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Cheap Design And Online Marketing For My Pirate Website

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Though I’m quickly running out of things that have to be done right now, the idea of another assistant position being created and solid go-to cheap auckland print marketing material was put across as a cheap way of marketing the business based on opportunity, but really I don’t need to aggressively expand right now so if I really wanted to grow aggressively I’d be focused on the assistant, the marketing materials, but because I’m not really struggling and I’m interested in strengthening my business in other ways, I’ve rather put those ambitions on the back burner.

But bringing a fresh professional feel to my sites is a big one that is refusing to budge from being put off.

It’s because I decided on growing business in a way I enjoyed, mainly in music and talent and video – auckland wedding video production for example, and those ideas need solid marketing and promotion – not an assistant to handle organisation, or a brochure or flyer printing, but a solid internet concept that can then be pushed by my adwords ppc skills.

I know I can use advertising to promote my new offerings, but it’s hard to promote something that doesn’t look good, a website is where you push your product or offering, if it doesn’t look professional then you’ve got a credibility issue straight off the bat.

So the best idea for me is to get all my websites sorted out – this product launch plug in I’ve been looking at seems to offer a lot of the things I need for my small business websites. Especially the video production (including auckland wedding videos) and talent management sites I’ve got bubbling, they were only realy looking for a more proffesional look to the landing pages anyway.

Sure, what I’m doing with my artists promotion and music marketing blogs means this won’t fix my issues there because I need big presentation.

I have accepted for now that juggling more employees isn’t as beneficial as I thought, it takes a lot of focus and organisation to put employess to work and I felt it was just another thing that was counter productive. All the productive, industrial methods rely on swapping in cheaper labour which is fine in theory until the primary tasks are disrupted. The brochure

I want to improve website design firstly focusing on presentation, and then raising the quality of my content.

I’ve already been talking about how I want to develop my music promotion and entertainment brands – which is why making these sites stand out with a professional look is a big priority for me.

But my new tactic is for my pirate stuff to lead the way because it’s already established and more viable, I can double, triple my advertising and see instant results, I just bumped it up by 20% just then, to get more into it, get more bookings.

But that will happen so much faster and easier when the website the advertising takes them to looks professional.

The way I want to unroll my pirate birthday marketing is similar to any entertainment brand – a solid and well presented proposition on the website, then the big advertising push. Once the site is working, then augment that with tight video and written content, but it’s all pushing to a series of revenue streams.

– performance bookings – performance bookings is the best one because it is the clearly most valuable most chargeable proposition you can deliver.

But also:

– content sales (dvd, mp3, ebooks etc.)
– affiliate sales + branded merch
– advertising / youtube partnership views
– franchising, getting fairies going

And then:

– Sponsorship is your end goal.

But there won’t be a serious jump in income until I can get one of my other add on extension units established, and that’s going to be work.

I think “operation tinkerbell” is the next big step. Because then we can film more, work on a show, and I’m moving toward a point where I can manage my fairies as a pirate king. Or possibly a goblin king who drives my fairies round and materialises to terrorize the girls or tell a story with the fairies.

THEN when I’ve got that going , because I should be able to film a video with the fairies every week, the website should be cooking and everything else should go from there.

I may need to invest into tinkerbells because it will take me 3 months to train them properly at least before they can go out on their own to do girls parties, though I will be with them, it may still take effort to raise the business so we’re doing 2 parties a week.

It’s as much needing tinkerbell for filming as developing her as a fairy, but long term if I can develop a performance concept . . .

It’ll be just like having a gig. Or we could get hired for more appearances, especially through youtube – big writing:

Pirate Matty and Fairy Fairyface

Birthday Parties: $200

Pirates Story Performance: $500

Event Appearances: $200 for first hour, $125 p/hour for up to 3 hours subsequent.

But if you can do a half hour performance anywhere, do one at a school every week for $500, again, we would be super cheap, because if 200 kids watch it, it’s a deal.

The performance I would like to see more interactive, like the kids are part of the show – like what I do with the kids anyway, except they stay sitting down.

We could have 2 or 3 sets after awhile, makes you more versatile, but at that stage I’d probably be cooling on it anyway. after doing one show a week, a birthday party, copying money from the site, I’d be more interested in going back to my original entertainment brand and making that happen.

In fact by that stage I’d probably want a serious assistant, managing my business, the pirate story shows, and my entertainment brand stuff – again, a long way off.

Pirate Promotions in Auckland – Cheap Services For Entertainers.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a businessman (and entertainer too) working in entertainment services – cheap auckland printing, cd printing and duplication, dvd replication and copying, online marketing, websites – all great afoordabel services entertainers need in auckland and new zealand.

I’m really good atthe making money part, now I’m reaching for things that are more stimulating for me, but still make oney – that balance is fundamental, poverty is no good, bit neither is losing the spark in your work.

There’s several things I’m wondering about my business as it changes in nature, really about creative ways to grow the business – and when I mean grow, I don’t mean grow profit, I should say “develop” – I’m more interested in developing a sophisticated organisation than an organisation that makes more money, that’s just a happy bonus.

This is why I blog a lot more now, because I’m really in an ideas phase, looking for bigger and better ideas than “how to make more money”.

What ways can I better invest my time into the business long term? How can I grow my entertainment brands to provide a minimal supplementary income as partial validation, and provide just that bit of extra income that makes all the difference when treating yourself.

But then you get a problematic loop – You’re less worried about profit, you’re more creative, your activities are more wasteful as they may not provide good value, as it is unmeasured and perhaps unmeasurable, and then you’re stuck doing something no one cares about and making nothing from it – you’ve become completely self indulgent.

So while my entertainment brands are a priority for me at the moment it once again brings back the auckland pirate birthday party ideas back from the brink, they always hovered there because it is working, it is making money, and it is through entertainment.

My strategy is to build my pirate entertainer service over the next 2-3 years into somthing that contributes a good skill and can open some doors for more of my entertainment ideas.

Long term, it’s developing a road show and a sponsorship deal for my youtube video and website etc, where it would really pay off.

But for now I just want to be doing 2 parties most weekends and putting my prices up to $200, adding tinkerbell, and using her to get more girls parties, develop a show, and a brand.

