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Auckland Video Marketing Goals and Checklist

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Hi this is Matt from kurb promotions in Auckland, New Zealand!

Looking for online marketing packages?

Looking for video marketing?

We offer a range of online markeitng and also promotions services such as cd and dvd burning and colour printing right in here in Auckland!


What is to be done?

What are the short to mid term goals?

I’m always into business, I can’t help it! I know that right now I am

I’ve really done well in debt collecting recently. Real win there so the consolidation is going really nicely. Tax has been sorted, cashflow has been sorted, now we just need to make some decisions on the websites.

My main priority was to make sure the pages that were actually getting seen were taken to a more professional level. New design, new video, and a spruced up sales pitch.

This too is almost all done, even in small business marketing and video marketing which we didn’t think much of, until we started thinking long term about the potential of having a fully fledged digital marketing agency.

Then we realised that although cd and dvd duplication may decline and cheap printing services will always create competition, delivering increasingly sophisticated marketing campaigns is an opportunity to get bigger turnover over time.

Whereas the physical space concept will obviously sink or swim on it’s own merits.

I already decided once the main 6 money pages were improved, I would improve 1 page at a time as I got the chance, according to how stats looked on which pages were actually being looked at.

But it’s like the freelance writer hire page, it’s something I’m crazy about doing really so why would I improve it? Graphic design is almost under the same category, however, I may be able to handle that with an assistant and odesk.

The main idea is ads and videos driving traffic back to the main 6 pages. Videos may drive traffic directly, but video marketing and small business marketing pages have to be ready to do the business when convincing prospective clients – whether they saw a zany video or not – to sign up for a deal.

That’s why we’re doing all this with that in mind. In 6 months our videos could be booking us jobs every week, so we need the pages that can stand up if we’re busy doing projects, and interested prospects keep rolling in.

It’s possible that right now I need to get someone to fix the pages I have so there’s nice dividers and boxes and what not. That way I can move forward with that template for new designs.

So on the menu now we have

– finish main pages, finish videos

– train marketing assistant

– look at video, blogging, propositions to bring in more clients

Is that really it? Sure I could set up cheap video marketing and some satellite sites, then proceed with adwords. I may as well since adwords has done so well for me. I mean if I spend $50 on ads a month and get 1 $500-$1000 job it’s surely worth it, but I will still have to look at strong propositions, or else strong evidence – such as videos, that illustrate what we can provide.

As I said, I believe strongly that sometime in the next 2 years we can produce a video that works and gets people knocking on our door, we’ll go from one a month if we’re lucky to booking jobs each week.

We’ll go from music marketing being our main marketing offering, with video and other online marketing just supplementing it, to needing to deliver 2 high quality video marketing campaigns each fortnight.

I can’t believe that’s all there is. Sure I have to put my talent agency back on track as there’s been setbacks there, but that could never a short term thing and it’s kind of a hobby until the more established agency work comes in.

The only thing out side of that is auckland pirate birthdays, getting a set up, and doing more video there, again, just video propositons to explore!

No – one more point – web development for other important sites we’re talking about:

– My artist site

– Pirate birthday party site

– talent agency site and related

– video production, graphic design?

Again building up newsletter content I decided to let slide. If it happens, it happens. In terms of the high risk venture, again, we may chance it if the opportunity arises but we really won’t work for it unless I thin kof something that I want to invest into because the outcomes are possibly diverse, or converge into some other area should the risk not work out.


– finish main pages, finish videos

– train marketing assistant

– look at video, blogging, propositions to bring in more clients

– improved designs for secondary sites – artist, talent, pirate, video, graphic design, perhaps even improved content. Picking tertiary sites that may have ability for adsense, affiliate marketing.

MARCH 2011: Physical / retail

We want to get all this stuff done by march. By march, we only really want marginally more online marketing work, basically, just enough to cover staff.

But over new year could be a real time to target new business. The point is we are not looking to buildsignificant profits until this time next year when we would like to see increased capacity for digital marketing campaigns delivering greater returns than now.

Most of my effort will probably be in the physical space, so that in 2012 both the agency is realised at a higher capacity than now, perhaps even double, and the physical space also making a small profit doing printing, retail, hospitality – coffee, alcohol free club, who knows.

the point is i have to finish the site and videos now, take the time over the next 2 months with my assistant, work on image for redesigning other sites before the end of the year and other than that, all video. All creative.

