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Online Media Content, Editing DVD and Copying Video

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Do you require DVD production – video editing services or your dvd edited and copied – these are tricky procedures but we can take a look and offer you a quote please email:


So as these posts go out, I have decided to start making an effort to make my posts more readable. In the past I’ve just worried about posting to my blog so that I can keep my search engine ranking high, but now I realise it’s time to get serious.

Business has not been great this year, but I am surviving. The urge to take blogging and online media content seriously is not driven by the point of trying to scrounge cash up because I’m getting desperate, although having done so well for many years, i’m now just settling into a more modest income in the belief that solid business practices and the right attitude towards delivering value will see me right. There is no need for desperation.

Sure it’s still important to think about key words and mention them, cd dvd duplication, auckland, postering, printing, and now the video production, video editing and video services that we will attempt to extend under an umbrella of supporting people with online content, which lets face it – communicating information effectively online is not going out of fashion any time soon. These types of skills are necessary.

Online content magic, that’s what it’s about. People have content on DVD, their websites, and promotional video material also, who brings this together, who offers services that range from web design to dvd duplication to video editing so you can get your media content sorted – there’s too many issues where you need that quite cut and paste dvd copy and edit, and new hard copies read for you to distribute.

Different services are required by our clients.

You need someone to integrate the delivery of online content, to promote it, to make it something that works, but then you might just need a video editor, a graphic designer or DVD copying for a client or presentation of media content.

You may need services individually for a quick job that keeps a project moving, or you may need integrated services that use components of online media and video production to work together.

So I could be doing heaps more little video editing jobs also, that kind of thing, little jobs that take me an hour I could charge $100 for. We need to investigate the market with domain names and ad campaigns, what type of video editing do people want? Is it all just mainly auckland wedding videos out there in terms of what people will pay $200 for you to come and film? $300 with 30 DVD’s thrown in? All I’m saying is a job like that, I could charge $50 an hour if people wanted to break it down, $2 hours travel

We still have to stay focused on our day to day. We just need to communicate that in a way that is interesting to read about – this can be an inspiration to your blogging efforts, everything you do has an aspect to it that can be described in such a way that can impart some valuable insight.

But any way. What’s on my to do list?

hair cut
domain sales

I have to get a hair cut. Why do I need a hair cut? Because for only $10 you can pay for the appearance that the feature that frames your face – perhaps the ultimate aspect of your presentation – is tidy, it communicates that you are organised enough to have your life under control.

The domains we purchased in order to start up some cool ideas are now useless and costing us $15 a year, we need to flog them off, at least 30 of them. That’s a dead idea that needs to close up shop. But the cohort – building a a “family” of video production enthusiasts operating within the youtube community – is a new idea, and it’s starting with cleaning up my act so that I don’t have so many posts on my blogs that are way too personally indulgent or just blather for SEO.

In the bigger picture we have to do videos, we have to finish our website, if only to move us somewhere that allows us to see the path forward. You see it’s important because we are committed to producing content. Yes we are going to be thinking about what types of content people want and how to promote it,

But what is the task after all of that?

It’s only just dawning on me that I may need a serious new challenge as nothing I’m doing right now is satisfying me.

It’s about content and you know it. You either have the content or you don’t and that is why we’re starting by ramping up this blog, and all my blogs. I’m going to stop writing so lazily.

It’s also about promo. Because there’s no point producing online media content if youre not able to promote it at all.

I’ve been reading this hypnotist who suggests that behaviours and situations you don’t like about yourself are often grounded in the hidden benefits you draw from them. I am reading another post saying we now know that perfectionism kills creativity and excessive goal-setting limits our success rather than begetting it

Which kind of explains why so often I muck around procrastinating, because I am hopeful for another plan, because I know that archiving and sampling are not really that dynamic in what they offer me for advance and progress.

What advantages am I getting from the things I do that I don’t like?

Well what don’t I like? Well I’m not making much money which means I’m far less stressed out and not having to work so hard, there is plenty of room for new ideas. I wish I could get my videos and my 27 archive entries for my website done, I wish I could just get this stuff done, but I tend to sit there wanting to contemplate life, so I’m left wondering, what is so good about contemplating life? Nothing seems to ever come of it!

What disadvantages are there to having things the way I want them in my life?