Because I;ve established a toehold theres a web of opportunities that exist.

I could have 4 fairy parties booked and take $100 off each one. I could be doing 1 or 2 shows worth $500 a pop, I could start booking shows out of the city for tours, I could do some kind of videocast, youtube thing, but also if I’m going around promoting and filming myself, recruiting fairies, then I can also promote other stuff as well.

Put together a marketing deal for shops I go into, combining online with some kind of entertainment, performance.

I guess on one hand I just have to get out there and play with it, but I need to refine my pitches, if I’m in some store talking about marketing and promotion I need to be able to cover some attractive options without long winded details.

We need to be weary of getting involved in things we don’t want to be locked into. We can charge $300 for a website, $300 for video, $300 for an ad campaign – we can work out all these deals, but it’s not what we want! What it does offer, is a glimpse into ways we can jack ourselves up if we get into trouble with cd dvd duplication falling off.

So how do we ramp up the pirates?

– website design
– youtube videos, hopefully with tinkerbell
– more advertising

Then develop a show, and keep the videos coming.

Especially anything that could lead to us selling more dvd’s, like if you did some filming around the school and with the kids, and sold them for $10. Sell it as a package for $750 with 100 DVD’s.

How much should a shop pay to be in an episode of pirate matty? $500 at first, but that’s a long way off. Let’s not get too carried away just yet . . .


Creative Growth: CD Duplication to Music Video Production and Entertainment Brands

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

You need to to have a streamlined approach to your online business earnings – you don’t want to spend too much time wrapped up in it, you really want to be extricating yourself from the business where you can, or in my case, finding an optimum level of earnings and personal fulfillment.

So the tone of this blog isn’t really about going all out for growth and profit because I don’t think a successful entrepreneur needs that, that’s something you learn once you get out of the lean years. It’s not all about making money I don’t truly believe that’s the most rewarding path, or more – there comes a point where you make enough money to cover your bills and your priorities begin to shift away from needing more money – I didn’t realise I’d passed that point.

My advantage is that while I have one business that is successful I can take my time in establishing other streams of income to develop long term, that I simply enjoy.

It dictates that I am just not that motivated to pursue wedding video production, or graphic design, marketing consultancy all of that while the cd and dvd copying, printing businesses are doing fine, and my personal outlook is that I am happy to maintain the business where it is if I can get more personal time, so therefore my approach to growth is strictly long term.

I need to develop ideas that will work for me over the distance, blogging is one of them, turning my sites into huge behemoths with ancient “knowledge” dangling from the branches. Pushing my entertainment brands is where I believe I will enjoy myself over the years and keep applying myself, it also means I stay up to date in music marketing and music management services, where, by being picky as hell and charging top dollar, I should make it work for me.

It’s great, because if cd dvd replication fell over tomorrow, I could rely on online marketing consultation, videos, graphic design, posters, I wouldn’t live well, but I would cover my bills. I lived like that for a couple of months, it wasn’t so bad, there was something about it, how it was humbling, it was peaceful and there was something about it. It was monotonous, but it wasn’t as bad as that sounds, because there was an opportunity to appreciate the little things.

That’s why for the short to medium term – over the next few years I want to look at opening up income streams from my entertainment brands.

What are the income streams that exist online in the entertainment business?

Online advertising
Youtube Partnership
Content sales
Merchandising sales
Affiliate Sales

There are many ways to earn once you have traction with an entertainment brand, it just may take years to build that up. build up traffic, and build up a core user base, but your content still has to be up to standard, I’m really working on that. Because just writing any old thing every day isn’t going to cut it – that’s what I’m starting to realise I need to ramp up my ideas, get something happening that appeals to people so I can pull in advertising dollars, sales etc.

The idea of an entertainment brand is that people get pure entertainment from reading, listening watching you. There’s a lot of competition and the standards are high. So bringing your content up to a standard is really the only way to be successful, and then integrating content into revenue opportunities as listed above.

The point is when you’re passionate about something you keep working at it, and the more you work at it, the more likely it is to succeed. I’ve been doing CD duplication and DVD replication and printing posters for so long, it surprises me when I go a couple of days without selling an order for them, even though I know my adwords advertising only accounts for 25% of my sales. SEO is probably 25% and the other 50% is probably 40% repeat business and 10% word of mouth.

After 5 years or more, these businesses of cd duplication cannot fail until the technology is obsolete. Cheap auckland printing services will always be in demand and over time I expect to always make more money with it. In 5 years maybe I will be lucky enough to be doing something similar with my content.

Want to take a look at our music video marketing and production packages?

Need a cheap, tasteful, artistic music video so you can present your songs in a cool way on youtube – and earn those youtube partnership dollars!!!

If this video gets over 100,000 views and you’re a youtube partner, it will pay for itself as well as giving your music profile a massive boost.

EMAIL: to talk about our music marketing and music production packages – we are all about offering musicians great online promotions services

Growth Trap: Questionable Wisdom in Auckland CD DVD Duplication Printing

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

This is the kurb blog, where I journal my business progress and thoughts in business, promotions services and auckland businesses and services here in New Zealand.

I would like to show less boring subjects on this blog such as the music clients and various projects and organisations we work with, but that would require a little more effort and craft and really the main reason I do this is to keep my search engine rankings nice and healthy. That’s why I jam references to auckland, dvd cd duplication, cheap printing etc in, google loves it! If you have a website in New Zealand and would like to swap links I’m sure we can work something sweet out – I have dozens of sites with great keywords to give your site relevant influence within local search results.

But a real change is taking place for me now that after 6 years, doing business is no longer a struggle as long as I don’t risk stretching myself, getting too ambitious.

Or it could be said that right now, mitigating the more draining aspects of business is a more successful stategy than bull headed growth.

So the best idea for me – to grow without gorowing, which is to say, improve without expanding – is to get all my websites sorted out – this product launch plug in I’ve been looking at seems to offer a lot of the things I need for my small business websites which are messy right now, I’m not getting great conversion when compared with my stellar advertising performance

Especially the video production (including auckland wedding videos) and talent management sites I’ve got bubbling, they were only really looking for a more professional look to the presentation so they didn’t come across dinky or half assed.

