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Kurb DVD Copying and Duplication Printing Auckland

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Kurb off ers Auckland and New Zealand’s cheapest CD and DVD copying service

Check out our low cost packaging options and don’t forget unlike other companies our set up fee and delivery costs are completely free!

For the best bulk or short run cd and dvd duplication service in New Zealand check out Kurb Promotions CD duplication, cd and dvd printing and cd and dvd packaging

once again it’s added high speed but low concept article on the wonders of CD Duplication and DVD Duplication. If you’ve just adjusted in, well I’m a marketer, and I mart my CD Duplication assist and my DVD copying playing online by composition these articles every day. It’s what helps the search engines to find my round reproduction service, especially if I verify tending to mention that it’s based in metropolis New Zealand. Grey Lynn, in Central metropolis City to be precise we’re settled handily to Ponsonby, Kingsland, Herne Bay, Freeman’s Bay but we do modify offs and pick ups around Auckland, and we substance liberated dleivery anywhere in New Zealand.

So what more is there to know about CD and DVD copying? Well I’ve gone on plenty about our assist and you might say I’m almost getting artistic with it. Might I describe a CD or a DVD copy as same a Summer’s day? No better not, but we do substance a realistic design assist if you need help with the art required for your CD, DVD, CD-r, or DVD-r plus packaging options. Our disk copy prices are not exclusive the prizewinning but we include realistic ordered up and delivery liberated in the final price of your CD or DVD copy job.

CD and DVD copy is much better than copy because it is alacritous and cheap. The general regard for CD and DVD products has continued to shift towards the espousal of this media as essentially disposable so you rattling don’t need to insist on the quality of copy when this is exclusive probable to cause added delays and expenses, particularly if your run is a brief run CD or DVD copying job under 1000 units it is implausible that this copying assist will be offered.

It’s been said that there are actually exclusive 2 CD pressing manufacturing plants for the copy of bulk DVD and CD copying otherwise your job is most probable to existence sourced from foreign hence the 2-3 week readying on these jobs.

Lets not get too outside the concept of CD and DVD disc production – rather than going off on a tangent about some marketing technique I would like to say well really the value of passing on information is increasing but the cost is decreasing – that is a product of technology and technology is majking CD and DVD duplication jobs cheaper every day.

okay lining up for added cd dvd copy rant we crapper not stop you just gotta ready the words flowing for cd dvd copy apiece and every time. We’re talking cd copy – that is the burning of accumulation or audio content for admittance and repetition on to a cd-r round by effectuation of duplication, or a dvd duplicating assist by process of adding recording or accumulation content onto a dvd-r round for reproduction.

This is the sort of abstract that crapper verify you hours burning and mayhap cd or DVD publication if you have cd or dvd publication equipment,

CD and DVD copy excites people, it rattling does, that’s why they’re looking for it on the internet and here you are checking out the CD DVD Duplication which of course the cheapest and prizewinning option would have to be kurb promotions buld round reproduction service, the large in the land! Why the greatest? Why the best? Well for a start we are the cheapest of the affordable DVD copy options and whats more we present an earnest copy assist in providing your cd or dvd copy job as quickly and with the prizewinning assist possible.

We also substance a range of online marketing and realistic design services, and posters as well to add to the benefits available when you alter your bulk DVD or CD reproduction task to Kurb Promotions DVD and CD duplication.

Even when we attain mistskes we substance the prizewinning assist possible providing you with liberated extras and pare CD’s or DVD’s or player packaging that you crapper mayhap use in future to further your promotional ambitions behindhand the release and distribution of your CD or DVD product. It’s always prizewinning to go with a CD or DVD copy company that is committed to it’s clients and we same to think that all our round copy customers intend more than what they would ordinarily expect for the money.

Music Data Video – Cheap CD DVD Duplication Service Auckland

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Kurb off ers Auckland and New Zealand’s cheapest CD and DVD Duplication and CD and DVD Copying services.

Not only are we the cheapest but we are also fast, accomodating, and pride ourselves on providing our customers with a personalised service so every attention is paid to make sure your cd or dvd reproduction project comes in above standard and below budget.

Check out our low cost packaging options and don’t forget unlike other companies our set up fee and delivery costs are completely free!

For the best bulk or short run cd and dvd duplication service in New Zealand check out Kurb Promotions CD duplication, cd and dvd printing and cd and dvd packaging

Music CD-R And Data CD-R

People who are new to computers and duplication, will
sometims confuse CD-R penalization media with CD-R data
media.  While unclear them is easy to do, the
two are different indeed.  Even if you hit some
experience with computers, unclear them is very
easy to do.

As you may or may not know, there are differences
between penalization CD-R and accumulation CD-R disks.  The obvious
difference is, of course, the name.  With digit
named CD-R penalization and digit titled CD-R data, you
know there has to be some type of difference
between the two.

What’s famous is that there are indeed technical
differences in what is embedded in blank music
CDs when compared to blank accumulation CDs.  These
differences center upon bytes that are within
the sub channels of the blank penalization disks.

This doesn’t affect the quality, as both audio
and accumulation crapper be duplicated onto both penalization CD-R
disks and accumulation CD-R disks.  You crapper burn accumulation onto
music CD-R, and penalization onto accumulation CD-R media
without any problems.  Keep in mind, whether or
not you get accumulation on a penalization CD-R will depend
on what type of hardware you ingest to duplicate
the CD.

