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Beyond Auckland CD DVD Duplication Printing Operations

Monday, September 26th, 2011

I think my recent plans for an assistant are giving us a clearer idea of how that situation could definitely work if a smart person is there. There’s a lot of organisation to get all the little details right in cd dvd duplication and cd replication – the printing of the cd dvd covers and the actual surface cd printing, the packing, I’d be able to get more down if that was all reduced to systems for a new staff member with a vehicle.

Which moves me on to other serious areas where I need to deal with a situation so I can get on with really being done with all of this – there’s a difference between developing your operation, and standardizing it so that you have systems and check in place to run your business as efficiently as possible – developments are nice ideas, whereas standardizing and creating systems and procedures around your normal work, is absolutely necessary if your goal is extricating yourself from the day to day running of the business.

Then your free to think about developments, or even if that’s what you really want to do – it’s the freedom of piece of mind and I think that really counts for something.


Collecting some of these big debts is standardizing, because we have a standard that you can’t run up thousands of dollars worth of debt and not pay your bills. Bringing in an assistant to support with cd dvd duplication and cheap printing, colour copying etc in auckland is also about raising the standard so we make less mistakes and I have to work less. A standard of me working less in operations sounds good to me.


Archiving is kind of extreme standardization because it’s certainly a standard that we want to find purpose in and process every object we own, and so we got into some pretty business specific archiving plans which raised questions.

With all the things I want to do, why am I focused on loading old cd-r duplications onto a hard drive?

I understand it’s an easy, if not extremely long process. I understand stuff science concepts, that we want to move “stuff” towards it’s purpose, what is the purpose of this stuff? Well mainly to have a system to store clients jobs so it’s always accessible, and to begin curating the content. How important is that?

Well, we won’t really know, and I think the idea is to process this material to a place where we can keep it for 10 – 20 years, and then be in a position to evaluate it.

Is it really a good idea to focus on this – bigger picture? Am I just focusing on this business archive because it’s easier than actually becoming an artist, actually taking some risks in business and art and the creative industries? That’s worth regarding – but right now, I will continue to put effort in to tidying up around the edges than really going in on those key issues.

But there’s a chain. You get your debtors under control, you get a good assistant, then . . . yes you’re going to want to push forward with archiving in the downtime from the creative high point.


Websites however are really about development – I mean we don’t need new websites, it’s just something I want to do, and attached to websites of course is my next photo shoot.

But there’s no way we can shrug this off, this is serious now and we need deeper strategies for locking our website design in.

Really I just want to do my artist site, but lets go over where we’re at

artist website – needs most work

music blog – needs photoshoot thesis design

pirates of auckland – photoshoot.

Video production – new idea, business shots

Marketingtalent – new idea, business shots.

aucklandcopying – new idea, business shots

More Systems For Cheap CD DVD Duplication Copying Printing Auckland

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb here in Auckland New Zealand – offering promotional service such as cd dvd duplication and cd dvd replication, cheap printing and poster / flyer distribution and a range of affordable online marketing and online video promotions services


The opportunity for me to grow my business is still exciting, because it’s a chance to move forward with new ideas, I just don’t want to stress myself out, I actually don’t want to be writing this blog for the rest of my life, I want to graduate to other things when my business allows it – I can see one of my suppliers just moved into a new place and they are super happy about it, it’s a real step up.

It reminds me that often in business you’re in lock down working the processes you’ve got until you can finally kick over – into a new place, with a new employee or major upgrade to equipment, and you’re now sitting at a higher level where everything just turns over much more nicely.

I work hard and trying to put in place strategies for growth so that I needn’t work so much – a big issue I always noticed was that it was difficult for me to pay some one else and still get decent money myself, so instead I’ve tended toward streamlining the business, but it just won’t settle down, so I decided it was better that I take all the work I can get, and happily invest the extra money into more quality, organised workers who can cover more administrative tasks working towards a goal of me only handling sales.

