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New Online Media, Marketing, Entertainment Promotions

Monday, September 27th, 2010

There are so many options for new online, media, marketing, entertainment based businesses, it’s always about isolating what couldwork and what can’t in terms of biggest pay out for least effort.

Blogging is the most effort for the least pay out but its low on mental effort and I enjoy it , that’s why I do it. I could go full media in 2 years if I really tried, but do I really think a lot of people will be motivated to read this stuff?

(no is the answer – not while I’m just streaming concepts with no real structure)

What could be as strong as the cd dvd duplication services in providing a decent ongoing income and plenty of sales? Video production is the option with this kind of room in the market to provide this kind of service business.

Again it comes back to values and philosphy.

Do I want to blog about something that makes me money or do I just want to blog?

I don’t really want to blog about pirates, or video. I could just spend another $50 on advertising instead, but both those sites are sub par, so the spend is not really optimal until website design improvements are made. But I may as well go and try and set up my trademe based business.

That’s the “get on with it” path – I need to do all the other stuff on the list, get my new videos happening. My new videos that are rapidly becoming old videos. Man, y’know, if only I actually did this stuff! I guess it comes back to business, the core of the business must continue to run and that’s been a little harder than usual recently. It happens.

But this is stuff I’ve always known I need to do, and still need to do.

It’s just bizarre to think how little work I was doing recently – earlier in the year, how much time I seemed to have, and where it all went in the last few weeks, hopefully we’ll be getting back to some more measured activity.

And now here I am, what was I supposed to be doing to open up new creative business avenues?

– Video leading to digital marketing agency

– Pirate birthday party events

– Talent Agency / Entertainment brand

– Trademe based store

SO the question is, if I have time, what are the most productive measures I can take to develop these interests?

– Trademe listings

– complete my recent videos

Other actionables relate to my entertainment and artistic brands, but things like photoshoots and additional video items will also enhance my general business development.

For my talent agency, what strategies could develop here? Continued blogging and addition of video, also I could develop my newsletter there as people are signing up.

What about pirates? I already said I don’t really want to blog about pirates. I just want to perhaps double the parties I am doing. Perhaps I need pirate business cards, or to simply spend more on advertising? I think I should really improve the pirate site and get a

So getting secondary websites redesigned and developed now becomes important. That’s why I see it on my list, right? Not just the flagship sites and getting the video marketing finished and added to the sites but getting these other sites related to new business ramped up.

For my talent agency I really need to get some miles on the clock and get the thing rolling. I’ll keep battering away on the blogging and really putting effort into developing the proposition. There is interest, but I haven’t been able to close. This next meeting I have will really tesst how things could play out.

So begin my trademe listing, complete my videos, continue blogging in talent and entertainment areas, and look seriously into new site development and design.

Blogging On Cheap Auckland Business Ideas

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Need cheap business services in Auckland / New Zealand?

– CD / DVD Duplication

– Printing A3, a4, a5, a6, dl, glossy, card – free delivery

– online marketing


Still on the Kurb, blog chitting and chatting about future directions for business in media, marketing, online, entertainment and promotions.

There are so many opportunities, that it’s about keeping yourself open to where the most revenue can be derived from the least effort and maintenance.

I could take the opportunity to talk about all the services we offer here in Auckland and across New Zealand, about cd duplication, dvd duplication, copying, cheap printing, posters, flyers, a3, a4, a5 , a6 all the rest but really I’m just stuffing keywords at this point aren’t I?

But with good reason because if we’re going to write on issues of importance we may as well try and get the most traction possible.

The issue that keeps encircling me is the blogging – am I really achieving what I set out to achieve with this?

Really it’s about your business values, philosophy and principals.

The objective of the strategy is basically to make money, enough money so that I can live to a standard I can appreciate, and do all my art and other recreational pursuits.

I don’t really seen the need to be all conquering in business, simply just to not want for the good things. That’s why I’m seeing business diffirently now, I don’t want to build an empire. I just want to do what I want and find a way to always have the money to do that.

That means success is not really a number. It’s maintaining a high profit to effort ratio.

The blogging I do may be quite perverse because although I enjoy writing, it will never produce the income I need to rely on it. It would be brilliant to be a professional blogger, write 4 blog posts a day, and have $100 come in off 10 different blogs I run, knowing that that amount on top of what my other business already bring in would be brilliant.

It makes me think about the blogs I post on that really aren’t as popular as other topics I could be posting on, but enjoyment, and slowly but surely crafting my skills is part of the appeal. If it were just about money, of course it would be a dumb move.