Well getting a business idea to work takes work, it takes effort, and you kind of really have to believe in it to make it work, and that is often the challenge. Getting committed to it.

Well at the moment it appears we are going to go for that sneaky extra income that we need, just to find out how it plays. For the very same reason I also signed up to forex, much like our foray into video production, and the many other little half cocked ideas we’ve hatched over the years, we want to know now whether this thing is going to work.

We will also be looking at renting out space around here. Just as the steps I’ve taken have made me and my life more normal, so it is that I can move into more legit stuff – I can rent out a room here because I’m no longer being all clandestine about the activities I am up to, nor am I likely to be under any kind of crazy ass work stress where I need people to be out from under my feet.

But I will still use the same play of setting the rent high, and offering a discount if that person travels a lot or is super social and not around much.

It also just occurred to me that if we do ever get in at eden park, we will have a spot there to do our thing. It’s another opportunity for cash money, which might be the safest way to play this thing because we don’t want to earn too much.

Event Management and Promotions Experiences, Auckland

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014



I started kurb as a promotions company which was based on my experience marketing gigs and events around auckland. So it was mainly my postering, poster printing flyering, flyer distribution services that I started the business with.

I was not great at promoting gigs, I’m not really that charismatic and skilled as a social networker, but what I am good at is organising on a tight budget. So I used those skills to build my business of kurb promotions in auckland and also adding cd duplication and dvd duplication services which would become a major component of my business.

It is funny that with the change in my personal circumstances we see that kurb is likely to change at least somewhat.

We still want to do postering and cd dvd duplication as that is our core business but there’s no need to experiment with new profit and growth driven ideas that haven’t been really considered and valued. We want to focus on music, gigs, children’s entertainment and video production.

Now that I’ve been more successful with my business I am feeling my own personal interests are more of a priority in the mix. This is still business, we want to profit and we want to grow where it is possible to do so without heavy stress and effort.

So what is the big idea, that is of personal interest? Do I turn now to pirates seriously? I don’t really see myself wanting to hustle right now, if I work all week, I don’t really want to go out and do a pirate birthday n top of that.

Maybe it’s simply a matter of getting more towards a content factory – from pirates to whatever else, maybe it’s just about making videos, knowing that if I make a video every week, and it gets 1000 views, if you say 50 x 50,000 views it equals $7500 in youtube pay outs.

It doesn’t seem like much when you could be advertising some service, or building up a more powerful brand.

And there are opportunities to do that, but what is also clear is that it’s time to curtail and curb a lot of old ideas that are presented here so we can make room for what we are going to do – here on kurb or otherwise.

By doing that, choosing what youre not going to so, you make room for understanding what you might then choose to do instead.

Should I sell the music marketing management site? Would I take $1000 for it? I’m not sure. What am I talking about? All parts of my business that are just gone to seed basically, just tear it out of our consideration, and then spruce up what’s left, leaving what remains to exist as what is for some years until a more final resolution can be reached.

I do like the idea of minimalism, if you havent used something in a year, then you don’t actually need it.

But it’s different, this is heritage conditioning, I am preparing to make the last alterations to this site so it can gradually peter out over a decade and I needn’t concern myself, the site, nor I, require it to be impressive and compelling.

It is certainly a time to signal the end of the old way of trying to expand into new promotions services and such, we will only grow with serious intent and consideration now, it’s not really motivated by profit, it’s about other outcomes in business.

And herein lies the opportunity to decide to stop developing these sites and favouring low maintenance approaches so I can focus on what I’d rather do.

What you then choose to do has better thought out outcomes. We’re still doing event management, tour management, event promotions but from a personal perspective.


This was written as a sort of sign off post, that while business was good in CD DVD duplication auckland, and auckland promotion services in general, then we wouldn’t have to pound out nonsense on this blog to keep the SEO functioning at a level that brings me in enough customers.

We pound away on this blog, writing away hoping that amongst our efforts to impress the search engines, we will also be offered so kind of revelation of our own, about how we could bring this business back around despite the fact that cd duplication may not last as a seriously viable choice. We may have to try some different ideas.

Being aggressive in terms of the business we can secure for disc burning and copying, is the first step, and I believe for the next couple of years, enough business will dribble in, it just may not afford me the means to really be aggressive about what I’m trying to develop and push here. In that case we have to build skills, and have those skills be not only the thing that brings me income, but also allows efforts in my own promotional projects that can benefit me.

