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Play to Your Strengths In The Music Business

Monday, June 29th, 2009

A lot of people are striving for the dream to get out of the day job and move full time into a career in making music. I’ve sure you’ve heard stories of people using wild and crazy marketing ideas to get attention, big name bands breaking away from major labels and weekend warriors leaving the desk job behind to become full time musicians.

So how do you do it, with your band, with your strengths? Well there is no single answer, every artist is going to need their own unique approach and it’s up to them to find what that is. Obviously having great music is first and foremost, but you also need to get people to listen. One trick is using the skills you develop in your day to day jobs to your advantage, and design your marketing campaign around those strengths. Things like getting the grammar nut in the band working on copy and the really friendly one working the email list after the show is obvious. However thinking outside the box is the best way to survive in a music business whose box is constantly changing. One thing to think about is combining skills sets of the different members of your musical team to create something greater than the separate items. For example if you’re a web designer and your guitar player works in sales. You can design a functional and effective way of selling music online more so then most. If you have a carpenter an electrician, and an artist, you can design your own lighting system, and a killer, totally unique light show.

Last example I’ll throw out; if you have a auto mechanic, wielder, and someone with a love of spray paint, build your own trailer and save yourself a few grand, and have it be custom designed to the band when you drive around, we call that a functional moving billboard.

Take a look at the members of your team who work with your music business, and figure out what skills these people have, besides being a killer bass player, and try to see if you can combine those skills into something you can use in conjunction with the music. A unique merch display, creative cd packaging with an interesting email campaign, fundraising events for recording an album, a treasure hunt for the new album, any number of ideas that you can combine using your skill set will not only be as unique as the people in your band, but will also be of quality much closer to quality of your music.

Cheap Online Video Production and Marketing Services

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

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Cheap Online Video Production and Marketing

Email: to talk about your online video production and video marketing requirements! Our service is cheap but still professional, get in touch today. We also specialize in youtube promotions

Alright just a little announcement going on from Kurb as we continue on our mission to give artists and small businesses branding and marketing support that is affordable enough to be worthwhile.

That’s why we’re presenting this dirt cheap online video production and marketing package – because in the beginning, you don’t want to spend heaps on your music videos, you just want to have one.

US$150: 1 of basic dirt cheap videos

US$250: 2 basic dirt cheap videos

US$500: 2 videos + some video marketing

US$600 2 videos and full 3 months video marketing

What do you need?

– Photos

– Titles: A list of titles you want to appear (such as your website etc. – often you might want to have your website visible on the screen throughout the video)

– Footage compressed for the web if you can supply
– Music or other audio content: if you are a musician we’ll want an mp3 to use, if you are a business or other organisation, I am happy to provide music from a pool of legitimate sources free of charge

Payment: Is through Paypal (which accepts Credit Cards) or we have the option of Moneybookers

With Social Media and so much of Web 2.0 technology either you’ve got something up your sleeve to exploit some loophole in the platform or you’re just playing it clean and leveraging as much from your content as possible.

I was talking about using content as promotion in itself; Internet marketers talk about “owning more of the net” creating more online “frontage” and opportunities to be found and connect.

Also, video is a great way to take your website to the next level if it’s still pretty static – by using short online videos to introduce certain products – in the case of musicians this could

One great idea for such a video as I’m describing is to simply serve as advertisement for a product you’re launching – especially an audio product where you can edit the audio yourself to present snippets of your songs, and we can easily work with the material you send us to put corresponding visulas, photos, footage, titles to the music.

Online, it’s worth putting together the kinds of modest video productions we offer simply just to be more visible. If you don’t have a youtube at all, this is a great way to get involved NOW, not months later while you’re preparing the album and juggling a whole lot of creative stuff, put that pot on simmer NOW to get things started and heating up.

FINALLY: We can also set up video portals now too, that is websites like youtube that are awesome if you have a lot of videos you like to upload and present it means we can now add video galleries to sites.

Another cool way to present your content.

Viral Marketing through Social Media Networks

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Need marketing services? Talk to online marketing experts at kurb – Auckland, New Zealand  – about viral marketing campaigns and small business promotion . . .


promo packages that are comprehensive, affordable and personal.

