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Insight Into CD DVD Copying Auckland

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

I just wanted to say I looked at the stats and was really surprised at how poorly the site was doing in terms of bringing in results for cd and dvd duplication.

It may be time to reahaul our whole marketing and SEO strategy as we rehaul the website.

I guess you have to ask what we want to do! That question really comes through with the work and stay auckland.

Oh man today was tough it seems very hard to get things moving. I’m still trying to sort out some travel issues. In the mean time I maxed out my cashflow and had to get some clients to pay up, so out of a bad situation I was able to make some progress. But I have to still progress and it seems like a lot of big dreams make it easier to avoid small steps.

The small step is to get my next video done and having done that, and got dvd copying going, I’m really determined to nail my websites now.

I just got an email which seems like spam telling me a list of things wrong with my website. Some of them are definitely worth looking into, they are saying that I’ve got too much trash. Trashy code, trashy links, keyword stuffing, sheesh.

But what I’m talking about is having this task done and of the list.

The idea was that in the next 6 months the front page will be totally re done and the music and video pages will carry the old design. What is the purpose of the music page? So that if people are just interested in the music they can quickly get what they want. So what categories of music need to be highlighted?

New music, Free Songs, DJ Mixes. so the ideas are:

– Download latest DNB DJ Mix
– Download Soul Science free tunes pack

Now I’m thinking I should add to the little mix panels there with song panels for Gonna Getcha, Rewards, up the top we want to showcase the latest business.

We got a good music design and front page design, and we might go somewhere new with the new cohort branch out but really what is this website achieving, is this the professional look you were after?

What is the object of this professional look? Get booked for gigs, impress other artists, and recruit fans into active service. Because I’m already in the rhythm of posting stuff every 48 hours. So once I get my base cohort going it keeps them fed with goodies.

But really it’s about the archives, and it means having the 27 pages done first. Then we can say we are done for around 9 months I would say on concerning ourselves.

But we want to clear up all our websites!

But what we’re finding is that design is not enough. We just want to clean it up, just cd dvd, printing, video, and online. New design, new videos, and it really wouldn’t be all that dramatic. vices we can develop using so we talking about video editing for online video production mainly I think. Web design we can do. Online promotions and a VA.

Soon if I finish the artist and dvd copying websites, that won’t be a thing on my list. And y’know the adwords will not really be the big project I expected unless I still want to do that and thats another decision for later.

What about archiving? Once all the discs are done? And they are moving to some kind of new place? And all my personal stuff is digitalised, the digital organisation begins. This process will bring me a lot of found footage, and music from my clients, but the digital phase will bring new old ideas, and revisiting old projects looking at old things to see if they have a future.

A lot of old material will re-emerge either to be refitted or presented as authentic retro material. I lot of ideas will come up, I will have a lot of pictures and albums to sort, and all this material needs to be presented in some way.

What about the media page?


Well design services and small business marketing will be removed and music marketing will become simply “marketing services” – the changes won’t be major, just small tweaks, and it may be time to change this blog and also make the tone a bit more professional but also personal at the same time, front in a personal voice but really tidy up what I’m saying, because this is what I see, that whether or not kurb continues as a successful cd dvd copying business, the kurb brand still represents what I do.

Just like CD and DVD, whatever activities I do will always flow from and around creative industries in auckland and new zealand.

It’s got me thinking about the music marketing blog again, that I could use that as a place to drive co-operation between musicians, a kind of a cost share type thing going on. In fact I was just thinking it may suit my lifestyle to still have music clients if all I gotta do to earn my $200 a week is break them off some.

My aim and this is what I will tell them is I will use their money to hire outsourcers, and then use half their time for own shit. I get 4 people paying me $50, I can hire an $5 person for 40 hours a week. Or mainly just hire them for soundcloud, youtube, web design projects.

I could still step in and do an hour but it would only be for adwords or copywriting. Nonetheless a little extra earn would be good especially doing more versatile work while on the road.

But for the kurb site anything that isn’t cd, dvd, posters, needs to be collapsed. It is all just some SEO nonsense and we have to tidy it up.

So what is the first achievable goal for the kurb site?

Re-organise the structure of the marketing pages, and front up with a new tone. What’s the tone? Well rather than shoving some cheap package combo marketing deal down your throat, I’ll be saying, hey we don’t really do this stuff right now, but here is what we do offer based on the direction we feel we’re heading.

This is what it comes down to the message of the site was reflect our direction. What are we saying?

