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Auckland Cheap Colour Printing, Disc Copying

Friday, January 27th, 2012

We wanted to do a pirate thing but I guess it’s not happening right now. But we know that it will it’s just a matter of being patient.

You need to have a goal in business, and have a plan to reach that goal, accounting for the reality of the situation. The reality here is I don’t have time to build a second business properly until my first business is big enough to support the staff so I can turn my attentions elsewhere.

The goals behind pirates were a second business that was profitable already, but not at the expense of a business already going well. Our goals are perhaps not entirely in focus.

With my accounts receivable under control, a new priority arises along the lines of keeping on task and moving forward – we’ve discussed it before – developing your website designs to a professional standard of presentation so you’re not turning people off because it looks like you’re running a shoddy operation.

I have made some improvements to the auckland colour printing site, but nothing too extreme because I had a thought about the business environment for me short term – I’m not actually advertising this site right now.

I started getting ideas about much better presentation and videos already but why should I bother? I move to my next website project which is for the pirate party entertainment and once that’s done, I was looking at redoing the talent site, but even then, why hurry? Do I really have an idea of how this will move forward? Same with the music marketing and the video production sites.

Most music marketing and video production jobs coming in right now, I can’t commit to so why should I even make updating these sites a priority?

After the pirate site is updated – which also needs to be updated to a more SEO friendly format – my priority will not be updating the talent management site. We can’t assume or expect how immediately cd duplication and dvd replication etc will show signs of peaking when it could still very well be in growth, which means less opportunity and motivation to develop new concepts.

It’s about that fundamental difference – printing I can commit to, pirates I can commit to, these leads aren’t wasting my time or anybody else’s.

So go for it, do the talent management site but have an idea for it. Right now you don’t seem to have an idea. And I don’t see myself committing to our video production or music marketing until there’s an assistant to organise all this stuff, and/or I experience a peaking type behaviour with the cd dvd duplication stuff. If I’m finding I’m making less week after week, then of course I’m going to gravitate to new ideas because I’ve got more time.

But that could be 3 years away and in 3 years, it could all be different, it could all be fine with pirates or whatever other work I’m doing.

So do the pirate site, then do what? Do photos and videos for the colour printing and and pirate website. Are we really into the video production concept wherever it can push the business, not just selling it as a service.

I’m still very much into plans for my front office and what I’m doing there – we’re pushing toward these more creative places because we see how it will unfold. Once I’ve done photos which is practically a one off, we’re talking about videos. Really the focus is on getting the pirate income up – first tackling marketing and then the idea of a show.

The idea of commitment is still a big one – am I going to be committed to doing 2 pirate parties every week? It underlines again why assistants and workers are so important. More staff means that I can focus on my pirate website, and any extra would be put into an assistant’s fund of cash specifically for paying for stuff.

What a good idea. Get someone on these cardboard cd sleeves and on auckland poster distribution, the rest of the photography DVD duplications to be printed and packaged. Then I could focus on my pirate show. Maybe this blog would be a measure of what I could add to such a show!

But I think if I work at it I could do it. It’s one of those things, not many people could do this, very very few, but I can.

Pirate website
pirate marketing
pirate show.

What does that mean? I go off and do a pirate party for an hour so I can have a worker for a day who cuts down four hours work for me. So what does that mean? I go do a pirate for an hour so I don’t have to work 4 hours making cd’s and doing cd printing cd-r burning?

This is crazy – you have to see it from other angles sure a pirate party is only an hour, but I have to drive there and prep. Doing $150 worth of work around here is simply simple, it may take a few hours but it’s easy. Makes me feel like going easy.

Turn the ads back on. Get ready to go. More printers, Assistants, car, more duplicators if it has to be.

Assisting in Auckland CD Duplication and Copying Expansions

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Okay so coming into 2012 we have a funny situation, where cd duplication is still going really well, we have the opportunity to reach out in new directions, but we can’t overstretch ourselves or what’s the point? What I’m saying is why ruin a perfectly good business by overstretching yourself just to get another off the ground?

You’d think I stop blogging if I wanted to slow down the pace of my business but I’ve got too many ideas and ultimately we want to make the choices that will allow us to grow smart. At the end of the day, 2 successful businesses will bring me to my business goal. But we don’t want to risk one for the other, we want to keep our eye on the ball and develop our secondary enterprises at a sensible pace.

Do I even have to put “cd duplication” here on this blog any more? Cd dvd duplication and cheap printing for auckland and new zealand is what we do here, mainly, we just had to focus on that because it was the easiest thing to turn around – all kinds of marketing and video production and presentation we offered gets really complicated when you’re trying to do it cheaply.