Possibilities of Viral Marketing:

More powerful than spreading ideas is building an idea that spreads itself. Whether a video or other media, the essential concept is the power of an idea to proliferate by way of online sharing. The success of a Viral Marketing campaign is never assured and taking risks to put forward powerful branding messages or leverage powerful value propositions that engage so deeply that it spreads online or through word of mouth is a long shot but always has the potential to be outrageously successful with a bit of character and flair.

The viral marketing refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viralprocesses, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet. Viral promotions may take the form of video clips, interactive Flashgames, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, or even text messages.

The basic form of viral marketing is not infinitely sustainable.The goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to identify individuals with high Social Networking Potential (SNP) and create Viral Messagesthat appeal to this segment of the population and have a high probability of being passed along.The term viral marketing has also been used pejoratively to refer to stealth marketing campaigns—the unscrupulous use of astroturfing on-line combined with undermarket advertising in shopping centers to create the impression of spontaneous word of mouth enthusiasm

So viral marketing is nothing but a new way of introducing marketing techniques.

In fact it’s totally new and totally awesome becaus through staying comnnected to customers, fans, evangelists and audiences you are getting more presence and exposure than ever in front of them by communicating the power of your services.

You can also leverage the whole situation by launching excitng offers and innovative propositions that set the internet abuzz with people talking about what you’re doing.

Cheap Video Production, Online Video Marketing, Youtube Promotion New Zealand

Sunday, June 28th, 2009




Cheap video production

It is not important if its is cheap video or costly has the message conveyed to the reader then that is success so I here I am going to give you concrete details and reasons about this article. I will be telling you in details about how to shoot a video production

First, you need to select and buy the necessary desktop video equipment. Given the plethora of digital video equipment out there, this can often be the hardest step.
Second, you obviously need to shoot your video.

While you do not need to have the directorial skills of Steven Spielberg, there are some basic video shooting skills that one needs to master. I’ve seen many good videos marred by bad lighting or shaky hand movements. I’ve written a little guide on which you can read about. OK, on to the third step. Once you’ve shot your video, here’s where you need to capture the video into a computer.

Then edit the video file to add special effects, titles and screen transitions. Perhaps add in a soundtrack as well. There are many excellent video editing software packages, ranging from the higher-end Adobe Premiere and to the more budget and products. Here’s a on selecting which video editing package to use
then after you have taken the video you can post it in you tube which has emerged a n important tool of promotion so when your video is posted you can get the feed back that very moment it self

You tube promotion

You tube has become a major promotional website from any thing and every thing all you need to do is just a click and you will get all the necessary information need I will giving you some details about this procedure.

There are a number of specialized techniques and other requirements involved that you will have to become familiar with in order for your business or interest to thrive with this excellent publicity-getting tool. In the first place, you have to learn how to ‘translate’ your digital videos to the most popular web display format (most people have no idea about this), how file size and resolution will determine your display settings, how to embed and how to know where to embed your web video on your web page to attract the most attention.

So, if you find yourself interested about you tube promotion, doesn’t it appeal to you to get the facts on the way to make a video at an amazingly low budget that can lead an impressive amount (millions, anyone?) of visitors to your site? Imagine getting all that traffic for free, and don’t worry, there’s more to this than you tube there are other successful ways to get all those free hits..

So these are the details pertaining to you tube promotional marketing and I will be giving you more details if needed.

Online video marketing

This online marketing has emerged as one huge market which will soon take the people and the business people in its hand and its going to get bigger and bigger so what is its online marketing I will be explaining to you in detail.

Online video is big and getting bigger. Online video is on the verge of exploding into a multi-billion-dollar market. It’s growing in leaps and bounds and knowing the uses and benefits of it can and will it change the way people do business around the world

Online video is like any other form of advertising in that in order for it to perform; you have to commit to it. Most companies would simply create a video, put it online and expect it to work. While You Tube only scratched the service of online video’s potential with free public storage for amateur video publishers, the real action and potential is in the commercial industry. No doubt. And the real challenge regarding online video is creating video content that is both effective and high quality.

From an online marketing perspective it should be noted that consumers of online video are 47% more likely to click on advertisements, which naturally leads to increased purchasing. So it’s really no surprise … online video marketing is a niche that’s on the verge of exploding into a multi-billion-dollar industry. So these are about online marketing.