And you’ve got to think long term, not just about developing skills, but also that most of the blogs I write on are not geared towards advertising, rather, dealing with issues and topics where I’d like to advance, namely different aspects and iterations of my entertainment brand. So although the concept of becoming a professional blogger is a long way off, I’m hoping that chipping away in these areas will lead to breakthroughs where I can connect with people who can help my situation.

Many lead into trust propositions where out of authority I can secure the support and rapport I need to make the sales in this area.

Pirates was a subject that came up, when I stated going out and doing a pirate party each week was preferable to having to manage 2-3 extra clients, or write 30+ blog posts, for that matter. And the pirate thing is not limited necessarily by a ceiling of 3-4 parties per week. The site also, just like any of my others, or the talent we want to develop, can make money in other ways, through ads, affiliate etc.

I like things I can potter around with at my leisure. The other point that blogging had over music marketing, which at the moment is the scapegoat business I’m am looking at alternative means of making money that are less demanding.

Again the sense of adwords appeals. By just adding $50 to my budget, I could take the business in the direction I want it to go in, pirates, video, anything, again I think the most important thing is to be aware of where there could be potential hull breaches, because what I’m identifying now is those situations where it becomes too much and too stressful to get the job done effectively.

This is where the music marketing, being so broad, tends to veer off track and off the rails.

After slogging away on CD duplication and DVD duplication runs all week it’s hard to pick up your brain and apply yourself to broader problem solving on marketing projects. That’s why I’d do well to consider how brain intensive and time pressured a job is. Blogging maybe brain intensive, but not in a demanding way because I don’t have to get it done by obligation.

The trademe strategy is not with out some demands, but its easily something someone other than me could do, so I think that rates it pretty high.

So is it about a little more video, pirates, adsense and selling distributing cd and dvd reproduction items on trademe, just to allow me to do very little music marketing, perhaps maintaining only half a dozen clients at a time?

A Blog About Cheap Auckland Printing CD DVD Copying

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Back on the kurb promotions business blog, talking about how someone who could be me, or could be you goes about building bootstrapping style business in entertainment, online, media, marketing, using the tools out there to best effect to get your business running smoothly.

There are so many opportunities out there with the tools available you just need some smarts about it! So if you need support in marketing and promotions get in touch. I make most of my money doing cheap printing in auckland, as well as cd duplication and dvd duplication services.

If you need anything like that or just a marketing tech savvy guy to take care of this side of marketing and development on your small to medium project why not drop a line to:

Trusted and affordable promotions services in auckland, New Zealand and beyond!

What is the point of building a decent business that makes you a nice amount of cash if you can’t enjoy it because you’re constantly bending over backwards for demanding clients?

It’s been tough for me in this way this week because we had so much work come and hit us at one time and once things started to go wrong, I didn’t respond in the right way to keep myself positive and pushing through.

It got on top of me, and I haven’t written on this blog for 2 weeks – it seems like a long time.

The one thing I need to remember in business is that I can do whatever I want. I believe I have the power to make things happen if I want to, if I can see the possibility, then I can focus on making it happen. At the moment, I’m really thinking of the pirate thing.

I could be doing 3 pirate birthday party events a week if I really tried.

It bears thinking about because even though it doesn’t have the market scalability and capacit as our cd and dvd duplication, much like the printing services we offer, there will always be a demand for it, that I can build on long term.

With printing, you become the guy they alway use. For a decade. With the pirate stuff, word of mouth just builds and builds and builds until after 5 years you have no problems, getting those 3 booking each week.

It’s just maintaining the the cd dvd copying and cd printing while doing music marketing and pirates, but pirates will always be less disruptive because it’s quickly done, and mostly weekends.

It is pretty useless the way I’ve been blogging aimlessly recently but to me it’s more artistic than anything, and there’s just a rationale that it could make adsense money, my adsense is going up but it’s still not even close to factoring into my income. But what about in 10 years? Even if you’re only making $100 per week thats still handy as hell.

And every time you write a post you run the chance of writing that post that will make you $1 a week for 20 years, $1000. That’s pretty good for an article. But not that great. But there’s a lot of worthwhile things that come from writing a blog.

That’s why I’m mainly thinking about the best ways you can do something creative, and ongoing that creates revenue passively and cumulatively.

Perhaps our trademe strategy is a better way to make money.  But with ads, it’s just so simple! You never even deal with the client, you just get your cheque. That’s business I like.

But what we’re looking for is income that is dependable long term, but not too demanding should I need to focus on copying DVDs or CDs. Music Marketing involves a lot of pressure to perform for clients, so thats why I would rather do one extra pirate party than have to worry about 2 or 3 extra clients.

