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Auckland CD DVD Duplication Check

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

It’s a very strange thing trying to weight one business idea against the other, I used to have such crazy ideas of what could come about.

I am very fond of believing at the moment that there isn’t much for me to do. How did it get this way? Well I have my staff situation good and my work flow is good,

I just have to get my websites sorted and looking good.

There’s that temptation to dwell on the pirate thing but it isn’t required. All that’s required is that I finish the website, I may have a plan of action but to be honest I really don’t feel I have anything else but a plan. I might do some more videos, as I said just some concept of how to proceed – probably just do a few videos because I may not need to worry about this for 18 months or more so forget about it. Get the site done, have some ideas for videos. That will do, you can think about it later.

The talent site is nearly updated as well which is slightly more pressing, however.

And it simply comes down to having some strong images and I haven’t really got on top of that yet. I want to have the pirate stuff set up and ready to go and I want some authentic pictures for the talent site, but that maybe hoping for too much.

The website thing never really ends, I won’t jump straight into redoing the kurb site but it’s definitely an aim for within a year, for the rest of the year I’ll be focused on my artist websites. And we can go over that stuff but we know it’s the video pages, media galleries, contact stuff that must come first. I think in the new year we can launch a major new music section once we’ve had a chance to go over the archives and look at what we have to work with.

A lot of songs will not be able to be updated or recovered, so you have to decide what form they are worth presenting in and if they are even worth an individual download.

Anyway, it’s good to have a plan for this website stuff to be totally out of the way, the kurb site isn’t really a biggie, because what’s there is good, it just needs to have that amateur feel ironed out. Then what? It’s not really a major, every site that is important to me needs to be tweaked twice a year at least.

artist site, kurb site, talent site, pirate site, mainly. Video site if it goes that way. Sites will always be there and I guess they will get their own little box with adwords thrown in, and photos and social media because it’s all the same game, using the internet to further your aims presenting your music, video and written pieces.

It’s moving these realms into a productive phase, so that rather than looking at website work and the doctors check up I need, I will look at the areas.

Music, Video, Websites, Talent. Websites covers blogging as well because the only thing I set out to achieve with writing is again promoting my video and music etc. or whatever.

But isn’t there something else? My cd dvd duplication does fine. All I need to do is sit on video production, pirates and auckland colour copying for a couple of years, and basically I have $600 worth of earnings I can grab should the cd duplication and dvd duplication services start to decline, should earnings from my other projects not replace them. But seriously in the 4-7 years it’s likely to take, I’ll have all that time to build my income derived through my artists, my videos, my talent up, and that is the biggest part of this equation, that if things work out then I will never do pirate shows in schools, I will never do wedding videos, and I won’t need to make $50 here and there on auckland printing jobs, an assistant can do it and it can help cover the cost of their wages assisting me elsewhere.

I’ll be doing videos anyway, and music. in 5 years I could be making $100 p/week just from music sales of my 200+ strong back catalogue, release a new tune make $1000, do it every month. At a point where most musicians are just rising to a livable wage, it’s just cream to me.

SO yeah the end of the road, where I needn’t worry too much as long as there’s business to do. I will still sweep around the place and throw a few things out on the trash, but we will very soon be done with forward development here at kurb, we will be proudly stagnating!

We probably have to draw up our routine checks. Check accounts every month, sort my taxes and fines and everything out once and for all. Go get my passport sorted out.

I still have website issues to get happening in order to keep auckland cd duplication and auckland dvd duplication services promoted correctly. It involves the right pictures and the write up.