That there are some marketing jobs we can still do if there’s a connection. But where are we going with this? The cost share and connections through content marketing, and providing video services. I will go and film for 3 hours and edit down and make 50 DVD Copies for $500, for an auckland wedding video or whatever video.

So these services will still be there but they wont be hard sold, the future does suggest in 3 years I want to be making regular income from online marketing or video production but I also value the freedom it provides. SO we want to make it ready for pushing hard again in years to come, that’s why we won’t just take it down, we have to be prepared to move back into a business footing but we won’t be playing the small business marketing angle unless we get that special staff member coming in. Right now it’s about our $500 deals for websites, social media, video.

I now also want to do more videos for the kurb channel. An update but also more videos that will pull in interest. Put it out there and reel it in.

This website update may not be so painful.

1: Marketing section rehaul and consolidation
2: CD/DVD Copying and poster printing pages
3: Backblocks
4: Blog
5: Videos

And then I think that that is us for 6-12 months.

Rehauling the marketing section is about the tone of how we offer marketing and video services, identifying the connections we want to make.


So my aim today is to make some real progress on these websites, on this last song to finish, and start reviewing new video material.

Man I’ve done new posts on the music marketing blog, and it’s all about changing up the shape of the marketing services we are looking to offer here as I am crafting that new message and preparing to connect it to renewing all the old information.

The more I’m looking at this new message, the more I feel like it’s a message for me, this is how I am learning what I want to do, what I want to say.

But I am getting kind of fatigued now by it.

Okay well the idea of what we have that we’re selling all these packages full of things we don’t want to do is ridiculous. We need to pull back there to where we are actually wanting to proceed, knowing we want to leave this doorway open.

We are not actually trying to get online marketing clients! It’s just a placeholder so we can crank it up should we have a good thing going in the outsourcing game that we want to kick out.

I am letting people know I am still in this game, but I am not posing off like I’m hustling for it. That way people checking out my site know that I do this stuff, how much I charge. In the future, when I have 2 staff members going hard, I will crank it up in detail in order to get these 2 busy.

But man I am just going over the dead links and poor set up and I am shocked – I can’t get over how many dead links and rotten behaviour is going on on the site and it’s going to be a much bigger job than I thought. But what is the benefit? Well I’m expecting to see some SEO gains that’s for sure. It couldn’t be as bad as it is without seriously affecting me.


Archiving is about storing footage and content, as well as minimising use of physical space. But it’s also about having a strategy to deal with discs that are everywhere. There are so many discs, we need to have some way of approaching them.

It’s when we become more interested in the content, that we can start to pull stuff through, because once we’ve harvested the content for our needs, the disc image files are all we need for future cd copying and dvd copying.

Archiving is pretty challenging I’m just getting into again. It seems every time I start and stop, I don’t have control of everything, I thought I had the process locked in.

What I am recognising is the need to complete the process for a lot of this footage we can’t really have these ragged old rips hanging around.

I guess it’s kind of easy tackling the easy stuff.

Work And Stay Homestay Auckland 2014

Friday, December 20th, 2013

I have now had my fourth response to my ad on gumtree for auckland work and stay people, looking to work for accommodation in auckland.

If you are interested in my work and stay offer please email:

Here’s my first gumtree ad for work and stay people on a working holiday – in fact “homestay” is one term, but that kind of indicates a student staying and living with a family, I am more interested in making connections with people who can help me with my business and my projects in exchange for a room and all expenses.

I run a promotions company from my home in Auckland City and there is extra space here and always work to do.

I thought I would like to try offering the room to travellers in exchange for work, similar to woofing or woofers, except this is not a farm, I live in the city and this would be a much nicer place to arrive in NZ to than an pricy, cramped backpackers.

Sorry lads, I would like to try this with only females first in the interest of domestic skills and sobriety! But I am happy to take a group of up to 3 girls – it is only one room, but it’s a quite big.

We would have an intial agreement of up to 3 days, and that could be extended to several weeks by agreement, depending on circumstances. I would expect 3-4 hours work per day.

I would expect some cleaning and office work, but if you are interested in music, promotions, events, media, video production, online promotion than this could be a great fit. Vegetarian cooking welcomed!

We also have great delicious and cheap restaurants in my area.

I am happy to email pics of my home, myself, and details of my business – website etc. so you can be completely assured this is a professional operation with a lively outlook.

I keep to myself mostly, I am busy with a lot of personal creative projects, so you’ll have your space to be left to do your own thing.