Website Design and Video Marketing or Bust!

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Hi this is Matt from kurb promotions in Auckland, New Zealand!

Looking for website design?

Looking for video marketing?

We offer a range of online markeitng and also promotions services such as disc burning and colour printing right in here in Auckland!


It’s hard to believe it’s only website design, some video marketing and perhaps a small rise in my online advertising budget to go and I have pretty nothing left to do bring my business to a standard where it’s beyond my concern about how it looks, or what opportunities I might be missing out because I’m negligent of certain areas.

if the cd burning and dvd copying business alongside the cheap printing continues to do well as it has, then there’s no reason to be concerned that the small business marketing and video marketing services won’t take off because I’m not communicating and branding strongly enough.

The videos will be there to sell the nitty gritty business proposition, from then on, I’m free to produce my own attempts as strong viral video marketing and branding.

It’s a challenge and the rewards are pretty great.

Just need to get out of the habit of banging out these blog posts while I mull over it, it’s so often as if I’m just trying to avoid doing what needs to be done, but it’s hard to believe I just have to finish this website and finish the accompanying video presentations and I’m done.

As long as I keep my money about where it’s at now, I should be fine. After that, over the next five years, a series of milestones:

– establish in retail

– establish an agency based approach to video and small business marketing campaigns

– establish income streams from my entertainment brands

– establish in the service industry

The videos planned after work videos are first for my Romantech entertainment brand.

– Home Alone / Auckland’s Most Wanted / Last Transmission

Then I’ll start work on Reality Compound TV 2, but I’ll also want a new pirate video and I think the introduction to building my pirate ship would be awesome.

Then I’m moving to having a series of characters I play promote our music marketing services.

And the character who wants to keep his video so underground he’ll pay me not to promote it.

I’ve thought about doing old spice and hamlet just for getting practice, geting into the idea of throwing down every week.

Some of the ideas I’ve orginated that I’m doing is Jumjar the internet marketing refugee and the blokes from down the line and their purple cow.

That’s a lot of video, if I do all that this year, I should be pretty pleased but lets hope I can get stuck in and start really knocking them off.

Business Strategy for Youtube Online Video Marketing Services

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

youtube promotion

Online Video marketing

online video production

Man I am looking at the medium term and seeing that next year the development of video and concepts toward establishing our digital marketing agency may throw up some challenges.

cd and dvd burning, printing, it’s easy. But what about marketing services, it’s so hard to illustrate the value you provide.

Or is it? It’s about the proposition.

What’s the proposition that will grab the customers and clients? Is it by throwing down a money figure?

Well yes. After every video or blog, $467 for a video like this, concept, actors, titles the works, and promo, $767. We need Prices.

In a way it’s like this will never be finished, but then, I have enough business for now. I just see the possibility and I’m planning the invasion stage by stage.

Maybe it’s about the leap from doing videos for under $1000 to crossing into 4 figures for actual campaigns. that’s the agency stuff. That’s a big step we can only attain by hitting the videos hard and showing what we can do.

But what happens? One day, one of our videos goes viral and suddenly half a dozen people are happy to pay us $1000 to do a video and a campaign. and then the one per week workload begins.

This could be easily a year or 2 away. Nobody interested in what we’re charging until the videos create the interest and demand. That’s when we’ve got to be ready to replace the price titles on the video and lift from $467 for video and $767 for video and campaign to $697 for video and $1197 for video and campaign. That’s when I’d bring an assistant onboard especially for video.

There will be a critical mass point sometime with in 12 -24 months where suddenly the video will kick in and the agency will be born!

Then I’ll have 2 assistants, one for music marketing and one for video, and both of those making $500 per week with an assistant overseeing the whole operation.

So not only will the videos have to be high quality but I need to bring more to the table from my talent agency. I may have to look at casting calls once I start to zero in on what I’m providing. Basically, once I can supply pretty girls to be in the video, that will generate more interest and potentially allow me to look at raising prices.

Ultimately market demand will dictate how much I can charge. But you’ll never know how much you can charge if you don’t ask, if you don’t put a price tag on it.

