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Let’s Complete Marketing Videos, Websites, Campaigns

Monday, February 28th, 2011

So just left on my list is to deal with my car situation and deal with my online videos for business – there is one each for introduction, cd dvd duplication, talent agency, video marketing and video production, printing and postering, and finally music marketing and small business marketing.

I get a bit unfocused when the clouds part. I’m not out of these woods yet but it reminds me – back to square one now dealing with these long term projects, if only I could decide to get them done . . . then what? Maybe it’s because I start to look at my list and you know I think . . .

Finish my videos, that will only take 3 days if I really try.

Catch up with my client campaigns or hire an assistant? Whichever, I have to push forward – it’s not a huge amount of work but it maybe slow going with the communication and picking up where we were.

I’d like to be secure enough to hire an assistant and train them mainly by doing these catch up campaigns because it’s a really good example of how we’d be working, patching up areas of campaigns where we’d hit a snag or as is sometimes the case, I was not particularly motivated to address. And that way I can get my assistants trained up, in a live client situation, but not one one in which they’re going to lose me any important clients or have me working to cover any mistakes or anything overlooked.

Then we move to the websites which we’re only really focusing on artist sites, the video production websites, perhaps the talent sites – for now – my reasoning is there’s no need to develop any websites which I don’t see myself having an immediate commitment to developing that business.

My marketing and my consultancy is moving closer to being a contract working with individual parties who are prepared to work with me in a mangement capacity, so I don’t see the point in a major development of the websites related to that. Which were just blogs, but still. No more required there for now.

– Artist site
– Video site
– Maybe talent site

Not many sites to do right now really, just my artist site and what are the issues there? Mainly I need photos and videos. I want to introduce videos to the site, newsletter, something I can advertise really.

I want my songs on there. I want my twitter feed on there. Maybe I need 2 blogs, one thats more newsy and another that’s crazy.

Essentially, I need my photos. Then I can cut a PSD and send it off to be coded. end of story.

So not a huge amount of work required essentially for video, for campaigns for websites, mainly because these are all business projects and my direction is polarized. CD / DVD duplication and printing for profit, video and talent for enjoyment. All that other marketing stuff I’m open to but I need an assistant to work with me on it.

It’s makes me really think I need to offer any assistants large cuts of the business I’m bringing in because I just can’t take on the work otherwise.

In the video area, I just don’t have the experience, I need to be doing work before I can seriously promote our services, I need to get in there. I think I really need an assistant with whom to tackle this and I think a clear direction is forming.

I need to move forward with video, marketing and talent in one drive. I’m talking about super talent.

Someone who can help me in marketing, video and have talent, or more, talent who could be retained as an assistant.

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Trying to get back into it here. I feel blogging helps me stay focused on the things that have to be done.

It’s a rising and ebbing tide, the less you’re on top of it, the more likely you are to get floated away. I had a brief moment there in my entrepreneurial career where I thought things were under control and it was so sweet, and in a brief moment saw it wasn’t just over the rainbow.

You’ve got to push through it.

SO there’s been a long term list of actionables – or are they just actions? Well it’s a to do list of things that never get done, like editing the video I shot last year to be the new on page kurb promotions videos, to finish up all my outstanding online marketing work so I can start again fresh with an assistant, so I can remain on top of all online marketing and business tasks including

music marketing campaigns
small business campaigns
which covers web design, ad campaigns, and the development of all those modules that I discussed that can be easily broken down and sold to clients.

And video marketing.

However it could happen backwards, getting an assistant in to help clean up old jobs, but realistically I need to have free time to spend with them working through various issues and items that have to be dealt with.

But there’s also a different vibe to how I conduct my merketing business, I don’t want to work for free, but I do want to have a view towards the long term development of that artist or talent, so rather than having 10 clients paying $250 per month, I have 10 clients who make $500 per month of which I am keeping half.

