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Auckland Children’s Birthday Entertainment Services

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

To be a pirate or not to be a pirate? This is pretty funny because it takes me back 18 months ago when I was in the same position, with the same ideas, but now I’ve sat on this egg long enough and I feel bold and confident moving forward with my auckland children’s birthday ideas, especially now having met up with a fairy offsider just to give me support really.

Bounce ideas off, get a rapoort going, and develop something more than just a birthday party service and appearances, but also take the brand to youtube, do our auckland dvd duplication to produce and distribute that youtube material to build the brand, and also use that stuff to get into the schools. About thirty odd in auckland. 20 odd outside auckland we hit them with a tour.

Maybe in 18 months over that 2014/15 summer we could look at doing some public shows, $10 a head, and pulling in a grand. It’s school holidays right now, I’m saying if you charged $5 for a 40 minute show, it’s actually quite competitive and if you make $250 twice a day, and sell some food and merch to cover your costs, you’d be doing alright.

So let’s go back to how I saw it before . . .

I’m still moving the place around and triangulating my strategy here, particularly for my entertainment services, we know that the big goal for 2012 is to kick off our pirate situation. Our children’s entertainment services – auckland birthday parties is our main goal in 2012.

I think what we’re really aiming for is the show. We can start scripting and throwing down sketches but we need about 20 minutes of sketches and stuff, I’m just over on the pirate blog sketching something up. I see the show as throwing open a lot of doors if we can carry it all the way through.

So the plan is to maintain CD DVD duplication, replication, printing but develop children’s entertainment services.

I quickly recognised that the children’s entertainment stuff I’ve been doing has the best chance of going somewhere, but it’s not just about that. It’s a positive experience and I think it gives me a chance to get out there with my skills and interact and work with others which is important to me because profit and revenue is no longer my main priority.

We still use profitability as a measure of worth or viability to keep us anchored in that sense, there’s always a future is something that is effortlessly profitable.

We apply a plan to grow that business and make it more profitable so it can perform better in meeting my aims to serve the community – making kids happy, giving young actors work. It’s not necessarily then about bringing in revenue, it’s about building up the operation with people. Finding roles for those people that serve the growth of the business.

Get growth driven, and put money back into developing what I want to do in business. So while I consider the ultimate purpose of the enterprise, I designate clear steps that take us from here to the point we want to be at.

The first point was that we need the stage show, because that represents a significant step forward in services we can provide, from small birthdays to full on performances. For the stage show we need a script and a partner.

In signing up a tinkerbell fairy assistant, what direction can I get them on? We’ve got a lot of ideas about what needs to be done but we need to keep our people in circulation, I need to pay them, and not waste my money.

Going out doing promo. We need to pinpoint community events especially on the north shore we can target. Fairy Parties $100, Pirate parties $150, Pirate + Fairy $175

Youtube video production – we need to get the ads happening immediately, incorporating the fairies. I offer them $50 for at least 3 hours, to come and work on something, so I need a plotline to suggest why I keep meeting different fairies. But these can also be videos to showcase these actresses.

I want them to present for kurb and for cheap video production.

BOOKINGS – THIS IS THE BIG ONE – I just remembered I have a friend who is real good at bookings and stuff and would be perfect for being cut in on this. I can still book parties but anything else is for the agent to arrange. I actually have 2 different people who could do the job.

My plan as I’ve worked it out is to be doing 2 x gigs p/week at schools for $400 + $2 a DVD averaging about 100 DVD’s and so therefore paying my 2 fairies and agent $50 each and coming away with about $350, though there will be travelling costs etc.

But then it comes to summer holidays, and I bet you can book mega shows or make some kind of connection so you can be doing at least a show a day. There may be a pay cut involved, but I reckon I could do 5 shows a week, what’s more we could be in the holiday spots all over january doing shows every day. I mean if for 30 – 40 weeks of the year you do 2 shows a week and make $650+ then it comes to the holidays and you’re doing 5 shows a week for $1250+ and travelling . . .

And you know you’d be doing at least one birthday a week for $150 also!

That’s all sweet but I can imagine doing tours where I do pirate shows during the day, and gigs at night. Fly in on a wednesday, do 2 pirate shows and 4 gigs, score $1800, and get out. You can’t really think about the money, it’s about the holiday, the adventure. If we’re up in auckland making $1200 from cd dvd duplication and cheap printing and $300 from gardening, and $800 from pirates, then we’ll be happy to just get away without the need to make cash because we’ll still probably pull $1500 if we’re smart. I just fly 2 x return, that’s . . . okay let’s count it:

flights: $600
accom: $300
petrol: $300
manager: $250

See this is the thing. If we stayed in christchurch for a week and did 4 shows, we could make $1600 and only spend $500 on petrol, accom, manager, $300 for flights, then go to touring and do 3 gigs and a pirate show, see if we can cram in some pirate performances in queenstown or wanaka, but basically, $1200 in, $600 out for that leg, come out $1200 better off, so pay my fairy $250, and after 8 shows in 6 days, come off it $950 richer.