Auckland Services and Future Agency Plans

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Kurb promotions in Auckland provides a range of affordable marketing and promotions services with great service –


– cd and auckland dvd duplication

printing services auckland – including distribution and graphic design

small business marketing packages

auckland video production and marketing

Got to finish videos, got to finish website.

A great looking website with great web videos is going to attract customers. We already know that.

We update the site. We update the videos, we wait and see. We push on with ppc online advertising, we nudge on with search engine optimisation, the little things we’ve always done to keep us up there.

Basically what I’m saying is we do nothing as long as business keeps flowing in. In fact the only place we want extended growth is in increasingly higher end campaign stuff.

If business gets better or just stays the same, then we needn’t do another thing except start our agency and open our shop officially, starting with one shared space and going on from there. And I’m not doing anything until next year anyway. You see what I’m saying. Just finish the new site and videos. And in a way I’m kind of done.

But what if sales drop again? We know how to play. We know that game now. We’ve seen sales crash before and seen it off, you know it cant last longer than a few months and we can tackle that.

Drop prices, increase ads, do more stuff myself, do jobs I wouldn’t otherwise take.

I did lots of archiving last night. Going through all my old records, it made me realise that I’m pretty lucky to have had all the experiences I have and after all that have built a really strog foundation in business as well.

I don’t think it will happen straight away but I think eventually I’ll have kurb promotions, and my entertainment brand (reality compound?) and my agency operation, and my retail / hospo operation. They’ll pull in a grand each. It may take 3 years, it make take 10 years, but I’m sure that’s what will happen.

In the meantime I can relax a little bit. I know what to do if things go wrong, I know what I’m doing long term. I know the space in 2011 is the vibe.

For now it’s about video. agency vibes, developing concepts, incubating. Experimenting now building campaigns. Get the video concepts married to other online marketing social media type efforts and sell the package. $1000, $2000, $5000, you get it. Just by being better and cheaper than the other guy.

That’s how I broke into industries such as cd dvd duplication and my cheap auckland printing services – just by cutting some pretty huge corners but still coming up with competitive offerings. That’s what I see us doing in digital marketing, edging in and offering clients who could never afford a television campaign, an online campaign for $10,000.

Video is the way forward. Video will take me forward toward my agency, toward my entertainment brand, and will doubtlessly add to the manner in which I promote my retail and hospitality physical businesses. In fact that’s something I hadn’t really thought of yet.

Being established in video will not only help my entertainment brand but I can use it to build up the shop and then a bar/club/venue in the future. It’s what makes me think of getting these things underway now because then I can get the failing out of the way and breakthrough to where I’ve established several businesses maintaining good profits.

But no, there’s a schedule to be kept. Assistant now, shop next year, and video, video is the focus. Video is what will provide a continual aggressive front for my marketing and branding from here until march.

While picking up sjills promoting the kurb brand, I will also be developing examples of what we can offer clients for more lucrative arrangements and marketing deals.

Pushing Business Toward and Auckland Agency

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Kurb promotions in Auckland provides a range of affordable marketing and promotions services with great service -nEMAIL:

– cd and auckland dvd duplication

cheap copying auckland – including distribution and graphic design

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I just don’t know what’s going on with my business at the moment, I mean I’ve been happy before that everything is going well and that’s great, but this is the first time I’ve actually been suprised to the point of having strange reactions

Nothings ever gone so well for so long for me, I can’t remember when I’ve charged solidly for 6 weeks or more in my life.

I just feel like all the doors are opening for me to do all the crazy things I always planned with my business and I have the enrgy and momentum to do it.

I will get an assistant and it will smooth my marketing business and allow it to grow. I will start tackling the concept of bigger projects.

I will build my talent agency and the websites around it. I will look for ways to execute my high risk strategy. I will build a strategy for myself in entertainment and I will start with pirate stuff.

I will be looking for the convergence point where being a pirate and a talent agent and an entertainer will flow into larger agency work and sponsorship arrangements.

The shop will be on schedule to kick in once our other marketing work reaches a plateau. Which is the place it only needs to reach in the next 3 years and i’m onto my plan to be doing $1000 online video campaigns every week.

