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Auckland Pirates and Weird Business Ideas

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Did you see that? Back posting again on the Kurb blog after like less than a dozen posts in the last year? We are ressurrecting, baby!

We’re organised mainly around keeping our cd dvd duplication and cheap auckland printing operations flowing forward, or more to say under control in terms of management and growth, making tiny improvements and efficiency gains where possible. This remains important to our business, but while things are improving over time we are looking at long term projects.

The pirate thing is a definite long term project – it might be more efficient if I was geared to making moredoing childrens entertainment, and it would really build the brand over time also. But where could I fall back?

I am also thinking about streamlining, because when overheads are low, and you’re under less pressure to do work, life is so easy, the downside, is you need to still be able to handle opportunities for big jobs.

if I can at least use my business skills to create cohesion and co-operation, progress, even if it doesn’t make a lot of money, it doesn’t matter, because it might turn out I don’t need the money anyway. I just need to feel I am not being lazy.

It doesn’t matter what you go get, as long as you get something. Just the philosophy of getting up and going to a plan. What kind of a plan? Well once the money is good, and it almost pretty much already is, then you think about ideas that can bring people together, working and getting good productive energy going in doing that.

So how far could I go with the pirate? Reasonably? 3 shows or appearances a week for $700. Skype $100. Youtube = 100k views x.3c =30,000c = $300, let’s say, $100, at a real go. Imagine if after a few years, you had this wide clientele of weird people and rich kids who wanted pirate matty skype sessions.

But like I said, I could just become a marketing coach, a life coach online, why not, just make my price like $25 for 40 minutes and see if I can get people into it, then put it up to like, $50. It’s so crazy, but if I can earn $150 a day talking to weird people on skype for 2 hours a day by pricing my service super low and acting all professional and together, not even pretending i’m serious, just to see, I’m in. I like to do weird stuff, and I can experiment – I mean lets check it out, I can do a skype session anywhere really, and I’m not pretending to be an expert, I just become a cheap personal therapist, I’m totally unqualified, but at least I can simulate the experience of talking to someone who is understanding and wise. For $50. Haha!

mitch well he’s gone, where’s he gone to next
well he’s very gone and got upset
he didn’t like the weather and he didn’t like the food
that surely can be no good!

Mitch! Oh, mitch! where has he gone to, mitch!
he didn’t like the weather and he didn’t like the food
that surely can be no good!

Haha I just got into doing some pirate content and it was good. What are you trying to do with pirate videos? Get more going for pirate matty’s brand, knowing that if I can do a video a week for pirate matty, it would get it’s go on and I could start incorporating video into the whole thing more.

3 normal appearances or shows = $700 vs 3 shows + video, well = at least $1100 I should think.

I could use the pirate matty blog to write about spots in auckland for kids and use my blog that way to bring in searches from parents looking to take their kids around auckland.

How much for pirate matty skype sessions? $50 for 40 minutes $20 for 15 minutes. Skype bed time stories! Y’know, you could really build the brand until you were able to approach other brands about being a brand ambassador, so yknow in ten years time I could have both the nice young ladies and pirate matty brands being rolled with big sponsorship packages so all I have to do is manage the girls and myself as a pirate in respect of the brands, and probably have someone else running whats left of kurb – posters, printing,

Wow think of that getting good cash just to think up 2 webisodes and manage the websites, youtube, social media. It’s about the brands there. Think long term about the brands, that even having kurb, pirate matty, soul science, romantech, nyl, whatever, around for a decade will make them valuable.

I just like ways of making money that are valuable because of my personal service, and are fully versatile, I can take it anywhere. Skypey things can go anywhere, but also your market is everywhere, you just need your quirky niches and you could have a fruity online asylum where the patients don’t know if theyre the stars of some web hype or resolving their personal issues so it’s weird.

Okay now I’m getting weird myself, I just like crazy ideas that motivate me to find where creative, fun ideas crossover with actually viable ones.