That’s with a vehicle materialising from nowhere. But remember, for 3 days, all you’ll have to do is the one show,

tues/wed – 1 pirate show, chances to add others, – $800
thursday – DJ flies in, pirate show chch, ashburton, timaru, gig in wanaka $600
friday – pirates queenstown wanaka, gig queenstown – $600
saturday – gig anywhere, invercargill – $400

– flights $700
– travel $250
– accom $300
– agent $300
– fairy $200

still $650 in, sell 400 dvd’s for $600

wednesday – pirate show, wanaka/queenstown – $500
thursday – pirate show, invers – $700
friday – wherever
saturday – pirate show and birthday gig – $300

flight – $400
accom – $250
travel – $200
agent – $200
fairy – + $450 – $150

– $150


I think flights may have been pricier then and I wasn’t thinking of doing pirates and DJ’s on the same day. It’s a very similar plan, except I’ve made a few modifications now and I guess they are more ambitious.


If I set up a new computer and everything in the next room, all I have to do is get my laptop up to spec so I can do online stuff on it, that way I can completely take away the desk and computer I use now. I could have a stereo and TV and they would be either on that shelf or in front of the fire place.

– It is pretty funny that I come back to this post on the auckland children’s birthdays and I am talking about office organisation when now, 18 months later, I am reversing all these plans and coming up with a new crazy plan.

Auckland CD DVD Duplication Success

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Okay we’ve done at least 10 new posts on this blog and we have been quietly confident that this will be helping our website rankings again as it once did so the we are ranking nice and high for our main keywords – cd duplication, auckland dvd duplication, cd printing, dvd printing, dvd copying etc.

These services are still at the core of what we do, but we are branching in new directions for the future, expanding our services into more humble areas so we can consolidate the fortune we’ve had in making kurb promotions a success.

We can’t just leap into a new business we have to creep in gradually establishing our new auckland services. We are having more opportunities to move forward but we can’t get ahead of ourselves. No food trucks or food stall straight away.

A food stall and a children’s entertainment business? Yes that is what I am committed to developing over the next few years, while keeping the core cd dvd replication services as profitable as they have been providing cheap disc burning in auckland.

We’ve discussed a lot of plans but it’s about isolating the strategies to really step forward, a lot of strategy is entangling, timing the logistics of any development project.

There’s key points here:

– Beginning our initial eden park stall
– Scripting and performing our first pirate show.

But we also recognise in consolidation that we have to continue our current successes with the cd dvd duplication.

What are the actual thing we have to do to improve our delivery of dvd burning services there? Getting a second print station set up? Refurbishing one of the burners also, but that could be $500. But again, worth it, not as much as the new superhive computer, but something that should be considered soon to create even less pressure. It means workers can get more done in the short time they’re here.

It just would suck to have $2k worth of cd printing and dvd duplication to do and also have to go off and do some pirate stories. Or would it? The point is that life would be very different, If I earned $5k in 2 weeks, I could let $1k dribble in over a fortnight, and have everything I wanted and a grand to spend as I like.


I have just been checking out heaps of videos of pirates of the carribean performances at disney and I can’t believe all the material just waiting there. It’s so easy, I’ve just got all this stuff I can work with and ad lib from. It’s nothing I can’t do either.

I have also recruited a fairy helper also to tackle auckland birthday parties. At first we will look to create enough youtube clips to string some kind of show together, and work on a half an hour DVD, and then say, within 6 months, have that show ready to go. Send out the DVD’s and offer the show for $400 with 50 DVD’s and $1 for every extra DVD duplication. I reckon I could put one DVD replicated in the post to every school – apparently there are 538 schools in Auckland. Take away the high schools and intermediates and special schools and super religious schools, you should have a good 300.

We could do the mad upsells as well, like add a 1 hour appearance at a later date – for the school fair or whatever for $100. Upsell, upsell, video tape the thing, make more services available, What I see is trying to build relationships with a few dozen schools that give you a couple of jobs a year.

That’s what I saw before, that there is enough schools in auckland, but it’s the schools down the line that would never get this stuff otherwise.

I reckon I would organise 3-4 week long tours a year. Meaning like I say, 3 dozen schools who will have a once a year for $500 with all the works, I won’t be complaining. $500 a week, that’s all I’ll be going for, no doubt a party and a food stall, or for a street market entertainer or community market day entertainment will come up to fill any gaps.