If you organisation to ingest a PC to do all of your burning,
it won’t matter.  A PC doesn’t differentiate
between penalization CD-R and accumulation CD-R.  PCs will see
a blank media CD and duplicate information on it
that pertains to the settings you hit outlined
in the code you organisation to ingest to burn the CD.

If you organisation to ingest a seperate CD burner, it
may or may not permit you burn accumulation or penalization on
a generic blank or accumulation CD-R.  Some hardware
are funny like that, as they only want you to
use blank media with well famous brand names
that they hit authorised of.

If you organisation to do most of your CD duplication
on a computer, it really doesn’t concern which
type of blank CD-R you use.  They will both
work fine in most cases when you store either
music or data.  When storing data, you hit a
limit of 700 MB, while penalization will hit a limit
of a little over an hour of tunes.

For your duplication needs, computers are the
ideal way to copy media.  You crapper ingest equipment
outside of a computer and CD burner, although
you’ll need to check the dealings manual
and see what they recommend for media.  If you
have a computer or admittance to one, it crapper do
wonders in the areas of penalization and accumulation CD-R

Audio CD, CD-r, DVD, DVD-r Duplication and Printing Service

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Kurb off ers Auckland and New Zealand’s cheapest CD and DVD Duplication and CD and DVD Copying services.

Not only are we the cheapest but we are also fast, accomodating, and pride ourselves on providing our customers with a personalised service so every attention is paid to make sure your cd or dvd reproduction project comes in above standard and below budget.

Check out our low cost packaging options and don’t forget unlike other companies our set up fee and delivery costs are completely free!

For the best bulk or short run cd and dvd duplication service in New Zealand check out Kurb Promotions CD duplication, cd and dvd printing and cd and dvd packaging

We work within many parameters to get your cd or dvd disc copy done.

Whether burning a DVD recording or an Audio cd for copy or a DVD-r or CD-r copy send that includes data such as send we hit finished in the past – catalogues, demonstrations, information on .pdf that can only be emailed straight to us with no need to courier a master disc copy.

Finally, if you need it cheaper – communicate us most our cheapest options for cd or dvd copy and cd or dvd packaging should you need. We can complete jobs over night, and if you are specifically seeking a high calibre product, communicate us most what we can do to improve the calibre standard so you can still get a fantastic price on discount bulk cd or dvd copy without going over budget.

Why do I do this? Because it helps to market the cd dvd copy assist that we offer. You could call it a disc copy or sex company or you could call it a CD or DVD copying assist but whatever you call it, we’re the ons to call if you want cheap DVD duplication. Our copy assist at kurb promotions is always the cheapest and also extremely wuick and easy you see we support our clients with the technicalities of producing their run of cd’s or dvd’s when it’s time to make up a disc duplicating send for whatever use it is you want to spred information or audio or recording or promote whatever objective you or the assemble / organisation that you represent are trying to achieve.

So what more is there to know most CD and DVD copying? Well I’ve gone on plenty most our assist and you strength say I’m almost getting artistic with it. Might I describe a CD or a DVD copy as like a Summer’s day? No better not, but we do substance a graphic design assist if you need support with the art required for your CD, DVD, CD-r, or DVD-r plus packaging options. Our disk copy prices are not only the prizewinning but we include graphic set up and conveying free in the final price of your CD or DVD copy job.

CD and DVD copy is much better than replication because it is fast and cheap. The general regard for CD and DVD products has continued to shift towards the espousal of this media as basically disposable so you really don’t need to insist on the calibre of replication when this is only probable to cause added delays and expenses, particularly if your run is a brief run CD or DVD copying employ low 1000 units it is unlikely that this copying assist module be offered.

It’s been said that there are actually only 2 CD pressing manufacturing plants for the replication of bulk DVD and CD copying otherwise your employ is most probable to existence sourced from overseas hence the 2-3 week turnaround on these jobs.

Several years ago, CD-R media and CD burners were
never imagined.  Computers were meet reached the
GHz speed, with Pentium 1 meet play to reach
the horizons.  Floppy disks were the ideal way to
store data, even though it took several of them to
store most types of information.  Looking at things
today, you can see at a glance meet how far technology
has come over the years.

These days, computers are in 2 out of 3 homes
across the world, with almost everyone owning one.
CD burners and CD-RW drives are meet as popular,
with everyone realizing meet how much money they
can save by burning their own disks and copying
their own media.

There are so many benefits to CD duplication and
CD-R disks that it’s mind boggling.  If you’ve
never owned a CD-RW drive or dealt with CD-R media,
you’d be amazed with everything you can do.  CD
media helps to simply life as we know it and make
things easier than ever before.

The theory of CD-R duplication is priceless.  Writers,
those that are self employed, musicians, small
businesses, hobbyists, and even fortune 500
companies can every benefit from the brilliance
behind CD-R technology.  Not only to do they
save you quite a bit of time, but they are
also very affordable while providing you many
different services.

CD-R media is used to store files and important
security documentation.  The media disks are
widely used in the computer field to conveniently
backup software and accumulation on disc.  Musicians
as substantially choose to use CD-R duplication as an
affordable marketing and content tool to get
their music out to those who want it.