I want to see how quickly I can jump that up. If I really started pushing it. No need for risks on commercial space, opportunity cost in building the talent agency, no risk in the high risk concept, no jostling in the market for a bigger share of cd / dvd duplication.

Just doubling my marketing business would be dramatic and not that hard to do once I had an assistant.

And remember that’s been the uncertainty of videos, why finish off the site and do all these videos when I don’t want the business? Well what if I do want the business and I’m going to get ready to go?

I can see the clear line now between where I’m at with promotions packages all the way over to video packages and then full agency development.

It’s more important that I do plant the seeds for my talent agency, for my entertainment brand that could provide sponsorship, and look now at what the pirate thing is about.

Where can it go? Will I still do pirates if I’m making CEO money? Why not. If I can do a pirate party on average each weekend, why wouldn’t I? Some weekends I wouldn’t do them and I could go loose. Sometimes I’d have to do 3.

So what was I saying?

Yes, get on with it. Videos, do them. Which is kind of hard, but hey, I don’t have any other plans.

Growth Explodes With Auckland DVD Duplication and Online Video Production

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Kurb promotions in Auckland provides a range of affordable marketing and promotions services with great service – CALL 027 684 8250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 684 8250 end_of_the_skype_highlighting /// EMAIL:

– cd and auckland dvd duplication

cheap copying auckland – including distribution and graphic design

small business marketing packages

online video production and marketing

Well the numbers coming back to me here at Kurb are awesome. Business is going really well, really solid, we’re getting our debts down, our accounts receivable down, and cash up. It’s all good.

So what do we do? We have to wait for march to open the space so we don’t suffer the off season after christmas.

I’m ramping ppc and adwords up another level, I’m going to squeeze every last drop.

We’ve talked about targeting specific markets like weddings and wedding planners with our cd and auckland dvd duplication services.

An assistant is going to be a big task to get into. I suppose the pirate entertainer is still presenting itself as the solid short term option until I can get my new space and new assistant sorted.

But what are the inbetween steps other than those big growth phases?

Improving and optimizing. I should talk about my old spice crack – I wrote a script and have been prepared to shoot my own old spice parody, but I’ve been thinking of course what high end packages I could offer as a nascent agency.

$US600 – $US1000 packages featuring my presentations, video

What if it did include viral, old spice elements, content and concept development? What’s that worth?

$2000 to start? For an idea that is a video concept, executed and promoted and marketed with a package? Make it work for $2000, then bump the price when the waiting list gets too long. produce one a week with a 2 week deadline.

US$2000 and a week well, that’s an agency to me. How long until we snag $10,000?

Don Draper is a lot taller than me. Haha.

But seriously, in the short term if we begin making regular videos, eventually someone will have us make a video for them, and I can possibly add some additional marketing support – guaranteed youtube views,comments, ratings, article marketing, adwords campaign, manned interaction . . .

See that would be the $10,000 stuff, interacting and making video responses. You’d charge $1000 per video response for 10 of them to come out over 2 weeks. Do a campaign a month, maybe have 3 or 4 running at a time but with the concept that each project is 4 x 4 x 20 hours which I pay an average of $10 for, $3200.  That’d be $US6800 in my pocket every project month, which there would be 11 I guess.

But before I go getting all moon eyed I think we have to remember whats likely to happen. What can I give clients who want a video campaign now? The $1000 package. No wait make it less $900. $897. 1 full video, full development, production and promotions.

Would that be 10 hours development, 10 hours shooting and editing, 12 hours marketing?

sounds good to me. I’d outsoruce about 12 hours for $100. So I’d make $us797 for 16 hours pretty hard work.

Then double that, to cover more social media strategy and planning, more marketing. hire an assistant to do my other 16 hours for $200 and end up with $1394.

That could work. Once a week I could do that. I just need to develop my video production and really show what kind of work I can do. Firstly with the quality of the video content, but then with the standard of marketing around the video. Then you can charge $2000 a week, then you leap to $10,000 p/month for the full on projects.

It really comes down to how we pitch it. We’re going to have to have development hours, production hours and marketing hours broken down. If you want to develop an idea it’s going to be $250 to go into consultation, and $250 once we come up with an idea. It will be $500 to shoot the video and $500 once the master is delivered. It will be $250 to start the marketing and promotions, and $250 once the targets are met.