I am still thinking of the superhive – I was going to jump up my main computer so it could handle everything and have 2 set ups facing each other. 1 for business, communication and video, and a second for music and video, so I could work on 2 different videos at once.

But my dad wants to invest into a video capable set up so it’s becoming obvious given my budget that I should go in with him.

If I got my own computer it wouldn’t be that great, but I would have an extra computer doing nothing but being a second printing station and storage box. But my business would be much faster, and

The pros of going in with him is that I get part use of a mega grunty video computer. The main issue is my old computer is old, and needs to be put out to pasture.

An important point is that the grunty vid comp can always be swapped for my 2nd comp so that there is always a comp for someone to work on whoever has the grunty vid comp.

The main reason I wanted a new comp was a main comp clean out and spec’d up vid comp. This way, I get a mega speck up, but no business improvement. The other way, I get a big business improvement, but the video speck is not that great.

Okay I need to break it down what is the perfect combination?

A mega specked up unit for vid which you also use for music. An okay unit for business that is capable of doing business and music

It seems to me business needs to be on the 2nd computer, which you can do music and video on when you don’t have access to the video grunter. My main issue here I guess is doing my music on different computers which I do now anyway. But don’t like. What I wanted is to have the best speaker set up at all times. But why would I even have music on the video grunter? I dont need great sound for the grunter.

You want to be able to separate business and music? Well you can, but I don’t think it matters that much. I think it’s something we could find out and adjust for. Also the frustration of having to do video stuff on the shitter computer.

Okay so the advantage here is I get a super grunty vid computer – part use – but my business computer is still specked up, and I only need spend $600 as planned.

Firstly I need to port all the video stuff onto the new computer. Then I need to draw down the whole hard drive, then I need to put my old computers stuff on there. But I might need to redo Windows XP anyway. Or not, we’ll see. First step get the extra storage we need for increased auckland cd dvd duplication!

I like this idea, if it doesn’t work, we can spend some more money on something new next year, and it doesn’t have to be spensy. If I went the other way I’d have my own thing, but I’d never know what it was like to maybe shave hours off the work I’m doing in video. If the thing saves me 80 hours next year, is that not worth $500? Seriously? Becoming more creative because you can do something more quickly without having your impulses stifled, and being dejected by the amount of work you were able to get done in 6 hours? If we smashed one clip in 6 hours, we’d be ready to do another the next night.

Certain things need to be done to get us to a point where we are moving on.

Again another reason why I should be focused on pirates, and perhaps it’s through doing the pirate stuff I will be able to branch into doing the other things I’d like to do.

So, I went to the computer store to buy some more storage this way I’m ready to do any change overs of computers. I will first start up I guess by putting this hard drive into that computer to see if I can run my old programs on that OS, and then yeah. It’s like moving my #1 pair of shoes into #2 slot. I’m ready to go. I’m on one computer, it’s time to get the new video computer happening.

In time to finish these new videos.

What about the superhive set up? I’m going to swap the couch for the other desk asap to test.

Now I just realised it’s possible for 2 people to be working on editing side by side, or for me to even have a staff person going hard on high end shit. I like it when things happen. We buy the new computer, and suddenly I’m ready to go in on the footage that we have.

I just want to remember what has this computer got that i need on the new one? FL8. Maybe My favourite old games, but what other than that do I actually use that’s not on there already? Well I got FL8 on there. So I guess I win. What’s the next step? Tally up this new video editing monster rig.

When I don’t have the rig, I will have to do everything on one computer or there will be no computer for the front room at all?

This is when I went to bed last night, it was getting too hard for my brain!

Because I can always have 2 computers and swap the boxes, or have 1 in the front room for client business, printing, music . . . which sounds like something I might want. But then I have no superhive. At the moment I guess, I have a whole room , or 2 maybe, which I don’t really use in here!

I think we may need the frankentrolley.

The frankentrolley can be used to perform different needs in different rooms. It could provide music or client access in the front room, but can provide internet and printing in any room.

So if the mega rig wasn’t here, comp 1 would take it’s place and I would just wheel in the frankentrolley for internet and business. When the big rig returns, I wheel out frankentrolley, stick the big rig in place of comp1, and put comp1 into . . . oh man this is confusing.

So we stick comp 2 on the trolley. When big rig isn’t here, we wheel it in, see? Doesn’t work to replace the big rig because we’ve still only got 2 screens! So what if I brought another screen? I want comp2 on the trolley. I want comp1 to change it’s role from either music and video or business and music.

It seems to me as if you’d have an empty desk for the big rig. If it wasn’t here you’d wheel in the trolley for internet, business, etc. and do creative on comp 1 if you needed it, you could also use the trolley as a second screen for the big rig and would allow you to print some disks as well. When the big rig was here, it could be in the front room. We just might want to consider another monitor so we don’t have to cart the other one around.