Hope to hear from you!

That was my first crack at it but what are the further details of the general offer?

– Only open to 1-3 females at a time

– Initially agreed period of 3 days

– 4 hours work p/day if you are the only guest, 3 if there is other people staying. You might choose to do less hours cleaning and doing office work, or more hours doing more creative work, such as writing a blog post, or longer tasks that allow you to watch a movie or surf the net at the same time – ie, loading data. If you are an experienced professional in design, code, video production I would only ask you for 3 hours and I might even pay you to complete a specific project.

– If you cook vegetarian I will pay for ingredients if you cook and clean. This is not counted on your daily work tally. Help yourself to my food, however there is not much of it as I mostly eat at the many great value restaurants in my area.

– Smokers OK. Alcohol is fine, it’s drunk people I don’t like.

So yeah, I’m providing a bit of a picture and I think we will just have to see how it goes, like a few things, I will probably find it challenging and will have to go through a few things first. But like I said in my analysis, it’s just my lifestyle that allows such a thing to be.

If I didn’t have a home business, or a spacious home, and I had a family – then this wouldn’t be such a good fit.

I also found a new site called helpx which might be pretty useful too, so I jumped all over that.


So it’s a whole new idea for me. I’m just smashing out ideas to help me think it through, this may not be worth reading in 2014 or beyond once I understand what I’m dealing with.

If you want to stay, it’s best to email: to find out where I’m at with it.

Because what happens when you start getting multiple people at atime? Well you’ll never have 4 girls here at once, that’s crazy. You need to keep it to 3. Even 3 is mad.

So having 2 rooms is a silly idea. But what you do have is girls not being happy to share? Well you need couch beds in 2 rooms. And so 2 girls won’t be a drama. I think 3 would be rare anyway. Or I could say 2 groups. But I can see what might happen is I would have two people lined up and then someone who had already passed through would be like . . . I need a place . . . and I couldn’t turn them down.

What I do gain is the space to film potentially anything, setting up a little set where I can do certain pieces, and again, we can have people helping out to make that set awesome for filming with lights and such, otherwise it can be a social space, and a working space, and I can put a couch bed in there meaning, sure you can have 3 or 4 people staying.

But when you have 3, I think that’s when you start thinking of some other plans – involving making videos and such, even get them building the famed pirate ship, we could get these girls more into the fun of doing a pirate video, op shopping and hunting for new costumes and gear and just freestyling.

If we want to book pirate gigs and dj gigs easily then we need to develop the promo – not at contact level, but as presentation level, so when my people connect with the people who make the decisions, they can show them this stuff and we can go from there.

So we need to build that promo platform, so we can get the bookings, get established at the next level, and the girls can help me to bring it to that level.

We need heaps of set pieces we can do, so when it gets to the point a girl is up for going out filming we have pirate ideas, and we can do foolish interviews, nyl style stuff, avant garde stuff, promoting the music, but also promoting the business, dsiscussing business.

For example we could film an interview and she could write a blog post, wouldn’t that be worth 3-4 hours? If they’ve really got presentation skills. What we want to do is have a dozen set pieces. Skits, pranks etc. We can do the pirate thing, the fake interview that goes wrong – how many characters? God, space captain, etc. this is a great opportunity to do some rough videos exploring that character, where they are emerging from.

The point is, don’t think you’re just going to come up with ideas, and blow an opportunity. We want video to push it forward and drag everything behind it.


Now what are we going to need to do with this house? Again the girls can spearhead getting what they want, there’s a desk, but internet is most important. We will need wifi pronto. They will want a mirror. They may need TV and DVD’s.

Not just stuff to relax with but also stuff to do work with – gardening, cleaning, cooking.

As long as they have things that girls need and all the things they need to do jobs, we probably will be fine. I’m sure having lots of girls coming through will mean I will have the chance to make my place look real nice.


Then I started thinking food truck again because those workers would be perfect for that.

But more, what I’m thinking about is I’m seeing a new horizon here and wondering if this fits. How is this taking us to the next level? Well yknow sometimes you go out of town, but you have school gigs as well. We can be grabbing $200 for a job and then run off and bag another $300 in the truck.

Like y’know, doing the food truck, doing the food truck and eden park, at fairs and markets, and then just randomly turning up. Put them in the food truck, and I’m saving myself not just $50 wages but a trip to pick them up.

