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Winning Website Promotion Strategies

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Hi this is Matt Turner from Kurb Promotions, Auckland, New Zealand!

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We offer marketing strategies in small business, music promotion and video marketing to clients around the world that are comprehensive, affordable, and delivered with minimum wait and fuss.

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Man I am trying all sorts of stuff with my business at the moment and really looking for a winning marketing strategies prepared with services that can deliver margins of value.

I am actually trying to stop focusing on new growth so much and really be diligent and smart about business administration because there’s issues that can really jump up and bite you on the butt if you don’t take care of it.

One search engine optimization strategy I am really pushing is the article marketing but really it doesn’t work so well for the local marketing efforts here in auckland and new zealand. So I need to focus on where this can help with international services. Music Marketing, Music Publishing Idea, Video Services.

I get worked focused on these articles because it’s an easy job to commit yourself deeply to without much consideration, while I have been doing ppc advertising and that is effective for local high value services. Such as CD duplication and DVD duplication, colour copying and colour printing and also the pirate party service I am offering which I believe will be successful long term.

Of course it comes back to the really slow progress on updating my website, I’ve tried to do some work myself but the eventual result will not be the one I need, a total facelift.

I also need to show some faith for my music publishing, because it’s aunique way to make money and it’s also an easy way to make money.  Why worry about anything else when we know that our search engine strategies are best for such international business strategies, and simply to focus on the effort to make what I’m doing appear more professional.

Link exchanges are also something I want to pursue so I’ve got an even hand of seo and traffic strategies.

But also recently I have been thinking about new business opportunities, possibilities to make a capital investment pay off over time. Put 50k in, run the business, make $500 p/week.

How much does it cost to run a bar? What other businesses might be easy to run? Don’t I need to set up a retail operation first? Maybe I need experience running a retail operaton first before I think about a bar.

But what would I sell and do? Would it become a huge time and money suck?

But that’s the whole thing. If I managed a CD duplication and DVD duplication business, a colour copying and colour printing services business, plus of course a marketing consultancy, why can’t I eventually have several business going all making $500-$1000 p/week.

So if my budget for rent is $400 p/week and I paid my cousin $400 to sit there for 6 hours 6 days per week, and there’s $100 p/week for expenses then I need to make $150 on what I sell every day, gosh that’s going to be hard.

But giving myself  10 yearsto achieve that isn’t a big deal.

So what am I supposed to be doing? Worrying less about articles and seo and more about design and presentation.

Take opportunities that I am focused on to develop my music publishing platform, graphic design, take care of issues.

Marketing Strategies for Email List building and Retention

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Hi this is Matt Turner from Kurb Promotions, Auckland, New Zealand!

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We offer marketing strategies in small business, music promotion and video marketing to clients around the world that are comprehensive, affordable, and delivered with minimum wait and fuss.

You can also check out Auckland and New Zealand promotions services including

– dvd and cd printing and duplication – cheapest prices, and fast efficient, helpful service

colour copying and colour printing – a6, a5, a3, a2, dle – glossy, matt or on card we offer a great service for fast turnaround and delivery within auckland

I’m getting into list building in a big way now, especially now that I’ve started to make affiliate sales.

It’s made me realise that money can be made this way, and it can be made by chipping away at something I actually enjoy doing.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy or inevitable, but it means a new channel of income could be opened up if I can manage to be smart enough to play to what my audience wants as well as hard working enough to establish that audience in the first place.

Now I didn’t actually sell anything from my list, but it showed me that people will buy affiliate marketing products, and an email list is a great way to put these offers in front of an audience who you can come to understand and install trust in as you deliver to them what they want n terms of content.

The crux of the email list is this: On the blog, just like I seem to do every day, I can say what I please, preparing this raw material for what might possibly be a strong newsletter edition that I can keep in place for years to come, building a strong audience one by one, but letting the automation of the mailing list do all the work after that – going out to the fan, providing, and where possible, interacting.

From the point of view of the fan, the newsletter is where the quality content is at, so you’ve got to think of the content you aim to provide and who that will appeal to.

You’ve got to think about what will motivate them to join the list – the ads you will use, and the hooks. What will hook them in, and what will keep them there and how do you provide it?

Initially, I won’t even have a mailing list for music marketing, I’ll just have an artist one where I can do what I please and also have one for my talent agency.

It’s likely that if these are successful, then I’ll think about splitting the artist one up into general interest and marketing.

That would work actually because it would mean I’d have a mailing list for each major area of my life . . . but anyway.

The talent is looking for information on how to make it. Which creates the opportunity for me to test people in an automated way and set them tasks for the possible reward, and of course, sell them stuff.

With the artist thing, with the email list I’m starting here it’s different. I want to tell stories, that culminate in different stuff.

You sign up for the “how to be awesome” free report, which is a joke, but you get music you may or may not have known was going to be alright. You get marketing advice which is kind of an outlook on my day to day, the story – but it’s kind of – really, it’s entertainment. If you pick up the marketing tips, good on you, or otherwise they’ll just be blatant footnotes, a story, some music and/or a video, some marketing analysis, and of course ads and trying to sell stuff.

It has to be that good. The talent people want to become talent. The artist thing is about art, and that’s why we may see the need for a purely marketing based newsletter also.

The question is: How do we create stuff that the people who end up on the list will want?

Make it good! We know with ads and blogs and social media stunts you can drive the traffic but how do you keep it hot enough?

