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CD DVD Duplication of content for business

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Well it’s that one again, the one where I’m trying to be a serial entrepreneur, or I’m trying to expand my business but it’s still cd dvd dplication that’s filling up my time and still continues to grow for me. With no advertising, just this blogging keeping my rankings healthy and word of mouth. It’s really exciting.

The main direction of thought I’ve followed is breaking down the task of new web design because it’s been a real hassle. We now have surplus cash so we can put it towards those lingering issues which are unresolved because as these issues are struck out it paints a different picture of where we’re at.

Once big issues are put to bed – like tax and company structure and making sure all our websites at least look half decent, then we can build the business and when we revisit the concept of adding new staff. What kind of skills would someone need to deal with a bigger role in my company so that all I manage is sales and accounts?

I started to think a designer with a car could solve all my problems, because my main issues now are communications between the printing company, and driving missions to pick up and drop off or post off stuff.

Often communications around graphics and cd dvd duplication content are critical.

Basically the first thing is to come in and make sure art and masters stuff is done. designs either need to be done up or sent off to print.

Audio masters may have to be downloaded and burnt. DVD’s may have to be authored. They need to be tested. Samples, so many samples. Artwork – especially cd dvd artwork may have to be checked to see if it prints well, and then go back to that person if there’s issues with resolution etc. design amendments to check off.

That means this person will have to be in my email, they have to go in there and read stuff and work it out, answer people I don’t want to answer.

If it’s to do with design or video production / video promotion or marketing, youtube etc, I won’t touch it’s all on them. If they take the job I get paid a percentage, if not, whatever.

That’s the complicated side of production and operations covered – then it’s just printing cd’s and printing dvd’s and packaging them and posting them off. Making that happen may mean resupplying but that will be less of an issue as we stock up.

But then there is accounts stuff they can deal with – reminders about payments. If someone was here today a lot of stuff could have been done, the samples for the girls and the history cd duplication could have been done, and the audio cd duplication demo master produced, so that would all be done. Even to check the bank account to see who is paying, I mean to get someone else to do that stops it being so emotional for me so I just know who’s paid and who is shirking.

How else can we be efficient, how can we target these areas? Firstly, don’t skimp on tracking of postage. Tracking everything now, courier bags everytime. No more stresses from lost parcels, people winding me up.

We really need to focus on what is so time consuming and just smash it. when annoying bands and annoying mompreneurs come to me with their pesky jobs and im annoyed but do it anyway, thats why my business is good, but now my business has to be better by providing work for somebody to deal with annoying people.

Don’t touch any job less than $100 if you can help it, especially the video and graphic design. Continue to try and get people in to do basic stuff and try to give them harder jobs. Here’s another one, add a day to your lead time. You may lose a few customers, which is okay but more importantly, every job will be lower stress.

We need to allocate – delegate jobs right as they come in. There’s still gonna be 1200 cases to pack. and a lot of printing to do also now looking like

240 + 200 + 100 right away, have to sort it.

Trading With Duplication and Replication Business

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Well it’s that one again, the one where I’m trying to be a serial entrepreneur, or I’m trying to expand my business but it’s still cd dvd dplication that’s filling up my time and still continues to grow for me. With no advertising, just this blogging keeping my rankings healthy and word of mouth. It’s really exciting because I have more money than I really need, but that’s mainly because I am fairly modest I don’t really live that extravagantly.

But I think it’s important to keep pushing yourself towards new goals and the important thing for me is to not get distracted by the fact that my material circumstances are changing and stay focused on what the business needs in order to keep growing. The outcome of being more efficient and more profitable is a different matter – the point is that staying focused on performance is important so you don’t becoming complacent and coasting.

Planting seeds now, means fruits down the line, so, what can we invest into now that’s going to help us long term? Well it’s certainly time to go shopping and get more printers, get a new dslr camera, and a laptop that is decent for portability and connectability, my old toshiba has had it and I want to train myself to be more adaptable to mobile lifestyles.

The more I iron out and extend the potential of cd duplication and dvd duplication, the more I’m having time and resources available for other enterprises but the pirate stuff is very intensive, I have to be quite energised and focused to make moves forward there, it makes me wonder what I can fall back on that is less intensive to generate good results. It makes me think more about the opportunities in trading, especially if you’re an entrepreneur and you have downtimes throughout the day waiting on a call or appointment, the beauty of technology now is world markets at your fingertips.

So I’m interested in integrating trading into my entrepreneurial lifestyle because it’s a good fit. I think traders should be entrepreneurs also mainly because it keeps you grounded in the world of real value rather than floating, arbitrary value imposed by the markets.

I tend to flip between being aggressive and wanting to take the initiative with a new business idea, but then circling back to recognising I’m good where I am, what I really need to be doing is consolidating, so I saw the accountant today, I have a postage issue to sort, and of course I want to but the issue of websites to bed!

You got this stuff you’ve got to get cleared but sometimes it doesn’t just all roll out and so you have to look ahead to maximize your time – I can’t really do anything here and I have to make serious decisions with the website thing.

You’ve also got to understand what you’re doing – what are you doing to get where you want to go and what are you just doing because you’re doing it?

With the photoshoot we planned, it’s just not pressing because I don’t need to develop my business in that way, to a certain extent it’s the same with the websites, am I pushing these things? no but the smart move for me in business is to address these weak spots if im going to be diligent.

But just like the accountant or the dentist you see a serious web designer to sort out serious problems. I’m sitting there saying I’m sorted out but there’s a lingering issue that the websites don’t reflect well in terms of professionalism, no matter how well they work.

