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Promoting Our Auckland Retail Services

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

So last night I started talking about some of the auckland retail services we wanted to develop. You see it’s the overhead that threatens viability in terms of having to work over the long term to achieve a profit, whereas innovating to reduce overhead puts the retail front closer to achieving viability, which is of course a point from which to build and branch out from.

But then gosh, I don’t know, something happened and I really got hold of some crazy ideas for building out in the retail space and looking at some locations I came up with a new plan which I think could be really solid.

Hi it’s me, Matt from Kurb – always lots of opportunities for you to get cheap cd dvd disc reproduction, copying – printing, plus marketing strategies for small business and projects, design and online marketing for clients and customers all over the world, new zealand and right here in Auckland!

contact: or visit our site at – – 027 684 8250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 684 8250

So the space I’m looking at now is pretty much a blank canvas that offers a lot of utility.

So initially we roll forward with the initial idea.

The service point for our cd dvd stuff and printing, services from internet cafe to

rent: $450

opex: $150

starting wages: $400

I have to come up with a $1000 p/week just to run the place!

But it would be easy to have someone living there and alter hours to suit needs, reducing costs to $500.

The advantages of course are that I can develop retail and consulting quickly and then bound into hospitality.

My idea for the 2nd stage of hospitality after serving food and coffee, is an alcohol free venue. That would probably take 6 months including 3 months having irregular parties.

To hold an alcohol free event:

$100 – doorman 10pm – 3-6am

$100 – bar service 9pm – 3-6am

$50 bonus – for whoever opens next day and has to clean up.

profit: 50-100 x $8 ($10 entry minus free drink) = $4-800

might sell $50 food too . . .

total: $200 – $600

but what do i need to start making money now? Firstly a workstation set up, firstly for the worker in attendance and then possibly 2 more for an internet cafe

Roskill and Jerry Lee on the shelves, the print deals up on the wall, a leased copier, a coffee machine and a pie warmer.

here were my ideas for initial income from a past post on auckland retail marketing strategy

– Set up comprehensive pricings from printers
-$200 p/week – $400 p/week

– Source plastics from supplier and electronic items from
– $100 p/week – $200
– lease colour copier
– $50 p/week – $100

– set up internet desks
– $50 p/week

– drinks fridge + hot food warmer
– $100 p/week

– coffee machine
– $100 p/week – $200

– add boutique items
– $50 – $200

in this list I was very confident about the printing.  And why not, you know that business is there, the idea is to take up the location, and get aggressive. We have to push the printing, and take jobs where they only want 10 copies, make $5.

How much plasticware and tech can I sell? I need to find out what people want to buy. What they need.

Prompting Jerry and other suppliers to get what people want, otherwise I could use up a lot of money testing the market. But I think we need to start bringing in CD/DVD stuff ourselves. If I was get 10,000 DVD’s for $1000 I could be selling 200 x 50 packs for $16? 200 x $13 profit = $2600 what every 3 months? just from blank discs and stuff?

so in a day we’d hope for:

$100 printing job

$100 plastics and tech retail / internet and services / general retail

$100 coffee and food

This again is not covering pick up in cd / dvd duplication and larger marketing and branding opportunities. So if I could make those margins I’d be doing dandy. Do people want websites and graphics and online marketing on the  spot?

Half it, and it’s a different story. $50 a day and $500 on the weekend still won’t make rent and pay. It would be tempting to rely on party income, but really, we’re digging in for the long haul, what I’m hoping is just by sticking in for 6 months we’ll get enough notoriety to get people hanging round and knowing about the place for when we do step it up.

So anyway. What’s the cost of the set up?

Furniture and workstations, $2500

lease copier: $50 p/week

stock, $2000

coffee machine $2000

food cabinets $2000

compare costs:

if we’re open 20 hrs a week, it’s $250 for wages and $22.50 in rent for every hour open, $35 in total, or $25 if sharing

If we’re open 50 hrs p/week, it’s $600 for wages and $9 rent for every hour open, $21.50 in total, or $17.50 if sharing.

It’s hard to know when the busy time is, 6 days, 6 hours going to 8 maybe, from 10am

Auckland CD DVD Duplication and Colour Print Shop Pop Up Retail

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Hi it’s me, Matt from Kurb – always lots of opportunities for you to get cheap cd dvd disc reproduction, copying – printing, plus marketing strategies for small business and projects – here in Auckland and across New Zealand – – 027 684 8250

The business has been going really well right nnow, lots of great orders for cd duplication and dvd reproduction that we do are going out there, and we’re also doing a lot of great deals on large glossy colour printing services, and getting those out to our clients around auckland and new zealand.