Or perhaps the TV we buy can be a monitor also, that is more likely. So right now, we do little more than possibly swap the position of the comps if we are feeling that bold. And we’ll be wheelin’ through to more successful business, video production and auckland cd dvd duplication success!

I think once we start trying things we will have a better idea, but for now it’s good to know how we’ll do what we’re planning to do.

Auckland Pirate Show Food Stall Truck

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Okay so I’ve been using this blog right now not just to market our core services of dvd duplication and cd duplication but also develop some new long term ideas for me personally to make a little bit of money as over the years kurb changes or winds down to some extent.

I have noticed since I started blogging again that business is picking up we want to keep those cheap cd copying and cheap dvd copying jobs coming through!

So the fact is I don’t actually need to see the entertainment services side of things step up for another 2 years we just need to start angling things into place, so when the time comes it’s easy to activate. I suppose we have to remember we are in no great hurry, but it would be nice to start attempting the next steps.

What is a realistic timetable for that? 3 years until I need to be doing a show every week. 6 years before it’s two. That is such a long time. Is it not unlikely some other thing could come up? It’s just the next 6 years will be different, I’ll have about 100 days a year to get things done I never did when I was working 60 hour weeks. And that will create interesting other opportunities.

But we have to have a plan and this is it. We don’t have to achieve the next step but we have to be aware of what it is and begin to attempt.


So what we figured out is we start with the food stall and advertising birthdays.

Our goal is to basically develop these 4 different methods of making money doing kids shows with a food stall, or video production.

a school show $400
a birthday and stall combo $450
an eden park stall $500
or a fair/street market type situation with pirate matty $500

plus theres video production offering 2 opportunities.

wedding videography $500
music video $500

If I could do any 2 of these on any given week, then I wouldn’t really want to do much more. I’m only talking 3 out of 4 weeks anyway, and also a couple of weeks a year where we tour and do a months worth of shows and work just that one week. We may lean further toward that as time goes on – batching.

I would start with the food stall at eden park and then doing the pirate birthday party thing again. We’d be blogging, doing youtube videos, but most importantly throwing $10-20 into advertising doing adwords and such – I can only imagine what I could do with $50 per week.

Then when we’re doing 2 x stall or birthday most weeks, we try to upgrade to market stalls and selling the combo of the entertainment and the stall. This would be in about a year. By that stage I want to have a firm fairy and helpers, have at least half a dozen more pirate matty videos online and now I would be looking my food truck stall.

I am pretty certain that we will find away. Birthday parties, gardening, and the legacy of our video and other content, renting out a room, even doing dreary outsourcing work these all provide the opportunity to earn that little bit we need, it makes me think that we need to be more drastic in our plans to change our orientation as dvd duplication and auckland cd printing services continue.

What are the specific ideas? Well certain jobs that cause trouble should be avoided. Like the flyering jobs for example. The surcharge for not providing a CD master.

1000 DVD replication is $1995 and additional for clear cases and double sided. We can’t go too low on 1000 jobs, though it is good to have the work, and having the 5 printers set up should drop our issues. We should look at only lowering jobs that are just discs.

What are the other aspects of cd and dvd printing, cd duplication that drive us crazy that we can look to clamp down on? The musicians wanting audio cd replication, issues with cd packaging, we need to make these clients aware that there are proofing stages we must go through in order to get the product right to offer the best auckland dvd duplication and cd replication services. If we just rush it, we find a lot of artists not aware of what their product will look like and they are disappointed. We need to take the time to get music cd duplication and cd packaging right for our struggling artist clients!

Also don’t forget, if it’s easier just to spend an extra $50 on marketing a week to get $300 more worth of work, then we should kind of do that.


I believe once we start shooting again, I will then be motivated to start editing again also, and from that point getting a grip on where we can bring people in to assist us with music video production.

I will also have to make some time to get out on the street with my costumes. But I have already identified 3 nights I can do that.

What is the step onward from here? Well tentatively approaching the worked up part of the phase, and then seeing that a lot of our ideas – Including Inside Knowledge and Shadows, Tell You, they will not include original footage. I could start working on them now, if I wanted to.

So let’s leave Buzzing, Who Loves Ya, Override Protocol, and increasingly it seems Positive Vibes til next year.

So good I am just going to use some of my archive footage plus some fairy and pirate stuff, hopefully that will come naturally.

October: Kingsland Dawn, Paper Tigers
November: Meatgrinder, Gonna Getcha, Blue Room
December: Worked Up, Akira, Wishes
January: Inside Knowledge, Shadows, So Good,
February: Tell You, Buzzing, Positive Vibes
March: Who Loves Ya, Override Protocol

So if I can keep on top of that, it would really be busting off some pirate and fairy videos, like I say we can start doing parties at any time, but I think just doing this promo will be fine. If I can have half a dozen new videos on the pirate channel up by the end of the year, that’s good. Experiment with going out in crowds and begin testing the market.