It’s also why I’m more interested in our talent agency because although I could make a similar amount of money from it, I’m only obliged to develop it when I have time, if I have a huge week on cd printing and dvd copying, duplication services, then I’m not under pressure if I’m not keeping up with my clients.

We obviously need to talk about cd duplication, dvd duplication and all kinds of cd printing and dvd printing we do here in auckland new zealand. We have really cheap cd and dvd copying reproduction, manufacture, pressing, people searching for us are often looking for cd duplication companies, dvd duplication services, firms, businesses all that kind of thing.

It’s really great for the search engines and dont forget, thats where I make my solidest money so hey, it’s all good.

We also print, copy and photocopy colour a3, a4, a5, a6 in auckland – sandringham, grey lynn, kingsland, mt eden, balmoral, mt albert, pt chevalier, ponsonby, newton, mt roskill.

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Opportunities For Fast Returns in Cheap Auckland Printing

Friday, September 10th, 2010

call Matt in Auckland: 027 684 8250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 684 8250 end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Kurb is an Auckland, New Zealand based marketing and promotions company that offers cd dvd copying, cheap printing of postes and flyers as well as branching into affordable digital marketing – online marketing and online video promotion

our services include graphic design, youtube marketing campaigns, marketing and brand development for artists and full creative development and execution of digital marketing campaigns.

The opportunities I want to chase in business and marketing are ones where I don’t have to work too hard. I want to keep growing stuff but it’s no good for me if I don’t end up getting more freedom out of it rather than less.

I’m attracted to my high risk strategy because it’s a relatively high return for the investment, however there’s a pretty good chance that it might not work at all. A lot of my ideas, I tend to feel they ideas I could make work if I had to, even over a couple of years – I see that with the retail, hospitality services, and digital marketing agency and video marketing and promotions.

But I don’t want an idea I have to grind through on. So we go for the secret high risk business strategy.

The problem with it – that makes it high risk,  is firstly, I haven’t successdully trialled it so it really only works in theory. The second, is that prospects will likely be apprehensive about something they don’t understand.

I have to earn their trust, in order to execute, or they will easily spooked.

To deal with this I want to target existing contacts who have no reason to believe I would rip them off, and base the whole thing on trust.

All kinds of leads can be negotiated on the grounds of initiation into this proposition.

music marketing leads

models and talent leads

music entertainment contacts

cheap colour printing and photocopying leads

graphic design leads

cd and dvd duplication and printing leads

That’s a lot of leads which tend to come in each week. We just don’t want to alienate them by pushing an agenda which seems like it’s not exactly

As long as my framing was appropriate and I could leverage my reputation and brand, then I could set up the offer, but that framing in order to not spook prospects into thinking what I’m doing is potentially dodgy, is the most important thing.

It’s about trust and executing without compromising that.

Marketing Sales and Promotion with your Blog

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010


Kurb is an Auckland, New Zealand based marketing and promotions company that offers cd dvd copying, cheap printing and auckland poster as well as branching into affordable digital marketing – online marketing and online video marketing

our services include blog set up, blog development, blog promotion  – graphic design, youtube marketing campaigns, marketing and brand development for artists and full creative development and execution of digital marketing campaigns.


The best marketing strategy is of course to take action. That’s why I take action on my blog and write, it is a snow ball process that succeeds in slowly building traffic to my site over time. So long over time, but slowly all those words, cheap printing auckland, posters and cd dvd copying, it all builds over time like rock on the search engine, who is to repeat the years of work and content before me?

Brick by brick baby these things are built and if I get and develop a whole bunch of ideas in the mean time and I become a better writer, then wonderful.

that’s a funny one though, I write SO MUCH, and I don’t think I’m getting better. Maybe I ramble too much, and just get too journally but we’ve had this discussion. I get what I need from blogging in SEO and thought dumping. Idea dumping? Some kind of dumping.

I’m doing some kind of dumping, okay?

But overtime, those dumps attract buzzings and those buzzings turn into adsense clicks and possibly leads. It’s just a bit of a shambles, and true to my 80/20 approach I could make an effort to write something decent, but I don’t see it as being worth it. keep writing trash!

Such professionals. More traffic comes to the sites. You write garbage so they don’t come back. But it gets better, and they click ads. One day you’ve built enough clout that should you actually put a nice design on it and start posting decent material, in 3 months the foul stench of junk content will be gone and your sparkling empire can be built on a mountain of filth, and no one who comes to visit would ever know, who want to go back 200 posts, 18 months back and see all the garbage on your site.

Who cares?

Will it come back to haunt you? Maybe, I’m not nostradamus. I’ll just shrug and say I wrote it for SEO, besides, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m responsible for what I do. If I think writing trashy blog posts is a sin, then I’ll let you know when I change my mind.

