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I Guess It’s Auckland DVD Duplication

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

This post is about DVD DUplication!

You know the deal! It’s all about SEO. The more I say the words, the more original articles the more we’re going to the top of those google rankings!

This article I guess is about DVD’s in some way but the search term I’m after is DVD duplication.

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Supplies for business people look different than the “ordinary working people” will know in the offices. Anyone any old people envied his boss around the office supplies for business people, once he had the chance to take a look. It is Company now but not so that the employees are sitting on rickety chairs and office machines have broken – usually also consistently kept everything, and it puts a certain order system behind it, and had been alone on the ground, because from time to time by a client or supplier could take a look into the offices and also because not very conducive to disorder in relation to the work performance of employees.

Office supplies for business people but in the sense of quality that are, for example, the office furniture and high quality material as the furniture of its employees. Office supplies for business people is, for example, high-quality and expensive mahogany, while the employees of the office furniture is made of wood with a plastic coating. It has a staff of executive offices, or the manager himself all sorts of recreational equipment in his office standing, such as a Golfspielset with which he can indulge his hobby and once at work and the practice tee. In addition, there is usually also a DVD player hidden in the cabinet as office supplies for business people in the premises of the executive floor. And therefore the DVD + R belongs to the office supplies for business travelers.

In the DVD + R is a very special DVD duplication versions. This data is invariably written on a DVD. The R in the DVD + R stands for “recordable” in German thus “writable”. Initially, the DVD + R from the perspective of the manufacturer of the blanks while counterproductive as far as to burn the DVD. They always said “to have set the wrong horse.”

Youtube Promotion and Poster Printing: What About It?

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Google launches Youtube daughter s this week with its own national spending in France, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and Britain. “With this step Youtube for a more international audience wants to be more accessible and we look forward to a launch in other countries,” said Steve Chen, one of Youtube’s founders.

When are professional content providers including BBC, France 24, German wave, Kinowelt, and the Swiss television and the football club AC Milan, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich on board. Chen, however, remains vague in assessing to what extent the localization of the content can now weakening of the advertising business Plattformankurbelns. Chen: “We believe that the local country sites, the content and thus can make the advertising more relevant for users.”

In Germany, delay the start of a separate website for copyright reasons. Obviously the negotiations with the German collecting societies such as GEMA could not be more timely completion. Youtube wants to pay a flat fee of Gema obviously.

Youtube Promotion

Meanwhile, Google is launching a new feature in the search: Use Google Translate can translate search results in twelve languages. Thus, Google wants to open up new user groups. The service is inter alia, in German, Arabic, French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Again and again it happens that among the many photos are shot at birthday parties, on vacation or just at home, special snapshots or images here are very nice. This can be a picture of your child, a snapshot of a dog or a particularly colorful sunset of the vacation. These photos are really too good to disappear in the photo album or on the PC. A great way to see the photo at any time and at the same time receive a personal wall decoration is to print the photo as a poster to let a professional. One such poster print can usually be online in a few dab order and did not cost much. Depending nachgewünschter size should certainly be sure that the resolution of the photo is high enough so that the quality of the resulting poster is also really good.

The possible motives for poster printing are endless really. Even snapshots, which were basically no plan so may make a great poster, that the viewer always elicits a smile.

When poster printing is still the possibility has often cut or edit the photo with a corresponding photo effect. One can also, for example a color photograph, a black and white posters make or alter it with other effects. The size of the poster can be individually selected so that the available space can be optimally used on the wall. In addition to the poster printing, there is also the possibility the photo as a poster printed, or give a particularly meaningful screen printing in order. Choose Different materials and sizes and the possibility of very individual motives to offer a variety of options to customize their own walls.

Summary of Auckland Services Growth: Copying, Printing, Marketing, Video and Pirates

Monday, November 16th, 2009

So in summing up this series related to

cd copying

cheap printing

music marketing

online video services

pirate birthday party entertainment

The goal was to outline marketing and business development strategies to grow four of our main services

I’m not sure i’m going to do a great job summing up right now I didn’t even finish the articles, but side by side we can see that all ventures must maintain activity at a certain level so that base costs involved with having the resources and the staff to meet this demand regularly with relative ease don’t become overbearing.

The old businesses of Music Marketing and CD copying, I know them inside and out, I just need the staff in place. I am aware that cd dvd duplication makes more money and is less fuss, but if I could contain and grow the music markeitng services they would have great potential with the right staff, and I could move further into small business marketing confidently.

It’s all about delegation.

