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Auckland DVD Duplication Video Breakthrough

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

It’s really hard to move forward with so many video production ideas moving forward it’s like an army, I think I may have gone too far. 16 music videos, 10 tour videos, and a dozen pirate videos and then going forward with the auckland dvd duplication and cd duplication on top of that? this is insanity.

So I’ve just jigged up a new system going through all the clips we’ve got and feeding them out to projects, about a dozen, I think we should be able to lay a lot of this footage to rest, I’m just coming up with a big thinking plan so we can get all these vids done by march. I know I’m insane and obsessive but out of this must come a new feel for what we have to do, remember girls and bass will part ways.

So if we can spend money to get these videos done, we will, I’ve already put up $300 to help the editing along.

But it still may take a long time so we have to know what other stuff we need to be getting on with.

Paper Tigers: Editing, Mash Ups, Fiverr, $200
Gonna Getcha: Editing, Fiverr, Talent $300
Kingsland Dawn: Editing,Fiverr $100
(Meatgrinder: Editing, Fiverr, talent $200)
Blue Room: Editing, Fiverr, $100
Worked Up – $200
Inside Knowledge – $100
Shadows – $300
Buzzing – $200
Who Loves Ya? – $200
Tell You – $100
So Good – $100
Override Protocol – $200

So we start to move towards shaping stuff out here. Like even in the car I was wondering what the clip will actually look like. But I got lots of different stuff I think I can use. I don’t know if it will be more interesting with more girls, we just have to do what we can, we should try and do it the other way, where we edit as we shoot until we’ve got enough.

We can start editing paper tigers, blue room, kingsland dawn. We can get on with the archiving in order to get extra footage for these. Ugh. Editing, Archiving, Shooting. You can see it might not be long before I want to write some more music.

I think the job here is to understand that some of these videos are going to get boring to do, and as long as we’ve completed some essential aspect, it’s okay for us to head on to the next in the hope by march we can catch up.

Goddamit so much footage it’s insane. So many tours. We may be forced to just stay focused on kingsland dawn and paper tigers just to keep us on track to get the projects we want done, done.

This weekend we have to be focused on getting those shots we need.

In the editing booth, I think we have to open up new projects, and start seeing old footage going into each one, maybe even 10, and as each one fills up, then we can move forward. This is going to be hard to manage, but once we recognise the issues then we can move forward. I have a system for the best result – in terms of the kurb dvd archive footage, that’s not so, so I don’t want to do it.

Kingsland Dawn is 6 minutes long so if I go out 2 or 3 times more I should have plenty to work with.

I know I’m blow by blowing here, which probably means I deserve to lose all this writing again, but this is me on my courageous grind, to get this next phase cranking up. When I meet a girl, it becomes easier to meet girls, when I do a shoot, easier to shoot, when I start this editing game, easier to edit.

I just want a reminder

worked up – aerobics
akira – balmoral
wishes – pink layers/viaduct
inside knowledge –
shadows – shadows’n drama
buzzing – bees + summer

I was really overwhelmed.

But then darcy sent me some instructions regarding my camera which I ignored for a few days but then I decided to start watching some vids on youtube about my camera – y’know it’s stormy out so i certainly cant film or anything – just like with my money, uncertainty about overall methods in video production was bubbling under the surface manifesting as frustration that i’d lost the part of a $30 tripod which I know is ridiculous getting ragey over $30 and a drive down dominion rd.

And again that whole vibe sweeping me up, how could I have been doing this so dumb and so wrong for so long. If only I’d learnt this a year ago, it would have saved me weeks of work, not to mention have allowed me to sustain my morale to power forward rather than sinking into a slump.

Breakthroughs are pretty exciting!

I’m looking to change the size of the footage, I’m like ayo darcy why you tell me to shoot 640 x 360? that’s pitiful. I’m not sacrificing quality for convenience. But I’m watching this video and I don’t know what ISO is but that’s the button you push when you’re shooting at night. I think . . .

Higher ISO settings are generally used in darker situations to get faster shutter speeds. For example an indoor sports event when you want to freeze the action in lower light. However the higher the ISO you choose the noisier shots you will get.

So yeah. That whole issue with shitty dark images pretty much much more sorted. Found the button for it. But then you can change the exposure comp as well, and then the little wheel also seems to affect all that, so I got 3 ways of now making shots lighter.

