jump off, and come back later to see if they’ve slipped again and are ready to do a little jump again, this can go on several times a day, and I’m picking up a few dollars and novice level, once I’m settled in it’s going to give me some nice turnover, especially when we do get hit by a crash, it means once you’ve tested the water you can heave back in knowing there’s some steady gains to grab on the comeback.


This I considered was a way to groom assistants that were loyal. Good girls from good families. What you’re hoping is that after a year you have an employee who is completely trustworthy and already earning the best money an 18 year old could hope for. In 3 years this whole thing could have played out, we only need to build someone’s loyalty over a year or two and we will be breaking through. I can put them on a salary of a mid level accountant when theyre 20 and they can be a big girl with a big girls job, working for the marxist tony stark, that guy who does the videos, the parties, the DJ, etc.

It’s quite possible I may have a few. This could actually be my fund. My money is in my account, I check it once a day and it is totally secure.

Then I set up other accounts for the girls. It’s a eggs in one basket situation. If one girl ever goes rogue for whatever reason, she doesn’t bring down my empire.

Each one’s account would only be about $50k and they’d all have access to more funds – $10k. They should all be able to generate $5k a week. What’s more I can have them compete to discover which is the best. They would never trade shares, and their turkish, japanese and swiss trades would be added later and only ever at low risk.

The girls don’t need to know there’s no investors. They can still go with me to trading events, theyre the ones who have to learn the stuff, and being mathletes, they will understand all the fibonacci retracements etc. I mean this is at the stage that if the business is legit, then I can approach the schools saying i’m looking for senior students, just be careful about specifying girls. I think actually what I should say is I have a couple of boys already and I am looking for a girl.

I would likely manage big carry trades on my own with another broker, if I wanted to buy a million lira for example after it had crash badly simply so I could collect $80k interest a year on it

But also it’s an emergency contact so that if I ever I need someone to log in and manage the system, I have someone I trust already trained.

It’s also that a young girl is likely to see this as just a job, it will never connect that she could trade herself. Of course it will eventually, but it would be especially hard for a young person to commit themselves to this kind of life and setting up a front as a proper company will create this impression that just having the system for trading is not enough, when of course it is.

Women are not so likely to strike out from the group. Also of course if the girls think they’re competing it will make them competitive for my approval.

I think in 5 years I would only be trading once a day, but instead I would have a team I pay say $500 p/week plus say 5% of what they earn.

It is likely they may never meet until they get to a level of high trust. But to me that level of trust is when theyre’ hauling in $20k for me, and I’m likely doing the same, I’m way over where I need to be, why is there any reason for me to do anything other than set up a proper business so it all maintains this legitimacy, and I don’t even need customers or to talk about anything I don’t want publicly known.

Digital Interns / Apprentice Video

January 26th, 2016

We have to start with a video to get these ideas moving. This is always a great idea when you’ve got new concepts coming through – Start blogging or coming up with a video idea to explore and demonstrate the strength of your idea.

I have some people coming who are going to make their videography skills available to me so I wanted to be prepared to take advantage of this by nailing a whole bunch of videos including these concept videos where I just discuss ideas for each concept I’m still involved in – how it came about, how I see the advantages offered by me and any additional benefits or aspects to be considered, as well as some rudimental projection on what could proceed from this concept as a starting point.

Subjects proposed

– Digital Apprentice
– Self Reliant Living
– Forex Begins
– Pirate Matty

Is there an idea for Kurb? Well why would I want to make a video to tell people I’m ot doing CD/DVD any more? It’s about something I have no intention of continuing to develop unless it was a retrospective or archival approach, and we already have that

I guess since I lost my original notes I am taking the time to think again about why I am doing this. It’s because using video to present a concept is such a simle and straightforward way to communicate. We need to be in the habit of presenting ideas. So we need ideas to present.

We also felt this needed to be done as part of our progress – once this is done I won’t really be looking at any videos for awhile except star now. Maybe then we go on to set up our digital apprentice web site and begin to get the ideas for the ads in place.

That’s probably another post – right now we’re still pushing out these scripts we’re using for the next set of videos.


Hi this is Matt from Kurb and I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you about my new digital apprentice idea, I’ve been running my own online businesses for over 10 years now, working in various areas of marketing, promotions, event management, new business ideas, websites and content such as blogs and video, social media, so if youre a young person at all interested in finding independent success in these areas you’ll be interested in this.