The new site is going up slowly and some of th enew pages are already up.

But I’m back thinking about expansion and I’ve had a really great idea about the leap to retail I’ve been planning for the last few months.

I thought – man, if I had a lese right now, what would I do to hit the ground running and really get some sales going through that retail operation? I’d be caught short probably spending weeks trying to get everything I need in there.

I almost figured I needed to play shop so to speak and practice setting everything I would need up, trying to understand what would work, what would be a challenge and what I would need to watch – especially how to quickly get over to breaking even.

Then I came on an idea.

Asking another retailer if I could use some of their space and share costs, especially a retailer who looked like they were struggling and possibly even complimentary.

But then I figured we would have to be quite modest, in fact I could really streamline the whole purpose to take up as little space as possible.

First we’d need a kurb counter, where clients would be aware they could pick up and drop materials such as cd / dvd duplication materials and print jobs.

I’d have a colour copier for small jobs, a shelf for cd / dvd and plastics / packaging – jerry lee’s shelf, if you like,but also put some pbtech deals on there.

Mainly we’d need a workstation for printing and burning cd’s and dvd’s, preferably out the back, or separate from the counter area.

Then we’d need a client accessible computer where we could consult and perhaps offer internet.

1 counter

1 display area

1 back end workstation

1 front end workstation and client area

This covers the main aim of being a service centre and a branding location. It allows us to get established and potentially extend print clientele. But there’s still much opportunity to try different things, let alone get a bigger fish vibe going on where I can sit a client down and sell them a whole suite of online services.

This is really quite a big deal because I want to be moving toward the vision of a mcdonald’s of marketing, where the average joe can come in and get the cd / dvd copying, the colour printing, and their website designed and promoted.

It probably won’t be that cheap, because we will slowly focus on building the customer experience, but the idea is in 5 years to build a real agency that can land a $20,000 pitch, execute, and put $10,000 in my pocket every month or two.

Or as it maybe turns out, a flash office where that takes place and a big old store where all kinds of tech and plastic stuff are retailed. Oh and don’t forget my bar. And hey why not a restaurant too.

Okay, okay.

But the point is having somewhere you can close clients confidently, and also deliver. I couldn’t provide that service with the cd dvd duplication and colour printing providing the backbone, while experimenting with what other items we could potentially retail.

Perhaps the coffee machine comes in there, perhaps – wel let’s look at the numbers.

Imagine paying $200 to cover rent and opex.

Then my costs would be staffing at $300 we’ll say to start, but I could also wangle it so that whoever I shared with derived some benefit from having the place alternatively staffed.

That means I’m $500 in the hole each week instead of $700, and that would make all the difference in the first 6 months. The aim of making $100 profit each day to break even wouldn’t take that long.

Why Myspace Failed?

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

In August 2006 MySpace signed a massive $900M deal with Google. In exchange for that tidy little sum of money MySpace let Google power all search across the site. MySpace had to make certain search page view requirements happen to keep the deal going, and they managed to hit those marks by….cheating. They have destroyed the user experience and monetized the site into oblivion. One example of this that is most relevant to bands and artists is the little pop up ad on the music player that interrups your play list. I would argue that one of the Online Axioms is that when you kill the user experience, you kill yourself.

The Google/MySpace deal ends in ten days, and today Google makes their last payment. There is little to no chance for the deal to be renewed under the same terms, if at all. I hope they can turn the company around, but I honestly don’t know if it’s still possible.

It’s relatively easy to correlate this to similar mistakes made in the music industry. As soon as we started attacking our customers, rather than putting their user experience first, we lost the battle and they left. And this is of course long after we destroyed the artist’s experience as well, by way of unfair contracts and lack of creative control. It’s now our job to destroy and rebuild our industry with our artists and customers’ experience at the very forefront of our minds. We should work in service of our customers, and in a partnership with our artists.