I think the secret is simply working on the strength of the material in the newsletters. If you wow them twice in a row, they’ll be more accepting of posts where you want them to buy stuff.

that’s the way it works – drive them to the sign up, hook them with a high stakes starter, and keep dropping the good content to keep them buying where possible, then launch the strategies to activate your users to solicit further sign ups for you, however if your content is good enough you should have no problem getting the word out.

high value content = subscribers = a proportion who will buy when you present the right offers.

Youtube Video Promotion Tips For Small Business Marketing

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Video can be a very powerful tool for businesses of any size, but YouTube’s free-to-use business model, ease of use, and mass market audience means it’s a great channel for small businesses. However, like any tool, in order to get the most of it, it needs to be used well.

We’ve pulled together ten top tips to help you get the most out of YouTube. Rather than video production hints or content tips (there are tons of other resources that can help you on that front) here are the dos and don’ts of using YouTube from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

1. Do Create and Customize Your Channel

First things first, customizing your channel is well worth the time it will take to set it up. You should add your company’s branding, customize the colors to compliment your company’s look, and add relevant information and links. A channel setup also offers YouTube users the option to subscribe to your content via the click of one button and the option to search just your uploaded content. The channel structure also allows you to highlight just uploads, playlists, favorites or all.

2. Do Add Subtitles
youtube captioning

(this is an image, not a video)

Since March 2010 auto-captioning has been available to all YouTube users, so there’s no technical excuse not to. Doing so adds captions for the hundreds of millions of hearing impaired folk across the world, ensuring your content is accessible to anyone who’d like to watch it. It’s an easy enough process (find a Mashable how to walkthough here)that uses voice recognition, the results of which can be (and frankly need to be) edited for accuracy.

3. Don’t Overuse Annotations

A recent “improvement” from YouTube is the ability to add comments that display over the top of the footage. Don’t be tempted to go down this route, the annotations look unprofessional, are a distraction to viewers and depending how overused they are, can be a downright annoyance. Sure, you want to grab people’s attention and make an immediate impression, but your video content and other info you’ve added to the site should be enough to not have to rely on extraneous text.

4. Do Act To Remove Offensive Comments

While you can’t stop trolls from adding nasty comments to your videos or channel, you have the power to delete offensive or spammy remarks from the worst offenders. Taking advantage of this option requires good judgment, it’s obviously not a great idea to instantly remove any negative or critical comment, especially relevant ones, but you can certainly remove any spam or comments that use offensive language. If challenged over the removal make a simple statement to the effect that such comments will not be tolerated. If you’re getting seriously spammed or abused by a particular person, you can also block that user, but this should be a last resort. There are also options open to you to moderate comments before they go live, so you can nip any nasties in the bud before they are posted.

5. Do Engage With the YouTube Community
youtube friends

Don’t be a YouTube island. After all, it’s a social platform, so be sure to check out other content on the site, favorite appropriate videos and make suitable YouTube “friends”. If you really can’t, or don’t want to associate your company with other companies or individuals, then think wider. Why not look at content or channels that cover your local area, or that are for a good cause that you/your company supports. As well as engaging with other users, be sure to keep up to date with YouTube’s own news. The site goes through some fairly major changes from time to time and adds new features on a regular basis, so it’s well worth following theofficial YouTube blog, at the very least, to be kept up to date with site and community news.

6. Do Organize Your Content

Be sure to organize your content to be viewer-friendly rather than just offer a linear stream of video uploads. Create playlists to group relevant videos together, or lump older content into time-related (March 2010, Spring 2010, etc) folders if that’s more relevant to your organization. Remember that YouTube offers users the option to embed entire playlists (in addition to individual videos) into external sites, so give the creation of them, their titles and description, some decent thought.

7. Don’t Overlook Tags

As with many other sites, YouTube’s content is organized on a tag word basis. It’s more than worth taking the time to add the correct tags to your videos. The beauty of a tag word system is that it works on the basis of logic, but also on the more-the-merrier principle as you can’t know what search terms people will use. Really try and brainstorm around the tags you’re adding. For example, if your company offers dog products add “puppy,” “pooch,” “mutt,” “hound,” etc, too. As far as categories go, YouTube offers around 15 to choose from. Obviously try to use the most relevant, but don’t be afraid to experiment if your content could fall into one or the other, but be sure to monitor how the different videos perform so you can make an educated decision about categories in the future.

8. Do Promote Your YouTube Videos Elsewhere

Don’t assume viewers will come to you, or automatically think to look you up on YouTube. Every time you post a video that’s relevant for general sharing, blog about it, tweet it or add it to your Facebook Page. The last two actions are easy through YouTube’s account settings that automatically publishes news of a new video if you’ve linked up the social services. While YouTube is due to retire its “Link to Blog” option from the account settings soon, it’s easy enough to embed the relevant video in a blog post using HTML and will help push users towards your video content. In addition, don’t shy away from allowing embedding of your videos on other sites — the more views the better.

9. Do Use YouTube’s Free Analytics Tools
youtube analytics

YouTube offers every user free analytics data via the “Insight” button on every uploaded video. This free-to-view info should not be overlooked as it can offer you some valuable info on not only views stats, but demographics, community, and the most useful — “discovery” data — info on how users came across the video, including the popular links they followed to get there. The tools are there – be sure to use them.

