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Pirate Birthdays and DVD Duplication, CD Printing

Monday, November 28th, 2011

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR PIRATE BIRTHDAYS better check out my pirate site as this is more discussing the small business side of marketing and development and such!

More pirate madness, it’s the business I’ve decided to focus on, I had to pick one.

I didn’t pick one I just made a simple decision, I’m only going to work on business ideas that are already making money. Or it’s a distraction. CD replication and dvd duplication. auckland printing, my garden content and websites, and pirates.

Pirates I chose for many reasons – I could market the pirate brand and it would work on 2 levels – more birthday party work, but also the ability to take the pirate entertainment to another level – a live show and a DVD and a website that brought in traffic and advertising, a popular youtube channel and then finally sponsorship arrangements that got me paid for promoting through the youtube channel.

Pirate website
pirate marketing
pirate show.

The marketing would be a online advertising campaign using ppc, and I’ve already started blogging and it’s working out, it’s starting to make me think it could actually come off. I could get people reading the pirate matty blog – about pirate adventures and such. I might have to move up to a dot com but what else could I push?

my dvd
video appearances on youtube
skype pirate

Imagine doing a half hour skype show for $50.

There really are a lot of things I could do but I did start to think more critically about it.

A pirate party is usually $150+ is an hour, and also involves at least half an hours driving and half an hours prep. I can be slightly nerved about timing beforehand, and exhausted afterward.

burning a bunch of CD’s or DVD duplication, well, I can make $2-300 just printing and packing for a few hours. Or pay someone else to do it and still make $200 – see?

I guess the most important thing to recognise is that pirates does sap energy and is not the incredible money that it seems. The important thing is the various long term dynamics: It will never be obsolete. It feels good to do. It has broader horizons. It’s different.

Unlike video production and some other things, it’s working now. It’s important to have other stuff I can fall back on. Pirates has so many different possibilities. I could connect with the auckland zoo and see if they’d let me in, but thinking about it, even if they gave me $500 it’s still a lot of work! It’s not just about having something to fall back on in business, but that I can continue to push it out without distracting me too much.

I’m already looking for a .com site so I can get better international results, but I’m not sure what to do with the attention, I’m not sure I do want to do skype stuff. I already started to think of a pirate show, and look for more props. There was this awesome pirate ship which I’m sure would definitely add value to what I’m doing.

But seriously, if you had the show and you were giving out a dvd and making $500 a pop, plus a birthday party each week for $200 – well it’s crazy because I don’t know if we could even really do that. But that’s where this assistant idea is at, if we have $1500 cd duplication and printing, and then we do another $1000 on pirate shows and stuff, then we’ve crossed the line by $200 and have to put that into workings from assistants on the dvd copying and cd printing.

A straight up reality is that cd printing and dvd duplication may still be too valuable to risk compromising. I can develop a show, but who knows if I’ll have time to run with it? What I fear is $2000 worth of work and several pirate engagements, and $200 splashed to some staff not being enough, and I see losses or little significant gain from taking on the extra work, I’m better off not to be doing extra pirate stuff.

It works out that really I just want to move forward to the big money. There are 538 primary schools in auckland. I had no idea. That’s a tonne. I could easily be doing 2 shows most weeks, charge $600 each, pocket a cool grand.

But that is all very demanding. What we need to do is sketch out a plan, like we did the computer operation, how each step gives way to the next and what I am able to do and the challenges of each step.

Right now doing 1-2 parties per week, then adding advertising and more videos. Doing each video doesn’t commit me any further.

Then the big step is developing a show.

But I want to get out in the community – doing promotions as a specialist handing out stuff guy. That’s real promotions. But somehow that I could get show elements going on so I can bring more to the table. I need my DVD, even if it starts at half an hour and goes to 1 hour. We need that calling card, if I tell people I’ll give away 50 dvd’s at my event, I mean come on.

At some point we’ll be doing $500 shows, but what I’m seeing is that could be 3 years away, what I’m to do now, is just do videos. It’s good to think of all the extra little things I’ll be doing, and weighing those up.