One of my Offline Axioms is that there are no short cuts, that you have to earn everything and aren’t entitled to anything. Marco Arment recently shared a quote from a Richard Dunlop-Walters rant that I thought was particularly relevant to today’s post and both axioms:

“Employing tricks like needless pagination, auto-refreshing (see, misleading headlines, and the like is cheating. You didn’t earn those pageviews, you tricked people into giving them to you. And then you look at shit like popups, popunders, double underlined links, Snap previews, Tynt scripts, and so on, and it’s pretty clear how hostile it all is. It’s nothing but money-grabbing. If you’ve got it set up so bad that your readers are employing things like ad blockers and Safari’s Reader, you f*cked up. You did something wrong. You overestimated how much your readers are willing to tolerate.” – Richard Dunlop-Walters

Growing Website Value and Profit: Auckland Copying, Duplication Printing

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Okay I’m back and busy as a beaver on redeveloping my site so it’s simple and professional in it’s appeal, and effective in promoting the value my business provides in everything from cd dvd duplication, cheap printing in auckland and a range of small scale online marketing stratgies for small business, music, video marketing and promotions.

This is the latest in a series as I really put my website under the microscope – you can check out the last post in this series here – on design and development.

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb!

Kurb offers marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd duplication, auckland printing, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design -. . .

you can contact me directly by email – or call me, Matt 027 684 8250


I’ve been writing regularly recently on the major rehaul and redesign of our website and branding here at kurb promotions:

The first post – promoting your small business brand online was the long approach.

The second post was developing online business with branding and design this was where we got into more conclusions about balancing out our business:

And the last post was a strategy for online marketing and branding

and also:

website promotions and branding work diary

website branding and presentation: cheap and fair

So as I come to get into really doing the work of adapting each of the main pages to the new, simpler, clearer web design with a more professional look, I go to the stats for guidance as to which pages absolutely need the attention and which probably should be worked on but perhaps not as urgently.

Obviously, it’s where the customers are and what they want where I am forgoing the most opportunites to increase sales.

Obviously cd dvd duplication is the most important page for me for sales, whereas small business marketing also gets a lot of traffic, but barely the proportionate amount of enquiries.

That’s okay though because small business marketing can be demanding and I’m happy to work with a smaller amount of committed clients. However, it’s always good to have the opportunity of leads and offers of work, and not let chances go begging.

The posters and cheap auckland printing services to offer some issues because on the kurb site it’s divided into postering and printing and design, and then I also have the auckland copying website which focuses mainly on cheap printing with free delivery.

So all those pages need attention, but they need to clearly illustrate the difference of being focused on different parts of the poster / flyer proces – the design, the printing and the distribution and poster placement services.

Video marketing also goes in the first bracket of pages being visited often. It also has it’s companion site for youtube promotions and cheap video production, but the kurb version of these sites will be more focused towards new zealandders and that’s why I feel a video production page for new zealand is also required.

So in the first bracket we have:

home page / index

cd dvd duplication

small business marketing

auckland poster distribution + cheap auckland colour printing

video marketing + cheap auckland video production

In a lot of ways, with these marketing services, I expect that interest may come form various points as my profile and brand behind kurb continues to develop so we can’t be sure or assume too much about where people will come from or what they will know about what is on offer, it might be 2 years before we redevelop again. We’ve got to stay open and flexible to the possibilities.

In the second bracket, we have all these pages that people are visiting, which haven’t been touched up for years.

Graphic design

is a main one, even though again we have the companion site for cheap graphic design, this page is kurb’s NZ front, although for graphic design I prefer US pay rates, this is a service that is being picked up.

then we’ve just got directin pages

online marketing

auckland marketing

these pages do really only serve to redirect people do what the exact services they may require could be, whether it’s online services such as SEO, PPC, web design, social media, video, email management, or it’s physical services including cd, dvd and cheap printing, or it’s the opportunity to present packages. Needs thought.

After that it’s really only the online music marketing, which is desperate for a retouch, but at the same time, again, working with new zealand musicians who have little funding is not that attractive.

We just need to be prepared for whoever might see that and whatever opportunity could arise from it.

last month we had a lot of hits on

freelance writer

seo services nz

There are a lot of pages there that fluctuate, that I don’t really want to see left as they are when it could be a doorway to new business.

I think the idea is in the later part of any month, it’s our job to take any one or two pages that haven’t been redeveloped that do creep into the list of top visited pages and give them a quick fix up.

It’s not just old sloppy designs with outdated information – it’s also looking over a lot of old seo stuff that is also outdated, old links, old structures that aren’t suitable – masses of links on the bottom of each page and duplicate blurbs.