10. Don’t Neglect Your Channel
There are so many neglected YouTube channels, even from social, or Web 2.0 firms that you’d think would realize the value in an up-to-date video resource for their company. While we’re by no means advocating needlessly creating video content, if you’re looking to go down the YouTube route then don’t let your resolve or enthusiasm for the service dwindle a couple of months in. Even if you have no new content to post, still keep logging in to stay on top of comments, friend requests, add favorites, etc, so as not to relegate your channel to the ranks of the unloved.

youtube video promotion

Auckland Marketing and Promotions: Retail, Design, Email, Talent

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Hi this is Matt Turner from Kurb Promotions, Auckland, New Zealand!

EMAIL: / CALL: 027 684 8250

We offer marketing strategies in small business, music promotion and video marketing to clients around the world that are comprehensive, affordable, and delivered with minimum wait and fuss.

You can also check out Auckland and New Zealand promotions services including

– dvd and cd printing and duplication – cheapest prices, and fast efficient, helpful service

colour copying and colour printing – a6, a5, a3, a2, dle – glossy, matt or on card we offer a great service for fast turnaround and delivery within auckland

Alright I’m back writing on my blog because it’s such a good way to generate more traffic to your site through search engines such as google but it also gives you the opportunity to get the gears turning over in your head, putting words down and thinking about how ideas for new business and marketing ideas can come together.

Now that I’m over a bit of a tumultuous patch and things are coming back together – again I’m thinking of new ideas not just to take my business to new places, but also ideas that can help my clients, and help me get new clients for the kinds of services I offer, which are mainly based around my internet marketing and promotion skills, which is really how I built my other businesses.

Sure if you need some posters of flyers or cd duplication, dvd burning, cd or dvd prinitng, give me a call, send me and email. But those are merely businesses that proved easy to develop off the back of my already established marketing skills.

Two of the big ones for me right now are opening a retail operation and bringing my website up to a much more professional standard than it is.

So firstly, you can read a fair bit about my plans for retail marketing and retail growth. But the scary thing is losing money to get the thing off the ground. It’s a gamble alright, but that’s what it comes down to, losing a lot of money upfront and I don’t know if I can tackle that without things getting stressful.

One things for sure it will be a real challenge, but it’d the clear and present challenge of it that makes it so alluring. When you’re in retail you gotta go out after them, you can’t afford to sit on your hands, but like I’ve learned in business, when you’ve got something solid going on, when you’ve managed to hang on and get established, you’ll do well as more and more of your business comes from repeat and word of mouth customers who trust your brand.

That’s what I’ve managed with kurb and I’m ready to do it all again!

Then I need to get my websites looking respectable, and there’s been plenty of overseas outsourced designers who have had a crack but just haven’t come up to the standard I need to really use the website as a tool to let people know that what we’re doing is serious – it’s easy to sell them cd or dvd duplication services or colour printing, posters and flyer distribution because these people need it now and they’re looking for a good fast service and a nice cheap price.

But when it comes to other aspects of what we offer there needs to

As I saw on a recent TED talk – “It’s not what you do that people buy, it’s why you do it”

And I really want to use our web redesign as a chance to really express our brand and what we do so people  understand what we offer – that you can get good service, you can get the marketing and promotions stuff you need, but it doesn’t have to cost you the extra price of having traditional providers with all their expenses dragged along as baggage adding to the cost of what you’re trying to procure.

Why do we do what we do? Because there’s a cheaper way, that we can provide exactly what you need.

Also, another subject I’ll be branching out from is that I’ve actually managed to make some affiliate marketing sales on my blog, which has made me start taking this form of income seriously.

There are some quite straightforward blueprints laid out to take you from blogging away happily for therapy and growth like I do to actually making some money, and now that I am making a little money, I’m beginning to take it a lot more seriously, and considering the immediate steps I could take.

The first is to establish an email list with an autoresponder and start building up sign ups. Usually you do this by offering something of value for free in exchange for the sign up.

Then once they’re signed up, you have a pre written series of newsletters that go out and offer different products for generous commissions – that’s how you make your money, and it builds up over time as you build your list.

But you’ve got to have some great emails that people want to read, and of course you’ve got to build your following – usually from blogging, then your search rankings from that work draw in visitors who sign up based on the free offer you make.

For my artist blog I’m working on a facetious “How to be awesome” free report offer, and for my talent agency, I’m just getting straight into the hard work of preparing the newsletters that will keep the talent on their toes to perform the necessary steps to get them in the position I’m in – ready with a website and an email newsletter to make money!

There’s obviously an opportunity to do something with music marketing as well but of course the challenge is moving from writing reasonable blog posts to actually offering high quality newsletters that people will want to receive in the hope that they may buy something.

This could go anywhere in terms of the affiliate marketing, although it takes work to build up a trusting audience, and that’s why I think it’s better to stay focused on just a few little niches that like my music marketing create other opportunities to make money outside of simply doing the affiliate marketing and email list building strategy.

While my artist blog and activity there is more about my own expression and earning a dollar is supplementary, obviously with the other opportunities there are more direct ways to get the business side really happening.

Because once you have a revenue and business model in place, then you simply have to feed people into it, and respond to them and what you feel they want from you in order to motivate them to buy your affiliate offer products and services.

That’s why I’m looking at my talent agency plan. Setting up a talent agency is no walk in the park.

It’s all about reputation. Once you’ve got a reputation, all the people who think you can help them begin to gravitate towards you, but without a track record, how will I get my talent agency off the ground?

