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DVD Duplication Pricing Auckland

Friday, August 30th, 2013


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Okay, I know I say I write every blog now like it’s my last, but I’m continuing to take notes on various aspects where I’m pushing the agenda forwards. Websites, video, content and of course our core business services dvd and cd duplication in auckland and New Zealand..

Today I got one of those ones where a potential client told me they could get it cheaper, and I had to take my price down to better it, and even though I got the client back, it just goes to show what we’re dealing with out here.

So then I was taking a look at the state of search optimisation for auckland cd duplication and auckland dvd duplication and it did surprise me. I mean sure we take an easy approach to work, and we always seem to have enough work, but it became clear to me with a bit of a push we could be doing better.

If we were spending money on online advertising cd duplication and dvd copying then we would probably be getting more jobs in. My competitors are surviving somehow and we need to root them out, because they appear to be very active, but not dropping their prices. I want to steal their lunch. But not so much that it becomes too much effort.


It seems frivolous focusing so much attention on video, but we are investing in the future. It’s not about the videos we’re making right now which aren’t that good but are suitable for dvd duplication, it’s the videos we want to push 2 or 3 years from now when we can do something decent.

Maybe selling our services, or doing vids for youtube that actually work, or building up a brand around the pirate thing, or anything that works, the most important thing is that we go to it.

I am about to do some video editing on this softball job. That will be an expectation of what results to expect from our video arching ripping dvd’s and making new video content for dvd duplication services. Then I can start sorting through these archives.


You see I went and really cleaned out my accounts there on the web host as well, I really want my business there cleaned up now. It’s just weird how slowly as I do each little thing, there is less to do.

So I turn to my website, just like archiving it is an ongoing task.

Now I have started working on the archiving page for the website, and the contact page, and it’s direction spreading out how we recruit supporters, and I even started looking at a new front page, which I like. But we need to be closer to having a new video concept to present before getting serious about that. The next thing is the second blog, the legit blog. Other than those 3 pages and the new blog, what else is there to do?

Well with a new front page the music section will need to be redone. The 27 chapters. So it’s kind of endless. But really if it was possible to do all this short of the video this year, well we’re on target! Target for what? Having the cohort landing page and that area all sorted for collaborating as well as the music area for discovery.

It would be nice to have a new archives design by then, but hey.


Well we need 500-1000 people worldwide to want to spend their money on our tunes. We are seriously not in the professional league yet because the only people we deal with who actually make their money in this are Brazilian and Eastern European guys. The brazilians play to massive festivals with thousands, and the eastern europeans DJ 6 different cities 6 nights a week. And both of them are happy to make a few hundred US$ promoting our tunes on their label.

We need that core dozen or more people who are at every gig helping, buy the tunes in support, and always bring friends, and are involved contributing either to content such as my video

We need about 200 people in auckland and at least 50 in every other city in new zealand who would possibly come to see us if they had money and it wasn’t cold and they weren’t tired.

THIS is what I want to achieve with my promo. Spending $1000 on 10,000 crappy clicks might not achieve that.


We go back to the super projections because we want to know what we have to keep our eye on as we go deeper into new projects. I want to see what happens after, after, after to recognise and calibrate. Well what happens now?

What issues are we expecting if I go into a major development stage?

Tax and ACC can’t be taken seriously as issues any more, nor fines, credit card, sure in a years time that may change, but it’s not worth worrying about, it’s more about collecting debts. Again same situation, because the situation isn’t out of control any more, it’s much easier to keep under control, which means yes, every couple of months you get that person who will not pay. Or that $100 job that it just feels stupid to keep chasing.

Just thinking about it made me think it was time to chase all these historical debts, but it’s another distraction. What are we setting out to achieve, another $100? No we need to join with the beats in the city.

If I was spending in reinvestment, what would I spend on?

We already discussed a new workstation and extra funds to improve the artist website, and I think that will happen. What comes next?

To expand the business? That second workstation, and less hesitance to bring in extra hands.

The obvious one seems to be to ramp video. What can we do? The video card for a start, and a sweet lens for my camera, and a thought for a future camera. You know we would get sweet cameras and editing equipment to kill the video production on.