January: 6 new youtubes
April: Another 6 youtubes, weekly party, 20 minute show
July:Still 2 youtubes a month, 30 minute show, ready to test, make a DVD for DVD duplication promotion
Sept: booking shows, looking to step into the 1 show/stall/street market + 1 birthday p/week stage.

Though this could easily happen over 2 years. Because we don’t have the pressure there, it’s as I say – just focus on what has to be done next and that is bring the youtube channel to a point where we can start creating some kind of pirates vs. fairies narrative.

I really don’t think that once we’ve got 10 minutes worth of skits, stringing that out with another 10 minutes of narrative, and then bookending it 5 minutes each side,

I have already started blogging again on the pirate matty blog – just doing the same thing I’m doing here and keeping those blog words coming so google knows we’re active and keen.

The Auckland DVD Duplication Fairy

Friday, September 20th, 2013

I am still making slow but steady progress improving various sites such as this one, for the marketing of my dvd duplication and cd duplication processes right here in Auckland, New Zealand.

I guess duplication can be known as other names, dvd copying, dvd reproduction or dvd pressing and dvd printing, not to mention the dvd packaging with inserts, sleeves, slicks, there are a lot of names to cover so that when you have clients searching for a particular service such as auckland dvd duplication then you’re able to make yourself visible and findable to them.

Cd and DVD duplication along with the printing and auckland postering we do will stay steady to some extent over the years, and I will not have to do much work. I’m just looking for one or 2 business ideas that I don’t have to make a huge commitment to to make work enough so that with something else to keep me earning for the next 15 or 20 years, so I’m good for cash.

There are business ideas I am looking for that cover particular strengths – we want the high margin service. We want the upsell. We want to be able to put in a system that new people and less experienced people can work, get these ideas going. I want to be able to earn a lot of money in a short time. I can entertain, and I can finance various ideas so we use those strengths to our best advantage.


I am committed to doing my pirate show and I am also getting committed to the idea of eden park. Being able to do something there at the games, but also being able to shift that operation elsewhere, and double down with the pirate thing and some kind of food truck that also sells DVD’s etc. could it all be used to promote, or be promoted by dvd duplication?

The idea of a food stall is that it is not hard or challenging work, and I can get out there and entertain to bring value to a product everybody wants any way – food!

You’re aiming to get 100 people to spend $10 on some food and a drink. I even reckon you could serve coffee in the garden, sell 50 of those at least, And set up the usual fare in your mobile stall, ill get out there hustling as a pirate, I reckon you could take $800. Staff, $100, coffee, food etc, $200. Make $500.

Then when there’s not a game, you go somewhere and set up with the pirate and fairy, do an hour, try to sell $500, drive somewhere, do another $500. Staff $100, Coffee, Food, $200, gas $50. So I go out and make $600 in 4 hours. But what I’d really be doing, is negotiating to bring my truck wherever I perform. So I get our fee for $250 to come and perform, while quietly the truck takes in $500. I should come out with $500 out of that.


So I am getting talent prepped up for video and I am thinking about the long term possibilities in kids entertainment, when I put everything in place. Once we have a picture of how we want hings to look, then I guess we can start putting together a path to get there.

My plan is to do an average of 1 show and one birthday every week which with youtube and merch, would put me solidly pulling in $500 – maybe not next year, but 2015! I’m really getting my heart set on making this happen. I think I know that I probably wouldn’t catch up on the gap but if I can do 20 shows and 20 parties next year, and 2 x 30 in 2015, I’d be well placed to go to 2 x 40 in 2016.

So at the moment for talent we have Shannon, Claire, Rose, and possibly Katharine and Alice. Once we have 5 locked in, I say we leave it there for now.

What do we plan to do with the fairy thing?

Well, a lot of girls want to be fairies or what not. We channel them into youtube and doing lots of practice type stuff, improv, finding out what different girls can do, in fact we could start developing different shows and storylines with girls, and then just start condensing as necessary.

It’s like this, you start off doing skits then you get a story going, characters, and then you start nutting out how to create a story to string the funny bits together.

At this point I need to be advertising, and I need to be roping fairies into promo ideas. Then, we’re doing 1 or 2 parties a weekend, but we’ve got our fairy to take over padding out the show.

I can expand the fairy wing, but I would have to school my girls on the fairy game and have them play hardball, knowing it’s not the end game for me. I want to see where I can book, and start pushing for better gigs. But at some point, we must have a show to present.