The printing and the video still need to have effective marketing in place. The presentation and targeting has to be improved, and the SEO must be done and I’ve got to put decent amounts of advertising behind each one to investigate what is possible.

But there’s no doubt that even if it takes another year, i can bring it up to this standard, and then it will be the same issue – management and delegation of responsibilities.

We’ll have staff members managing cd dvd copying as well as printing, now I just have to get them to manage the staff who are already available for video marketing snd music marketing services.

Online Music Marketing and Small Business Marketing: Auckland Business Services

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Okay so I’m going through all the services I currently offer to talk about my strategies for expanding and growing these parts of my business, and hopefully readers can pick up some ideas for promotion and how techniques we use could help your organisation achieve it’s goals affordably online.

As I say, this blogging is very meditative and the more you blog about certain keywords, the more you’ll likely feature in google rankings for such terms, so it’s a great way to get clear headed, understand and communicate concepts more effectively, and also bring in that targeted traffic.

Don’t forget blog set up and promotion is all part of the various online marketing packages we offer both artists and small businesses and organisations.

Right now, I’m looking into the online marketing part of my business and that covers music marketing, small business marketing and online video services – perhaps I will break this into two posts but I don’t know, we’ll see how we go.

Now the main thing with the artist management services and music marketing and that practically applies for the small business marketing also is that it has often become a real drag meeting clients high expectations because it wasn’t made clear what they could expect from us.

At the moment I’m working on hours – $50 p/week gets you 1 hour from me and 3 hours from my staff each week.

But I’m reluctant to place too much expectation on an area in which has proven difficult to deal with in the past. You see when there’s a CD or print order to fulfill that’s straightforward but internet marketing can be full of intricacies and customized requirements where client sperhaps may not fully understand whats involved.

So I will be treading carefully and keeping my staff that are outsourced strongly involved which tends to put this business model siomewhat similar to the printing services – because there is a basic overhead in keeping my staff around to carry out online marketing costs, I need to be doing a certain amount of business in order to not be losing money.

Although both the printing and music marketing could have bright futures once I get my business systems organised, time and time again the music marketing clients have proven very demanding and I’m not sure I want to risk needing to be that deeply personally involved in something that may not be that profitable in the short term.

Of course the one thing about the music marketing is that I am not forced to find clients, the fact that I have always had a successful blog as a means to bring in leads makes me realise I will always have customers in this area.

Small business marketing services are not that different – sometimes clients are willing to accept the prices but become even more demanding and have high expectations for what online amrketing can do in a very short time.

All I’m saying is that I would rather do business in areas where clients are easier to manage and that is why I still beliebe despite ongoing leads I will only grow this business slightly.

Cheap Printing and Colour Copying: Auckland Business Services

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Need Cheap colour copying and printing in Auckland?

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Okay in the last few posts I am covering  several areas for future  growth as the different initiatives will require different strategies. Maybe you can find some ideas for your business and how what we offer can help a range of small organisations get exposure, raise profile and do more business online – as well as our physical copying services here in Auckland and available throughout New Zealand.

The areas of my business I want to develop are actually just growing some of my main current activities so that they operate a lot more smoothly.

My cheap Auckland printing and colour copying services are the second of four services I will be focused on promoting next year.

That’s right rather than building new ideas I want to consolidate my four main ideas and grow them ever so slightly with increased resources, increased marketing and increased turnover.

With the printing service we offer, the margins are very low unlike our disc duplication service, and when it comes to larger amounts as well as competition, we really don’t have a lot of room to move when compared to the duplication services, so there’s a real need to push that business and get it up to a standard where it’s clearly profitable enough to continue as a sideline.

This will also depend on delegation and expanding the resources of my staff to carry out jobs I was performing up until now.

The way I work it we have to be doing at least 2 jobs per day, or more appropriatelynot doing only 1 job per day because only after a second job does the tasks required off my staff become profitable.

How will I ensure I get the minimum of 2 jobs or nothing? To a certain extent single days can be carried over but at the same time I think there is the need to build the power of word of mouth, very much like the disc duplication business, perhaps not every early interaction will be profitable but as time goes on and the amount of customers builds up, slowly the business will become more profitable and business will not be hard to retain when you’ve built up a large amount of clients aware of your services.

What is my marketing strategy for my Auckland printing and colour copying services?

My first port of call is always ppc adwords but not only will the ppc strategy have to be refined but I will also have to put some effort into upgrading the standard of the presentation on the sites related to printing as they are particularly ramshackle at current.

But then more refined ppc strategies must be included:  depending on whether clients want posters or flyers or booklets or whatever we need to have an appropriate landing page so the price of that specific service and the details required are able to draw the client into a confidence that we are supplying exactly what they want.