Having succeeded myself it’s time for me to leverage those skills by giving others the benefit of understanding the massive advantages you get of going straight into online freelancing without training so that under the guidance of someone like me who can give you experience, training and a very basic level of paid work. This means you can maintain a baseline guaranteed income, building toward a career that will give you massive independence and freedom, in a world where those who want to succeed will have to train and compete harder, paying more in rent and mortgages, for the dwindling amount of jobs offered by the old system.

So you’re working for me, but you’re also learning how to attract and manage your own clients by offering a range of online services, learning to work for yourself, and this is so important, because the way we are living and working in the city now is changing the quality of lifestyle available to us. There are less jobs for people without highly specific and developed skills, taking years of costs and training, leaving more people fighting for less jobs, while the rents and the mortgages continue to climb as those people competing fr those jobs, drive the market up, squeezing all the opportunity out for all but those who are able to succeed at the top.

This is not going to reverse in less than a generation, if you don’t have the deposit for a home in the city now, you never will, only those who can innovate and renegotiate with the system for a better way of life are going to have the opportunity to have a lifestyle that isn’t indentured, that means doing everything because you have to keep paying just to do it! That’s how the old system won by grinding people down, when now it’s simply clear that the technology of the internet gives people who have the courage to chose it, a better way of life.

The internet is not going away, it is where it’s happening, everyone knows this. You need to compete there where simply the fact you speak english gives you an advantage, you only need to prove your skills and the market is there, that is the upside of globalisation. You have access to a worldwide market to sell your skills on.

When you’re involved with someone like me who has succeeded again and again in finding lazy, simple ways to scratch a few dollars out of the internet you can learn to create opportunities that every freelancer lives by – flexibility not only in when you work during the day or week, but where you work, which begins to free you from the high costs and resource draining intensity of city life.

Because when you’re a freelancer you’re on your own, you learn vital survival skills that people clinging on to their jobs at big companies simply don’t have. It’s the empowerment of being your own boss – you’re not under any pressure to do or be anything other than do a great job. Who you are and what you think is no longer your employer’s concern because you don’t have one.

But my digital apprentice concept I am developing is not merely about me setting you as a freelancer for an exchange of labour, it’s about functioning outside of a tired old system that is grinding down the people and the planet, in a way that we can form a community based on more co-operative ideals

So what will happen if you get in touch with me about this digital apprentice concept? Just as I accept that you are coming to work for me and you need something to put in your pocket, you have to accept I am taking time to teach you skills that I have already proven will work if youre conscientious about it. It depends on your skill level how much I can pay you, when I start assigning you tasks to teach you skills to manage online projects. It starts simple with content creation, writing, videos, social media tasks, the beauty of being a digital freelancer is that everything you learn t build your own business is exactly the same skills you offer – blogs, videos, social media, websites, design, even hiring and managing your own freelancers!

I’ve done it all before, and if youre willing to take the time and work with me, I will show you how to be successful and independent and escape the trap just like I have.

What’s my vision for this, what am I trying to achieve? Well I’ve made my money, my dreams are in big ideas for communal structures that are not based on exploitation but co-operation. I am reaching out to bring young people on board because although some people who take up this opportunity will go on to forge their own path like I have, I also want to bring a small team of people up with me as I develop new ideas, and leave the opportunities I’ve already established in the hands of the digital apprentices – people who stay with me through this process will have great opportunities in new, ethical ventures

So this is the first video I’ve made about my idea, I’m calling it the digital apprentice because that’s the idea, your being trained on the job for a smaller wage, but as you are working on my projects you are also learning and developing your own ventures, that’s a real opportunity and I hope you’ll think about it, tell people about it and be back to see my next video talking about more specific, and letting you knnow more about why i believe this is a great opportunity to be involved in.

Self Reliance

Hi It’s Matt from Kurb here and I had started working on a video about my digital apprentice concept and I realsied this needs context. I need to talk about what is happening on the greater scale of working and living in Auckland, in New Zealand, in the city and in those places in the future.

To me it seems those trapped in Auckland, trapped in the big super cities of the globe will be continually squeezed in different ways as they compete for less jobs, less work made available to pay ever rising rents, amongst increasing areas of structural poverty traps people on low income can’t escape from. With the technlogy available creating new opportunities you can choose to level up to a more self reliant way of life in order to succeed in a new paradigm. Like climate change was well forewarned, the decline of the welfare state, whatever your politics you must accept the governments of modern democracies are not preparing adequately for the strain their demographic make up will be put on cities and society. There are strong arguments that are moral and practical, to adopt a more self reliant approach to life, that unhooks us from a system that is not just using us, but using us to oppress others.