Pretty soon there will come a time where we need to do more than simply write on this blog, and it means cheap cd duplication, it means auckland poster distribution, bill stickers, flyer distribution and it means childrens entertainment, and it means auckland video production all offered and aggressively cheap prices, because that is the service we provide. We are aggressively competing on price knowing that we need to establish our client base, our reputation, at once the business is proven to be viable and the market is established, then we can get more practical about what we offer and the prices we charge.

There will be advertising and aggressive price competition but we also have to remember that we have the luxury of being able to watch things play out, and being tactical and strategic.

I already sense that I need a new project, something new I can get fired up about because I don’t think I can play this minimalism / simplicity game for too much longer, I have the skill sets to build and promote an idea online, I just want to discover something I am excited about doing, and that often comes back to video simply because we have the ability to make the videos and to present them also.

I guess this was meant to be a sign off post, and I am completing it because I am in pursuit of simplicity and minimalism, I want to leave unfinished business – even unfinished blog posts behind me – but whats a bigger goal we can aim for in this regard?

Well we want to confront the cohort issue. We want that, we want to push forward there. When loose ends are tidied up, I can commit more fully to finding people who want to work with me to create interesting videos in auckland. I’m not even that fussy about what the videos are about, it’s about working together to capture something cool and interesting.

Maybe we want to create some kind of “youtube club” just for star now. I even started searching for NZ youtubers and realised there is a bunch of young dudes doing it, all younger than me, but what the hell. I have to get with my people. I have to clean up my act, and start fronting in the game.

I’m here to get views. I’m here to make beats. That’s what it is. But I’ll have to clean up my act before I start fronting and that is what this post is really coming to. Once upon a time I started a business for auckland postering, and then it was all cd dvd duplication, and now I must make my return to the online promotions that has lurked around and in the background of this thing for so long.

It’s the online promotion and content creation, doing it for myself, doing t for someone else, just doing it.

Just as this was a sign off post meant to leave things steady as they are until the next chapter unfolds, I can see the signal is here, I will have to start writing my blogs properly. If I am going to spend large amounts of time just blogging and thinking, because I have the financial security, then I have to become more disciplined about what I write, and putting together pieces that will actually connect with readers, rather than me rambling endlessly for the benefit of google.


What is the next job after the sampling? I think we just have to remember and believe that once this sampling is done, we will have a great many samples and a whole lot of music to enjoy, but also a wisdom in having arranged all these archives, about what kind of music we want, about making music, we just have to restore our passion there more than anything. There are many archives from the cd duplication business to work through, but once that is done, we have the freedom to try something new.

For now we want to keep the cd dvd duplication auckland services alive and kicking for as long as possible.

How Will I Know? Ideas Working with Crowd Funding CD Duplication

Friday, April 25th, 2014

This was originally a post I started over 18 months ago thinking about ideas for crowd funding.

There are still lots of great ideas we can come up with using all the resources we have to get in behind crowd funding concepts.

You can include posters, additional copies or alternative deals, talk to us about what possible cd duplication or dvd duplication packages you can put together for your fanbase and how you might go about promoting it for crowd funding projects.

We can be useful in this area because we have experience providing different kinds of value propositions – deals that will attract fans to invest in your project as well as marketing experience for these types of products and offers, and how they can be combined with other items for more value.

We can even help you make a video for your crowd funding pitch using simple video production techniques.

But this blog isn’t totally on that track because 18 months later we are embracing minimalism right now, which is a whole different strategy that asks us to really think about any bold ideas and whether they truly work at the simplest, least complex level, before we can advance that into something quite radical.

We’ve had so many ideas that go nowhere. I want to know about how we know if an idea is good. Well, you kind of have to try it out.

But it seems like we need good ideas more than ever these days. The old ideas that sustained us for the last few years seem to be slip sliding away, we need new ideas that will boost our earnings, provide income and security.

But how do you know if an idea is good?

Let’s look at some of the ideas that we’ve had – cheap video production, freelance writing, pirates, going back to music marketing, trademe and selling dvd and cd duplications as a product . . .

They’re all possibilities, but it really comes down to how much work is available and how is easy it’s going to be to make it pay off.

