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Auckland CD / DVD Replication, Video, Printing Websites

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

So now we’ve actually got a web designer who is moving forward very competently and when it comes to outsourcing web design, I think i’ve learnt, don’t go for the guy under $5 p/hour hoping they will come right and you’ll still get a decent website designed within budget, it’s worth spending a few dollars more to get a guy who will do a decent job. Don’t be cheap! And that’s coming from me, I love cheap!

But for the first time we’ve got a guy ploughing through the work, our new artist site has gone up and our new production site is going up – they’re not anything great but they are big improvements, bringing some pretty serious level ups to the game, they look like sites actually worth promoting, and at this new level, we go into the review process, looking at what we’ve got and saying . . . what can we improve here?

Mostly the copywriting really, then we shoot new videos, then if there’s nothing else we can do to make the site obviously better, just make those videos look bloody huge! Y’know, big on the page for big impact! Bigness!

Then what? Well we need to look at what sites we can take somewhere. What sites have we got that we can get working? What work did we ever want to do?

there’s auckland copying and auckland posters sites, the rest are just all related to talent and that may be the one, because I don’t see design as being something worth actively pursuing, unless we really wanted to flips sites, try and do it long term as an investment, but it just seems totally far fetched.

The sites we care about are the ones we’re sure about either making money now or a serious direction for the future.

artists and talent
video production
agency / NYL
children’s entertainment
kurb promotions / music management
auckland copying

Just keep cycling them. It’s not like we’re in a hurry. Most of them would be pretty much done in one or two cycles, except for our main artist sites, and the fact that improvements that we work on for the main artist site may want to be rolled out further when we consider the application.

For example, we get a sweet photos and image gallery page, we’re just going want to adapt the background and framing for a number of sites where we would want an image gallery, and similar with the youtube gallery, I want the right hand side of the screen to be scrollable, so you can have several videos to scroll through and watch, and I can select my essential favourites, rather than the order of youtube.

Websites conform to basic standards, they are designed to offer content and communication so it’s all about facilitating that stuff. We want the blog posts coming up on the front pages of the artist site, these are the little changes we want to think about.

We have to think about that copywriting now as the sites get closer to a professional standard. Once the sites are done, and as we chip away at the adwords, it’s supposed to be reaching a point where we’re getting people to come, so all we have to do is impress them.

But talk to me about what kind of budget we’ve got here. $350 for the pirate site, which still leaves something in the kitty. I believe we should keep something in the kitty for improving this site, when the day comes. That day is not here. The day that will most likely come that we’re making less than we are now, we have to know what we’re going to do. Sure, we have 2 years to put things in place which is a long time, but when the day comes, we need to know what we’re doing.

Right now we just want to work out how much we’re spending

artists and talent video production so far: $400
agency / NYL : $100
children’s entertainment: $350
kurb promotions / music management: $500
auckland copying

Leaving $150 for more improvements to artist sites.

Sounds about right.

We were talking about getting more serious about simply rolling out video production content. It’s all about the content, worthwhile blog posts, videos, music, something that is something!

How do you see that all unfolding? Well you do better content, more quality blog posts and less fluff, more videos, regular videos, and of course good bargains, good quality. And you gain loyalty from social media, from email newsletter sign ups, and just people who like what you’re doing, people who link to your site, it begins to build as better content brings more people, and the same people again, who are slowly being tipped towards the centre of your fan funnel with every tune, with every video or blog post that draws their attention.

So what’s going to happen once this magical online content enchants them, get’s their attention and interest? You’re on a path to show that you can sell songs, and if you can sell songs, you can play gigs. Hopefully you’re getting plenty of hits on your videos, and the ads on your site and the rest. It only has to be a few hundred to make all the difference to me. Can you build a following to be getting 20k views on your youtube videos, sell 100 songs, get 100 clicks on on your website ads and play a gig and make a few hundred? It’ll be a long path, and there’s much easier roads to getting paid.