I’m an entrepreneur, it’s up to my clients. Most of my clients google what they want and one of my 6 main pages come up, they never see this stuff which is the reason it comes up for everything under the sun.

So yeah, I just keep writing. Some people do yoga. I blog, I’m sure people who do yoga aren’t doing it fora an audience and neither am I.

I could outsource it, but would you outsource yoga? It’s me who gets the benefit of exercising thought, exercising turn of phrase and adding somewhat more dynamic thoughts to the great internet void than the average outsourcer.

At some moment I’m going to become more effective in this, and at that moment I won’t only benefit from advertising.

Although advertising is a big goal because I see it snowballing. If only I wrote about specific phrases that would sell heaps of adsense ads.

I make $5 a day from adsense, and if it was to be that I made $20 without even really doing anything that felt like work, really just dumping my thoughts, then it would make a difference.

I tend to think of adsense as just the small game, I like it because I can see it and count and I get the cheques without really doing anything . . . yeah I just said that. But I could get good. I could make my blogs good, and I know after a thousand or so posts, they will weigh heavy with authority, i could really start to ramp the scene.

Is it a waste of time, doing this writing when I’m not really saying a lot, when I’m building an intricate retirement plan of clicks all over the place. Oh and you know, a list and everything. I’d by then be funny enough to write a good list newsletter.

Because I wrote relentlessy on this blog instead of doing something pointless otherwise.

Maybe I should be running on a treadmill. Builds fitness y’know.

But if I write 2000 words today, shouldn’t I be getting 5c a word? Shouldn’t I be getting a hundred dollars? $150 nz seeing I’m just writing crap? Well I don’t realy want to write about some boring topic!

What even if you could make at least another $500 per week? Just from writing? Maybe I should be looking at writing my way to glory.

I think it’s closer to 3000 actually, call it 2500. If I’d sold 3 good 600 word articles for $30 I’d have like $140 new zealand dollars now. I would have made some money. But even at $30

Who’s to say that article won’t make or contribute to the making of $30 in my lifetime? Position the ads right on the page and it could happen! It’s the cumulation of these posts that will bring my blogs to the point where they will bring people to sign up and in years to come 10% of 1000 will spend $20 and I’ll be making $2000 a year . . . thats not that much. But if you add on $20 p/day for the ads and whatever leads that lead to whatever else . . .

I think it’s important to keep thinking about how writing nonsense about myself could make me more money elsewhere.

That’s if I can’t find something better that I both enjoy and can make money from. I don’t make hardly any money from this, but at least I have a successful business to back me up, and I like to talk about myself and have ideas!

Auckland CD and DVD Duplication Services, Not Trash

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Kurb is an Auckland, New Zealand based marketing and promotions company that offers cd dvd duplication, cheap printing and postering services as well as branching into affordable digital marketing – online marketing and cheap online video production


our services include graphic design, youtube marketing campaigns, marketing and brand development for artists and full creative development and execution of digital marketing campaigns.


I might have to serious up this site a little more now.

After 600 posts, lots of outsourced and private license material of pretty low quality.

I always thought of a time in the future where the writing would improve around here and those 600 posts of varying quality would hold up a new layer of better writing that came after.

Worth thinking about. Most important is that serious clients I’ll be attracting don’t want to be reading any gibberish on this site that was either written by someone other than me, or was just me thinking aloud about my business with numbers that barely made sense, and notions that probably didn’t mean anything to anyone other than me.

It’s still important to have posts about auckland cd and dvd duplication because the massive amount of content on this blog from me posting so often almost certainly keeps my rank afloat, in one of the most lucrative services I offer.

Some articles are good to cut and paste also. They’re just so good, it just makes me want to take a record, and if people read what the article says and start to see my point of view and how I could help them, then that’s all the better.

If I could say something that mattered, wouldn’t that be effective? Or do I just have to keep plugging away adding words rather senselessly for googles sake and see where the security of that takes me?

I don’t know, I’ll be looking for better clients soon and I’ll need a better blog. With the agency, the digital marketing agency, a new requirement for a new vibe around here will be needed but until then I would say it was best to protect myself for future projections.

But I still want to blog about business plans but perhaps blog a little more consistently about that stuff because now the things I’m beginning to think about are more in line with what a lot of readers might be interested in and it’s just typical make money online stuff really.

Building up properties you have an interest in and working out the best way to monetize.

It’s like I said, in 5-10 years from now, adsense sites I build now could be making hundreds of dollars for me each week. A solid back catalogue of material could be making me the same with ongoing promo and activity online which would be natural. I could have a list.

