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Event Promotion For Talent, Printing, Duplication

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

I have been organising and event and getting a bit back into event promotion recently so even more reason I havent been updating the blog and I believe since blogigng was one of my best seo tools I’ve kind of let the whole thing slide a little too much but the gig will be over soon, and I will be back to normal – kind of.

It’s time to do a little houesekeeping around the business and also keep some of these projects moving forward so I’ve got “plan b” and “plan c” etc. in place for when I should ever need them.

As always there’s going to be money that needs to be collected that’s just small business, a lot of reminders to pay.

What’s on the agenda?

Finally get pirate website sorted
Talent stuff

That doesn’t seem like much, don’t you think that this week we could deal to those two? I think we need something better to promote the talent site with, just some photos so we can put the new design up? we need to do better. What can we do? I’m not ready for a new video yet, but this is really something we need to get active with. Maybe I need to do a video with one of the girls.

I think I simply need to redo the write up and then look for content I can add. What other content can I add other than a new video?

Well what are prospective talent going to want to see when they arrive on the site? Proofing. I need some quotes – testimonies.

Basically if you had a bunch of great pictures with testimonies from the models, at least 3, a new write up, and a new video with lots of proofing and a great confident vibe, then you will definitely see more results! So where to start? Redo the write up with the aim of doing more photo shoots.

What we’re looking at is having enough talent to kick the thing off. You don’t have to totally rehaul the blurb, just go over it, improve it, and simplify it. The next step will come when we’re ready to do a new video with actual talent to add to their testimonials.

So right now we need to get a few more clients and get their testimonials, then we will be ready to do a new video. What will be in that video, well basically me and a few of the talent people, showing what we do, talking a bit, basically, me giving a blurb but with a bit of seasoning – cut away shots of me photographing somebody, or a model making a casual statement about the better aspect of our approach – low pressure, no fees, no contracts.

I am seriously thinking about getting the carpets cleaned its one of those things I as getting around to. That’s what I’m talking about, after the move forward on the pirate and talent sites, what’s the next big move? Well I’ll be working on my videos for sure. The next big thing is to move in on the polyps shoot and get started on the higher music video also. When those are done, we are truly within striking distance of synchronizing the promotions so that songs and videos and online advertising all goes out at the same damn time.

It’s just a reality that I am doing my own personal content and media along side my business because I am learning new experiences executing this stuff, which is just the same as if I was providing it as a service except I get the leeway of not having client demands.

So I think I need to shoot polyps and some material for the talent site. Once my talent site is up to date I can be promoting it more, so I have regular talent coming through. Each week, new business, new talent, new music and videos, until what?

Well each song is rolled out with a video and a campaign so you’re reading and reacting at each stage.


VENUE = $100
DRINKS = $60

So in costs it’s only $360, that’s assuming we make the bare minimum on the door, the likely balance will be closer to $300. that’s nothing really, even if I did it every month. I think bi monthly will be fine, the point is you begin to build on something so you know it’s pretty hard to not get 50 people in there even if it rains or theres some other big gig on.

Don’t forget to write something about cd duplication and dvd duplication before finishing up!

So I might be changing up my approach to this blog because I do need to keep posting but I have been a little bit on autopilot recently so I need to still keep ideas going on the blog about making money and small business and of course cd dvd duplication and posters and printing and all that stuff so that I can keep my SEO up and all the rest.

At the moment I am going pretty slowly with my business because I haven’t really been into the idea of exhausting myself working on client projects just for the sake of making money, the first half of this year went almost to well so I have really chilled things out a bit around here.