Even the corporate concern as well, uses CD-Rs as
a cost effective way of mass producing training
videos and as an aid in converting to the
ideal paperless office.  You can also use CD-Rs
as a business card, as they are smaller than
a credit card and store every of your memorable
business card information.

With everything they offer you, CD media is
truly something you can’t live without.  The
disks are small and easy to store, yet they
will hold an impressive amount of information.

For every of your audio, storage, or patronage needs,
rest assured that CD-R media can help you meet
your demands.  The disks will terminal a lifetime,
making them perfect for special memories.  If
you have the need for storage or saving accumulation
and pictures, CD media is the way to go to
ensure that your precious files will be there
each and every time you need them.

Auckland CD DVD Duplication and CD DVD Printing Services

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Kurb off ers Auckland and New Zealand’s cheapest CD and DVD Duplication Auckland and CD and DVD Copying services.


PHONE: 027 684 8250

or check out our cd dvd duplication prices for cheap dvd can cd duplication services.

CD DVD Duplication is the one if you’re looking for a quick an easy – not to mention environmentally friendly method of distributing information – save on paper and printing and distribute information on your new project or report.

Many companies across Auckland are choosing our cd dvd disc duplication for commercial purposes because not only arre we significantly cheap er than our competitors but the companies and business we work with find that the job is always completedwith the minimum of fuss and extra expenses are avoided when you need support in bringing your disc duplication project to completion.  This means graphic design specifications can be met by us in house without extra expense. If you need jobs to be picked up or dropped off or you have an urgent deadline to meet we are conveniently located in central Auckland.

We can do jobs overnight – all you need to do is contact me, Matt @ Kurb in regards to your cd dvd duplication jobs as we offer the cheapest cd duplication and dvd duplication services in Auckland and New Zealand. If you are unable to get in touch with me for an urgent cd dvd duplication job, then just email your art through and deliver your cd or dvd master to our address in crummer rd grey lynn so we can commence the duplication project immediately.

All cd printing and dvd printing is directly onto the disc surface itself, that wayyou avoid the need for cd or dvd adhesive labels.

If you require waterproof  cd or dvd printing then we can supply specifically water proof cd or dvd disc labels. Also we provide all the cd and dvd packaging you require to complete your job. CD DVD Duplication Printing and Packaging Auckland New Zealand

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CD and DVD duplication is better than replication because it is fast and cheap. CD and DVD products have continued to shift towards the acceptance of this media as basically disposable so you really don’t need to insist on the quality of replication when this is only likely to cause added delays and expenses, particularly if your run is a short run CD or DVD copying job under 1000 units it is unlikely that this copying service will be offered.

More Small Business Strategies @ Kurb Promotions

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Need Marketing Services? Online Services? Disc Duplication Services? Printing and Copying Services?


Kurb promotions – cheap marketing and promotions services

Call Me, Matt @ Kurb // 027 684 8250 // Or better yet EMAIL:

Okay lots of good stuff coming out of my blogging on my small business and business developments – I really rate blogging as a great way of getting ideas out of your head so you can see them more clearly.

And today I’ve just been thinking more about where my plans are logically taking me.

Some of the ground we covered had to do with branding services, and building a bridge to a point at which I could offer higher value services to a clientele who’s demands perhaps weren’t so acute and were perhaps were a little bit more realistic, than the usual hopeful musicians I service.

But that was uncharacteristic of me to be looking so far off – it’s nice to have big ideas but that’s why I talked about a “bridge” – something, a solid grounded plan that would span the gap between what could be and the reality of what is.

I’m not going to attract big budgets, valuable clients if I can’t project powerful branding myself and as for myself I can tell you fame doesn’t just grow on trees. It costs money to develop that kind of level of persuasiveness and engagement.

So I looked for my plans to retail out of our garage to provide a more stable and steady way forward, reasoning that retail is hardly rocket science, and kind of experimenting with different ideas that could leverage the well located space we have here to provide more value for our clients and users.

But today, back in the trenches, the spanners were flying once again, however I’m in an innovative and adventurous mood.

I focused on upskilling my workers so that they can take more responsibility running our flagship cd dvd duplication service which means I’m freed up to stay innovative and adventurous toward new opportunities – but also as I announced I made an amazing connection with a new colour printing and colour copying supplier who totally changed my approach toward copying services.

So basically, posters and printing was a small part of my business which I always kind of toyed with before deciding that really, despite having a platform already established, that a printing service would be too low margin to be worthwhile. Until I discovered I could totally outsource the thing so in the end I’m leveraging what I have – my marketing skills, my customer service skills and the fact I already have a platform in this area to promote the service and make a decent margin on it –  not quite as much as if I was doin gin house – but certainly enough once you consider how many of the practical issues and headaches would be removed.

Again that opens the door for it to be a very simple process managed by a staff member who would take orders and be responsible for fulfillment and basic quality control.

So tonight  it led to me really looking at all these secondary markets I’d diversified into, seeds I’d planted to see which sprouted – Graphic design services, web design, blog promotion, youtube promotion , small business marketing, ppc campaign management – is that them all? I doubt it.