In 10 years, will I get twice the amount of weird emails from people wanting all kinds of services?

Things may be a lot sunnier in the future, what happens if I continue to have to do less to earn the same amount?

Maybe that’s what I really need to work on. Not working.

Because the more I succeed in not working, the more rewarding that work is.

I can’t avoid CD / DVD duplication but I might just try and get my staff to do more and more, but I want to get there, it’s important. Post office runs, supply runs, deliveries. I need to focus quite clearly on what I’m doing and who else could be doing it.

Building websites for clients. Newsletters, video and graphic orders. Advertising set ups. Social media management – HR – hiring outourcers to do social media jobs.

See in a lot of ways we just want to relax because it’s pretty exhausting when your company just won’t stop growing. I could be doing my clients writing instead of this and smoothing everything else out and getting on an industrious work viber but I’m trying to actually relax.

I’m not trying to focus on business success.

So I’m failing to see that all I have to do is engage with the clients, send instructions out and prepare content, and do the same with my printing and copying orders, send them out to production and have staff manage logistics: pick up materials, produce, post and / or deliver.

The only real income I’m deprived of is posters and pirate shows.

If I could just make it work . . . I need to charge off on something, definitely. It might just be about patience. I need to find where there’s long term possibilities for low intensity, cumulative growth. Adsense will never do that alone, there needs to be more streams, maybe the high risk strategy is the one.

Don’t forget if you’re looking for fast or urgent – plus cheap cd duplication and auckland dvd duplication services – go to kurb promotions!!!

Off to dreamland, oh and this title also says auckland cd dvd duplication:

But y’know, this blog is the only place I can work out my plans. Could I start delocating?

If I spend $700 in expenses a week here, then that might be $200 in some other country, I’d only need to be making $1200 back home and pay me expenses and save $1000.

I could go for a holiday to the phillipines just to pimp out all my websites anddo a whole lot of promo, I could fly over for $2000 and I’d probably need at least a grand for expenses from what I’m reading. I’m still a tourist.

Established Cheap CD DVD Copying Printing Auckland

Saturday, September 4th, 2010


call Matt in Auckland: 027 684 8250


Kurb is an Auckland, New Zealand based marketing and promotions company that offers cd dvd copying, cheap printing and auckland poster as well as branching into affordable digital marketing – online marketing and online video promotion

our services include graphic design, youtube marketing campaigns, marketing and brand development for artists and full creative development and execution of digital marketing campaigns.


This is an article my outsourced staff in pakistan wrote to help boost google rankings for my cd dvd duplication and printing. These articles can dramatically boost google search traffic for selected terms relevant to your site.

And the next post turned out to be about business. I’ve divided my blogs up so all business related discussion goes here because most of my lifestyle comes down to business in the way that now that I have created a successful business, personal success will come from continuing to grow the business while at the same time minimising my actual involvement in it.

The key as I’ve identified before is staff. I have the cd dvd duplication and the printing covered, now I just have to complete this same task in music marketing of matching the tasks with the staff duty, which both is supported by the fact that there is headroom for more sales once I’m freed up.

CD DVD copying printing and music marketing is established – whereas work in video production and video marketing as well as any retail or hospitality ventures are not.

Over the next few years I have to establish ongoing income in these areas and have the staff to provide – this is a little different in a service situation because I would need the staff first and to crack a long at it. However it is possible that someone already working retail and providing assistance to other staff could then step into food handling and beverages, and then expand from there.

I’m not just going to click my fingers and open a restaurant. I’ve got some concepts based on outsourced food, and a novel social environment.  That was my idea about the non alcoholic club. It starts as a shop, a shop that sells food and coffee, and has parties, and gatherings related to kurb promotional activity, gigs with a cover charge, and then generally staying open to be a late night chill spot where you can get good food and drink and chill and dance until the morning with no full on alcoholic vibes.

There might be a retail and printing and internet cafe and all that kind of hub in one space where you pack it all away from thursday to sunday – into the storage room and make a stage and a dance area while cafe seating would stay the same, or perhaps all the print and primary items would be better in another area where people could print on the weekend, but any store area where band merch and fashion items etc were sold, that would be on racks and wheeled away and a dj booth wheeled out and staging for a bigger gig.

This way you’ve got 2 developing businesses – the video and the hospo and you’re juggling staff and space for what’s appropriate. Having a cd dvd copying and printing service point and a food and beverage service point manned by first 1 staff member – especially when slow, and then perhaps a staff member each, maybe only 4 hours a week at first etc.

Or the assistant does 4 hours food service when marketing and video production / digital marketing agency work is slow.