The other 2 money sponges I guess would be the website and music stuff.

We are noticing now it’s so many tiny expenses!

We already know we’re planning 15 videos over 6 months, to cost $2600. $100 p/week. Convenient. Sample packs and studio stuff? $25?

Archiving and website improvements? Probably $50 to be honest. $200, what was our last calculation? $300 a week for car, web, video and stuff.

For our next video shoot in auckland, I want footage from up khyber, then essential gonna getcha footage, then some meatgrinder, and then maybe some kingsland dawn.

Let’s run some numbers for some of these videos.

Paper Tigers: Editing, Mash Ups, Fiverr, $200
Gonna Getcha: Editing, Fiverr, Talent $300
Kingsland Dawn: Editing,Fiverr $100
Blue Room: Editing, Fiverr, $100


I can’t think of what I would spend money on to make the actual production better. Sure, yes, a good video card and a more video friendly lens. $1k. Maybe even good studio speakers for my home studio $2k, but all the rest is just bits and bobs. Costumes, and little costs like that for video, and paying all the different people for their little jobs, that’s not really serious money. A few sample packs every month or so for $100. It’s not a serious expense.

I can spend money on my website and archiving but again, it’s $50, $100, here and there. It all adds up

Another beauty of it which will play out for a very long time is that these are all business expenses. If it relates to music, video, online content, then it’s a business expense, if I wanted to spend it on clothes and furniture and crap I couldn’t keep my tax bill down. I like that because it means I stay lean, living off my art.

Well is it simply a matter of getting on with it now?

We can afford to. I’ll drop $500 on editing these next 5 videos, just to save what would be probably a full week of work. Also do the mashup stuff for paper tigers.

So come back from tour, 3 weeks to shoot the new bits, 4 shoots tops, then send to the editors and get my fiverr money going

Don’t forget I’ll be sorting out this first lot of archive footage to so by october we want to be ready to edit down these vids, and we already be planning to put akira and wished away too. We’ll decide closer to then how far we want to go with the concepts, because we may just be desperate to catch up.

We are now linking back with the posts from before when we were doing this video stuff. It may take us until november to do the first 7 or 8, and then we try and smash the next lot. Gruelling really.

But let me break it down. Inside Knowledge, So Good, and Tell You are all $100 numbers, archive footage, mash up, fiverr, no original shoots. Buzzing and Who Loves Ya, probably won’t come out until december earliest.

Worked Up and Override Protocol? We don’t know what’s happening! That leaves shadows which has the big budget, $300. I could spend it all on animations, just to speed the process up, with an aim of dropping the video the week of the release. The thing about the shadows vid is it doesn’t really have to be about anything. Same with inside knowledge, we should aim for both of those to just look cool with minimal shooting of any scenarios.

With inside knowledge I want like stockmarkets and asian marketplaces with chickens in cages, container ships unloading, etc. I’m thinking of working on them now to make them good in november, so I get the jump, also, no shooting, nothing major anyway, maybe just me and john standing round. yes. Like it.

So Good and Tell You are also going to be on the archive mash up edit tip, again, no shooting? Maybe som fairy pirate stuff for so good. Tell You, well, no. That means they come next and we can scramble on these suckers. Override Protocol goes with Buzzing and Who Loves Ya ? as next years problem.

Wishes, Akira and Worked Up are the ones we don’t know how to go with because we don’t know how sick of video we will be, and then there’s no way we’ll be moving forward with dvd duplication auckland or cd duplication in new zealand.

Ideally For Akira I’d do several shoots in balmoral, and one shoot with mio I think. On top of that I’ve got plenty of stuff. Fiverr girls, kamila etc., and all the pink noise I think will be enough. Worked Up. Well we have our concept, and it will simply come down to when we can do it.

It would be nice to let kingsland dawn, meatgrinder, akira and then worked up drift out so we can collect enough takes. But we need kdawn, p tiggy and getch done!

So october we are finally editing gonna getcha hopefully having done k dawn and p tiggy, so that we’re also bringing home blue room, meatgrinder, inside knowledge and shadows so we have this massive bottle neck, just as we’re supposed to start akira and wishes. Tragic!