I believe with good checks I can pull it off based on everything happening in the balmoral / sandringham / mt. albert / mt. eden / st lukes area – all cd’s, dvd’s, ink, printing, plastics, that we use come from this area as well as the post office, so it’s about an employee making that trip as well as doing packing, outsourcing management, and online sales.

so what if it’s costing me $200 p/week?  Well that would be nothing if even I was working half as hard. I think it’s almost hard for me to imagine how cruisy my business affairs would be running, but that’s not to say that each day I wouldn’t have to be double checking everything.

but it’s always about having checks in place – I would check every dvd authoring job, every cd master, and we need a proper cd / dvd player in there.

With the print art, I should be able to cover most of that realistically, it’s just the assistant person will call ahead to see if it’s ready and go pick it up, slowly they will be learning all the terms and specs for the art, they’re mainly about picking up supplies, packing up cases, and posting out. Then doing odesk, invoices and trademe.

I’m stil all about refining the process and the system

So Mr my replacement comes in

– check jobs: audio masters to be downloaded / dvd authoring – quality control / track check

– check jobs: print masters checked and forwarded to print

– check jobs: any packing that has to be done – check cases / packages and addresses for orders

– checks inks and cd / dvd / packaging stocks – possibly written on board – for ink / cd – dvd supplies / printing pick up / post out

– DO: do packing and supplies pick up / posting

– checks outsourcing jobs – takes brief, posts job, hires, candidate, forwards to client, takes changes, forwards to worker.

– invoices drawn up, sent out, reminders, etc.

– checks trademe / classified listings, notes orders >>> see 1.

Support Assisting in Cheap Auckland CD DVD Duplication Services

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb we provide cd dvd duplication, cheap printing and colour copying services and online amrketing and video production services – all on a budget for clients in auckland, new zealand and around the world.

So I’m continuing to blog a lot more here at kurb promotions even though this blog in particular isn’t bringing in a huge amount of traffic.

It’s as simple as this – business is going so well I’m almost begging for it to slow down! And so I took the step of cancelling my advertising while I could take the time to get on top of things, and the sales kept pouring through. Which means that I was doing those sales on word of mouth and search engine rankings alone. And the only thing I;ve done recently for my search engine rankings is continued to blog and of course when I’m blogging I’m always mentioning cd duplication, cd replication, cheap printing, auckland dvd duplication, keeping those keywords turning over – blogging about what I;m doing with the business – all original, not splattering links everywhere, just keeping the blogging slow and steady.

But I must admit I almost feel a moral obligation to keep growing the business because it means more people I can help, not just as a service but also helping put resources into things that are positive not just profitable – that’s something I can’t really do right now.

I must admit I need improvement in my leadership skills, I’m not really skilled at managing people. But I am pushing the office space further and thinking about adding ore staff again because it’s the only way out.

Now I’m thinking of somone who can replace more of the work I do. It’s a big ask but I think by foxusing on this outcome, I’m closer to a point where I can brreak away from my business I mean seriously, if all I had to worry about was making sales,  then I’d be sitting pretty. I will always do sales, that’s my power.

But what can I not do?

– packing / postage

– mastering work – audio cd and dvd duplication masters

– outsourcing

– classifieds / trademe

So Mr my replacement comes in

– audio masters to be downloaded / dvd authoring – quality control / track check

– print masters checked and forwarded to print

– checks any packing that has to be done / packages and addresses orders

– checks inks and cd / dvd / packaging stocks – possibly written on board – for ink / cd – dvd supplies / printing pick up / post out

– checks outsourcing jobs – takes brief, posts job, hires, candidate, forwards to client, takes changes, forwards to worker.

– invoices drawn up, sent out, reminders, etc.

– checks trademe / classified listings, notes orders >>> see 1.

So how will this work? Well with a vehicle it means replacement me can get ink or discs  or cd dvd cases etc. if they’re needed to pack jobs, printing as well.

I don’t think I will give mr replacement access to my email, I’ll just forward everything to a new kurb promotion  mail, and hopefully I’ll be in the habit of forwarding everything.

With the outsourcing it’s all about the flow system and the fact that with a dedicated person involved, we can move much quicker, and the replacement can also do invoicing and reminders from then.  With trademe they can update the listing, and do the postage, but it’s production they’ll have to look at, and building into a serious inventory.

That’s the long term jobs – building that inventory, and getting all our archives and everything organised.

