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New Video For Small Business Marketing

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

This is Kurb Promotions Auckland – We offer a full range of small business marketing packages for small to medium projects – Email / 027 684 8250

Our marketing packages also include

design services

cheap video production and video marketing

Hi I’m Matt Turner from Kurb Promotions in Auckland New Zealand and I’m going to tell exactly what we can offer you in terms of creating campaigns for your small to medium project or organisation.

Don’t forget if you want to talk to me about how we can create a marketing package that will work for what you’re trying to do online don’t hesitate to email and tell me about what you’re trying to do, so we can start talking about where the online marketing we offer here at kurb could provide you with the results you need.

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for over 5 years and I still run a number of successful businesses with no business cards, no listings in the yellow pages – just an intimate and experienced knowledge of every aspect of solid online marketing tactics that work on a budget.

Selling yourself out there online is easy, you just have to be smarter than the competition when it comes to using new online techniques for getting close to your real userbase and delivering more value and and a better experience and right now I’ll tell you exactly how I do it because that’s what I’m offering clients – a chance to shrink my 5 years  experience in building successful online business into a 3 month campaign to get you, your business, organisation or your project to grow.

For $900 you get 30 hours expert marketing support over 3 months, including full consultation and execution. Remember we work with you from whatever stage you’re at bearing in mind, to succeed in marketing your products and services online you’ll want to look at having:

– an effective website

– a strong competitive proposition and business delivery model

– search engine optimisation

– online advertising campaigns

– content: video content, written content (blogs)

– platform with which to deliver content most effectively (social media etc.)

What exacty you need and how much you need of it is of course all dependent on your situation, but here’s a descrioption of the building blocks we’re working with:

First you need a decent website, having a website that looks really professional is useless if it doesn’t make visitors confident in taking the sales process further. My websites have never really looked that impressive by they’ve been successful in securing sales, opening up communication and presenting clear, strong propositions.

Website development and optimisation for sales needs  analysis, experimentation, testing and comparisons – I say a website can always do its job better. The important thing is implementing optimisation quickly and efficiently, being flexible to what your customers actually want and how they benefit from using your site, so if it looks like a work of art too, then really thats just a bonus. Substance over Style, Function over Form, I will help you tweak and even build form scratch a website that does the most important thing: generate leads and sales.

What is the basis of your proposition and whats most suitable for your business model in the online environment?

I know how my experience in online marketing that brings people to my websites is only effective because my customers choose to purchase from me for compelling reasons. The basis of most propositions I make is not only that I provide better value and better proces than the competition, but that I am personally responsible for ensuring my customers are treated fairly.

Search engine optimisation is devoted to making sure your website comes up for search queries when customers are looking for your products, services and expertise.The fact that I’ve been working on optimising my websites for 5 years now is one of the biggest reasons they have done so well.

The packages we offer to help you with search engine optimisation and online advertising are simply some of the best value marketing support you can receive from anywhere for the price. Your website, once developed, absolutely needs smart search optimisation and advertising in order to secure ongoing targeted, high quality traffic, and you’d struggle to find someone else who can offer you personalised application of our experience at what we charge.

Online advertising as mentioned, like search engine optimisation can be so effective when done correctly, but in order to be competitive you need someone experienced and knowledgeable, and those people with true skills in these two fundamental areas charge so much more than what we do because that is the value of their work. You need to be aware of just how flexible the application of online advertising can be in getting results in new and innovative ways.

Content is a huge area to cover but it’s one of the most important thingsto understand about what is happening right now online because videos just like this one, and the information I provide on my blog helps gives customers the experience they need to choose my service and product over a competitor. Content is about the resources and the brand you put forward online where your potential customers are looking for information and entertainment which will naturally make them trust you and choose you over a faceless competitor who is providing nothing. Video and blogs don’t just provide persuasive information they provide connections and value and we’re here to help you provide the content your customers will truly appreciate.

Finally your platform – beyondyour website, online and social media platforms give your content an opportunity to be seen and shared by more potential customers. If you have quality content in the form of blogs or videos or podcasts or other media that we can help you create, having an effective presence on social media sites can provide a larger audience, and used in interactive and innovative ways to connect and provide more positive experiences. It’s important to use social media for business in a way that clear outcomes can be achieved to enchance the value customers experience.

So this video has been a quick run through of the most important things we offer in terms of online strategies

I’m not going to argue that I can work magic for $1000, but will receive 30 hours of quality work and you will receive more for that money than you wouldfrom any expert because they would charge for

let us show you how online marketing,  a smarter website, search engines, online advertising, video, blogs and social media could integrate to deliver a breakthrough for your organisation.

email me when youre ready for this and I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cheapest Auckland CD DVD Duplication Replication Printing

Friday, April 1st, 2011



PHONE: 027 684 8250


This year we decided we would be going back to the roots of our core activity, cd duplication, dvd duplication, cd printing, dvd printing, cd replication and dvd replication.

Not only to we offer cheap fast cd duplication in Auckland, New Zealand and now australia but we can also offer super cheap replication services which are more durable and professional looking – the thing with cd and dvd replication is it can take up to 2 weeks to complete the whole replication process.

Of course if you just need cd and dvd printing to be burned later – we can also give you a cheap price and complete this within 24hours to be shipped to you.

The world is becoming more faster. The variety of works is spreading day by day. So, there is nothing to keep in single hand. As the user of the same parts or instrument is increasing with time goes, the necessity duplication or copying has been being created in recent years. Without duplication the world can’t run faster at the same time.

In our everyday life we feel the different kinds of things to keep continue our daily activities. We need music for recreation, software for different application, images for identification & also many other things for various purposes. All the data mentioned above can be written in one cd/dvd. The cd/dvd can be duplicated in a huge number. So, one can easily understand the importance of duplication of cd/dvd.
There are ways of duplication of cd/dvds. Duplication services, in house duplicators, manual duplicators all result in a same outcome. The option depends on individuals.
Duplication is performed with the help of a duplication machine named ‘duplicator’. Duplicator is nothing, just like a photocopier machine. The only difference between duplicator & photocopier is that duplicator uses a laser to burn pits into the dye of the recordable area of disc. In the end of the duplication process, a carbon copy of the original disc is created. There is also another difference between these two machines is that in photocopies, if ink is low, it is hard to read. But in the case of duplicator the discs will be identical every time except if there is any problem in a disc, the duplicator will reject it.
Occasionally duplication of more discs can be done with own hand, because it is reasonable for individuals. But in the case of hundreds of discs the duplication service company can be very helpful. They can produce discs with a varying number of duplicates. Actually, duplication services is more convenient when there is no enough time to do the job personally. For this purpose only one master disc has to be provided to the duplication company. In this way, anybody can save his time & also can do other activities. Depending on the duplication service company the order can take a few business day. The selection of service company is an important thing in this respect. The selection of duplication company depends on the amount of money, length of time, period of duplication & many other things. The company should be chosen as it is ideal for the specific order.
Burning discs one at a time is a lengthy task when large numbers are needed. There is no way but to look for a duplicator. There are many facility available in a duplicator for which it is easy to use & handle. The most distinctive feature of most of the duplicators is that they require no software, they can be standalone units, which makes them very easy to set up.
Manual duplicators are look like a rack of dvd burner stacked on each other. It is composed with a simple menu system & one drive acts as the reading drive. This duplicators are cost-effective in burning multiple discs. This is ideal for little jobs, but also can be used in bigger jobs if the trays are reloaded.
Thus the duplication services are helpful in many ways.