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Fast Times in CD DVD Duplication / Printing Auckland

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Things can change pretty fast in business, and then change again. A time of slow business is a great opportunity to consolidate and re-organise but you never know what’s going to happen.

Our plans at the moment include: that once those new websites improvements are up it’s all about maintaining the strong situation we’re in right now, we’re not actually under pressure to improve our situation, our plan was always to honour obligations to setting ourselves up better long term, but I think that applies beyond just setting up a plan b – a real entrepreneur wants to keep pushing forward with new opportunities to make something happen.

Things have been bouncing around, up and down – I guess at one moment we appear to have certainly slowed down, in fact when I woke up one morning I actually thought I’d have nothing to do related to fulfilling an order for a client – there’s usually always something. But for the first time there really was nothing. And then a call came through breakfast and I had work, and then it faded, and then now work is rolling in again, so thankfully it hasn’t given me too much of a chance to settle down and become slack.

I did become a bit pre-occupied with other issues and it can be quite jarring when you’re not used to heading back to working to tight deadlines and dealing with stressful situations that arise.

So it did worry me for a moment that . . . well the bubble may have burst, and that we always have to be prepared for that. But then I took a whole bunch of orders and I was spun around. When your consolidating, you can be more methodical, diligent and cautious, but when business is rolling we have to be strategic, and active and prioritise.

Whatever the case though there are certain jobs we need to do.

It’s still about these websites – the pirate website first, and then the talent, and I think we want to have a plan for the artist sites, but first we need to ramp on the video production there, we need to see our landing page thing happen, we need to focus on putting together a campaign that theoretically works before we continue to renovate and make the website spiffy when it already has achieved functionality for more fans to come through.

We have some videos we want to do to kick things off.

Ideas for consolidation seems to really come from the assistant and being aware of what we can do to ramp up. Part of the idea we had for more assistant staff was that as we developed our talent agency, this would give them some form of income. It’s also easy to say oh well that’s going to be done, and that, and that, and that, but . . . they still dont get done because you haven’t been focused on the next step forward.

My websites are not done yet because they have not been set up to be worked on, we haven’t gone in and come up with some design ideas to work around.  My new music videos are not done because I haven’t taken the time to do the edit.

The core idea is finish the websites and roll video on so . . . we can focus on talent. Yes and then what? Make your music videos. do your video production. Go for it.

I’ve been a bit impatient I must admit but the yoyoing of our recent sales disoriented me a bit, making we switch up between long term and short term goals. I did say that short term goals tend to remain the same unless you focus on moving forward. But this is my problem, while I’m making money, I’m not wild about pursuing pirates or talent in a really active way.

This is actually because I’ve learned now that sometimes the best thing I can do for my business is nothing. Relax, don’t look for the next big leap. Consolidate.

The thing with video is that it takes a lot of intensive preparation which is a lot for one person. So I have to break down to smaller tasks, but this is what makes me so tempted to keep revisiting the business situation to review it. What is consolidating?

Mainly debt collecting, but that then funnels into all our reserves for this and that, budgets set and needing to be spent, yet that is supposed to align with our goals. And it’s not that we don’t have goals.

We have a very important goal of not taking our eyes off the ball even though we are often working less and making more. It’s slowly working out – it’s not like I ever check my stats at all any more, or do any crazy stuff like commenting on blogs, article marketing all of that, it’s just not needed any more. It’s interesting really.

Now just a quick round up of what we have to do, because I need to stay focused, seriously. I guess it’s hard for me because I used to working a lot more and being less organised, so now it feels like I’m not really working that hard and there’s something I supposed to be doing.

set the site stuff up for web designers
shoot promo vids with girls
collect debts

I think we need to work on a fateful list. What is the fateful list? It is a concept that we are prepared for an amazing opportunity. We have something, the possible requirements set aside. This could be as simple as having a fresh suit always ready so we can quickly change, and continuing to make the front room more hospitable for clients.

I probably need to quit my entrepreneur habit of shaving only when I need to and shave at least every other weekday. Really? Yes!

Other things to do:

cases and printing for seminar
demos for girls

Auckland Duplication – Printing and Video Websites

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Alright now we’re rocking out because we’re picking up the game – it’s good to have momentum, but not without direction!

It can get very finely detailed and elaborate trying to pick out the faults and flaws that are holding you back, but once you’ve got the energy to hound down the higher standards and efficiency you’re looking for, you just go to it!

Moving forward on our talent websites, but of course also our pirate sites which means not only our main sites, our obligations there to maintaining a minimum standard, are sort of complete and fulfilled there. It never ends with web development does it because it is always developing.

Moving forward with video production, working on a new music video, which was always part of the plan, but it was quite nice how I just got it done with a few short bursts and it didn’t need to be a drama, just rolling through, but that is merely because I am maintaining within my comfort zone.

2 things happened, or more, I went to my outsourcers and started getting a new video locked in, and then I took the opportunity to get some ideas happenig for the new talent site . . . and then . . .

Oh . . . moving forward with newsletters! We realised that the only success that can come from refining our websites and video production and ad campaigns is to actually have people who are interested signing up!

So firstly back to the websites, because we’ve still got $1200 in the kitty for that, $500 should cover our current projects, leaving $700 in the kitty for the kurb site really, but the next things we want to do will be the artist blog, and possibly the music marketing blog, I’m sure a cash injection of a grand would solve all my problems unless I wanted to work on a new site, unnecessary but perhaps advantageous to use the resources I have here now.

I think we will be looking at putting another $500 so we can chip away and by the end of the year have a formidable artist site, and also have dealt with all the strange branches of this site, weird old pages from years back needing a dust off. Then we really don’t need to consider it until fortunes go elsewhere.