This way for $1000 upfront we can still come up with an idea the client likes, shoot something that’s never finished and not meet marketing targets. And still get $1000,

I’m just pointing this out form a business model perspective, balancing expectation with what we can offer the client.

$997 =8 hours scripting / 8 hours video production / 20 hours video marketing = $100 wages / 20 hours worked

$1797 = 15 hours scripting / 20 hours video production / 40 hours video marketing = $400 wages / 15 hours worked

$4797 = 35 hours development / 75 hours video production / 75 hours video marketing / 40 hours social media

$1100 wages / 60 hours worked

$9797 = 100 hours development / 200 hours video production / 150 hours video marketing / 150 hours social media

$1500 + 2400 wages / 80 hours worked

Well I think we’ve got some very promising models coming through.

We just have to prove that we can produce high value video production and attract clients on that with a little bit of good old fashioned viral magic. I have to be hot property and also develop talent who can also provide in that role.

We have to show clearly – 1 of these with a campaign for $997, 3 and a week long campaign for $1797, a poor man;s old spice, 2 weeks of activity for $4797 and finally the month long full blast onslaught of online video marketing and social media for $9797.

I think the next thing to get used to is the pitch process of working to get the money with no guarantee. that’s why it will be a lot of work doing good videos over the next 18months but by then I should already be picking up a job a month and making a grand or two hopefully.

Build an Auckland Business Service, Build an Auckland Agency

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Kurb promotions in Auckland provides a range of affordable marketing and promotions services with great service – CALL 027 684 8250 /// EMAIL:

– cd and auckland dvd duplication

cheap copying auckland – including distribution and graphic design

small business marketing packages

online video production and marketing

So once I’ve rehauled the kurb website, and completed all the videos, what next?

More websites need to be completed and videos also completed for the offer to be as compelling as possible.

I’ll need my photo shoot done so I have good quality photos on which to develop my brand.

The video website

music marketing blog

Romantech website

Pirate party entertainer

Talent agency

Secret High Risk Related

Once videos and site development had taken place for all these websites we should see greater activity, enough activity to decide how willing we are to pursue that avenue as surely we can’t pursue each.

That way, we can then focus on the long term goal of agency development, by continuing to develop campaigns for these various businesses. So yes, it would start with creating video presentations to present our online video prodution and marketing service.

Once we can demonstrate the ability to execute campaigns online, with video and possibly print as well we can begin to structure what we offer.

A creative agency that can design a campaign around interactive video, interactive online experience, advertising, seo, social media, design, the works, = 5 figure contracts.

So really does that mean I just have to hire an assistant, get them competent, make a whole lot of crazy videos, then demonstrate we can come up with the goods in order to start charging $5000, then $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 and beyond?

I must admit it just seems like we have to start hiring assistants and putting them to work. Once we start churning through the muck of jobs that need to be completed, then we’re focused on video, on presentation, on talent, on executing large scale and powerful marketing campaigns and working out where we’ll find the clients who are going to give us a shot.

Doesn’t it almost seem too easy?

Well I suppose I had better to what I have to do now, check my numbers, work on my debtors, continue planning and shooting the videos I need to compliment the new pages on the site, and then slowly video can move forward on the agenda as the jobs relevant to webste development – the other sites, then back to begin tidying up the reaches of the kurb site and obscure corners of the romantech site.

But by that stage I’m sure it will all be under control. We just have a lot of redesign, scripting and shooting to do before we can say that with marketing assistants and interns in hand, we can move forward toward the goal of a fully fledged agency.

So yeah I think the moral of this story is: Do some actual work, take a risk on a plan – get started failing on a plan that’s bound to succeed eventually (hiring marketing staff) and then maybe things will start working out even better than they already are.

Just remember the big steps are in the agency and my art, the small steps are in pirate entertainment

Music Marketing Assistant or Intern or Secretary Wanted Auckland

Sunday, July 18th, 2010


Okay I see it like this:

We need a marketing assistant or intern to come in as many times a week as I need them 3 hours for $40 we’ll start them with. We can keep advertsing the position indefinitely until we’re sure we’ve got someone solid, then we can perhaps start the cycle all over again except with the new person trainning someone else.

