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Tuesday, December 27th, 2011


I guess it’s time to take a look at the year, revise and round up, assess performance and goals for the new year.

The major goal is to really keep income and profit steady while growing and bringing more new and different staff into the equation. We are happy to not make more money as long as everything stays steady and we move excellent staff into taking care of all the business so I can relax, and push the business out to places where I’m more creative in what I’m doing.

Continuing to focus on dvd duplication, pirate birthdays and cheap auckland wedding video means we’re engaging in solidly profitable areas and can continue to develop our artists sites and our talent management.

Earlier in the year I had another revival of the idea of opening a physical retail operation, but it didn’t happen and I know that’s a good thing. Part of my philosophy was that in business, well it’s a bit like a rodeo, if you can just hang on for a few years, that’s as much as you need to do to beat the competition. There were dimensions to the benefits of having more physical exposure, but at the end of the day, I was signing up for more stress that I’d be along for the ride on – with pirates, which I have shifted my attention to, I can put on the breaks if a situation arises.

At the end of the day, I’m far less exposed to risk just doing things such as pirates.

But the idea of the shop was not just about growing something long term, but now an increasingly important concept – that I can use business to get me toward places outside of money, to use my business skills as an engine to push forward my creative and social interests.

How we execute that whether as a shop or expanding the pirate business, can contribute to goals outside of financial and that’s a key to how we move forwardand what we discuss on this blog – I’m executing plans not because they will be successful in profit but will be positive creatively and socially.

This year we really kept up the turnover and the revenue coming in, and kept investing it and pushing to the point we didn’t even need advertising to keep it ticking over. To be growing while cutting advertising spends just shows how crazy my business is for growth. Most people would suggest it was time for me to really step things up, but I really don’t want to buy a whole lot of stress.

That’s what it was about, until I got rid of the BMW I was under a lot of stress, but when I got through it, it wasn’t long before I stopped advertising because I was making too much money and not getting enough time to myself. Now my whole aspect with the business is to wait for something to go wrong, as I haven’t been advertising for the last few months. Because my income hasn’t dropped and there’s not really any objective evidence it will, it makes a lot of things seem questionable, especially anything that involves working toward a financial outcome, since I’m already ahead of the play there.

Updating the sites and doing good photo shoots is something I’m not in a hurry to do while I have more than enough business. But this stuff will only help me before the decline, not after it. But if the decline only sets in in 5 years, then what does it matter anyway whether some nice photos kept my business open a couple of months longer than it would have?

I think if we want to expand out side of cd dvd duplication and pirates we need a plan for all those secondary activities which at this stage includes video production.

I’m working on a lot of end of 2011 / start of 2012 round up posts and we want to keep the thoughts directed toward taking what we’ve learned this year and putting it to use in 2012.

The goal of business is to provide. Provide for your customers, and provide for your own needs. My need right now is to foster more creativity and talent, and so having an assistant taking care of more of the tedious responsibilities is the only way I can move forward. I have to be focused on assistants in 2012.

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Monday, December 19th, 2011

I am getting so super organisational at the moment! I guess well, I might even start blogging about something that matters or makes a difference because as I’m getting more organised my brain is speeding up and I’m getting stuck into things faster.

Recently I was interested in how to get more productive because I had this habit of doing everything that needed to be done at the beginning of the day and then slumping out kind of directionlessly, so in the afternoon I was bumming around when I needed to be pushing other agendas I had planned.

So practically we turn up 3 examples:

– I have to do my tax or I’ll keep stacking up late fees and interest. Because it’s hard to understand and it always seems like I owe more tax than I thought it seems like this untamed beast.

– I have to continue archiving to know where I’m at with every single physical and digital item in my possession. Total control of my environment in order to create gardens of creative and innovative space free from being tied down to concerns of objects that we don’t know really if even matter.

– The childrens entertainment concept is clearly leading out of the gate in terms of where I want to develop my business. We have to PLAN video production and photography

But if you follow what I’m thinking you’ll see that before you can do something creative and strategic, you have to plan, but before you can plan, you need to unclutter your mental and physical process, but before you can unclutter, but you can’t unclutter yourself and rid your gardens of weeds if you have serious actual situations to deal with.

But I don’t need to deal with tax, I can just wait for it to become a problem and then deal with it, but the problem is tax and acc together, if I deal with the tax first I can then tackle acc, they’re a slippery bunch, you can just tell that give them half a chance amd they’ll be racking up insane penalty fees for anything you can think of. That’s what I’m worried about, them getting cheeky and sneaky like that.

How can I seriously unclutter my life when I’m never sure a nasty surprise from that lot isn’t coming? I’ve seen this stuff play out, suddenly you owe grands and you’re not sure how you got there. That’s what my gut is telling me.

The point about being diligent is progressing to a point of what? Nothing can go wrong? Now we’re talking about the end game. The point of diligence is to be prepared and aware, when your prepared and aware you can get everything processed to where it needs to be, and the point of processing is to create a pure and streamlined environment for planning based on creative and innovative thought.