What are your priorities?

Artist site
Artist blog

– these 2, because I want to start my ad campaign

Pirate site / blog
Video site / blog

– these 2 because I want to develop the business slowly – not really urgent afterall

Kurb blog
Kurb site

– matter of pride, I just make an effort to make my flagship site a bit more appealing.

2 questions emerge. How much is it worth and do you need new photos?

Artist site / blog $300 – $600
Pirate site / blog – $200 – $500

Video site / blog – $100 – 200
Kurb blog – $100-250
Kurb site – $300-500

So total spend is ranged at $1100 – $3450

How does that sound? Well our current budget is $600 and I’m sure we could scratch up $500 justified in the fact it’s a full makeover of the only sites that really matter at all. Yes i’d like to do the talent one too, and revisit auckland copying, but that’s not the one right now.

When would we seriously feel that we had to do kurb? I think the idea is to focus on one site you most want to develop and go from there. We don’t feel that we need to push video production right now. It’s a clean up. We don’t want a lot of video production business right now, we want to have it ready to go for when cd dvd duplication and replication starts to tail off and I don’t think that will happen in the next 2 years. In fact we’ve got enough with cd dvd replication, gardening, pirate parties and trading to keep our hands full.

But that’s not what it’s about. It’s a good tester, and if we find someone good, give them the money to fix it.

Who is going to do the artist site?

The main idea with the artist site is getting it to a point I can advertise. Once I advertise I want to be able to have pages I can custom for the ads that feature a specific video or song, or angle or anything. I reckon we can have a ball with crazy ads. What are they doing after they arrive? Joining our facebook, soundcloud etc

We’re really interested in how fans, customers and clients behave in order to progress them further to a point where they are further engaged and that is leading to purchases, spending, or other activity that promotes the brand or company.

Replay – Modern Media, Marketing, Duplication, Production

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Meeting other people who are making savvy moves in business can inspire you and for me it’s good to meet business people who have got to that stage of making one business work and leveraging that established situation into a pretty cruisy ride.

It’s what smart people do. It’s also this thing, money doesn’t change you completely and it’s not all the answers, but it does change your thinking, having spent a lot of time here writing on the changes in cd dvd duplication and cd production and the value of that media, you start to see the situation in a longer, deeper focus, and without the anxious pressure of concern for day to day business.

CD’s and DVD’s serve a specific technological purpose, the reasoning of that purpose does not change despite the technology, so it is about understanding the way people want to share information and express themselves. More people than ever want CD’s and DVD’s done because they want to express themselves.

In 5 years time, people will still want to express themselves, but what products and services will they require to do that and what is the best way to articulate that for the market?

I know I have to replace myself in my business, it’s just being aware what responsibilities I have to hold onto and what will be first to go.

I already detailed how an assistant would come in, do a supply run if necessary, otherwise, print, pack and parcel up cd dvd duplication for shipping, and do any deliveries.

I will always do sales. Then I have to get prints to the printer, and really, that’s it, except for communicating to people what they’ll need to do in terms of picking up, numbers, set ups for jobs and deliveries.

I think one area to take seriously is the general technology I’m using, I need help to ensure that my devices are running efficiently and are connecting efficiently. I need that new laptop.

I feel pressure to develop my pirate show because I need a focused project to work on or else I end up wasting time just drifting around. I guess I’m still not owning the decision. I think we have to plan more videos in the meantime. I think getting bolder with our videos and pushing through there with ideas on video is the basic concept.

Long term it’s almost worthwhile thinking about where media is going in terms of the low end of the market that I serve, especially as over time I think my business skills are going to be applied more to bringing services to the community and what they need in terms of media.

The future isn’t just about technology it’s about the way society makes you feel and what society drives you to want. Personally, the rat race of materialism doesn’t offer a lot and I think people are waking up to that. It’s no good to be broke, but once you’re comfortable it’s no longer things that you buy that motivate you, you’re looking for experiences that offer you understanding, and perhaps more importantly, offer your understanding to the world.

This is why not only have more musicians fuelled my business but everyone wants to see and relive events and this has a powerful effect on society and the thinking of individuals now that replay is so readily available.

People want to see and hear themselves and information on these discs for now and in ten years time I will probably still be making a few, if I can still get the printers. But then these people will want other methods, is the internet the only option? Yes but things must get simpler and easier. I think people still are going to want help with technology and promotion, distribution and that’s where I’ll be aware.

I am backing video production for now, I believe everyone will want everything videotaped, and they will want that presented professionally, that’s why I need to keep video production going and keep that up my sleeve.

But what if I did make 100 videos that make $3 a week each? $300? I don’t think you can rely on that money, I think pirate matty has to get out there and get video happening, so that I’m getting into circulation.

At the moment I’m using video production to build my own projects with pirate stories and artist promotions, but I have it in reserve there for when it’s needed.

Again it just says . . . do your video production. The question isn’t really, for me, about what people will need other than cd’s and dvd’s to do their jobs. When whole industries are removed by the internet, other dimensions spring up, and this dimension where everyone wants to be a rockstar is really helping for me.

It will continue, people want to do it and be it.

What can I teach people, or how can I connect with these people and what they want? Again the idea is about pushing videos.

Sure, but what can I throw down in a video that people should know about? Perhaps this is why I need to focus my blogging into something where ideas are flowing and they are cohesive. Perhaps, but what are you trying to do? I’m trying to use video to reach my aims of pushing business forward. What kind of business? Pirate stuff, video production stuff.