So I moved the laptop to the office and started making room. On this laptop emails can be checked covering all specs:

numbers of discs and cases that will be needed, addresses for mail outs, details of print jobs . . . progress in outrsource jobs and trademe listings . . . email addresses and amounts for drawing up invoices. Put it this way – if this person knows how many cd dvd discs and cd dvd cases we need, knows what’s happening with printing, ink we need,  the addresses of the order,  and making up the invoices and where to send it, then that’s a whole lot of stuff I don’t have to do.

On this computer, files can be downloaded and cd masters created, and video files authored for dvd duplication, similarly discs can be made into image files and uploaded for cd replication and dvd replication. Of course all odesk stuff and trademe stuff can also be done from this console, as well as invoices drawn up and sent out.

I just see that as a simple checklist that can be performed based around 1 or 2 trips round the neighbourhood to pick up printing and ink,  discs, cases and packaging, and go to the post office to send off deliveries. In between cases and boxes have to be packed mainly – often, cases, prinnting and discs will not be available to pack, so there will be a wait – either a trip to the cases supplier or straight on to outsourcing and trademe issues.

With outsourcing there’s either a job to push forward with or not, with trademe it’s fairly straightforward – the inventory must be kept in order, and then posted out with the other orders.

So inventory is getting right down the end – have I mentioned the business archiving that I was talking about also? Well I have boxes of cd’s and dvd’s that are masters from all the jobs we’ve ever done, I don’t think it’s right to just throw them all out, but they will be slowly deteriorating. I would want to put them all onto  storage on a big 2tb hard drive, and then they would go into a crate full of stuff that basically I have digital copies of and the physical copies, I don’t know what they are. They retain some kind of meaning so although if I lost them I wouldn’t care, I still don’t want to throw them out – they can go live in the garage.

So I guess the process is to check each disk – possibly by seeing if it will duplicate – and then burn an image file to the hard drive back up, afterwards we can check that any files that aren’t exactly the same size aren’t just the same file. No, there are more issues. We need to check if a disk will play and we need to be able to do this fairly quickly, otherwise we will be burning images of corrupt and faulty discs. I’m starting to think I should get my new quadcore and then start it off doing this task.

So what do we do if a disk won’t play, but has something on it? I think the first step is to sort out all the discs that are mysteriously unaccessible – if they are accessible decide whether they are to stay or go.

Make 3 piles – to burn images, to trash and to hold until contents can be ascertained. There might be sub-categories – some discs to be straight ripped without an image burnt, and set down as decent discs or content, some we keep, and boring ones we leave at that and trash. I think sorting through them will start to bring up an idea of what we want to keep.

without actually checking we can probably tell which are worth keeping and checking out, which are probably worth biffing and the blacnk discs which are a mystery.

But it does make me think when we’re trying to create this archive and this inventory also, the crossover for one, and then constructing CD and DVD products for trademe that can be sold, if we can get some stuff on a disc and sell it for $5, then I can make $4. But the idea is always about building that fan club of people who will buy these discs, if you get people to pay $5 each per month then you get 1000 of them, then you’ve got a real thing going on. You’re making $1000 p/week from just a little cd and some trademe stuff?

possibilities start to open up – once I have once new person getting paid, then I go all out and get the unpaid intern so that I’ve got so much extra labour these guys can afford to mess around. as long as they’ve got the ink, the discs, the boxes, the cases, the printing they need, they should be able to get it done.

Search Engine And Branding Success in Cheap Auckland Services

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a small business owner with a lot of small business marketing experience – we’re doing great right now here in Auckland and I focus on providing cheap services from auckland to all of new zealand.

– cd duplication, dvd duplication, cd printing, dvd printing, cd replication, dvd replication

– cheap printing deals, poster and flyer distribution,

– online marketing services and online video production services

I’m talking today about the position I’ve established with my business marketing strategy and where I want to take it short to medium term.

This week has been a big week for sales and yet I have done no advertising, I stopped all my regular ads last week – leaving just thing that could be responsible for the new leads coming in – my google search optimisation strategy which is almost purely me writing modest blogs about what I’m doing and where I’m at with the services we offer here at kurb in auckland and new zealand.

It’s funny for me because it’s not like I’m dominating search results, I’m usually top 5 for most related searches and probably 1 for a few long tail terms, but it seems to be enough. Perhaps it’s not that me search engine skills are that great as I imagine, but that more people are using google to find the services they need. More late adopters are turning to google where only a few years ago they would have picked up the yellow pages. I’m not in the yellow pages.