How soon do we need to be in a position where pirate stuff is making $700+? How soon can we manage that situation without it cutting deeply into our other work doing dvd duplication and cd printing? It’s slowly dawning on me that pirates is about more than just making money and having something long term I can fall back on.

But it’s no good to be tired out running around being a pirate, when easy money is going begging in dvd duplication and cd printing, and of cour cheap auckland printing.

Setting Up For Duplication, Websites, Support and Video

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Lizard Brain, Busy Work all these things are terms used by seth godin for things that can be done but may be just don’t have to be done.

Things that are only important to your business and work in that you feel they are important, you need this activity to feel as if you’re making progress. And so, for months and months I let accounts receivable pile up without chasing up the money I’m owed until it becomes a major psychological pressure point.

In recognising that, I’m looking at what is set to become a new pressure issue, the new issue that I skirt around and avoid.

Website design isn’t big. If I don’t improve my website design, the business won’t fall over. Nor the photographs.

I’ve got a new approach to staffing. From now on, if profit hits a certain margin, all the money after that will be put into an employment fund, and if I have money in that fund, then I will use it to delegate tasks. Again, I’ve set up an arbitrary redistribution system, I’ve regulated funds so that rather than asking questions, we get the outcomes. Workers coming in to do the jobs so I’m not stressed in any way and have the way clear to do boring things like chase money owed.

Right now there’s just 100 cd duplications to do, I have to do that myself, put when any printing comes in, any packing, driving if possible, then on they get. No complications about hiring people just pay them as the money is available.

When this big dvd duplication order comes in, I’ll instantly organise for the dvd printing and for it to be packed and done.

So websites aren’t an issue and assistants aren’t really an issue because we believe we’re working this stuff through. What you’re left with there is really video stuff which is around pirate stuff. And we’re setting everything up for that, more preperation can only be a step toward better execution.

Of course just doing it would be the preferred outcome but until then . . .

The idea of more computers is to facilitate focusing on creativity, but it also means there are 2 workstations should there need to be super printing. Let’s follow the plan.

> Buy new computer, set up new computer.

This means we have a new computer to possibly set up as a workshop,

> Install new DAW software

Then it’s my new studio

> Sort out laptop and turn old workspace into a work lounge.

This means selling my current computer and laptop and replacing that with one sit down good laptop. Why do I need a new lap top, when I have important programs on the other that would be hard to transfer, meaning I might have to keep it anyway? best to refurbish.

Then I set my turntables up in the front room, get it all set up for recording and filmings, and more of the same in teh work lounge, make it easy to switch over to set mode with ease. Then I’m prepared with my creative den where I can talk to clients and get deep on creative projects on my new computer, and a spot where I can relax and write and do internet work on my laptop during the day or when I’m buzzing around, and especially if I have workers in both rooms, both can work and watch movies / use the net, while I can chill in my work lounge set and answer emails or whatever it is I do.

And of course it’s made to be easy so if I want to whip away stuff it can be a set. I mean if I’ve got a chilled writing and working spot, I want to have some music and maybe a spot to eat, smoke, have some drinks, I don’t know, not a full desk but an inobtruseive bench or table I can snatch away. But it’s also where the aerial is so if I want to get a TV, that’s where it has to go.

The point is – creative space for shooting videos, creative space for writing music and conducting promotional affairs, separate for more basic operations.

So when we’re doing our videos for pirates, and music, what then? The ad campaigns begin?

Musicians Offer More Than CD Replications and CD Duplications

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Ten years ago it used to be easy to know how to sell your music, you printed CDs then hoped you would sell them at gigs or if possible you would get a distributer. Now most people consume music digitally via the web, often illegally. So do you need to sell CDs or any physical products? It depends on the relationship you have or want to have with your fans. When you are out playing gigs (listed on Live Unsigned) selling merchandise is a great way to raise some cash and build that fan/artist relationship.

One of the best ways for a band to make money is to sell merchandise, but do fans really need another dull, plain CD in a plastic case? This is an unremarkable object at best, it just carries music that is available digitally usually at a lower price. If you really want fans to buy something at least get a digipack CD or consider getting some vinyl printed. Often fans will buy vinyl but will still listen digitally. Via Bandcamp you can include a download code so they can still listen even if they don’t own a record player. Make sure you have the audience for vinyl first, if you are selling 500 digipack CDs then it’s worth considering the vinyl option (the minimum order tends to be around 300 units due to high set up costs). If you are not sure ask your fans via social media.