Well it starts with a lot of writing. That’s what we’re doing.

A lot of writing and links too – brings in the google searches, and by pushing them to the email list, you build that core, but of course as I outlined, you need to have the content, both on the blog AND the newsletter that motivated them to take that action.

You can do some ads, but of course, well it costs, so as always with ppc, ads what have you – make sure it works before you dive into it, and of course unlike the cd duplication, dvd duplication, colour printing services I use my advertising to push, you’re most likely outcome is not an immediate sale, so it’s a longer game you’re playing.

So just like the blogging, the writing, the linkbuilding and seo I’m doing for my other sites, it’s the way forward to attaining that initial critical mass.

Digital Strategy for Music Promotion

Friday, May 28th, 2010

With the web playing an increasingly large part in everyday entertainment, record labels are looking to new and more social ways to market music. But is the new wave of music-flavoured games and applications simply another way to hype a band or an increasingly important way to drive revenues?

Speaking at Twitter’s first-ever developers’ conference, Black Eyed Peas frontman, outlined a vision of the music industry of the future where developers will be just as important to a band as the musicians that play on the record. He claimed:

“A band’s going to be a singer, a guitar player, a bass player, a code writer, a guy who makes applications, a guy who does computer animation; that is a group. It’s going to be self-contained content providers and digital distributers.”

Does this mean entertainers and artists simply need to be more web savvy or do they need to change the whole way they think about content? Or is it just the case that musicians need to alter their approach to who they employ?

In his presentation suggested the traditional idea of the label-as-gatemaster, necessary to nurture and promote talent, was crumbling, claiming simply: “It’s not that music is dead; it’s just that the people that housed it are dead.”

Taken further, as content continues to shift online, does his argument ultimately extend across the whole content spectrum with everyone in the entertainment industry ultimately needing to employ dedicated, in-house digital creatives to complement their traditional talents?’s idea of a coder as a full-time band member may seem a stretch, but popular music is a business and it’s the money-making potential of the web that he’s really talking about. At the moment online apps are perceived as money-makers, with mobile apps particularly voguish. But what returns can they currently expect from these?

Playing for music

With rising sales of smartphones, and the boom in the app economy, labels are making increasingly bold steps into the music app market. Spurred by the success of the console-based Rock Band and Guitar Hero, labels are already experimenting with the casual games market. iPhone users can download Tap Tap Revenge – a game that requires users to tap virtual blocks in time to music – tied-in with full-length albums by artists ranging from Lady Gaga, to Metallica and Coldplay. Animated super-group, Gorillaz, recently launched their album Plastic Beach, with an immersive online game and iPhone app, while Universal Music recently struck a deal to license its songs to social games specialist Conduit Labs.

Forrester analyst Sonal Gandhi says that while labels started making apps for “purely promotional” purposes, they have since realised the money-making potential:

“I don’t think it’s going to be a significant amount of money any time soon, but labels are diversifying their revenue streams and this could be another revenue stream that they’re getting money from, when the other revenue streams are starting to dry up.”

For the sorts of revenues mass-market entertainers expect, smartphone uptake is crucial. Strategy Analytics estimates that smartphones accounted for 18% of total mobile shipments in Q1 this year. When this reaches more than 50%, the revenue potential starts to become a lot more interesting.

As smartphone use inevitably grows, so too will entertainers’ appetite for producing mobile apps.  Ghandi believes that apps will soon start to become a “natural part of creating promotional material for the artist, just like having MySpace pages now – almost a given.”

As the online music market begins to lurch towards cloud-based services, Ovum music expert Adrian Drury adds that games could prove a compelling way to prolong the transactional per-album or per-track model that was popularised by iTunes.

“There is a potential opportunity here for some of these social games because it gives the labels new vehicles to go and package up applications which allow them to meter music again, rather than give people all-you-can-eat services.”

Engaging with fans

The key concept among industry thinkers seems to be about engagement. While games and applications help consumers to connect to a band, the social side of reaching out to consumers is also becoming a core part of label strategy. Desperate to keep pace with their core demographic of teenagers and young adults, the music industry is increasingly looking to Facebook and Twitter as an essential way to engage.

For unsigned artists this has become particularly powerful tool, with acts able to use social media to build up an international fan base that would be impossible in the days before MySpace. Noush Skaugen, a British songwriter, is one example of this. The web-savvy singer has used Twitter to build a following of 1.2m people without any label input. Labels are increasingly looking to replicate this kind of success for their own artists.

Leslie Gilotti, a founder at music PR firm CharmFactory claims that while labels used to treat online promotions as a completely separate entity from TV and print campaigns there has been a shift in thinking and far more integration taking hold, with the web often surpassing traditional media as a way to promote acts.

“We’re working on the Oasis: Time Flies release,” says Gilotti. “The band has now split up so the only thing we really have to work with is online at the moment, because we can’t rely on the traditional model of getting the band in to talk about their career… We’re creating a quiz and a special widget for people to use on their social networking profiles – we’ve done similar things in the past and they’ve just flown like wildfire, because people do like to stamp their mark on what they like.

“You think about when you’re at school – a lot of the music that you listen to defines the people that you hang out with and the way you dress – that is an age group that is completely active online and that it just seems like a natural progression to meet them that way.”

Where is the money?

Though social engagement is important from a promotional perspective, critics will still argue that word-of-mouth interest and viral successes do not translate into real digital revenues. However, with physical album sales continuing to slump, the social web could perhaps hold the key to future revenue streams.