I still believe it, the food truck pulls up, pirate matty jumps out, soon enough, a dozen kids, and their parents, the food truck is setting up then you’ll get different waves – hungry people, people who accept buying food is how they pay me, and people who think spending $20 to get some food and a dvd/cd set is a sweet deal, they’ll come in waves, 10 of each is really all we need, take their $400, and piss off to the next spot, do the same again, in under 2 hours.

The trick is that the food is nothing special. Drinks, chips, pie, ice cream, the bad food.

But what about muffins? Huge mark up. What about the cucumber tofu salad? That is seriously 50c worth of ingredients. I don’t think you could sell it for $8 though. But the trick with the good food, lasagna / pasta salad even is that you only have 10 each of them.

$240. Add the muffins, $90, about the same if you can scrounge $10 for one of 10 lasagnas. $420.

The concept is that we provide food for people who are hungry and need food now because theyre out on some new zealand outdoors thing.

Of course I would be off hustling. I could give out mini menus that highlight my services of all types.

But I guess it’s time to move on with what we’re thinking here, I just wanted to have one more thought. It’s a massive concept. Having someone here making my workload so easy. Or having more than one someone and actually having a workforce on tap. But the consolidation of this concept is of recognising how much use these people will be in accordance with what I’m actually trying to do.

Promotions Jobs, Promotions Work Auckland

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

If you are looking for promotions jobs or promotions work in auckland, please email for entry level positions.

It is part time, and minimum wage to start! But if you are a good working with good skills communicating and organising, that will change, and we are also doing work and stay for travellers with specific media promotions skills.

So there has been a lot of thought on how we can get people involved with my projects to get them moving. I had a lot of surplus I thought to put toward bringing on interns for doing promotions jobs, promotion work in auckland.

We have our print promotions, cd / dvd duplication, involved in events, charity work, video production, children’s entertainment, a lot of areas we’re active in.

After looking at all the strategies to consolidate my business into something I enjoy more, and deploying the resources I have, I decided the best strategy is to get people doing jobs that are either taking up my time, or not being done at all and we’re falling short where we could being holding up.

This frees us up to deploy more strategy toward new goals rather than relentlessly improving what we’re already doing.

But in order for it to work, I am still looking at what promotions jobs could be done straight away.

I would get people onto those video productions! The ones to be arranged – I’ve got blue room, but they’ve got akira first up. Look over the footage, maybe do some basic editng, bundle it up, so it’s ready to go out to our people.

The latest look at the stats did suggest that there is legitimate interest in the video marketing and the small business marketing but it’s probably looking so crappy and sad over there, nobody wants to touch it. SO these are the things we have to break down and move forward with in business.

looking at the platform we have and what we can offer, and our ability to deliver it.

We talked about there being 3 levels of competency – the pros who you pay for top work in management and video production, online promotions, publicity, looking for the big leap forward in our creative work. On the other end, you’ve got the worker bees who do the vital tasks that are less engaging or interesting but is the vital production line of the business – finding people to do this work especially when you have more skilled people with downtime, is not so much of a challenge.

We are really looking for specialist people who are capable of the jobs I am no good at – communication, organisation, hustling. Hustling for gigs, hustling promo and publicity. We can’t afford nor are we at the level to have real pros come in and do a number.

In the mean time, there’s that intermediate group. The young learners. People who have good basic skills, they just need an objective and a purpose to fall into. It’s very much about what we have to offer – simple work, cool work, cool boss, opportunities to learn.

What we don’t have of course is a willingness to spend lots of money and give them full time hours. So you need young people because they don’t have the same expectations about income and work, and you can train them up into the work they want to do and are most suitable.

So you’ve got young people moving into media jobs, both behind and in front of the camera / mic / keyboard? etc.

But then I thought about what I do have . . . a room going. This was all inspired by visiting my aunty and seeing how she had all these girls coming and going and I realised, in a big city there are always hundreds of european girls on their travels looking for somewhere to stay. They are on long trips that last months travelling and working, there are sure to be many many travelling girls who would see the opportunity to not have to spend heaps of money on shitty city accomodation since most of them will leave from and arrive in auckland.

What has surprised me is how this idea has suddenly taken hold. It’s because I got four replies in 3 days and it has suddenly got me. In terms of the return on investment this idea has hit the niche sweet.

I just wanted to inquire into why this works. Girls travelling, I get that. Young girls love to travel but travel is stressful and crazy and in addition they don’t have a lot of money or skills, so they are girls who have put themselves into an adventurous situation where they are looking to make things work. Because they’re young girls, mostly they do get the better side of things, and so twenty something girls keep flitting about, around the world.