The key thing is to create objects people actually want, something cool and interesting they can keep in their house and show off to their friends. Often you will find people take photos of interesting merchandise and post it on their social networking profiles, giving your band extra exposure. The odder and more unusual something is the more chance people will want to talk about it.

A good example of a micro label creating something interesting is ZX Tapes who produce limited editions of 30 tape cassettes. Even though the tape format is considered outdated they create limited edition art objects that always sell out. They really make an effort to make something special and will most likely be highly collectable in years to come.

The Flaming Lips sell some really limited items. They sell real human skulls for $5000 with a USB stick containing a 24 hour long song or christmas tree ornaments or strange items made of jelly. The hardcore fans want to support the band and buy interesting items. If you want your fans to care be interesting and remarkable.

KISS are the established masters of this. Nothing is too tasteless, from coffins to breakfast cereal to comics to KISS Mr Potato Heads and condoms. Their loyal fanbase (the KISS army) have been paying for this ever expanding range of merchandise since the 70′s. They even do a “KISS Kruise” where you can party all night and day on a boat with your idols for up to nearly three thousand dollars a ticket (and where you can buy a unique range of special KISS Kruise merchandise!). They know how to work their fan base.

Many other bands offer interesting merchandise:

Ween do a colouring book.
Justin Bieber has a shower curtain.
Metallica do a Master Of Puppets pillow case, for the the metal fan who has everything. They also do a Metallica Monopoly set!
Franz Ferdinand sell y-front underpants.
Feist sells a music box that plays instrumental versions of her songs.
Ben Kweller sells a branded toothbrush
No Age have sunglasses.
Slayer sell a slaytanic motorcycle helmet.
Weezer sell a branded Weezer Snuggie.
AC/DC do wine (not to be shaken all night long).
U2 do lego versions of the band (Edge is still wearing a hat).

What all these odd and occasionally tasteless items do is connect the fans more closely to the artist and provide a revenue stream. The weirder they are the more likely it is that people will talk about them via Twitter, across social media or down the pub. T-Shirts and stickers are cool but if you really want to make an impression a Kazoo with your logo on it can be a way of standing out. Try to make as much of what you sell unique and special, even if it is just signed, limited and a numbered edition. Try and keep your logo consistent and if you think an item of merchandise is tacky then don’t do it.

You don’t need to sell a plain CD but it is a good idea to sell some sort of item that gives fans a souvenir of your music. Every artist/fan relationship is different. Make sure that your merchandise offer is as unique as your music and as special as your relationship with your fans.

Developing New Business Auckland Printing CD DVD Duplication

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Hi, It’s matt here from kurb we do heaps of CD’s, DVD’s, posters, printing, banners, booklets, flyers, websites, cheap video production!

I’ve pretty much decied that while my cd dvd duplication and cd dvd replication and the cheap colour printing and we’re offering here in auckland keeps going well, we’ll just be focusing on one new business. If one business is going well, develop new ideas one at a time.

The one I’ve decided on is my business doing pirate themed birthday parties, why did I choose this one?

First the ones that missed the final cut for focused business development were video production, music marketing services, graphic and web design, and talent management. All of those things involved a lot of dealing with customer expectations and I’m not good at it.

The advantages of the pirate thing is that the expectation is clear and forcefully limited – it’s 1 hour.

The money is good. It’s not really that hard and it’s satisfying. The big issue scaling will be difficult. But not impossible and scaling means a different thing.

I have already started blogging there some, writing stories. At the moment our marketing techniques have to be in line with our goals.

Our first goal is to be doing a two birthday parties every week. Ads, videos and blogs can do that. also when we do our pirate adventure videos, we’ll try and get out there in the community and get visible. We want a bigger audience for our youtube videos anyway.

That will be the next step that opens up, demand for the videos, but the better at storytelling I get, the closer I’ll get to having a show I can do. By the time I’ve got blogs up, videos up, and a show I’m doing then I’ll have to get more serious about what I’m doing on the website and having a dvd I can peddle also.