Well the cheap cd dvd copying printing service is established and the small business and music marketing is established, so your cd dvd copying printing guy and marketing assistant are there.

Then you want to start doing video and bringing in your video staff for freelance and contracts, have the assistant and cd dvd copying printing person cover the retail and then hospo – and each other – until there needs to be a back up person coming in for food service as also helping to cover retail and assist the other 2.

The video person is also only used as needed until they can take on back up jobs, until we grow enough to warrant a permanent video person.

In a year, I’ll still be maintaining my cd dvd printing and postering business AND the music marketing, youtube promotions and video marketing with 2 staff.  The shop assistant might have moved in to retail support and supporting other staff with dvd and cd priniting and marketing tasks.

I may get one video job per month, and I will bring in a video person to work alongside my assistant and I on individual projects, and offer them the position of graphic design supervisor.

So basically, similar tactics to be used at different scales as we grow.

We may launch the shop with just the 3 of us, but the moment we all get too busy to keep the shop, the 4th person gets subbed in. By that stage, cd dvd copying printing and marketing, and the shop should all be making money, and the final step is growing enough business in video.

On days like this when I’m having a good week, and then I just go and make $1000 worth of sales in one day, I get pretty exhausted just from taking it all in.

So I don’t feel very free to do whatever – like celebrate . . . so I calibrate! I calibrate the direction of my business toward growth and not stressing myself out.

Blogging as Marketing and Promotions Strategy

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Kurb is an Auckland, New Zealand based marketing and promotions company that offers cd dvd copying, cheap printing and auckland poster as well as branching into affordable digital marketing – online marketing and online video promotion

our services include graphic design, youtube marketing campaigns, marketing and brand development for artists and full creative development and execution of digital marketing campaigns.


It’s a blog post I was working on yesterday where I was talking about upping my game in blogging because I’d have so much more to gain if I was regularly posting AND people were actually reading my blogs and linking and commenting and all that stuff.

Obviously I enjoy blogging and I find it a great way to get ideas out of my head. I know if I want to revisit an idea I’ve been working on, I;ll have lots of notes I would have made on my blog. Quite unconsciously to the point where I will be suprised to hear someone commenting on something I may have written when I was really just journalling new business ideas because it’s a great way of getting your head around new ideas.

I was also thinking it’s a shame I don’t spend more time polishing my clients digital marketing campaign rather than blogging on my blogs, but I do feel the need to process a lot of macro level thinking on my business, translate experiences into broader vision and deeper wisdom.

But it’s a little bit of a rebellious urge for freedom, another thing I was blogging about. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit, one that can’t be held down and forced into being a mundane part of someone else’s plan.

I was blogging about how ultimately, I do this for freedom, as much as making my clients happy and so in my own time I’ll blog about ideas that get me closer to where I want to be, which is spending a few hours on my business, and slowly developing that small, tight team of people who can handle all aspects of what I deliver.

It’s like this: I have the business model, and I am slowly but surely developing the client base, it’s simply a matter of organising the individuals I need – a print person, an assistant, a video and graphics person,  and a retail services person. The last one is funny. Because all 3 other people could cover retail, but i’d need a retail person if other parts if the business got busy, and if the hospitality became a reality, i’d definitely need a seperate food and drinks person.

But yeah, we’re setting up the office here as a model of how it would be there. Which means driving to work, but hey.

When we get there, we’ll be teleconferencing, so may be i wont be there at all. I guess I just have to check that printing and retail/hospo service is ticking along, meet with assistant for regular clients and perhaps creative person for creative and client meet ups too. Average of 2 hours a day. Now that’s freedom.

But the point is whether I choose to make my blog capable of offering more incisive strategic analysis, the more I blog the more I post, about whatever, the more time I mention all the services we offer – cd dvd duplication, cd dvd copying, cd dvd burning, cd dvd replication service, company, business, firm, cheap printing, photocopying, a3, a4, a5, a6 flyers, posters, video production, video marketing, the more this site will return search results that will bring people here and one day if I do start writing things worth reading, there’ll be plenty of search worthy articles to bring them in.

Business has been really good again so it comes down to finding ways of getting things done easier, faster and more efficiently to free myself  up to enjoy what I’ve created.

Our Best New Auckland Business and Marketing Services

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Kurb is an Auckland, New Zealand based marketing and promotions company that offers cd dvd duplication, cheap printing and postering services as well as branching into affordable digital marketing – online marketing and cheap online video production

our services include graphic design, youtube marketing campaigns, marketing and brand development for artists and full creative development and execution of digital marketing campaigns.


Just doing that little business plan questionnaire in the last post made me think about the true nature of the future of kurb, because I’m going into cruise mode now where I’m more focused on sustainability than growth.