Of all my offshoot projects there is one that is already working and presenting different possible opportunities and that is a pirate kid’s entertainer. I am already doing a party almost every week.

Because of the preparation it’s not really as lucrative as it might seem – I may earn a lot in a short time but there’s a lot of effort that goes into it. But 3 things that happened recently pointed out the opportunities to grow.

Recently I did a 3 hour appearance in a community event situation and it was great. Firstly, I managed to go 3 hours AND I managed to fit into an environment that wasn’t a birthday party, it sort of opened up a new market – I’ve got birthdays, shows which are mainly for schools, and now the whole idea of this fair/market day audience, any community event.

I am also doing a ninja character, just going to show I can have more characters, for different themed parties and basically tack myself on to various themes that work not only for parties but themes fairs and events where they would pay me to wander around for a few hours, and I believe I could turn this into serious promo.

But when is kicking up this going to be required? Not this year, not in 4 months, really. Next 4 months is mainly video production, it becomes about content, content that shows my future projects in music and children’s entertainment can be successful.

What kind of videos am I needing to do? I’m framing the search for tinkerbell, and then the creation of a show.

Well now I’ve done this video!

What’s that video about? Showing I can push these kinds of videos out quickly. I can push out content for pirates but I can also produce the whole thing by myself in 4 or 5 hours, and that video is worth $NZ500 easy, in the US or australia, europe.

Basically the goal is the stage show. And I need a partner to help me work on that.

What do I do if I can’t find a partner? Well I will find a partner, it’s just about what I can do with the resources I have currently.

Use the resources we have currently and also see what we can achieve in a wider sense while limited with the resources we have. We may not be able to move forward with pirates without people we can work with, but where can we move forward?

Kurb Blog Back From The Dead

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

So it’s time for me to get back blogging on the kurb promotions blog because I have been coasting for about exactly a year now and I can sense things are starting to tail off, we need to fire the engines again.

We have been lucky to coast along without advertising for over 20 months! Surely it couldn’t remain so. As always we have to be aware of the changes in the various fields I working in – without CD/DVD duplication I will have to find other services we can offer.

What am I going forward with and what am i not going forward with?

Well all these domains I have bought back when I was far more online oriented, most of them have to go they are a relic from when I had a different attitude to working, I wouldn’t slave away on a website that was earning me a few bucks a week any more. My motivation is to liquidate and realise some value for my efforts while moving to a position where I have less little projects floating around going nowhere, and more focus on what I believe I will be doing.

Well I want to make a list of domains I will never use and sell them. All the niche websites that have no relation to any of my work or business, especially a few of the secondary sites, like why do I need 3 or 4 graphic design or freelance writer websites? I am not going to build the sites and sell them. Or am I?

My idea was not to build a graphic design website, but a full business, even take on $5k worth of work, pay an outsourced designer to do it, and sell the thing for $10k. That still sounds like something that could be done, if you convince some young designers parents to invest into it for him add $5k business consultancy, you’re talking about enough money for me. I like that idea. Imagine if I did it 4 times a year?

Unrealistic. 1 may be possible, or grow about 5 knowing that 1 may come off, but the rest i can probably still get a few grand for. This is something that I can do, but I don’t think marketing services, holistic marketing vibes for small business works for me. It really is hard to beat the frictionless delivery of a service. With my resources, I am better suited to trying to find something people actually want, and marketing that, but back to the domains.

I have just listed my first domain for $300, if I can sell it for that much, I will have to rethink my whole idea, realising that my websites are worth more than I thought.

I have 65 domains. I counted 46 of those which I would sell if the price is right, and I’m not talking about more than a grand, tops. Several of those will be useless. How many are niche sites? 16 in the special niche. I would say the haul is worth 2k at least. What if it turned out to be worth 5k? Would I be so quick to cash in?

