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Auckland – Printing, Design, Video – Outsource Everything

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Here at Kurb, online marketing is our backbone – we may be known for cd dvd duplication and printing but it’s our online marketing skills that keep us ahead in this game. That’s why all the newest possibilities available online to enhance your brand and connect with potential clients – including outsourcing much of the online marketing tasks that are absolutely necessary.

At the moment our main business of CD / DVD replication and DVD CD Duplication services are going so well that we really don’t have time to stop, and go through with all the developments we want to make around here – the important ones anyway. It’s just plain dumb to walk away from good money doing auckland services such as CD printing to build something down the line, it’s counter productive, especially because I make good money doing the cd dvd printing and copying, and the things I need to do – with websites and brochure design, are not things that come naturally to me.

In the bigger picture it’s also frustrating to see these small issues sprinkled about – can’t really be clear to focus on bigger picture issues because there’s little splotches ruining the view.

The other issue then becomes assistants. I briefly entertained the idea of an online assistant, but it doesn’t work let’s go over the list:


– cd / dvd printing and packing
– cleaning / organising
– helping with my video content
– trademe
– pirates/weddings etc

– administration / customer service for online / video/ design
– customer service / email
– marketing and blogging projects

Archiving is also an issue – the concept of an assistant becomes less about helping my business, and just helping me do whatever I want to do because I have to organise various archiving projects. This could really be getting the printers to scan in all my archive records. Then the rest is up to me. Maybe there will be a few odd jobs.

In terms of a virtual assistant, however, better would be to have a person here, managing an outsourced assistant. It makes sense.

So we recognise a real assistant is now a big deal.

But that doesn’t address any further what we could be outsourcing.

More videos. More Blogs. Article Marketing for decent articles I have written. I would like to hire bloggers, but they’re only going to write unreadable seo bait stuff and that’s not really going to lift my blogs up. Getting decent articles is too expensive. Again it comes back to those content discussions.

It comes down to my ability to deliver better content. That’s why I need an assistant to keep me focused, getting out with the camera. The camera is big, but I also need to focus my writing, writing content that connects people to doing what I want them to do – trusting me with more important promotions opportunities through them.

With an assistant I can focus on pirate birthday stuff, filming, and talent all in one fell swoop. We’re out dressed as a pirate, promoting the pirate thing, filming footage for use, and talking to possible talent connections.

We can look at videos once more, working with these guys, to slowly build up something of quality, that’s why I’m working on my own video productions so I can then put a price tag on that and advertise it. But I do see video production, pirates, and talent management as place we could use content to expand the business.

I think combining that with the assistant is the only place to go. I have to do video, because the assistant is there. The assistant is learning because we are learning video production.

So tomorrow is:
Caroline – Wayne – Wanganui – trademe – cat cd – skydiving

Moving Business Forwards With Auckland Wedding Video Productions

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

I’ve just organised our first cheap auckland wedding video production to go ahead so that’s a real major – for me, the first sale is huge because it proves that your business model CAN work.

I have written so many blogs here and have gone over so many different angles and the cheap auckland wedding video company plans were the best because it’s a service that’s in widespread demand, takes some skill, and therefore is quite profitable.

So it’s not not just because I got one person interested in our auckland wedding video services, but people get married every weekend, so there’ll be no shortage of work available.

I don’t like to take a lot of risks in business any more because if you’re personally happy with the growth you’re enjoying why work yourself silly? Isn’t it better to wait for the right opportunity to expand to present itself? With these video production opportunities becoming available, I am confident that I am well placed to step it up if and when we see a drop off in CD and DVD duplication and printing orders, which as I’ve said, may not be for another 3 or 4 years.

But what’s better than one great positive business prospect? 2, 2 great business prospects, yahahaha!

I guess even though I’m happy with where my business is at, and where my finances are, I still have energy available to commit to business and video and various auckland promotions services and I have the opportunity to plant seeds, that in years to come, make my transition out of CD and DVD duplication easy and smooth and I guess – it’s like I said, I had one great idea with CD and DVD copying and now I’m no longer poor, if I can just have one more idea that good, I can probably get rich – rich enough for me anyway, a couple of million to chill on is all I need I’m not some scrooge!