My tax is ready to go, I only need to spend a few hours getting it in order and I can go to the accountant. The new business is much the same.

So in the spirit of the first call, to diligence, what do we need to be aware of? All our administration being sorted out. Then it’s marketing and assistant. Stocks up and ready to go. Power up and out.

I guess we won’t know where the next place it is we have to be smart is until we come up against it.

Sorting and archiving. Even approaching writing and video, the archiving won’t be done, because we have boxes of physical material to digitize and apply, and really, will much happen if I don’t wildly push this archiving?

Well then you’re coming back to core motivations, it’s about why you choose to move forward in the direction you choose. Pirates is the best way for me to play a part. I look in financial advantages and I can contribute more money to getting my video production going and my pirate thing going.

I don’t think there’s any point in pushing marketing talent right now, I think this energy is better focused now on pirate stuff.

Pirate stuff is all planning!

After I meet my fairies, I just think we get straight to cranking out youtube stuff! From that I’ll get good ideas for our little show, roll them up and get to my girl who’s going to do all the agency booking, what do we need to be doing?

– meeting and filming fairies
– arranging ideas for a show.
– updating website
– adwords
– photos and videos

What’s the online wave of attack once you’ve got this sorted?

Sure we want to profile our fairies but the most important thing is pirate matty and a fairy


I look at some of the stuff on my to do list and I really think is this something I need to just not think about now? What about my music marketing blog, that continues to get lots of hits? If I had to chose between the music marketing blog, the video production blog and the auckland copying which would it be? Copying probably makes me the most money but it’s already kind of done. the music marketing and the video blog is a hard choice but I don’t think I should even worry about those choices to be honest they just don’t matter now.

Cheap auckland printing is a funny one because it’s an easy way to make a few hundred dollars but it can sometimes be a hassle answering emails etc. in the new years it will be the pirate thing I’m pushing with ads, and maybe auckland copying. How can I push my music marketing if I don’t even want to do music marketing?

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011

We need superior through put.

Today I’m talking about some philosophies on display here:

– We need to have everything processed because better organisation is a more efficient and creative environment for the business.

– We need to plan the execution of sophisticated strategies that will contribute to growing our business, even if we are only ensuring some aspect of our brand meets a perceived market standard.

– We need to be diligent and active in areas that could raise potential issues slowing productivity and causing stress

Now which statement do I MOST agree with? Find out down the page . . .

I’m always sitting here in the afternoon or evening wondering if there’s something I’m supposed to be doing.

CD DVD Duplication is always what I’m supposed to do first. All cd dvd printing and duplication first all cheap auckland printing, any other projects we may have on whether video or otherwise. When all that important work is done for the day, I’m thinking about broader efforts to improve the business and then efforts to improve my enjoyment of business.

So we’re dealing with short term stuff first, and then long term improvement. I think that we look to our master list, there are two lists really, one involves annoying stuff that can easily be put off until another day, but then there’s the more fundamental question of what you want out of business.

A certain amount of money represents certain freedom, but what are you really sacrificing? I hope to get to a point of organisation that we can really see, in fact I already sense my situation at the moment is that I’m not really challenging myself. That’s why again the pirate entertainment is coming to the fore.

So there’s 3 lists,

– stuff to be done now for business to relieve stress of demanding clients

– stuff to be done in general for general improvement and development in art, business and society

– stuff to be done for business sooner or later

I have trouble transitioning from what absolutely has to be done today over to less important tasks, I mean technically once all cd dvd duplication and poster stuff was sorted, would I really be straight into my tax, straight into my photo shoot?

Right now it’s the end of the year and a real chance to focus on growing the pirate entertainment stuff, and doing more video production and music production. I’ve got a small gap where there won’t be business streaming in, so there is the opportunity to lay down some more kind of infrastructure concepts, projects that may require a bit of work and focus to get happening.

Right now i have the following jobs to do

– post outs and invoices
– posters
– pirate stuff.

Stuff going from planning to getting done

– video for low key
– website progress

This list keeps updating as I write the post, but the point is once this is done for the day I have a number of other tasks to consider, once I used to earmark tasks as ones that could be completed.

video for pirates

tax + business

When I can see everything that needs to be done it makes easier to survey what i could realistically tackle, the top list I can all do at my desk, while the pirate video which is quickly turning into a bit of a funny one, obviously needs to be worked through with some planning. Same with Tax, same with photoshoot.

That’s a crucial thing, a lot of stuff needs planning. I can’t just launch into a new music video or website or video production without a little bit of planning.