Sure, what I’m doing aesthetically with my artists promotion and music marketing blogs means this won’t fix my issues there because I need big presentation, it’s not about being clean and “on message” so much as creating brand impact, a little bit of shock and awe where and to whatever extent is possible. In this case, I can’t just try something, I do need a clearer concept.

But it’s really getting to a crazy point now, I think I worked about 3 hours today. I’m not complaining but it shows a shift in what’s happening between me and my business.

Up until now I was focused on growth, this year I decided to cut down on more stressful activities, the services I offered that earned the least amount for the stress involved – I cut out most consultancy. Now I’m really putting the foot down on graphic design because it’s consistently causing me problems for what I’d expect to earn in no more than a few hours. It’s just not worth it.

Yes it’s irritating that leads go begging every day but all I need it as is a back up plan should things go very dim with my current successful enterprises.

What this is pointing to is that it’s hard to tackle new forms of business when 1 core business is doing so well – it’s feels more challenging doing something else that is relatively unfamiliar and is seemingly difficult when it’s not part of the same work I do day in and day out, and have developed measures upon measures of organisation, systems and backups for.

That’s why I was talking about ways to increase our cd dvd duplication services because that’s where my money is coming from, and it’s so much easier than expanding video – auckland wedding video filming, also the marketing consultancy, music marketing, it becomes to hard to get motivated when I can make twice the money for half the effort duplicating CD’s in auckland, new zealand, and we are also eying up australia.

Cheap auckland copying and printing, the pirate birthday party, the talent management – I can handle that, I do it. My own artist promotion – I do it. If more printing jobs come in, more pirate birthday party bookings, more talent seeking a promo deal, or my own entertainment artist work gathers traction, it won’t really drain me at all.

But having to videotape an auckland wedding, or do an online video presentation for business, or doing any kind of consultancy – it takes time to sell people, keep them informed and execute the work required, that’s what makes it so demanding, and when I’m doing fine financially it tends to rankle me more than anything else remembering I have all these obligations and appointments to meet.

I just went to hire some more writers, I put my price down again but restricted it to these topics which I’m already in. This is the knowledge, if I’m sorted out for income and profits, how I may I going to get a new business off the ground unless I’m already going through the motions?

The flipside is . . . am I leaving myself open? Not if I work on weak links I’ve identified such as presentation, then re evaluate. They will need videos. There’s the crossover because I also realise that video is bigger than just a new strategy in business, video has powerful reach, as well as converging with my personal creative goals. Believing this, I have to push myself along the path of video production.

But where would I like to be in 3 years? Making videos, heading up digital marketing campaigns, or spending 6 months overseas and on tour playing gigs? Probably both. Either way I’m smart to further the online skills I can deliver while on tour, which makes me generally more flexible.

Being the big digital agency is to big for me right now. Maybe one day with the right people. Right now, I’d rather be adventuring, experiencing and creating, if in this window, I can find a way to make a little bit of extra money from it without relying on it, then great, I really am home and safe financially.

cd duplication falls

Cheap Website Design, Blog Design For Music, Business Promotions

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Though I’m quickly running out of things that have to be done right now, the idea of another assistant position being created and solid go-to cheap auckland print marketing material was put across as improvements that can be delayed for now, not being strictly necessary – but bringing a fresh professional feel to my sites is a big one that is refusing to budge from being put off.

I have accepted for now that juggling more employees isn’t as beneficial as I thought, it takes a lot of focus and organisation to put employees to work and I felt it was just another thing that was counter productive. All the productive, industrial methods rely on swapping in cheaper labour which is fine in theory until the primary tasks are disrupted. The brochure was an excellent way to bring a bit of solid, tried and tested marketing techniques to my online repertoire, and I will get to it, but basically it’s like this:

Either business is good and I don’t need a brochure, or business is not so good so I have all the time in the world to design a brochure.

I want to improve website design firstly focusing on presentation, and then raising the quality of my content.

I’ve already been talking about how I want to develop my music promotion and entertainment brands – which is why making these sites stand out with a professional look is a big priority for me. I’ve been outsourcing a few people to help me but it really hasn’t worked at all, I’m just continually frustrated at how the basics aren’t being addressed I barely seem to be able to get past the concept I’ve just making the sites look tidy in multiple browsers.

In terms of design they don’t seem to be able to offer new ideas there either, I’ve specifically sent them designs to copy or draw inspiration from and it hasn’t really happened,

I’ve been using the thesis theme for wordpress for sometime now, mainly because I see easy functionality on one hand adding videos to my my blogs etc., but I notice the SEO tends to be super good on it also.

At the moment, the sites I want to develop are:

Artist Websites
Cheap Video Production
Talent Management
Music Marketing
Pirate Birthdays
Auckland printing and copying
Cheap Graphic Design

Now 5 out of 7 of those sites already run thesis, the others easily could too.

On top of that I have plenty of sites but remember, the design CMS add on I’m looking at only does landing pages, and I’m not sure how sophisticated they will be.

But at a lower level of sophistication, any page simply requiring titles, email sign ups, videos, text, tables, links all that basic stuff is covered really it makes me think this solution would be effective for most pages that weren’t the front page or blog.


If you take a musicians website, other than the front page and the blog, you want pages that display content available – videos, picture galleries, music download links both paid and free. These can be presented in a landing page format.

You’ve got room for a photo and video up top, and then links or whatever to your downloads, and you can have 3 columns or 1, you can have the download buttons or little boxes highlighting different stuff – the main thing is there’s no sidebar, sidebars feel really “bloggy”. And the email sign up at the end – on all of these pages you can assume they’ve already been hit with that – the front page and the true landing pages is where the sign up is must prominent and

You want performance pages and primary content that is for sale – these will obviously be sales focused, and the default end of every page will be the email sign up. When your tuned into your online advertising campaign, of course you want to hit them with a specialized landing page, depending on the angle – you can focus on different micro niches. You understand the people exploring the back blocks of your web content would already know what the sign up is about for them.


The other angle is auckland copying, graphic design, talent management, pirate birthdays, cheap video production – these sites don’t require a complicated front page. Really all they need is the video, or several videos, prices, write ups – perhaps an email form for the talent, – some big titles for phone numbers etc, and some pictures of me which is where the photoshoot comes in.