And I’m selecting all the settings – I watched two videos saying to turn the sharpness and the contrast down and I’m learning what all the different camera modes do, though im not so worried about photography.

Later I’m pushing other buttons and I find the 5x / 10x zoom – great for filming people covertly for a natural look.

But then I go back to what Darcy sent me, and I download the programs – now I remember what he meant! Covert the vids down to 640 x 360 just to edit, and I do just like he said, I convert new copies the video down to a seperate folder, and sure enough, it’s a dream to easily edit, it took me about 20 minutes to edit a 30 sec sequence. Then I simply replaced the low quality clips with the original quality and I was buzzing out.

Sure I was bummed out at how I’d lost weeks of effort through not knowing this trick, but suddenly the work involved in the videos coming up which was killing me and causing all this frustration to manifest, was no longer so daunting.

I’m excited, after the conversion, I’m sure I could do Kingsland Dawn in one night. Gonna Getcha, Paper Tigers, will be sooo much easier, I just saw this repeat of rewards and rest home, hours slogging away while the computer ground to a halt, the program crashed, and I couldn’t do anything, waiting 20-30 seconds for the computer to do anything, time and time again, we are freeeeeeee!!!

I’m really excited because with a new computer, it will grunt twice as fast.

We didn’t render the low res vid. But we don’t need to, we can see it properly now.

I can start watching this footage knowing it needs to be sorted before it’s converted, and when it’s converted, it can remain accessible as the low res file, knowing we can simply pull the original file of a hard drive somewhere, so it’s a win for organising video also. 3 wins this week.

SO what do we need to do next to improve video production and auckland dvd duplication?

Well the focus is always pretty crazy. Now you said that you were going to see if you could spend $300 to get some work done on paper tigers, gonna getcha and meatgrinder. I can carry Kingsland Dawn on my own it will take me a night at most I reckon.

With the other footage I say we take a few hours on each, try to get it to 10-20 mins, then send the tune and tell them $50-60 to make it 6 minutes.

Then I’ve got a few hours to do my final edit, so each vid should only take me a night.

My whole budget for these 4 vids is $800!

Paper Tigers: Editing, Mash Ups, Fiverr, $200
Gonna Getcha: Editing, Fiverr, Talent $300
Kingsland Dawn: Editing,Fiverr $100
(Meatgrinder: Editing, Fiverr, talent $200)
Blue Room: Editing, Fiverr, $100

$400 for editing. $250 for fiverr. $50 for mash ups $200 for talent, sounds about right.

Now once again for the computer.

i7 – 8gb – 1tb –
SSD – $1000
GPU – $950 – 2tb$1100
monitor – $1200

monitor – $230
GPU – $180
SSD Drive – $150
firewire – $50

i7 – 8gb – 1tb – SSD – $1000
monitor – $230
GPU – $150
SSD Drive – $150
firewire – $50
software – $200


DVD Duplication for Kid’s Show Promotions

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

So I have been involved with a few events recently and now it’s that time of year to really get into my grind! I’ve just lost focus a bit after this event promotions I’ve been involved in.

I know I was pushing to get my pirate thing happening and we are staying on that, we have locked in a date to do our first filming. I am excited about these youtube video production as I think they will be able to be put into a 40 minute video for dvd production, and from that dvd reproduction, come up with a show possibly before the end of summer.

So also other music videos to complete – we need to bring shannon and claire in to finish paper tigers principally and then we have filming to do ourselves.

So we do shannon and claire in the next 2 weeks as well as all the other filming we need to do then we start editing. Boy this will be tough. But between event video filming, music videos and kids video promotions, if we do 20 videos this year still, we have to be pretty stoked with that.

But focusing on video like this it just seems a little bit frivolous! I know I have debts to collect and accounts to stay on top of and I have to look after the boring stuff too! Don’t forget to chip away until you can bring her down, because with that out of the way I can roll on to get this filming done and I can roll on more confidently onto new songs, new videos, new projects and getting my tour sorted.

Today I have:
– contacted shannon
– sent out invoices

Well I did the accounts so there’s a start – typical outcome, good but not great, but good! What’s next?

