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Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

At the moment in my business, I actually find myself wishing things would slow down so that I could consolidate a little more, every time I think it’s slowing down, another big job comes in, it’s not enough to make me supremely confident, but it’s too much so that I can focus on background noise issues.

If business keeps going as it has this year, I will need to reinvest. If business keeps going as it has in the last 6 weeks, I may be a little cautious. It’s not so bad, I will work through it, but man do I wish I could just sort out my websites and get moving, because the future is on the horizon baby!

In the future, meagre earnings from secondary projects will allow me to keep coasting as I have, the last 2 months, so it pays to start getting into the nitty gritty now, because all my deductions about cd dvd duplication indicate I have years to prepare my next move. Which means I can leverage the power of doing what I really would love to do.

Pirates is a good vibe and I won’t refuse the work put it doesn’t pull me. Video production has a lot of broad possibilities and so I think investing in it is prudent but I’m only really interested in so much as I can do what I want to do, but I suppose that’s what I will do. It would be awesome to be getting paid to do video production, but it would be really awesome to be getting paid to be the talent.

If you have the talent, and the production skills you just do video. You take on websites and dvd’s where you can. So that’s the talent agency. What I’m talking about here is having lots of ideas to keep the talent believing in what we can offer so that we can offer that to clients.

First we focus on the youtube video brand, because it’s what we can do.

What we need to do is provide value for our sponsors and clients. Which is mainly appearances and videos. It’s not that realistic to depend on income from online sources. 100k hits is $300. you’ll be on 10k hits a week making $30 before then with a lot more opportunities to leverage that attention, hopefully as it comes from new zealand.

I think what we do need to do is hustle a little bit. But perhaps the real question is how much can we expect the talent to commit until they start getting traction?

My whole plan was to pay them initially and use that time to establish whether they were appropriate candidates, to be honest my perfect situation is to have only 5 main clients and a pool which is a waiting list, where I can flip the business model and get them paying me.

But if we had 4 sponsors giving us $1000 p/month and every month we would make a video and do an appearance for them, as well as channel wide sponsorship. Then we would spend $2000 p/month and have a party and sell 200 tickets for $20 and give out comps to the sponsors.

That would give us a budget of $6000. $1000 for expenses, $1000 for post production, $2000 for the talent and $2000 for me. Then when our views reach 20k+ you up the fee to $1500 and suddenly I’m getting $1k a week to organise 8 video clips and a party every month.

What projects could you kickstart? Each model could have their own kickstart. Make the first project $1000 for website etc. But then you could move to $5k for a roadtrip. It’s hard to imagine what could be possible.

Each model at least needs photos and a video, and their social media set up. But we don’t want to invest in a website etc until they’ve shown promise. How much can we expect them to commit? It’s a market. I will have to pay a premium until I have a good supply and can say hey I’m sorry but no one gets paid until they put in the heft.

Well we start at the bottom, we are trying to raise $700 to make 2 episodes and 1 sponsor spot. We spend $500 on a gig and charge $10 a ticket and hope for 100 people. The whole thing could be executed in 1 day. So what that means is we need to get our talent groomed to sell the full package.

It’s a marketing package for small business, probably either a really girly or really manly one, including their own video, sponsor mentions, promotions through the party, and free tickets. Don’t forget we have bartercard also.

$800 for the package with video ad, $400 for the package without. Aiming for a maximum of $2000, I could do 2 x $700 videos for that.

Maybe we need to stop thinking of these people as talent, so much as salespeople. Hey. You’re a pretty person, do you think you can go out and sell one of these packages? How do I sell the package? By making it dirt cheap.

$500 for the ad and sponsorship, posters, web post, etc. $600. But you’d play at more of a mini episode. It’s about what people will pay for. maybe 1 $800 package, maybe 20 $40 packages. Or you go with the kickstarter thing, have 2 x $500 packages, 5 x $100

and $25 gets you dvd and entry to party. But every month? Well you’re trying to stay alive in the game. I’d say you’d want to try and fund a 23 minute episode for $5k.

But honestly, when you’re kicking 20k+ views and you’ve got 3-5 talent brands which means their ad will get 20k views, which is worth $2k, and you go down there and the girls take their pictures with the workers and you do all that, and put them on at the party, it’s worth $5k, more if you can get them 100k views within a few months, But as I say $10k a month I’d be happy, what would the girls get? $1k each? for up to 4 days work shooting 2 vids a day? okay I guess, but they could do another day a week on extra stuff and double that.

Don’t forget to get those keywords for auckland cd duplication and dvd duplication in there we need to get our keywords rocking for auckland printing etc.

It’s all about getting down with these girls and finding out what is going to work.