The ppc in this are will again produce low margins as the competition is very strong. The main issue is in building a clientele over time knowing that demand for print services will always be strong.

Also kinks in the customer service and fulfillment must inevitably be ironed out, but of course the distribution side of the posters and flyers once we have printed them will also remain a reasonably profitable service – and it’s good exercies too!

DVD CD Duplication: Growing Auckland Business Services

Monday, November 16th, 2009


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Okay in the last post I covered several areas for growth byt that the different initiatives will require different strategies.

The areas of my business I want to develop are actually just growing some of my main current activities so that they operate a lot more smoothly.

DVD CD Duplication:

This has always been the main area of my business since it overtook the brief moment 2 odd years ago when I was making most of my money from music marketing. The prices are cheap, my seo is good, and what’s more having provided these cheap deals for so long, a large amount of my growing customer base is repeat custom or word of mouth. But like most high;y profitable businesses I feel some pressure to keep advertising budgets up

Because I spend a lot of money on online advertising for a high value service, this is a perfect example of where ppc adwords management is useful on top of a powerful long term SEO campaign.

The question has long been how much growth can be sustained in this competitive market? I have frequently underestimated how much of a market there would be for my services and as a result I often have to slow down growth to prevent getting overwhelmed, so it’s completely realistic to accept that 10-20% growth in DVD and CD duplication services is likely, and that that could even be pushed with more aggressive ppc spending and targeting certain industries beyonf the music business that would be likely to require my services in this area – construction and demonstration has always been a strongangle and I see weddings and wedding planning as an are where we could make contacts that would give us regular work in this area.

The last thing is expanding my staff and resources, this is likely to make the effect of any growth on profits negligible but I aim to be spending very little time on this part of the business.

Competitive Promotions: Cheap Design, Copying, Printing, Marketing and Video in Auckland

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Alright blogging it on out right now – blogging is a great way to increase SEO for your website as well as mul on ideas that are driving business development here at Kurb promotions in Auckland, New Zealand.

Ever since I attached a blog to my main site for Kurb Promotions I’ve noticed a lot more hits and as I was saying in the last blog about presentation being an issue for me, if maybe I made a bit more of an effort with this blog in terms of presenting professionally some of the options we cover – that is, cd dvd copying, poster printing and distribution as well as general online marketing and online video production and promotion packages for artists and small businesses and organisations.

I think if some of this appeared a little more professionally presented then it would create more confidence with customers.

But as I say there’s definitely improvements but what are the most important things to improve and develop in order to expand my business?

With the CD duplication services as well as my colour copying services, I am only hoping to expand there incrementally and I do not expect to increase margins. By raising advertisng budget, raising turnover and delegating more to staff members I am hoping to grow just enough to cover extra expenses but not really managing much more than I already do, and perhaps less.

You see the disc duplication and printing services are already highly competitive in Auckland and New Zealand which doesn’t leave much room for growth, especially when and if conditions change, the market will react.

On the other hand I still plan to expand my various online marketing services and online video promotions, backed up by my team of outsourced workers to delvier competitive online marketing services, but we have to expect the kind of problems we have experienced in the past, when at cycles there is too much to do and then at others, very little new work being undertaken.

It’s about creating consistency with these income streams, again by use of a team who are able to process orders more effectively freeing me up for marketing exercises, but also being more organised in delivery of these services.

With the music marketing services it’s about maintaining a consistent progress without taking on too many clients who are overly demanding as servicing these clients can become a continuing burden when I have not appropriately afixed expectations.

But with online video services it’s still a bit of a punt, I see not a lot of evidence that I can expect regular enquiries unless I continue to apply myself to marketing.

The last thing I want to push forward if course is my pirate entertainment – performing children’s birthday parties but I’ll be talking about appropriate marketing ideas in the next post- maybe there’ll be some ideas for your business and how techniques we use can help you.

Online Business Marketing: A Harmonious Musical Comparison

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Not even blogged out yet on the Kurb blog!

You have got to be hitting your goals. You and I.  We can’t be afraid to make them happen.

What’s going on with your online enterprise? With your music, your business, your whatever you’ve got going on?

My presentation is dreadful. Do you know why? Because one of my greatest skills is in my thrifty business dealings, and design is particularly hard. That’s why I’m not too threatened by outsourcing becoming common in online business because it’s a skill in it’s self to manage people when you can’t even see them, when they’re on the other side of the world.