Music sites may need a special front page, and the music marketing blog is primarily a blog, which suggests I will still need a blog design and a front page design for music artist sites.

But the use of this product thesis theme may dictate how the sites are used, afterall the main objective is to get people signing up for the newsletters, as well as downloading music, watching videos, getting further in. It makes me focused on that rather than . . . what? Writing way too many useless blogs?

Well we want people to be able to find what they like rather than having sign ups and downloads shoved in their face. That’s why I want to see those sliders and what not. Options illustrated with visuals to me are hot. What do they need to know?

– That the newsletter is even better
– hey watch me say hhullo in this video where I just tell you to sign email and get songs
– music, download songs – paid, free, and all

I think it just shows how much the newsletter matters, or once again how you see your way out of one problem, straight into the next – making the newsletter rock is the final step before getting paid.

I think the point is, this theme allows me to get on with working on these sites rather than messing around, taking ages to do this perfect site, just to find out it wasn’t where I was at.

Those other sites don’t need a sign up push. Video production needs video and prices, auckland copying the same, graphic design, pirates, and maybe a bit of extra sell for the talent management?

CD Duplication / CD Replication for Your CD Album Release

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

From 10 Stupid Album Release Screw Ups

I’m filling in on bass for a band that’s gearing up to release their new CD. When filling in for a band, I try to take a back seat on the band’s business. However, I sometimes just cannot keep my big mouth shut.

In this case, the guys were discussing details of their upcoming CD release, and I had to chime in. Here’s a rant based on both my experience with my former band and quite a few drunken conversations with various bands over the years.
Mistake #1: Ordering too many CDs

If you hear yourself say, “Cool! We got our album done. Let’s order 1000 CDs!”, go take a cold shower and slap yourself twice. The reality of ordering this many CDs is having a box of quite a few hundred CDs collecting dust on a shelf a few years later. Worse, you will be out money since you didn’t recoup the costs.

Let’s break down what 1000 CDs means. You play a CD release show and sell 50 CDs in your home town. Great! However, you play next month in your home town and sell maybe 1 CD. What’s up? Well…your hometown fans already bought your CD and are now waiting for your next release. Now you have 949 CDs you need to sell.

Okay, so you just need to go on tour, right? In my experience, you can have good nights where you sell 10 CDs outside of your hometown. But, I’ve definitely played shows that I sold none. So you do a 10 day tour and sell 50 to 100 CDs if you’re lucky. Great! Well, now everyone has your CD. Your next time at those same places, those people may not buy again. They’re waiting for your next release.

Now you have 849 CDs and an uphill struggle to sell the remainder. You spent $2,000 and maybe you have got back $800 to $1000 in sales. See where I’m going with this? You’ve basically put yourself into a bad financial position.

The smart way to do it is to order just 100 CDs. You can always order more later, but at least you’ll have the money to do it! And if you’re going through CDs like hot cakes, by all means, order 1000! However, test the waters first before diving. It sucks when the water is shallow and rocky.
Mistake #2. Printing CDs yourself

I printed the CDs for my old band on an inkjet printer. I thought this was going to be such a money saver and earn myself cool points for DIY motivation. Hey, I can print them whenever I want!

Oh, shit, it sucked. And I’m pretty sure I lost money. And hours of my time I just can’t get back.

I got that inkjet printer and ordered a bunch of CDs and cases. After taking a long time trying to get the damn art to fit on the CD, I realized it takes quite a few hours to simply print 25 to 50 CDs. Not only that, you need to let them dry for 24 hours. My apartment floor would be covered with drying CDs.

Then, after 100 CDs, my damn printer broke. Well, shell out another $200 for a printer. Also, after 25 to 50 CDs, you run out of printer ink. That ink is EXPENSIVE.

After pricing it up, I realized I was spending about $4 per CD and wasting hours of my life. We were only selling CDs for $5, so I was killing myself for a $1 profit.

Worse, inkjet prints tend to smudge. Professional prints have a gloss to prevent smudging.

My advice, use Disc Maker through CD Baby. You will save money, save time, and increase quality.

And NEVER use those “stick-on” CD labels. If they get an air bubble, they could destabilize and ruin someone’s CD player. Do you want to destroy your fans’ CD players?
Mistake #3. Booking the CD release show before having the CD

You need to have your CDs in hand before you even think of booking that CD release show. Trust me on this one. I can’t even count the number of bands that have played their CD release show without a single damn CD to show for it. Embarrassing!!

So many things can go wrong. The album art is wrong, and all the CDs are screwed up. A former member sues the band for royalties on that release. The singer forgets to order the CDs early enough.

Until you physically have those CDs, don’t do that “release” show. And definitely don’t do that release tour!
Mistake #4. Not ordering CDs early enough

As mentioned above, you need to know how long it takes to get your CDs. It can take a couple of weeks. If you are counting on the CDs being somewhere at a particular time, order a few weeks earlier. Allow time for mistakes in manufacturing, as well.

If you need merch for your tour, don’t wait until the last minute to order. It’s really dumb to go on tour without any music to sell or give to new potential fans. I’ve been one of those dumb musicians.
Mistake #5. Overcomplicating album art

Album art issues have never been a problem for me, but I hear so many bands have their CD releases delayed substantially just over art. Images are in the wrong formats. The artist keeps getting the dimensions wrong. The drummer really doesn’t like that shade of maroon.

Simplify and do your research. Know the exact dimensions and formats for your artwork. Art is important, but it shouldn’t be the factor that prevents you from getting your MUSIC to people.

Oh, artists and photographers like getting this thing called money. They aren’t doing it for free just because you’re a cool band! If you don’t have the money to pay them, that’s something else that will delay your artwork from getting done.
Mistake #6. No digital strategy

Bands go through an extraordinary effort to get their CD released, but then drop the ball on getting a plan together for their digital release. Those songs need to be made available to all digital distributors and streaming services in conjunction with the CD release.

A fan at a show may not buy your CD today, but they may go to iTunes the next day. Is your music there for them?