But realistically, it would be similar to a record label in that I would have 100 clients, most of which would make very little, and perhaps 80% would only work out to be the same as the top earning artist i WAS WORKING WITH EVERY WEEK whoops sorry

Point being I would probably continue to broaden my roster, but only the top 10% would provide decent returns, and so rather than sales – which would continue – our main focus would be on earnings for our stable, our roster. Perhaps the assistant would work all the smaller clients until they were making $100 a month and so were deemed worthy.

It might take a long time to lift our new batch of clients up, but certainly as it is my marketing, consultancy and all my online marketing projects aren’t really moving forward so it’s an excellent opportunity to grow a slow builder.

So I may only be doing cd dvd duplication, posters and cheap printing in auckland, but I will slowly be building a roster of talent, who will slowly stream into my income. Pirates I won’t turn down, nor would I turn down anyone who pays me to do online marketing.

Finally, I will of course be building my video services long term. But what will I not be doing? Well as I said, I won’t be pushing pirates too hard until I feel like it, I won’t be focused on picking up new clients in music marketing and small business marketing, it just doesn’t work for me in terms of producing my best work when I feel under pressure from these clients to deliver, because I run other businesses that are my priority I have to work with talent in such a way that I believe they can create income and take it from there.

Because that way I’m under no obligation to help my clients if I’m too busy with my other businesses.

I’ll just be doind DVD and CD duplication and printing to make 75% of my money with 25% of my effort, whereas being an artist, managing other artists, maybe doing a few pirate shows when I’m up to it, perhaps developing some niche sites and going all the way with newsletters later on will be 75% of my effort for 25% of my income because that’s the way I like it.

Video remains the path to the future, chipping away year after year until the disc duplication business dries up.

I am right back on the lists! Lists are all about dealing with endless situations to address – each day, waking up, more and new stuff that has to be dealt with that’s only going to end up causing a drag.

Now our list is

cars – warrant for #1 / towing for #2
business videos

lawn = organised
posters = done
I’ve got a song for my music stuff I need to have done = done and doing.

Then I’m over most urgent matters, leaving cleaning up my clients and websites.

Approaching Online Video and Marketing Strategies

Monday, February 21st, 2011

I am right back on the lists! Lists are all about dealing with endless situations to address – each day, waking up, more and new stuff that has to be dealt with that’s only going to end up causing a drag.

I hope and I see a possibility that for the first time since I’ve been an adult I will be organised in a new way. I mean, the work is never done, that’s what life is if you want to make something of it, but there needs to be a way in which things I plan to do don’t end up taking years.

That’s what it’s been like with these videos, I made my first videos for youtube at the start of 2008 and I knew although they seemed to do the job, and they still do, after 3 years, the

Now our list is

cars – warrant for #1 / towing for #2
slideshow + video
business videos

I’ve got a song for my music stuff I need to have done = that’s done

So after that set of problems what comes next? All the old problems. Well I shouldn’t really call them problems, they’re just things that need to be worked on. My car and my lawn are issues that have to be addressed so that they don’t cause any more problems like getting tickets etc. so once I’m out of the woods there, I’m actually moving onto my other projects which are designed to move me forward, it’s just taken so long to sort out, that’s it’s become a tiny bit demoralising.

It’s taken me months to get these new business videos up.

I can’t rightly move forward with any new consultancy work any marketing campaigns for clients or get serious about video marketing until I have sorted out any issues with my previous clients because I’m not in the habit of taking peoples money and not finishing the work I have been paid to do, so I am staying solid on that to make sure that I remain in good professional standing where I’ve taken on the work.

The second part to that of course is coming to the point where I can seriously take on an assistant again to deal with supporting me in all administration of the business in general but also all the online marketing, design, video all of that stuff so obviously I am looking for someone who is capable of doing this.

Finally it’s the website development and design but the big step I made was deciding that there’s no point in developing a website I don’t have passion in the hope of making more money from jobs I don’t really want to do, to me I want to send my assistant forward into the trenches, and provide support, confident that I know the answers and responses, I’m just often overwhelmed by what I have to accomplish.