I think the point is you could do a lot of things if you keep at it, it depends on the result you’re looking for. I think maybe business ideas get easy, it’s easy to say hey we can do this, but then opportunity cost rears it’s head – what’s the real opportunity you’re looking for? Is that the opportunity you’re actually missing out on?

We thought heading into 2012 that pirates was the right move. We thought was a great idea because it ticked so many boxes. It’s stiull a great idea, but we decided that if there were more low intensity options that offered the opportunity for a smaller commitment, they should be looked at and considered.

So we focus on where we can take our core activity, but we also consider the bigger picture, that there is always a finite amount of energy and time to put into any effort.

The bigger picture is why would we want to grow our business? To create more opportunities outside of just profit. I guess if we’re already thinking about more people, and assistants, then anyway we grow the business increases the viability of that person. Just doing the numbers now, it’s crazy I haven’t moved on this. It’s just opportunity cost again, because we need someone who can pick things up, so I do less – literally. We recognised that driving around is probably the first thing, and combining that with printing and posting duties.

Someone can’t walk into that job, they’d have to work with me. It’s still pretty stressful, what about me, why do I want to grow this business?

Well as I said, just a little bit of growth and I’m in a pretty comfortable place financially. I’m not raking it in, but it’s enough for me. At the moment I have enough, with another business going strongly I would have enough to do more things that I didn’t expect.

Because it’s good to push yourself forward, push yourself to your best. With help, I could do more, but more importantly when it comes to the business, I do less, and at this stage, to remove all that would leave me with a lot of time, I think – to think, and know what I really want to do with the opportunities I’ve been given.

So in a lot of ways it’s all about not just hiring an assistant to do more jobs so I do less, but being able to pay an assistant to provide the ability to push forward with new ideas.

I would be just focused on the important stuff – sales, debt collection, accounting, and then my growth strategies. You’ve got to think of the assistant as the person who can get you out of here.

You want someone who takes the client, sorts out their art and printing, sorts out their audio, sorts out the cd duplication order, packaging and posts it off, on the way collecting ink, printing and discs for the next order.

so the work they are doing is
– dealing with clients, printers
– driving around
– cd duplication packaging

and the areas we are consolidating in

– buy dvd player
– stockpile supplies
– get assistant

Then I just get on with my own little expansion agenda.

We were talking about giving someone trademe, getting them going with the trademe side of things. That is a bit of a luxury though really.

again I was talking about getting over to australia and getting some cd dvd replication action on there, connecting with melbourne operations to get the discs flying out, people I was talking to were talking about sales being pushed by peple who could come in and help me, targeting certain markets, replicating not only the business model but the marketing strategy also.

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Improving Auckland CD DVD duplication systems

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Now I’m really churning into the new year wisdom. We had big plans as usual until we recognised they were all doomed because I was getting ahead of myself. I haven’t sorted out my main business and I cant establish another in that case.

Last few posts basically have been pretty clear – I’ve got too much on my plate as it is to be fully invested into my entertainment services.

So I was wondering what I could do, to progress my business that had more certainty and security to it. This obviously comes back to strengthening my core business.

Not having decent portraits isn’t the issue. Stress that leaps up is the issue but I’m learning to get control of it.

Cheap printing is a big part of my business and it is really very little effort on my part, except in dealing with the clients. To me making $50 over this stuff is worthwhile, but is it? How often would I have given $50 to be that much less busy? It’s not the work of forwarding the design and driving down to pick it up, it’s the responsibility for the job, and often when they are coming to pick up the design, it means being tense and unable to relax knowing I still have one more client coming.

Often, a day can seem stressful just remembering I have to pick up some printing or meet a client to get that printing to them. I know that there’s been times when I could have had the day to myself after 2pm but for having to wait on the printing and get it to the client.

I think if my income drops, $50 will be something I’d be a lot more interested in. When I got desperate in 2010 when I hit a very rare dry patch, I remember I delivered some flyers across town for $30. So don’t get too haughty just yet!

With the poster distribution and flyers, I think we need to put the prices up for a start. No actually, keep the prices the same, raise the level of service then wait for demand to increase. We need to be using more glue and more glossy posters that stick longer. Glue is getting too expensive, it’s almost doubled in price. we need to find better options. But gas has gone up a lot too, so it’s something that is justified in rising costs. So I just bought $180 worth of glue $70 online that should last me 2 months at least.

It’s not the saving, it’s the fact that having to go and get glue is not a weekly issue, and I’ve noticed a lot of that stuff in my life, that’s why I probably wallow more than I used to. because I can.