That’s why I like the ideas of pushing my video production because I think if I played it smart, it wouldn’t be long til I was getting $1000 to do one video a month, and not really having to do a lot of work, for soon enough, while adopting such scarcity, I can charge more, and work less, etc. such a model would be far more effective for earning the same amount of cash.

But it’s all about time, you’ve got to see the picture. A picture of how the hell you’re supposed to fit it all in.

Business Improvements in DVD CD Duplication Services

Monday, May 21st, 2012

So business is changing a whole lot for me, I’ve almost finished an expansion which will lead me to increased production capacity. A lot of ideas have to be explored. They have to be tossed about and that’s what a blog is great for, playing with ideas, putting proverbial pen to paper and opening your mind up to the possibilities.

I’ve worked hard to build a successful business and I’ve worked hard to transition that success now into a more relaxing situation, as I continue with that, I need to remember where I can continue to do business in that place that is both stimulating and rewarding – that’s what I’ve thought about video production and talent management.

But it’s always important to continue to be mindful of the every day activities you want to make more efficient and the situations you want to improve, the ones you face every day, not some dream down the road. Making your life easier in the here and now is the key to getting to the future unhindered.

What I have left here is an idea for an assistant, or to get started on adwords or do the trees. The trees were sorted just like that. The assistant I want to put on ice, because the jobs aren’t really coming through in a way that could give us a problem, I want to take the opportunity to see how we handle business with increased capacity for the cd duplication and dvd duplication business, because I’ve seen before how slight improvements just create this vibe of efficiency and flow.

We will certainly still need an assistant but we need that happen when it needs to happen. My plan is still to advertise for someone with a car to do to 2-3 hours per day, because we must keep pushing towards delegating as much as possible especially with the cd dvd duplication services.

With each improvement, it feels like there’s less that needs to be improved. It’s a complex equation, the factors of which I’ve been able to see this year as things have moved faster than usual. We need a clearer idea now if where we will be going as the day to day cd duplication and dvd duplication is freed up.

Are we just going to be basically meeting talent for our video production talent agency and shooting youtube video every day? Well it’s a nice idea. I think we need to get to the meetings. But on this blog we also stick to the plan – fan, freezer, shirt, shoes, adwords, well we got the freezer,

Adwords we’ve started in on, we’re just slowly adding ads, and now we think about the hypertargeting strategies, it would be good to go in there and do that work.

We need more plans though, getting to the meeting is good and all but we need broader plans if we are serious about this talent agency! What are we going to be doing in the day to day to promote this talent agency?

Is blogging going to be enough, blogging and adwords advertising? It’s something but don’t you think you could be working on something else? Again, we move to that point where the website needs to be better so as we get out hustle on, we pick up more traction from this kind of proof, a good website, just like a nice car and nice suit, says a lot about the means of the man who is presenting himself.

So perhaps missions out like we have previously suggested, with the camera, with cash, with cards, and go out talent scouting, if you dare!

I don’t want to be so presumptuous as to think things will continue as they have, that’s why I have one eye on where the money gets involved. Is the money coming straight from our new talent agency? If you want to make it so! We do need to start with the testimonials, and having one girl out front to make it happen.

What I do need is a small dvd player to watch dvds back on, so it can help me go through the dvd piles here looking for masters and material of merit. I still harbour plans for insane archiving, all this content. There’s some kind of power there, gravitas, weight. So that leaves decor for the front room and the tv set. We’re calling it $500. What else could we possibly need? I think we need to move on from what we have to buy to what we have to do.

But that is still creating the time, we have to see how we go, we might be able to get some of these talent girls going. I’ve now upgraded this to a major priority.

Okay say we have our sites about done, and an assistant, and our adwords is good too, well what then? You really don’t want to know. Apparently if there’s nothing else pressing than everything works out great. Our business model is in place, we have the advertising, we have the presentation, we have the staff, and so it runs smoothly, sooner or later don’t we want to support ourselves in video, in talent management, in children’s entertainment, in auckland printing services?