Whereas a lot of businesses wouldn’t have relied on google and would have used other sources in the past, the fact that my strategy for marketing is virtually entirely based on google marketing – whether search rankings or paid advertising – means my boat has risen with tide as more people use google and favour my area of strength, even though my biggest competitors

But there’s more of a story behind it. When I check my website stats, the search terms coming up are – kurb, kurb promo, kurb promotions and that is huge! That means more people are coming to me through word of mouth or because they are already aware of “kurb promo” than are coming because they are searching dvd duplication or cd printing, cd replication, dvd replication etc.

That means I am generating excellent word of mouth and getting a lot of repeat business which is clear. I would say repeat business is now at about 40% but could be higher because some repeat customer place regular orders for 1000 or 500 dvd duplications several times a year.

So as part of my business strategy it just comes back to how much of a solidly defendable position we’ve got now – it makes me think that within a small window of a few years we could continue to progress this way, perhaps I should be making preparations for a situation where turnover does rise in the short to mid term. What would I do? Well I have an assistant to support me with packing all the cd / dvd duplications, but that’s not all there is to it.

There are DVD’s to be authored. There are covers and labels to be set up. These things aren’t hard in themselves, it’s just relying on your computer to do something, these computers have to be kept up to date. All the processes need to be ready to go. Then a new assistant intern could do dvd authoring, move forward outsourced tasks, possibly design labels, anything

But the interesting development from my refusal to get swept along in the tide of my growing business is that I stopped my advertising and am getting sales purely off the google search engine, and the only thing I’ve done to endear myself to google in the last 18 months is blog. Blogging is doing all of this, the more I blog original content, the more I talk about cd duplication and cheap auckland printing the more it all seems to work out because I’m getting the leads boosting my google rankings with my fervent blogging.

Okay so basically if blogging is the be all and end all, and successful blogging is only a happy bonus, then doesn’t that mean no more video production blogging? We wanted to jump start something long term with out video production site are we thinking about cooling down? Where else would we post the completely abstract blog fodder material though? When I don’t want to write about any subject in particular, the video blog is good for that.

We want to develop this blog here for cd dvd duplication and cheap printing, we want to have our pirate blog and our artists blog to help buiild them also.

But is it possible that this blog is the one that we’re going to put some effort into? I think our effort is best put into improving the presentation and design of our blogs first.

Stressed Out in Small Business, Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Boy, stress levels around here have really gone through the roof recently and it’s kind of hard to understand why things have become so stressful.

It’s definitely been a cumulative thing – it’s not just one or two big issue, it’s been a continuous stream of tiny little nagging situations that pile up on each other and when you don’t get a chance to take a break it starts to mount up and compound on itself.

I don’t think I feel ill because of stress, but I’m certainly picking it’s a contributing factor, and of course has shut down the energy I would have available now to get on top of the situation, which is compounding it.

So what mistakes were made that caused problems?

the flyers – the flyer distribution around auckland – that was a tough job to take on when it was urgent. Again, that was my fault for taking on a stupid job.

the learning to drive DVD – print errors and broken dvd cases

the rugby video to dvd conversion – didn’t realise “double sided dvd” – which was then lost – nightmare, but it was just a complete curveball

same day short run cd duplication – these guys were pretty rude, but it shows I need to be more thorough about guys rushing urgent jobs.

council issues surrounding poster placements – This was the real blow, it wasn’t the one that pushed us over but it’s the one that did the most damage

the dvd’s with the hole not centred – purely pedantic. you have to take those hits, just bad timing

wrong tracks burned to master – this an area we need to take hold of, we know that, when bands email their tracks so many different things have gone wrong. When we burn from the master, it is never a problem. My mind is just going over all the times we’ve had to repeat jobs and I swore to charge people if they wanted to email their tunes. $25, though that doesn’t nearly cover the drama, I don’t want to be seen to be milking it.

There were a few issues with packages not arriving also.

So it’s easier to see when you’ve calmed down that, well . . . these things happen, but we want to stop them happening again, because the piling on of mistakes is where the problems start, one or two or even three can be dealt with. We just have to go easier and beef up on making sure clients don’t push for too much because they can push you right over until the dominoes start falling.

