New Business Services: Youtube Video Production and Video Marketing

Youtube Video Promotion Special:

If you simply need an animated presentation putting together images you have with titles without having to add any footage we shoot

Basic Package: $97: Basic animation, editing, titles, sound, slideshows and basic effects, 5 minutes max

Production Package: $297 Standard animation, sourcing of footage and editing of your footage, titles, sound + voice over, effects 8 minutes max

Project Package: $497 – this involves more detailed animation, titles, detailed sourcing and editing of footage, detailed effects – I can also present your video if you need me to write and/or delvier a script presenting information on your business or products, 10 minutes max


Recently I have been reinspired to get my online business pumping again.

Firstly reading about cheap and simple services dominating because they can perform the task most of the timeĀ  without all the added complexity and expense of other products and services that were essentially developed for an era of far more technological restraint then what we are experiencing now.

They give the example of the mp3 – how it changed the music industry when it was discovered people would rather have a convenient format then a high quality format and that we have quickly accepted the mp3 as the new – albeit lower – standard.

From my music marketing to my cd and dvd duplication business I have followed the same strategy. Providing the most I could at the lowest possible price.

I never claim that I’m the best or that what I offer is better quality, but I always claim that it’s better value. Dollar for dollar what you get from me and my business is more than the competitors.

My service is better than the lowest and my price is better than the highest.

This has really motivated me in my business because I’m aware that I am well adapted for these conditions and that there is a number of opportunities that I have been fairly blase about.

The blog promotion, nah I dunno, too much messing around – too low value, not enough profit on each sale. If I had one individual to manage it, then we could look at it, but honestly it’s just sitting there getting authority so there’s no need to panic.

My idea of colour copying and colour printing services continues to have a lot more traction due to the demand, but again the low margin value means

Video is where it’s at.

Cheap Video Production – I’ve got my video guys already shooting footage, collecting pictures and designing animated titles, effects, cuts – cheap video editing – they’re editing video footage I’ve provided and finally we have the cheap video marketing that capsit off guaranteeing increased youtube views through youtube video marketing campaigns.

So the employees are there and ready to work, and provide a high value product working in an exciting medium.

And just right then rigth now I added a new design to the three pages, so it’s worth checking out the video services available!

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