But –  although I want to stay away from low margins and high maintenance, I was recognising that I hadn’t really given any of these offshoots a proper chance.

It was as if I put 90% of my marketing effort into thinking of great domain names for seo and let the rest take care of itself.

Again those issues – website development – the sites look terrible, you think my mian site lacks credibility this is something else. Content development – there isn’t much content for google to notive and nor is the most prominent content of a particularly high standard, and there’s not much attention paid to persuading potential clients and making initiation compelling.

It just really underlined to me that if you’re going to make something work – sure, look for auspicious signs and intuition that something is going to work, experiment in fact most importantly, build links when you diversify –  by that i mean branch out logically – slowly moving out from posters, to discs, to online services and designs, my biggest successes have come out of strong clustering tendencies – whether clusters of clients or clusters of services that naturally highlight one another.

So whether it’s building exceptional personal brands, or just day to day CD DVD duplication, some kind of whatever I’m selling out of my garage or colour copying and printing services outsourced with a generous margin, you’ve  got to go into it with a real plan.

Hedge your bets, sure, I do it, but when A winner emerges, move fast to execute.

When I’ve laser targeted and analysed the nature of my latest project, I’ll be developing the front end web presence that looks professional, the back end content that is a google trail of crumbs that adds up to a lot of clout,  the videos and vibe that give it that irrepressible branding zing – that is the hard work to put your weigth behind if you really want success out of your newest small business growth and development strategy.

Super Cheap Colour Copying Service In Grey Lynn, Auckland

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


Call Me, Matt @ Kurb // 027 684 8250 // Or better yet EMAIL your design to:

Check out these deals from June 2009 // Cheap colour copying / printing / posters / flyers Auckland 2009

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Kurb is  announcing this whole lot of really sweet deals for colour printing and copying in Auckland.

We built our business services here at kurb promotion on budget poster services, and we’re extending that now so that more people can take advantage of the great deals we offer on colour copying, colour printing as well as graphic design services and placement and distribution options for both posters and flyers here in Auckland

Outside of Auckland but still want a great deal on colour copying or poster and flyer printing? That’s cool we offer free delivery through out New Zealand on printing jobs over $100.

But if you are in need of colour copying in central Auckland – We’re in Grey Lynn, all you have to do is email your design through to us and we can quote you immediately and have those ready for you to pick up in 24 hours, or drop off if you need us too when it’s convenient in surrounding areas such as Ponsonby,  Herne Bay, Kingsland, Morningside, Westmere, Mt. Albert, Freemen’s Bay – etc.

What kind of stuff is our super cheap colour copying and colour printing service good for? Printing flyers, pamphlets, posters, reports, brochures, hand outs, leaflets all kinds of promotional and informational products that you need lookng their best and brightest with out busting your budget for copying.

Of course we also offer cheap dvd copying or CD duplication if you need it with packaging options – kurb is quite the stop for all your promotional needs.

colour copying auckland

Online Music Marketing For Country Music

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Online Music Marketing

Small Business Marketing

Youtube Promotion

DVD Duplication

Cheap Graphic Design

Blog Promotion

Auckland Posters

In the instance several years, Country Music has deepened its discernment of how online marketing crapper enhance the success of the industry, from penalization sales to gaining newborn listeners and even reducing piracy.

“Digital marketing is no individual looked at as something that should be focused on but an Atlantic that must be focused on,” said Craig Dunn, Senior Client Manager, Music City Networks. “Many Country Music consumers are just as online savvy now as some another demographic and expect their favorite artists to have a brawny online presence.”

There is also an increased awareness among record labels regarding the importance of driving reciprocation to online sites where listeners crapper purchase both physical and digital versions of the promoted music.

“This has led to an increase in the use of affiliate links to online penalization destinations that sell the promoted music,” said Lucas Hilbert, Managing Editor, Music, “It also generates an additional revenue stream for the originating Web site that made the online referral.”

As a result, investment in digital space for artists and labels has risen to an unprecedented level. “Two eld ago, an creator could succeed without a digital strategy,” said Heather McBee, VP, Digital Business, Sony Music Nashville. “Today it’s become a key component to the marketing plan that builds a presence for the creator and helps found a meaningful relation with fans.”

Digital vs. Traditional

Digital marketing is substantially on its artefact to assuming the aforementioned level of importance daylong enjoyed by indicant and broadcast media. The nature of its appeal and the methods by which it makes its impact differ dramatically from those that have been in play within more tralatitious channels.

“It’s all most associations,” explained Ashley Heron, Senior Manager, Marketing, Lyric Street and Carolwood Records. “Traditional radio, indicant and television advertising relies on a shotgun approach, repeating messages over and over and hopefully targeting a follower at whatever point during the run dates. Digital marketing allows us to transmit direct with only interested customers, much as MySpace friends, Facebook fans, YouTube subscribers, follower clubs and street teams. That’s the power of digital marketing: targeted and efficient use of marketing dollars.”

“Digital marketing is borderless, interactive and worldwide,” added Tawn Albright, GM, echo, Ticketmaster Entertainment’s Nashville based digital entertainment marketing firm. “It offers candid relationships and a variety of marketing channels, which changes the economic model. Although digital differs somewhat from tralatitious materials, it is similar in the sense that it serves to stimulate interest, awareness and follower involvement.”