But fundamentally I only want to develop sites where I’m pushing forward with some enthusiasm. Which means my artist site for a start, then the video production and video marketing and perhaps my talent sites. There’s a possibility of developing my pirate site, but as I say, I don’t feel passionate and excited about that right now, but I could.

I could be interested in music marketing, small business marketing or trying to get more established with content and authority but if I’m not interested or there isn’t a spark of potential it can’t really be justified.

So right now I’m going to put my videos up and overhaul my artist site and my cheap video production site.

I’ve got to see what I’m interested in doing – making videos and doing campaigns around those online – is something I really can get off the ground rather than dallying in contrivances meant only to make money.

So where does that leave me. Let’s say the videos finally go up on the sites, and a few websites – particularly my artist site, and my video production site and perhaps even my talent site – say they’ve all been redone.

They look good, with a good video.

What then?

Marketing, Video and Online Priorities

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

This is a forward advance post on an upcoming update, mainly because you can draw a lot of conclusions when analysing but it’s best to keep an even outlook on the facts, but that’s not what I am doing here, I’m trying to create links to possible futures and decide how I feel about that.

Obviously the kind of stuff I write here is for my own journal purposes and to perhaps milk some SEO out of that but I at least try to remain relevant through relating my business experiences – now I’m more projecting than relating and I’m not sure how much value that has to the reader!

CD DVD duplication and copying services will be valuable over the next few years, but that’s the only window I have to bring my business forward before the decline of cd and dvd copying, printing and duplication begins.

I sense certain rythyms in business that should be attended, when problems are solved and the waters are calm, it’s the only time you have to prepare for what may be coming next. We also have recognised the pattern that when things get stirred up for a month or 2, once we’re through the words, many of the same aspirations return.

However I have learnt now that ceaselessly driving to create new opportunities can cause a lot of damage, letting your business breath can be a smart idea, that’s why although I feel frustrated that my consultancy work is grinding to a halt, it’s for the best because my more profitable business in cd dvd reproduction and cheap printing in auckland, is breathing and running reasonably well and taking the knocks in it’s stride and generally I’m a lot less stressed out.

The general result is that I’m not earning any more money than I have but I am certainly spending less time to do it.

So it follows that I return to ideas that will continue the success of my disc duplication business and the printing services we offer, and at some stage I will get an assistant who will help me build my marketing services and help me administer the greater business structure.

So then I return to my list which includes tying up all the loose ends with existing marketing clients, and making a go of that, pushing forward with my videos, which I have already started on, and finally improving the websites of some of my key secondary sites, very much thinking of how to bring my entertainment brands to a further professional point.

I think it does deserve some strategic thinking though.

With my marketing business I want a clean start. I don’t want to let clients down, I want to bring real skills and ideas and thinking to the table, not all this marketing nonsense, I want to get to the real issue, and if that’s trying to explain to clients what the reality is with marketing and online content then so be it. I can’t go on trying to sell people something I know they’ll be disappointed with even if what I offer is cheaper and better than the competition, it’s not the point.

The point is my clients are looking for something they can’t really buy, the magic of don draper is not something you can sell for $500, but I tried, and it’s been hard.

Video is the future. I don’t know where I fit, but I am moving forward, I need to find my niche there and I guess it’s a different vibe because I’m not sniffing out the money, I’m doing what I like and seeing if I can attract money by creating value.

I’ll be presenting, and acting and filming and editing and marketing and I’ll be doing it and my skills will come forward. Maybe opportunities will come in front of the camera, maybe there’ll be a market for my business model where everything is broken doown and streamlined to an amateur sensibility.

If I buy this video camera, I have the ability to expand my game. I can shoot, I can edit, I can present, I can market, so I’ve gotta prove what I can do.

With the secondary websites, I need to weigh up where this fits with where I’m moving forward. My entertainment brands will be developed and I feel other video related platforms such as cheap video production
could be developed because it fits with a longer term plan.