So in a way it’s been good to really remind me how important it is not to take on too much work. But there’s also been another interesting development – I’ve now gone 5 days with no advertising and the leads have not stopped flowing. It’s unlikely I will turn them back on for up to another week now, which indicates something really interesting – that blogging and SEO is really what’s keeping my online marketing efforts so strong. The honest truth is I only do two things to promote my business – adwords and blogging. I can’t think of anything else.

So what does that mean? I could save $50 a week? I guess, but there would be certain categories such as cheap printing, pirates and talent management that may suffer, but that could be covered with $50 p/month. But $50 p/week isn’t really much at all, it seems callous to disregard.

It makes me think that blogging away here like this is giving my enterprises a lot of depth and that what I’m actually doing with content and media should be considered more.

But we still have to be sensitive and aware of the main issues that have to be dealt with.

With debt collecting it has got to the point at which if I can just deal with Metro then I feel like I can cope, my accounts receivable will be at the level I have deemed acceptable to not be concerned about. That doesn’t mean taking a holiday, we’ll still target the laggard, but even now there’s only about 8 long term debts.

Then our websites become a real serious issue it’s almost maddening now, I think we understand that tackling that one last big debt, once that’s done, the fact that my websites don’t look good will be a major issue.

Sensible Growth For Cheap Auckland Business Services

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

We want to grow business but we don’t. We are happy that cd and dvd duplication and replication, cd dvd printing services are our core business services in auckland and new zealand and I’m happy for that to be supplemented by our artist brand particularly our childrens entertainment brands.

If I didn’t accept and understand that cd duplication and dvd replication would one day fade out, I wouldn’t have so many ideas cooking. Also, I believe I am skilled at this stuff and I should continue to use my skills to my own advantage. The point being, when I fell back from any marketing consultancy services, the gain by not being so stressed out far outweighed the value of the money I was earning.

It wasn’t just that I had more time, but I was more in control and things could be managed a lot easier when I wasn’t so stretched, an issue could be resolved without tipping over into a chain of catastrophes, that’s where I found value, less pressure on my time.

Unfortunately, a lot of that non stressed out time went into activities such as blogging which although therapeutic aren’t especially rewarding directly. But it is funny that my google rankings do stay consistently high and sometimes my adwords don’t feel right, and though certainly worthwhile, are not directly responsible for as many sales as I think in cd dvd duplication and cd printing which is our main service for auckland and new zealand.

I’m obviously doing something right and I believe google search rankings, advertising and repeat customers all have something to do with it. I think a greater effort with links would pay off . . . but to what end?

It’s perhaps more telling if we stop our adwords advertising to see how many leads we get and for what services.

Because we want to grow business but we don’t. The point is, more cuts in business direction had to appear. We’ve got a lot of ideas but when matched with our all over goals, there’s no sense in pushing on with all these ideas when it’s no longer suitable for me to aim towards developing some kind of promotional empire.

I just want to run my business, pay my bills and participate in the modern and local cultures. I’m happy with what I earn now, it’s just not sustainable long term, and it continues to be quite stressful at times and makes it hard to live a more expressive, artistic lifestyle.

So what’s realistic? My previous prediction was that I would open a shop that would prong out into a hospitality spot and a boutique digital agency. It’s a nice idea, but it may not really be necessary. It may be that I’m projecting so long term, beyond 5 years that it’s hard to predict what we could do, but we know cheap printing, graphic design and video production can be picked up, I just have no idea of when I can expect that to happen.

Because it’s 5 years, do we even know if this is what we want to do? If for some reason my entertainment brand took off and could even pull in $500 a week for me I’d be pretty much covered. So I really have to do nothing. It’s a pretty challenging entrepreneurial strategy to be honest.

It’s all very well to fail forward and whatever they call it, but your failure needs to domino onto other possibilities, why should I fail in retail if I don’t know I want to go there? I know that I’ll follow video production and entertainment brands in one form or another.

I think what we’re getting at is that because I’m clever I can play it out, but video production and entertainment brands are going to pay off whatever happens. It makes me think I need a plan to back myself so that I can actually lift the content.