Cheap Design Tips For Colour Copying / CD & DVD Copying

Sunday, June 28th, 2009


Email: or phone: 027 684 8250

Also check our full range of prices for cheap Graphic design services:

Posters, Flyers, CD / DVD copying design and packaging, logos, wordpress blogs, wevsite design, all kinds of services that are kinds of cheap – right here in Auckland, New Zealand.


We also offer great video marketing and small business marketing services.

Kurb Promotion offers complete graphic design and layout services at very reasonable costs. With “state of the art” design stations our graphic professionals will layout and design retail ready product for you in very little time. We can take care of your needs from art direction to typesetting to scanning of photos.

SAVE MONEY!!! by doing one or all of the following:
Gather all your artwork (photos, pen & ink drawings, logos, etc…) and bring them with you to your scheduled appointment. Or package them carefully to send to us. We can then scan, adjust and manipulate these little gems to get exactly what you want. Photos do not necessarily need to be the right size, just keep in mind that enlarging more than 200% can start to degrade the photo clarity. Beware, polaroids do not scan well at all. Digital photos are fine but they need to be originally shot at high resolution in order to transfer to print clearly. Also, bring in extra items for design ideas. We suggest favorite papers or clothing or material to be used for textures and backgrounds.

Make sure we know how to get a hold of you. To get your job completed quickly, we’ll need answers quickly if questions arise. So give us all your numbers and e-mails and keep in touch with us.

Create a mock version of what your product will look like. Cut, tape, paste or fold pieces of paper together to give us an idea of where each item will be placed (you do not have to size everything perfectly). If you have specific colors in mind that you want to use with your artwork, bring in samples of those colors. If you want the green and blue from a Gatorade bottle, than bring in that bottle.

The least expensive way to proof is via PDF files over the internet. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files on your computer. These files are usually quite large. If you don’t have a high speed internet connection, consider going to a friends or to a library to view your PDF proofs. For slightly more money, you can proof by hard copy. Be sure to notify us as soon as possible when approving a job. Our manufacturing day is over at noon! So call before noon to save a day.

Remember you are responsible for proofing! We can not be responsible for typographical errors. Look on all proofs for missing artwork, full bleeds past the cut lines, missing lines of text, text flow and type changes (very rarely but it can happen). Please don’t assume we’ll catch ANY of these problems.

Artwork simply takes the most time when preparing to manufacture product. Call us to discuss the pros and cons of doing your own art layout. We may be able to save you a lot of money by having you do most of the design and getting us to do the actual computer layout and final touches. Decide on what size printing you want before you send your work in (2pp or 4pp or 8gp booklets, 11 x17 or 18×24 posters etc..)
Speed up the entire layout process: submit your text on a computer disc with a hard copy (laser print) from your printer, typed in a simple format; ie. no tabs, paragraph indents, etc. Simply hit return at the end of each line you want separated. Most basic word processing software (either Mac or PC based) will do just fine! Type out your songlist and times in the program order indicated on the master. Then add your lyrics with song titles (in order) followed by your thank you^(1)s. You should also designate which text for the traycard, cover, back, on disc etc… We can then manipulate the text very easily in our computers, so don^(1)t worry too much about format as much as content. Save your file on a 3 1/2^(1) diskette in as many formats as your program will allow, especially in “Text Only” format. If you have e-mail, we recommend e-mailing your text to us.

Cheap Colour Copying and Printing Auckland – Free Delivery – Save Money

Sunday, June 28th, 2009


Email: or phone: 027 684 8250

Also check our full range of prices for cheap Graphic design services:

Posters, Flyers, CD / DVD copying design and packaging, logos, wordpress blogs, wevsite design, all kinds of services that are kinds of cheap – right here in Auckland, New Zealand.


We also offer great video marketing and small business marketing services.

Find out ways to save yourself money the next time you go on over to the print shop to get one of your graphic design projects printed out. The more you can do in house before sending a project to a printer, the more money you can save on the printing cost. Below I have shared some secret tips with you to save some of your precious money at the commercial printers.

1) Complete the project. In other words, get the project camera-ready so all the printer has to do is shoot a negative, burn a plate, load the press and print. (See Chapter Printing Problems for an explanation of these.) If the printer has to make any adjustments to your file, you can expect to pay for these.