I still want to
– shoot in kingsland
– start editing / archiving


so I have ramped up my production circumstances, just in the way I use my office tech to complete more, especially in more creative enterprises

Basically we have the foundation of CD/DVD duplication and now we’re spreading the kids entertainment services up, more creative and sustainably successful, but not as profitable. Then on top of that we have DJ stuff, music promotion, event promotion

Right now I think we have to hammer out the first videos we will be producing for children’s entertainment on youtube, basically building blocks, baby steps branding, getting the thing going so we can come back half a dozen times until we’ve got something really cooking that we can make that DVD duplication project up with.

What is stopping us from fronting the schools at that point? Somewhere about autumn? Well I think right now what I’ve got to be doing is sussing my fairy out. If within 6 weeks we are ready to knock out ten minutes of youtube video every week, it won’t be long until we have our half an hour and we can go for it.

I’ve come up with the first half a dozen skits. We knew the idea was to push a story together through the skits, and now I see I can pull 10 minutes out of just what I’ve done already, I realise taking it slowly it won’t be long until we have a whole story unfold.

But the thing is will get more complicated, in the second edition we’re already looking at different locations, and adding our clown character possibly. Each time I say we try to do at least 10 minutes worth of video footage, within a few months we will have enough for a show and a dvd.


Have a dream? That they give you $50k to make 8 hours of TV a year? 10 minutes a week? That seems far off. Maybe 5 minutes a week.

But what if in a year we were doing 2 shows a week, or a party and a stall or a street market, and birthday parties were $200, and I’m just doing so much and filming every week and the youtube channel is starting to pop and there’s facebook . . .

You don’t need 100,000 views on youtube to be doing well. As long as 10,000 people watch your video, you just need to find a way to get $1 out of them. We need to have some kind of concept to take it the next level. Will we just keep stuffing the DVD with videos? And when it gets stuffed full, start on part 2?

Well if we could sell 250 $20 DVD packages that would be $10k.

Well if you’re 2 doing 2 shows or appearances a week and giving out DVD’s all over the place, I reckon pretty soon, come 2015, you would have a following and you would be able to get 200 kids down to your show paying $10 and make $2k, Imagine doing shows that big? Or, wait . . . I just found out that you can hire all these community halls for $26 an hour.

So you book it for four hours, and do 2 x 45 minute shows, you need 50 kids at each of those shows. $10 a head, plus $400 on merch and food truck, I dare say thats $1400. What if I could go home with a grand. What if every school holidays I did 10 shows and took in $10k? 3 times a year? Cash I might add!!

You also forget when you do a show, you get the kids and the adults, and you have to charge $10 or else they might think it’s shit. So I think all costs considered, you could clear a grand. And if you rocked hard on the advertising, and had your following, you could rock $2k.

2 x 30 parents – $600
2 x 50 kids – $800
2 x 30 $10 merch – $600

Okay more like $1500, but if we pulled $10k 3 x a year and we could still do 4 tours and make an extra $10k, long story short I could easily be making up $50k in 7 full weeks of work, and 20 other gigs throughout the other 45 weeks of the year.

You could get to the point of one hall show, one school show, one birthday plus merch etc., be making $1700 just of pirates, another $800 still coming form my normal ways waht would you do with an extra $60k? I think you need to start thinking about this, because I imagine I would use it to start ramping my drum and bass and getting NYL and all that established and having killer parties.

Man y’know I should do a pirate matty movie. You know I could. A half an hour one? Maybe like an hour, or a TV hour, 47 minutes. but what of it? Someone might see it and give me my big break? Not likely. But it would be fun to do.

We need to do a kickstarter for the pirate mattie movie, and raise $20k, most of course of which I would pocket. If I managed to raise $25k,

1000 x $10 = $10k
200 x $20 = $4k
100 x $50 = $5k
30 x $100 = $3k
20 x $200 = $4k
6 x $500 = $3k
2 x $1000 = $2k

= $31k

Or if I managed to raise $31k for the pirate matty movie and dvd duplication run, then I would pretty much be focusing a year on actually doing the movie. Yeah I got a plan for a movie but it’s more fun and excitement than anything else. Such as?

Well paint me one of your perfect pictures.

Well $1500 a week for the next 3-4 years doing pirates and fairies, and that’s about 3 cruising days work.

So I can do my music. Do other videos. Do my websites.

So we need to start doing it.

What is the barrier between now and then? These music videos. A solid songwriting session, in fact I might just have to push through.