It will be november then for IK and shadows to land, But akira and wishes will be there too. Then Tell You and So Good, say decemberish, though I can see so good getting pushed out, and worked up, which I don’t think we’ll have time for a shoot for, it’s too much, we need a concept. I say we stay with the theme, but don’t shoot, just rip and mash.

Stick to the plan for kingsland, no actors. Just do shoots with tigers, grinder, and getcha at one time, no trip to kingsland needed

I just had an idea for gonna getcha. Like in the beginning I want to do those reaction shots with the fiverr girls all going “wtf???”, and I cut that against filming on the monitor behaving badly, then I remember I wore the gonna getcha costume on my online dating profile, so I can use the profile in the vid just as an extra thing to illustrate im like this menace that’s all up in your everywhere.

Video DVD Production Auckland

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Alright, I came back on my blog for a few posts just to thrash out some business ideas especially since my move was toward consolidation, and I think we have that under control.

We write on our blog for SEO, it’s not necessarily so much about video and dvd production, but adding all these words helps me out. Afterall it’s now 2 years since I really did much at all to market my sites other than write this blog sometimes.

There are plenty of blog post I could do if I wanted to keep going, because if I did, I mean, I’ve got to treat every blog post as if it might be my last because that is what consolidation is about, I son’t want to grow my business, I just want to make sure it doesn’t shrink! I want other stuff I can fall back on as cd dvd duplication moves off the radar.

I could do a post about why I think I will still be doing dvd duplication in 10 years. Maybe only $1000 worth a month, but still, it’s an income stream.

Now I’m looking at more low intensity improvements to just continue to tweak and improve what I’m doing in terms of promotions services – cd duplication and dvd duplication based projects still front and centre obviously, the printing and postering management, distribution, flyers, you know, lots of promotions keywords!

The main switch will be returning to spending money on advertising mainly just the cd pressing and dvd reproduction services here in auckland because that’s my best, easy money. But I also need to be building for the future towards my children’s entertainment and video production services I’m building. I need to know years down the track I’ll have a back up plan.

Collecting debts is the big one I can’t forget about right now, and I will just trundle along with my archives, getting all these dvd’s onto hard drives, it’s kind of my weird duty to all the work I’ve done duplicating DVD’s and doing auckland CD replication.

Then I’m pushing out my video services to back myself doing the children’s entertainment, the “Plan B” for the future. So I really think the talent thing has started to come up again. We need fairies, and we need people for music video production.

When I come back from holiday Mid september then I fire up the advertising, and get the video production talent ready to start nailing some of these music videos for practice.

We want to do a pirate thing, we want to start performing that way. I want to just start doing videos that are piratey so I can see where it goes. It could go anywhere, but it is best to imagine where we want it to go without too much work and lots of fun.

I’m thinking we start with a few sketches, a few days doing sketches with fairies, then we put the best of those up onto youtube as ads and promotion, but the idea is to have a dvd at least a half an hour long that I can use for promo, giveaways etc., and then start fashioning that DVD into an actual performance.


– DVD Duplication archives
– Video Production
– Charity DVD reproduction
– TV DVD duplication / real estate DVD

Always important to keep the actionables actioning. It’s too easy to dream away like you’re getting something done, and really nothing has changed – our secret activation there is of course the archiving of the dvd duplication business. Just chipping away.

We are waiting to push the button on the advertising, we just need to be more certain this big quote won’t happen.

So there is a natural flow of activity I see, that you start with your money, consolidating finances, then you move to the physical space dealing with minimising, streamlining, and the part of the operation we’re involved in now specific to the business – digitizing all the dvd duplication and cd duplication projects we’ve worked on over the years so that we kind of have invested in the long term future of this content.

Once the physical side is dealt with, we then deal with the digital side, the presentation, so we get this meta flow going on.

Money >> Archiving >> Online Presentation >> Content

It’s kind of a counter intuitive working backward because for most people the logic would be to have a hit song, it would go viral online, it goes down as a classic that is remembered, and somehow it becomes profitable.

I’m weird, I’m doing it backwards, I’m making sure my money is consolidated, I am making sure my history is consolidated, then I am reaching out with my performance platform online and finally making the time to experience and involve myself in the production of content that resonates.