2) Shoot your own negatives. Not everyone has the huge camera needed to make printing negatives. Still if you plan to make a living doing graphic design, investing in a graphic arts large-frame camera and darkroom could be a wise idea. By large-frame camera, I mean one capable of holding a negative about a yard long. You’ll also have to have a darkroom, chemicals and developing trays.

3) Burn your own plates. (See Chapter Printing Problems for definition of burning plates). However, you’ll need to be sure your plate is the size the printer needs. If the plate is too big, it can be trimmed. If the plate is too small, it will have to be junked. Also, if you burn your own plates, leave them completely flat. Let the printer make his own crimps in the plate to attach it to the press. Come plates can be burned on a large-frame camera. Some plates require a specialized plates-only camera because of lighting requirements.

4) Use standard-stock paper. This generally means white paper cut to letter or legal size in the US or country-standard size elsewhere on the globe. Use standard envelopes, postcards, business card stock for these projects. Every time you order a special color of paper, you increase the price. Every time you order a different trim on the paper, say 7 inches by 9 inches, you increase the price because the printer will have to cut these sheets. Understand also that the thicker a paper is, the more it will cost per sheet.

#5 If there are photos in the document, do they need to be retouched?

One of the most common image changes I make in Photoshop is to adjust the ‘levels’ of an image. This is to make sure that white areas are bright white and black is actually black. This really helps with image contrast (in the image menu, select ‘adjustments’, then ‘levels’). Also, colour prints tend to get darker after scanning, and large reductions can make shadow areas heavier. Your designer will be able to help out here.

If you don’t realise just how much a photo can be manipulated, I suggest checking out this article, ‘The twisted reality of fashion advertising‘.
#6 Is the paper opacity sufficient or will there be any see-through?

If you hold a newspaper up to the light, you can read the text and see the images on the other side of the paper. This might be fine in the newspaper industry, where paper costs are astronomical, but you obviously don’t want your corporate annual report to have the same effect. By choosing a good weight of paper stock (approx. 150gsm) you’ll not only prevent this from happening, but your colours will print more brilliantly too.
#7 What about the texture of the paper?

Cheap paper feels cheap to touch. Is this the impression you want to give? When receiving a quote, why not factor in a few different weights of paper? You might be surprised at how little extra you need to pay for a higher quality paper.
#8 Can we substitute our choice of paper for a stock that is less expensive, while still looking as good?

Again, your printer will help here, and one factor this depends on is the amount of ink you’re going to use. For instance, if you have large areas of black to be printed, you’ll need a decent paper stock to prevent the paper going out of shape.
#9 Will ink colours change when printed on a particular type of paper?

Printing inks are transparent and will change depending on the brightness or “yellowness” of a white paper. Remember, paper critically affects the colour of your printed product.
#10 Does the printed sheet need a varnish?

If your print job is to be stacked and packaged, you have to be careful that the ink doesn’t transfer from one brochure / poster / business card to another during storage and transit (this is called offsetting). Varnishing can be a useful preventative. You can also consider aqueous coating to guard against fingermarking and scratching. Most printing presses will apply anti-offset powder, which is a fine powder lightly sprayed over the printed surface of coated paper as sheets leave a press. This is normally sufficient to prevent ink offset, but if in doubt, ask.
#11 Can we print four colours on one side of the sheet and black on the reverse to give the illusion of a “four colour process” job?

If you want to use colour, but find that it’s too expensive, you can always print one side of the paper using full colour with the reverse in black only. Newspaper companies use this technique to give the appearance of full colour printing. What you’ll find however, is that a lot of the time only one side of a newspaper page shows colour, whereas the reverse of that page is in black only. This saves money, yet keeps a higher quality appearance.
#12 Can we combo-run any of the elements for a cost-savings?

Always ask the printer if there’s any space left on the printing plates for extra work. You could, perhaps, print some extra business cards on the same printing plate as a batch of brochures, saving you money.

Cheap Copying and Printing: Save Money Auckland – Free Delivery NZ

Sunday, June 28th, 2009


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Need Graphic Design Services . . . cheap?

Check out our full range of prices for cheap Graphic design services:

Posters, Flyers, CD / DVD copying design and packaging, logos, wordpress blogs, wevsite design, all kinds of services that are kinds of cheap – right here in Auckland, New Zealand.


