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Of Digital Video Production, Duplication and Replication.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010


CD Duplication

So in the last blog when I was looking at extending our cd dvd duplication and cd replication services into video production and video marketing, I recognised that amongst all the possible alternatives for new business ideas that were both creative and profitable, that the business conditions of core activity would dictate what was possible.

If we do really well, if we continue as we are then ideas such as the shop, video production and talent become feasible.

If we do kind of average or not so well, we have to keep going in pirates and online / music marketing as we can’t afford to give them up.

Online retail seems to only count dependent on wether an opportunity arises, and entertainment brands – well that just depends on wether we’re willing to take it further than what it already is.

Only if I get desperate will I return to online marketing, however . . . online marketing and our video services of online video production and online video marketing are tied together, but also entertainment brands can be related also.

and one of the ties that bind is the concept of a digital marketing agency forming in the future.

Or if we take an even bigger step back from what we’re looking at . . . building a second business as strong as our cheap cd and dvd duplication and replication services which we offer affordably in auckland, new zealand and australia.

All we want is a second strong business because then we are financially secure, because if we have 2 strong businesses and 1 fails over a 5 year period like it is likely to with cd dvd replication and duplication services, then we’re still comfortable. And while we have 2 businesses going we will be stashing away a nice little nest egg so I can relax.

So shouldn’t I focus on building a second strong income stream within my business, that way I needn’t concern myself with so many silly ideas unless it was simply a matter of setting something up that I truly relish.

Online retail got a hard call. Pirates are only there because the money is so quick.

The shop is only going ahead if things get really bullish or the ideas really start to flow. Where can it honestly make real money?

– increasing visibility of current cd dvd duplication, replication, copying, printing, posters

– bringing in chinese supplied items

– retail music, clothes

– food + coffee

The idea is to wait for the signal that we can go ahead with our shop, and know exactly what we’re doing when we go ahead with it.

Which Leaves us with . . .

entertainment brands
video production

talent management
music marketing
online retail

Look at our goals – what is most likely to take us there?

Only music marketing and pirates are there.

Which means when it comes to video production and video services, talent, entertainment and online retail, it’s not going to happen unless I have a plan.

Duplication, Video, Talent and Entertainment Priorities

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

So the results of my careful judgements on how to develop revenue streams in much more personally satisfying and yet not so demanding fashion suggest that although video production would be difficult and challenging, and entertainment brands and talent might generate small incomes, I should do these things as I want to.

If I don’t want to do it, and I have enough money to stay on track with my business goals then there should be no problem, aside from having one eye on the crystal ball for a bad moon rising.

pirates and shop are possible money making ventures if we see that as suitable, as is music marketing, it depends on how confident or desperate we are, and what’s more we seem to have come up with a way of defining this.

Pirates and music marketing depends on the opportunities available, a shop is the same but it also depends on how stable the rest of the business is.

With pirates and music marketing we have to assess whether the drain of energy will be worth diverting my attention from core business to a pirate story or a music marketing campaign.

If business goes well, I will open a shop, if it stays the same I will do pirate birthday party entertainment, if it gets worse I will be grabbing at any music or online marketing opportunities I get!

That makes everything very clear because if business goes well I have the money and the momentum to charge into the shop confidently aware that exposure has been increased, for good and bad. If the business stays relatively similar, I will do the pirate parties because it a nice quick way to make a buck.

Only if I get desperate will I return to online marketing, however . . . onlne marketing and our video services of online video production and online video marketing are tied together. which we may have to explore further in a later post.

We did want to discuss the fall of online retail which was the biggest loser on the results.

online retail remains on the backburner because it can’t significantly raise creativity, profit or enjoyment, so it’s a harsh call for online retailing. I can’t really commit to it unless an assistant pushes it or we truly run out of things to worry about otherwise.

Online retail had some advantages though, mainly as a straight forward business with clear systems to be constructed, and that long term profit was most likely to be realised by long term loyalty to the kurb brand and not just for buying individual cd’s and items but all our other available services.

I will still move forward incrementally with cd and dvd sales online and other online auction and retail activity but in view of the judgement, it must be considered less of a priority and definitely a hobby.

possible Trade me inventory:

All items include free postage in NZ + free gift CD.

All Items to include kurb pricelist / stickers / postcard

Artists offered either 10% off order upfront for 10% extra stock to sell in shop OR 50% of sale price in “kurb dollars” = kurb credit

x 2 order = + %50.