30 minutes, for $500. 2 fairies. They get $60 each a show. They do their own party, they get $100, they do one with me, they get $40. They do a 3 hour prmo appearance, they get $50. $200 for 3 hours work? I would of course get $380, $50, $140 and $200 if I do one of each, $770. Let’s minus expenses and call it $700. Let’s scratch the street and say we’re doing 1 show and 2 birthdays OR a street appearance and I’m getting $500. Looks good, especially as I say if I’m bringing in another $50 on youtube.

If the girls are losing enthusiasm for being a fairy, I have a series of open ended skits – god, modelling, key girl – as well as the standard music video production and promo video production ideas, I guess, we gauge how much we can get out of them before we pay, and then decide what we’re prepared to pay for.

So the facts are there will be very little money, and that’s where we’ll lose these girls, if they don’t love working with me, they’ll soon realise there’s no money. We have to wait for that one in ten who just loves to do it any way and start collecting those ones. I’m such a collector.

Okay you make it $400 a show as long as you get 2 shows a day. you do 3 days, then play a DJ gig, then do a hall show then a DJ gig, then a hall show!

How does a hall show play? Well $10 a head and you haope for $1000, plus $500 in merch and snacks. Hall hire is $300. So let’s say $700 door and $300 merch. $700 profit. 6 x $400 = $2400 2 x $200 = $400 2 x $700 = $1400

TOTAL: $4200

Accom: $500
Petrol: $200
Fairies: $1000

= $2500

But yknow. 10 shows. But yknow. A months worth of work.


But yknow as I say, most weeks I will be angling to do a stall once and a show once, and pull $500 out of those. I might still do a party but I want $200.

Or maybe I could incorporate the whole thing, do a party and a stall, Make $250 at the party, $400 at the stall, $80 for staff, $120 for gas and food, make $450, I’m happy. So it’s either

a school show $400
a birthday and stall combo $450
an eden park stall $500
or a fair/street market type situation with pirate matty $500

Any two of those. And I’m still making $1000 p/week doing posters, auckland dvd duplication and such. Dvd printing.

We can take the food cart on the road. I mean after the performance we could say 100 kids get an ice cream and a DVD for $5. Costs me $100. Make another $400 just like that. Could take no less than half an hour to give the kids their treat though. And your petrol costs would be an extra $100. Sell it for $800 as a package a 40 minute show with 3 performers plus a snack and dvd for every kid? $650 if I can get another school close by?

So any way, great to brainstorm a lot of ideas to do with my kids shows, a food stall or food truck and of course keeping the auckland dvd dplication and cd duplication going as always as kurb here.

Auckland DVD Duplication, DVD Replication, DVD Printing Service

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Hi My name is Matt and I’m the boss of things here at kurb promotions in Auckland new zealand where we provide a wide range of promotions services and materials for organisations after the best value for their money.

CD and DVD duplication, DVD replication is our main business but we also offer great deals on cheap printing and colour copying, video production  etc.

DVD Duplication / DVD replication.

A copy of a CD or DVD can be produce in two ways. They are CD/DVD duplication and CD/DVD replication. Contents or data can be burned onto a blank CD or DVD. And this process is known as duplication. Data or contents can also be added at the time of CD or DVD manufacturing process going on. And this process is known as CD/DVD replication.

CD/DVD Duplication

Duplication is the cheap and fast choice, but doesn’t necessarily give you shop bought quality for your disc duplication needs. The word “burning” is probably familiar to all. Duplication is the burning process of a CD or DVD. It is the content copying process of one CD/DVD to another. CD/DVD duplication is the most ideal method for the production of limited quantities of volume. The set-up costs of CD/DVD duplication process are too low. CD/DVD duplication process provides us a simple duplicates or demy of our master CD or DVD and which will play on most CD or DVD players and our computers.

If you want to produce small runs of discs then CD/DVD duplication is the most profitable and popular way. It has so many advantages such as sample produce ability before full run commences and timescale. The cost of CD/DVD duplication depends on the involved quantities and the given quality by the company. Thermal printing and thermal transfer print, high resolution inkjet printing, screen printing are the main reasons of variation in CD/DVD duplication services. For producing up to a couple of thousand or less volumes CD/DVD duplication is ideal. CD/VDV duplication is the best option when you working to tight deadlines. At the time of delivering content to the end-user, CD/DVD duplication is the first choice of companies because of high installs base and high compatibility advantages.

Usually a CD/DVD duplication tower is known as CD/DVD duplicator or duplication machine. It is includes a CD/DVD burner and a printer. In some other duplicator, they have automated packaging equipment.