We do want to expand in talent management, but we also want to look at how we’re can actually make more money with minimal effort rather than indulge our little dreams – however doing what you love makes it seem less like work.

Auckland CD Replication / Duplication with CD Case Packaging

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Auckland CD Replication

It continues to surprise me, I thought the success of my business would be based on regular hard work and effort, I hadn’t really realised that after 5+ years, the business has begun to slip beyond my control, it’s not my foot on the accelerator any more, the thing is moving on it’s own momentum, and just because I stopped advertising 8 months ago, it doesn’t mean the business was going to stop growing because I expected it to.

It’s put me in quite a position – working against the growth of your business to protect your lifestyle, or just ride the wave of cash as it smothers the rest of your life and becomes more defining of who you are? Okay that was a bit dramatic, but y’know. I’m serious about understanding business as an engine to achieve more than just positive outcomes in terms of wealth for me.

My blog can’t really be about how to make more money, because I don’t really want to! The tone of my blog now is more about personal survival. Well, managing. Keeping things in balance, looking for efficiency that can produce positive outcomes . . . other than just cash.

Everything revolves around the continuing success of our core business – cd replication and dvd duplication services, that’s going fine, we just had to ensure our ongoing security. Several websites for ideas on the backburner – on the slow burner, ready to be cranked up in 2 or more years.

We’ve invested into stock, and we intend to do more of this, we’re committed to the system.

Talk to me about the system.

We’ll have new burners, we’ll fix the old burners to give us huge capacity. But what about the printers, are you going to set up the new station? We want to have the option for when that 2000 job comes in. It become easy for me to do 400 just wandering around for a couple of hours. But I have to set up another workspace. Or do I? No I’ll just run it off the main comp.

That still leaves printing the weak link, because I will be stocking up on all the cd jewel cases, dvd cases and slimline cases I need, but I need the works – at least 3-400 of each of those and 100 of some of the variations – slim dvd cases, double dvd cases, clear dvd cases.

Printing is the basis of which we have to impose a 48 hour rule, but I will get an assistant driving down there, phone the printers, drive to the printers, then come here and do the packing, and then off to do the posting.

So who is going to do this? We just need the extra person. There needs to be a staying here person who prints and packs and a running around person who comes back to base to also pack or possibly print.

But you know that the system has not been tested and that is why we cannot foresee what could be an issue.

We have the issue around printing. Our plan is to have someone call ahead then move to pack them, because all the cases they need will be here waiting, as will the address and/or any other instructions regarding their delivery.

So that person needs to take the printing and know what to do depending on the job – cd jewel case, slim case or dvd case, slim dvd case. They then need to know the delivery instructions, when it will be picked up and who to contact, or whether it will be sent out, and an address for that.

One potential issue is – well it’s all around the variable around the cheap auckland printing services – first getting them done on time and responding to that, and the issue of them not being printed properly. We just have to take that as it comes.

I am checking out my SEO right now and the results don’t seem to be that hot, I think we do need to be talking about auckl and cd replication more, maybe we got dudes from google coming by the site and checking out what’s up.

So I still have to take the sale, process the art and content ready for production, punch in the job info, and when the job is done, send the invoice.

That doesn’t seem like much at all. We’re already feeling it just by sitting around here like this blogging slowly moving along, what are we doing tomorrow?

No actual jobs are on, so we’re pushing through to make progress.

Pick up burner, fan

an idea for an assistant, or to get started on adwords or do the trees.

Front room purge, fan etc,liz dvd cases etc.

DVD Duplication / CD duplication industry Changes

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

I am happy to have laid the foundations of back up plans and contingencies for my business, but now I can’t help but ponder upon more ambitious projects we could move into, going forward.

So tell me about some work you have to after that. Not really? Not really anything? Of course. You’ve earned the luxury to converge into more creative directions, it’s just in understanding you can’t let earning take the enjoyment out of it, which is what one study I read about concluded – people didn’t enjoy something so much when they were being paid for it.