Zeitgeist DVD x 2 $8 $6

Lucky Dip Pack $8 $5

Oceanic Chill + free CD (3 CD total $12 $9

Piripono $19 $15

NZ Electronica Pack $8 $5

Dubstep DJ pack $8 $5

Mystery NZ Pack $12 $10

NZ Hip Hop 5 pack $12 $8

All Power $67 $52

Random local DJ disc – your choice $6 $4

5 pack $12 $8

10 pack $19 $12

50 with any logo or title $89 $66

50 posters for your band $65 $37

subscriber series music club 12 months $75 $50

Troubled Teen Gift 10 pack $19 $12

Adult Contemporary Listeners 5 pack $12 $8


3 x Samples DVD $19 $14

Creativity vs Profit in Small Business Development + Duplication

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

We are looking for a focus of new business in 2011 and we’ve already decided that although cd and dvd duplication remains at the core of our business activity here at kurb, we are always developing new ideas.

But we accept that new ideas must put creativity and enjoyment first, this is a commitment to the future that we will be happy continuing to do this work over time.

Good things do take time to develop.

So what have you got?

Profitable: Video Production, Pirates, Shop
Marginally Profitable: Entertainment brands, talent management, music marketing, online retail

Low Barrier to Entry: Pirates, Entertainment Brands, Music Marketing, Online Retail
High Barrier to Entry: Shop, Video Production, talent management

High Creativity: Entertainment Brands, Video Production, talent management
Low Creativity: Pirates, Shop, Music Marketing, online retail

We’ve got to remember we’re already using dvd copying and cd duplication as our main money makers, the idea behind this is to look at ways we would most enjoy making money through creativity.

Let’s try again and look at the “cons” issues:

video production: a lot of technical work

shop: a lot of financial risk and commitment

entertainment brands: lots of commitment, low profit

pirates: lots of commitment, not motivated

talent management: uncertain trajectory, low profit

music marketing: not motivated, low profit

online retail: low profit

It keeps suggesting that perhaps although video production would be difficult and challenging, and entertainment brands and talent might generate small incomes, I should do these things as I want to.

online retail remains on the backburner because it can’t significantly raise creativity, profit or enjoyment, so it’s a harsh call for online retailing.

pirates and shop are possible money making ventures if we see that as suitable, as is music marketing, it depends on how confident or desperate we are.

Pirates and music marketing depends on the opportunities available, a shop is the same but it also depends on how stable the rest of the business is.

If business goes well, I will open a shop, if it stays the same I will do pirate birthday party entertainment, if it gets worse I will be grabbing at any music or online marketing opportunities I get!

It’s making me think because I am always comparing one business against another in terms of my commitment to doing it, and I’ve lost my commitment to music marketing in the same way that there are too many graphic design projects that are just not worth taking on because the budget is to slim.

What we should really be examining is our ability to throughput, and if I had a new assistant who would be helping me with that for 8-12 hours, then more would get done.

Basically there are too many jobs I love to avoid so certain things dont get done. WIth a new assistant, especially just a really cheap typist secretary type, then I would just have them sitting with me working through every admin, music marketing, online retail, youtube promotion, all that stuff that is just typing online, I would lie back and we would deal with it.

Video Production from NZ’s Best CD DVD Duplication Services?

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Well it’s been another great year for kurb promotions in the cd dvd duplication and cd dvd replication business offering all the services we do here – cheap printing, discs, online marketing and more.

Today in this post we’re just taking an overview of the year and projecting into next year to get a grasp on what we could possibly expect and looking at areas we can grow and progress.

Amazing New Business Ideas?

Monday, December 20th, 2010

I always feel as if I would like to do something really amazing.

Well you could do something amazing in business if that’s where your talent lies, or you could use your business skills to make money to then go on to do something amazing.

I guess that’s how I feel, I have a lot of answers and direction in business so I should keep progressing and moving forward there in order to leverage that in other areas of my life.

Really I know that other areas of my life need work, but business is what I’m good at! I can stop if I want to, ut why would I, I love building business! Yes I do notice myself feeling more apathetic towards customers sometimes, but that’s a part of maturing in business and accepting you can’t bend over for everybody and you’ll never not be busy.


Go to Australia
Shop ideas
Trademe/Online retail
Online Marketing rehaul

You notice the further we go down the list, the less commitment is required. Going to austalia would be a massive commitment. Online marketing would be barely a shift in attitude. But it’s boring.

Well it’s not boring, I just get tired of feeling the weight of artists expectations.

And then we come back round to wondering why we’re doing this at all. What will the extra money be for? Putting into new business ventures and plans, for more money we won’t know what to do with? I think it’s not about earning more, as I said, it’s about enjoying what I do.