We also offer great video marketing and small business marketing services.

When it comes to a printed graphic design job, there are certain questions you should ask at the beginning to prevent costly errors and to make the most of your print budget.

Here are 12 important questions to consider before printing your promotional material:

#1 Did more than one person proof-read the job?

It’s funny, no matter how many times I proof-read a job, I can overlook the same glaring error each time I pass it. Another set of eyes can pick up on different errors. In fact, the more people that can proof your job the better. Unlike a website, print is permanent and mistakes can’t be corrected.

Daniel at Daily Writing Tips recently published, ‘The Impotence of Proofreading‘.

Its a fact that a spell checker will not catch all the mistakes on your text. More specifically, it will not catch misspellings that form other valid words.

#2 If we change the size of the printed product can we print on a smaller press and save money?

There’s no need to have your A5 sized flyers printed through a large commercial printer. If you’ve been using one printer for all your projects I suggest shopping around. A printer who specialises in small-run jobs will be much more competitive for those ’spare of the moment’ needs.
#3 Did you make a “dummy” or mock-up to check configuration and presentation of your job?

If you’re producing a folded leaflet, for example, it’s always worth printing the pages yourself to be sure you have them in the correct order. If you’re in any way unsure, ask your printer for help. They’ll check the composition for you.
#4 Are you absolutely sure about the quantity to be printed?

A second print run will cost a lot more than extended first runs (or “run-on” as printers call it). If you’re asking a printer for a quote of 10,000 copies, for example, be sure to ask them to provide “run on” costs aswell. This will help to confirm how many copies your budget allows for.

Cat at Business of Design Online gives this advice when asking for quotes:

In the heat of a project it can be easy to lose sight of getting the information you need. Sure, you could request budget quote after budget quote. There’s a better way. Relax. Make a printing quote check list and bring your printer in early.

5) Limit colors as much as possible. The more inks a printer has to use, the more expense he has to go to. This will be passed along to you. More inks also mean more spoils (See Chapter Printing Problems for spoils definition) because the press must be aligned properly to make sure each different color ink plate is lined up properly. This cost too will be passed along.

6) Buy bulk. If you know you have a lot of projects coming which will use a non-standard grade of paper, ask the printer if he will stock up. He may ask for some purchase guarantees from you to insure his cost will be covered. But, the printer should realize some savings in buying in large quantities and you are within your rights to ask for some savings as well.

7) Supply your own paper. If you have a project that calls for a REALLY oddball paper, consider buying the paper yourself and supplying it to the printer. In general supplying paper to a printer is not a good idea because it cuts into his profit margin (which is typically slim just on the cost of paper). But the printer may appreciate you supplying the paper in extremely unusual circumstances. Just be sure to ask ahead of time to make sure the printer is capable of handling the paper you supply. Stationery or special events are be a common situations where unusual paper is needed, especially where an unusual or irregular trim is needed. Invitations are great examples of this. Say you have a customer planning an open house for a new industry and wants 5000 identical letters to mail to announce the open house. You can order 5000 sheets of paper cut in the shape of the building or the company logo. Then, develop the letter to go on the sheets. Send the custom-cut paper and your design to the printer, after making sure the printer can use the unusual-shaped sheets. Many times brochures are often cut to unusual shapes to
get more attention.

8) Get an annual contract. If you know you will have X amount of printing in a year’s time, approach a printer and explain this. Tell the printer you will guarantee him X amount of business in exchange for a discount on the total printing bill.

9) Pay immediately instead of Net-30. Many businesses offer a small discount for customers who pay up front or immediately upon receiving the merchandise. That’s because they avoid the expense of sending customers a bill.

10) Shop around. If you have more than one print shop in your local area, ask for bids for the the print job.

11) If possible, look online for a printer out of town. But, while this can be cheaper, you do lose some control over the project and you will have to pay shipping costs.

12) Deliver your project yourself and pick up the finished product yourself. In addition to saving some shipping and handling fees, you can probably charge your client a delivery fee if you deliver it to them.
To summarise…

The most important piece of advice is to ask your printer about possible cost savings. They’re the expert.

Provide as much information as possible about your future print plans. If your printer knows what print projects are on the horizon they might be able to combo-run the jobs to save you both time and money.

