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Alright time for an update post from me.

I’ve had a lot of extra content added to my blog especially this one so that I can start getting more random and long tail search and it appears to be working. The only concern of course is that the kind of traffic ‘m getting will have obviously become a lot more trashy bur I’m hoping at this stage to start shaping the blog up a bit and raisin g the standard of the posts maybe a little more slightly, and definitely improve the theme design on the blog part of the site to reflect it’s purpose of advertising certain online services we provide or basically, all the core services we offer.

That’s kind of what this blog post is about and that is continuing to solidify strong sales in the most financially robust part of the business.

I’ve got a diverse range of activities that I’m promoting in Auckland including print services, auckland poster services and copying, graphic design, web design, and from there moving into specific online marketing services we provide – ppc adwords management, SEO services, but none of that is really our core product or service.  The margins are either very low or the level of service required is very high so either way it’s hard to create ongoing profitability.

There, you’re talking about our DVD duplication services and now my personal online music marketing services which I offer to musicians and entertainers, this is where I’m experiencing the least friction in my business overall and there fore these are my two specialties.

But I also feel like my ability to deliver these 2 services has reached a limit until I can think about expanding my capacity once again.

There is of course an intemdiary tier of business opportunities I am trying to create in the video niche. The problem there is, and this is with a number of my sites, there’s still an initial effort to get the site up and running before it’s actually going to be valuable in terms of generating regular business.

And my little Garage space also. I’m very committed to the idea of getting something started there.

We’ve also got a little bit of a talent agency that we’re cooking up so whattya know? I’ve got lots of hobbies that I don’t see as being particularly profitable but we still like to promote them, after all promotions is our business.

It’s like this: When things are going well it’s not that smart to make the big commitment of trying to get something else going in case your original good thing comes undone.

I’ve got to continue to keep my cd and dvd duplication and copying service going as well as my music marketing as a priority. Any steps I can make in video or other more personal projects, thats a bonus.

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