I have both a successful business and a large house. So not only am I am able to have them there, there is a legitimate reason. There’s nothing sinister. I’m a single guy. I have a house and a business. Having girls come and stay and clean and cook and work, well why could that be

Again it’s this thing about the opportunities I create – because I am single and because I have extra room, I create this opportunity that wouldn’t be available to those who choose more restrictive living arrangements. I guess I am lucky that my business does so well, but I always chose space for it’s possibilities.

Sometimes the way I am hurts me, sometimes, well, that’s what this game is all about isn’t it? Playing to your strengths. I don’t play basketball. I don’t work at a huge corporate where I have to negotiate a complex social hierarchy. I meet girls online where I can be witty and they get to like me before they’re concerned about my height. Play to your strengths.

I know that got personal, I just wanted to understand how this idea has sprung in so powerfully.

With my crazy garden and crazy stressed out working, and girlfriends and family, I couldn’t do it before, it wouldn’t work.

Some things just have to slide into place.

Then I started to think about all the additional benefits.

– I will have contacts in europe to stay with!
– they will tell other travellers on their travels and promote my business
– They can link to my site from their travel blogs
– I now have international contacts for all kinds of promo
– the ability to build more international services, have international operatives and tap those markets
– tap into tourist circuits and knowledge of tourist culture
– they will have skills and knowledge and may be able to offer specific skills.
– they can also promote my music in other travels
– they can make pirate videos

One idea I had was to offer them 5 hours creative work or 3 hours cleaning and working on cd duplication and dvd duplication

For creative work they could do videos, write blogs, but there aren’t that many fun things, what I am thinking of really is running out of jobs.

We’d have to set them up archiving and say look, you can do the archiving job but I want 5 hours.

But what would happen if I had like 2 people every week? Like 20 hours worth, this is what I’m saying we would run out of jobs fast especially if girls had already cleaned the place last week! But then when it comes to editing videos, well that can use a lot of time.

But some girls, you can give them $20 and they will cook a meal and then freeze four servings, soon the freezer will be full.

Can we push them into the hard jobs of booking and hustling? It depends on the person. Doesn’t hustling those kinds of bookings require developing a relationship with both parties – knowing who books the gigs where and knowing what theyre looking for?

So perhaps not. But maybe they know publicity, online promo, or have video production skills.

There is always going to be something to do and now that I have surpluses of labour, I can do it. Organise the rooms, buy items I need. Select websites and develop them with content, according to the skills that are on offer.

Is there someone arriving with the ability to redesign our websites? Someone with specific video skills?

So we’ve deployed a number of tactics, we’ve got the talent management site back online, and we’ve got a little worker lined up, and now we’ve cooked up another wild scheme to get things going.

I approach one possible promo girl worker, for the intermediate intern role but she seems to have faded and now this work and stay gig is starting to command my attention.

The work and stay roster:

– Cleaning
– Printing / Packing / Postering
– Organisation

– Cooking
– Wash Car
– Garden
– Trademe/purchase research missions
– Trademe/Bartercard sellers

– Shoot video (Music, Pirates, Promotions, Talent)
– Edit video
– Blog post

– Archiving
– Design

I’m just starting to think what would happen if all this stuff started being sorted and it’s not just that I have plenty of money, and very little work to do, but I don’t have to clean or cook.

Man would I have to be onto it, not to become a big useless. I’d need to be pushing myself in new areas, doing the booking myself perhaps.

If I did no printing, packing, cleaning, the garden was better, there was always frozen meals, the whole place was organised what would my life be turning into?

Well beyond the ideas, it would be full time content – music, video, blogs, pirate stuff, this is what we would be implementing, getting dj gigs, getting pirate gigs, and hitting the road with work and stay girls. Billing them as DJ’s haha. If we hit the road I have to charge them for their rooms, $50. But even if I do have to pay $50 to have them along it will be worth it if im showing up to my shows with extra performers and supporters.

And then?

Looking for promotions job and promotions work auckland?

Auckland Promotions Management

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

I’m just really trying to get some new, good music promotion ideas.

But to keep my aims modest is the plan. No big plans for gigs, and no big web promotion, the focus is on finding guys who want to work with video, gigs, models, basically.

You see we don’t want the big plan. We don’t want the big co-operative group project, we want to move forward where we are strong. Which is not really in collaboration, if I could use more outsourcing and virtual labour I could get some real clout but I need to know how to use it.