But that’s what I identified – one decent idea or a couple of okay ones is all I need to relax my lifestyle, earning and saving a little more than I budgeted for is only going to continue to take me to a safe place – to me, I could probably live comfortably off the interest from 2 million and still probably do a little bit of leisurely work for the odd treat, but that’s going to take 21 years. So the next factor to consider is that I don’t want to spend the next 21 years worrying about money.

So although CD replication and DVD printing services in Auckland and New Zealand are enough to keep me going for now, just a little bit of something new happening, going on, growing under my feet, is all I need to relax a little. That’s why I stay interested in new opportunities.

Business is what I’m good at, so I’m hoping to use business opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences rather than simply make more money, I think long term, it’s a great holistic approach to have.

A lot of the strategies I’ve looked at for expansion haven’t really been seriously profit motivated more testing and experimenting but that’s also very worthwhile, except it’s easy to meander when revenue isn’t priority, because you’re just skirting around the idea of scalable viability.

With the shop / retail ideas, there is a new spot available in town which I am looking at, but it still comes down to whether I need to take a risk. The issue being that not taking a risk has meant I find myself in a relatively stable scenario.

There’s two options. Stay safe, stay focused on my task list, because their are always mundane tasks, or let loose a little and keep scanning for new ideas and new opportunities. If you commit to something you’re committed. But if you allow the right opportunities to find you, at the right time, sure it may get frustrating being patience and waiting to make a serious move, but it may be the smartest choice.

I have a lot of website services – children’s birthday parties, cheap auckland wedding video production and other auckland video production services, not to mention my artist and entertainment sites that just all really need to be improved with better presented and organised websites, talent management also, I can’t really expand until there;s something there that people can see is good.

So does that mean I’m more interested in a retail operation because it’s more exciting than my other business ideas and it allows me to lift my lifestyle while making it viable to do so. If that’s the case, it’s still a good reason – but perhaps to risky to warrant, where there are still opportunities for action that are advisable with less risk.

I guess the issue is feeling boring and stagnant when I might be being prudent.

Everybody out there is always om about how you’ve got to fail and make mistakes in order to succeed, and I’ve failed plenty and it’s just not pleasant. Especially where I’m at, where I’m not really dead serious about expanding my business I just want to be aware of the opportunities that could exist. So perhaps I need to look at things that would be exciting and interesting without a big commitment or risk.

That’s encompassed by blogging about talent management and our video production work including auckland wedding video services, and our blogs and online music marketing for our artists sites, but it sort of isn’t really happening.

Which comes back to the websites being lacklustre, and barely really suited for the kind of business we want to bring in especially when we’re trying to establish trust.

Should we keep pursuing auckland wedding video business as it’s profitable and there’s a deep market to be one over with trust, as well as picking up creative skills? Of course.

But should we go out and get a new shop just because it feels like action, and looks like glamour, even though I know I have debts that need collecting, administration, and websites that need to be improved? Why don’t you get all that sorted out first, then start with your big ideas?

Well I’m just looking. Just browsing – put it this way, the issues obviously are the jump in costs and the hassle of moving. But there’s a lot of reasons why the space is desirable:

– location for business: not only would it be more handy for clients but being in town makes it not only more accessible for new and different services such as cheap printing auckland city / cbd for example.

– location for tenants: where and however I would need to get tenants, I would have no problems getting students.

1 location con: I’d be further away from the printers and disc suppliers.

At the moment I have 5 rooms and a large kitchen and a garage. 1 bedroom, 1 workroom and 2 storage rooms, the 4th largest room for a possible tenant

The new place has 4 rooms, an open plan living room with a small kitchen. If I had one bedroom, 1 workroom and 1 storage room, I could still have a living room and room for a tenant. However my bedroom would be smaller but I’d have a living room I’d have to share. And sharing is a big deal.