Getting the pirate show off the ground is now getting to be a big priority, I have a friend who is excellent at booking, I believe we can make it work. But we need to have a story and an act, and then be able to promote it. We need to put in the planning, planning a show to work.

so I guess these are two lists are lists of stuff that come at , one’s a boring list which has tax and business set up on it, and the other is a cool list, it only has photoshoots and videos, and music songs and websites and cool things to do on it. Is the idea really just to do the boring stuff because it’s boring, which means it’s probably important? I’m trying to get business intelligence here, I’m trying to look at my analytical and systemic processes.

The philosophies on display here are:

– We need to have everything processed because better organisation is a more efficient and creative environment for the business.

– We need to plan the execution of sophisticated strategies that will contribute to growing our business, even if we are only ensuring some aspect of our brand meets a perceived market standard.

– We need to be diligent and active in areas that could raise potential issues slowing productivity and causing stress

Which statement do I most agree with?

Okay so there’s a question here about running admin, and how that plays.

Removing tax and new business set up admin from my to do list makes me wonder what I’ll be doing in the mid term in terms of sorting out smooth running of administration. How do I mitigate my obligations? Well there’s always tax to pay, so you have to see your accountant to stay on top of it and possibly pay more there. Then we need to make sure our marketing is ready to take us to within an optimistic result – or at least consider it as marketing is not really a weak point for us. It’s more ensuring we’re organised to maintain if the optiistic scenario eventuates.

Are we ready to easily roll out the cd dvd duplication , cheap printing and auckland pirate hire to cope with that? Yes I’m sure we are but I want to have time off and avoid any potential mini crisis if I can.

We go sort out our tax, and start a new business, we have some extra expenses for accounts. Where do we have to be diligent after that? Stocks of ink for cd printing, and cd and dvd duplication stock? Getting our assistant sorted?

The point about being diligent is progressing to a point of what? Nothing can go wrong? Now we’re talking about the end game. The point of diligence is to be prepared and aware, when your prpeared and aware you can get everything processed to where it needs to be, and the point of processing is to create a pure and streamlined environment for planning based on creative and innovative thought.

Pretty much!

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Thursday, December 15th, 2011

I’m still moving the place around and triangulating my strategy here. Blogging is a useful way of covering this material, we can start from a point and face it toward the subject. For example a lot of my thoughts have been on the children’s entertainment business so I’m working through that idea on different blogs.

On my artist blog I talk about the metaphors and crossovers of being a kid’s performer, and more into the content and the significance of developing this content that is intended for different audiences.

On my video production blog I talk about the focus on these videos we’re planning

On this blog we talk about the business and marketing aspects.

The crucial, central concept is that we’re taking something we already know people want, not something we hope people will want. With music and art, we don’t know if people want that. But I had to get out and do something more interesting and dynamic than CD DVD Duplication, because in acknowledging my strengths in business, it’s natural to see where those strengths can be applied.

By working on my children’s entertainment business I’m trying to reach other outcomes of success, making kids happy, feeling good, working with other talent, developing more skills and my brand.

When this business is stronger we can look at other things such as a shop or other steps that take us toward more of an agency footing or production house. Right now we need to work with the resources we have.

If I set up a new computer and everything in the next room, all I have to do is get my laptop up to spec so I can do online stuff on it, that way I can completely take away the desk and computer I use now. I could have a stereo and TV and they would be either on that shelf or in front of the fire place

So I drive to the monitor shop to see if I like the big monitors, and if I don’t I’ll dive straight to the computer sales and get a new computer, and off I go. Set up new computer, set up software, slowly ease of my old computer until I can get rid of it and do all my work on laptop. Then I set up my staging area and my offices how I like. For quick internet access I might still use the production office, but I’ll be moving production more to where my staff work from home.

Packers can collect cases, they can also collect printing and do the post off. So for each collection it’s $5 and for each post off it’s $5

DVD/Slimline: 10c
4+ dvd: 15c
sleeve w insert: 10c
sleeves: 5c

With the jewel cases, they are hard and tricky, so in order to get them right it has to be 30c. But you’re removing a lot of work from your week at a low cost. Not just the packing but cheap printing delivery and pick up missions. Even printing jobs would be $5.

That leaves me still dealing with supplies – disc supplies for cd duplication and dvd duplication but also cd packing and dvd cd packaging. Which means I now go deep into stocking that stuff.

So now I went and got the big screen samsung, I have to get a new AMD quadcore to go with it which will set me back $600, but then I can sell my old computer and screen for say $300, so I would be spending up $1050 and only getting $300 back. No money for laptop until I sort out the camera.

Who cares, if a new laptop and a new camera is all there is to worry about then I think pretty sorted, what else are we curious about?

It’s really pushing the pirate entertainment marketing which is more about me pushing a new dynamic idea forward so that I can balance on these projects financially without having to push any one of them particularly hard.

Once I reach that point of being completely economically secure, then I’m at a cut off point of really redirecting the aims of what I am doing in business. More personal enjoyment. In a way the pirate thing will allow me to give a lot, so after that it is particularly in personal enjoyment.

It’s enjoyment in telling stories.