My newest idea is timeshare in a VA with up to 3 other acts, but even that’s growing now.

My thought was that I continue to generate these surpluses in my business and I wanted to think about how I would use it to push my business where I want it to go, which is really to overcome the stuttering and shuddering of all these projects – in video production, music promotions management, event management and the children’s performances – we need maanagement, bookings, agents, communication, that’s what we want to bring to the situation.

This was the whole idea of this cohort thing, reach out to 1’s and 2’s to bring a tight squad around you to move forward, expand the outer circle, but all we have to make that happen is $200 a week. We need to start off paying someone to get to the next level of drawing in people who want to be involved without having to get serious rewards.

My job is to find and mold somebody who I can pay $200 to make me $200 back and still contribute to pushing my projects.

So it’s about knowing what they will start doing and knowing what they will end up doing. I drew up an ad.

In Auckland? Interested in Drum and Bass? Film making? Events? Promotion? Opportunities . . .

Okay that’s a good start for the ad. Now what about the landing page? We have to appeal to certain skills – video, management, events.

Then we have to consider how to get it out there, maybe not just ads and a few sites but we have to deal with it as it comes.

We’re looking at job ads, but is this really a job? The aim is to train somebody to manage videos and tours, bookings etc. My dad is right, it needs to be separated.

– The people who do the packing and such, possibly cleaning etc.,
– The kids who are learning about videos, websites, social media, promotion
– The pros who do the business in terms of video and most crucially – organising gigs.

But how does the whole thing roll? The pros it definitely comes down to identifying them and what they can do and what they want out of it. The focus going forward is the young wolves. But when you put up an ad or front somebody, how do you introduce them to the work?

– 40 hour trial
– $100 p/week – kurb stuff, filming, driving, social media
– $200 p/week once they can book gigs and do videos

That 40 hour trial will be gruelling I will squeeze $500 out of them. And if they survive they will earn it. They will do filming. A presentation, Front talent in the street. Cd’s, Posters, flyers, pirates.

I will train them up to book gigs. I’m even thinking about roleplays and such.

I will tell them to say they are booking a 21st and they want the venue free and to select music on account they are expecting over 80 guests. And if they swing it, they better bring 80 guests. So it would help if I made sure they were into my scene.

What does organising gigs entail? Researching venues, approaching them with some kind of presentation, negotiating terms, locking in particulars, making arrangements.

What if we set up a website or a front for management?

Why shouldn’t we make it kurb? Because some people will know I’m behind it.

Why should we make it kurb? Because the brand is established as well as it’s authority online etc., and any successes through management will be beneficial to my core brand.

That’s very valuable, more valuable than those people steering clear because they know it’s me. The idea is to give legitimacy to the managers attempts to establish credibility with venue owners who are being fronted.

What is this leaning towards? Well as I said adding $200 worth of clients so they can get decent money, and what did I say? a kind of fealty or serfdom where they have to give up a portion of their labour and/or income to me in exchange for me providing their clients.

But if one of these people turned up tomorrow what would you say? Well, what’s stopping them from booking me gigs for pirates and other stuff? Other than me not really being ready to do it?

Well the first level of an idea is in websites, videos, and advertising. If you want gigs, talent and videos, you need to draw in people who want these services or want to be involved, then you need to get down to some marketing.

Where we start, where we end, she’s handling bookings for gigs and pirates, she’s got the outsourcers going, managing marketing, websites, and managing video projects.

So I’d say, you are now responsible for akira, inside knowledge, shadows, so good, all the videos I plan to be hands off on. And I want you to make a video. I want you to do a presentation, talking about the skills you offer – promotions management, event management, bookings, online promotions, video management. Do the filming.

Then there’s the pirate thing!

When it comes to the gigs I think they need to start building a database based on where bands are playing, venues, in anticipation of initially reaching out. They also organise their own gig. What for, what does it serve me? Well I can get my ins at venues. Once you get 60 people drinking somewhere you can do what you like.

We want to think about a wednesday or a thursday that we do for $200. Split the money and tell her it’s her job. Organise the acts, do the promo, show up and run the gig. Get your friends involved. Do the community hall gig, charge $10, make $500? The money making aspect is pointless. You need to be focused on what I’m trying to achieve – gigs for me.

It’s easy to get carried away on all sorts of nice ideas but what do I want? Someone to book my gigs, help me with my videos, websites, even the talent management.

How will they book gigs? Research the venues, make a good presentation and start hustling. What am I aiming for? Gigs! Would I pay $400 a month just to get a DJ gig and a pirate gig and a video done? Of course!