We still need that action plan but to be honest I think we need to remember we’ve got a fair bit of work to do now, not to mention a new song. Once the website starts coming up to spec, it really creates new freedom. But then if I have to move, man, boy will that create new freedom too!

So I am working on this website now, not just the dvd duplication website, but my personal projects and artist website. Several pages I am looking to design so they can be left at an improved standard.

What is the big goal for the site? well to have a place for music fans, collaborators and curious people to investigate.

Which gives us the new front page.

– the video will be much bigger and it needs to be assured in purpose, the noob eats format, narrative, and a dramatic tune. Create intrigue and drama

– reverbnation widget gone, and most of the other downloads. Just soundclouds for soul science and romantech.

– we need the sign up, and a link feed from blog 2. Oh yeah and my twitter feed.

– the rest of the site has to be about getting music people to the music page where it’s all about music, and the cohortists to the cohort page. No push for gigs or remixes yet. Then we push the youtube. So this is what I mean, big, bold, seperate imperatives to the music and cohort section as well as the menu, and then the youtube button given a big privilege over the other social media buttons.

That’s about it really. Seems pretty clear.

Certain parts of the site will become more specialized. At the moment I am bringing the archives section and the contact section up to spec so that there’s not that lagging, weak section letting it all down for the pokey nose types.

Now we need some super projections.

If in a year we’ve archived everything up and got into moving into the presentation stage online, and the website has improved, we have the goals of building fans and more precisely the “cohort” to reexamine.

We’re going to need to make new videos for the front page and cohort. Maybe next year.

We are hitting it and doing new tunes and videos every week. We got people supporting us and they want to party with us, so we have to be playing parties. I have to be on the twitter, soundcloud, youtube, facebook getting with the fans, doing the radio, doing mixes etc. Doing my band.

But we have to think about right now.

We’re going to be back on the talent thing, pushing it for music videos, and to get the pirate thing going, building the talent side of my cohort.

where do we want to be? With at least a couple of fairies come models working with us and 1 cohortist. That’s what I’m saying if it takes me 6 months to do 15 videos but I get one or two new people on board who are solid, then I have made a good gain.

But then think about the video production leading to there from here. I need to be able to pay guys to edit this stuff. Of course this has specific business advantages in that if I can find cheap editors then I can really get the game going if they are good and it’s this whole concept of using music videos because of the high margin of acceptable error. Creative licence.

Let’s run some numbers for some of these videos.

Paper Tigers: Editing, Mash Ups, Fiverr, $200
Gonna Getcha: Editing, Fiverr, Talent $300
Kingsland Dawn: Editing,Fiverr $100

Blue Room: Editing, Fiverr, $100
Akira: Editing, Fiverr, Talent, Mash up $250
Wishes: Editing, Talent, Fiverr, $250

So that’s $1200

A typical video for most songs is $100. $65 for the mash up, and $35 to spend on fiverr. I would charge $350 for these vids.

But for a good song we need editing $100, Talent $100, Mash Up $65 and Fiverr $35+ I would charge $750 for thse videos.

So I’d say we

Sow hoe does that project? Keep riding

Worked Up – $200
Inside Knowledge – $100
Shadows – $300
Buzzing – $200
Who Loves Ya? – $200
Tell You – $100
So Good – $100
Override Protocol – $200

Damn that’s only another $1400 . That’s another 15 videos, surely all we could hope to do this year, for $2600 total.

DVD Duplication and Archiving

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

So I’m back on this blog, just because I’m really working to consolidate my finances so I can cruise ever onward, of course we’re doing cd duplication and dvd duplication as our main business, and all postering, flyer distribution, and I’m doing my pirate stories where I entertain little kids so that is 95% of my income.

I am still toying with the online marketing services and video production services, wedding videos and such that we have talked about and many other ideas but one major step we took in consolidation was to sell 28 websites which are not relevant to my core business.

I was just thinking my SEO knowledge needs an update, because you can’t really go past a site that ranks and does it’s job. It’s back to basics because cd and dvd copying is where I make my real money so a small increase and expansion in disc reproduction business could easily be easier and more profitable than playing around with all these half formed ideas. I stay committed to the pirate thing because it’s unique and futureproof.