So I’ve got these seeds. I don’t want to push the pirates thing because my concern there is that it taxes me of energy. So it’s just using the luxury of the resources available to try whatever can be tried under a certain scope. Well I can say I will make videos, but what a huge scope. That’s the point get motivated towards trying, and executing, shipping.

Now with the websites, it doesn’t matter, it’s a vague goal that we are preparing adequately for.

I am playing right now with the idea of a vigourous thrust for music video production, but we’ll make more progress for ourselves first. Then we can sell the product with less effort. Better to establish credibility on my own terms first without relying on work.

It’s still important to control the growth of the dvd duplication and cd duplication side of things, we dropped free postage for new customers, but most of our business is repeat anyway, it will go on, but we have to drive it home. We need assistants we need to get the workflow under control, because we have already spent money on expanding into more capacity for production, so now we need more staff.

Where this is heading is simple more capacity means basically we’ve either got more money or more time.

What are the new ideas we’re bringing forward?

Video production and ideas for links and connecting with creative people. A blueprint for content. I could bring a whole lot of business attitude but for what?

If you don’t know what you’re hoping visitors are going to do on your site and how you plan on monetising your traffic, then stop reading for a few minutes and start writing down some notes.

With video production I see us on a path, we’ll do 20 videos next year for $500 each, and make $10,000. Or it could be the year after, whatever year. 5 years later we’re doing 10 $2000 videos with $1000 package and it’s still a nice snug earner. This is if I’m called upon. It’s very possible that we won’t, and the dvd duplication and cd duplication will go on, the cd burning will continue for 5 years and well I won’t get rich, but having 5 and more likely 7 or 8 years of not really having to worry about it, means I’ll have greener pastures on the grow, with plenty of time to plant these seeds, if it goes on for 5 years, anything could happen!

Time to pick up a brand-new set-top box. For the first time in human history, Blu-ray discs and DVDs are about to bow to a new king of the living room: Streaming movies.

In a note that’s sure to send services like Netflix and Amazon Prime’s Instant Videos reaching for the champagne — as each plots new ways to overtake the other — movie-watchers are expected to view more than 3.4 billion films online this year. That’s legal movies, we should note, not pirated rips or YouTube clips. And there’s something else special about that number: It’s more than double the 1.4 billion online movies viewed last year, according to a new report from IHS Screen Digest.

In contrast, the total number of movie buffs checking out films on physical media — specifically, Blu-rays and DVDs — is expected to drop from last year’s 2.6 billion to just around 2.4 billion.

“We are looking at the beginning of the end of the age of movies on physical media like DVD and Blu-ray,” said Dan Cryan, IHS senior principal analyst, in the statement. “But the transition is likely to take time: almost nine years after the launch of the iTunes Store, CDs are still a vital part of the music business.”

But just because people are watching more doesn’t mean that they’ll be paying more — and, conversely, making the studios or streaming services that much more money. IHS Screen Digest’s report notes that online movie viewers are only expected to spend around $1.72 billion doing so. Physical sales of DVDs and Blu-ray discs are expected to hit $11.1 billion.

Why the disparity? In a word, convenience: Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, and others account for a significant portion of the online video marketplace. But with 94 percent of users paying for unlimited streaming services versus only 1.3 percent paying for single copies of digital movies, streaming services cut into the total. Viewers are buying once (or monthly) and streaming much, as opposed to buying more individual digital copies of movies than physical discs.

While it might be too late to stanch the flood of users to online streaming services, Hollywood studios aren’t making it easy for fans to stream the latest titles into their home. And viewers can expect Hollywood to entrench with the premiere of its Ultraviolet platform — a means to give users an easier way to mash their offline movie archive with cloud-hosted digital copies of their favorite flicks. Wal-Mart, for example, will allow users to buy cloud access rights to older films for anywhere from $2 to $5 per title.

If it Ain’t Broke get CD DVD Duplication Printing Auckland

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Now I have the pirates and video production sites moving forward, I’m looking on my list here.