When I improve my website I can start selling other stuff and other peoples products, special links and ads on the site. Also I have the marketing platform then to jump to working with other people – that is having other pirates, fairies etc. who I do bookings for and split the revenue.

so you got:

party p/week: $200 – 600

1 x performance: $500

DVD: $100

online income: $100

apprentice: $100

How many views per video do I need yo be getting before I ask for $1000 for a video? 20,000.

It is within my scope to add another $1000 to my income from this pirate themed stuff, but there has to be some perspective. I can’t make $2000 from cd dvd duplication and $1000 from pirate entertainment, it’s too much work and it doesn’t match with my goals. My goals are in art and creativity and working all the time doing cd and dvd duplication and pirates and printing is not getting me any closer to that.

I need to keep it under control. That is the auckland printing and cd duplication services, what happens when . . . well do I just stay like this? only on slow times under $1500 would I dare work on expanding pirates, what’s the first significant step? I think video the way I want it is the only step until the opportunity allows that I expand pirate stuff.

Blogging and video. Ads on standby to let fly when they’re needed whether it’s in 3 months or 3 years, because either is a possibility.

The idea is to focus on your list. Now I’m making new lists. Sites will roll out, and they’ll be amended with decent photos of me. There’ll be a new car for the business and I won’t run around any more except to resupply plastic. I’ll have to think about packing for the cd dvd replication.

I’ve got more time so the archiving continues, but while we have the chance right now, lock down this business so it’s all in order.

– pictures
– audio
– scanning
– cd dvd duplication projects

Pirates of CD DVD Duplication and Video Production?

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Making the step of dealing with my accounts receivable for once and for all is going to be a bit of a big deal, I actually don’t think it’s really set in yet.

When it really sets in that I don’t have any issues with debtors worth worrying about, that my business is turning over well, sure I do need to get up to date with my tax, but we’re moving to a point where all I have to do is deal with what comes in and take it from there.

It’s a new chance to have the space to do new things, not necessarily ambitious things because we know that small projects can be executed quickly and with focus. Looking seriously at getting an assistant becomes easy because I can focus on it and what is the ultimate result? I’m doing even less. It might drive me crazy but I think it’s a time to adjust to the fact I don’t have to do as much to maintain my lifestyle, and what kind of opportunity that represents, but I still have to have a plan to refer back to so I don’t wander and get too lost with it.

I’m naturally industrious. Money isn’t the be all and end all but it’s one point of orientation, it’s an easy measure to ask if somethings working and if it’s making money well it can’t be too bad. It’s not the only thing, but it’s an easy thing. When you need to apply industrious energy without waste – get a plan.

There’s pirates, but we were focused also on not taking basic processes in our business for granted. We print cd’s and dvd’s, we do dvd and cd burning, that’s our main business and organising cheap poster, booklet printing.

We need to get the processes ramped up – printing, take it up. More printers, printers at other locations. At what point do I need another burner? If I continue to do $2k turnover week after week.

But ultimately it’s the person on that little run for supplies and to the post. That’s the biggest step I could take right now to be doing less. Can I find someone I can pay to turn up everyday, go to the printers, go to the post office and go the plastic suppliers? Do any packing, and deliveries?

It’s easy to do it myself, but we’re not getting any closer to the ideal of not being involved.

The specs for the printing have to be right, and it’s practical for me to deal with the plastics myself, but if I kept reserve more stock it wouldn’t be an issue. That just leaves picking up printing and doing posting.

I say buy an existing staff member a car and pay them $10 for each printer/post office run. Pay someone else to do packing. It still seems messy like I’ll end up doing it myself. I think we forget that over the last 2 months we’ve worked at %150 of the level required, when we drop to about %120 we’ll notice things are even easier. But we still have to regard the possibility of short term growth, of making an extra bit of money in the next year or so

We did the move and it’s good, I’m just keen to get more happening because it either means more time for me or more money if sales keep growing so it can’t be bad either way.

When it came to going in on that debt collection sure I had conflicting emotions, this sense of wondering why I haven’t dealt with the issue earlier came over me. It’s a fine balance, should of done it earlier, but what’s left to do now in business development?