Wouldn’t you rather simply get up , do a few hours work online to put some money in your pocket, do half an hour in the garden, and spend the rest of your day doing as you please?

This is not a crusade it’s about choosing a better life, one that withdraws you from exploiting and being exploited. This is so much more than orientating yourself toward working freelance using your skills online and then becoming flexible in new living arrangements and costs, it’s about being active in demonstrating better ways we could all live without the old system that won’t change unless we force it to by withdrawing from it.

Auckland is my hometown, I love it, and I will always want to be near it because I’ve spent my whole life here and I am attached. But unless you are very wealthy or have certain skills in high demand by corporates, it is not going to be a place where people can thrive. The housing will always be too much. The traffic will always be terrible. You will always have to work terrible hours and submit to terrible demands to compete for the few opportunities offered to the people continuing to come to the city looking for them

Or you make your own opportunities, it’s what I’ve done all my life. I grew up in the inner city, I know how important it is to be tuned in to new trends and thought, but now that is not exclusively in the inner cities, it’s all online, there are so many opportunities to not just sustain yourself selling your skills online, but to socialise, culturalise and educate yourself – as long as you are near the city for whatever practical or personal reasons, there’s no need to maintain the incredible cost and inconveniences of having to work there

I made my money – over 10 years I tried so many different ways to make money online until I settled on just the ones that suited me to make the most money, and I know this game, it’s not just about your flexibility so you can work whenever and live somewhere where you don’t pay nearly so much rent so you don’t have to work so hard. The time you save every day by not commuting or having to look professional every day for your role. It is about you moving to a position of empowerment where you are not just a dog at the table waiting for scraps to be handed down in the form of a promotion to an more demanding job where you work even longer hours. I can say whatever I like online, I can live the life I choose because my clients came to me because they need what I do, but it took me years to find out what that was, but now I’m set up.

And so this is my vision I am talking about. We are going out of the city, I will be looking to buy multiple properties in what at the moment is looking like the Hauraki region where we are still only an hour and a halfs drive from auckland and inviting people who want to learn to live self reliantly rent free – propping themselves up, rather than the system that drains us, so that we can live and we can allow the system to if not die, at least be forced to change as more people escape from it’s cycles weakening it, and positioning themselves outside of it, should it begin to fall apart.

I can teach people to make money onlline. We can grow vegetables, we can install solar panels, this is the concept of a community for people who are forward looking. It’s not about leaving the city. It’s about recognising that we need to renegotiate with what the city is offering us. This is an opportunity for musicians and artists creative people, modern people, free people, who still need to be near the city to use it, but don’t need to sacrifice themselves to live there, when other opportunities exist that means your career, your social life, your culturalisation should not suffer unreasonably

The over arching concept is self reliance. We can’t stop climate change. We can’t build a fairer society. But what we can do is make our own personal choices to live a life that’s not just a better choice for us personally but a better choice for everybody, and a great example of how the world could change one by one not by making a sacrifice but by choosing to empower ourselves.

I’m Matt Turner at Kurb and I hope you’re listening because I am looking for people to be part of some great new ideas. Thanks

Kurb Forex Intro Video

January 26th, 2016

– Hi this is Matt from Kurb and I’ve been trading currency for almost 18 months now and what I wanted to do was to post a video taking a perspective from the beginning of my personal journey into forex, foreign exchange trading, currency trading – because it’s where I hope to make significant investment returns for a long time to come, but I also want to be involved in the culture, mix with other traders, share analysis, pass on my insights and begin to explore where I could fit into the space providing media and education around currency trading.

– I got my start the day of the scottish independence vote. I saw a tip that as Scotland would stay within the United Kingdom buying pounds was the hot trade, and as another friend who also was in small business had encouraged me to set up my first trading account with CMC and I had put $20 in it, I thought I may as well buy some pounds and see what happens. Within a few hours I had turned my $20 into $100! An hour later it was gone. But I had seen what was possible and I was hooked!

– I had to learn a few things – currency is traded in “pairs” – I wanted to buy pounds to go up, but they had to be traded against another currency to go down, such as the US dollar, Euro, Yen, Canadian, New Zealand, or Australian Dollar – these are all major currencies which mean they are actively traded each day. you’ll pay two costs based on which currencies you choose to trade, the brokers cost, which can vary depending on the time of day and the availability of a certain currency. But you also pay a carry cost, and that’s the interest you pay on the money you’ve borrowed for each day you hold the trade if you are choosing to hold trades overnight.