In addition to the major digital distribution outlets, does your band have a direct-to-fans digital strategy? Using a service like Bandcamp, Topspin, or, even, Paypal, you can sell your digital tunes directly from your website (which you have, right?).

Also, potential new fans discover music through streaming services. For instance, I’m listening to right now, and I’ve purchased quite a few albums I’ve discovered from there.
Mistake #7. No launch strategy

So you got everyone extremely excited about this upcoming album release, right? You’ve made a bunch of teaser videos and “leaked” a few samples, didn’t ya? Few bands do.

You need to build excitement for this thing. Tweet between recording sessions. Have a brief “behind the scenes” video on YouTube of your band in the studio. “Hey, guess what? There’s a couple of songs you’ve NEVER heard us play live before!”

Build a buzz. Have a strategy that gradually increases that buzz into a frenzy. You’re excited, but is that excitement really transferring to your fans?
Mistake #8. No post-release strategy

Finally, you played your album release show. Now what? Ummm…play more shows, I guess?

Your album release show is just the very beginning. With your music, you need to branch out. How often are you going to make videos? Are you creating relationships with music bloggers? What percentage of your CDs are promotional (free in business speak)?

Do you have a plan to keep the buzz going about this album and grow your audience? You need something that keeps people interested in you and makes them spread the word about your music. What is your plan until your next album release? When is that next release?
Mistake #9. No thoughts of rights and licensing

Protect your music with a copyright. Technically, you have a default copyright once it’s printed on a physical or digital medium (like on a CD or on your website), but lawyers are tricky individuals. If someone else steals your shit, but they have a copyright, that person may look more legit than you in court. You could lose the rights to your tunes.

Beyond copyrights, you should get your music ready for licensing for film, radio, and digital streaming. You want to have your music licensed so you can instantly get your music to services that want to give you money. If you haven’t registered with either ASCAP or BMI or SESAC, you could be missing out on opportunities. Music is the very last thing that movies and television need on a tight schedule. If you can’t give them legal rights to license your music, they will quickly pick the band that can.
Mistake #10. No contract on who gets royalties.

You should know exactly who gets what percentage of royalties from your album and the individual songs. If a band member leaves the band, they will want their fair share for what they’ve done on the album. If you don’t have a contract and clear understanding of how everything is split, you can run into really shitty legal problems. You’ll spend thousands on recording but not a couple hundred dollars on an entertainment lawyer?

It’s best to work this stuff out when feelings are all happy between band members. My old band has an entire album we couldn’t release because we had problems with a drummer. It wasn’t working out, so we kicked him out of the band. He was extremely pissed and refused to allow us to use any of the tracks he recorded. We even offered money, but he wasn’t having it. We’re friends now, but that album is now dead and buried.
Do you have any CD release nightmares?

Or do you think CDs are a thing of the past? Let me know in the comments!

Growth At What Cost? Online Business, Content vs. CD Duplication / Printing

Friday, August 19th, 2011



CD / DVD Duplication including CD printing, and CD DVD replication is definitely our core business here at Kurb but I have been searching for new options to expand the business, especially using my own web marketing skills to push business with a lot of future potential.

But there’s still a bit of a contradiction, or a contrast – core business vs growing new opportunities, again the consistent balancing between producing and print CD’s and dvd duplication now against what we will do in the future – othe ropportunities to make money by building long term through online marketing. But it gets even more complicated because it doesn’t always feel like growing business is always a successful strategy for me in the bigger picture.

We want to grow in a smart way that is manageable, and if we are to continue to grow, to continue to ask why and at what price. It still has to be approached critically.

I do want to balance out work with my lifestyle more, and there’s room for that, and an opportunity for it to be managed cleverly. Backing away from music marketing consultancy worked out well for me – all those jobs that end up being more stressful than they’re worth, eliminating those jobs will be tremendously liberating because they flip stress right back over to

I’ve often felt recently when I’m earning less I’m in more control, because I’m watching things more carefully, and I’m less likely to make mistakes, I’m less stressed out, but I can get a bit despondent because big sales often give me a real kick.

It’s really about recognising which jobs are giving me grief and just not going there. Just point blank refusing to do design work right now because it gets me into issues. Samples I’m really suspect about now too, so many times I make an effort to do a sample and organise it all and it never happens. I’m starting to recognise that I need a new way of dealing with samples. Probably case by case, but if it’s a band who are obviously wanting 50 to 100 cd copies with cd packagin, then I have to say to them it may take awhile unless they want to make a deposit.

It seems harsh, but I have to target the areas where the issues are, because I don’t need to make more money, I just need to get back the time I’m making very little from.

It’s okay to let the graphic design jobs go, and the youtube promotions and the music marketing.

It’s better to do what I love, to make money from advertising and gigs, as far fetched as it seems, because it doesn’t feel like work – but we get into the contradiction, do you spend a day to make $50 doing what you love all do you try and get that one extra job that makes you a few hundred in a few hours, so you needn’t worry?

Well do it more purely? But if you don’t start as you mean to continue, how will you know you’ve hit that monetisation point that you can take it seriously? When it takes off, it will happen fast.

I’m a bit more serious about facing up to the fact that CD’s and DVD’s are where it’s at for me. I’ve often been perhaps a little cautious about the fact that CD DVD duplication and replication doesn’t exactly have a long life ahead of it, and there’s only so much of the market you can take.

There’s different directions I could take it – a CD manufacture bought cd baby, should I be doing something along the distribution and retail front? Or should I expand my market using new tools online? Should I become more aggressive doing what I already do here in New Zealand?

But if I tried to get more remarkable could I possibly be more aggressive? If I was to take a more aggressive approach with pricing and branding, could I possibly grow my business that we really go out with a bang?

America is such a huge market for CD baby to succeed in, but that’s why I see boutique services working in NZ. In 10 years, CD’s and DVD’s will be quaint as. I maybe the only one left making them, but perhaps still doing the same number I do now?

I’ve got to keep researching. My trajectory now is to prepare for business to grow to a plateau for up to 3 years, it’s still growing now, so that’s not optimistic. More small musicians are getting discs done, more big companies are using discs to move information.