That’s really what’s at issue here. Would I swap living alone for the chance to have a great location where I can get my business and life happening?

on one hand it feels risky, like something could go wrong, but on the other, it seems to locate me closer to a whole lot of action.

It’s about finding $250 per week. If I needed a tenant I could get one, but could I manage the situation? Could I manage without one? I’m thinking after 6 months, I will find new ways to make income from the spot to make up the difference, where I have to.

Unfortunately it comes down to Graham. If I can get him in there, then I can cover my bills until the time I forced to seek other alternatives.

The only way I can justify the risk is if I can cover myself with Graham, and it doesn’t work out, well I know I can get more tenants, because if the location.

But ultimately I want no tenants, or to be super selective, but how will I ever afford that? You don’t think it’s realistic profits can rise by $200 to make it worth it?

I need to look at the place.

Derek Sivers of CD Baby vs. our CD Duplication / DVD Replication

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Hi this Matt from Kurb – if you’re working in a business related to CD duplication and DVD replication and have just stopped by to read the article, I’d love to swap links – link building

Otherwise enjoy the article and if you’re interested in realistic and affordable deals on CD DVD duplication or replication we can supply almost anyone in the world!


Derek Sivers is talking about his experience in CD Baby and referencing all kinds of big guys like Seth Godin and bringing it back to that hard fact that in the modern marketplace with everything fragmenting and breaking down into niches, and you have to be doing something special or you won’t survive.

A lot of Derek’s stuff although invaluable has become repetitive – Maybe that’s just because I’ve been reading his anecdotes since back before myspace, but at the end of the day, and it’s not as if this Seth Godin stuff is new either, but his inspiration as a cool guy who wanted to help and grew a huge music business just makes me think. Here is someone who was involved in the CD industry, and now I’m a bit more serious about facing up to the fact that CD’s and DVD’s are where it’s at for me. I’ve often been perhaps a little cautious about the fact that CD DVD duplication and replication doesn’t exactly have a long life ahead of it, and there’s only so much of the market you can take.

There’s different directions I could take it – a CD manufacture bought cd baby, should I be doing something along the distribution and retail front? Or should I expand my market using new tools online? Should I become more aggressive doing what I already do here in New Zealand?

But if I tried to get more remarkable could I possibly be more aggressive? If I was to take a more aggressive approach with pricing and branding, could I possibly grow my business that we really go out with a bang?

America is such a huge market for CD baby to succeed in, but that’s why I see boutique services working in NZ. In 10 years, CD’s and DVD’s will be quaint as. I maybe the only one left making them, but perhaps still doing the same number I do now?

I’ve got to keep researching. My trajectory now is to prepare for business to grow to a plateau for up to 3 years, it’s still growing now, so that’s not optimistic. More small musicians are getting discs done, more big companies are using discs to move information.

But I think the derek sivers mission is to continue to look at opportunities to solve people’s problems, more problems, bigger problems. I think this is happening naturally and I have a nose for it but so much revolves around the backbone of cd duplication and dvd replication services. If I knew business would maintain for 10 years, I could be a lot more ambitious, because 10 years is such a long time to plant more seeds, that’s twice the time it’s taken me to get here.

That’s plenty of time to do something new. To be honest this business has only been serious for 4 years, a lot can happen in 4 years. This is what I’m saying there may be an opportunity for me to to really ramp up cd dvd replication within 7 years by using different strategies to really stand out.

I could go back to my music marketing blog and tie the cd deal in with it well to compete the US my margin would be like $250, but I could make $500 on marketing and probably another $150 on design. I guess it’s about focusing on where the blog can make me money.

By adding CD’s I’m only making $250 but I’m adding a reason why they would do my special deal which results in me making extra money as well as being exposed to a much bigger market.

So this episode did shift my thinking back to my music marketing blog where I could be most effective at using my brand to reach more people and get cd dvd replication happening there. We need to connect the now to the future, we’ve already sensed the value of building trust with people as a means to ensure an active clientele fpr the future, how do we push that forward in a viable way? By focusing back on the key blogs as a vehicle for pushing these offers.