What would I enjoy most out of those business options?

Well probably the shop and online retail over going to australia and online marketing. It makes me think I should keep pushing on lower level with online marketing, and also keep chipping away at online retail, and if a shop opportunity arises, jump all over it.

Does that feel natural? What about my artistic and creative concepts, it’s all about convergence and a direction towards more enjoyment and stimulation in business.

What feels right to move toward?

What feels right is the creative and expressive, but they don’t make any money and it may be part of the nature that when I’m not thinking about money . . . I’m not going to be making it.

I said elsewhere that I can be happy as long as I’m making a few extra hundred per week.

So it keeps coming back to how I can create earnings around those ideas that employ my creative interests. A lot of people choose their work because of some connection they have to it, and everyone reaches their point like I have where they feel that there’s little point earning more money without getting a better connection from the work being done.

What would I like to have done by the end of february?

basically, I want my whole list cleared and a new set of stuff up.

I want to be in to new business moves and in to creative work, maybe I won’t have done everything I have down on the lists, but I will be steaming into it, doing a video at least every fortnight, doing a new tune each week.

SO if I feel stuck, then get stuck into that list.

Get the video stuff on my plate now sorted out. Deal with these business videos, deal with website updates, deal with clients.

Cheap CD DVD Printing / Duplication Services 2011

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

SO we’re full of interesting ideas for the new business year in 2011 already and looking at some interesting prospects.

I think I’m getting a lot more mature toward my business planning and the kinds of ideas I come up with, especially understanding I want to keep progressing but I’m not willing to make huge sacrifices. Being successful in business already I don’t feel the need to keep putting large amounts of energy and effort into new ideas, I just think it’s responsible to use your talents how and when you can, especially when you’re becoming successful because fortune may not always be on your side.

It’s good top prepare in advance for that inevitable rainy day, but business ideas only have to be marginally successful, yet with minimum effort.

Australia is full of opportunity and we’re already looking at how we can spread cheap cd dvd duplication services to cities such as brisbane, sydney, melbourne, wherever.

We have already begun researching the prices, I think I need to go there to look at the market and see how we could go.

The other thought is that returning back to my retail ideas, I remember we had an earlier root point that suggested that we start off asking an established retailer if we can use space but how will it work?

We need to get duplication happening there, but it could only work if there was a seperate area for this to take place. Unfortunately there is a copy shop next door. Which could make that side of the business hard.

what exactly is it we need? Because it must adhere to the one thing me need absolutely and that is simplicity.

frontage for a drop off/pick up point

sell merch and wholesale stock

Well that’s pretty limited.

I mean I would love frontage, and a coffee machine, but those sorts of things can’t be done when you share, and the benefits of sharing – ie cost – don’t really stack against what you give up.


CD / dvd duplicating services:
conspiracy dvd authoring and printing
skydive cd and dvd packaging
chris – dvd printing / duplication

clients / ad campaigns
Trademe / online retail >> list music offerings
video marketing >> complete new cd dvd duplication info video.
photoshoot >> pants

So basically we look at all the ideas we have for business and a constant reminder is there reminding us we really need to go easy on our development and not overcommit. It’s a fine balance between committing to the future with new ventures and overexposing yourself by not focusing commitment on what is happening in business now.

That’s why I believe we were looking at ebooks because as silly as it sounds, we need a way of taking the next step, when we;re really actively blogging and we need to transition this effort into something more productive than small ad revenue and seo benefits.

It’s all about making money in more enjoyable ways rather than making more money.

But blogging is too intensive at this stage, although we can see building large email lists as being productive long term, we need to leverage the amount of writing we’re doing to advantage there, as well as pulling in more advertising and improving search engine results for all our services in cheap auckland printing, colour copying and cd and dvd duplication services.

Distrubute Posters Marketing to Auckland Indian and Chinese Community

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

CALL: 027 684 8250



– This includes some posters placed in cafes, shops and businesses!

$80 For placement of 100 A3
$150 For placement of 200 A3

$150 For placement and print of 100 A3
$275 For placement and print of 200 A3

$50 for placement of 500 a6
$80 for placement of 1000 a6

$95 For placement and print of 500 a6
$175 For placement and print of 1000 a6

Right now we are doing some posters for a Indian film festival competition, we’ve also done Hong Kong film festival targeting the suburbs where chinese and indian shops have clustered and the community most established.