The mission is to continue to look at opportunities to solve people’s problems, more problems, bigger problems. I think this is happening naturally and I have a nose for it but so much revolves around the backbone of cd duplication and dvd replication services. If I knew business would maintain for 10 years, I could be a lot more ambitious, because 10 years is such a long time to plant more seeds, that’s twice the time it’s taken me to get here.

Nowadays electronic media has improved so much that the business is booming. Each year hundreds of movies, audio-video albums, software etc. are being made. This calls for extra measures to be taken. VHS systems were overtaken in the early 90’s by compact discs. Now in the twenty first century CDs and DVDs are the most popular means of storing media anywhere. Thus rises the question of duplicating CDs and DVDs. Anyone could want to make a copy of a disc they may have bought earlier for safe keeping or whatsoever reasons. It is very easy to make duplications. There are a few ways of doing it actually.

The most common way is by using a personal computer and sophisticated software. There are many software in the market nowadays that specialize in making CD DVD duplications of discs. For instance Nero has a few software of the kind. The process is easy. Simply the materials that are contained in the CD or DVD is copied and then another blank CD or DVD is inserted in which that previously copied data is written or burned in. Variations in formats or data can be made in process. In this way a person can make unlimited duplicates of an original CD or DVD as much as the person wants. This proves to be quite helpful actually when trying to keep copies or distributing any media.

There are other techniques to duplicate CDs or DVDs even faster. This calls for specially customized computers. In this case more than one drive is required. Automated software makes it possible for faster duplications. Then again people use this technique in their advantage in the wrong way. They make copies of any licensed and published media and again distribute it in the market. These copies are usually known as pirated copies. Apparently these copies of the original thing work the same as the original disc but sale cheap. For that reason people generally go for buying these copies instead of the original discs. Eventually the company that primarily published the media first faces a lot of consequential loss. This leads to a box office disaster. It is okay if CDs and DVDs are copied for personal reasons only. In some countries there are no laws against these types of piracy, whereas in others, special copyright laws are implemented to stop media piracy. But even these laws are not always sufficient enough to stop greedy people to make a business out of CD and DVD piracy.

In these CD cases other measures have been taken. Ingenious systems have evolved. CDs and DVDs are now being made copy proof. But when that is not possible, software are designed in such a way that enforces buying a license before using them. This prevents customers from buying fake copies of these files. Even after that people now are figuring out different ways to bypass this system and using fake copies. They are figuring out ways to defy the system and these copies still remain in the media market.

Visiting Auckland – Cheap Services And Promotions

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011


Auckland is just an eight-letter word; just one of the places in New Zealand BUT offers countless life-enhancing, goose-bumping, nerve-wracking, and soul-invigorating tourist spots and sceneries that you will consider worth remembering or you might also say, worth boasting to your friends! Come, as we take a look on what Auckland could offer!
The surrounding Islands offer many exciting and memorable tourist attractions for you to choose from. One of the recommended places is the Auckland Sky Tower where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city from hundreds of meters up. See the wonders of nature as the sun prides its light in the misty morning to its orange yellow sunset; the luminescent moon with stars twinkling in a cold night as if looking down at the city lights. Other popular city attractions include the Auckland Museum, Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World, Auckland Zoo and the Sky Tower Sky Jump. Sky Jump! Just imagine as you do this nerve-wracking adventure and you just can’t stop yourself from screaming, “Waaaaaaaaa!!!” Well, better be in good shape and good health if you want to try this.
Other attraction that is highly recommended is visiting the many Islands east of Auckland – particularly Rangitoto and Waiheke Island. The rugged, untouched Great Barrier Island is also well worth a visit. If a walk through native rainforest and along a scenic coastline interests you, then the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park is well worth visiting. Another great way to see and experience more of this diverse region is by joining a guided tour. Connecting with nature will not just calm your tired body but also relaxes your reflexes. Feel the fresh air; hear the chirping of the birds that seem music to your ears, and see the wonders of nature as it magnetizes you to its magnificent beauty.
If family bonding is your choice, then Auckland is a place where you should be. It has a range of parks and reserves open to the public, each unique in their own way. This is where you and your family can leisurely enjoy seven days a week, all year round. Many parks offer camping facilities in remote locations which must be booked in advance. Here are some of the parks where you can visit and stay, pick your choice! The Ambury Regional Park, Awhitu Regional Park, Auckland Domain, Duder Regional Park; Huia, Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, Hunua Ranges Regional Park, Long Bay Regional Park, Mahurangi Regional Park, Scandrett Regional Park, and Shakespear Open Sanctuary.. Remember, there are still so many parks in Auckland where you can enjoy a worthwhile family get-together.
With its coastal rainforest and rugged black sand beaches, Auckland’s west coast is a natural playground for visitors to explore. With hundreds of walking tracks and some of New Zealand’s best surf beaches, it’s easy to get active and discover the natural beauty – and it’s all within a 40 drive from downtown Auckland! The known beaches such as Karekare, Muriwai, Piha, Te Henga – Bethells, andMaori Bay are but a few of what Auckland could offer!
You see, there are so many things to look up to in Auckland. And believe me, once you step foot on this metropolitan area, you can’t help the urge to come back!