What always attracted me to video production – including doing auckland wedding videos etc. is that there is a future there. People will always want video filming and video production, it’s a very useful skill when paired with online video promotion. The problem is it becomes like graphic design it becomes peasant work. But if I honestly got out there and hustled with real low low prices, I’m sure I could do it. I just don’t know if the hustling life is for me, and I imagined I would have at least a couple of years to roll into it, learning to work my angle, and that may be the case.

Freelance writing is just the kind of idea that sounds dumb. Isn’t there enough writers out there who want to do the dumb jobs you’re looking for? Do you honestly have this idea that you could write 2 1000 word articles for $50 and start building up from there? It would be so much hustle, believe me. But it’s always an idea we cam give a try before we go and get a job.

Pirates entertainment is good. It was the idea that we had, the problem I hate about pirates is it pretty much dominates your whole day, even though it’s only an hours work, it feels like your whole day has to be stuctured around it. Like an auckland CD duplication DVD copying job worth $150 would likely only take me about 2 hours at the most and then we’d be done! But the thing with pirates is its pretty much all on saturday, so we could easily bring prices down, advertise more, and be going out to make $250 every saturday and that’s what I’m saying here, is we’re only looking for the opportunity to secure a few extra hundred dollars here and there. The thing with pitates and video is that there is a future to be built.

Nothing we do is merely for short term gain. Freelance writing? I’d pack it in as soon as I got the chance because the job would never be a good deal in terms of money. That’s desperation level.

Music Marketing again requires the upfront investment of getting the whole thing running again, whereas it is not the sort of job you want to be doing because your clients aren’t paying you much and they are always on your case.

The trademe idea has merit because it doesnt involve lots of ongoing work. I don’t see it being particularly profitable, but by the time we can sell $100 worth of stuff on there, it wont really be that hard. It just might really take awhile to get the sales going, to have enough products. Collecting a dozen emails a week wouldnt be too bad though.


One idea I’ve had is to get a flatmate. I really don’t want to, much like giving up smoking and sugar it seems like something that would just be too hard, but the more I think about it, the more I see it may not be so bad.

My only fear is that business would pick up and I’d be super pissed to have somebody hanging around here every day

but I’m looking at real choices. My real choices are that if I got a flatmate and jumped on my latest dastardly plan, I could increase my income by $300 a week, and drop my expenses by about $170. That would leave me “struggling” to find $230 a week to meet my overheads.

You can’t tell me that even if I had to get a job for one day a week, I couldn’t raise $230, even through my other efforts. That is such a low number that I don’t think I would need to have a specific plan at all.

It’s just I know that if I go on for weeks bitsing it like this, I will want to break out and find a new way to earn – we have such a low threshold to generate surplus, I want to see that happen so I can leverage money in terms of what I want to do, and what I would like to see get done, video production, pirates, promo girls, whatever, these need money.

Mostly I need the time. While I can still keep paying the way I do, I am generating masses of time in which to commit myself. I just need some money in the kitty so I can push forward for now because I feel like a new vision, a new possibility is just around the corner, we’re going to turn the corner, and see everything differently, because there’s no archive buzz, there’s no disorganised junk everywhere, there’s no haunting bills to pay, it’s all just a blank canvas, and we can see purely in that light what it is that we want to do, that possibility exists but good ideas to keep our cashflow alive is what is needed right now so that in the months to come, I can deal with it.

Rent/Accom: $60-200
Pirates: $150
video editing: $100
Trademe: $100

musicmarketing/design: $100
odesk/writing etc: $100


So as I said I have been looking at crowdfunding and thinking of a whole bunch of ideas.

There is a local version of kickstarter. The reason I like it is pretty much down to kiwis and their online behaviour, kiwis love trademe because it feels local, it all hapoens locally and I think thats what pledge me offers, a nice local feeling, with a local accountable face.

So many ideas.

I guess at first I realised how it works, when the pickup begins you might see a lot of people tapping into the sense of involvement that it creates when you chip in some cash to make something happen. But it also

It really appealed to me because I like to have a reason to do something, I hate wasting my time on something that isn’t going to work. This way you kind of get it to work on paper first, my personal approach is that I don’t need big funding, what I’m looking for is a market signal that shows people are responding to what you’re offering and so crafting your proposition becomes a real art.

What about a cd duplication release funded through crowdfunding, how could you set up the price breaks for such a project?