So it’s SEO and PPC advertising, and what more would you want?

Next to complete our archives. We get all disc material, all physical materials digitized, Then that content is on a journey to be curated and realised as the reductive essence. A kurb compilation series of music, video coming through artistically in my own video projects, and all my personal stuff being used to tell stories. I expect it to take years, and then be refined again and again.

So then I’m free to pursue my interests in more creative fields – pirates, music, video – but I still need to either be having core business pay all the bills or find supplementary income streams from the creative side.

I would say I am very close to restarting my advertising.

At least I put those websites up for sale, got my birth certificate, rego, bought some clothes, did my garden, worked on that room, made a plan to rearrange the house and spec up my rig, and have focused on connecting with more local video production artists.

Because the fact is if I had more money, I would buy that new computer, blitz my artist website design, and get ready to get my new shift going.

It’s not a huge leap forward but I would feel the vibe, we’re ready to make a beat and film, as well as write some blog, do some email stuff, some design thing, at the same damn time. We can do our posters and printing. And our pirate stuff. Video production, well that is wherever it goes.

Now that we have started the dvd duplication archiving it is a little hard going, it will be months dicking around doing this, but that’s for the best, so it doesn’t distract me too much, I need to balance out my activitis so I need to look at what I’m doing.

Debt collecting is still the one. We’re not ready for advertising yet until we look at this big quote.

Fiverr is my new thing I am doing now, there are tonnes of services on there that I can use. I just went ahead and ordered 4 services, so I’ll see how that goes. I’m only thinking about creative video production and music videos, when I start thinking about the other kinds of videos that could be made to promote my other services. There really is a lot of possibilities once I get going.

What service would I promote? Possibly the pirate stuff, but it’s all about that cheap video production thing – learn to make good videos, and then use the videos to promote your skills and services.

I just smashed that Moneybookers issue which means we need a quick reappraisal of our full steps to consolidate our finances collect debts, sell websites, and draw our online money and assets down. I just want my forestry investment, my bartercard, and a big hunk of cash, that’s going to be my financial plan – oh and the equity in my business of course.

SO what numbers would you feel are the shakiest? Well paypals the main one, then of course the business account unpaid (but that’s as it should be) after that it’s got to be forestry. What is the procedure to get to where I want to go?

– Collect Debts
– Sell Websites
– Draw down Paypal
– Forestry

So I need to recheck on my websites to push things along in a week or so, and return to paypal to draw down regularly, Once I have collected some more debts I will be a lot happier there also.

But the facts we have to face are: paypal, forestry, selling websites, tax credits, all of these things, won’t be resolved for up to a year.

It’s time to look forward to new ways to maximize our efforts.

Back to my list – my list helps me stay focused.

dvd duplication


My garden doesn’t actually need that much just a few new plantings. Yes I know it’s funny I talk about my garden on my business blog but I’m really tackling the concept of “to do” does it ever end? I worry about losing focus as my business becomes less intensive, so in this sense treating my garden like a business matter lets me gauge how much resources we really do have available for new ideas.

Have we covered ourselves diligently in terms of secure confirmations that all projections should be reasonably expected? Then we can accurately assess how to move forward as time consuming as it may be, well, we have the time.

I started checking my fuck you money again.

Living in a million dollar house, with a million bucks invested, getting a $60k return. Still running a business for the tax breaks, so maybe I get $50k in my hand plus whatever I can earn. I reckon if you ignore inflation, sure the value of your money would decline, but you’d still have the principal there, So on you’d go. The value of your house would increase even as inflation and maintenance ate the value of your liquid capital, the point being that you still have emergency capital which is also your bequest.

I think what I’m trying to do is bring areas I enjoy together with making money. It kind of makes me think that I need to think about doing some more kurb videos. How can we use video in a stimulating way to generate business? What discussions can we be part of that will bring cash back to us?

I mean our need to promote this website and the pirate site is in our need to make profit, and that still isn’t a big issue for me. I’m happy with the shape of the business my concern is sustainability, we don’t want to be caught short going into a declining market.