Answering Seth Godin’s 16 Questions for Entrepreneurs

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Hi I’m, Matt – a young(ish) entrepreneur from Auckland, New Zealand!

Interested in:

small business marketing?

online video services maybe?

Get in touch – here’s me answering some questons from seth godins blog for entrepreneurs – it’s good to think long term about where business is taking you, why you’re doing and what you want from it, what you’ll do when you get there!

  • Who are you trying to please?
  • Myself by building a successful business built on happy customers with a good reputation

    Are you trying to make a living, make a difference, or leave a legacy?

    I don’t know, I hope I can build my business into a place where small independent people with ideas can come and put their ideas into motion with the right

    1. How will the world be different when you’ve succeeded?

    In auckland, and possibly new zealand, and possibly clients around the world, there will have been many many people who had the opportunity to promote themselves or something they were passionate about with less fuss and expense than it would have been to make it far more challenging than it should or had to be.

    1. Is it more important to add new customers or to increase your interactions with existing ones?

    I think at this point it is importnat to add new customers, but we are reaching an equilibrium where the balance is even and within a few years, we may seriously consider limiting or being more stringent with taking on new customers, unless it’s in retail or hospitality of course.

    1. Do you want a team? How big? (I know, that’s two questions)

    It depends, I think I need 1 or 2 people to run kurb in Auckland, an assistant to help with marketing and perhaps 2 or 3 staff for running my retail or hospitality operations.

    1. Would you rather have an open-ended project that’s never done, or one where you hit natural end points? (How high is high enough?)

    It depends how I feel, what comes around the corner, in terms of money I don’t want to make huge leaps and bounds from where I am now, but in terms of other things I’m committed to, or feel I have a commitment to, who knows. Maybe I’ll want to be more active in the community or with my music if I feel my entrepreneurialism has reached a natural point of resolution. I don’t want 10 million dollars, that’s just silly, I don’t see the point in doing that.

    1. Are you prepared to actively sell your stuff, or are you expecting that buyers will walk in the door and ask for it?

    I’ve always been active in marketing and that will never stop , nor will it reach a point where I can just leave my businesses without being somewhat innovative in marketing as that would be negligent. I’m sure as I’ve experienced, it will get easier though.

    1. Which: to invent a category or to be just like Bob/Sue, but better?

    It’s a mix between the two, yes we offer similar services in promotion to others, but cheaper – but we approach it in a different way, we know more and more smaller, independent operators will want our services and if we can provide this cheaply and with good advice and good service to help ordinary people promote what they’re passionate about, then I think that’s something new.

    1. If you take someone else’s investment, are you prepared to sell out to pay it back?

    No, I think I’ll be fine without investment, maybe I’ll never run a big operation, but hey, I’m cool with simply branching out from where I am now to the next branch.

    1. Are you done personally growing, or is this project going to force you to change and develop yourself?

    I can’t imagine what it will be like to work for a principal reason other than security, but I really look forward to where that will take me in terms of creativity and giving.

    1. Choose: teach and lead and challenge your customers, or do what they ask…

    Again it depends on the situation, and as I develop, I believe I should be able to provide more inspiration and guidance through my business.

    1. How long can you wait before it feels as though you’re succeeding?

    I already feel like I’m succeeding, but I guess if I make a million bucks I’ll feel like I succeeded in my first goal to be financially secure and independent in a little bit of a glamourous way.

    1. Is perfect important? (Do you feel the need to fail privately, not in public?)

    It’s a constant series of reactions and refinement, nothings ever perfect, but as long as it evolves to meet needs and perform work which people value, then we’re making progress toward improvement.

    1. Do you want your customers to know each other (a tribe) or is it better they be anonymous and separate?

    Again it’s about convergence, bring ing ideas together over time from disparate strands to a unified concept based on what I enjoy providing and customers equally enjoy or value receiving.

    1. How close to failure, wipe out and humiliation are you willing to fly? (And while we’re on the topic, how open to criticism are you willing to be?)

    I don’t want to play it as dicey as I have in the past, that’s why I’ve worked so hard in the last 3-4 years to lift myself out of that.

    1. What does busy look like?

    I hope never to be as busy as I was in 2008 and 2009 I like getting up before lunch, taking lunch and doing a few hours work, checking in with my staff, and then turning my attention to my marketing clients and then perhaps to my own personal projects which will become more creative as my business is refined.