100 x $10 = 3 cd’s
50 x $15 = 5 cd’s
20 x $25 = 10 cd’s
16 x $60 = 12 cd’s
5 x $100 =


$1000 cd’s
$950 postage

Blogging and Burning, Duplication Auckland

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014


Blogging is a great way to smash the competition in google searches because these guys are not going to be bothered to write whole articles twice a week about your particular area of business here in auckland or new zealand, so it’s just one way to get the advantage.

I’ve been spurred into action by the fact that business got a little bit quiet there, so I had to take steps, I’ve been blogging a lot more and slowly business is picking up, and we are waiting to hear back on some super big jobs so things could easily turn around quickly, especially since we were super responsive when business dropped off, in terms of getting our cost right down, and doing enough to keep most of the bills paid.

The advantage is we’ve had so much downtime that we’ve got on top of so many issues. Tax up to date, vehicles all ready to roll, a lot of our computers have been cleaned up, and all the files entering into an archiving process where there will be a new system for finding old work.

A lot of old concepts will reach their final conclusion and so a lot of this stuff we never have to consider again. This will continue to free us and make life simple so we can tackle the real problems.

The blogging means not only to we continue to create a worthwhile gravity pull of work, but we can use the opportunity to thrash out ideas, especially in this situation where we have so much time to work through new ideas and solutions to old problems.

So we are getting rid of old posts even here on the kurb blog where nutty SEO ramblings about crazy business ideas go to die! It’s amazing to see we only have 3 more posts left for the kurb blog that were never resolved, because after that, it’s really time we used the archive fodder to start feeding the blog if we find relevant stuff that is worth publishing.

This is where archiving works for my blog, upcycling old material so I can use old writings to stimulate new ideas and provide new content.

But I just am still writing a lot because it keeps me focused on all the things I’m improving since we’re so organised, it compounds on itself and I find myself pretty sorted out and ready waiting for the next activity to be involved. I still ramble on on this blog trying to drum up that DVD duplicating and cd duplication business here in auckland new zealand.

But the down time and efficiency gains rewards me in other ways – more time right now to pursue goals in balance, in simplicity, the rewards of simplicity and minimalism is the room for new refinements to be implemented.

I am already eating much better and improving fitness, I am starting to see more equivalents to fitness that helps to round out the simple life. I chose fitness to balance out all the blogging I’ve been doing because I actually think it offers something to make life more balanced and complete, because you can continue to use the simplicity and space to make things even more simple, to step into a journey like I did with the archiving – it’s work but it’s an attempt to master something complex and complicated so that I can move on with all the benefits and none of the limitations.

I would rather be making huge moves in creative content, video content production and online promtion and publicity but these are intensive areas, but moving from lower areas of taxes, fines, debts, to medium intensity areas, that offer more challenges with limited rewards I am working my way to establish a base camp from which we can assault the summits.

At the base camp I want more clothing and swagger, and so I can go on to trademe and search for new styles. I’m looking at what I can do in my garden. These are very simple routines that take 20 minutes a day to maintain, but as the months go by I do become very stylish. I do have a garden full of powerfully nutritious veges.

And soon enough, that energy is upgraded once again, perhaps I become fitter and more fashionable and veges, then thats suddenly moving that energy forward into music, video, blogging, web promotion, it’s happening because the nest, the launching pad, it’s all there, it’s all leading to the summit.

These things are no longer to be forced by discipline, because you settle into the rhythm of the habit and the benefits that accrue are propelling you towards further improvements. Improvements in art or whatever presents itself as the new dilemma.

But to be aware of a solution is to be aware of a problem, some problems we barely perceive when it comes to understanding art and creativity.

Eventually we come to a point where we are able to create content we are confident will connect

Promotions, spending money, means over time we pick up that small contingent of fans, then it becomes a matter of how much we can sell, and the interest we can generate off that from bigger labels. As long as there’s promo to kick it off and sail it along, you will get your basic audience for the music and videos that may grow enough to indicate you can tour, you can have access to more preferred positions.

You’ve built an audience you can provide for, you can source inspiration and feedback from. You can revert back to the idea of simply providing for your established audience. But I don’t have one any more.

Why not? I’m not inspired by the people I am required to interact with to create that community. I need to establish new community.


I have already put the call out for more woofers, I will publish the work and stay woofer list now because I don’t see the point in continuing to drag this information along with us, if we really begin thinking about woofers again we will pull it out but I think they just come and clean and help and I don’t really care so much.