Do my tax, sort out my new business structure, get my cheap colour copying and pirate story websites up and then I’m there just neutral. The only point from there may be pirates. If it’s video, it’s video I want to do. Otherwise this stuff is just too unfocused, I;m just releasing energy into blogging about something that doesn’t need to happen.

If it’s all about pirates and video, how much more do I need to keep writing about it here? I mean I’m trying to drive pirate traffic to the pirate website!

Auckland CD DVD Duplication and Video Production Services

Saturday, November 12th, 2011


I am transferring my spare room into a second office.

It was a guest room, but I wasn’t getting too many guests. So I’ve decided to separate production which is the main part of the business and give it it’s own little space.

This has practical uses but really it’s about focusing the main space toward more creativity.

Sure it’s a space for the clients, sure it’s a space where we can pack our cd dvd duplications in an area where there’s more space, but more it’s about focusing on the creative, doing audio and video production and having a nice relaxing space.

My priorities are basically that as long as cd dvd production keeps rolling out, then I’m focused on improving audio and video production services we offer. To me there’s a likely outcome: As long as production continues which I’m placing a bet of 3 – 7 years – I think we’ll peak out over the next year or two and the dive will begin in about 4. That means for about 4 years we don’t really have anything else to do with our efforts but push our artists, make online videos and build websites.

I can’t help but feel that if you give me three years, I will break out. I’ll put out songs, I’ll upload videos and I’ll build websites and initially it may be very slow, the first year or two, little will happen.

But you can’t really predict the future, but I’m a big believer that if you give yourself enough time to work on something you can push through. My thoughts for now a re focused on the spirit in which we go to it, that now I’m devoting my front office as a dedicated space to push forward on more creative goals. If I want to make it to a permanent filming area,

I guess what I see is setting up a workspace where I can film easily also. If I want to have a relaxing area, well my bedroom is really huge anyway. I guess I’m talking about a TV, but I’d want that in the packing area. But what good is a TV if you can’t stream movies? I might need a massive screen. 27 inch monitor for $375 sounds good. Then what would I need a computer in my bedroom for? A workstation for when printers were printing CD’s in the production area and packers were packing and watching a movie or in there organising online stuff.

Now that certainly works. I think I would definitely look at what I could do with the space in here. I could make my room smoke free and make it more about my clothes, as long as I had a computer, and I’d have more space for an exercising area. But my bedroom because it’s so long would be the best place to build a set, if I wanted to do regular video segments, or a regular pirate bit.

How would I do if I came up with 1 minute pirate show every week? we’ve been talking about online video production for youtube partnership pay outs, the truth is I ever got to 50,000 views per week, it wouldn’t just be about youtube partnership money, I’d have to be charging $200 for appearances and you never know what offers may come in!

How much would it seriously cost me to do a DVD? How many could I sell, 1000? The point is I talked about it before, having a half hour show I can do for $500 in front of a big crowd. Maybe $400 + travel and expenses. And making that into a DVD.

That’s the thing if I could go around the schools doing 5 shows a week, wouldn’t I? Wait, I could sell the DVD as part of the show. $2, no wait, I’ll just have prices based on group size! up to 12 is $250, 12-50 is $500 50 – 100 is $800 100 – 200 is $1200 200-500 $1600 etc. All I’d need to do is one show, one party at an increased rate of $250 since I’d only do 1 p/week, and be doing 50,000 views on youtube I’d be making $700 p/week out of just pirates!

In 2 years time might I have a half dozen channels, doing a video for each a month and getting 50,000 views a week in each one! You dion’t know how it will go. But this is distinctly where we’re pushing out. That’s what the front room set up and even video production in the long term is all about. Getting the pirate squad set up, pushing forward with creative vibes.

When I’m pushing forward with video I’ll be putting stuff up on the youtube channel which mentions the kind of stuff we can do – it’s there to get people interested in these services.

My latest funny video marketing advertisement, I would say in advertising titles that I would do a funny viral video for US$600 right now because if I don’t charge that much I will regret it. In years down the line people will ask me if it’s still $600 god it 5 years time it might be $1000! for a days work on a funny video? What if everything I do gets 100,000 views? That’s what I’m talking about. Then I have to charge $1500. Wow.