“There are so many things that are vying for people’s attention that if you’re not constantly connecting with your fans then they might forget about you,” says Sonal Gandi. “The whole idea that we’ve been providing here at Forrester is that you don’t even need to have an album anymore. You can keep putting out creative output in the form of videos and songs and remixes… that’s the way to make money these days.”

US indie band, OK GO are another case in point. Gilloti, who continues to promote the band, recalls that their label initially had great misgivings about the low-budget ‘treadmill’ video they produced for their single Here it Goes Again, on the grounds of its production values. However, the viral hit, which has now notched up more than 2.6m views on YouTube, has brought about financial benefits, though it did not translate into CD sales.

“The band has since then been able to play in markets where they didn’t even have an album out. You go to a place where you’ve never had a record released and all of a sudden 5,000 people show up to your show – there’s a revenue stream right there. You’ve got a big advertising campaign of energy drink completely ripping-off your video, and doing a TV advert that looks a lot like your music video – there’s a revenue stream right there. You get sponsorship sponsorship deals – there’s another revenue stream there. And I think that has all sparked off of a viral hit.”’s vision of a musical future littered by independent, self contained, music-creators and publishers may not resonate with everyone in the industry.

“I think it’s an extreme case,” says Ovum’s Adrian Drury. “In all creative industries you have a spectrum of people – from people who are only comfortable with the creation of their art, through to the other end of the spectrum where you have artists who are very comfortable with the technology of publishing and distribution.”

However, he claims that bands that do become their own publishing entities “may end up becoming one of the big media majors of the future”.

With bands, artists and most importantly labels, all looking to boost their digital presence, the revenue opportunities found through apps, games, and social engagement should not be underestimated. By keeping pace of these changes and using money inventively, labels could even get ahead in a digital sector they have been notoriously slow to capitalise on in the past. With the advent of the iPad and other media-expanding devices, the lessons being learnt by the music industry could also have far wider repercussions, opening up opportunities for other creatives ranging from authors and actors to visual artists and filmmakers. But, whether they use the internet in a creative content sense or as a more creative marketing tool or as for new revenue streams, the key point is that they’ll need to take digital media seriously and not as an afterthought.

Social Media Marketing, PPC: Worst Case Scenario

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


for kurb promotions service in auckland: cheap, fast and fair!

Kurb Promotions: New Zealand / AUckland – Grey Lynn / Sandringham / Glen Eden offers:

Auckland CD duplication and DVD duplication: Cheap and fast – super cheap deals on runs 1000 or under, great free pick up and delivery service – graphic support and free set up – simply a great service

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Online marketing for small business and online music marketing – including graphic design, web design, seo, online advertising, email management, social media, complete online marketing packages – or just whatever you need.

We’re also getting into video marketing – as always, cheap, fast, and fair! We make videos for online promotion, and we market them!

Alright I’m starting to see some of the problems you’re having, I wish I’d wish I’d been more attentive but my time is so stretched across this project – so you got to hear what i’m saying.

When you switched twitter accounts, you should have retweeted all the stuff we put up before, with only 3 tweets it looks bad, it looks like that whole newcomer thing I’m trying to avoid here. If you at least had a dozen I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened, thats why I got in there with your original account and got it kicked off.

They unsuspended your account even though you didn’t answer their last emails. So you got lucky.

With myspace, your account wasn’t verified either from the googlemail account, which I’ve done now and started adding bits, so we won’t have that problem happen again there, and my staff can get started.

I’m much more focused on this now, but it comes back to exactly what I was saying, if you don’t look like you’re involved, it’s not going to work.

I can only do what I do on the back of that, but as I say I’ll be a lot more attentive, but I’m trying to cover a lot of bases.

With adwords, I’m tooling around in there again – but we’ve got a problem too because again, your website has no text on it. With no text at all, google can’t tell anything about what it’s about and won’t run the ads.

The launch may fix this*, but it’s pretty important to your campaign to find a way of getting lots of relevant words on your site, preferably on the main page, underneath the main stuff possibly, or less preferably on another page that the main page links too, even surreptitiously – google sees all!

*nope this is serious – it’s all image based. Even the words are pictures, google won’t read it at all so we got to do something to add text to the site.

also, I’m going to send you some code for your designer to insert that covers the marketing side of that, he’ll know what to do. This, again will help – google sees all!

So I’m working on your adwords, I’m touching up your social stuff where I can (wish we still had those tweets from last account!)

I don’t really want to get in to the write ups/pr stuff for bloggers etc. right now because it’s a little bit diffusive.

But I’ve got plenty of time in the next few days to work through this, so you can call me or whatever, just want to prioritize and knock one thing off at a time. so send through that stuff so I can keep working up the social profiles.

Your ad campaign is getting closer to being done as I’m working on it now, but we need to fix the site, because google does not like what it sees (ie reads) right now.

Even if the press release could appear on the site, where it’s unseen – the designer can do this – at least it’s words on the site that google ads can work with.

Talk soon, sorry for the hard word, but to get moving we gotta fix this stuff.

okay thats the ads done for now – always room for improvement and more sophisticated campaigns but at least we have 5 groups with at least 5 different ad variations which is enough to start testing – once we have the site sorted out with some text!

also I think image ads will be really effective – they’re not cheap or as effective for laser targeting sign ups as text ads, but they’re great for visibility and exposure.