The first thing is to re do the copy for these two websites so that is as clean as the new design, and that it all makes sense should I not update them for another two years if that turns out to be the case. Just a matter of thinking foreword to what could bite me in the ass further down the track, we’re talking low prices, that whole “movie adventure” thing where I said I’d film the parties – that sort of offer has to be thought through whether it will be something you want to still be offering in 2 years down the track. Better to err on the side of caution with such pet projects.

Then it’s finally done, the concept was always 2 seeds, pirates and video production, two ideas I could fall back on if my primary business fell over, or simply cultivate on the side. That was what I thought was a diligent commitment to maintaining business opportunities long term, and I can commit fully to outsourcing or expanding or whatever it is that has to happen so I’m not doing boring stressful stuff constantly.

Take a look at my to do list now. Do the write ups for these site designs, then I may consider whether to update the kurb site but honestly, why update it when it’s doing so well? I want to see it decline noticeably before I make a real effort, I want to see some likelihood of decline, if it aint broke . . .

So we’ve got assistance, obviously. We’ll be going over that, like never before.

That just leaves archiving and photoshoot, which is just for my artist stuff, in fact I will use the next photoshoot to plan an artist landing page, I can decide later what the landing page is promoting, so that i’ve got one ready to go. I had some ideas about spreading visual concepts throughout the site to more mileage out of them so I guess there will be more pages to look at updating even on the main artist site. Archiving is a weird thing to even have on the list, because business ain’t much about looking back, it’s more of an exercise in well, branding, you could say, trying to consolidate some conscious identity in the business.

Doing a photo shoot for a landing page that we don’t really even have a concept for is kind of not feeling that important. Archiving is a part of developing the artist sites so I guess it’s important that way but it feels like a filler activity, not something that has to be done, it’s no a to do, it’s a could do.

There are short term objectives we can identify, such as the music video slide show, but most of it is about developing the website and recognising inspiration it’s not really something core taking us forward. It’s downtime stuff. It’s hard to say that right now what we really need to do to make a difference is sort out a bunch of old photos and songs.

We got more practical stuff written down here, this isn’t a joke yet, we got a car to sort out. Adwords? Seriously? You want me to answer serious questions, fix big problems and you want to talk to me about adwords? You start spending $40 every week on adwords just like the old days and suddenly 400 people coming to the door every week looking for action? You’re serving it up?

That’s the plan, the plan is content getting served up, how you like. The people are clicking on the ads and you’re not pulling them unless you’ve got the content to show them what them what they want, to tick the boxes, press the buttons.

At one point I didn’t want to spend money on advertising at all, but I don’t see how you need to spend more than $50 p/week your ideas in your advertising must be strong enough to carry. I mean working on the level of the artist, picking up half a dozen fans each week. We just need to get the ball rolling, have a lot of campaigns going so we’re comfortably spending $20 p/week, we’re at least holding to that.

I have got some just plain crazy ideas for rolling out on adwords we might get some interesting stuff going down, maybe our ads could get banned for being too absurd? You think? The idea is to get people clicking who then get interested in following or friending or whatever. So it means super targeted stuff. Release a song, think of 5 similar artists or songs and push it hard through advertising, sniper fire, headshot.

$1 a fan is still a good deal, if you could drop $5000 and get 5000 fans you could have a career but it isn’t that simple. 5000 fans is all well and good, but getting there another thing. Content, all up and down the board.

And so what about your assistants then? I mean seriously, we’re over the whole working doing all this when somebody else could be doing it if we only made an effort to find that person. That’s why this thing, just doing video, and finding assistants to help us have more time for video is what it’s all about.

Now with all the cd dvd duplication, the printing, the auckland, that’s all them. Not me, them. I’ll drum up some marketing stuff to keep the turnover up as I have to but no more day to day stress. Except one thing, it’s still going to be in your area to some extent. You can’t entirely divorce yourself from it, but, I never said rome was built in a day.