She could go through the churches rustling up CD DVD business. It’s about who we can contact and what we can sell them

Don’t forget trademe and bartercard! Trademe has huge opportunities because you can pitch to everyone you sell to – bartercard has huge opportunities because you can pitch to all the members.

Wow amazing that auckland copying is still going! I mean there’s still possibilities in there, isn’t there?

But again, it’s spiralling plans, most of these things are only options if the person is willing to do it. If they’re not keen, it will never work.

So we need to focus on the big game hunt. What we really want them for. Challenge them immediately.

Tell them to get me a pirate gig. And a DJ gig. And make me a music video.

What this could mean is that they come along on the pirate mission, they organise my DJ gig, and they can shoot a vid for tell you or something with their whole own idea, or yknow get their friends. They have to be ready to get their friends involved, to approach talent, to go out on shoots, scouting missions for talent even.

The bottom line is, a pirate gig, a dj gig, a video, and that’s worth $400 to me.

How is she going to get me these gigs?

Well wait, what direction could it go? We could go full video core. Where I say to her, I can’t pay you by the hour because videos take so long, you just have to ride it. Or she could go full gigs, just ringing and hustling the whole time, and fully performance based. Or I guess full admin manager, managing all the outsourcing all the wheels turning, all the things happening.

All those things are good.

So I say we start her off organising, but then we go out filming, film presentations, film pirates, film acting. Then we say okay, now go book me some gigs.

Find me a bar where I can play.

So where does that end up? She’s constantly hustling because she gets her cut. The weekly, or my one of performances, or a monthly road trip, if I go away and make $2k, $400 of it is hers. Then it goes to full on internationals where she has to help with promo.

Just remember I don’t need to make a profit of this I have that money to spend on such things! If I’ve blown $5k but I have caught up in videos and have gigs and shows I’m making money off I mean I could make $1200 then do another $500 in shows and be happy to give her $300 – I think you have to remember it’s after the videos are done and the gigs are booked that the value emerges.

DVD Duplication Exit Strategy

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

We are on clean up crew here at kurb we want a plan to really clean up this website – possibly for good. Who knows when we will do less DVD duplication, but we certainly won’t do more!

We want to clear up all our websites!

But what we’re finding is that design is not enough. The kurb site has to be weeded and cleaned up! It would need less pages, new videos, and . . . that’s it. I mean what will the site be in the future it will just be cd dvd duplication and printing and a few bits going off here and there.

Again how much to do all the website work? For the Kurb site, $500.

We just want to clean it up, just cd dvd, printing, video, and online. New design, new videos, and it really wouldn’t be all that dramatic. I mean what are we really trying to do? We don’t want to do more discs. In years to come, people will want these discs less. But I will still do printing and video and those kinds of things.

The services we can offer come down to services we can develop using so we talking about video editing for online video production mainly I think. Web design we can do. Online promotions and a VA.

A management operation. But it only works if it’s successful and if it’s successful than I have 10,000 fans worldwide and I get $1000 every time I write a song or play a gig, and I do it twice a month! Do I want to work that hard though? I want to join up with a hand picked other artists, who have special capacities just like me, and be able to offer. Especially where working with someone else will connect me with their fans, but there is a smarter way to do that – bringing in these talented guys with a following into your operation where you can quickly and easily execute.

Drum and bass guys. We need to get on their radar. We need to cohort up, getting drum and bass guys involved especially in melbourne, sydney. I need to build my audience there.

But don’t get off the track, we’re trying to nail our budgets here, so get there.

This is what I see – not much until you take the next step!

For our artist website design, again only $500.

It’s not even about design. We do the contact page, the cohortastic page, we look at amending the current design for the music page, update the video page, and plan to do a new front page video, with a new design. But really it’s about the archives, and it means having the 27 pages done first.

So stop thinking of the whole thing. Consider the cohort aspect, because nothing else fits in yet. So we’re locating certain individuals who can help. We want youtube subscribers, twitter followers, facebook likes, tumblr followers we need all that until we come up with something better. Well, you know, the songs get better and so they naturally attract people to this place which is already going on with something, people are already into it, they can fall in.

Because I’m already in the rhythm of posting stuff every 48 hours. So once I get my base cohort going it keeps them fed with goodies.

Then what? Good tunes and good gigs bring in waves of a dozen, so you just need to do 100 of those. Ouch. or yknow. After a couple of years, your gigs should be getting bigger, youre advertising a higher quality product, there’s more word of mouth, it’s exponential. Once you can move 1000 units you get on a bigger label.