The differences are what drive the expanding digital realm, not in the least by providing more shack for experimenting with different marketing ideas. An warning of leveraging digital media for tralatitious marketing is the creation of online listening parties, where fans crapper listen to a newborn album and balloting on which track should be the first single.

“We’ve seen whatever very brawny status in this kind of forum,” said Hilbert. “The perceiver status allows the adjudge to intend candid feedback before spending tralatitious marketing dollars or pitching a azygos to radio. Since broadcasting is still the number-one job for launching a newborn Country artist, it’s more critical than ever for the broadcasting azygos to be the right one, so online experimentation in advance of a proposed broadcasting azygos is a smart move.”

Marketing becomes that much more interactive in cyberspace, with the effect that relationships that feel much more personal amend between artists and fans, whether through innovative games, puzzles or another content and activities.

“It crapper be as simple as good, timely information, like a book to register for upcoming announcements most an A-list creator they really want to know more about,” said Eric Arnold, an agent specializing in digital media for the William Morris Agency. “It crapper be as valuable as a new, free song download if they register online for a newborn artist’s e-mail list.”

“We always try to have whatever incentive for users to engage with an e-mail form that leads direct to the official creator site and database,” added Tim Putnam, VP, Marketing, Music City Networks. “This control is important for the artist. If MySpace, Facebook, Digital Rodeo and the like go the artefact of Friendster, all those ‘friends’ could be lost forever.”

With e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers so easily captured and filed into databases, nearly some group of fans and potential consumers crapper be reached instantly online and via mobile. Putnam specifically claimed success with pre-order campaigns through one artist’s official Web site that accounted for more than 40 percent of that artist’s first week of sales.

“Digital marketing is often used to drill down and direct specific demographic groups with very specific messages,” he noted. “For example, fans within a radius of a venue crapper be targeted to purchase tickets to an upcoming show, or newborn merchandise crapper be targeted direct to the appropriate demographic.”

Heron took it a step further: “In a azygos day, we crapper transmit to substantially over 1 meg unique fans of Rascal Flatts for free. Even with a read rate of 10 percent, that’s powerful communication.”

Digital Drivers

MTV Networks’ CMT group is at the forefront of Country pioneers in the digital frontier, with Web operations at, digital downloads via Rhapsody America, digital television via “CMT Pure Country,” high-definition television via MHD, 3G recording moving via CMT Mobile, gaming via “CMT Presents Karaoke Revolution Country,” e-commerce at and attendant media franchises much as Music City Madness, a fan-voted online contest, and “CMT Unplugged,” where hundreds of exclusive online performances are archived.

The most popular job for digital marketing, though, is ethnic networking. Certainly, Taylor Swift provides the model for a savvy strategy of creating a profile, uploading music, building a list of “friends” and ultimately parlaying these efforts into creating and powering a commercial juggernaut. And while official sites remain the creator profit centers as the place to visit for follower edifice memberships and sales of merchandise and tickets, sites much as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube crapper generate up to 100 times more reciprocation in some given week, according to Heron.

“These sites are rarely a candid distinction to transactions,” he observed. “But they are fantastic bulletin boards.”

Social networking sites, including Eventful and iLike, have experienced fast audience growth over the instance few years. New media formats are also emerging in the form of mobile, especially CMT Mobile, and moving recording services on Verizon V CAST and another wireless carriers.

“One of the most constructive shifts we’ve seen in digital media is the selling of digital downloads in MP3 info rather than in DRM fortified format,” said Albright. “That’s a Brobdingnagian win for penalization fans.”

From established acts much as Dolly Parton to the generation represented by Dierks Bentley, Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban, more Country artists than ever before are getting personally involved in building their digital presence – including every creator on the Sony Music Nashville roster.

“Our newborn duo, Caitlin & Will, spent their Christmas holidays posting blogs, recording recording clips and responding to messages from fans, just to start gearing up for the launch to broadcasting and a digital EP that’s coming out,” reported McBee.

“We have also developed several viral campaigns with Toby Keith that led to Brobdingnagian sales of his newborn records through his official Web site,” added Putnam. “Brad Paisley posts blog entries and has the ability to upload photos to his Start page. At the end of a show he crapper upload a batch of newborn photos, so the Brobdingnagian background images on his Start page are always insanely current.”

“Capitol Records has also done a fantastic employ with Lady Antebellum,” observed Nick Rogers, Coordinator, New Media, Midas Records. “Last year they ran a Rock Band promotion through CMT, giving fans the chance to win a trip to Nashville to wager if they could ‘out-rock’ Lady A. And if you fly into Nashville International Airport, you are greeted by Dave Haywood’s voice over the speakers, saying, ‘I’m Dave Haywood from Lady Antebellum and I want to recognize you to Nashville.’ I’m not trusty it’s ‘new media,’ but it’s a pretty great artefact to advertise.”

Challenges Ahead

It has never been easier to intend penalization in face of people, thanks to the digital marketplace – and for that reason, competition there is heated and only getting hotter. “Anyone crapper do it,” said Putnam. “You know your neighbor’s kid’s band has a profile on MySpace. So the challenge becomes how to stand out in a packed online marketplace and convert those ‘friends’ and ‘views’ into fans and consumers that the artists crapper touch.”