But core business is still dvd cd duplication, so what is the process of cd dvd duplication that can be improved?

make sale – generally solid. customers spending $500 or more are the ones who really matter. people spending less than $200 who are being funny should be discouraged by being told they will face a wait. Tell people you can do a demanding job but always offer a disclaimer based on them having the right materials and paying upfront.

payment –
demanding/urgent job – upfront or cash on collection
normal job – 5% off for upfront payment, otherwise cash on collection, or 50% upfront and 50%
corporate/government – payment within 30 days.

receive art masters – add 2 days for design or $25.

receive content masters – master cd or – add 2 days or $20 compilation fee. buy dvd player.

– only orders over $500 should receive free design and free download + compilation.

supply prints – assistant doing print run
supply packaging
supply discs – discs and cases should be stockpiled.

except for sleeves, we’ve never run out of sleeves.

1000 x cd
1000 x dvd
200 x slimline
200 x jewel case
500 x dvd case

supply ink – ink should be continually stocked.

– assistant with car doing cd/dvd/cases/plastic/ink/print supplies run

print discs
burn discs

– assistant

assemble packaging

– assistant
10 point programme!

Customer Service: Difficult Customers, Clients From Hell

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

We’re deep in the holiday period after christmas and it’s a time when customers and clients expectations can be very demanding especially at a point where you and your workers and suppliers are likely tired after a busy holidays lead up and really in need of a time to recharge.

It’s going to benefit you if you’re not running into friction points in your dealings with clients, both in the job, and getting the money.

In the last post about organising promotions and marketing, I recognised it was still time for consolidation and building confidence for our next move – we know we’ll be moving forward with pirates, but we didn’t realise that there are a few challenges there. We identified that bringing on an assistant and looking at ways we can smooth out the whole process is the key.

What is the process of cd dvd duplication that can be improved? In the next post I’m going through every stage of the process.

Already I’m back tackling that website stuff, get the serious stuff out of the way, move forward confidently.

See in my situation, I’m not so interested in getting more out of my business in terms of revenue and profit, I just want to identify those jobs that are going to cause me an issue, because my life would be so much easier if I didn’t have to deal with various issues, getting stressed out because a customer is unhappy with their job is not what I want at all because it puts a real downer on me.

I would rather keep any customers who have high expectations away, because often there are some customers who really don’t understand that in order for my business to run efficiently, we certainly can’t maintain foolproof systems and mistakes happen.

What are the common issues we face:

– bad debts

– no disc master

– art designs

– rush job leading to poor turn out


We should offer a 5% discount to those who pay upfront. All jobs being completed within 24 – 48 hours must be paid for upfront or on pick up.

If jobs are under $500 then there will be little extra fees or days added for designs or cd compilations from downloads.

We’re going to buy a dvd player to make sure we can test all our discs.

Stockpiling CD’s and cases, the importance of this is not just about being caught short when big orders roll in and their are shortages, it’s also about being able to get stuck into a job the moment it comes in, and if people are turning up for work, ink and cases and discs is one less thing for me to run around worrying about so they are set up for work.

And finally the BIG ASSISTANT situation, what will the assistant do?

Pick up printing, and sometimes ink and plastic supplies, but not so much as I will be bulk stockpiling

burn and print discs

assemble packaging

pack discs and post.

Is this really all we have to do to get business happening? Well the idea is – focus on doing it!

– Buy a DVD player for $70 to play cd and dvd duplication masters and dvd copies.

– Spend the money on the necessary stock piling

1000 x cd duplication – $260
1000 x dvd duplication – $300
200 x slimline – $55
200 x jewel case $85
500 x dvd case $160

= $860

Then evaluate. Then is the time for looking at these new ideas and judging whether it’s something I’m really committed to!

At the moment I am a little short on people I can call on, and while recruiting assistants remains our most important task, we remain

I think we were p

Managing Pirate Marketing and Photos

Monday, January 9th, 2012

So we really need to pick up the pace and chime in with our business goals for 2012.

SO the photoshoot definitely has to be done but I’ve lost my list of the things I have to shoot for.

I must admit we were all very keen for pirates, but I think we got a little too excited! We need new projects but it needs to be manageable, it needs to be something we can pull off!

Prepare, and then execute. How can I film if I’m not prepared with materials at the ready? If I’m not going to do a photoshoot or fully push my pirate business, what can I do to improve the business, and I mean, really isolating the actions we can take to make a big improvement, reducing stress, and bringing more enjoyment and organisation.