What are you really looking to gain?

The bonuses you gain from their work and their cleaning do not offset the distraction experienced by having these other people around. But it also forces me to do certain things as I am focused on being productive. I will be forced to get them to watch all the DVD’s.

Please remind me how this works, archiving all the dvd duplication clients.

They can only check that the dvd copies play, then make a disc burning image. I still have to watch the dvd to discern whether we can use these for found footage. We’ll save it to hard drive, make the decision whether it has any other use. If so we rip it and store that for use in video art production Can it be sold? Is it a master for a job done in the last 18 months? If not, biff it.

So I need to set up at least 2 laptops use these to rip dvd’s and do the dvd burning of the disc image. More somehow would be preferable, probably like 4 if we could. One set up burning images of dvd’s that work, and one making dvd rips of dvd copies i’ve already watched and want to use.

The CD duplication testing could be done in the car. Of course while they did their part I would be motivated to do mine, and having set up, just go on from there. I think we would realise pretty quickly that it doesnt free up that much room and we are running out of things to throw out.

I ran around today looking at that situation and it is getting very progressed, I have to accept I really don’t have that much stuff left to deal with in terms of my acceptable level of minimization. Then I want to learn to make my house look nice, but the mission is never over is it really? There’s always something else to sort out.

At this point it has to go beyond that. I’m talking about focus. Staying focused on the task because I’m to distracted by the big picture, I think I’m missing some detail. But what might that detail be? The world seems to shrink.


– Cleaning
– Printing / Packing / Postering
– Cooking
– Wash Car
– Garden
– Shoot video (Music, Pirates, Promotions, Talent)
– Edit video
– Blog post
– Archiving

Cheap Auckland DVD CD Printing

Monday, April 21st, 2014

If you need cheap printing direct to cd, cd-r, dvd’s either burnt / duplicated with your content or blank and ready to burn with your content, our business kurb here in auckland new zealand performs a quick and cheap service, so click through on cd printing to find out more!

So catching up on the kurb blog, it seems we are finally getting rid of crotchety old half thought out posts even right here, on the kurb blog where nutty SEO ramblings about crazy business ideas go to die!

I just am writing a lot because it keeps me focused on all the things I’m improving since business is quite quiet – not desperately quiet, just so much quieter than usual for so long, it’s finally allowed me to start getting organised in so many ways, I’ve really helped myself.

Tax and bills almost all paid, records much more organised, living a lot more cheaper and healthier, and now exercising and looking for my next excuse to improve. The archiving has been great because it really gives us a chance to get our whole computer organised, now we not losing time or thought worried about whether we’ll ever be able to find things.

Now in future when we do a job, we can collect the disc image, collect the artwork, and keep it all together, aging it off after about 3 years if it doesn’t have any other use as content that could be curated for some purpose.

I still ramble on on this blog trying to drum up that DVD duplicating and cd printing business, but at least now ghostly old useless entries are being put to the whip to work!

Until things change we will have a lot of time on our hands for all the things we wanted to get round to – now is the time, all we need is the motivation!

It is kind of inevitable that the enthusiasm for various thrusts can falter, now I’m not so hot on archiving, now I have to move back to video, or promo, or heaven forbid actually writing a song! Well there’s sampling to be done, and that is part of the archiving vibe. The more we archive, the more it starts to feel kind of pointless. So we need something else.

What else are we really trying to get done in the next few weeks? Well the video production for the wishes music video is a main one, because then we can flow on towards the vid for shadows. When the video for shadows is done we are getting very close then. What are our other wishes? Just that damn window.

At some time we have to start thinking work and stay again. If we get that big dollop of work – the dvd reproduction job, then we will certainly want some workers to turn up, whether to do the job, or just get stuck in around the place, because it is just about ready for some more cleaning.

Which brings us back around again to the idea that if this big dvd duplication job comes in, then we will need more ink for the cd printing part of the job but what we’re considering is that it will begin to free us up in terms of cash and I think we are on the look out for more swagger to be made available.

We will be thinking of serious options to get these next videos nailed.

But what happens after that? We have to stay fit, and we have to see where we can move forward and it just is not going to get easier.

We will be next door watching DVD’s, trying to pick where we have the option to move forward with material there. But we still have to see the outcome.

