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Website Boss Printing Duplication Strategy Time, Auckland!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

So now I’m getting absolutely serious about quitting my job at this company and well . . . restructuring is what they call it don’t they? I’m repositioning myself in sales and accounts, operations, I give up.

I need to be the guy thinking dynamically if I’m going to keep moving forward rather than stuck in the drudge of this company.

So this is the model I have set up

– This is the printing that needs to be picked up any idea of when it can be expected
– This is packaging that printing needs to go into
– Delivery Instructions

So for tomorrow I’d just have all the delivery instructions laid out. But wouldn’t I just do it myself? Sure, that’s what I did. How are you going to deal with this? Am I really confident that because I’m getting back on top of things, I can now organise in forward advance, so that any jobs coming in can be swiftly dealt with.

Capacity expands, so that someone cruising in for 3 or 4 hours is going to smash it out. If station 2 eventuates, we’ll glide through it. those weeks we make a lot, won’t be so fatiguing, for the obvious benefit.

What about when the system needs to be deployed? What part can I introduce immediately? I reckon just get a worker into the habit of picking up printing and organising delivery. Then it’s a easy jump to posting a notice for the morning of all print jobs, packing instructions and delivery instructions and details.

The only websites we really care about are my artist site and the pirate site, while this site is working, if it aint broke, dont fix it! Whereas the video site still has a year to come into it’s own.

That’s why the websites go to the back of the line, but assistants don’t. assistants, photoshoot and front room are all contributing to the business but not in a profit driven way, but in a way that contributes more to building my investment into returns other than profit and revenue from cd dvd duplication.

So then it means this solely video focused outlook – video production and creative content production.

But the only way to achieve that is to decrease my responsibility by offloading to others, it is essential for my creative production to offload tasks.

What about someone who’s job it is just to come around everyday at 4pm and pick up the printing and cd duplication discs and cases etc and post all the packages. $80. Even days where there was nothing, just get them packing.

How hard is it? Drive to the printers, pick up the printing, go to the post office, pay for postage, go to online sales to pick up supplies, come back, do packing, or any other courier job. It’s not just saving at least 3 hours a week, it’s less mucking around.

Sure, I have to have packages ready at 4pm. Maybe, I need to be able to ask them to come in at 3pm or 2pm sometimes? They can come in and pack for half an hour, then post off. Even paying trademe.

It seems like an excellent idea that would make all the difference at a critical point. at 1-3pm I’ll always be working, but maybe when my courier comes and goes, that’s when I’m knocking off. He can get me a coffee too.

This is all great stuff, in fact we’re still underestimating the benefit of that critical support, every afternoon when things are getting crazy, I will always have a bit of back up, and in those situations I don’t need it, there’s always bound to be something.



Job is mainly a daily trip to the post office etc and between our local business partners in and around balmoral.

$15 P/HR

Between 1-5pm flexible


New Goals in CD Duplication DVD Replication for the Website

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I am driven by pure laziness to get my business up to the next level so I don’t have to deal with people wanting cheap printing and cd dvd duplication every day, I can’t handle it! They just keep coming and I don’t want to raise my prices, because I want the business to keep growing so we can keep offering cheap auckland printing and duplication.

I can’t leave my websites looking the way they are, it is unbecoming. And I can’t keep working so hard because that’s not success, no matter how much you earn. When I was on the dole, I did 0 hours and I made $200, now I do 60 hours, and if you do the math, it doesn’t matter how much I earn, I’ll never have it as good as I did when I was on the dole unless I reduce my hours while still having some income.

We have to bring in more people to cover tasks and jobs because I want my life back, and I don’t want to have a nagging feeling that my websites are aesthetically, a joke!

I’m very lucky because my adsense earnings appear to be kicking in again, so all the more reason to keep blogging – we just love that residual income even if it is only $5 a day!

But it’s getting so crazy I need to invest hard back into my business for cd printing and cd burning services and more equipment, but that would still only be a grand. More investment would be covering spending more on priority postage options, couriers, transport, stocks and supplies.

I am still looking to push the whole assistant thing and the driving is the most obvious one.

What are other kinds of jobs you will be doing this week?

Sending out invoices, accounts and such.
Meet accountant, sort out office.

What I need is a system to pass information on to employees. So I can leave knowing that

– This is the printing that needs to be picked up any idea of when it can be expected
– This is packaging that printing needs to go into
– Delivery Instructions

So for example

Polynesian CD replication – 100 cd’s in slimline cases with insert – collect 100 x insert – monday
Disability DVD replication – pack into 300 clear dvd cases
Metal Band CD duplication – pack into 200 standard jewel case

But yeah so few stuffs, really – but there are 5 jobs coming up requiring prints

Indie band CD duplication – 50 standard jewel case
Template – 500 standard Jewel case
singer songwriter cd duplication – 1000 jewel case
senior DVD replication – 250 standard dvd
speaker CD – 100 in slim dvd case

So I need to note these down somewhere that they can be viewed. On the laptop.

So the worker goes to the laptop, sees the jobs, rings the print shop to check schedule, checks packaging. Remember, there’s always packaging if there’s cd printing and cd inserts, so then to check inventory, so as to know whether to get more cases when making the trip.