    In my experience, people skip all of these questions and ask instead: “What can I do that will be sure to work?” The problem, of course, is that there is no sure, and even worse, that you and I have no agreement at all on what it means for something to work.

    Back To Website Design and Development

    Sunday, June 13th, 2010

    Alright, I must – and I am determined to execute the redevelopment of my website.

    In the end I decided to do it myself because I was tired of spending far too much money when designers weren’t seeing my vision for a website that would offer my clients a direct understanding of what I was able to offer them

    I needed cheap web design!

    Sure it needs to be pretty and presentation professional, but that still comes second to communicating to clients what they need to know to understand the advantages we offer in terms of great cheap prices and awesome, trusted service for cd dvd duplication and cheap printing in Auckland and New Zealand as well as our host of online markeitng and video services for artists and small business operators around the world.

    Hi I’m Matt from Kurb!

    Kurb offers a wide range of marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd reproduction, cheap printing, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design – email or call me on 027 684 8250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 684 8250


    This is part of a series of blog posts I’ve been writing on the major rehaul and redesign of our website and branding here at kurb promotions:

    The first post – promoting your small business brand online was the long approach.

    The second post was developing online business with branding and design this was where we got into more conclusions about balancing out our business:

    And the last post was a strategy for online marketing and branding

    website promotions and branding work diary

    website branding and presentation: cheap and fair

    So now I have developed a new basic design – it’s not quite as pretty as I would like, but it at least gives me the focus to zero in on what I’d like to achieve.

    We already talked about really coming through with those branding concepts that we provide extremely competitive prices,but also a great service, and really getting those key brand messages to come through.

    In practical terms, outside of dressing it up – we present prices and my direct contact details, which is kind of representative of the practical elements of great price and service.

    The main pages I am focusing on at the moment are the main pages where people are visiting and actually buying.

    That makes the cd dvd duplication pages as well as the printing and postering pages most important because that’s always where I’m doing the most of my business.

    Meanwhile, the small business marketing and the video marketing pages both do a lot of traffic, but I get hardly any business, because I’ve never really focused on improving the pages to the point where they actually connect.

    Especially as I recognised all online, music, small business and video marketing and promotions need a fair amount of explanation and authority building.

    It’s okay with cd and dvd copying services as well as cheap colour printing to just sell the deal and the service.

    But i’s no point bringing people to the small business marketing page and going on about SEO, PPC, web design, email, social media, video and the rest without introducing myself and what I bring to the table.

    It’s about people buying why I do what I do, not what or how I do it.

    Music Marketing – Label Vs. DIY

    Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

    A wonderful article describing the pros and cons of the “Do It Youself” (“DIY”) route versus signing the label deal. We wanted to feature this story because Schleibaum points out some effective arguments for why signing the label deal can still be relevant and beneficial for certain artists. Check out some of his comments:

    Cross Marketing (the other side):
    While being unsigned does give you the ability to build your own distinct name brand, it doesn’t give you the ability to attach your little or unknown name brand to that of a band who is already well respected and established. We have all seen the “For Fans Of…” stickers record labels plaster all over CDs these days but by being in ads, placed in stores, and using the collective power of double marketing, record labels really can build the name brand of an artist (in fact this may be one of the few things a that a label can do well).

    The Physical Reality:
    There are few if any unsigned scenarios that will allow you to compete with a record company’s ability to get physical product in stores. That’s right – you want your CD’s on the end cap at Best Buy, you want your CD’s in Target and Walmart, you want your CD’s in whatever record stores are left all over the world. This is where labels excel, because after all, this is and has always been their first income stream). I read somewhere that in 2009, 98,000 new albums were released in the USA. That’s a lot of competition for the little or no retail space left in the few stores that sell physical product, being signed to an actual label can give you a distinct advantage here.

    Back Catalog:
    I think one of the most overlooked benefits to life, as a signed artist is the incorporation of your work into a back catalog. Many of you may have not heard the amazing metal/hardcore/noise pioneers Deadguy (Victory Records), but its ok that you missed them when they were around because thankfully the records, CDs, and  digital downloads are still available from Victory. Since they are still in business, you can still find and purchase these records even though the band is dead and long gone. Being part of a label’s back catalog gives people a sense of history and it also ensures that your music will live on, quite possibly even after the band is dead.

    Networking and tour ties:
    Now I did mention that unsigned artists work with booking agents, but most major tours or touring packages are all tied up with label business. It’s mainly because labels spend marking dollars. You can’t overlook the networking benefits of having someone else’s business invested in your band. While a label may not be the ONLY crucial variable you need to land those tours, it may be one of the most important.