– This is where I got intro to the basics of how retail currency trading – that is small guys like me and probably you – works, that is firstly leverage. For every $1 in my account I can borrow $500 to put down on a trade. That means with $200 in my trading account I can leverage $100k to put down on a trade, so if the currency goes up 1% In a significant move following some major news, I take a 1% profit on $100k that’s $1000! But if I’m wrong about how the currency takes a piece of news, I can just as easily lose money and if that money isn’t in my account, the broker will make a margin call on my trade and sell my position leaving me with my money gone.

– That’s why most traders work with stops. They set their positions to sell automatically as soon as it reaches a certain loss because there are so many different strategies based on complex mathematical formulas as to what might be expected in currency moves and there is a wealth of sources on that, but the fact remain that most strategies work on the idea that you never win every trade, it’s that you profit mre from the trades you win than you lose on the trades you lose money on. Once a trade loses a certain amount of money, you know it’s a loser. Better to cut your losses.

– What attracted me to currency trading over other forms of investment such as stocks, is that stocks crash in nightmare panic scearios and lose hue amounts of value. Currencies merely rise and fall in relation to one another, often swinging in value as it forms larger swinging trends and these patterns become predictable enough to not only make trades on, but have nowhere near the potential of stocks to completely lose their value – even in extreme events currencies usually only lose 1-2% of their value day on day. Although this can be dangerous if you’re highly leveraged, this makes it so much easier to commit to a long term strategy following relatively predictable ups and downs in the market.

– This is where we get to the nitty gritty of trading, there are hundreds of sources that will take you through the strategies involving complex maths or speculating over analsis of financial news – you can follow the news of financial announcements that often move the market such as monthly inflation or unmployment figures or regular announcements where reserve bankers announce changes to interest rates which also are felt keenly on the market. But the most important thing about trading and to the success of a trader is your psychology.

– Trading is not gambling, if you have a system and you follow it. The moment you stop following your system and begin to take hopeful chances ou have become a gambler and you are no longer assured success because you have abandoned the fundamentals of your system. I have a system and let me tell you what is clearly obviou to me now – if you knew the secret of making money in trading you would not give it away so do not be tempted by silly ads and schemes that promise you profits. My system works because its based on decisions I make that cannot be replicated by a formula.

– so this was just first video on forex for kurb, sharing a little of the knowledge I’ve built up, no one can know what the future could be for kurb forex, but I have a system. I am confident in it, I have tested it I have made money, lost money and made it back again. What I am doing takes months to work – in my case it will have taken years but I am well advanced in my journey and I am looking forward to providing more content for you helping you to understand currency trading, how it works, and how people like me and you can make our money.

Auckland Pirates Video

January 26th, 2016

Click for Pirate Matty’s Website


Hi it’s me Pirate Matty or just Matt when I’m at home and I just wanted to take the opportunity to make a video talking about my work entertaining kids, my experiences, and where there’s potential for the Pirate Matty character to develop.

So I started as a pirate working at the fairy shop where little girls could hold birthday parties in the fairy grotto when I was 19 – They were trying to meet the demand they had to do parties for boys and a friend knew I’d be perfect. So I became the mainstay of their boys parties as well as corporate events etc. I was in demand, and I got two big pay raises, but unlike in never neer land where peter pan didn’t grow up – no one plans to be a pirate all their lives, my interests turned elsewhere and I couldn’t maintain the commitment.

Fast forward a few years to the break out of my small business kurb promotions, internet marketing, entrepreneurism, I was looking for new business opportunities, something that was a service that paid well offering maximum profit margins, and yet was unable to be performed by few other competitors or made obsolete by technology. Suddenly realising I could return to doing pirate birthday parties and keep the full fee, tripling my pay, knowing that it was such an exclusive skill with a market in place – I knew it was a winner and I’ve been doing it for some 7 years now.

The reason I do it is because it is almost effortless to me, I know I have an unthreatening presence going in to a strangers home to entertain their kids and I am a natural performer, I have long since abandoned any kind of structure for my birthday parties other than a game to start and kid the kids interacting, and the treasure hunt as the finale, these two aspects book end the performance which essentially is just an amalgamation of the dozens possibly over a hundred parties I’ve improvised my way through with imaginative quests and adventures around the immediate space I’m in.