Doing nothing makes sense on paper, but when you prepare a strategy for something you enjoy, then you’re doing something, but you’re not slacking off because you’ve got a strategy with an outcome in mind.

But often the strategy is “sell more cd’s and dvd’s”, which we don’t want to do now, we need to be thinking about selling people something in three years time. That’s why I need to perhaps aim a bit higher in terms of what I could offer in 3 years, like start by pitching $500 videos although it’s unlikely you’ll be taken up for awhile.

I think if we really wanted to make $500 p/week from video production we could make it happen in 6 months, especially if I had less other jobs to worry about. And don’t forget, 100 videos getting an average of 1000 views p/week each would be putting $200 in your hand each week.

We couldn’t really ask for much more than that. But we’ve just got to start blogging and making online videos that actually get people interested, and a strategy to take that to another level.

Cheap Online Promotional Media, Auckland Video, Websites

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Hi I’m Matt at Kurb Promotions in auckland the best service for the lowest price on cd and dvd duplication services, poster and flyer printing – a5, a6, a3, a4, a2, a1, and also a range of video production and online marketing services we’re developing to help organisations do something special with online media even on a small budget. My strength is really on how you can get the right promo services you need for less than you’d expect.

Cheap online video production and various video services is the long term area of development for my business so that’s been something I’ve been going over a lot here.

I just don’t see a new car as helping me to grow. Because f I keep my buffer up, that’s all we end up with, more money for toys that aren’t actually going to be any help to my video production.

The points to be made are that video will continue to be one of the most powerful tools available to almost everybody to create messages that resonate. Also we’ve talked about the youtube partnership program, which allows video makers to profit from advertising on youtube which creates a valuable new income stream for artists as they slowly rise in popularity.

But there are still serious maintenance and growth issues around how horrible my websites still look, they look bad and they don’t function as well as they probably could either. A lot is just housekeeping that’s been ignored and can’t be ignored forever but in some cases, the house isn’t being kept because it’s really just a tent.

Only dealing with the last of my debtors will get this out of my head and me in a new space of clarity and focus in my business – it works two fold because not only is the issue resolved, but suddenly I have new found liquidity to back me up.

I can look at the issues of web design and development and say ok – we need to push this forward even if it’s going to cost more money because it’s holding us up. We want to move forward focusing on online video production, online content, video content, but if we’re worrying about people shirking, and why we can’t seem to get a single half decent website design online, then we can’t really move forward.

I don’t expect video production to be easy, I expect another year or two working on it to get it to happen, and I can’t have my efforts there undermined by websites that don’t really feel professional when pushing cd duplication cd dvd media, cheap auckland printing, cheap online video production

I need strategies to get this website presentation nailed. Especially because once I sort it out for myself, I can then use the contacts to off these online marketing services to others. It verges on embarassing trying to peddle online marketing when your sites look so very unimpressive. So the plan is to get a number of projects going so I can produce at least one good web designer who I can keep on.

My artist site is completely locking up, the second designer can’t seem to place anything up on the page. I believe a lot of outsourced web designers misrepresent what they do. They rely on templates, just like I do, and I don’t want a template, a template does feel completely constrained and characterless, it doesn’t strike you as being original,

The other sites for development tests are:

cheap video production
talent management

This is the issue, how do I hire someone for these sites and expect a good design?

Auckland copying needs that new plug in I bought, the landing page one.

The music marketing blog needs a full thesis redesign, but I need new photos.

New photos is part of the whole process. When you tak ethe step to making your website really super nice, then you need super nice photos. Imagery – whether by video or by photoshoots is required to project a professional and inspiring brand. Right now it is essential that my website projects a decent level of professional branding so that I can begin to promote it – I want a platform to deliver blogs, songs and videos onto that perform the basic functions of a website, and one of the most important functions is projecting a professional look.

But once the sites are done, you freshen up and deploy new advertising campaigns online, where I’m already strong, and you have that platform, that stage to present your primary work. You can focus on that and blogging to back it up.

I mean if I do a great viral video campaign or a brilliant song, my website is not going to be up to the task of turning casual fans into real fans which means you’re missing out and you’re not ready. It doesn’t help me creatively to feel unprepared in an online business sense.