CD/DVD Duplication Process

CD/DVD duplication process is similar to burning a CD/DVD on our pc. This process begins with producing a glass-master of the DVD or CD. The contents of the master CD or DVD is loaded into hard drives. Then the contents or data transferred to the duplication towers. At a high level of accuracy and speed the duplicators duplicate the CD or DVD.A high level quality is controlled by the hardware on the burning towers. In the CD/DVD duplication process, if any one DVD is not properly duplicated, then the automatic hardware on the duplicator identifies that and then that DVD is discarded.

CD/DVD Replication

CD/DVD replication is the process used when referring to a large amount of CD or DVD is manufactured. CD/DVD replication process begins with producing a glass master of DVD or CD. Very reliable and durable discs are made by CD/DVD replication process. This process is often talked about with duplication process. But they are not same process. Duplication process is very different process. It is not like our personal computers CD/DVD burner’s process. CD/DVD replication is created at the time of manufacturing process. This process is becoming more popular.

Now-a-days the most ideal way of data (audio, video or others) distribution involves the process of CD/DVD replication. The process is related with burning digital versatile disk or blank compact.CD/DVD replication do not moves original data from one source to a CD or DVD instead of creating duplicates. The process CD/DVD replication is used for five hundreds or more CDs or DVDs. This process is more cost effective. CD/DVD replication process provides us a simple duplicates or demy of our master CD or DVD and which will play on most CD or DVD players and our computers.

The Difference Between CD/DVD Duplication and Replication

If you prefer a more durable, quality product than dvd replication is probably more appropriate. Both CD/DVD duplication and CD/DVD replication extract contents (audio, video or others) from the master discs. And for this they both use the same way. But there is some noticeable difference in terms of manufacturing. The product of the both process performs in the same manner. But the difference upon the whether the discs are offset, screened or digitally printed.

It is important to understand the difference between this two process in determining which process between this two is suitable for your project. Induplication process a DVD or CD is created burning the CD or DVD on to a blank CD or DVD. But in the replication process , contents or dada can be added at the time of CD/DVD manufacturing process is going on. Between this two process duplication process is less time consuming. But they are not able to contain much information like replicated products.

Advantage of CD or DVD Duplication

There are many advantage of CD/DVD duplication. Such as

1. CD/DVD duplication process is cost effective when quantities are less than five hundred. This process does not require of a glass master. So the large up-front cost is not needed.

2. This process is convenient, cheap and fast. The process requires low turn-around time.

3. If you have to supply your products within your deadline then CD/DVD duplication is the best process to produce your products quickly.

4. This process have the ability of digital full color printing.

Disadvantage of CD/DVD Duplication

1. In this process cost per unit is higher than replication.

2. This process produces one layered CDs or DVDs.

3. There used to be a playability issue regarding duplicated products with some older CD players.

Advantage of CD/DVD replication

1. When the unit quantity is twenty five thousand or more, then replication process is faster than duplication process.

2. When the unit quantity is five hundred or more, then replication is cheaper than duplication.

3. For replicated discs both offset printing and screen printing is available.

4. this process produces two layered CDs or DVDs.

5. There used to be a playability issue regarding duplicated products with some older CD players. But replicated products would not have problems like that.

Disadvantage of CD/DVD Replication

1. The standard replication turn-time is seven-ten business days which is longer for runs exceeding one hundred thousand units. Also of course it tends to be more expensive if you are only doing shorter runs for dvd replication or cd replication.

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Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Okay, I know I say I write every blog now like it’s my last, but I’m continuing to take notes on various aspects where I’m pushing the agenda forwards, organising enterprise and creative business.

I don’t want to make business plans on my personal blog – if it’s about putting together creative projects in auckland then I can cover that on the kurb blog, it’s almost a matter of blogging being about writing and finding out what that writing is all about.

Right now I am still thinking of touring plans for DJing and performing my pirate show, it could be half my income in 5 years! I am really serious about combining entertainment services with promotions services and the dvd printing and cd reproduction to make something good.

We don’t really need some successful thing, but the more successful our thing, our project, our new enterprise is, the more we can afford to indulge ourselves, and I would really like to make some fruity videos once I got to it.

For getting the pirate performances sorted t’s about having good networks and people that you work with so you have children’s event promotion with postering etc. the dvd printing, dvd duplication, video services and youre charging $500 for that but your also doing the parties as well, so you aim to do 40 parties and 40 events,

I think in 10 weeks you would do 20 shows and 20 birthday parties, and then the other half in 40 weeks. But again you might do 100 little skit videos, and they get 2000 hits a day, and you come up with $50 a week in advertising pay outs, well, it all helps.