We will get fed up and do the 27, and the cohort, and gear up for new non music video youtube clips. It means there is up time and down time, sometimes I don’t want to do this stuff, it gets boring, the archiving must continue. there is plenty always to look at and sort through, and new ideas bubbling up waiting to be caught and broken in.

We are down and in our archiving and such, and back up and going at the 27, the cohort, wishes, and soon it is so much clearer to tackle.

When it’s clear, it becomes so much easier when you do reach that point of frustration just to monster next level it. When there is no video, you go for the girl, the money, the getaway, the option that gives you what you need to feel.

We’re getting closer to that animal sense of knowing what we need, free from the basic desire to resolve everything we’ve been about up until now and try to really refine and define that.

There are many CD Printing Companies listed online if you google business printing or flyer printing.  Sometimes they may offer 20% off postcard printing or flyer printing.  They also could discount shipping costs as well.  This could be appealing to small organization or business trying to advertise.  I think before any printing is done you need to do your research.

First, compare local cd printing companies to other companies online.  Second, you could consider first printing some of your advertisements yourself from a home office if you have the right equipment.  Now, sometimes this doesn’t always work as planned.  The reason it doesn’t is sometimes one of many factors is not the best quality to produce good advertisements.  One could be the ink, the paper, the printer or a combination of all three.

By printing at a home office you could save a lot of money but if it does have to be of perfect quality, you will have to shop around.

Now from my experience I have tried both.  I bought the best paper, and ink and still it didn’t look exactly professional.  Like I said, if your company has big important officers and many people involved in the business then going to a printing company online or near your business would be the best choice.  I found the outcome of the advertisement just was not sharp enough compared to a large printing company.

Next, the last thing before choosing an auckland cd printing business is looking into their records.  See how other customers have rated them.  Check to see if any complaints have been filed against them.  Also, google the company name .  By doing this the good and the bad will show up.  If they have money problems like bankruptcy or complaints from customers that will show up.

Lastly, choose the printing company that offers the best cd packaging for the items you need.  Even if money isn’t an issue, you can write the printing expense off on your business tax return because advertising is something needed to help run your business.  Also, you can make use of a credit card with a low introductory offer and fees to put the printing charges on.  This could come in handy if you didn’t have the capital to work with for these expenses.

When going to complete your order you need to have time to make the right decision and get the best result for your business card, brochure, and flyer.  Take your time looking through their different lettering options and prefer to use printing of letters rather than cursive letters.  Make sure lettering size is taken into consideration.  I believe medium letter size is preferred by most readers.  If someone can’t see it to read it they will toss it aside or complain about it.  So by taking all these helpful suggestions into consideration when making the decision for printing for a business and finding the cheapest chooses; you will have a better chance of having a good outcome.  CD Printing for a business doesn’t have to be a massive costly expense, you can get the cheap cd duplication and dvd printig option.

Have a plan in place and follow the steps I have listed.  Remember, you are printing items for a business so they should look professional.  Taking your time and investigating the companies and finding the one that best fits your needs with the best rating at a reasonable cost is your goal.

Online Video Production: Editing and Archiving

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Online video production is extremely effective at communicating your message when you are able to reach people online.

A video gets your point across. In auckland we duplicate dvd’s and print CD’s but we also offer DVD editing and online video production services, a professional video crew so that you can get your video work done cheaply without the fuss – the kurb way, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

I am thinking of developing and offering more video production services just because I realise people need quick edits and I can do those and throw the DVD’s in for free and make it a real value proposition.

There are people with video editing requirements who just want quick changes made and they will be happy to pay $100-$200 if the get some DVD copies of their edited video presentation as well, and this is normally a job most editors would just find a grand hassle, but I am considering the ways to hang out at home and make something happen when business threatens to get thin again.

In the meantime, we can practice our video production skills by making random youtube videos focusing on whatever it happens to be that I am focusing on. I look on my checklist, and now that my diet is pretty good, I do want to get more fit also. So I can make a light little video about that, how super seriously silly I can be about health and fitness.

Right now we want to keep ideas rolling forward and we want to keep search ranking high so we are grinding on these kurb posts, managing the archives of all our creative business activities so we’re more organised and more optimized but most importantly, we’re minimized, lean and mean, for taking creativity and promotional activity into the future right here in auckland, new zealand.