Because our offices are in this area, it makes it particularly easy to get these postering campaigns that we offer executed quickly. If you’re looking for poster and flyer distribution to the indian and chinese community, we have prime access to locations in sandringham, mt. albert, balmoral, mt. roskill,

We distribute these posters and flyers into cafes and retail locations relevant to the cultural event or whatever you are promoting and marketing. Posters usually stay up at least a week, but some can last 3 weeks, 4 weeks or more, especially where placed into cafes, noticeboards and shop window poster placement positions.

We have also other marketing services we can offer online, talk with us about your budget and the needs of your marketing and promotions with posters, anf flyers distributed in aucklands suburbs of sandringham, balmoral, mt roskill, mt albert and more central shopping suburbs also.

CALL: 027 684 8250

Auckland DVD Authoring and DVD Duplication

Sunday, December 12th, 2010


CD / dvd suplication services:
conspiracy dvd authoring and printing
skydive / lava / silverdale dvd printing / duplication

clients / ad campaigns
Trademe / online retail >> list music offerings
video marketing >> complete new cd dvd duplication info video.
photoshoot >> pants

okay back on to all the exciting things we’re offering at kurb promotions including auckland’s cheapest DVD duplication services so if you’re looking for a dvd production company to burn and print your dvd or duplicate CD’s

Look out for kurb promo awesome deals and great service on cheap disc duplication / copying / burning.

This is getting serious with my to doing.

I had this idea to continue to publish my to do list as a way of focusing on clear steps of action, and it has been effective as much as we definitely seem to be improving where we’re at in terms of progress toward our goals.

Soon there will be very few cd dvd duplication jobs to do until probably february, and in future, whenever we work as haard as we have in the past, it means we’re making more money then we need to.

We can either take a rest and relax or look to how we can improve our situation, set new goals, and project based on the progress we have made.

Of course, there is still pressure for me to put my clients music marketing campaigns right before I start any new big ideas. The online retail I have decided to put on a slow simmer, it’s not justified to just jump straight in, while with the videos, to break it down, I have put the cd dvd duplication video as the highest priority with the rest to follow.

This is pretty important so maybe I will have to get my assistant onto it. By important I mean, I know I have to do it, and it’s right there but it seems to be challenging me, and to finally have that off my list would be very liberating and preserve that sense that things are starting to move.

So we have our list of catch up things, what are maintenance things?

Well firstly, marketing of auckland cd dvd copying and duplication services, and our cheap printing and cheap colour copying services, we’re going to be more aggressive with it next year.

But with our marketing services I think we will continue to look for ways to simplify what we’re doing.

If I charges $US50P/hour and only did 6 hours marketing work a week . . . that would be my modest goal for online marketing met. Then I can focus on video as the long term interest. Let’s face it, the reason I stay in online marketing is my first insurance policy against the disc duplication business declining sharply as it will eventually do.

In a lot of ways it’s about monetizing what I enjoy just to make the space I spend on it more comfortable, and start leaning to where I can leave the physical side of my business here and go mobile internationally.

That is video, music, advertising, etc. that years in the making though, and my other solid stream of income is my pirate party entertainment business.

CD DVD Printing DVD Duplication Service Prices Auckland

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

SO many satisfied customers – fletchers building, James Hardy, watties, metroglass, oxfam all use or auckland dvd duplication service – we offer a range of cd printing and dvd copying services, based in auckland to the whole of New Zealand with cheap copying prices and dvd printing prices.

All the agencies and offices in town and through ponsonby and grey lynn, newton, Mt. eden and kingsland love our service picking up masters and quickly turning those duplication jobs around urgently and dropping them back to the client.

As I said we were strating to wonder about out to do lists, mainly related to our endless efforts to do stuff which may not be that valuable, especially if focusing on other projects is leading us to have weak links and ignore areas of obvious improvement in the cd dvd printing and duplication services.

Tomorrow’s list is:

CD duplication / dvd printing jobs
pack harvey cd printing – done
post luke cd duplication – done
invoices – some done
conspiracy dvd duplication

clients / ad campaigns
dj mix
gig preparations

I feel the online retail and trademe project needs to be pulled back to me just listing my own stuff and taking it from there. It’s as hard as taking the first steps. Seriously, this is a job to be completed when we don’t have crazy business on.

Trademe / online retail /
1: sort out account particulars
2: sort out listing details

video marketing – I must get my clips up on youtube and up on the new site, it’s terrible!

1: sort out clips and get them into premiere
2: create titles
3: upload to youtube

What are my new plans in music marketing?

But I could see it as an opportunity to become even more inventive and innovative. I just need to be smarter in order to bring musicians what they need in a more effective way.

My central assumption is that whatever happens, people will still want to connect with music but more individuals will continue to want to be heard.