First the cd duplication and video services, I think there will be a more traditional marketing approach for my artists brands but for talent, well we might have to feel it out there is no real connection to viability there, but nor with nmy artists brands. So if I’m doing the viable approach, it’s through my music marketing blog, selling duplication and replication deals but then moving more toward music video production and more online music management services.

How will I make money from artist brands? touring, gigs, advertising, and possibly pushing the newsletter, I guess it’s a dollar each way, if my artist brands never catch on, I can keep with my music marketing blog! I don’t think there’s any reason to suggest talent fits with this because it’s about me using my business sense for my own enjoyment if one of my talent management clients breaks out, it’s a bonus.

I don’t think there’s a clear strategy to say this is what I should do with artist brands or talent management to get it moving. It’s a seed I’ve planted that I really do want to make the effort to see it grow, unlike the others which were punts. These 2 are very long plays, and they are for good reason outside of just being viable.

But if I want to be viable, the music marketing blog is the way! Because I can’t sell anything of real value effectively any other way. That is why these are the sites that will be rehauled so we can look at how they can be more effective in engaging people. Becuase once I engage people, then we’ll discover where the real opportunity lies.

Business Planning for CD, DVD, Printing, Video and Online Media

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Right now I’m getting a clearer focus for my blogging.

Cd duplication and dvd replication all kinds of cd printing and dvd printing, packaging in auckland new zealand is at the core of our business so much of my secondary activity has to feed into that. That’s all content based.

It;s either going to be a video, or a blog or some ad copy. So the content has to be there, to bring someone to the proposition – that’s where I make money. But I really just trying to focus on being creative enough to get something happening. Some great videos, a great blog a great newsletter, that’s going to matter. That’s going to happen. If you’re focused on creativity in video production and your blogging, newsletters, you’re connecting with people, then go big enough, you’re going to inspire people somewhere to do business, and once you’re already rolling like I am, it’s just adding to the momentum.

Where does it go? Well if I am picking up an extra cd or dvd replication job or working on online video productions and online video marketing then it’s going to be a score for me. If I can work out how to get more artists and clients trusting me then I may be able to take this to the next level.

Right now, I’m doing great but I’m trying to project here that cd and dvd replication may not be around forever, but as you’ve seen the more I research, the more I feel that the decline may only be beginning in 5 years. But as I’ve said before, if the decline begins in 3 years or 7, I’m still going to need a plan, but that plan must be governed by a deeper understanding, that’s why I keep raking over this topic, because if I know cd and dvd can fund my business development over 3 – 7 years then I know there are possibilities available.

It may sound crazy to think I could do online advertising campaigns fully developed on big budgets, manage talent and make money from my own art, but once you put it into a 5 year plan, that’s doable, planning to arrive in 5 years is not ambitious at all when you know that you have a revenue source to tide you over.

But what’s that plan? That cheap printing is already a part of my business. Between the printing and what will be left of cd and dvd duplication, cd replication services, we should be able to scrape up some money – I really think after being in printing for 10 years, I’ll have contacts and people who come to me for business so that I probably make twice what I do now from that but half as much in cd and dvd.

Leaving my video and online work to replace the shortfall.

Income sources from 2015:

Cheap Printing – including graphic design
Online Video Services – Cheap Auckland Wedding Video, Youtube Marketing, Music Video Production
Online Marketing – Music and Business
Artist Earnings / Online Retail / Ad Revenue
Hospitality / Retail

So in 5 years I expect my earnings from doing video work and other online marketing services to have doubled or tripled what they are now, 4-5 years ago I was earning as much online as I did from cd and dvd copying, and in 4-5 years it will return to that situation.

I also hope for some of my hobbies – my artists stuff, the talent agent services I’ve been looking into, and web income from other sources such as advertising to make up a good supplement of a few hundred a week, gardening and pirate birthdays are there as options when I need them, but the whole damn thing is a big option! It’s a big old safety net, but we’re trying to analyse what rate of progress is required.