What if the site goes for $200? I want to sell all my niche sites how many sites would I let go? the 16 for a start, and I count another 13 that could go for a smuch as $200, and I would let them go. so you could pull in $5k there, and you’d be happy? Sure would. Probably not that likely though. I would say $2k NZ is realistic.

The reasoning is that passive income from these sites just isn’t going to work, it’s just costing me hundreds of dollars we are going to be developing concepts we are solid with.

Our plan is to keep doing cd/dvd printing and postering for another few years, and slowly start bring forward, or back, other services we can offer.

What does that actually look and feel like?

I really wonder what I could be doing at the end of the cycle of this business. When did I start charging to put up posters? I remember I did my first myspace job in march 2006. So that’s 7 years ago. I think we can have some certainty there. I reckon we could even grow the postering and printing business if we tried – and we’d really only try if we ran out of cd’s and dvd’s, how much life will aggressive advertising give us? About 4 years?

Maybe we need to think about making this blog a bit more centred on some of the activities we could be pulling off.

Talking about stuff relevant to postering such as the gig scene, events, happenings, and what also could be relevant for CD and DVD use though that is just too broad really but we could also be thinking about our eden park stuff, tying in the brand with pirate matty. Pirate Matty could do kurb ads! That’s a good idea for practice content.

Here’s a look at a possible 2018, if we keep going how we’re going now – but wait, we need a better break down, we want to recognise that even once a week someone will come for some weird CD/DVD job in 5 years, and even if I do it on one printer or something, I can do it

$400 – CD / DVD Printing

$300 – printng/postering/design

$400 – video

$200 – pirate

$200 – special projects – online / websites / marketing / content etc.

Will that hold? It’s pretty arbitrary. What could you still be doing in 2023 when you reach your savings goal to offer promotions services

CD and DVD sure, but really only novelty projects.
Posters, Print Management, Design
Websites, Internet Marketing
Videos, Video Promotion
Pirate stuff
Music Management again even! Content services.

There’s lots of ideas and I’m sure I can come up with more. Remember I thought about teaming up for business action. Basically, we have so many skills and so much experience that we can always team up and hustle around for something to pay the bills, it might not always be lush, so we need to have those lush business ideas in place.

Running a mentoring and promotions services for small business would be ideal really.

What would it involve?

Posters + Flyers
Website + Blog
Social Media

$200 per week?

$1000 set up. And $200 p/week. We’d have to be motivated to be professional about it, and we’d never do that while our other businesses are still alive.

What could I sell at eden park?

DVD’s, CD’s, Posters
Cold Drinks and Food?

If I made a DVD bundle I could sell for $15 profit, how many would I have to sell? 20? If I could sell some other stuff? I could rock pirate matty, and sell that as part of the package, I bet if I hustled hard, and threw in a cold beer or hot coffee . . . sell coffee!!! I reckon you could make $200 on promo merch – posters! $200 on food, and $200 on coffee and cold drinks, pretty sweet.

When you see that, you know that video and pirates are where it’s at, with a lot printing stuff going on too. Pushing money out of video and pirates is where we need to be.

The phone is still quiet, but as we keep going with the consolidation, it’s not as if we haven’t had these june times before. Next week will be the real measure. Not only will it be 3 weeks of missing the budget, but I will start to run out of things to do, and I’m starting to feel as I get closer that when there is nothing left to resolve we will move forward. We will be ready to seriously start marketing and sprucing up more sites and looking seriously at video and pirates.

We can push printing and postering. We can always decide we want to go out with a bang in CD/DVD.

I actually think that is the most grounded idea, in the short term, sure, keep doing video in the hopes of improving your skills for a time in the future, but while you have an easy idea you could wring an extra 50k out of in the next 3 years, wouldn’t you want to follow up that?

– pirate
– websites – domains
– aweber

– Physical/digital archiving of the business / back room

– archiving of the digital elements on computer

– big scan of artifacts

– clean up of web presence