I don’t know if any of my blogging ideas or anything like that has any legs long term. A video is what it is. It either works or it doesn’t and you’re onto the next. It may take years but someone will pay me to do it, I think a years worth of real hard work and I could be making a decent living from it but that’s a few years away yet.

The point is the way I’m going into it – not setting myself up for where I know the money will come, but trying to attract money doing the things I know I want to do.

As long as I keep the cd dvd duplication and cheap printing going, I’ve got room to do that.

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

I thought it was definitely time to jump up and get a start back on the Kurb blog writing about some of what is going on here at the moment, mainly because it’s a chance to review and take stock of our plans and how they’ve been unfolding so far in 2011. Also now that I’m focusing on pushing through to a point where for the first time since I can remember I’m actually on top of my tasks it’s about recognising what on this list is actually going with me to a place in the future and something that I just assumed would be a necessary idea to pursue.

On this list has been ideas to revamp some of the satellite secondary sites I’ve been developing but is their really a future for these sites? Most of these ideas came from an idealistic place where I would just keep pushing forwards and becoming more successful with my small business ideas.

Also I’m feeling the need to re-instigate the daily list because this is what happens, it’s too easy to get overwhelmed or even underwhelmed in some circumstances by mundane tasks.

I guess what I mean is when you’re stressed it’s hard to focus on what can be done. When you’re not stressed it’s easy to kick back and yup – not focus on what can be done to preserve the rare and special tranquility and serenity of not having everything going wrong just when you think you can relax – as is eventually what tends to happen and always does, in my experience.

At the moment everything is going fine except for a bunch of mundane tasks I have to tackle head on before they become bigger issues.

The big one is I’m having problems with my cars. One needs a new tyre and a new warrant, the other is over heating and stuck on the other side of auckland.

On top of that I have to do my lawn, and get a haircut. That would bring me to a normal level where I’m not quite so stressed by these little niggling things, in fact going and getting a haircut is such a no brainer I just went and did it, because the point is to knock off the easy ones so you can zero in on the harder problems.

But then that puts me where I started, needing to tackle a few projects that have been malingering, because I know what it’s like to suddenly realise that the endless grind does have an end. I’ve sensed it just as I’ve been hit with another deluge of problems – I know it does exist and I know I can have it before the next though in my head is that I’m old now.

There is a place where this all ends but you must continue to grind aggressively toward it, or be sensible and judicious about what it is that really does need to be done.

Wrapping up my business with my current marketing clients would be the first step because then that would be a fresh start with my whole marketing business and an opportunity to rethink what I’m doing. At the end of the day, from this point I can’t move forward until I’ve leveled with my former clients and taken them to a place where they’re happy with my work, then I can hire a marketing assistant and take it from there.

I need to finish my business videos, get on top of my accounts receivable, get on top of my remaining clients marketing campaigns, and finally look seriously at where the revamp of these secondary sites comes in.

Those are the major things that need to be dealt with before I can look to move on.


Now that my fines are paid, I have very little debt left, and I’ve been way more sensible with setting up automatic payments to cover all essential bills and repayments, that certainly fixes most nasty suprises. What nasty suprises could we possibly anticipate?

Vehicle issues
Accounts receivable turing over to bad debts

I guess those are the only real issues.

The year has been really busy so far, business has been unexpected, but mainly there’s been some big, unexpected bills to pay which has sought have left me pretty much where I thought I would be, but extremely wary. If it wasn’t for the surplus I was already rolling off, those would have been heavy hits, and I’m certainly not out of the woods yet. This was a bit upsetting because ending the year on a high note and charging into the new year with new work I thought I would be a step ahead, but with all these nasty bills arriving, I’m right back to plodding along, I don’t feel confident in business at all.

My strategy was to double down on cd and dvd duplication and really innovate around these services as the core of my business. That has been reflected, however, efforts to extend from where I am have been hampered. Though our cheap printing and poster services are still going nicely, there’s never quite enough time to deal with some of the satellite business services, the music marketing, small business marketing and they’re continuing to go backward.