The reality is over four whole years I need to double my already tiny online and video production work, but it’s at that point, that there could be a sharp drop, and I need to know there will be something in place. There will be, but the fact is if I’m going to rely on doing video I have to be already doing it, and so some hard work might be involved! You can see why timing is so important, I don’t want to burn myself out, but I don’t want to go through a couple of lean years because I didn’t plan ahead.

But what this means is that as long as I can get one video production or auckland wedding video each week, I will be doing half as much work in cd dvd reproduction which would free up more time and more focus. It’s doesn’t take as much time, but it is hard to focus on other business when you’ve got enough as it is, that’s why I write these blogs to have a long term plan in plce while I have the luxury of the time to plan.

Maybe I can cruise for a few years but I need to know I can get enough video work to cover the decline, and once we pass the tipping point, have a whole new business to get into. The old business providing a third of my income, the video production the same, and new business the same.

We can’t quite say what new business maybe because we’re talking about 7 years from now! Ideally a boutique where I can do my cd dvd stuff and printing and have some other things going on, what was the plan? shop in 5 years, shop + hospo in 10 years, and shop + hospo (bar/cafe) + bigger hospo (club/restaurant) in 15 years. In 15 years, that could all be happening, at some point I will level up as an entrepreneur and stop worrying about whether I made enough to cover my outgoings this week because it’s bigger than that. You have a shop / cafe / bar / restaurant spread over 2 or 3 locations, you’re probably getting by.

I mean seriously, if you run a hospo spot wouldn’t your food bill go down $100 just from getting coffee and meals there? I’m just saying – possibilities exist beyond what we’re doing now.

So the outcome is, we are preparing for something that won’t happen for 4 years. It’s good to have a backup plan, but when is it overkill?

We have to be serious about the fact we’re not in control of all the opportunities, anything could happen.

Blogging On Cheap Auckland Printing, CD DVD Duplication

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Contact kurb promotions in auckland new zealand for cheap auckland printing as well as the most competitive cd dvd duplication and replication service in new zealand!


I’m Matt and I’ve been developing my promotions business with online techniques for over 6 years now.

At the moment I’ve been thinking about promotion and online marketing because I often use blogging as a default promotions strategy to boost my search rankings, and I can place advertisements in page which will be there for years to come. Publishing a blog, though such a small thing is still an effective strategy that provides for long term options.

But it is time consuming and it’s a hard thing to pin down if you’re trying to replicate the successes of the top bloggers. Most businesses are looking for cheap ways to increase awareness about what they do, blogging is one of the cheapest ways to increase your profile, mainly because it helps you rank above the competition that is perhaps not blogging.

Google pays attention to fresh original content. Your competitors may have been smart enough to throw up a dozen articles on their website for googles appreciation, but a blog allows you to update regularly. I find if I’m posting a lot on this blog, it doesn’t effect my rank a great deal, but a month or two later, thing have usually picked up, it takes awhile for google to get used to what’s going on.

I often think about adwords. Often blogging like most content strategies you’re trying to capture attention and refine that into sales of something. Their are different strategies from being super relevant to those wanting to make a purchase, to building brand recognition and trust long term do followers and customers respect the brand, and trust in purchasing. With blogging for SEO or adwords, either way, you’re plugging into googles massive influence, in order to tap into their massive practically unrivaled audience.

Do you buy that influence or do you try to use a content strategy such as blogging to create attention through it? My thinking is that sludgy content is a poor strategy worthy of only the lowest rung, I should be beyond this, I should be refining.

Remember it all revolves around sales of high value products and services in this case cheap auckland printing, cd printing, dvd prinitng, cd duplication, dvd duplication. Not the easiest thing to form a content strategy around, and so, advertising would seem the smart option.

So even if you have high quality content such as online videos and well written blogs how does that translate to sales because you’re only other option is advertising, which can be expensive. You’ve got to look at your product.

For me, anything that leads to the sales of CD or auckland dvd duplication, copying printing, is effective. That could be my SEO and my advertising, blogging increasing my SEO performance or word of mouth. Long term I’m also doing posters, cheap auckland printing for flyers, etc I’m doing video production – and ideas such as classifieds and trademe marketing are specifically designed for mail contact so I can then send them out this brochure I’m putting together.