And it’s got nothing to do with the music industry. Who’s music industry, on most blogs it’s all huge figures and corporate monoliths and I forget that’s nothing to do with me. My turnover is tiny. My profit margins are enormous by comparison. That’s what it means to be small.

As the industry fragments in this way – I dare not say “cottage” industry because technology takes us beyond that concept of tiny independent but co operative cells of activity geared to specific niches – well we need different organisation to provide for this.

So there’s more people wanting to participate in the music market at lower levels, but on the user side, there are less barriers, and numerically and by way of technology, larger cumulative audiences for music products and services, but this market has become so fragmented.

In practice, people will still turn to music for connection and community, and I look at my locality, New Zealand, and see a market that is too small to ever be served by massive corporations pumping and dumping american chart fodder. This can apply to any small market – a corporation from overseas is not the right business model to mediate between what could be 1000 artists, and what could easily be 100,000 people who are interested in this music largely because it is local and it is niche.

I believe by getting involved in more aspects of the business we are not only getting experience but we are building loyalty in the market. The purpose of this is based on the fact that we really know nothing about the music industry except what I’ve already stated:

– musicians will want to be heard

– niche fans will have an ongoing interest in niche music

– the current model is based on organisations far too big and cumbersome and relying on a dead “superstar” based cultural paradigm to ever manage these multitude of niches properly.

But if what we do now helps musicians and fans, it means that in the future, whatever it is musicians have to do to be heard, and whatever fans have to do to enjoy and actively consume thess relevant niche experiences we will have the trust and loyalty to offer this market confidence in conducting transactions through and with us.

Bands will still want cd duplication just the demand will decline to the point cmparable to vinyl now. Bands will still need printing and postering / flyer services – design, websites and services related to marketing and promotion, and branding especially. Fans will want information, and merchandise which represents affiliation and

Maybe it’s back to my old business plan for the magical website that does everything . . .

CD / dvd printing jobs
wedding cd / dvd production
invoices – some done
conspiracy dvd duplication

clients / ad campaigns
dj mix

gig preparations
Trademe / online retail /
video marketing

Focus on Auckland CD Printing, DVD Duplication Services

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Now I believe this to do list carry on may not be working out correctly. We have just had such an extreme deluge of cd dvd duplication and production going on over christmas that i’m just trying to stay on top of that.

But our regular marketing clients campaigns have to be maintained, and we have to move forward with video, despite this blizzard of cd and dvd printing we’re doing.

We’ve decided to take a raincheck on the online retail for now, or place smaller steps, but really it’s about getting through these next few weeks. And video isn’t necessary. Nor is any work upgrading sites, but they will be big in january. In fact, we’re now under pressure to sort out video, site upgrades and also get all our music marketing and youtube marketing services up and running again.

But at the end of the day it’s still cd printing, dvd duplication, those core services which most profit derives from in this business. Well we seemed to have arrived at a very precarious . . . well more perplexing or possibly . . . curious, interesting juncture.

If we have one business that is doing really well, and we’ve been trying to launch other business ideas with varying success around that and it hasn’t been working, we must at some point decide that we should examine the value of investing back into my core activity and stop wasting focus and resources on trying to diversify and innovate.

I guess one strategy is developing slowly and putting steps in place which will be positive in themselves at a smaller scale. The other is to look at other short term gains that can be made.

I think all the short term gains are in talent and more expressive and creative marketing efforts. But sticking to music marketing and youtube marketing before we look again at video production and graphic design, we will restore that business and keep it focused there for now.

Otherwise it’s about talent and creativity and personal satisfaction because there is no issue with the profitability of the business, we just need a sensible timeline for the decline of cd duplication and cd dvd media production.

I will focus on what is important if I have time, over gimmicky ideas to make money.

What about ebooks instead of blogging?

Imagine releasing one ebook a week for a year, 50, and selling them for $7 each.

HAHA that’s crazy. How about 20? I really must calm down.

How about just 1 to start off with? That sounds a little bit more sensible.

The point is, what’s the project that we can complete for the best outcomes, if we’re not committed to something, just raincheck until we are, seriously, whats the point of being all attention deficit and not knowing what project to focus on? It’s best to recognise where your efforts are truly best

Well I believe money can keep something alive.

Tomorrow’s list is:
joel’s code / ad campaigns
make believe dj mix

Trademe / online retail /

1: sort out account particulars
2: sort out listing details
3: add a webpage
4: develop a mailing list

video marketing:

1: sort out clips and get them into premiere
2: create titles
3: upload to youtube