Both the pirate site and the talent site, and the video site need to be ready to do basic business, as well as add content, until time comes when that content has to be organised to support expansion. Pirate matty in schools, wedding videos, more video production services.

We have to build with video content.


Do a kurb archive compilation
Finish my websites

Garden, Pirates, Advertise, Archive – DVD Duplication

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

So it was really awesome that we have been able to list 28 sites for sale that we don’t see really as going anywhere meaningful – it’s about focus!

All the cd duplication, dvd duplication, copying, postering, video production, youtube stuff, music marketing, all of that – graphic design, it’s all still happening – well happening in that I wouldn’t dream of selling off those sites that is the stuff I do. The 28 sites are just sites that needed to be consigned to the past of kurb promotions. The next step is our moneybookers account. Also we need to be thinking about what it is we’re doing with aweber, that to is costing me $200 a year and what am I doing with it?

Advertising is now flexing it’s practical aspect. I can do whatever I like, but maybe just spending $50 a week on advertising would generate a few hundred dollars worth of business that would be earned so much more easily than trying to jack up some new business idea. It’s like we refuse to do it the easy way.

But it’s a reminder we’re trying to build diverse options for the future – we don’t want dead ends, so we’re selling 28 sites. We don’t want to be ever more dependent on cd’s and dvd’s, we need an escape hatch plan.

After that it’s about checking out these dvd’s. At least feeling we’re plodding forward there so we can take our attention elsewhere. I wheeled in the tv so I’m ready to go. We’re on a mission to commit to hard drive every project we’ve worked on in the past.

Ostensibly it’s all about preserving the work we did, and taking that responsibility to protect the work, as well as the practical aspect of having archives in case we want to access an old job. But yes also I want to use random footage for my own art projects, an artistic filter to my own experience of producing hundreds of auckland dvd duplication projects.

These are the day to day communications and exchanges of information I hve made my business and this is my life, this is my artistic approach in dvd duplication.

Otherwise I just churn on. Adding up the numbers, and chasing my money. It’s the hard part, I hate having to be stink to people to get my money, but that’s running a business, in that I try to embody trust towards my clients and often they take advantage of that, but it happens.


With new found vigour I am looking to increase activities somewhat again, I kind of sensed that when the wheel of time turns, I will be keen to grow my business again, time to revise, review and renew!

We still need to know which new things we want to do. We obviously have time.

Garden, Pirate, Advertise. Archive. Tell me what else about business we need to have running?

Video, youtube, weddings, what about all the talent stuff? Don’t even go there. Just what’s the issue? $10 a year? Forget it. Move on. Leave it as it is. For the next few years we will be advertising and doing as we have done, if video or weddings or marketing clients come up, go with it, but why try to turn it into anything.

It remains we do cd dvd duplication auckland postering and printing, flyers, distribution, and I dress up as a pirate. I advertise these services.

But what do I persoanlly want to do. Have my adventures making videos and doing tours. Making room for that.

I think what I’m trying to do is bring areas I enjoy together with making money. It kind of makes me think that I need to think about doing some more kurb videos. How can we use video in a stimulating way to generate business? What discussions can we be part of that will bring cash back to us?

How can we do something outrageous that will make a good viral video?

I mean our need to promote this website and the pirate site is in our need to make profit, and that still isn’t a big issue for me. I’m happy with the shape of the business my concern is sustainability, we don’t want to be caught short going into a declining market.

What do you want to do with the talent? I don’t really want to invest. What is the realistic outcome you can look for? I just don’t want to invest too much. I may consider what I could do for slight improvements, but it’s nothing worth planning until we have a business model working and that has to be video driven.

Both the pirate site and the talent site, and the video site need to be ready to do basic business, as well as add content, until time comes when that content has to be organised to support expansion. Pirate matty in schools, wedding videos, more video production services.

I keep flip flopping. What am I worried about this for until our pocket is hurting? Well what am I taking the opportunity to build now?

We have to build with video content. But at the same time we need to remember that if we want to get more money, then advertising is the sensible way to do it.

