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Auckland CD Copying and CD Printing Service

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

We are still working on SEO again for this site and this blog since we found out things have really slipped, and although we are doing well in terms of the bottom line because we have a good base of customers now, we may be missing out on opportunities to rake in a little bit of extra cream and make things better all around so auckland cd duplication and new zealand cd copying are the terms I want to see some traction on because we’re already pretty healthy for the dvd duplication side of things.

But we’re much more interested in new ideas, as much as improving our core business, because we have so much opportunity to make a bold new idea in business work.

Okay, next, next, next.

Next to what even? Look it’s easy.

What have you been doing? Well it’s holidays. Not much business is happening, I’m going away, and I need to think of how I’m slotting back into my business activities when I get back.

Mainly the work and stay stuff I’ve been looking at. There are going to be people who want to work and stay, and they will do a lot of work around here, so not only do I not have to earn as much because I’m not needing to make as much profit, but people will come and do most of the work. The issue maybe finding work for them to do!

I think the more people we have coming to stay the more we will find things for them to do as we see what has to be done. Especially if I am then able to work less, then, I can be planning projects such as filming etc. and I think if it becomes clear that we can have 3 girls every week then I will have to come up with something they can do.

Especially on the week I have a gig. If I can send the girls out with the mission of selling 10 tickets, or if it’s a free gig, just say look, just bring as many guys into the place as possible – but the next two gigs we have on, will be definitely door entry so we need a more strategic strategy! A more tactical tactic!

But there’s a few things we can do, we can push pirates, and we can push to see if the girls want to hit the road to be my support crew.

That’s a critical area, where can we put these workstay people so that they can directly help certain outcomes? Video, publicity and

I guess looking at what management services we can get involved, but before we get management we need a suitable presentation for the entertainment we mean to provide – we need a show to do a show!

It’s later in 2014 we can expect to be fronting pirate shows and tacking the DJ possibilities onto that. It may start with one pirate and one DJ on different nights but if we’re going away to come back with $300 then yay and it’s all good.

But it is time to start putting plans in place and building a bridge from here to there. Which means we really have to start working on the pirate thing. We need to have an act that is solid that we can start booking, and then as I mentioned, the thought for the artist management side, and bringing those threads together, so I have one person able to manage that.

Having a show to book, being prepared; then making and managing the bookings; then making arrangements and going off and doing it.

That’s an easy 3 part break down. Then I can refine what structures I have in place where management and support people are involved.

So then when you’re booking as a pirate, you’re booking as a DJ and you’re doing cd duplication and dvd videos, it’s just about being organised to complete the tasks, and that’s where our support people are coming in and getting involved. If I can get the balls in the air myself, I can then bring in people to keep them juggling, and like I said, moving to a point where I just chat to the people once on the phone a few days before, roll out my plan, and roll off.

Somebody else takes the booking, makes the arrangements, and does the invoice. The idea is to get 1 gig nailed 6 weeks out and try to build 3 more around it. Often it might be 2 gigs on 2 days and that’s it. We need to get a phone hustling person operative, to handle this.

I’m thinking of a more passive technique, why would we spend money on management and promo when I can just drop my fee from $250 to $195 and make it a killer proposition?

Then you go away, do 4 gigs, get $800, the gas and the room costs you $300, you make $500. You’re making a little top up if you do it once a fortnight. Or once a month and a local gig every other week. But a little top up may surely be all that is needed right now if cd duplication and dvd copying keeps trucking along

And so it comes back to the fact we may have a lot of time on our hands and we need to keep ourselves occupied taking steps towards real goals. Getting into this pirate stuff and getting next level confident in the pirate shows and artist shows, and so I have to be more involved with that.

I need to improve my product there, and then sell it nice and cheap.

What are the moves that will take us forward rapidly?

– Sorting out better pirate costumes and tricks and such, and sorting out my DJ sets so they are more solid in terms of broad appeal, we need to archive that music much better.

– We fire up the advertising online and we get someone hustling on the phone. Ringing schools, ringing venues.

– finish the pirate scripts, website write ups. Make preperations for the cohort instigation – write ups, web pages, ad concepts.

Man we’re running out of action plans, fast!

Well what is your plan for a pirate show? Where are we going to be targeting? Who will be the one to do the legwork? These are the serious questions that need to be answered before we make any progress. I will front up to try to make the initial arrangements but from that point


So I’m just running some numbers to work out if our budget is covering all our spending plans so I don’t have to save any profits for a rainy day, I just need pump back into the business for things I would like to see.

We have funds earmarked for vehicles, work wear, computers, video projects and web projects

There is no money earmarked for putting on shows, travel and similar luxurious expenses or perhaps other equipment outside of computers. But when we see that surplus profit bubbling up, that’s where it can go. I want to blow $500 on a video, and $1000 on a gig, I want to do that, I want to blow a grand on luxury, and buy some new equipment.

It would be good to suss out our issues with cd copying and auckland dvd copying, and of course getting everything organised for work and stay people, workstay auckland to all work out what kind of jobs they can do to help me.

I guess I’m also thinking of bringing along a few more things I can do while I’m mobile.

But now I’m getting more onto my work vibe, I am thinking about what I have to do now to get things flowing.

Getting a new duplicator for cd copying and making sure all our cd printing issues are behind us, it’s only for a little while longer, maybe only 2 weeks we have to deal with the fall out from christmas, holidays etc, it is really just the next history documentary and the dance school dvd videos that we have to process through, the rest should be fairly easy as we find ourselves fronting up onto the front foot.