Assistant! It’s right there, the person to back me up moving forward. The person to back me up moving forward in video, in my websites, tax, photo shoots, everything I need to do.

It almost makes me consider that blogging is important now simply because every blog is progress for the search engine rankings, and it’s not as if writing blogs are much of a risk.

What could be riskier, bolder and more advantageous than blogging? Than keeping on keeping on about dvd duplication, cd duplication all the auckland printing and copying services? At the crux of it, links that lead to that stuff are what’s going to work for us. Blogging, link building, and smoothing out the process is what will work.

I’m still not convinced I need to do the photo shoot until I have more of a focus on growing core business which means being in control of my staff situation.

I need photos for:

– my pirate website,
– cd duplication, cd printing, packaging dvd duplication
– cheap auckland printing
– video production, including cheap auckland wedding video production services

Those are the main businesses I’m working on now where it’s good for people to come along and see me, my face, being happy and trustworthy, and then decide to buy.

It does return us to the fact that my business is working without photos of me looking goofy on every page but we have to think long term, especially with printing and video production.

But the whole video production, pirate thing you have to remember when you’re pushing video production you’re also pushing youtube partnership, you’re pushing awareness of your video production services and the talent we have available, and also the bookings we can manage to run doing that stuff.

So do launch it off all our little armada of business ideas we’re focused on we need to get advertising for pirates and cheap auckland printing services running again so we can keep building on that stuff. But then again, only if we get to february and things aren’t picking up.


But we will definitely be advertising pirates again even if it’s the only thing, I might start tipping $20 a week into it at least. Then we’ll need a new front page with some stronger visuals, pushing the $175 party anywhere with a fairy, and putting out roots for the kinds of things we’ll be offering in future, a dedicated fairy page for fairy birthday parties.

So we’re hoping ramped up adwords, with picture ads, plus youtube videos which will hopefully enhance our landing pages, as will new photos and nicer presentation.

I hope we wont have to go to flyers, but we have to be doing parties every weekend.


The idea is to really hit them with that deal but we’ll have 40 minute parties too:

PIRATE: $125
FAIRY: $95

Just to have those options, plus the appearance concept, we’ve got to push this stuff.

kids dvd
big job
DJ mix cd duplication
photography dvd

Too Many Domain Names, Too Many Ideas

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Man time to get started blogging about some more stuff related to promotions, business, music and stuff happening in auckland at kurb promotions.

It’s been part of my new pattern in the new year to try and consolidate my business ambitions because I am now more aware of the price you pay when you’re overstretched. It’s true that when you’re stretched you get more done, but the mistakes and missed opportunities and the negligence often puts you back where you would have been anyway, but you had to do more work for it!

A lot of stuff needs to be and should be sorted out for good. It’s better to have the opportunity to make your own business choices then have them made for you when something inevitably is shut down, or the ship sails,

art of it is reaching a stage here where I have a good thing going on. I don’t need to chase after another grand here or there because I’m focused on what will continue to generate the grands for me long term.

I have a lot of domain names and it’s easy to sit on them thinking something will happen. I guess this is a post about coming up with crazy ideas that never seem to happen.

With all these domains I’ve got, just tonnes of all sorts of sites for really general development – good for developing a general approach to business, will I ever have time to make them happen? And by make them happen I mean the very modest task of bringing them up to double figure weekly earnings. I have this fantasy of me in my 40’s with my hundred websites making $10 each a week and I’m fine. But I don’t know if it will happen.

You don’t think more people will be interested in travel, home improvement and health and fitness?

Sure but think about my interests.

I want to do cd duplication and dvd duplication as well as video production services, cheap printing, artist services, pirates, talent agency, dj services, audio production, those are all things I’d rather be invested in beyond some crappy website doing some crappy thing. Do I have a plan to deal with it this year? I doubt it, it’s just a cost and a hassle. Well not so much of a hassle, just a cost that I am beginning to suspect I will not recoup.

A year is a long time but renewing unused domains and various insurance policies etc, – these are just unneeded costs. I could have got the end of last year with an extra $1000 without having noticed if I’d just given up more domains and cancelled various insurances, and interest costs etc. It’s time to make the decisions about what really is going to happen.

Cut your losses, don’t stay attached to the idea that it’s something you’ll get round to – when you’re ready to get on with it, allow that space to be and it will happen. Setting yourself up for an idea or concept that you don’t even know you’re committed to executing is pointless.

I will save a bunch of domains, maybe a couple of dozen because I feel they could have value, but I would say we’re going to want to get rid of at least 20 domains.