100 slimline case
1750 cd jewel case
250 dvd case
300 clear dvd case
100 slim dvd case

I should really try to have this under control though, so any work can begin while waiting for printing. Any complete jobs can be packaged for delivery. Each job should have an address for delivery, or a contact number to ring when the job is done to arrange collection.

That way 2 trips to the post office can be avoided. Not that it matters really because they can stop at the post office on the way home.

One issue maybe scheduling pick ups. If a suitable time can’t be established . . . either a real courier, or a courier fee of $20.

What are we going to do about downloaded masters? Authoring DVD’s? We may give that job to dave.

With the CD dyplication jobs I send out to station 2 will be

– under 300
– multiple set ups
– non urgent
– non burned

Basically any job over 300 will be done here.

The polynesian job I would definitely give to station 2, but the IHC job would be done here. The lecture pdf series would be done at station 2 with $10 for a design set up. No brainer.

The big cd run bands are cd replication, the senior DVD duplication and the speaker I would do here, the 50 jobs for the indie bands I would farm out.

So let’s go over that process

Check print jobs > call print shop (I have to send print jobs)
Check packaging > package discs (I have to stock cases)
Collect Printing / Packaging / Do Deliveries + Postage (I need to provide addresses and contacts)
Finish Packaging / Arrange Deliveries and Pick Ups.


So the main thing with the website development is that I need a photoshoot for the main sites as we tackle them, and some of the sites may need new write ups. Not really a major.

The video production site really only needs a new write up, and obviously thoughtful positioning of videos. Focus on keeping it simple and professional with a mind to how we might expand in a year or two.

pirate site / blog
artist site
video production
kurb site
artist blog
kurb blog
music marketing blog

More CD DVD Duplication Replication Business in Auckland

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

I can’t take it any more, it’s got to that point, I can’t deal with the operations I’m switching to paying in labour mode. The business is really firing and there’s too much organisation and too many cd printing and dvd printing job for duplication and replication so I have to bring people in as much as possible and stop thinking it will be easier to do myself.

We keep on saying we have to put the prices up but we know it’s not the right way to expand the cd dvd duplication business and the cd printing cd fulfillment etc. – we need more staff. The only way to be sure is to not touch printing or packaging unless someone is helping. Definitely setting up a satellite 2 cd printer operation. What about packing? We need a packing person. That stuff is easy.

The next level is driving stuff. plastics, printing, postage and packing. That’s the fulfillment stage, which is pretty easy to manage, and I manage sales, but what are all the other jobs between sales and production?

– print set up, master set up, all the issues that that entails. And I have to do that stuff because I’m the only one who understands all the things that could go wrong and why.

But an importnant point to be made – why be worrying about printing discs when there are designs that need to go out? I gotta think like this, taking care of the details and leaving production to be delegated. Now we really do have to start paying attention to where complications may arise that we want to avoid.

My recommendation is that there are some jobs that are too hard and not worth it. All of those jobs are jobs we’ve done for regular clients. We have to focus on not selling the deadline too hard, that way we can organise flow of resources and labour better.

In the meantime we have to get on with what has to be got on with, the final movements, our site designs, our assistant roles.

Now what’s our site issue? We have 3 options, hand out 1 each way. Option 1 can cover pirates and cheap auckland copying. option 2 can cover video production.

I think we have thesis theme related issues and then situations we we need some professional html lay outs and those can be divided.

The kurb site, well, I just don’t care enough to fix it right now! This is about loose ends, not about pushing business. My artist sites need to be at a higher standard, and I can’t just leave my video and pirate sites looking as they are. And almost inevitability budget will justify a more professional look for the kurb site.

I’ve got a lot of decisions to make. Alright so just passing on some notes here.

Because I’m a marketing guy, My sites do their job of getting the phone to ring, now I’m just trying to get my sites to look good!

With and you can see it looks ugly, but it works, which is the most important thing, the idea is to make it look slick without compromising the lay out and communicating information with BIG WRITING.

But my technical knowledge is pretty limited, but that’s why communication with the designer is so important, because I don’t know what’s easy and what’s difficult, I don’t know what’s a 20 minute job and what could take hours. That was always my issue really with overseas guys.

What I do know is – if it can work, it is very valuable if you then have a template where elements such as widgets and header images can be swapped out – I’ve done this sort of stuff on wordpress for my musician clients, but it’s not really enough bang, enough pop for artist trying to make an impression.

Web design issues:

– letting designers into server > new host, $70+
– photos for websites – pirates, copying

What are your priorities?

Artist site
Artist blog

– these 2, because I want to start my ad campaign

Pirate site / blog
Video site / blog

– these 2 because I want to develop the business slowly – not really urgent afterall

Kurb blog
Kurb site

– matter of pride, I just make an effort to make my flagship site a bit more appealing.

2 questions emerge. How much is it worth and do you need new photos?

Artist site / blog $300 – $600
Pirate site / blog – $200 – $500

Video site / blog – $350
Kurb blog – $100-250
Kurb site – $300-500

So total spend is ranged at $1250 – $2200