The problem with designers is so often they leave you with problems you can’t fix, that’s why I have designers on staff but invariably it takes 3 times as long to fix a website as it does to design it in the first place, so you have to be pretty onto it with your hourly rate, or a website can end up costing a lot just to work right. My designers barely get around to fixing up all my decrepit looking sites.

And there’s no point launching a flash looking new music or music business website which looks really swish if it’s just going to confuse people and fail to do what it needs to do which is principally getting vital brand information feeding into the visitor who can then process your aptly placed proposition – such as “Download your free song now!” or “Sign up to receive a free song and a chance to win a chance to be the star of our next video.”

Y’know something that’s at least making an effort or people won’t be interested.

With me you see I put the cheap prices way up front in big numbers and then roll out benefits relentlessly, the huge jumble of services I offer to help create that message you get the Full Package.


It’s hard to do that with a free song. I mean you could go like 7c for a song! 47c for the whole album plus you get . . .

That’s my tactic for my business but then nothing I sell is 47c. 47c is nothing. 100 x .47c is $47 that’s not that great when you’ve just had to work for 100 sales.

Everything I sell is no less than US$97, I don’t like to make less than US$50 on a deal, otherwise it’s just a waste of my time. Y’know if you want a $97 music video production you send me the link to your footage and pics, I’ll forward that to my video team, I’ll give them $40 for a days work making the footage all interesting and appropriate with the music, and I’ll pocket $US57 for half an hours email communication.

Yes I am going on about my business, but can’t you see the point I’m making? You’re gonna sit there praying 100 people wanna buy your song, but I’ll organise and provide something high value with half an hours work.

That’s what I say to musicians, how can you offer something HIGH VALUE?

Y’know that’s worth money?

why make 1000 CD’s with a CD duplication run and have to give most of them away or sell them for $5?

Make 100 only. Ever. Sell them for $20 with an individual number. There’s only 100. There will only be 100.

When they sell out, replace an old song with a new one and change the order.

New album. Only 100 copies.

Crazed fans would buy them all after awhile. The chosen 100. Eventually you might have to make it the chosen 1000, the true 1000 who are the only ones allowed to receive a cd, it’s like a peerage, no one can join until another one dies, it’s like, intense.

You think those 1000 people don’t want to spend $100 each to get a cd ten months in a year? 1000 x 100 = $100,000 p/year?

Let’s get there!

But we’re back on CD’s again, don’t make me stoop to the lowest level when you know full well on the weekend I dress up as a pirate and run around kids birthday parties for $200 p/hour just to show you that high value services are the way to go. I give it all for an hour, and I get good money. And it’s so good, I’m building up my pirate entertainer website over the next year or so so that it will involve other streams of income on top of my birthday party appearances.

I just pitched a client then, and I just went straight to affiliate marketing. She was saying she’s aleready spent a binch of money – recording, mixing, photos – and what now, CD pressing and a publicist?

The expenses are too much, the overheads are cutting artists off at the knees when they’re entering the game. So I’m thinking we can’t mess around with SEO and blogging and myspace and all that social media nonsense, it’s all very well if you’ve got 3 years to wait around for your favourite blogger to like you  but we want to do business.

Jam it on itunes, don’t give it a second thought, maybe, you neve know, why wouldn’t you.

Press your hundred CD’s, in fact do it yourself. I can tell you how, and if you’re really desperate I can post you the inserts. from here in New Zealand. No but seriously, I’ll tell you the equipment you need. it’ll fit in the tour van so you can make discs on the road.

Itunes, limited edition issue, and the affiliate upsell – buy this thing, get the song free.

And not to mention a high value service. Like what?

$97 for this artist to create a youtube performance especially for the paying fans use – personalized to their whacky, sick perverse requests.

That’s just off the top of my head. With a video camera you can offer all kinds of specialized one off exclusive stuff as a collectable for a fan – that fan is the ONLY fan who

So let’s recap on our little online business marketing special

I – me, Matt from Kurb promo – I know all about online marketing and I know my presentation is not up to scratch and the shabby looking designs on my sites don’t inspire much confidence it what I can do.

Often I’ve just cobbled together terrible copywriting to sell some of my services. But still its better than what I see on most artists sites.

I’ve just been so keen to get to the advertising point, and my advertising will only ever to so well because the website design and copy it leads to looks terrible.

My videos are so bad it’s kind of quaint, people watch them and call me probably out of sympathy – the point remains, if my videos were twice as professional, i would only get at least twice as many leads.

See, I know what’s wrong with my online business marketing, what’s wrong with yours?

Email me, Matt – we can talk about it while I’m still only charging $200 p/month – that’s 4 hours from me and 10 from my staff, we do all aspects of online marketing – design, copywriting, advertising, email management, social media promotion, video, blogging and more.