Talking about spectacular sceneries, refreshing nature, and rich heritage and culture, one part of New Zealand that a tourist must not forget to visit is Auckland.
With its very unique and dynamic culture, Auckland remains a wonder to those who had tried to experience their warmth on this already warm metropolitan area. The Maori people, the first dwellers in Auckland around 1350, have affected their way of living. Everyone here is gifted with friendliness, self-reliance, and hospitability. Well, kudos to the Maori people. Because of their friendly smiles and warm welcome, a tourist will really feel that he is a part of the family not a mere stranger. As you visit Auckland, you can well understand why these people are so much full of happiness. The main reason is culture. Though they speak various languages ranging from European to Indian, they still communicate in constant harmony. Auckland is considered as the melting pot of the Pacific wherein there’s a blend of the modern style of living combined with the traditional beauty of Maori culture, sprinkled with flavors from the Pacific Islands, Asia and Europe.
Auckland’s large student population brings “life” to the city. Festivals of art and culture, such as the Chinese lamp festival are all well-advertised and a great events to enjoy. You can find live music playing at venues throughout the week – from jazz to rock to hip hop there’s always somewhere to go that will leave you with a big smile that means satisfaction. Talking about visual arts, Auckland offers lots of them. The largest of which are displayed at the Auckland Art Gallery. More modern art-works can be found next door at the New Gallery. To get a memorable experience of New Zealand’s past; the Auckland Museum must be first on the list. Exploring around Auckland you will find that you constantly stumble across private art galleries, studios and arts & crafts shops with very distinctive and unique flavors. You could say that in terms about sports, New Zealand is pretty mad.
When it comes to rugby, well, let’s just say that you get strange looks from locals if you’re not up to play with latest games. Always worthwhile to check out a sporting event, be it rugby, cricket or netball. Another thing, New Zealand has a number of top fashion designers, many of which are gaining international reputations. You can see much of the latest fashions displayed in central city stores, or if you’re up for an adventure and a unique experience you can head to Onehunga or the Otara flee markets. If your type is to roam Auckland, well, they offer a half-day and full-day tours of the Auckland area or tour to Maori heartland, Rotorua. Try to visit the Bay of Islands, rich in New Zealand pioneering history. Sixty deluxe coach tours from two of New Zealand’s top coach tour companies. Spectacular tours of Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo, Waitomo Caves, Bay of Islands, Christchurch, Queenstown, Mt Cook, Milford Sound , West Coast Glaciers, and many more!
There is so much about Auckland! With its very inviting culture, rich heritage, and outstanding natural and man-made sceneries, Auckland is indeed a wonder to behold! Bisita ta sa Auckland!
*”bisita ta sa” means “let us visit”

Blog and Web Content to Develop Web Property and Business Online

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I am still getting more leads but I’m not really too worried.

You could call that negligent customer service and there’s a good argument for that, but my argument is that sales really only helps the business short term, and doesn’t help at all if you’re unable to see the bigger picture. I need to make sure my clients pay their bills, and I need a clearer vision of how things could play out in the next 10 years before I go tearing off in one direction or the other.

That’s why I love blogging for nutting this stuff out. Making that extra sake for an extra few hundred bucks, sure, could be the start of something much bigger, but how big do you want to get? So big that you’re always trying to make an extra few hundred by fitting that last job in?

It’s better to have a plan to disentangle yourself. Which can take many directions, but this after all is a business and promotions blog, so it’s probably smarter to discuss how we can live more productive, profitable and stress free businesses than curtail our standard of living.

I’m focused right now on web property. It’s a broad premise – a veritable garden of possibilities for growing new business.

So from amongst almost 80 sites I own, I’m developing a bunch of websites I’ve picked out as having a long term advantage, because in promoting them, I’m promoting a service I can offer, I’m creating opportunities to get paid through advertising, and finally, the asset value of the website. If I can’t sell something off it for whatever reason including being too successful elsewhere, I can still make money advertising, and failing that, sell it.

In ten years time, my prize specimens such as graphic design cheap could easily be worth $10,000. That’s the value of prime real estate.

Securing some advertising recently totally randomly made me realise there’s a future here, because if I build these now, in 5 years time they could be just humming away making a few dollars a day – 20 of them, I just have to renew my domains and hosting.

At the moment I’ve just been blogging away and it takes a lot of time. I’ve been looking at outsourcing freelance writers, but it is so much about building brick by brick, that’s why I see the need for more skilled writers who can look at the sites we’re trying to develop and contribute articles that people want to read.

The question is whether paying outsourced people $5 an article is really going to help in the framework of developing these websites. Well that’s why we focus on the websites we are trying to leverage for further earnings elsewhere. Auckland Pirate website and our video production website – well in fact music marketing and auckland colour copying also, then modelling and our artist websites – there are all motivations that exist there beyond just covering $5 to pay an outsourced freelance writer.

Will $5 paid to a writer eventually come back in advertising? I think we need to be more aware of where our advertising revenues are coming from, that way we can post articles on the relevant sites and see some returns from advertising. Finally, it’s the sites that one day we know we will sell or put to gainful employment otherwise.

I guess that’s why the graphic design site and the youtube promotions site are candidates to eventually be sold, because with graphic design it’s very demanding for the money you make, while on the youtube promotions site, I can’t advertise through google becuase I’m using “youtube” a google trademark. But what’s a little spending on articles if you sell up for $10k and manage to get some advertising and/or services running – albeit modestly in the years it takes for it to gain value?

I think there’s a bigger point to be recognised about reinvestment also.

So it’s my job to develop these sites. I am already using web design and blog design to develop the presentation, but because hiring writers is cheap, and more importantly, it makes me say . . . blogging is taken care of – well, what do I do next once I hire writers?

At the moment I am spending at least 10 hours blogging a week. By spending $50 on writers, and a few hours on editing, I am still geting the same amount of content out there. But I need to get decent content people want to read.

Just as this advertising deal I got comes up, it raise the idea of having quality material for an audience, having someone who you can work with to go with a story that you know will work. I was looking at new zealand writers because they could provide articles that would interest new zealanders. We could use this blog to post generally topical items, just to get local visitors aware of what we do.

By posting about adidas jumpers or happy feet or anything that is really topical in new zealand, visitors will come, see we do cd dvd duplication, video services, cheap printing etc, and then we’re building the brand.

We really have to identify the site because we would quickly flip the blog to quality content – we couldn’t have one random bad post, the metamorphosis from spammy poor content caterpillar blog to social media destination butterfly won’t work if you interrupt the process.

Where can we focus higher quality effort? These are the sites I am working on – upgrading presentation and adding blog posts – for more business, advertising revenue and a decent sale price

pirate birthday videos
music video marketing
viral video marketing – explosions
Auckland copying.
NYL / modelling video talent
artist sites

as far as I’m concerned, music marketing has crossed the line into higher quality content, but it’s a hard one to get writers to understand what I do.

But if I could get quality new zealand writers . . . and stage it as a me vs. them panel type situation where I get them to lay out their assumptions and research and then address it, such as ” is buying twitter followers, facebook likes and youtube views a smart move”. It’s a whole different approach in finding something worth writing about, first.

This works for pirates also because of what I want to do with this site.