So quick sums, $2700 down, – $500 for now, $500 for kurb, $700 for 2 x blog, $500 for further artist and kurb improvents. thats only $2200, should do, for 2012 at least! It just gets better! We could spend more, and I’m sure the sites wont win an award, but whats most important is not looking weary and amateur, as long as you look like your actually care that your site isn’t an embarrassment. There’s a minimum standard to communicate to people that you mean business, you are to be taken seriously.

We set up the next video production task, and we start projecting in the same way for the video production, though we measure it by music videos, I think there’s plenty of room in those budgets for smaller projects, but of course, the budget is there to spend on mainly editing, special editing and animations and talent.

I cant remember what the breakdown was, $100 for raw edit, $100 for abstract edit, $100 for special edits and $100 for talent, if you wanted to spend $100 on miscellaneous shooting expenses – costumes, gas, road trips, food, supplies, props – well im sure that would pass. Each of those budgets could be trimmed to $60, making the whole thing $250, and I think we should make that distinction.

What that means is we have a $250 music video production package that we can push for . . . $500 or $800 including talent and filming, the $500 package would be $1000 or $1500 including talent and filming.

It also means if we really get on a roll we can have a $200 editor, who takes half an hour of footage (which i’ve cut from 2-3 hours) on sunday and by tuesday has a 5 – 12 minute webisode uploaded to youtube with titles and everything. That wouldn’t happen overnight but it’s not unrealistic to pay a guy $150 for 16 hours video editing and 16 hours should be enough.

It may be unrealistic to think I couldn’t do final edit, but maybe I edit to 20-30 minutes and he can take it from there, keep the essence but shaving it all down, and using tricks and snappy editing to create more of a vibe.

The point I’m making is editing would be less of an issue, and I would be more worried about the shoot and content. focusing on that for the weekend would be much more manageable and what I’m seeing is if I can keep my business where it’s at and funnel the time I have correctly, none of this would be that difficult.

The newsletters I’m worried about are only for artists and talent right now, and I believe the solution is to let video drive the newsletters. I need a new video for talent any way! So really it’s about connecting with talent to get these videos happening.

Then we can really kick off our adwords, and what will be happening then? More fans, more talent. For the moment we focus on our product and getting those you tube videos going up!

Blogging in Auckland’s CD DVD Duplication and Printing Game

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Hi this is Matt,

Where abouts do I blog now about the things that matter? I don’t know I’ve just been noticing that though I’m continuing to churn out blog posts at a semi regular rate, the income from the ads I place on my blogs has gone down dramatically to the point where I have to wonder whether they are really worth it.

The main commitment I have to fulfill is to finish off all my websites, the main ones being the pirate birthdays site, and perhaps then the talent site, that’s my minimum, I’ll look into different stuff I can do with my artist site later, which will then become the focus.

I don’t see the point in fixing this site until my hand is forced, or just becomes nonsense not to blow a grand on something and improving the website would be a big help for general branding purposes because that’s where all my new clients find me.

But right now, it comes down to blogging in a lot ways, the reason I got so into blogging was that I saw that it provided benefits in so many areas.

– Good for search engine promotion
– Good for unwinding and processing thoughts
– Good for representing ideas

And you could also earn a few dollars a day from ads, well not that’s gone done to a few dollars a week and that’s pretty sad, if I was actually serious about writing something on my blog I would probably give the ads a heave ho.

But it really is about your vision for blogging. My vision is to not think, just write because that way blog get posted and ideas keep coming, and my site keeps ranking. Ad revenue is really pretty irrelevant, but the emerging opportunities can’t be denied, at some point you may have to recognise that 1 well written article will be worth 10 time more than 10 poorly written articles of my just rolling words out.

The point is google is on a mission to deliver the content that people want, and people don’t want lazy content, there’s too much information, you have to have some respect for the overall trajectory of online information, and that is to eradicate spam, noise, useless information and bring people the information they want, and me just mentioning cd duplication and dvd duplication in these blog posts and talking about cheap printing well, I don’t know if that can go on.

It can, but it, like so many other fads and passing windows of opportunity can just become so ineffective that it becomes pointless, so we need to be aware of how we can measure the response we’re getting like good marketers. For now, it’s not broken, so we maintain our position, but we certainly wont be becoming complacent, we know serious shifts will arrive within the next 5 years – winter is coming. And our preparations make the difference whether we segue through to other activities not leaning so much on cd dvd duplication and replication services and we barely feel the pinch at all, or we find ourselves scratching together a hundred or two here or there each week and we are called upon again to dig deep and get ourselves running in a valued market.

To be honest, given my experience, I really don’t see myself having any problems. We will always find something we can do that people will pay for. It may not be easy work, I may have to work more than 4 hours a day and leave the house to do it. As long as I can scratch together $1000 most weeks, then I may not live like a king, but I’d find a way to live a life I was happy with. I reflect that if I did make $1000 p/week, my life would be different, week after week only doing 20 hours at the very most, earning from hobbies, life would be different and other things would blossom, I don’t see how it could last more than a year, and the way I am, there’s always a danger I’ll come up with something brilliant and set myself up again.

Or just as likely set myself up, on top of already having set up my first business, so that I have more than enough money for myself and I can move into more creative and charitable stuff, particularly social entrepreneurship, ideas that may turn a profit, but I principally design to help those in need.

What can we do where we’re focused on what has to be done right now.

You got two situations, the workflow is managed and I’ve got more spare time, or the workflow slows and it really would have to slow a lot to be an issue, but it’s certainly managed, and the result is the same, more spare time, more opportunity to invest effort into the business to keep it robust in terms of brand etc.

Once the sites look good you’re waiting until blogging doesn’t work any more to promote cd dvd duplication and auckland printing.