By scheduling jobs in advance, your printer will be thankful of the notice. There’s very little a printer dislikes more than a client who needs their job yesterday.

Cheap and Creative Graphic Design Auckland New Zealand

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Need Graphic Design Services . . . cheap?

Check out our full range of prices for cheap Graphic design services:

Posters, Flyers, CD / DVD design and packaging, logos, wordpress blogs, wevsite design, all kinds of services that are kinds of cheap – right here in Auckland, New Zealand.


We also offer great video marketing and small business marketing services.

Graphic design has given a whole new meaning to creativity. From a simple task of making visual communication and presentation, it evolved into a combination of the advancement of technology and skills. Graphic design holds a huge number of artistic and professional disciplines; it can be considered as an art and can also be considered as a revenue driver. Statistics figures prove that an effective graphic design can increase the number of sales.

A graphic design is made up of texts and images that are coherently combined together. It is used for a wide variety of purposes and now it is widely used for marketing purposes. An effective visual communication helps increase a product’s selling capability and it can also increase the company’s popularity with effective logos, color, text and other elements of company’s identity. Graphic design also contributes to effective advertising that’s why choosing the right text, color, and images is critical. And with the use of our modern technology; creating graphic designs is quick and easy using soft wares and other modern media.

Graphic design is also associated to entertainment as well as advertising. Companies use media like television, internet, cinema, magazines, newspapers, video games and billboards to gain publicity for their products and services. The combination of entertainment and advertising has proven it’s effectiveness throughout the years. Many commercials focus on the product or the company’s logo to introduce their products. Newspapers and magazines provide pages for advertisements. And the internet has been the goal setter when it comes to advertising.

With the right graphic design, advertising becomes effective. This is true for companies like Coca-Cola and McDonalds, their logos use a couple of colors only for their logos. The texture of the color should also be appropriate and will not hurt the eyes of the passer bys or customers. The shape should not be too complex so that it is easy to remember.

Putting graphic designs on billboards might be expensive that’s why the graphic design should fill every inch of the billboard. The positioning should also be considered to make the billboard effective enough to catch people’s attention.

Creating effective graphic designs might be a long process. Although a lot of soft wares and guides are available in the net, it is better that there’s a company that you can rely on. A company that can provide you service with satisfaction. Spend time to search and canvass for these companies using the net. Advertising for marketing is very crucial that’s why the company that will provide the graphic design service should have commitment.

CD / DVD Duplication, Burning, Services + Processes

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

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The cd/ DVD duplication has created a new wave in the field of entertainment. We duplicate to store music and data and other important information so the main motive of this is preservation of data. What is the meaning of duplication and how music plays a vital role in our lives this is what this article is going to deal with. So here we go based on the description.

A CD DVD Duplication is a process where discs are “burned” In a more basic case the Cdr’s are the same as what you can purchase in a store.  There are also sticky labels that you can put on your disc.  The problem arises when heat elements, such as the inside of a car cause the label to bubble and in some cases peel away.  So you put this in yhour player and leave paper inside of the drive sometimes leaving permanent damage.  Or the player could just reject the disk.  Then, there are printable discs.

How are the music cd’s are duplicated in cd’s.

Music is an inseparable part of the lives of most people. Almost everyone in the world likes to listen to music in some form or another. Gramophones, then vinyl and cassettes were the traditional means used for listening to music. However, today due to the advancement in technology, there are several innovative products available to help us listen to our favorites music. CDs and DVDs have become the most popular storage mediums that have replaced the use of these traditional means.

A CD, or a compact disc, is capable of storing approximately 80 minutes of audio whereas a DVD can store approximately six times more than a usual CD. Also, CDs and DVDs offer good audio quality compared to traditional devices. CD mastering is unknown to most people. A professional sound engineer with sufficient knowledge can carry out the CD mastering process. At the time of producing audio and video CDs and DVDs, mastering is one of the most important processes.

The process of CD mastering can also be termed as the final polishing and editing process. Using the CD mastering process, the final finishing touches are given to songs or tracks before making copies. The process of CD mastering is extremely crucial as it ensures that your final product has an excellent sound quality.