But to say the business won’t change in 10 years is foolish. To say I don’t want to raise profits dramatically is not to say I don’t want to raise productivity to the point I do less.

My figures and projections suggest that in 10 years time, the demand for CD’s and DVD’s will be a fraction of the current market. Even so, my competition will be minimised. The tiny matket left, I can dominate, even if it is just $400 p/week. People will always want posters stuck up, and I believe by then, we’ll have been in business so long that we’ll have plenty of opportunities to make money from cheap printing deals, and possibly even graphic design.

How big do you think could be in 10 years? If I actually cared for it, it could make $100 p/day by itself, or sell for $10,000 or more. How big will my adsense money be in 10 years? What if I’m making $25 a day just in adsense by then? Doing next to nothing, all these income streams that are passive.

The agency will be the main active income. One dude will manage all the cd dvd printing and poster stuff and perhaps mind the shop.  In the agency, 2 assistants will do all the work, I’ll just oversee and liase with clients.

In the entertainment industry I will have wanted to establish channels of income. Whether it’s my brand or my management, I will want to validate that with at least $500 p/week in earnings.

And finally the hospitality side which may be attached to the retail. Again if it survives that long, then it must be able to make money, and I’ll spend a few years making sure it at least can put a few hundred bucks in my pocket each week and be a place I can drink for free.

I’m hoping with those numbers, the CD/DVD print and copying, postering; the digital marketing agency; and the shop/cafe/bar/hospo business will all run themselves.

If I have some websites or some entertainment gigs or a list I actually make money from then great.

It would be nice to think I could put out 10 songs a year and make $1000 of each one, or some kind of entertainment thing. Butyou can’t really depend on that. As I said, it would be nice to bring some solid business to the art and creative things I’d like to do.

That could be:

DJ Gigs

Pirate shows
A popular list or blog

back catalog of content

managing musicians models and talent more actively

It probably won’t be all those thing because that would be too fragmented. Or perhaps it would just be really fragmented, with me just feeling out what I wanted to do. Ad revenue, content revenue, list and blog revenue could just trickle in while I do the odd paid music gig or pirate show. I might also manage a couple of  acts advantageous to my position.

I might be doing a whole lot of stuff, and bring a few acts under my wing, to ride or die – roll with me and get what they get, or don’t. thats the contract, or you can go through the agency and pay my fee.

So what will our life be like then? The shop bou should run all the CD DVD copying and cd printing, maybe I’ll do posters for exercise. Maybe I still have to sell and build campaigns but with 2 assistants, it would be up to them to get it done, and me to come in when there was a problem. Again hopefully the hospo would run itself, and the minimum of maintenance for my websites and entertainment brand would be enjoyable.

And yes sometimes I’d have to do DJ things, Pirate things

Could I travel the world and run my business? Could I cruise off to make movies?  Could I hang out in london for 3 months making an album? Could I hire out a spot for a weekend to make tunes and content with various individuals, go off and play some gigs? I don’t really see why not.

When will this lifestyle arrive? Well I have to build the clients and staff who can carry it through.

Maybe I’ll ride out the crest of CD / DVD burning thing till the end, another 5 years max, and then chill then for a year or two, establish myonline business, passive incomes, as well as my agency – then push forward with making the retail shop and hospitality service robust in it’s viability so 10 years from now I can relax and travel, do my art, just checking in every 48 hours to make sure shop + hospo are running smoothely, while conducting meetings with clients and stuff via conferencing most days for an hour or 2.

sounds good. An hour or 2 checking business issues, webconferencing with clients and staff, most days, and an hour or so maybe blogging, doing something creative online, from anywhere in the world.

I’ll be performing and making content and visiting far away places with beautiful companions, and playing gigs, hooking up with people to make far out content.

Sounds real good. As I say when the cd dvd copying starts to really flatten which might not be for another 5 years, I might take the lifestyle for a test drive especially if I have no other income pressures.

Mind you 2014 – 2017 is when I supposed to do my final stretch of banking $50k p/year before easing off. We’ll see.

Maybe we’ll fast forward now while the CD and DVD duplication keeps pumping, and ease off later. At some point in the next few years, these creeping income sources will gain a critical presence. Whether I work at it or not, income will come in from creeping passive sources.


Business has sort of settled down for me recently, which as it turns out is not such a bad thing, because when business was going really well I had no time to really think about where I was going.

Networking and such things seemed unnecessary because there was ongoing influx of paid projects that had to be completed. Nor did I have the opportunity to really analyse where I could deliver the most value, and also minimize faults.