The pay is great, however it is really exhausting working with kids and I cannot quite work out why! But of course the reason I do it mainly is because of the human connection I get. Whenever I arrive I’m there to put on a show in a professional capacity, but the kids are only there to have fun, and when everybody is having a great time and the kids are happy, so the adults are happy, so I’m happy, it’s a great feeling. The kids don’t want you to leave, the parents are handing over the money with beaming smiles and praise.

As it was when I left the fairy shop, my passion in life isn’t to be a children’s entertainer, but when you’re good at something and it gives joy to people, of course you want to do it, it’s a great feeling, so as long as I am physically able to keep up with the young kids, I will likely continue to do it, but there also exists the possibly to branch out into doing more media content, creating a show for larger audiences that could be performed in schools or small theatres over summer, and touring to different parts of the country where I could also offer limited opportunities for private birthday parties also.

Bringing more women on board would create the opportunity to begin marketing parties for girls based on my brand, also giving me more performers I could use to develop more videos, which I see as a natural way to promote what we’re doing here on youtube. My experience in business is that you offer new ideas up and you see what your clients are interested in paying for, and that’s what you run with.

But of course as a performer the pirate matty character begins to share aspects of my personality and tell of a more personal story and philosophy, looking at how kids learn not just what is right and wrong but why it is right and wrong. Pirate Matty is child like – naively optimistic and self interested, making him adventurous and cunning – maybe too clever for his own good – character whose ambitions are usually challenged by basic dilemmas everybody faces in trying to get what they want and managing the competing interests within a group. Like a crew of pirates who rob and steal. Or the interactions between Pirate Matty and the fairies learning to reconcile their goals which alludes to how men and women can work together.

This to me actually reveals a lot of potential for Pirate Matty to do some interesting stuff aimed at a broader audience once you accept the premise that I am not a real pirate, I am merely an actor and that whether you’re a little kid or a grown up, a pirate or a businessman, life’s challenges have familiar aspects we can all relate too – and so there is a hidden authenticity there, in that not only do I play the role of an actor playing a children’s entertainer, but you can actually book me to perform at your kid’s birthday so narrative aspects of the story as “fiction” start to blur.

This aligns with something more personal to me – the ability to tell a story that resonates, especially when you’re able to create something that appeals to little kids but has profound meaning behind it.

So to wrap up well I’ve been doing pirate birthdays in people’s back yards for over 15 years and there’s no need for me to stop doing that any time soon, but I am excited about where things could lead. It’s about where I want to be that the audience wants me to be, I would love to develop my show, develop my content, bring more people on board, or perhaps even branch off into something with more cerebral or artistic undertones, but that’s just a matter of what opportunities come up, but one thing is for sure, Pirate Matt is me, and I’m Pirate Matty. Arrr!

New Apprentices

January 16th, 2016

Well well well. Some velvet morning when I’m straight, I’ll tell you what happened with the trading and I am still doing it, but my ideas are going to take a lot longer to come to fruition than I’d hoped.

For now it is other projects I will be focusing on.

I still use the kurb blog for jotting down kurb ideas, business and organisation ideas which I’m still involved with as I am the trading, however what kurb used to be as a media company may not be what this blog is all about any more. Kurb is just an all purpose brand for me to develop my ideas.

The transition from what kurb was to what it will be started when I began just writing out lots of forex trading notes, now it continues.

I see first a linear continuation between my ideas for apprentices, my ideas for staff and my ideas for a co op all of which I will be gioing into further.

But as always what matters is what I can be doing now, at a point where I’ve got no capital to front these ideas.

If I had the capital it would just be sites and ads and all good we’re away getting people. But what can we do without cash? We plan. That’s why we write here, we need plans to work with so when the people come along we’re not confused about what we want them to do.

First we want to begin the digital apprentice concept, this brings in people to work who can then be groomed to either become staff or one of our commune colonists.

This merely needs a website and a video, a blog site to post some blogs.

For their application I could ask for a 500 words on the advantages of being a digital freelancer.

But what jobs will you put them on first? Well they need to get set up on odesk and fiverr such, and I am their first employer. Can they edit videos? Can they write blog posts? Can they set up social media, are they willing to do a video to use. They need to set up their own website, and start blogging. They need to be making videos somehow and they need to work out basic ways of prmoting videos and writing. Link building? Submissions? Write an article on how to promote articles.

If I had the money I would be straight on a jobsite, I’d start with a part time employee to set up the facebook, the ad campaigns, create content, but once that was going providing people, focus would come on my activities, that’s all I’m interested in really, sure it’s a great outcome to teach young eople to be self reliant but my goal is to develop 2 or 3 key employees who then shepherd the rest on to building the commune and my little empire, basically.