WHy would I ask for a $50,000 sponsorship deal when doing one video spot each week for a sponsor would give me a sweet pay out – and you see, it’s all determined by the fact that my successful cd dvd duplication service allows me time to work up my youtube oeuvre

I need to get to making some videos!

CD DVD Copying, Printing, Video Production – Smart Choices

Friday, November 11th, 2011



right now I am hopeful for a lot of new opportunities in business, we’ve been on a long journey. Business, enterprise, industrious works – that’s what I do, but you have to remember to keep yourself growing personally – it’s not just all about business, because business for the sake of itself isn’t a way to live.

Wanting to bring wealth and jobs to your community is admirable, but you’re part of this too – dreams have to be kept in check by the foreseeable reality.

When your business starts growing, and you’ve established a core service as I have with cd dvd duplication, cd printing and general printing services, you look to replicate that success but it’s different when you’re already maintaining one successful business. You need concepts to minimise drain on your time and energy, because committing to new ideas could honestly see you going backwards, and losing the foothold you’ve got with your first business.

Last night I was talking about my pirate entertainer thing that I do. This was all about focusing on one aspect of my business I’d like to improve and feel I could improve. It’s not only the pros of this venture such as that it pays well and that it gives a good feeling afterwards but also avoids the pitfalls of some of the services I will be downsizing such as graphic design.

When I’m a pirate I turn up for a set time, and then I leave. Graphic design and web marketing, video production can sometimes go on and on, and it’s hard to set expectations that are clear with clients.

I think it’s important to focus on a limited amount of ideas, I can see now in the past I tried to have too many ideas going, I wanted it all to happen and I just had blind faith that if I got the train steaming, the tracks would be there. Now I’m focused on laying tracks in front of me. There’s things I know I can’t do unless I have an assistant to help me manage everything, or it just wont work.

Pirates is a whole different thing, because I’m not relying on resources I don’t already have. This is really key because I don’t have to expend in any opportunity to get established, I am established. The other options – video production, talent, haven’t shown any promise. Music Marketing has had it’s moments but none of this can happen without somebody else driving it, or 4, 5 years from now when what I’m doing starts to slide.

When you think about video production long term you can look at the income in different ways. We used to think about doing a video job worth $500, but how many views is that a week? 125,000? 3 channels with 50 videos on them averaging 1000 views a week each? I’m just saying. And of course it rolls over, the more performances I do, the more people watch the videos, the more it’ll get around what I’m doing and the more it grows.

I guess what I’m saying is that I may have my hands full and the move from cd dvd copying and duplication to doing video and entertainment may not be that structured. It may take years for cd duplication to decline, but it may take years before I’m making $600 every week from performances and youtube partnership etc.

It’s interesting, the point is I don’t really have to worry about pushing anything but pirates and doing my videos, if 6 months I’ve done a whole lot of video and interest is building, then excellent. But until my cash starts to drop then I won’t be interested in any projects. Or I will kick the video production and video marketing packages off at $947. Even with that deal it just screams out that I would have to pay people come in and sort all the cd dvd copying stuff out while I did the video production.

Don’t forget the wedding video production stuff as well. It’s all on – except it’s off. It’s all ready to throw the switch, but it could be years before that switch gets thrown.

We leave cd dvd copying, printing as it is
We grow pirates
we do more gardening or we leave that where it is.

we get assistant, open up marketing and more video production. etc, etc.

So seeing as pushing pirates and gardening is the only thing, we’re pretty limited in our focus around marketing the pirates. All we need to focus on is pirates. We’ll talk about the real options and how to do it.

Growth for Pirates, Printing and Promotions, Auckland

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

There are always new opportunities in business but the important thing is to focus on what matters to you – it’s your business, you should get the things you want out of it. The mistake I often make is in thinking that more money, more profit, more revenue more turnover is what matters, and for the first few years, getting going becomes an obsession.