So I just tell them what to do.

We are a small but busy promotions agency dealing with music promotions, talent promotions and marketing. We are currently in sandringham.

We need a secretary/Assistant for 10-20 hours per week.

Firstly, the position open is a TRIAL. You’ll have to prove your suitability to take the position.

You’ll need most or all of the following:

Typing skills / Data Entry
Social Media Experience (Facebook, youtube)
Written skills.
Presentation skill / Video production (youtube)
sales / customer service experience.

If we accept your application you will likely be asked to do 3 half day trials before we give you the conditions of a possible paid position.

Skills: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Written etc

– Go into the clients adwords and review their stats, write new ads for new ad groups for new campaigns.

– review artist bio, write reviews

– use images for new websites /making buy buttons

– aweber / clickbank

– cpanel / file manager

– edit articles, write articles

– manage projects on odesk

– manage social media, youtube, facebook, twitter, myspace etc.

So what am I to do? While I’m sitting there, instructing assistants, secretary, intern on adwords, web design, photoshop, aweber, clickbank, odesk, paypal, cpanel, facebook, youtube, twitter ETC

– i can involve myself in content by dictating, or filming. Emails will need to be dictated, aweber newsletters, and blogs.

But otherwise, I guess I’d be reading my reader, writing emails to clients, writing my own blogs like I always do anyway, go get some coffee, go pick up the printing jobs,  just sit there working out what I’m going to do next like I always do anyway.

What would I do next if all my campaign work was getting done? Well I’d do videos.

Stronger videos are getting us closer to picking up business. Having the marketing staff available means we are able to start taking on bigger jobs, so once I have demonstrated that, and developed branding ideas in tune with our progress and growth, and ultimately, putting together propositions that will snag us more and better clients.

What would I do while my marketing assistants were working on campaigns? Well, what I always do when I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

Colour Copying, Video Developments – Auckland, New Zealand

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Kurb promotions in Auckland provides a range of affordable marketing and promotions services with great service – CALL 027 684 8250 /// EMAIL:

– cd and dvd copying

cheap colour copying – including distribution and graphic design

small business marketing packages

online video production and marketing

Always planning, always making plans for developing and growing our little marketing and promotions outfit here in Auckland New Zealand – kurb promotions!

Last post I was swaying between the short term moves as we have a position for a secretary / assistant / intern available here as well as branching into establishing a commercial space for our activity, and the long term outcomes of establishing a creative brand as an agency or otherwise.

But I think what I really wanted to get at was the short term objectives for me personally. If a good assistant comes along, I’ll hire them, if a good space is available, I’ll lease it, but little control is available over that in particular.

What’s my personal strategy in the short to medium term – I’ve spent so long going over strategies involving the rehaul of our flagship website, looking to optimize account collection and stop debtors getting out of control and I’ve also toyed with the idea of how I could employ autoresponders better in my business.

The thing is once the kurb website is retouched with the new design and new presentation videos, the process will begin again on other websites that will also need attention – specifically in the areas I’ve identified for growth.

It’s like I say to my clients – your website is never really finished – it’s in a constant state of renewal, critique and improvement – especially in those areas where the money and sales are coming from. There’ll always be housekeeping to do, improvements to make, and also, there will always be debts to be collected.

“Site rehaul” and “debt collection” may never leave my to do list, so it’s finding a way to manage that.

But it’s about what will take us from where we are now, closer to having our own serious proper real media agency here in Auckland, and building my own personal creative brand into something really robust that attracts high level offers.

The dream of our very own digital media agency will spawn from robust development in the video services we can provide. So developing the video sites such as becomes a priority. But this kind of work can come from random international interest, or it could come through kurb’s video marketing offers which are also rather poorly represented.

The other areas for development are more personal – under the umbrella of what I call my personal creative and entertainment brand, which covers my pirate children’s entertainment, my DJing and music, and my general youtube tomfoolery which is all related – all different paths to 2 different outcomes – my own media agency and apart from that, my own creative entertainment brand.

But it also seems when I say “development” or “progress” or “growth” it’s no longer about making the site look prettier, more professional and more compelling with it’s propositions, offers and calls to action, but using video is becoming all part of the package, If I’m not developing videos in tandem with the site and the copy and the strength of the offers, I;m not giving myself the best chance to get uptake on whatever I’m pushing, but also it’s an opportunity to get closer to the kind of work that would be executed by my agency in the future.