New jobs mean new cash, and new cash means moving forward. But I think we still need to think about the steps moving forward, buying a new copying machine, getting the inks so we can afford to experiment with new ways of getting all our cd printing done, but then what?

Well move the helpers, the workstay, homestay people on in to do the work? well sure. Building the systems that people can jump into and do this.

Auckland Website Action

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

I wanted to update this site so I had less to worry about in terms having these issues consolidated to a point – we were still hard selling music marketing and online marketing services when we don’t really do this that much any more.

We can still do it in special circumstances and I definitely want to keep that door open but the tone of the site didn’t reflect that we weren’t actually chasing this business and the whole approach we had was not an updated one – we stick with our basic business principles – effective work done cheaply. If it’s not effective or cheap then I don’t really see what we can offer that’s new, so it’s not really somewhere we’re being aggressive.

I just wanted to consolidate the site to reflect this, that we’re mainly about cd dvd copying and poster printing now, not so much the marketing and online stuff, and also aware that there were old pages floating around the back from when we had far more ambitious long term plans, when we were really keen on big growth.

But I didn’t really know how bad things were!

We still get good hits for auckland searches and out auckland websites.

I am right in the middle of a massive clean up on the kurb site as I just found so many dead and useless links lurking around, I knew there were dozens of crappy old pages hanging out around the back of the site, but I didn’t know they were riddled with old dead links and that I still had links on many pages going back to posts that were 5 years old or more.

Many of the pages had really ratty content and just dozens of links all linking all these crappy pages and it was not a good look and SEO friendly at all, basically messing up all the basics! Dead links, screeds of links everywhere, it was old school back alley business.

If you’re looking for a place you can work and stay in Auckland I am still looking at those options but I am working so hard on doing end of year maintenance it’s driving me a bit crazy just how loose things had gotten out the back there!

Quickly I have to dash away to extinguish the issue, but am I merely distracted? So many dead links to the sites I no longer maintain, and all kinds of links going to my clients that hadn’t paid me in years, we had to end that, half those sites would be dead, not least of all because I was running them!

I’m hoping to see my SEO come right back, it makes me think I must have done a whole lot right to offset this – over a dozen pages, each with several dead links, and not just that but mountains of links, all linking to the same thing, and it’s rot!

So give me the run down on what has to be done.

All those cruddy old back block pages need to be tidied up. The cd dvd copying and poster printing pages do need to be looked at I mean they are the ones are they not? Then the blog, then some new videos. When the new videos come, that’s when we can review the marketing pages again. I don’t want to get too carried away, we don’t want to do any marketing. But we don’t want to miss out!

Miss out on what? The opportunity to earn cash on the road. And pool more artists resources into online promotions but I don’t see how the kurb site will effect that.

I feel the need to chill out and reflect, but also not to muck around, like we should be getting on with it because we don’t have time.


So as we get these dead links under control what will it take to get websites off the list? The pirate site is done for now. What about the kurb site here? Well we still want to re design the blog, but that’s something we can get round to. Doing new videos for kurb is a great opportunity to refresh the written content and spell out exactly what we can offer, I think

What I’m thinking is we will get a sweet boost in our SEO because we’ve stopped a lot of this silliness going on. It may not improve business but it will keep it steady, which is my beautiful life now, I only need hold steady. So redesigning the blog and doing new videos for kurb is not really a priority. We just wanted to go in there and really change the direction from growth to consolidation, because what seems obvious to me is that we will sit and milk the cd dvd copying game until I’m ready to move the brand in a new direction, and talking about marketing, and blogging away here on my blog may become a much bigger focus just for getting ideas and connections cooked up.

It’s like when I do things as Kurb, it’s the name of a brand that’s 8 years old, so I’m leaving a lot of doors open on the site so we can build out in a whole new direction, but obviously a lot of doors are getting closed I don’t really see myself doing scuzzy little marketing jobs unless I get desperate, definitely no graphic design!

So all we need to do is to tidy up the artist site and that’s us. What are we doing on the artist site? Finish writing the blurbs, and redesign the video page.

So come autumn –

Kurb site: New blog design, new video, revise pages

Musician website: Archive pages, videos

Pirate site: videos, refine design

But then what? Well there’s really nothing you’re pushing for is there? When the push comes for new business, new fans, and bookings for new audiences, then we will respond, but that could easily be 6 months away.

When we want that thing, then we’ll be making the fixings to the websites for it. And I don’t know if there will be a specific direction here at kurb while we’re not focused on growth, in fact we’re focused on not being focused, and seeing what is moving into the bigger picture.

With the music website I think it’s about engaging the few, thinking cohort styles, and then waiting for the material to get good enough to start engaging fans.

But it’s also about what we’re doing and arriving at that point where we say hmmm well, what’s next? Is it really just music, video, pirates, archiving, and giving up smoking?


I am not really thinking about work and stay. It’s a little bit stink that I don’t have time to get back to people, but I will be back onto it soon.

I know that on an average week I only do 20 hours work. One person here for 3 days would do most of my work and I would get bored and need to find what I’m doing, I need to start seeing now how this is all going to play and where I want to be in the game.

I have been posting a lot about this work and stay, work and travel business.

Jen was trying to convince me I need 2 rooms for people, what 4 people? That’s crazy. It’s an interesting way to live when you get new people with new skills and new perspectives coming through constantly

And they come through and help promote what you are doing. They post it on your facebook, suddenly you have people who want to hear about your new dumb shit, you get 50 people like that!

But also I’m thinking if I do move my house around and have a permanent filming set up how can I get them into pushing my videos and music and such? Making videos and doing promo activity? I want my little promo beavers beavering away making me more popular and spreading my music and videos far and wide.

I can get them doing comments and such.