    You really need to read the rest of Schleibaum’s commentary. This guy has been a recording and touring musician for the last 16 years. He knows what he is talking about.  The article will take about 10 minutes of your time.

    Closing comments:

    While most of you reading this Blog and/or who are members of our Fanpage realize that the Heretic advocates cutting out middlemen wherever possible, we always have to balance that philosophy against the realities of what is actually happening on the ground. In many instances, the music game is territorial and this is especially true when we look at moving physical product. So, if your particular game plan incorporates moving physical product as a major part of your strategy, then having the 500 lb Guerilla (The Record Label) is the muscle you will need to obtain shelf space at the retail level.

    Keep in mind, that all of this (launching a music project) is strategy versus resources versus reality (what is actually happening on the ground). In dealing with the above, your job is to  determine what sort of endgame you want to achieve through your project and then once you have this picture….reverse engineer your plan back to the beginning. You can use the following as a guide:

    there is no right way or wrong way….there is only…I made all my money back and I made good money over the top…. So let’s do it again and see if we can grow it….

    music marketing

    Web Promotions Strategies Now

    Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

    Okay just updating where we’re at with the continual improvement of Kurb promotions – if you’re interested in promotions and marketing, listen in.

    So my big mission was to rehaul the site an d now that I’ve got stuck in, I’m making good progress. It doesn’t look heaps better, but the design is so much more professional and clear, which is my aim really, making it simple for the customer, they don’t want any of my whimsical flair, it’s about presenting options and information as clearly as possible.

    I really feel video is moving up as the central focus of modern websites, so even though the sites are more professional and presentable, the videos now have to be also very presentable as they become more of a focus of the page.

    the price of the services available and the contact details must dominate, as well as major selling points, but the video is where you really position yourself as being committed to performing for the client.

    Navigation is important, as is additional information on the product or service, specifications and additional copy you would add to beef up your SEO.

    Once those things are covered, it’s really about examining the places where more explaination has to be given for the services you’re offering especially with marketing packages that break down into further options which are personalised to that clients needs, while also using video, presentation etc to drive home messages about your brand.

    With cd dvd duplication and printing, it’s quite a straightforward exchange, with the marketing packages and video services we have to come more not only with a clear brand angle but clear description , outcomes that our particular customers can connect with.

    This is for my video:

    Hi it’s Matt Turner here from Kurb Promotions in Auckland New Zealand, and welcome to our website.

    We’re still providing the cheapest deals and great service on CD / DVD duplication, printing, posters, flyers, design, distribution, online video, packages for small business marketing and marketing and management services for the entertainment business.

    On my right here you can check out a range of the services we provide, and the costs involved, but you have anything at all you want to ask, don’t hesitate to email me directly or give me a buzz on 027 684 8250.

    I’ve been doing this over 5 years now, and that’s why i’m here to make your promotion job as cheap, fast and easy as possible and we’re in Grey Lynn, Sandringham and Glen Eden for handy drop offs or pick ups.

    I’m really looking forward to not only giving you a great deal but great service in making your promotions project come to life. thanks for listening

    Adwords PPC tips and advice

    Monday, June 7th, 2010

    Adwords PPC or pay per click is a great way to develop leads and grow your business, testing different sales ideas, products and services.

    It’s been a great tool in developing my business, and I have also become quite skilled at it.

    Our PPC services start from $200 – contact // 027 684 8250

    “Googling” things has become the default first step in our quest to find answers to any questions we have.

    Because those questions include things like “where do I find this product?” and “who can help me fix this?” businesses have recognized that paid search is a great way to connect to potential customers.

    Also, paid search allows businesses to easily monitor how effective their Internet marketing spend is.

    Noting these advantages many businesses have created Adwords accounts, but due to some common mistakes, they may be unknowingly reducing the effectiveness of their online campaigns.

    Here are 7 BIG Mistakes that should be addressed in order to maximize the return from your Adwords account…

    1. Leaving the Content Network On

    Content targeting, which is active by default, is what Google uses to match the keywords in your adgroups to thousands of publishers within the Google network, known as Adsense.

    Instead of relying only on relevant queries in Google to return your ad, it places your ads on sites within the network that contain content it sees as relevant to your keywords.