If something connects online, or I get coverage somehow, then when fans come looking on google, they will find me and they will have plenty of material to help them decide I am worthy of their attention and then offer social networks, blogs and principally my mailing list as the best options so that I can supply fans what they value, and I have the opportunity to realise that value as income.

These are the online steps that must be fulfilled before I can seriously advance my content. I want the ability to see if I can connect good content to revenue – but I need the fans and the platform to do so. But don’t most people see your video on youtube? And hear your song on radio or online radio etc.? yes sure, but then what do they do?

They google you to find out more. If they find a totally cool website that blows their mind, of course they’ll sign up for email, connect on social networks and download the free giveaways. And so until I get my websites looking more decent, I have to keep blogging and juggling ideas until I can come up with something, finally get some decent websites with some decent visuals up, get my content curated nicely.

Besides dvd duplication and cd replication and cheap auckland printing, as well as pirates of course, I am still commited to auckland video production and online video promotion because of all the different ways that content and connect with people. But establishing the website is as fundamental as the content itself.

If I do good content I can laser target the advertising, I can have a special landing page and make new advertising campaigns for every video. If I could actually buy real views for 5c, paying $50 for 1000 views may be worth it if it creates 100 fans and 10 of them become supporters. It becomes about gathering those core supporters to your mailing list and activationg them – where once you produced auckland video to attract new fans, you move towars videos that activate current fans to spread the word and take actions leading to revenue.

You can have a video to explain the deep inner workings of how money is made from blogging about insurance, mortgages and loans.

But it’s almost like this with videos on your website – you could have the tastiest dish in the world but if you served it on a dirty old, chipped, disgusting plate, how would it taste? Would it look good?

We need much better website presentation before we can break out with our video and music content. But when the platform is established, that’s when we have to step our blogging up to the level of doing one or more strong newsletters.

strong video content and search engine results, advertising, brings fans to the site where you are trying to convince them to download or watch/stream more stuff, connect on social media and sign up for email updates. Once you have got them hooked, connected and on updates, you just need to keep the primary content coming out and blowing them away, while blogs and newsletters become sly tools to encourage revenue in a hundred and one smart ways.

It really seems simple. Once the website is up, you just supply awesome video and music to the front page by way of youtube and music players, then once you’re up to date there, fire of an update, post a blog or work on collating a newsletter depending on what you have material for. As you content becomes more mature, your website must be more mature, as your content becomes more mature, the more you can develop your social networks, blogs and sites for income.

Cheap Auckland Promotions Services: A Gentle Progress

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Hi I’m Matt here at kurb promotions in Auckland – we offer fast cheap cd dvd duplication, cd dvd replication, dvd cd printing, poster and flyer printing, including banner printing, colour copying, and a1 posters, a2 posters, plus we offer a range of video production and online marketing services.

I’m nack with aother business journal blog, detailing my progress in auckland business and serivices because, well there’s always things you could be doing better – don’t I know it! But often the thing that needs doing is balance, which means actually committing to accepting that their are some things you may have to let slide in order to focus on your real problem areas and stress points.

But boy is my inbox feeling it! I’m looking and seeing issues that I’ve barely thought about in a year coming back, emails from friends I haven’t seen, old bits of my life from before I became workaholic guy, and it’s kind of a sign that I can have my life back.

So I’m back into filming videos. It’s funny because a lot of the video ideas I had were all about subtley promoting the company, but a lot of that was for music marketing, and I’m not sure how much I want to push that any more. But what I do want to push is the idea of making videos and then putting up a title at the end or through the video saying that I will make videos like this one for $297, $497 and even $997 once we really get going. It would be great to be collecting all my leads that way.

That’s why if I’m not pushing video for entertainment brands or business ideas, I can just get into jamming – for example doing a quick video talking about cd dvd duplication in the future, and the business in general, or as I was thinking, doing a video on music production – anything relevant to my target that I can chat about is worth throwing a video online for, becuase it’s more chance to interact and grow engagement, grow your audience, grow your attention and then turn it into cash or other opportunities.

I’m pretty keen on building up my entertainment brands as you may have read recently and I want the flagship brand to be my pirate birthday party operation – because it’s already a going concern, I can apply a strategy there that can be replicated or more guide a transition, weighting my activities toward more enjoyable and expressive work as it becomes more viable.