But as I’ve not only grown my business but actively shut down parts of it to reduce the stress on me, you begin to appreciate a little more that it’s a different approach taken when you’re looking to capitalize on your success, rather than grow something big from the beginning. My best idea recently allows me to pull back if I get too busy, but also stockpile so there’s no wasted effort. It is a limited enterprise, but that’s not an issue because I only want something small I can grow with low maintenance.

I want to have ideas on the ground so that if my main business declines, I have options. There’s another business there that just needs 3 months hard graft to get up and running rather than a year or more.

A lot of the old ideas were all about rolling out this business model and replication of systems but systems so often break down and as you progress you start to ask yourself whats the value in constantly fixing them? Business like that for the expanding entrepreneur doesn’t work because they divert attention and frazzle the wits. You’re looking for low maintenance business commitments.

How do we get there?


It’s almost as if from this point I can only expand with an assistant baring everything that would have been lumped on me as the entrepreneur forging the way. What do I do with all the music marketing, youtube promotions and graphic design, website design – all these enquiries coming in for me? I know better than to take them on. But when does it get to the stage that an assistant could make a living out of my offcuts?

How does the assistant fit with what I want to do personally? That’s why I always have my reservations, I don’t want to waste time telling some employee what to do when I’d rather be doing what I want to do.


I have not been advertising for 2 months now which means these blog sessions that help my seo are pretty much the only form of marketing I am doing and I am always looking for ways to leverage my blogging even further than simply writing more and more. A readership would be nice, but at the end of the day, it’s the search rankings that matter and SEO and it’s modern state must be considered.

Writing blogs is great, but article marketing doesn’t really seem to suit the bill because of how no follow has spread. Writing often serves me well but a little bit of organic action – links, fans, buzz, whatever, well it couldn’t hurt. I think we need to recognise how we can repeat the success of the cd duplication services and apply that to new ideas.

Focus your advertising, blogging, link building etc. on pirates or talent or whatever new ground you’re trying to break.


Blogging is not responsible for 100% of sales obviously, it just keeps my search ranking up, and people are coming to my site, seeing my deal is straight up, and it’s all happening from there, more people are using google, etc. to find the services they want, so my strength in online promotion has meant I’ve risen with that tide, but because I’ve been going so long, at least half the sales I get are repeats or word of mouth.

It bodes very well for the future , and will probably have me reviewing being aggressive with cd dvd duplication again next year. But I can’t be aggressive with anything without the staff!

But how do we grow word of mouth and repeat business, is there any way to do what we’re doing, better or is it simply to do it knowing the next few years will probably be an easy run? I think we’ve been over its and it’s simple: don’t aim for more work unless you’ve got the system and people to handle it, otherwise I’ll just be stressed out.


Pirate birthdays are now a focus because we’re looking for those opportunities we can grow without too much stress. It’s not always easy gearing up for a party but it’s 1 hour and it’s done. I do need to be ready to put my prices up also. But it appears that youtube may be where I have the opportunity to make money, if I do a pirate video every week, and I’m getting 50,000 views a week, well I’m making $150 youtube partnership. That’s not too bad, because that’s what I’m talking about in terms of boosting income.

A key to this is that I don’t need more staff or resources in the short term to grow. It means lower commitment and being able to move forward here with th resources I have. Until I find good staff I have to maintain that approach. But what’s more interesting is that once you get to that level then I do become in demand, there are more possibilities opening up in terms of media etc.

Secondary income streams opening up, the main one I see is really doing youtube videos, as I said, and then well I’ve talked about shows – you perform to 100 kids for $5 a head for 40 minutes – well you’re making $500 a pop. it’s certainly something I have to build up to, but the marketing, and establishing myself in SEO, word of mouth, online advertising etc., that’s the important part for right now and anybody reading this.

You do your online marketing in advance. I don’t know when I’ll be able to support graphic design and music marketing and youtube promotion and video production so I’m not planning in advance, but the pirate birthdays is different, I can do it now so I can do the marketing now.

Cashflow-A-Gogo for Auckland Printing, CD/DVD Duplication

Friday, November 4th, 2011

There’s going to come a point where I can collect on that late payment from a certain company and it’s going to be a huge relief for me. My whole approach will be refreshed, it’ll feel less risky what I need to do. Which is nothing that’ll take heaps of work! For now . . .

