What’s Going On With Kurb’s Online Promotion Services, Auckland

Alright just delivering another fresh update to the blog.

I am seriously thinking about taking on more staff to cover some of the work we’re doing here at Kurb.

That is, the work we’re doing here in New Zealand.

Most of our core business still revolves around CD and DVD duplication service, Music Marketing services which we offer worldwide, and the various print jobs we’re involved in doing.

Of course there are other Online promotions services we provide, but they are very specific business services that we add on to our marketing services for both musicians and small business marketing. We do those often and I guess we’d be looking for someone who can facilitate and administer the production¬† and delivery of both the CD duplication and the DVD duplication service.

Another part of course is providing the artwork for both the CD/DVD production and the printing and colour copying services we offer.

The artwork has to be taken from the clients file and check to see if it is consistent with the standard of print quality either for CD printing and DVD printing or colour printing jobs such as printing posters, or printing flyers, before it is sent away for printing.

This also includes the printing of CD and DVD covers and other packaging.

Then once the printing has been completed, it must be picked up and either posted or delivered to the client unless it is CD or DVD packaging that must be compiled.

Sometimes, clients will require graphic design services which is great because we provide cheap graphic design. Someone working here with us would again have to co-ordinate between the graphic designer and the client and provide instructions and delivery online.

Finally, co-ordinating the music marketing services we provide making sure that the campaigns for the music artists we work with are on task and progressing, again co-ordinating workers overseas such as graphic designers, web designers, advertising people, co-ordinating social media etc.

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