Even though Country fans, particularly those on the young end of the scale, are catching up to their peers in another genres in terms of Web literacy and accessibility, much of the bedrock of the Country demographic, those who have followed the penalization for years, remains beyond the reach of virtual media.

“We have a lot of blue-collar, hard-working Americans who may not have high-speed Internet, Blackberries or iPods,” said Rogers. “With retailers like Wal-Mart and Target limiting the number of physical albums they are placing on their shelves and replacing them with iTunes gift cards, it is forcing more [mainstream] consumers to go digital.”

Heron agreed. “Country Music customers are historically direful at adopting newborn technology or even old technology,” he said. “This is illustrated by the Wal-Mart customer, who still represents our largest vendor both in units and in revenue. Wal- Mart states that more than 20 percent of their customers still don’t have a checking account. They are a daylong artefact from assign card shopping on iTunes or reading our blog on MySpace.”

And that, according to McBee, remains the biggest conundrum to confront the Country Music business at the daybreak of the digital age. “The bulk of the consumers are still not there,” she said, referring to the digital realm. “We have to civilize the Country consumers to the digital outlets. We need to build more Country fans out of the penalization users that are on the Internet. Based on whatever of the research we’ve seen, our consumers are still learning that there are legit services for downloading music. As an industry, we need to invest in educating Country consumers more most the digital space and drawing them into that world.”

Putnam believes that ethnic networks, as the hottest digital media sectors, provide the keys that crapper unlock the digital door for the Country Music industry. “Many of our member communities are inclination toward niche ethnic networks – communities within the artist’s official site, where fans have their own profiles, contacts and so on,” Putnam said. “Our employ is to intend technology out of the artefact so these communities are seamless and provide a closer relation to the artist.”

Mobile phones promise to be another fruitful job for marketing artists and their products – better than e-mail, in fact, since many users only check their e-mail once a day or even inferior frequently.

“But everyone carries their cell phones with them at all times,” traitor pointed out. “If artists crapper reach fans on their mobile phones who have opted in and want to be connected to the artist, that becomes an even more valuable tool than e-mail because you crapper call people to action at that moment. Hitting fans with a book message in real instance and asking them to call and balloting on a reality TV show or purchase advance concert tickets is much harder to do and inferior effective with e-mail.”

Finally, the solution to combating illegal penalization distribution may lie in strategies practical to the online aggregation – those aforementioned seas sailed by today’s digital pirates. But defining and implementing those strategies isn’t going to be easy.

“Country Music module have to find something that module beat an album that costs ‘free’ dollars,” Rogers said. “Music is available everywhere, and a lot of places provide it away via downloading. A lot has been tried to stop pirating, but whenever one of the large [illegal] penalization sites gets shut down, it seems like 25 more open up. And on top of those sites, you have bloggers posting downloads on their personal penalization analyse sites, programs that allow you to getting a moving MP3 on MySpace’s stand-alone contestant and the age-old problem of friends sharing penalization with another friends.”

Countering this trend involves developing newborn concepts of what adds value to album purchases. The penalization in and of itself retains its appeal – and as far as digital distribution is concerned, that fact is whole both to the problem and its solution. The penalization module intend to fans one artefact or another; what may affect their decisions most how to acquire it involves enticements that add value to legal means of distribution, whether it might be an exclusive video, unique concert tickets or whatever sweetening.

“Integrated digital is a boon for marketing the whole penalization ecosystem – fan, artist, adjudge and venue,” Albright explained. “For example, at echo, our marketing services crapper support an creator throughout their entire lifecycle and be further enhanced during touring flavour when we work very closely with our parent company, Ticketmaster Entertainment. When it comes to digital commerce, it gets very interesting as we allow fans to purchase physical merchandise much as a T-shirt or CD, digital merchandise much as a download, a concert ticket and a subscription service much as follower edifice membership in a azygos transaction. Building successful communities in the future module mean elevating the level of communication not only between artist/brand and fan, but also the fan-to-fan relationships that exist within those communities.”

Or, as Rogers described it, “Music crapper no individual be just an album or a song; it needs to be an experience.”

Continued Developments for Small Business Growth at Kurb

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Need Marketing and Branding support that’s affordable from Matt at Kurb in Grey Lynn?

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I think the main thing I need to do is basically zero in on that new market I want to target.

And we’re always thinking of what we have in hand that can give us the advantage, that can give us the leverage into a new market.

I know I can build retail in my garage and I can leverage our location as close to the city and a reasonably affluent area where certain supplies may not be easily accessible to local retailers and business people.

I know I can keep pushing the deeper and underlining principles of my business. That is, that there are cheap and affordable ways of promoting yourself or your business or your content and we offer that with posters, cd and dvd duplication as well as online promotion and marketing. By wrapping that into one promotional service which is really a comprehensive branding service for artists, individuals and small organisations.

It’s important that I offer the packages because too much of what I can do is too low value to maintain increasing turnover, I don’t have time to discuss a project that only amounts to a $200 website, we need to get them onto a marketing package that is worth at least $1000 because then we’re not messing around.

The thing clients may or may not appreciate the trouble I’m actually saving them by covering development of their whole online presence if they need it.