What is it that I am trying to push the candidates toward? Doing my bookings. Doing my promo. Running the CD DVD business. Doing the video.

My hope that soon enough we have a little group of bunnies taking $100 each running off and doing tasks, I can afford to have them do my bidding which means they only do promo for me. Their job is to make sure people find out about my music, video and writing, how? There will be ads, but how do I improve the content?

I’m not quite grasping what these people do. Well I do the songs, videos and some social media, they need to make all the social media instagram stuff I can use, video clips, vines I can use. They need to post across all my social media, and it’s all got to go back to the website, where there needs to be blogs and email round ups of this content.

My network of influencers must be maintained that means, I need to grease their wheels and reciprocate posts and such. We just start by identifying accounts across platforms they we want to engage with and with what content. It’s their job to identify content providers we can work with. Who needs to be paid how much and how can we measure what effect it has? Who can we reciprocate with? Getting on this hustle with an overseas VA is probably a big part of the job, building a ice portfolio of channels you can push out through.

Youtube channels. Twitter accounts, Facebook accoutns, blogs etc, identify people coming up in the mid tier who can be buttered up or bribed to share links, get attention, get follows, friends etc., and it’s really very simple. You make videos for the songs that are for sale and funny videos also, When a video is ready, the staff will make a number of vines and grams to be shared out to promo the vid, I will likely have one or two blog posts of my own and all this content has to be cross posted and linked from each account, then there will be a round up post – one as a cut and paste for republishing, and one for the fans on the email list.


So that’s what happens when a new song or video comes out in terms of preparing the content to be served.

These kids have to learn this stuff. They have to learn to do it the fastest most organised way and then learn to teach someone else. Then we need to get them producing the videos so it becomes a closed loop. I just have to add my songs and do some acting. We have our social media under control, we have our advertising under control, the team are learning advertising. It costs money, but we have a machine and the crazy thing is once we get to 1000 which may only take a couple of years, we can coast, we have an active fan base that is present, we only need make sure our gigs are booked.

You approach gigs the same way you approach PR with the bloggers. Research on venues and contacts, make contact, present the content and the proposition and then follow up. It’s about who is making the decisions and getting in touch with them. You have to get onto the social medias and the telephones to establish contact.

So you make content which is video and writing, then that enters the social media cycle, then you are also collecting contacts of people who are involved with relevant music media influencers and relevant venue bookers.

How do you find them? You find a tour by a similar artist and pick off the venues, follow the venues to the contact and ask them specifically about who was involved in that gig and whether it worked. You’re just copying from the template that is already there, except you are not doing the legwork.

Same online, you do the reverse search based on an artists promo for their album and you begin to build your database of people you work with. You may only need a a few bloggers who’ll take $50 to feature your new track on their site for a week or something, and it gets 1000 views, you get 10 new followers. That’s what we want, the numbers will build over time.

We really only need a few PR outlet points and a few good venue contacts at the core, plus a bit of fluff around the edge and we’re good to go, it seems like a system one competent person could easily manage. Of course constant updates to the website would also be included.

It makes me think that the interns are simply putting together a system that one day one of them will operate for a small package.

So at first we want about $200 worth of apprentices but we need maybe $100 a week for ads too. Everytime we drop a new song or special video, twice a month, we’d probably spend a few more $100.

So we will need some money, but not too much. This should propel us to a point where within 2 years we will have 1000 fans. But it will cost $40k. $40k to get to a point where I was at myspace. Dozens of active fans many of which I am talking to every day, thats part of the job, and focusing our marketing on certain cities we are going to continue to be active in.

Auckland, Brisbane, Chiang Mai, Dubai, Belgrade, Kiev, for example, I focus my attention in terms of gigs on a circuit I am nailing into place, that is we only advertise in cities or countries where we gig, since we’re trying to extract some value, so that in half a dozen cities I am guaranteed a crowd and so I am booked twice a year at the end of each season.

Which again says I don’t need a big effort once the system of content is put into place, and there are people making content, and they have all the contacts.

How long would it take to get this into shape? A detailed system for social media, a solid contact list for promo and gigs. 2 years? Really? It seems too easy. Once you have the money and you can pay people to be here you just roll. Get them doing this work. Here’s the video, here’s the song, get the vines and grams and posts all ready, the article ready and torpedo tubes armed fire when ready and then bazoom. Let her rip, get the copy ready to go out on blogs and email lists so that content is delivered across all platforms.