These are solid services but there’s here’s only so much advertising you can invest into before you need to think about branding, building loyalty etc. and that comes back to having an excellent product and service. Talking about solving problems, sure, but given that’s in place, now I need to use branding, promotion and marketing to make myself the most obvious competitor the way michael hill and mad butcher did.

The music marketing blog is where the most attention has been received, go there, build the brand, blog creatively and push cd replication, dvd replication, and services that I can make decent money on. I’ve been talking about making a connection between what people need, and where they perceive the value. If you do all this stuff they need such as design etc and manage those needs and then sell them the cd dvd duplication and all their printing as well then you’re making it all worthwhile.

There’s a process:

– blogging is too time consuming and not creative and valuable enough as a promotions strategy for cheap auckland cd dvd duplication and printing.

– adwords frees up effort in marketing, blogging

– so then I have the time to slowly plan how I can make money out of what I enjoy – blogging, music, aspects of video and content that offers narrative and creativity. Ideas include:

– bringing more persona to my music marketing blog and leveraging it sell CD DVD replication deals, especially if I target australia.
– using blogging and content to push a newsletter

The Future of CD DVD Disc Media – Optical Duplication and Replication

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Hi this Matt from Kurb – if you’re working in a business related to CD’s and DVD’s and have just stopped by to read the article, I’d love to swap links – link building

Otherwise enjoy the article and if you’re interested in realistic and affordable deals on CD DVD duplication or replication we can supply almost anyone in the world!


I’ve just been looking at the potential of CD DVD media because my company makes most of it’s money from providing cd dvd replication and cd duplication – cd dvd printing in New Zealand, based in Auckland, but because of our service we can deliver great deals around the world, and you can be completely confident in our kurb brand and reputation and service to ensure your order arrives.

I’m reading some interesting arguments in my research. One main one is that software companies want their goods on disc for piracy reasons. More coments:

sadly my daughter has some friends who cant handle email attachments. So if they want a set of pictures, i have to burn a cd disc. Isn’t that crazy!

I have tried to tell her to email them but having them on a CD gives them something physical to hold, even though the images are not. The generational mindset has to evolve some more. The people she gives pictures to are one generation older then she is.

I think optical discs make great archival tools. However, I also agree that all media will at sometime be distributed over the internet (including television). In my country (US) I think it will take a long time to occur, due to the large land area and because of our slowness to adopt better technologies such as fiber-optic.

I think music will be on CD for a while to come. CD-Rs are much cheaper than flash drives and although they’re only one time use they work for audio CDs and the like. Call me old-fashioned but I don’t want to have to be online to do everything

No, CD/DVD is not dead, nor will it be anytime soon. They’ll still be around, decades from now. Won’t be using the exact same technology we use now, but whatever is there will support legacy media. First, an observation. Paper was invented millenia ago. It’s still around, despite the predictions of the past few decades of a paperless office / paperless society. They still print books, by the millions

But the thing is this: archiving. Specifically, powerless archiving. You put something on optical media you don’t need power to maintain it. You spring for metallic layer, you can be very liberal with storage conditions. By archiving I don’t mean just us users storing stuff off-line, I mean entities like corporations and perhaps more to the point, governments that must keep records going back decades. Many are invested heavily with CD/DVD archival technology and it takes very little overhead to maintain it. Comparable to the effort (expense is less actually) than maintaining mag-tape libraries which are still quite popular.

There’s petabytes out there stored on both optical and magnetic mediums, either aren’t going away any time soon.

Nevertheless there will be a need such as a weddings photo album in digital or video album provided to the client on a optical disc format. Esp when these days TIF files can be so large from these ultra MP cameras. Games and movies and purchasing software at the shop etc. +

Is this supposed to be a serious rebuttal? I love USB Drives and not only have quite a collection but make frequent use of them. That being said, however, I do not just give them away when needing to give data files to friends/clients/others. A CD/DVD is a cost-efficient and useful method of passing along data to those that need it. The CD/DVD is far from dead no matter what Jobs and his fanboys want to claim.