So in a lot of ways, the “website rehaul” to do that remains perpetually atop my list, also means do more video, use video more to meet the aims of the site.

This is what I can do myself, whether or not I bring on board assistants, talent or start leasing out a space and in fact the more I think about it, the more it seems that I should take these first steps myself before I take the bigger steps which involve more commitment. It just makes sense.

I think next I want to talk about old spice, and how I used that as an example of rapid response marketing potential, and the exact ways an entertainment brand can monetize because thats the lens I’m looking through now – how are the steps I’m taking getting me closer to my agency happening and my entertainment brand bringing in a serious income?

Auckland Video, Music, Talent – Comparing Business Growth Strategies

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Kurb offers marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd copying, auckland copying, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design -. .

Well I think we have a plan for what’s next.  But what’s next after what’s next?

It’s good to have a very clear view of where this is all heading and what steps should naturally follow one after the other.

We know we need a marketing assistant or marketing intern to begin building the capacity and inhouse skills working on the small business marketing and music marketing campaigns we’re already involved in and developing the scope and reach of such marketing campaigns.

We know this should be done before we consider moving into a proper commercial space because at the end of the day, hiring more staff is less risky and closer to returning direct profit than the commitment of running a space.

The end goal this is heading to of course is running a serious agency, or establishing some kind of productive creative hub.

When I have a solid assistant, a solid network, a solid commercial space, then that will be the next step, creating and gunning for campaigns where we can pull in 5 figure contracts.

The way I plan to do this is to start executing such a campaign for exposure of our own brand and services. This might be worth talking about next – how and what over the next 2-3 years these kind of campaigns will look like.

I’ve already played with an old spice idea as a way of providing rapid response internet exposure at a fraction of the cost.

I think using video is the way ahead for not online what would fall under the development of my video marketing agency into a full fledged media agency, but also ways to make in roads in the areas of DJing, pirates, event promotion etc. – if online video can increase my toe hold, then it bares consideration that these ventures could be developed further.

ultimately it ends in 2 ideal destinations – full sponsorship creatively from a big brand, or a fully functioning auckland advertising agency or media agency

I guess I am coming to a funny stage in my business here at kurb, in that I’d like to make more money, but not really that much more, in fact I’m more interested in quality of life and all that jazz to be honest.

That’s why I wanted to prioritize not only more modest developments, but developments which I would personally enjoy and get satisfaction from – things to do with children’s entertainment, DJing and my own music entertainment brand. Perhaps before I go into hospitality myself, I should be arranging another regular night for which I’m paid.

If I knew CD/DVD duplication would keep me going and would never change or fade, would I be making these plans? Probably not as vigourously to be honest. If I could rely on the money I make from old technology – or rapidly declining technology, then I would probably be happy at where I’ve arrived but it’s inevitable that you always want to push for slight improvements that provide a little satisfaction.

I’m interviewing for a PA / secretary / assistant at the moment.

So compare – what is the easiest, painless and most likely to happen soon?

Pirates? DJing? Doing videos and developing talent?

Is it 3 times easier to do this than organise and cover myself in executing the high risk strategy. Is it twice as hard as trying to live on ads?  No. Man can not live on ad revenue alone!

Well why can’t I do them all? Because I want to focus on a strategy to build. There’s only so far the pirates can go as the business model works. SO short term it’s pirates, but long term I want to expand the entertainment available.

I want to earn money as a musician or entertainer. I want to develop my video platform. I want to work with other talent and develop it. If ads add to the kitty there, then fine, splendid.

And I want to be aware of where the high risk strategy can be executed securely.

So on each side lies the shop, the secret high risk concept, and ads – these are all offshoots to be carried on my progressive effort.

But the centre of that effort has to revolve around where I can connect value to profit. That starts with pirates as the most obvious step, but it looks as if video development may come second in this race, beating out music earnings and talent earnings that really can’t be dictated.

I can still creep confidently into the online video marketing space offering production, marketing and promotion as a package, thus laying the foundations for my end game: A fully functioning ad advertising agency with in house talent.