Below are the sizes if you want to get a designer on to these – I can do them, but they probably won’t be as great a job as your designer.

just remember my marketing advice – big words, and impact words that trigger. Combine the rich aesthetic with big bold upfront, punchy hooks

it’s also a chance to push your brand so the one thing people will know without clicking the ad is that you’re associated with certain brands and that’s it.

ad sizes:

300 x 50

Mobile leaderboard

468 x 60


728 x 90


250 x 250


200 x 200

Small square

336 x 280

Large rectangle

300 x 250

Inline rectangle

120 x 600


160 x 600

Wide skyscraper

as a side concept I have started putting together some ads that say that the song is a “leaked song” I think that has a really compelling allure.

Because it’s not just about collaborators – it’s the newness and compelling targets with the lure of being first to know. I think that’s a really good selling point at this stage.

i haven’t really delved into the political stuff because we need some clear concepts to run with, i can start with “who is your leader” but a few more would be great, the more variations we can test, the better

Where we’re at:

ad campaign:

is ready to go, it will work as it is.


I would like to spend another hour working on different ad variations before launch. variations are the key.

social media:

As i mention it’s quite hard co-ordinating these workers, once they’re working, then I’m dressing up the image on the profile as we discussed, then I want to get you more involved in well – being involved! I want perceive your voice in a social media presence. You gotta do this stuff, not just because it’s standard practice, but while my staff are attracting activity, my job is to help you get the most out of it,

But also, written word is such a powerful form of promotion and building authority on google you can’t avoid it, we’ve got to create away to express your voice, that communication through social media.

seo backlink building:

I can’t build backlinks until the site is launched, it’s bad form on google to build links to a site that doesn’t exist yet.

blogging / publicity

That’s what I’m supposed to be doing now.

Copying Auckland: Kurb is Awesome

Monday, May 24th, 2010

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for kurb promotions service in auckland: cheap, fast and fair!

Kurb Promotions: Grey Lynn / Sandringham / Glen Eden offers:

Auckland CD duplication and Auckland DVD copying: Cheap and fast – super cheap deals on runs 1000 or under, great free pick up and delivery service – graphic support and free set up – simply a great service

Colour Copying Auckland: Another super fast,  and super cheap service – need 50 – 1000 colour copies

Online marketing for small business and online music marketing – including graphic design, web design, seo, online advertising, email management, social media, complete online marketing packages.

We’re also getting into video marketing – as always, cheap, fast, and fair! We make videos for online promotion, and we market them!

What’s the strategy behind how to be awesome?

Haha, I started work on a new topic for a “free report” last night which I called “how to be awesome”.

I got really inspired by the idea of building an email list where I felt I was doing what I wanted to do, as long as I was comfortable in doing my thing in a way which I felt really reached out and gave value to the people who would read my newsletter, then I probably was in with a chance of making some money from it here or there.

Y’know if in a year I could have 1000 people on a list that was all about me being real, then it wouldn’t be that hard to make 100 sales every month or two and pull in $2000, and the most beautiful thing about it is that it would be driven by something real, real creativity, rather than just

Well maybe 2 years. But I figure I can do things in a new way. I can offer a more entertaining approach rather than just peddling stuff which feels so much like you’re not really giving anything back, it feels slimy.

I guess from a business point of view I already realise how the model works – drawing in attention from all areas is bond to create individual strands that lead to business once people who appreciate what I’m doing become interested in pursuing it further – whatever benefit that is to me.

There’s the targeted power of advertising in growth and development which I talked about but this is a whole other approach and it’s one I prescribe to entertainment led brands – let the marketing opportunity ride piggyback on wherever the creative concept takes it.

Respond to your audience, sure, but – take your audience on a journey, give them what they want and then reap the rewards.

It’s not like it won’t be hard work. But it’s a business model that works very well for others and it could work well for me, it could be the motivation I need to lift the quality of my writing for broader appeal and acceptance, then I can get recognition as well as the branding properties and the chance to secure links from authority sites.

But ultimately what it comes down to is that even a small audience or tribe, in this day and age can be utilized and leverage greatly and that’s where the “1000 true fans” concept did so well to capture the thought.

1000 x $100 per year is $100,000, fairly good money. In fact add that to what I make now and I’d say I’d be pretty satisfied.

It’s easy just to think of the money though, what will I offer after the “how to be awesome” report?

Well every 500 subscribers I may change the big dangly carrot, just in the way every say – 100 subscribers I may change the free song available, that way different fans are encouraged to get their friends to sign up do they can share a new free song or free report of free goodies.

I think once the thing is going, there will be plenty of ways to keep it fresh, with many things it’s just a matter of getting it started and seeing where it goes, it’s just important to ensure you’ve got the direction to keep the momentum up, keep it moving, keep it fresh, or else – like most things online without sustained application, all your hard work will just fall over.

Auckland Services: Development and Growth Strategy

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Call Matt on 027 684 8250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 684 8250 end_of_the_skype_highlighting for kurb promotions service in auckland: cheap, fast and fair!

Kurb Promotions: Grey Lynn / Sandringham / Glen Eden offers:

Auckland CD duplication and Auckland DVD copying: Cheap and fast – super cheap deals on runs 1000 or under, great free pick up and delivery service – graphic support and free set up – simply a great service

Colour Copying Auckland: Another super fast,  and super cheap service – need 50 – 1000 colour copies

Online marketing for small business and online music marketing – including graphic design, web design, seo, online advertising, email management, social media, complete online marketing packages.