That’s because my business does fine, so my biggest priority is balancing everything so I can’t plenty of time away from just doing business all the time – that’s real success. Looking for ways to do business that are more expressive to me, or maybe, just involve less situations where a client is on my back.

So lesson one – don’t down gear your business without taking care of arrangements, a significant outstanding debt is not something I can abide by, even from one of my best clients. What I’m positive about is the reminder that you don’t want to get into a tricky space, the tricky thing about $6k is that I can’t just let that slide or wait for it to fix itself. I’ve got to deal with it.

But it’s possibly an effective motivator to think about the benefits we can look forward to when we have that money back – because rather than worrying over a little issue, we’ll be charging forward with ideas – little things will be just knocked over – like getting the second office space set up. These are little things that are positive towards growing the business but also create a more agreeable vibe.

A front room office which is nice and pleasant to enjoy, and a dirty work floor office where the action happens – all the printing and CD DVD duplication for our auckland clients and budget bulk services for customers all over new zealand and australia.

With a super streamlined and minimal approach you get to waking up! no brain dead concepts for how we’re going to maximize this and explode that. You need to look at the basics and make sure you’re streamlining and optimising the whole thing. I can be kind of negligent because I’m always thinking of the next thing. I’m pretty sure I only need one more good business idea and I won’t have to worry too much.

Obviously having my websites sorted out becomes the next top priority but it’s already under way. Artist and Copying first, then Pirates and talent marketing. Then finally music marketing and video production, but we can’t go there until we know we’re ready to do the work. Right now we don’t even want to do that work. If we are
doing that work we want to be able to demonstrate what we can do, what the client should expect, and deliver it.

I might make a few initial improvements, just rudimentary stuff, tinkering, but the big upgrade has to be seen as part of a series of events to expand the business into something that works. It’s realistic at this stage to suggest things need to change here before I can approach that. I either need an assistant or the method of the work I’m doing currently needs to change to free up more energy.

But this is what I’m saying, I’ve experienced it before in business. Once debtors and websites is something I needn’t think of, it clears so much space in your mind, and I’ve become used to not really thinking about things too much because I can’t forget that I need to get my websites up to standard and get money owed collected before I can agree that I needn’t be more than passive in my approach until I recognise that my income is dropping.

If my income never drops, even as i roll out new ideas, hire staff, maybe even establish retail or other commercial locations,

then really it’s about

But seriously when that money is collected we have nothing to do save fix our websites which includes the photoshoots. Then you’re honestly saying aside from a bit of archiving and usual day to day operations, we have nothing planned. Nothing. What we can do at that point is wide open.

What is stopping the big move from the office to the spare room, the engine room?

I wanted to shoot scenes for two of my videos in the empty rooms.

What were we going to do? Get an assistant.

I mean remember we had the trademe idea, well that’s a separate little thing I’m doing with one person, in fact I’m sourcing out a lot of these tasks one at a time.

The assistant who drives around. The assistant who does trademe. When do we make the brochure? When we feel like making it. When we feel like upgrading the music marketing and video production sites, we will.

But we’re talking about real aims here that are opening me up to new things. Stuff like doing my own garden and thinking about my spending all the stuff stuff – the core processes of my business, there’s still lots of wastage I could be targeting. And the reward isn’t more money, it just leans towards a less stressful model, your putting less stress on your system and so it flows better.

There are business models that are more favoured toward more organic growth. What do i like about growing organic herbs? You harvest as you supply (to local restaurants) and you don’t have to deal with fussy clients and annoying computers so much.

There are opportunities alright. I’ve spent so long trying to get decent websites set up, to try and get accounts receivable under control, I just began to feel that it would never finally happen. I could be doing a brochure or a flyer now, or building up the video production but there’s just no need. It’s not just that I don’t need the money but realising how I’ve got myself into trouble so often by being to aggressive in trying to roll these services out. Not being ready.

In the long run with graphic design, website design, video production and music marketing – if I don’t need to do this stuff then I’m better off not doing it. All I need to remember is that I am have back up plans. But we are definitely going to be looking for the sweet spot where we can earn without stress.