CD DVD Print Copying, Online Marketing + Video Production in Auckland

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Kurb Promotion in Auckland offers the following services in Auckland, New Zealand and where possible digital marketing services online.


Or call me, Matt @ Kurb : 027 684 8250

DVD CD Copying service – cheap, fast and without fuss – we help you put together your project with out extra expense!

Cheap printing and poster printing – including poster and flyer distribution services in Auckland.

Online marketing services – specialising in music and entertainment but also experienced in small business marketing. The idea is to provide a full service package for a small organisation or big project covering everything – design, advertising, seo, video, blogs and more.

cheap online video production and online video marketing services – did you know we produce online videos for youtube for as little as $97 and we can also guarantee 50,000 views on a $500 3 month video marketing package?


Or call me, Matt @ Kurb : 027 684 8250

So yes I tend to get on this blog and repeat myself thoroughly about the kinds of different marketing and promotions services we offer at kurb to Auckland, New Zealand and around the world.

Well why don’t I write something useful for once on this blog?

Well I do write useful stuff! Basically you’ve got to know what you’re getting with kurb promotions and the truth is we have a full range of promotional tools that may or may not be suitable for your organisation or project.

It’s going to depend on your outcomes.

If you have it in your mind that you need DVD or CD copying done or you need a straight cheap printing job taken care of and delivered to you then just call us and we can make the arrangements after hearing specifically what you need done and going through the options and the prices and what choices could help you optimise your outcomes.

Obviously with this service we aim to be the cheapest on short runs and we do this because we have no added costs for set up and delivery on our printing and our DVD CD copying services.

With our online marketing and video marketing our service is all about providing for those who had never imagined that online marketing and online video could be accessible for them and how it can be effective in creating trust and authority on your website or blog.

Don’t have  a website or blog? You see our mission is to put these pieces of the puzzle together at one low cost – as low as $600 – so it doesn’t have to be expensive to go through all the steps to have either or both a small business marketing or video marketing campaign online.

And of course we have the same deal especially tailored for the music industry and entertainers which you can read more about at kurb artist management or our music marketing blog

Kurb Promotions Auckland: Online Marketing, Video Production, Printing, Copying, Promotion

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Kurb Promotions are experts in marketing and promotions services for small enterprising organisations all over the world.

Cheap copying, printing, cd and dvd disc duplication, online video production and marketing  and a host of online marketing services for small organisations including web design and management

Did you realise that some of our graphic design, web design and video production services start for a s little as $97?

Yes you can have a website or a video promotiong your website for just $97.

In Auckland you can take advantage of our cheap colour printing services which is excellent if you need a short run of flyers, posters, brochures, or any cheap printing materials that you may need.

Don’t forget we also offer cheap graphic design so if you need flyers, posters or other printing needs also designed we can handle that when you come to us for cheap printing.

Of course if you need prints delivered we can deliver free anywhere in New Zealand, which goes for our CD and DVD duplication services.

CD DVD pressing services, CD DVD manufacture services, CD DVD reproduction services, or company, quality, professional, low cost, discount duplication – whatever you want to call it we can do it for you – some of the cheapest prices on bulk disc duplication in New Zealand!  Just remember CD DVD duplication is quicker and cheaper then CD DVD replication.

Alright it’s time to keep posting on the Kurb blog with lots of orginal content that is going to pass Google’s duplicate content filters and give our little site lots more visitors and lots more authority where I’m linking to toher pages in the kurb business network.

Now should I be attempting to make sense or would everyone who reads this blog already understand what I’m doing?

You see I’ve got almost 500 posts on this blog now and that’s a huge help when helping this site to get indexed for lots of long tail search terms especially in New Zealand where our physical business is most active.

There are many online marketing services that we offer for small organisations and small business in New Zealand that require our marketing support and love our low prices and individual tailored services – and we know what works because we use these strategies ourselves.

If you need a PPC adwords expert and solid strategies for succeeding in Search engine rankings Kurb can do all of this at one cheap price that won’t destroy your marketing budget and allow you to experiment with these modern advertising methods.

You’ll need competitive content also such as video production and marketing – you know when our clients can produce videos for as little as $97 that this level of competition is what you will have to meet to focus customers attention on what you can offer and what makes your organisation different in the role you perform.

Email management and blog promotion are also essential ways to build long term customer engagement and brand awareness, because when people are searching for answers on google and your blog can address those specific concerns, that opens a door for you to become a trusted expert for whom which you’ll be a reference for their particular concerns or in future.