I’m just waving about I guess but it’s like this – there is nothing that needs to be done to our second line of business after these sites are sold. I am free now to focus on what I would like to do over whether it makes money or not. If I dick around making videos and music for 3 years and doing pirates, something may come of it.


So I had $1000 to spend on web development. That will be $300 for the pirate site, $300 for artist sites and then what? Spruce up the main sites? If we get more budget. What’s your dream budget?

Pirate: $500
Artist: $500
Talent: $300
Kurb: $500

For this round, The pirate site will need only $200 max, we will ask about making a pirate blog, and an artist blog. Then we will have to think about what we want to do with kurb and the artist site. In short, we’ll start to come to a point with this.


Do a kurb archive compilation
Finish my websites
Finish the phase in which I mine kurb dvd duplication archives for footage
Cut down smoking

What are we moving towards?

Expanding our video production, using more talent, doing pirates, having some crazy plan, music videos, touring.

Spending money on gigs and event promotion, we won’t go there. Where can we go?

Turn on the advertising.

Garden, Pirate, Advertise. Archive.

That’s our mantra, and our garden will be done, do i really want to start booking pirate parties? No. I want to do some pirate movies. I want to think bartercard with the costumes, it’s crashing into my video production, we need to smell out the idea.

We need more videos as evidence and action for some of what we’re doing, pirate stories, music videos, and kurb videos. So we peel away, business archiving becomes an art project, video directions look for where we can seriously bolster our business.

But isn’t it just easier to advertise, get more business, and then just do what you’d rather do?

What would I rather do? What I can do, as opposed to the dream that’s always out of reach. It means actually doing things and these things get hard.

What would be fun to do? Pirate videos with revolving talent. And then go from there. touring doing pirates and music. Getting really up on it with other video kids and stepping up the game. Use that to refresh the gigs, and get momentum going with gigs and tunes and here we are we’re bringing it home.

We are touring and doing gigs and we have a crew for doing pirate videos and music videos, bringing in talent, and bringing that to the parties, and going from there.

So tomorrow my tasks include:

Burning discs for dvd duplication, garden, birth certificate, burning dvd archives . . . and then . . .

Lean Online Business Websites

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

So I am really keen to just get my business more settled down and in a long term direction, I just realised I probably won’t be at all interested in growing the business any time after 10 years from now, so I think it would be good to have a plan to go further, but not too far.

Writing my blog here is of course something I do to help with SEO results but it also helps me write down ideas about future directions.

We don’t need a massive effort and a big audacious plan. That’s why I was talking about marketing ideas around small projects, and much like we have with CD/DVD we wait to find that thing that could take off, because as I said, I only need one more good idea to see me through. It’s possible now that the 2 good ideas might not overlap, but nonetheless.

The pirate children’s party thing is one I am going with for good. I like my gardening interests, and also music and such so I should try to keep a convergent approach going where ideas that are working can come together to support one another, and succeed with a combined force of momentum.

I noticed that the local costume shop is on bartercard which is great, that will be awesome for at least a dozen videos, but then I realised I could incorporate their services into developing the pirate / children’s entertainment thing into many different characters, you need someone to dress up as something and act it up? Well what? $250 for 2 hours including the costume, $350 for 3 hours.

You gotta think about bartercard because it’s what could appeal to the holders. The thing bartercard is you’ve got thousands of people who want to spend their points on stuff, so you give them something no one else can – I saw at least 3 other businesses doing video.

But right now I want to set business on an even tone for the long term. I am looking now for a slimmed down, leaner machine, and I am tinkering with how to do that. It starts with selling a whole lot of sites off, one by one, selecting sites that are going nowhere – we already selected ppc adwords manager and music industry jobs, just let them go. Try and get $50 for the domain name if you’re lucky, or just let it go.

But this is actually not that easy. What if I do want to try and do peoples adwords for them one day? Oh but really? I say let the wheel fly.

We just got into it hardcore, I listed 27 sites, I just figured hey whatever, if someone buys ppc for $200 then that’s just the way it goes, if one day i decide ppc was what I was meant to do, I still made a profit on my investment and I can start with a new domain.

That’s my style, it’s not about the course, it’s about the recourse. I take a risk when I can see an opportunity to patch up and recover from a potential failure.

