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Making Auckland CD Copying Happen

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Work has been getting pretty tough recently and has not been easy for me. Mainly having a lot of work to catch up with and having ongoing issues.

If it was just catching up on being behind, or just trying to sort out some production issues, then it would be hard, but something you work through in a few days. But having both at the same time? Stress and pressure can really break you down and get the better of you. It becomes harder to choose the right way to proceed. Choices become critical, this is managing a business. The decisions you make at this stage can dictate how much you fall behind in the long term.

There are safe guards you have to have in place so whatever your core activity is – such as cd duplication, cd copying, keeps moving forward, I need to recognise in advance where I could be tripped up and fall flat on my face.

The actual cd duplication copying machines are not so much of an issue, but we must always seek to improve and create back up options in case we find ourselves caught short in such a way again.

– ensuring there are clean printheads ready to go. The only way to do this is by setting up a second station with 2 printers, knowing that I have 6 is not only the power to churn out 1000 discs in several hours, but that if 1 fails, 2 fail, it’s not really an inconvenience. I wanted a 2 printer set up in the superhive so if you had jobs under 200 you could just do them as you worked.

– running out of discs only happens every few months also. It’s only a problem when everything else is a problem. Otherwise, you just suck it up and pay $10 extra. Even if it costs you $100 extra on a big job, well, is it really that big a drama? Well what we want is the safe guard. Running out of discs for disc duplication isn’t a problem, it’s when it happens at the same time as something else

– the burners, the cd dvd duplicators are again not likely to become a significant problem again this year, but we plan in advance for next year by trying still to refurbish one of the other cd burners. What this also does is buy our time lost over the last 2 weeks back when a job that would occupy our mind for 6 hours can be cut down to 4 hours. We have to source some decent sata drives and begin trying to create a frankenstien creature that can perhaps live in the front room so if the girls are chilling for a few hours they can easily burn a couple of hundred discs.

– after that it is all stuff like tax and fines and acc and unpaid debts all niggling little things lurking around. My car. Yeah just when it wasn’t sounding so bad, my car needs a lot of attention. The water bill. The tree in the yard. So it goes on. But you know that once I start blitzing this lot, life gets a whole lot easier.

So what happens then?

Well it’s the work and stay workstay business going on again. They come in, they do all the work. What do I do? I go back to finishing up my artist managament work, and then turn again to the children’s entertainment and artist tours.

It’s about how I work the opportunities I have with children’s entertainment, video production, artist work new ideas for services such as a food truck and getting my workstay people on in there with this.


Okay what have I got to do now, seriously?

wedding cd copying: 90
church+astro: 200
hitler doco: 600
hair: 500

Okay it will be nice to get more of those hitler docos done, but we will also smash everything else, and possibly the hair dvd production also, so that’s about 1000 in 3 days, though that could easily be 4. Which is just plain easy.

So now the gardening experiment is all over I have to accept that growing my own was not a

You could see it a different way – that is was a great little project while I was getting business back on it’s feet but I think I know right now that it’s for the best.

It looks to me I was only saving $50 a week, where the power alone was $20. Did I spend more than an hour a week on related activity? certainly I did.

Think of all the drawbacks, the smell, and the dirt, the work, the secrecy, all of that, is that worth saving $30 a week for? The answer is staring you in the face and you know it. Because on top of that we’ve got the whole girls and borders thing going on. I knew it was kind of a favour to me to make me realise.

And don’t even start me on the archive.

But let’s get serious because this whole situation with the gardening means we have blown the whole work stay thing wide open, we can have girls, and they are coming and they are coming to clean, and work and cook and are you ready?

What I’m seeing is the cleaning and the work will just get rolled through and then what next? They’re archiving it all already? They’re challenging me as to how we can move forward, are they doing my tax and whatever else? They’re cleaning, they’re working, I get my car sorted, I say yes I want this tree dealt with and gone.

I want a moment to feel rich so I can zap some bills. My fines. My water bill, ACC etc., so I can get ready to kill that tax.

Then, finally this what is happening I am challenging these girls – wait theyre challenging me – with ideas to help me move forward. Fresh ideas, and it can’t be avoided. It’s coming. Ideas in video, in promotion. Cd duplication auckland too obviously.

Making videos of pirates for kids, making crazy food truck plans, working out how to get a show on the road. Making it happen.


Are you looking for short term / low commitment accommodation that’s affordable, spacious and non-creepy?

Furniture can be provided, or else, there’s heaps of storage if you need it! Performers on tour? Group attending an extended event? Save big time, get in touch for a special rate!

Short term bonus: You don’t need to give notice when you need to go, just clean out your room, grab your bond and scoot!

Maybe you need a place for just a couple of weeks or a month or so where you can chill out and make your next plan – well you can come stay with me.

I am a youngish entrepreneur who is always busy, often at home with my own projects. I got this house so I could be in control of any disruptions to my business dealings, but I figure it would probably be good to have someone around who’d help pay for the place . . . but just not for too long they end up driving me crazy.

The house is no oil painting outside, in fact to be frank from the outside it looks like crap. (nonetheless – a good security measure as a deterrent I’d suggest) but is fairly typical inside, and the new paint job helps.

The lounge is a separate and very large room (6m x 4m) that I don’t use at all. (I’ve taken the 2nd bedroom and I use the master bedroom as my office/social/relaxing space), and there’s also a small bedroom/sun room that opens on to the back deck (3m x 3m) that’s free. Spacious kitchen + seperate laundry, lots of osp, large yard, and a large garage with power which I don’t use at all, so yeah – there’s heaps of space.

I’m big on quiet and space for people to do their thing. It’s good to have someone around but as long as their not bugging me. Smoking outside I’m okay with (I smoke outside), I got no problems with people having an after work drink but I really don’t appreciate drunkenness.

Being a straight, white, educated male, I’ll say I’m tolerant of other lifestyles as long as common courtesy is observed, the one thing I am not tolerant of is intolerance.

how about a link exchange out there people? I’m after anyone with “duplication, copying, printing, marketing, auckland, music, video” in domain or page title.