But that comes with building up my brand and my team so I can confidently charge that kind of money for the ideas I’m bringing forward. The problem is, without the brand and the team then it’s kind of hard to articulate a strong message about what it is I do.

Just saying oh we can do your website and your blog and your social media and your google and can we have $1000? Doesn’t sound convincing. I need to communicate that vision of branding. Practical branding, so it’s almost something I have to build towards.

I can’t reach my market properly, my branding net has holes in it, so I can’t catch fish. I can’t be the all powerful marketing man right now, but I’m not prepared to get bogged down in graphic design and blog promotion etc. which is making somewhat regret going down the bath of bloggerpromotion – but I think it’s good I actually have these shells of businesses just waiting to be filled in with activity.

Only web design is getting valuable enough and that’s totally too competitive.

So I need to think laterally. Go vertical. Move slowly out from music into other niches, while slowly building the brand up, targeting preferably more lucrative and under exposed markets.

But there’s still the question of the garage. I’d rather be converging than diverging to be honest, but perhaps the garage represents a safer bet by moving into retail than staking a bet on building my brand in order to increase the value of the work I’m doing.

So rather than promoting a product or service it will be about building the brand of kurb and my personal brand, identifying valuable markets outside of music I can reach in the meantime, and developing a retail brand while I deliberate on what exactly I can sell out of there, or how I can leverage the space behind what I’m already doing.

Maybe that’s where I need to see the space solely for customer service and functionality as a commercial space, but if I can also leverage it in a way that would bring value to my key clients that would be great.

That’s where the idea I was onto in the last post comes through. Firstly it is a centre for my current established operations, then it becomes a service centre not only for outsourced products such as T-shirts , stickers, printing etc. but for outsourced services such as graphic design, web design, blog services and content services, and lastly . . . it is also an outlet where the exact same promo products can be retailed.

This would not be done by taking a commission that would be too inefficient. We would literally divide up the floorspace and rent it out, or better yet, include instore presentation as part of our promotion.

New Small Business Activity in Grey Lynn and New Directions for Kurb

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Need Marketing and Branding support that’s affordable from Matt at Kurb in Grey Lynn?

web development + online marketing // cd dvd duplication / design + posters

Email // 027 684 8250

Alright time for an update on new ideas that are coming out of my head for Kurb and a little bit of discussion around that. Might give you some thoughts on marketing and business, but really I find these kind of blogging sessions helpful personally for working through ideas.

Recently things have been a little weird because April was really full on, things got a bit unmanageable and I found myself back in the 10+ hours a day zone slogging it out, but now I’ve made solid progress in managing a few guys to be around, I’m just readjusting now to having the time to work on new ideas.

What’s on the agenda:

Website Overhaul: Whenever I see how well I’m doing with stuff like PPC adwords and my videos I remember that the basic design of my site looks pretty amateur and I don’t think it really conveys much professionalisn to prospects.

On top of that, other than the flagship pages, the rest of the site is very disorganised from over four years of evolution, though I did move to a new server last year there are lots of pages with disorganised links and probably a lot of outdated stuff as well. The real problem here is that it is probably effecting my google ranking that this is all fairly hodge podge and needs to be improved with just basic SEO stuff.  At the end of the day nothing has the power to effect my business like even slight improvements in Google  rankings but SEO is such a long and fickle game.

Getting aggressive with CD / DVD duplication: This is my flagship service so I can’t afford to not think about taking what we do best and making it better, making a renewed effort with marketing to take this to the next level.  Site overhaul would be part of that, so would videos and a general all over commitment to building up our brand. Then it would be about targetting certain niches – one of my best niches where I’ve been getting word of mouth at the moment is reproducing promotional DVD’s for construction and marine products so it’s a matter of thinking how to laser target that market and also make it easier for the word of mouth process to unfold – again, branding stuff.

Video Marketing and Branding: Video I believe has had a high return on the very small investment I made in it and I have every intention of continuing to develop my online video presence and in fact I think it’s actually becoming imperative to use video to cut through the clutter and cumbersome information overload we’re experiencing online through text based communications.

Garage: I have about a 50-60ft sq garage that I have tidied up and painted but it’s still leaking badly. I’m trying to make it an appropriate space to expand my operations aswe have a great location in terms of the area we’re in – grey lynn, which is close to the city and a creative area in amongst several other affluent suburbs. My concept has been to move from conducting our regular operations into retail and more retail style service. My ideas for retail products and service have mainly branched off from what I’m doing currently – promotional tools.

Printing is too low margin but I’ve decided that this is one of a number of service s I will look to contract out including t-shirts and clothes, stickers, and other promotional items.  In terms of products I will start with raw materials that I would otherwise use for CD reproduction and expand from there with practical items that people need, perhaps more plastic items that would store and wouldn’ be at risk of being attractive to thieves then in a year or so look at more high end promotional goods such as cameras, video, electronic items.

Also there could possibly be a connection between sourcing promotional products and items for branding clients and facilitating the sale and distribution.

Leverage: The concept of leverage is that I provide service to a market that will then act in a way that provides value to a third party that will the provide that value to me as cash. That’s leverage and I believe it’s a powerful business model so I will continue to tread carefully as I investigate this avenue hopeful that it will bring new prospects not oly for me but a whole new way of working with and for my marketing clients.