Just remember our services are available in grey lynn, ponsonby, westmere, sandringham, pt chev, mt albert, mt roskill, mt eden, epsom, newmarket, kingsland, eden terree, newton, parnell, remuera, hillsborough, three kings, royal oak, greenlane, herne bay, freeman’s bay and all over auckland and new zealand.

We also offer cheap auckland printing and photocopying, banners and posters – a2, a3, a4, a1 printing and posters.

Auckland Business in Cheap Printing, Video, CD DVD Duplication

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Hi this Matt from Kurb – if you’re interested in CD’s and DVD’s and have just stopped by to read the article, I’d love to swap links – link building is a great way to support each others businesses and efforts – Otherwise enjoy the article and if you’re interested in realistic and affordable deals on CD DVD duplication or replication we can supply almost anyone in the world!


As I said I’m really trying to bring things back down to a simmer right now – a little over a year ago in 2010 I went through a couple of periods of a few weeks when business was very quiet, it was the only time up to that point and since that I had to stop and think about what was happening with my business and found if sales were modest and lean for a little while, the sky didn’t fall. In fact it was a really nice breather and chance to catch up on issues that went beyond sales.

The big one for me is always reminding all my clients to pay up, sometimes it takes them months.

It’s also the chance to look at the business long term. Cd dvd duplication and cd printing / dvd copying, burning – it won’t last more than 7 years, and other pressures will arise, the cost of my materials – cd and dvd discs will go up as they are in lower demand. My answer to that has been a hodge podge of ideas – will it be a major thing or a mix of incomes?

The longer I offer cheap printing and cheap auckland photocopying and colour copying the more business I’ll take on board, in fact in 5 years I could be getting calls from all sorts of people who have done business with me over the years – just simply because I did the job well once upon a time.

With pirates and videos, including our cheap auckland wdding videos, music management services, it seems to come and go, which suits me because I’m so wrapped up in the cd dvd duplication services – they all represent opportunities to grow a significant second income, ready to keep me going when cd dvd copying declines.

But then advertising still maintains it’s charms. It’s hard to appreciate how you grow a business over years, but having dvd cd duplication at the centre of it all makes all these possibilities, it’s why I have about 80 websites, and most of them now are years old, and the you have sites like the cheap graphic design site and the youtube marketing sites which get a fair few visitors. I believe that the graphic design site is easily worth $1000. In 5 years the graphic design and video production websites will be powerhouses.

All these sites will slowly mature just becuase I paid to renew them and they’ll be encrusted with authority – some won’t, some will only get 100 visitors per month forever, but hey.

I did get a deal for $50 p/month to put advertising on one of my lesser sites. at first I was a little indifferent towards it, but now I realise, there’s quite a bit of potential there. If I had 20 blogs all with 4 x $50 p/month advertising, that would be $4000 p/month – that’s not too shabby, and I’d be pulling in some adsense on top of that as well. The possibility exists, I am selling advertising. Hopefully next year I will be making $100 p/week just out of advertising alone. And when you already have a main income, this little sweetener, booster, makes all the difference.

That’s why I keep writing this blog when I could be relaxing, at this point, every extra dollar I earn I can party on – I pay my bills, I put a whack in the bank each week, everything else is just creme on the top, an extra $100 to spend makes you feel rich.

pirate birthday videos
music video marketing
viral video marketing – explosions
NYL / modelling video talent
artist sites
cheap auckland printing

I’ve just been looking at the potential of CD DVD media because my company makes most of it’s money from providing cd dvd replication and cd duplication – cd dvd printing in New Zealand, based in Auckland, but because of our service we can deliver great deals around the world, and you can be completely confident in our kurb brand and reputation and service to ensure your order arrives.

As for CD / DVD duplication – I’m becoming increasingly convinced that CD and DVD will still be around and there may be a market for an old school shop for CD’s vinyl etc., a may just wait for real groovy to go down, or marbecks etc, because people will still want to go somewhere and browse for music. A rare CD will become worth $10 or more, and we can sell CD’s we make ourselves, especially if we’re the only ones who do it, 100 bans each selling 100 copies and us making $5 on each one would be $50,000. Pretty cool really.

The most important thing would be getting that content online so you could give away 2 songs a week to your mailing list, have a 1000 strong cd a month club and be making $1 on each of those, these are things that could be working in 2016. Be realistic about 5 years ago.

How soon will it be before people can share their important songs, videos, lengthy pdf documents and pictures to specifically targetted people? Especially if it’s a financial transaction?

You can you get people to pay, ensure a specific person is receiving a specific set of information, ensure that technology is capable – can the email and the bandwidth handle music, movies, HD pictures?

Especially as more people use video they’ll put it online, but how do they give out hard copies that can be watched easily on a high quality device?

Not all situations will be suitable for viewing online or on a mobile device. And again, fundamentally, when will there be a tipping point where most of society understands there is an alternative to CD’s and DVD’s for such purposes?

In my business experience, the majority are where I was 7 years ago, understanding cd and dvd can be provided and presented cheaply. More people are realising it’s cheap to do, more businesses are realising it’s easier to mail out a cd than a full catalogue. They want to use video but when controlling the distribution as I explained above,

Everyday people want to sell their products and so they are like the software companies who choose CD and DVD because they can control the distribution in a way they can profit. It’s also about the ordinary person. The ordinary person wants to sell their work or distribute it otherwise, beyond a website, how long will it be until everyday people can sell their music online, sell movies they make, sell documents and pictures, software even?

Software is a bad example because if you can make software, you can work out how to get it to somebody under the right circumstances. But everyday artists have to go through issues getting their products for sale online. How long until the multiplying amounts of everyday people who are in a band or make movies or share large amount of information who understand this

I think my clientele in 5 years will be different but turnover will be the same. only after 7-8 years will turnover drop off.

Just remember our services are available in grey lynn, ponsonby, westmere, sandringham, pt chev, mt albert, mt roskill, mt eden, epsom, newmarket, kingsland, eden terree, newton, parnell, remuera, hillsborough, three kings, royal oak, greenlane, herne bay, freeman’s bay and all over auckland and new zealand.

We also offer cheap auckland printing and photocopying, banners and posters – a2, a3, a4, a1 printing and posters.