But initially we’re better off ramping the hell out of who loves ya and buzzing. What would we do? Google and facebook, and post out demos, and approach some blogs.

It needs to be virtualised like I said, the management angle – Im listening to tunes and putting them on my mixes and shouting out to producers. My VA is sending out the press release to NZ and australia, I am building my mailing list I send CD’s to, I will at least send to radio in NZ.

But do you really want to spend $10k a year just to have some kind of profile? Isn’t that what this is about? Possibly. But there is a critical mass when you’re no longer paying to have a profile and instead you’re at a level to start enjoying the perks.

But important for now is to gear the website towards cohort activity and archiving because the death star is only half built.

Promo stuff will have to go differently for now.


It’s all about setting up jobs someone can repeat and keep gnawing away at while I set up other successful systems. But you have to know what you’re aiming for. Well I need to explore along this track faster, so I am getting more help.

But the problem I’m having right now is that I won’t step up to do the work so that the person I need can do their work.

Web guys don’t have my designs for new pages. Editing guys don’t have my footage.

Managers and agents have no content to promote. There’s no front to attract the cohort. No gigs to promote, pirate shows, modelling jobs, anything!

I have to get my shit together primarily. By fixing the burners issue, organising workers to do this work – Well I need to be a boss! To get this work done so we can begin further exploration.

What jobs am I giving to my new workers? The websites first. We need to build up the seo for some of these sites – kurb cd duplication, dvd duplication etc., the artist site, pirate site,

So I just went on a major music SEO mission and decided I might start using fiverr for seo jobs, but here is a stretch of my strategy:

– 1 service per video – let’s see how good they work
– one guy has a music facebook page with 96k likes, the other I paid to post on his dubstep blog
– video uploading
– article marketing and bookmarking
– Especially relevant social marketing.

So I’ve actually spent $50 – half on fiverr, half on adwords, will be interesting to see how it goes, how many views do I expect from adwords? Like, 100? So if I get 200 on fiverr or even 250, it would be worth it really. Just for the girls to see their video getting hits, for everybody to see me doing a bit better than before and you never know maybe picking up some new subscribers.

This is the push I’m talking about. But this could set a little package so we know we’re going to get real views and build subscribers slowly.

So a helper would help explore SEO options, and outsourcing options to get videos and sites bobbing up a bit more like this as well as for dvd duplication and cd pressing when people want auckland dvd copying services. Then we’re exploring PR – researching blogs that promote new zealand music and our genre of music worldwide.

So the helper is pushing the web design forward, then the promotion of the websites, then the web content through video and social media, and actual PR.

Now I am thinking about the modelling and talent stuff again. The problem with the talent in the past is that where were we taking them? Do a photoshoot, do a video, then what? I guess you need to focus on outcomes for them and outcomes for business.

I have to at least start raising the bar of the presentation in order to bring people on board. I still have steps to take, but it’s good to see where those steps might lead.

A mangement company? Yes but the clients are hand picked. I pick 4 guys who can put in $50 each, I top it up by $200.

That pays for a VA for 30 hours and a PA for 15 hours. That’s a management team for four acts. Book them a show. Do their social media. PR.

The PA just tries to hustle gigs and press, but also does video work. Manages outsourcing.

But we can’t really do this until we have the front to do it with. That will be some time, but it gives something to move toward.

But I don’t want the big plan. It’s nice to have a big plan, and I still see myself committed to employing people to push things forward gently. We just have to look at what jobs we would start with initially.

Youtube views exchange is a start. Research on some blogs, to start building our PR lists, posting content, running bot accounts that promote me or us, then the more SEO type stuff – articles, bookmarks, links. Promotion of Auckland DVD duplication and cd duplication services.

SO we may pick up a few fans from SEO, youtube, PR on blogs but it will still be the quality of the music through regular music promotion channels that will determine the uptake.

Are you prepared to pay $10k to have 1000 real fans? Well why not, I say. If they want to see us play, listen on our radio show, buy the music, then of course it’s worth it but we’re not good enough yet and that’s the issue we need to work on, raising the standard to be worthy of presentation at a commercial level.

Songs, music videos, presentation, isn’t good enough, so why bother?

We are preparing for then. We want everything ready for that time, probably in 2015, where we unleash, all these plans, we make it happen. For now it’s the actual product that has to be developed, and promotions methods experimented with.