Personal Branding: developing more cohesive and in depth branding packages for new and valuable markets.

I’ll keep writing more but these are just some of the bigger directions I’m looking to go with my business so I just looking for the convergence, the target, the magic leveraging point thats going to point toward the gap – the right turn with all the ideas.

Opportunities For Independent Musicians in Online Promotion

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

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Today, the Internet provides unprecedented opportunities for independent music to find an audience. Unsigned bands and unaccompanied singers can now build a fan base that will not only listen to their music, but to buy MP3 downloads.

The Internet’s Grassroots Movement

It’s indisputable that the Web has created a paradigm shift in the way we live our lives. We’ve come to depend on the Internet for communications, information gathering, shopping, and so such more. With the advent of what is widely known as Web 2.0, the Internet has once again shifted into what could best be summed up by one word: democratization. For example, journalists are no longer affiliated with mainstream media outlets; they’re researching, blogging, and breaking some of the crowning news stories of the day. Experts no longer sit in their ivory towers and publish papers in academic journals; your family members, neighbors, and co-workers are constantly refining the compendium of expertise known as Wikipedia. Throw in MySpace, YouTube, and other social networking sites, and the top-down information structure is tossed out the window, replaced by a bottom-up, grassroots movement.

The Music Industry is Reeling

Nowhere is this revolution more apparent than in the music industry. The Internet hasn’t sent the industry rockin’ and rollin’ – it’s sent it reeling. Napster, the progenitor of music sharing on the Web, is now viewed as ancient history, but the insurrection lives on. While iTunes is here to stay, some major record labels continue to resist the opportunities that the Internet provides, instead opting to distribute music only through traditional sources.

During the first part of October, these dinosaurs faced another challenge to their survival when Radiohead released their much-anticipated \”In Rainbows\” on the band’s website. The kicker? Fans could get online downloads for free, or pay as such or as little as they wanted. So such for the playing model that the music industry has traditionally employed.

How Independent Music Finds a Voice

Prior to the widespread use of the Internet, musicians and singers had to pound the pavement, sending demos to music labels and radio stations in the hope of breaking through to the big time. Today, however, independent music can take a page from Radiohead’s playbook, and speak directly to potential listeners and fans. Indeed, specialized music sites have sprung up to showcase independent music, and to give musicians, performers, artists, and bands a platform for promoting their work. These sites offer MP3 downloads for less than the cost of an iTune, while supporting artists’ work by giving them a 50-50 split of the proceeds. This is in move contrast to the deals that music labels give even the hottest bands, which typically receive only about 20 percent of the revenue generated by their music.

The Music Aficionado’s Advantage

From the perspective of the music fan, independent music sites are a dream come true. In the music mainstream, a tremendous amount of talent is overlooked by labels in favor of \”packaged\” acts that are perceived to be revenue generators. Now, thanks to the Internet, music fans from around the world can hear and experience songs that might otherwise never have found an audience.

The Internet has revolutionized every aspect of the world from fiancé to music. A few years ago small bands played in garages, family functions, and cafes. They cut discs and sent them to music giants in the hope they will be noticed.

The World Wide Web and MP3 music has brought about many changes in the fortunes of small bands. The distribution system and marketing options changed.   New media formats and many personal websites sprang up and the reach of music became world wide. Gone were small town boundaries or traveling on the road to spread awareness. The click of a mouse increased popularity.

However it is not all about success after the initial boom, several music sites and bands went bust. What every band with a dream of golden discs staleness do is:

•    Weigh their options carefully and make the time to do a complete study of their options.
•    Create a fool proof marketing plan.
•    If in doubt consult marketing professionals with expertise in the music industry.

To promote your creativity online you must:

•    Not expect any financial returns to move with. You need to popularize your music by giving it away. Put MP3s and videos on your website. When a person downloads a song and listens he may like it and play it time and again. Such a person is the one likely to listen to your next song.

•    Ensure that your music is traceable—if a person has your song on their IPod then they will only be able to trace you if the artist/band name as well as web address are available.

•    You staleness categorize the music correctly. Decide whether it should be placed under rock, pop, folk, or electronica.

•    Locate popular music distribution sites and use these to promote your music. Most people who are looking for new music and have a good listening ear visit these sites.

•    To eternalize your band you staleness set up your own website, purchase a domain name, park it with a sure host, and optimize it so that it ranks high in search engines. Read about how to construct a successful web site and how to promote it successfully.

•    Build an interactive web site with stories, reviews, and other music attendant news. Make the site engrossing so that visitors are tempted to browse and listen to your music.

•    Arrange to have reviews of your music and where it is available posted on community sites and blogs. Host a music forum and accede press releases to well established press release sites.

•    Once you have established a small presence think about ways to generate funds. You could sell the music or offer subscriptions. Alternately, the downloads of music could be free but generate money from other channels like advertisements, pay per click and so on. Or host a music attendant commerce site selling iPODs, Xboxes, accessories and so on. The playing aspect will have to be worked out carefully.

Make sure people know that your band accepts gigs. In case you like writing lyrics or jingles for small playing promotions you staleness advertise this aspect of your creativity. The world can be yours if you are adventurous.