What happens? Hopefully I get a few thousand views on my vid. hopefully I get a few dozen more people on my facebook and twitter, tumblr, instagram, snapchat even. and maybe some subscribers on youtube and email sign ups.

It’s almost as if the song becomes secondary to the campaign around it. But the campaign isn’t just to turn heads, it’s to make promoters in our chosen cities know that we are active. It doesn’t matter if we have 10 fans as long as we get gigs in 10 cities. A front is not a big deal as long as you know it’s a front. It’s all just a front so I can play gigs, and let everyone know I play gigs so it makes it easier to sell the brand that I am a DJ/producer who travels the world and I am crazy because of my stupid videos and insane associations with irony boys and traders.

The whole message is it doesn’t matter if you like my music. I play the gigs, I get paid, I’m connected with the wittiest fellows and I am insane, and there are hot girls in my videos.

These are the priorities, but the pirate stuff would also need to be considered, which extends out to star now and managing that side also, managing me.

Of course these are servics that can be replicated for other artists but that is not my priority.

So it’s the site, the write up and the video we must get ready for launch. We’ve got 6 months.

Investment Contingency

August 9th, 2015

Now that I’m safe again, my attention turns from worst case scenario contingencies back to how things could work to get me to the next stage, that is getting my equity higher so I can borrow more, so that should that borrowing quickly become unprofitable, I am not putting my equity in danger should it backfire.

More equity means I can borrow more to put on the table, which means I can earn more.

It seems by making strategic trades, this is the safest way to expand my exposure for greater risk reward, rather than simply heaving into the market. Choose positions that are going to be prudent.

The aussie was being hammered, which meant we knew it would spike up on the retracement, it just took weeks for that retracement to appear. It was less prudent to assume the trend would continue. When you have room to invest more, you can buy positions on the opposite side of a spike, ready for the retracement, however far the spike may be going – even weeks. Buying on the dip of course is the strategy for the otherside.

Trades that build the hedge are less risky than trades that unbalance the hedge.

I just wanted to talk about trading contingencies as I am still in a patch of doubt considering how all my trading work could come undone if I’m not careful. It has been a long few weeks but I am back in the safe zone

You always need a contingency – I was working out how much money I would need to cover my ass in a worst case scenario. How much room would we have to make?

USD/AUD: +3k

This makes it obvious that my big problem is the collapse of the AUD, and my estimations are that I only need another $7k to cover my ass in a worst case scenario there.

My belief is they will run out of crises

What we are lucky for is that all the extreme movement is being accounted for now while I can still afford to cover my ass. If this was happening on a $500k account with only $40k equity I couldn’t rustle up $20k+ to insure we could stay alive for a couple more months. But $20k suddenly isn’t that much.

But honestly when you reach $500k will you be $400k in debt? This is what it seems.

But I am hoping in future the swings will settle into a smaller range it occupies for a number of months and spreading larger amounts over a smaller range will create more pronounced results as well as covering the same range and thus recycling positions rather than ever breaking a new range high that would see the bigger new positions stretched to ever higher lengths.

In fact the opposite is likely – when we finally have enough equity we can wind down hedges properly as we originally traded.

So in fact most new positions that are widening out are going be placed on top of reversals. This suggests new margin growth will be part of extending the hedge play, yet it will bring in better capital growth returns eventually, and equity is rising as it reverses over that territory.

We are working at a formula now of 6.66% of the full leverage becoming debt eventually. Which given that leverage is .2% does that suggest every dollar of margin creates $33 of debt?

Well the maths is $29 right now, but that could easily be $33 with a bad run. So when you add another $100 worth of margin you are signing up for a posssible $3000 more debt long term. 30 x you have to make that $1 back before it’s worth it. The thing is in various parts we are starting to get our 30 swings in.

so from that you could say that each $3000 of equity spare allows for another $100. But we know that could go wrong.