Professionals who have a complete setup of state-of-the-art and high-tech facilities usually carry out CD mastering. Editing and arranging the songs in a proper sequence are just some of the steps involved in the mastering process. If you want to make your CDs sound great, then opt for CD mastering.

How are recording being done.

It is common for people who want to share good music with others. So when their church choir is at its best, many people make recordings so that they can share it with their family, friends and others in the choir. Many people prefer to have their very own copy of these kinds of CDs, have them labeled and get professionals to duplicate copies of the CD to give others. There are many CD replication companies that can transfer these music files onto CDs and even edit the content to ensure that it all fits on the disc.

CD replication companies are the best places to go when you want CDs that are close to the original in quality, because they create masters, press out the original data and print images on the CDs. You can even ask these CD replication companies to package and shrink-wrap the finished CDs so that they appear completely professional. CD replication companies also come in handy to those upcoming musicians who have a variety of songs, which they have created themselves. Sending good quality copies of these compositions to record producers are the only hope of ‘making it big’ for these artists. A professional looking and sounding CD can make much more difference than a hand made CD, which has writing on it with a black marker. Here is where a professional CD replication company can make a huge different to a person’s life. With the professional services that these CD replication companies offer, even an amateur artist can sound as good as a professional in the industr

The cost of recording music is presently falling and as a matter of fact, more and more people have started producing music on their own for demos and for circulation purposes. After producing music, it needs to be distributed and most people prefer to do it through music CDs. However, in order to create multiple copies of their discs, most musicians opt for CD duplication. The term CD duplication may confuse you. CD duplication is actually a simple and legal process in which data from a master CD is copied to several other discs, as long as you are the rightful owner of the content on the master CD. It is usually done with the help of a device called as CD burner or writer. CD duplication is the best option for producing smaller runs of CDs. By using high-quality CDs for duplication purpose, you can make sure that your music CD sounds well.

Cheap Fast CD DVD Duplication over Replication

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

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Cd/dvd duplication has made a remarkable change and now I am going to give a detailed description about this process I think you will like it so here we go.

In today’s fast moving world, the preservation and organization of data has become more important. And in order to protect your data, you need to look into data conservation. CD duplication is one of the most effective data preservation techniques. It is a method where by data from the parent CD is copied onto one or more CDs with the data remaining constant. While this can be done for a few CDs at home, it is virtually impossible to do this on a large scale. CD duplication is the answer to this problem. Professional CD duplication is a great way of preserving data as well as supplying the data through your company or your network. CD duplication services are professional and efficient. Many websites offer professional CD duplication services but it is up to you to choose the one that will cater to your individual needs or time and money restrictions. When choosing a professional CD duplication service, it is imperative to know whether your deadline will be met and whether it can be done in the stipulated budget. Whilst CD burners at home cannot perform intricate duplication functions, CD duplication services are a great way to make multiple copies for distribution within your company or your network

so what is the actual purpose and of DVD duplication company or what you called replication and how is it done.

CD replication is a process by which large quantities of CDs are produced. The recording industry uses the CD replication technology in order to create and release music and video albums by performing artists. Most media companies and production houses understand the potential of the CD replication technique, which is cost-effective compared to other techniques.

In simple terms, CD replication is a process in which information from a master disc is copied onto multiple copies. For large volumes of CDs, the process of CD replication is done with the help of a glass master. After completing the glass master process, the data is protected with polycarbonate plastic layers. Once the procedure is completed, CDs are tested and screened for quality and finally packed for distribution purposes.

So how is the data or the songs are copied and how is it done.

Using the master disk, several other copies of CDs are replicated. In the mastering process, finishing touches and necessary adjustments of tracks and songs are done before the master CD is sent for the replication process. Next is the injection molding step in which advanced injection molding is used for generating identical copies of the original master disc. After the preliminary master copy is prepared, it has to undergo the finalization procedure. At the time of finalization, the disc is coated with lacquer and reflective aluminum, which helps to protect the surface and preserve the data stored within it. Once this procedure is done, the CDs can be sent for label printing. So, if you want to produce large quantities of discs, then opt for CD replication.
The cd/dvd duplication has made many changes and will still be considered a major boon in the field of technology because these has helped people to keep their work in a more safer place and the data’s which are there are safer and will be safe what ever it may be that’s to the field of advancement.