    For example, if you are a snack food company and are targeting “mixed nuts” in Adwords, Google may place your ad next to sites with recipes that require nuts and articles that explain the “health benefits of nuts” which are somewhat relevant, but it may also place your ad on sites with articles about “peanut allergies” which is not relevant at all.

    Leaving this feature on is an easy way to spend a lot of money fast without reaching qualified customers. The simplest way to manage the content network is to turn it off.

    If you choose to use content targeting it is very important that you create separate campaigns for just the content network so you can adjust the budget (discussed more below). You should also start out with a smaller budget and test the effectiveness before allocating more money to this method.

    2. Not Implementing a Geo-targeting Strategy

    If you do not create location-specific campaigns, then your ads will be served at the national level by default, and you may lose money from users who click your ads that live outside of your reach.

    If you are a local plumbing company based in the Chicagoland area, it would make sense to allocate your budget to people searching for plumbers in that region instead of people all over the country. Needless to say, a Californian with a leaky faucet is not going to be the ideal customer for a Chicago plumbing company.

    3. Not Tracking Conversions

    The only way to determine if your paid search efforts are successful or not is if you are tracking conversions or the action you want the customer to take on your Web site. This may be obvious, but we see businesses make this mistake more often than one would think. Conversions can be anything from a purchase to a form submission, and you are not limited to tracking just one.

    If you are a service company that does not sell anything online, then you want your ads to direct the user to a landing page with a form that they can submit with all of their information. If conversion tracking is setup properly, you will know exactly which keyword led to the form submission instead of just knowing how many total forms were submitted.

    Knowing this information then allows you to go back to your campaigns and adjust budgets and bids according to which campaigns and keywords are bringing you the most conversions for the lowest cost.

    NOTE: Before going onto Big Mistake #4, it might help to discuss how keywords, ad groups, and campaigns are organized within Adwords.

    If you look at the tree structure below, you will see there are multiple keywords within each ad group, and multiple ad groups within each campaign. You can have as little as 1 or as many as 1000 ad groups within each campaign.

    You want to group similar keywords together within ad groups to create targeted ads, and you want to group related ad groups within campaigns to allow for proper budget adjustment.

    Looking at the example structure below: if you realize that a lot more of the people that are searching for “London homes” are converting compared to the other cities, then you can create a separate campaign for London in addition to the “UK Cities” campaign and add more budget to the London one.

    4. Not Having Enough Campaigns

    A very common mistake that we see is that all of the ad groups in the account are confined to just one or two campaigns. This is a problem because budget is adjusted at the campaign level. If everything is in one campaign and some ad groups are outperforming others, then there is no way to put more money towards the groups that are converting more without also funding the poorly performing ad groups.

    If we see keywords that are performing well, we may even create a campaign just for the one keyword so we can garner the maximum amount of conversions possible from that word.

    5. Not Having Enough Ad Groups

    Organizing similar keywords into multiple ad groups gives you a better opportunity to have higher click through rates (CTRs) and quality scores.

    The quality score is a rating from Google that ranges from 1 (not relevant) to 10 (highly relevant), and the main reason you want that score to be high is that it will enable you to bid lower for higher placements.

    If your ad groups have too many keywords that are unrelated, then Google will not know which words it should base its relevancy rating upon and your CTR will most likely be lower leading to a low quality score. Generally if your quality scores are around 7 or higher you are in good shape.

    6. Not Having Multiple Ads

    It is best practice to have two or three ads per ad group to allow for A-B testing and optimization. If you only have one ad you are missing out on the opportunity to test different messaging, and to serve more relevant ads based on search queries.

    For example: There is a sporting goods store and they have a 50% off sale on baseball bats, and are also offering free shipping on all of their products. If someone searches for “discount baseball bat” they know to serve a text ad that has copy about their “50% off discount on bats” whereas they may want to place a text ad with “free shipping on all bats” for the search query “baseball bats with free shipping.” If they find that one of the two ads is receiving more clicks and conversions, then they may want to modify the other ad to try and increase its effectiveness as well.

    7. Using Only Broad Match Type for Keywords

    When you are setting up the keywords in Adwords, you can choose between three different match types: broad, exact, and phrase. Google uses the match type to determine when to serve your ad.

    Broad matches will give you the most placements because your ad will be served any time your key word(s) appear in a search query in any order. Exact match will serve your ads only when the query matches your keyword, and Phrase match looks for your keywords in the exact order they appear within search queries even if the queries have other words in them.