In entertainment you have to be very good to make money, but that takes time, so as long as the cd duplication and dvd replication cd printingservices all continue as expected for a few years yet, then over a few years I should be able to get these entertainment brands firing.

I’m just looking over I the page of a guy I connected with recently who is doing edutainment for kids – education entertainment and I’m looking at what he’s doing becuase he has got his video DOWN. He’d got 100 videos but very few of them are over 2 minutes. This just makes me think I need to become a content machine doing videos.

The key ideas I have for that are:

Advertisements, and youtube partnerships
Some kind of show that can be performed
Building a brand which I can have little fairies and pirates (girls have more of a knack for this kind of work, thats one reason I do well as a pirate – less competition)
Linking performances/shows to some kind of edited video dvd project.

A lot of that stuff is seriously a big ask. Though it’s really about focusing on video production, and having a way of getting into video production that is directly tied to busines that’s happening now. I am very impatient you might say, but I like to look for something that’s a winner. I want the chance to see if it will work asap, so I can decide how the recipe or the delivery needs to be changed up.

I can’t think of a way to perform, film, create a dvd that will sell to these kids because we put them in it, because it seems like a big ask. This is an issue for me, I worl hard, I do alright, which means I find it hard to summon the motivation and commitment these ideas require unless I’m getting generously remunerated.

So it’s about being realistic about what we can do and now I believe our efforts are funneling into online video production.

Creative / Lucrative Balance with Auckland CD DVD Printing and Duplication

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Hi I’m Matt I’m a young business guy from Auckland. I run a few businesses, I do great deals on cd duplication, Dvd printing and replication of discs as well as cheap auckland printing deals – photocopying, colour copying – a1, a2, a3, a4, flyers, posters the lot. On the other hand I also build websites and promotions campaigns for artists, but I more do this the way I want to do it, it’s more of a creative thing than making an earn.

Getting on top of my debtors is really getting me in a good mood to do business – light and carefree because I’ve got my cash in the bank where it wants to be, not causing a worry while I wait on proceedings, it’s amazing how clear headed you become when major obstacles are removed, suddenly all you see is miles of clear highway.

In terms of major priority projects, it’s just leaving websites though I have narrowed my focus now to my artist site, my pirate site, amd perhaps the talent management site.

Cheap video production, music marketing, cheap graphic design, they kind of take a back seat, because they are not at the extreme of either making money or beig especially creative – video production does present a lot of creative opportunities, but it takes awhile to establish your reputation to the point you can charge appropriately for the work you’re doing.

At the moment, only charging $200 – $500 for online video production and making youtube videos means the earning don’t compete for what I make duplicating CD’s, CD Printing, CD replication etc. However, Auckland copying is something I still want to keep building but it’s that thing again – right now I don’t need the money, so it will be a slow process.

I’m really only focused on cd duplication, printing, dvd replication, printing etc and the cheap printing, colour copying for the profit, while building up my birthday pirate entertainment business as the flagship for my entertainment brands.

Building up my brands means focusing on website development and video production specifically for those sites first. And a photoshoot to get the quality of presentation at it’s highest.

But of course my strategy for my pirate business is to bring someone on board specifically to help with that. Then they could take assistant roles perhaps such as trademe and classifieds? I was also out doing some flyer distribution today which made me remember the brochure if I had all those brochures to give out it would really make the work worthwhile.

But I am seriously launching operation tinkerbell, I just want to work how seriously, don’t we have anything else major to do? Yes sort out some last debtor issues. Yes get video production rolling, but, tinkerbell is really part of that.

So again now we project forward – the sites are done, pretty photos, ads are ramped, archives are laid in there . . . it’s then putting together what we can for the best primary content which includes top video content. Video is the best way to reach people en masse with short attention spans, so go to youtube and make my pirate story brand, my entertainment brands and my talent management brands rock with excellent online video production and online video marketing.

Pretty soon it will just be content and staff – looking at what the real mission is here and seeing how people and content projects can add to those goals and make them more valuable to the people who pay in various ways to enjoy it.

At some point video must become part of the service we offer in an increasingly present way for my brands – that’s where things get lucrative. Hopefully!