So I’m asking about $7k for them, which is my asking price, I have to be prepared to climb down a good 40% if I want to get rid of them within a year. Yes, slow going. I won’t get a good return looking for a quick sale. Like if a domain dude spends $5,000 on 100 domains for 5 years, he makes his money back with about the bottom 80%, 80 domains, getting about $60 for each one but as you get to 81, you’re getting to $100, 85, $200, 90, $500, 95, $1000, 98, $3000, $4000, $5000, as he sits and waits it out to get the price, he sat on that shit and made $20k. yeah it took 5 years, but still a 400% return. Need to scale it. Oh well whatever, i’m selling these websites so I can not have to think about this dumbness.

There are more there to sell but they are my best ones. If I did end up getting $5k+ for this lot, I would hold back my last few to get at least $1k each for them.

Blog wallop even ended up there, I swung right the other way. If I can get $600 for blog wallop, well, why not. Better have the cash. Than a boring dream going nowhere and of no particular use where it is.

But the graphic design ones and ones I can develop into freestanding businesses, I might keep. The idea is working alongside the person who buys them – in New Zealand so they can run it to make some cash, that’s why I would work that into a $10k asset.

Graphic design, video production, youtube promotion, music marketing.

All these are components of my business that can be broken off, and launched as a mini business by someone who will pay $10k to walk into the opportunity, and $10k to coach them until they make their first $10k.

The printing and posters could be broken off from the cd dvd duplication. These are only indulgent thoughts that become available because my situation has eased, and the opportunity exists to cash up a lot of the things I just am not really moving toward.

Would I take $5k to step out of music marketing and hand over the blog, etc.? I’d give up the blog and step away for 3 years and that’s as much as I’d promise. $5k isn’t much, but I don’t need much, I’ve got better things to do.

There are always more ideas.

Some appeal remains to trying the crazy tiger idea, some wild adventure but I say back away, it makes a better story as fiction.

You see my whole set up is being refined for a lower intensity approach which really means we can think broadly. But I can’t help but think that this really cuts down on outliers and reduces our scope because afterall, a good idea that is mildly successful is probably all I’m going to need. Something dependable and boring, no punts or hail mary’s.

If I really put the grunt in behind CD Duplication and DVD duplication, I could get back up to where I want to be now. And that would be enough, that would be enough for a few years. In a few years how might it be?

It will be fine. In 5 years what will it be?

CD/DVD copying – printing / postering

And that’s enough but the point is not just any other dumb ideas we have on top of that, but 5 years in which to have them.


I want to get a bit more microcosmic and think about my day tomorrow, because that’s the problem with low intensity – low focus, low drive. It becomes more important to really focus on tasks to move things forward so you’re not wallowing.

I will burn 150 dvd’s and then get them and these other 2 boxes off. I’ll head to the university to get some postering done. I may do flyers, but unlikely. After that collecting debts is the big one. There’s 8 people here who need to pay up.

Then I guess we start watching some DVD’s.

But there are a few issues we need to sort out.

I am just doing the archiving of my CD duplication and DVD duplication libraries as a way to get started on getting into the swing – I really like to build up a good momentum slowly, after I collect from debtors and follow up invoices, get my ACC sorted to be paid, get my passport renewed, what do I have to do then?

What’s the next in the liquidation? We need to sort out moneybookers and check up on paypal. Then we’re good, probably trim down to 35 sites. That’s still $350 a year at least. But I think there’s 5 sites we can get $1000 for with a little bit of work, but it will take more than a year to get that for them.

So then next thing I’m looking to buy 170 pairs of jeans for $400. I’d probably keep a dozen for myself and have all the pants I’d need for a few years, But then also I could make 20 sets of 4 and throw in some DVD’s and CD’s and make it a frickin sweet as gift pack for $50 that I’d probably sell before christmas. Probably give ave a couple of dozen pairs, and maybe sell the rest on trademe and bartercard and raise another $500. But that’s a lot of work.

What it just made me think was that if you add a bulk lot to the cd/dvd offer, you actually have a value package that you could sell. It’s given me a way to exploit the value out of the discs to get them moving, and take care of my own needs.