We’re also getting into video marketing – as always, cheap, fast, and fair! We make videos for online promotion, and we market them!

So I’ve now been in business for over 5 years providing promotions and marketing strategies in Auckland including CD and DVD duplication and copying services, poster and flyer services which includes design, printing and distribution / placement of posters, flyers and other colour copying services.

In addition, being experienced in marketing these services online, means I’ve been able to reach out to other groups such as musicians and small business owners to offer the skills I’ve picked up as a service – providing a package including, design, social media,search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, the works.

So what are the best strategies for me to continue in business right now?

Cd and dvd duplication, copying and reproduction has always been my strongest business in the last few years, and this year I’ve been effected by a few ups and downs. It’s easy to blame the recession and suspect that as a discount provider of cheap cd duplication and dvd copying, I initially benefitted from tougher times, only to be effected at this later stage of the recession by the fact that it effects the low end of the market last – as higher end services recover first, it’s my market audience at the lower end that is yet to feel the recovery and confidence to make these purchases, while my competition has already responded to the environment by cutting their prices.

So it’s kind of a good old fashioned price war we have going on, and every one is working harder to hang on to their customers.

I am considering increasing my advertising budget, but at the same time, I recognise a large proportion of sales are coming from repeat business, in fact it’s almost 50% now, especially as sales have dropped slightly.

What that says is that I am still underestimating the value of the customer, if a significant amount of people who have used our service, continue to do so, it makes the value of each customer even higher. It’s fine to pay $20 in markteting to gain a customer who ends up making you $100 on a job, but what about the customer that then comes back?

It’s worthwhile spending the money to get the customers, because if those customers come back – it’s a maturing situation for the business, that after 5 years, at a point where half our business is people we’ve worked with before

Look at all these adds for online gaming, they want to get people hooked so they end up being crazy fanatics turning out their wallets and turning on their friends to the game.

That’s why it’s worth investing into marketing and advertising because the more work you get the more you can transform that in to the most powerful marketing medium there is – word of mouth.

The copying services may frustrate me because a lot of the leads that come on are not appropriate for what we do.  This week I made $10 off a deal, that’s the lowest amount of money I think I’ve ever willingly made from a business transaction – mainly because I have an obligation to answer my emails when I get emails everyday for colour copying jobs in auckland that are either too small to be worhtwhile or to large for us to deliver a competitive quote, but I still got through the motions.

And that’s the way it has to be. I made $200 of one colour print job this week. Easily justifying the $20 a week advertising I out into it, I need to be spending $50 more on advertising each week because, well, it’s only $50. If it gets extra customers and they turn into long term business partners, then good stuff.

I do need to work on my presentation and impressions, that’s why rehauling the site, and once that’s completed, video, becomes the biggest task to tackle – far bigger than spending an extra $50, which is easy, which what I could do right now.

It’s just that lingering thought that once the presentation of my site and my online videos were improved, in make the advertising I pay for even more effective in converting and impressing a  higher number of visitors, with a more professional standard of onsite presentation which in turn creates trust that you are able to deliver.

Auckland Promotions and Copying Services: Retail Plans

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Call Matt on 027 684 8250 for kurb promotions service in auckland: cheap, fast and fair!

Kurb Promotions: Grey Lynn / Sandringham / Glen Eden offers:

Auckland CD duplication and Auckland DVD copying: Cheap and fast – super cheap deals on runs 1000 or under, great free pick up and delivery service – graphic support and free set up – simply a great service

Colour Copying Auckland: Another super fast,  and super cheap service – need 50 – 1000 colour copies

Online marketing for small business and online music marketing – including graphic design, web design, seo, online advertising, email management, social media, complete online marketing packages.

We’re also getting into video marketing – as always, cheap, fast, and fair! We make videos for online promotion, and we market them!

Recently been talking about updating our website, but now we’re back talking about retail!

Just thought I’d take a break from my schedule of posts on rehauling the web design and rebranding our flagship kurb promotions site to get back onto another big plan I’ve been hatching of moving my small business growth strategy into retail!

I like the idea of retail because it’s a hard and fast challenge.

The overall concept is starting from the services I provide in auckland for marketing, promotions, not only will I have a base for fast and urgent turn around of the services we provide such as CD and DVD duplication, copying, reproduction as well as poster prinitng, flyer printing as well as general online marketing and promotions but I would also extend that into products that aid smaller operators with meeting their promotions needs.

There is going to be continued fracturing and breaking down of smaller groups and individuals wanting to express themselves by pursuing their own projects, whether that’s music, cultural or sports groups, schools, various individual art projects and small business promotions, and I’m aiming for us to extend our role there.

There’s a do it yourself attitude that’s not only aided and enabled me in business but it’s allowing all sorts of individuals and groups to express themselves in new ways. It doesn’t matter what people want to do, their always going to need to create awareness and exposure as well as using products and services to help define themselves to a wider audience.

We’re already recognised for our cheap affordable discount budget prices and without losing quality service from our company business,  now we’ll be moving into products, and delivery of services that are more immediate to the user.

You need a colour copy, you need internet access, then it will be there just like your average internet cafe or copy shop.

You need media, plasticware, packaging, art supplies, that will be there also, and the expertise to help you, so you come in looking for some plastic things or you need some colour prints or to use the internet and grab a coffee then you can get those things, but it’s once you move beyond that – once you need the website design, the cd and dvd, the printing, the posters, the online marketing,that’s when you need higher end expertise.