What’s it about, organising a performance schedule that works? Decreasing mileage. Increasing fees, and focusing on increasing the amount of decent gigs we play, as opposed to be more likely to be shitty gigs. Franz Josef is too far to drive to play to 30-40 people. Kaikoura may only be 30-40 in vibe because the performance area is pretty cramped, the bar is long and slim BUT it’s a 2 hour drive from christchurch and it $500. We go to invercargill because there will be 50 people there on a bad night and we get $600. We will not break even in Dunedin next time because we are investing into that scene with more promo so we can hold on to the good vibe we create there. Sure there was only 50 people at the gig but it was a good vibe. If we get 80 next time, we’ll have established ourselves as throwing a good party, we keep investing because when it reaches 100, you have a rock’n roll party on your hands.

Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Christchurch / Nelson area / Kaikoura
Costs: $500 Take: $950 Drive: 5+3+2=10 hours

Wednesday/Thursday: Queenstown/Wanaka
Costs: $300 Take: $650 Drive: 6+2 = 8

Friday/Saturday: Dunedin/Invercargill
Costs: $250 take: $500 3+3

See now that is more like it. Goodbye Franz, hullo 2 part tour, 7 dates.

Just a dream right now. What about the pirate thing? Well you break it into just friday and saturday. Except the rules are different. I can play in small places, but I can’t play big places on a friday or saturday because im just a DJ on my ownsome! I could play big places on a weeknight. I’m talking chch, kaikoura, wanaka, dunedin, queenstown, invercargill, I couldn’t hold down a proper club in those places by myself on a friday or saturday. A smaller club maybe.

Okay so what do you want for a 3 hour set? Well $250 minimum. Same with pirate stuff. Fly in friday morning, fly out monday afternoon. 3 nights. 4 gigs. $1000.

I could do pirate gigs on any day, really. So could fly in thursday do 5 shows, fly out sunday. $1250

$200 flights
$200 accom
$300 transport

But then if we got to $300 plus accom for a show, it would be a $1000 margin. Yes, yes yall. I would start by booking the first gig for $200 + accom and flight in. then a pirate gig for $200 plus accom night before. another gig plus flight out well, it shouldn’t be hard to make $500. How many times could we do it? How many triangles? Like about 11. How many times would I wan to do it? probably 10 to be honest. But what if after a year or two you could go twice a month and make a grand a pop?

I couldn’t resist. I’d still tour with darcy and pop over to australia every 6 months, but also I’d be doing europe, or one major jaunt anyway, so I reckon I’d only end up doing a dozen pirate/DJ weekends. Would I end up dressing as a pirate or something the whole time? Probably. I’d want to make a lot of videos. Eventually I may need an assistant, one that can DJ and assist by dressing up for the kids.

I have to still consider even further the lengths this could stretch to basically to see if it’s a dream worth having. If I could then go to having a 45 minute show that is $10 a kid and 100 kids turn up and yuo make a grand . . . Or you move to school appearances for $500. Some of these hick towns in southland, otago, and up around the ski fields, don’t you think those kids jave money to pay $500 for a show at their school? Imagine $2000 for 3 pirate and 3 DJ gigs just covering $300 for gas and car . . . how often would you do it if you were making $1500 a pop? In 3 years i could be making $3k a month from these kinds of gigs while still making $3k from my normal dvd printing, cd duplication auckland dvd copying services and yeah.

So the idea is to get some girls lined up for these next videos. It’s really important to get these videos and things done now.

So I list on star now, then I get the appointments to film, I do khyber pass, do the devil, do god, and do kingsland hopefully. I think about 4 girls will do but let’s roll them if it works.

Here’s what I said it would cost:

Paper Tigers: Editing, Mash Ups, Fiverr, $200
Gonna Getcha: Editing, Fiverr, Talent $300
Kingsland Dawn: Editing,Fiverr $100
(Meatgrinder: Editing, Fiverr, talent $200)
Blue Room: Editing, Fiverr, $100

So we’re going to paying for the editing from the fund, $500, what else can we spend the money on?

Heaps of girls, I guess. We want to do more music video production as well as kid’s entertainment productions so I guess involving girls is working in support of our video goals. But in order to activate our pirate game to the next level, we need some kind of show, even a half an hour one, with a fairy I can interact with.

By doing a whole lot of youtube videos with short 1 minute skits, we can recreate about 20 skits, fill it out a bit and have a half an hour show. 2 people performing that show is worth $400. I would give the assistant like, $60. It would have to be 40 minutes before I could charge $10 + the DVD meaning if I had a good audience I could pull in $950. Give fairy $100. I think $500 from a school is realistic. Or as I say our plan to cover a $1000 worth of gigs every fortnight.


Well with the website I heard we just want to do the contacts page with regard to the cohort etc. first. The front page will be redone. Within 6 months we want a new archiving page done.

Website Issues

– Structure of the Archives
– Media, video page directed toward the cohort.
– 2nd blog
– front page redesign

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