    In most cases you can safely avoid the broad match type altogether, but it should never be the only match type you are using. If someone is searching for “red laces for shoes” and you have “red shoe” as your keyword using broad match type, you will serve an impression and potentially pay for a click if the unqualified user decides to browse your site at that point. It is very unlikely that the click from that user will lead to a sale.

    If you do elect to use broad match type for some of your keywords, then you must use negative keywords (like “laces” going back to the example above) to prevent your ad from being served to unqualified users.

    Addressing these seven big Adwords mistakes will enable you to
    run an effective paid search campaign for your business.

    It is important to remember that you must continually optimize your campaigns, ad groups, text ads, and keywords based on your return on ad spend (ROAS) and conversion goals.

    Escalating Customer Engagement With Content and Promotion

    Sunday, June 6th, 2010

    Hi this is Matt Turner from Kurb Promotions, Auckland, New Zealand!

    EMAIL: / CALL: 027 684 8250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 684 8250 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 684 8250 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    We offer marketing strategies in small business, music promotion and video marketing to clients around the world that are comprehensive, affordable, and delivered with minimum wait and fuss.

    You can also check out Auckland and New Zealand promotions services including

    – dvd and cd copying printing and duplication – cheapest prices, and fast, efficient, helpful service

    colour copying and colour printing – a6, a5, a3, a2, dle – glossy, matt or on card we offer a great service for fast turnaround and delivery within auckland

    Oh well back to the grind, we have some sites that need to be rehauled.

    The main one is this one but we want to build a whole lot of blogs, too.

    Mainly, my artist site, my talent site, my colour copying site, and my pirate site.

    Eventually I want them all running on Thesis, and I teaching myself how to design using Thesis now. This is the thing, if I can learn to make really sweet thesis designs with my developers licence, I can proabably learn to some really sweet band sites.

    Alright, so I learnt to do the header, now I’m wondering what else I will need.

    Well some video basically.

    Maybe some ad units better placed in the posts and such, I think that would be a good idea – yup that’s that one ticked off the list! Check it out:

    Hopefully by putting ad blocks in the actual posts of some of my less significant blogs, I can get more clicks.

    Right now that’s only going to mean a few extra bucks a day, but long term, I’m hoping I can accumulate enough content and enough authority on my blog to actually start earning enough money to take it seriously.

    Oh and have to work away on aweber too, preparing my newsletters well in advance.

    I want the newsletters to be where the really strong content comes in.

    When the visitors land on the site, they want to get something, they want something to authenticate you and provide them with value.

    You’ve got to present to them what’s in it for them, mainly because there’s no way you can sell to everyone, so you have to hook them into some kind of proposition to at least enter a dialogue – and that’s why you want to get them on the list, because the dialogue is then open for you to discuss and present different ways you can continue to provide value.

    Also, of course, the list is completely automated, so it allows you to manage a broader audience without detailed interaction, so you can focus on your primary efforts to engage your key audience.

    So the copy on the front of the sites is usually to reinforce and reiterate the benefits of the ongoing relationship where a video and presentation have defined the quality of your brand.

    So there’s the quality of the brand, and the quality of the proposition working together.

    And there has to be different propositions for different levels of engagement.

    – the sell
    – the conversation
    – the free open ended sample

    that way you’re picking up prospects at 3 different levels of engagement, with a strategy to move them through.

    Again it’s the quality of the content you follow up with from that point, to involve the prospects and escalate them to the point of a sale, and from that point into active evengelism – that level of commitment only comes with great content, delivered at all points, relative to engagement.

    Engagement that leads to sales and evangelism works like a wheel, pushing those outcomes forward in the mind of the prospect.

    You’re either delivering video to push towards those outcomes or engagement with video becomes the main driver.

    The more complex the transaction and relationship required the more content is needed to push that forward.

    With the pirate stuff and the priniting you are looking for a quick sale, so it’s setting up the presentation to deliver that.

    With printing  and cd and dvd copying you push numbers of traffic to convert immediately, with the pirate stuff, continula content gives you more opportunities to make the hook and connect.

    With artist stuff, talent, marketing services it’s more complex – content and email list management work in turn toward the outcomes.

    So – sites have to look good. Propositions have to convey value. Propositions must convey prospects to more content and more opportunities to get the sale.

    More content, and more polished content is the opportunity for growing relationships and engagement with prospects, which leads to the sale and other end result outcomes.