You need high end equipment and you want someone who speaks good english to explain it to you, earnestly, you want someone ther in that old fashioned way who will give you advice about what you need when you’re tackling promotions and marketing, whether high end equipment, a physical promotional material to be rpelicated, or online media services.

So yeah I might be driving out to the city fringe warehouse putting 20% on the price of certain high end items for specific functions, special cameras, printers, media items, hard drives, phones, ipods, accessories, ink, whatever.

And I want to push that brand out there over the years, a one stop shop for low end marketing and promotions. It’s a place where people are attracted to, and that may be a hassle, but it will trickle up in terms of branding and people recognising it as a place to go to invest in promotion, and to get promotions services.

And you need the outlet too. Again, like copying or the internet cafe or selling coffee, it’s not going to be a huge money earner, in fact it will be a hassle at first, but slowly, it’s about cultivating that brand that customers can come down and get what they need, and our customers need promotion. We need huge posters in the window promoting our clients and we need to sell our clients stuff, because having the stuff available, being an outlet is what it’s about, providing promotions.

Initially I wanted to save on overheads by setting up out of the way where rent would be cheap, but then I started examine the wisdom of this, because although internet marketing and online promotions is my specialty area, it is really a case of having all your eggs in one basket and although I definitely plan to leverage my internet marketing skills to get my retail operation off the ground, I want to take that challenge on of getting people into the shop.

Now I’ve thought through the plans for my retail operation and the branding and the marketing and the stock and what have you and there are just a few little issues niggling at me there which are stopping me from ploughing into it with gusto and looking at the options.

The main one is the reality of losing money for 6 months at least, I estimate realistically about $5000-$15000 before it starts breaking even.

It will take 6 months just to get everything in there – internet computers, a colour copier, coffee machine, the stuff we’re likely to need to perform multiple services – one of those booths that print photos, ink refiller, what else are we going to do?

Cut keys? Send faxes? Y’know? Just walk around town looking at what retailers are offering and who is using these services, and accept that it is annoying that you have to build a clientele out of $1, $2, $4 service transactions.

Then the place will have to be stocked, first with plastics and supplies, with food, with our technical offerings, and then, in true retail spirit, I want to move into basically offering anything of value I can purchase in bulk and believe will be of genuine interest to anybody who needs it amidst our clientele.

I also see targeting tourists, especially the twentysomethings, they’ll have need for the services but they’ll also want a cultural connection with the locality. Also out of towners, I know what it’s like on tour or road trip when you arrive in a new place, you want to arrive at that place where you can check your email, grab a coffee, catch up on what’s happening locally.

Another strategy is looking at it as 100 people who will spend $10 every week there, and then 1000 people who will spend $10 every month there.

Anyway back to the issues – It will cost money over the first 6 months to get it running and it will lose money over the first 6 months as we struggle to get the $100 p/day I need to keep the thing running – paying the rent and the wages.

And that’s the real issue. The real issue is going into not knowing what the future will hold when you know it’ll lose ten grand before it can even get started.

Negotiating that reality will be one of the hardest tests.

Front Page Website Branding and presentation: Cheap and Fair

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb!

Kurb offers a wide range of marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd copying, colour printing, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design – or call me on 027 684 8250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 684 8250 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

This is part of a series of blog posts I’ve been writing on the major rehaul and redesion of our website and branding here at kurb promotions:

The first post – promoting your small business brand online was the long approach.

The second post was developing online business with branding and design this was where we got into more conclusions about balancing out our business:

And the last post was a strategy for online marketing and branding

website promotions and branding work diary

I think just our logo, our signature ocean blue and rich yellow colours, and a video of me speaking to head up the front page.

There is a clear hierarchy that puts physical production where we make our money before the general marketing services. At the same time – creative content services such as video, design andcopywriting can’t br forgotten because this is leading toward high end creative work.

But what are the customers looking for? They’re either looking for a deal on physical products quickly or they’re willing to investigate marketing. Creative services is the pretty ribbon. It’s not what we’re trying to sell but it dresses up the overall proposition presenting what we’re about.

marketing and promotions that are accessible at a cheap price and a fair deal.

That technology has also allowed for cheap alternatives in promotions and marketing and we aim to provide affordable options yet the service is still personal.

That appeals to both the client wanting cheap copying or reproduction as well as someone looking into marketing packages or a short video.

It’s about whether I emphasize the how, or continue to underline that it’s a bargain.

The “cheap and fair” brand covers physical servicves as well as online services, but with the marketing packages that branding has to be stepped up to really target our audiences concern.

So that’s how it should be – on the front page I need to emphasise the lower appeal – cheap prices, efficient service and I won’t rip you off – but as we go deeper into the pages, more details are required and where online marketing is concerned, more lofty concepts in presentation.

I don’t think the front page should be cluttered at all. larger panels for promotions, then marleting then creative which may be just links. It might be very pizza flyer style, coupon sheet style, pushing the special pricings and bargains.

Promotions – Disc Duplication // Printing Deals and Postering Promotions

Marketing – Small Business // Entertainment //Online Video

Creative – Design Services //Online Video

Other links would be our relevant blogs, our youtube, that’s about it.

Gone would be any tacky ad panels. Client links, links to other stuff that has dated, gratuitous links to small business blogs that don’t matter. Just the raw stuff.

Oh and key themes need to come through. Yeah. What?