I think we have a safe plan, advancing $100 margin with each $1000 equity, but that until we get to $20k equity and that is based on < $100k hedge spreads. Once we reach $30k equity we will be playing $4600 margin and $150k hedge spreads, I hope that would see us profit $2k-6k on most trades with an average of say $3k. So I could add the money in 3 months and simply jump there but I think we want to see more. Most of our pairs havent even reached $150k except for EURUSD And GBPUSD gave it a tickle. Breaking down the megahedges is what this is all about. Taking the pain, and then the ultimate windback. We can wait for the risks worth taking because that is when we will call on our back up, if that fails. That money is to build hedgfes, but only where it's likely they will pay out - not on the euro, though we can lift the paranoia on the euro soon. AUDGBP is a starter but not GBPEUR yet, we must wait. USDAUD also must be cautious as we must be sure this retracement has ended, whereas long term the GBPUSD is the least certain pair - though balanced, we can't weigh in yet. AUDGBP is the only candidate for adding to the margin in order to build the hedge and even then only as a secondary defence to a counter hedge! I think we must continue strategically as we have, feeling for swing highs, and putting in these road blocks like I've described so that we get a good squirt of profit and it all helps chip away - yes, the swing can lead us to turn around and carry $100+ debt but that's great considering these guys will knockout $10 $20 hits regularly in exchange, and the $1000 position on the far side of the game is already costing me $200+ and it hasn't ever profited me nothing. I can ride a $100 stone in my shoe for a week or more. The point is as we're laying on new margin we're saying the EURUSD is at 1.09, is it going back to 1.29, or even .89? No. no time soon in the next 12 months. is GBPAUD going back to 1.86 from 2.09 or even above $2.20? I very much doubt it. The big moves we've experienced may not happen to us on the edge again for some time. A diving action over week such as these may happen the opposite direction this time - a sinking GBP, a rising AUD releasing equity rather than chewing it up, and placing us deeper in the middle where we are so distant from the biggest danger 73 EUR/USD 160 vs 233 - delving into the parity dive, holding both levels as equally as we can going down. 55 AUD/EUR: 95 vs 40 - careful of the sheer drop here - I looking out for which pairs could in the future be ones to go off the deep end. 43 AUD/GBP: 109 vs 66 - hard times call for bigger hedges and that is where we have gone, recognising we are ready to go all the way out to 150, but we must keep the hedges in check and in line with the price movement. 43 GBP/USD: 94 vs 137 - Lower on both sides! Nice work. With EUR/AUD which is the fight for the bottom, this represents the fight for the top, and is therefore also uncertain, although USD strength 31 AUD/USD:105 vs 74 - We are hedged further in again. The big hedge is not just protection, it's standing opportune here for the australian to go as low as 71 before seeing a correction. The lucky thing about the AUD sides is we still have more room there to work with on the other side. But when the .735 level breaks we have to ramp right up to perhaps 80k so we need some $10k positions in there. 10 EUR/GBP: 101 vs 111 - this surge we actually played pretty well, we are tipping this can't run more than a few more cents but we have been wrong, wait for the reversal, still room on the other side. You can see the larger hedge positions and smaller hedge gaps indicate how unprepared I was with $75k gaps - not only was a caught short and put against the wall, but I also missed the opportunity to ride big hedges to a mighty result. Now I believe even $100k gaps can be too dangerous for now. I was thinking about my investments. WIth the turkish, I figured you could make $600 p/week off $100k, but with a normal investment, you'd need to have $500k+ to make $600 p/week. That's the base case, $1200, but what if you went riskier and went $200k into a turkish investment and then $400 setting me up for the basic figure of $1500 p/week. My trading covers my asset funding. What am I doing with that $800 extra, whether it exists or not, what is the aspiration? I can't see myself buying third and fourth properties within 2 years at the very soonest, and we would be hoping to be holding $400k in my trading investments by then. That should be enoughto be earning $3k-$7k.At this point it doesn't really matter how much I acquire, it's really what I can prove I earn. I'll get the money I need to buy what I like. You can buy a car, but after that it doesn't really matter, it costs money in lots of little ways to travel. After that, I don't really know. I have a regular safe income, and I have my work to a lesser extent, but both of these are removed when I sell my business and buy houses. What I see is that until you sell the business and buy houses, you are accumulating what you earn from the business and the returns on safe investments to back up the plans that may not be covered if the various personal investments and trading I do cannot provide a significant pool to dip from. When I buy 2 houses I will no longer get a regular payment from a secure investment, but I will no longer pay rent. In that case I will - given 18 months - have split my investment income into my regular trading and the more reliable and less risky turkish trades. The turkish replaces my secure investments. And I don't pay rent when I'm in the country. So I go from $1400 + work + trading - $800 = $1100 + trading $1000 + trading - $500 = $500 + trading $600 + trading - $300 = $300 + trading + capital gain ($500) + rental I will have enough money to support myself. When I don't have any safe investment returns because I bought a villa and an apartment, I can still take a payment of $600 from my turkish investments, paying for my food, gas and bills primarily off my broker issued credit card. I can still work obviously, and then of course there is my trading, for which there really is no specific