I didn’t have to analyse what benefits could be gained towards goals through developing connections.

In the past I had no time for networking or entertaining the idea of trading skills, but now I am really looking at the bigger picture – not just how to provide the most significant outcome for my customers, but how to create appropriate attitude towards

Admittedly in business, my nature is to be a lone wolf. I have my own methods



My main skills, judged on value, you could add some keywords about local areas it seems to bring people in from grey lynn, ponsonby, sandringham, parnell, kingsland, mt. eden, mt. albert, eden terrace, newton, westmere, pt chevalier, mt. roskill, 3 kings, epsom, newmarket.

We offer really cheap printing and photocopying services – a3, a4, a5, dl, glossy, card, paper.

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A Kurb Promotions Business Plan

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Kurb is a marketing and promotions company that offers cd dvd duplication, printing and postering services as well as branching into affordable digital marketing – online marketing and cheap online video production


What are you hoping to do?

provide marketing services as well as promotions services such as cd and dvd copying, as well as photocopying services that are both accessible and affordable for

Why is this an opportunity?  What is happening in the marketplace to make this work?

Many smaller operators, organisations and individuals are becoming aware of their personal ability to execute marketing, promotions and branding on a small scale. We give these small to medium size groups access to low cost promotions, marketing and branding materials and services.

Specifically who is feeling “the pain” that creates their need for this product or service?  What will you need to do to get their business?

Anyone who is trying to arrange small scale promotions and is aware that costs for projects that are smaller in budget are less cost efficient and therefore cost more, we offer cheaper solutions, and we have an effective online presence through our website and search based marketing and advertising.

Who will you have to fight to get these customers to buy from you?

Bigger organisations offering cd dvd duplication, video production all the way up to full agency services, whereas in printing and online marketing, cheaper and leaner operators exist without our online, brand and reputation resources.

Specifically what will you offer and for how much?  How will you let them know about you?  How will you deliver what you offer to them?

We offer physical promotions materials and associated services, as well as online services. You can check it all out on our promotions and promotions website. The power of my SEO – such as these endless posts on my blog, I think this is #608 – and PPC campaigns, also after being in business for 5 years we have finally established a significant amount of return customers and word of mouth. As we expand our services and perhaps some of the services we’ve done in the past cease to retain their appeal, we’ll look to use the same strategy of undercutting our competitors with a streamlined solution based on a great price and great service. Maybe now it’s doing 500 dvd duplications, in 3 years it will be doing a series of 5 viral web videos.

What resources and people will you need to make this work?

I estimate further developed web properties, a dual purpose office and retail/hospitality space to serve as shopfront as well as agency space. I figure I will only need 4 staff members – cd/dvd and printing person, assistant, shop person, video and graphics person finally. That should allow us to maintain our physical promotions services, expand our digital marketing agency to about the same turnover, finally leaving the retail and hospitality based business which may not be extremely profitable, and will probably need an extra full time staff member to handle.

If that ends up successful, then great but really its only designed to serve the social needs of the business.

What does this story look like in numbers?

Well it’s about maintaining the physical promotions that make up most our income and developing more creative package offerings with video and online marketing. A retail and public cafe or bar concept as well as my own entertainment brand would supplement the main 2 revenue sources.

40 hours from my staff for $700, 40 hours from overseas staff for $300, 80 billable hours at $us25 p/hour, $2000 revenue, $us1000 for me. In 2 years from now, that’s my agency.


      Start by making a list of what your competitors are offering. Conduct a keyword search and make a note of the text in their ads. What is their offer, and how are they framing it?

      For example:

      • Are they competing on price? i.e. concepts such as cheap, discount, deal, sale etc
      • Are they competing on quality? i.e. concepts such as finest, luxury, exclusive
      • Are they competing on range? ie. concepts such as largest, widest, comprehensive
      • Are they competing on customer service?
      • Are they competing on free shipping?
      • Are they offering loss-leaders?
      • Are they competing on convenience?
      • Are they competing on security?

      What Are your Strengths?

      Now you know something about your competitors, make a list of your own advantages.

      Think in terms of features and benefits. A feature is an aspect of your product or service. For example, “3G connectivity”. A benefit is the positive result of using that feature. i.e. “faster mobile browsing”.

      Making such a list will help you craft your ads.

      Be succinct. Not only is this forced on you by the format of PPC, but also by the environment. People scan the screen. You’ve got very little time to hook them in, especially when your listing is one of many. So make sure your features and benefits are stated explicitly, and match the intent of the search term.

      Sometimes there’s too many choices, sometimes there’s no way of going forward.

      I like to blog away on my blog because you’re just chipping away on google adding to your cumulative authority