A big thing is when less device start taking discs and containing disc drives, researching this became a chicken and egg situation – as long as they duplicate cd dvd’s there’s be devices to take them – and blue ray adds to that

I only refer to going to a DVD store as NZ still won’t have capable internet in the next decade.And media compression in all its forms sucks balls.

This is the most interesting angle on the speed of change, technology is required to make it easier to use the internet to distribute information technology that won’t be widespread for a decade. If people can have higher quality non compressed files, they won’t want them. So what about usb sticks? One comment suggested businesses don’t like branding an item that can be re-purposed beyond their control. The disc has more visual impact and my client like to use discs to illustrate the content of the item.

a usb can’t tell you what it does by looking at it.

Which is important for archiving, any kind of storage device, no matter how large, can’t tell you what’s on it like a cd can.

Do they want to put a flash port and a hard rive in everything, how long will it be before your average 60 year old who will be 70 will completely comprehend flash drives in the way that we understand CD and DVD – as we’ve lived with CD’s for 25 years!

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that CD and DVD will still be around and there may be a market for an old school shop for CD’s vinyl etc., a may just wait for real groovy to go down, or marbecks etc, because people will still want to go somewhere and browse for music. A rare CD will become worth $10 or more, and we can sell CD’s we make ourselves, especially if we’re the only ones who do it, 100 bans each selling 100 copies and us making $5 on each one would be $50,000. Pretty cool really.

The most important thing would be getting that content online so you could give away 2 songs a week to your mailing list, have a 1000 strong cd a month club and be making $1 on each of those, these are things that could be working in 2016. Be realistic about 5 years ago.

The first mass market Cd’s came out 25 years ago, I got my first burnt cd 16 years ago from a friend who’s dad ran a recording studio. I remember when I was 21 I didn’t have a burner yet. 9 years ago we started burning and printing our own cd’s with stickers on them. Looking at this trajectory

9 years from advent to duplication technology
4 years for duplication to become commonplace
3 years for printing and presentation to become available – got my first usb around that time
4 years for my home service to originate

That was 5 years ago. 10 years ago, cd burning drives were online just coming in for everybody.

How soon will it be before people can share their important songs, videos, lengthy pdf documents and pictures to specifically targetted people? Especially if it’s a financial transaction?

You can you get people to pay, ensure a specific person is receiving a specific set of information, ensure that technology is capable – can the email and the bandwidth handle music, movies, HD pictures?

Especially as more people use video they’ll put it online, but how do they give out hard copies that can be watched easily on a high quality device?

Not all situations will be suitable for viewing online or on a mobile device. And again, fundamentally, when will there be a tipping point where most of society understands there is an alternative to CD’s and DVD’s for such purposes?

In my business experience, the majority are where I was 7 years ago, understanding cd and dvd can be provided and presented cheaply. More people are realising it’s cheap to do, more businesses are realising it’s easier to mail out a cd than a full catalogue. They want to use video but when controlling the distribution as I explained above,

Everyday people want to sell their products and so they are like the software companies who choose CD and DVD because they can control the distribution in a way they can profit. It’s also about the ordinary person. The ordinary person wants to sell their work or distribute it otherwise, beyond a website, how long will it be until everyday people can sell their music online, sell movies they make, sell documents and pictures, software even?

Software is a bad example because if you can make software, you can work out how to get it to somebody under the right circumstances. But everyday artists have to go through issues getting their products for sale online. How long until the multiplying amounts of everyday people who are in a band or make movies or share large amount of information who understand this?

I believe things may continue for 3-4 years, and then start to twist. Kids still use CD’s and DVD’s now, so they are naturalized. Anyone 25 – 60 does see the CD or DVD as a natural format again I’m talking everyday people, not early adopters.

A website you can download something still adds friction when a face to face transaction is more effective, what else facilitates this outcome or transferring information until there’s some kind of bluetooth socially based transaction it sounds like something that is culturally 20 years off.

I think my clientele in 5 years will be different but turnover will be the same. only after 7-8 years will turnover drop off, because there will be businesses who can no longer compete.