We have grouped a lot of digital files together, and now we’re thinking about which of these groups will yield twin benefits – items we can enjoy as part of the content we’re moving forward with – designs, sounds, video, images, written pieces, ideas and concepts, and the closure and finality of saying that we are done with much of this material for this lifetime, and we’re moving on to others things, saying it confidently knowing we’ve been through this material.

We selected all the music that we have downloaded randomly as where we’re starting because it can be sorted, and if we can’t enjoy listening to it, or sampling it, then we can simply throw it out and never think about it again!

A lot of this music production could be friends material, could be my material, or client material that is unique, and might be considered for special curation, but much of it is just random music – the good stuff can prop up my collection, the rest can simply be deleted and never thought of again!

Plowing through all of that will then lead us to have lots of samples for writing new songs, and when we attempt that, we will have to start going in just like this again. My musical sample library is one thing that will really benefit from organisation, it’s not even 80/20 with samples, 10% maybe even 5% of my sample library makes 90% of my music so I need to refine and start clearing out all the sample I can be fairly certain I will never use, and have super easy access to the certain sample sounds I use again and again.

Then you go to songs, then you go to images, poster galleries, certain galleries, you’ve probably done all the business art by then, at some point you begin adding old business content, more ideas from the writings out through any channel you – such as your blog, just to feed the ideas through, once we’re doing that, and tossing out video files as well, then we know we have got to the final stages, but nothing is really done with until we can enjoy physically removing objects – such as all the cd dvd duplication samples in the back room.

I don’t see the whole process being complete for 18 months at least. So we need to continue to think about how to get rid of these discs, all cd and dvd duplication masters.

What comes after that? Well probably more rather than less, more efficient items, though there is always room for less, we just have to think dynamically. The reality is that it might mean less blogging, because we would rather do something else, such as fitness, and that’s what we’re trying to film, right?

What else?

In the story where it works out, next thing I’m onto this promo. And like I said. $5 appears to get my 50 natural hits from this one blog. We need to get a bit more parley going with other blogs, whoever is going to give me 1000 authentic hits from genuine fans of the genre, that is worth my $100, provided I can continue to earn $100 to spare. Very likely, but the point being, securing support from a small core, the cohort who wants to be involved in this online video production.

What do they do? They edit the video. The help shoot video in auckland, the make a buzz around the video online. They come to gigs. They want to organise gigs and shoot videos, put up posters, whatevers, they are woofers or something, so it’s time to think of that too.

The cohort must report, and the woofers too.

Because it’s about promo, maybe promo doesn’t bring in a two dozen new fans, it just brings in one guy who can do one thing, make a video, put the thing out to his friends, start to get a little bit of interest somehow, kindling, not just expecting hundreds of dudes to arrive out of nowhere fulling digging on it and wanting to buy every release.

The 50 people who want to buy the song and come to the gig, that’s who we worry about first.

You put $100 down on blogs, you’ve got a team who worked on the video and a two dozen people who will post it around, can’t you get 2000 views? can’t you get a dozen new subscribers, can’t you do that every month? can’t you double it every year, so in 4 years, you just 10,000 hits on every video first week, you got 10 new fans every day, you can sell 1000 units of a song no problem, labels will let you do as like in terms of meeting their standards.

What do you do? You get to tour or at least some decent gigs hopefully. I’ll start a band anyway just in case.

I just had the idea of offering dvd editing services, because it means we can charge $100 for the editing and $50 for 20 copies and make $140 for a few lazy hours work mainly based on waiting around for various rendering and conversion, this is what I’m talking about, picking up enough small jobs so I’m going along pretty swwet!

Anything to stay alive, I have to make video presentations and productions and do my thing. It’s what I do.


I wrote this post about ideas for models getting into online promotion, ideas for videos and such, I just quickly busted around you tube looking for some videos that had that slightly amateur feel about them so you can get a feel for just how easy the whole thing is, just getting content happening online that people could be interested in enough to make it viable some way or the other to promote your offerings or interests.

Video production and youtube videos and presentations are powerful in this way.







CD DVD Copying For Archive Storage

Sunday, April 20th, 2014



We’re beginning a huge archiving and cataloging exercise because we are pursuing minimization.

Being able to reduce what you’re doing or what you have and achieve near the same result is incredibly more efficient, taking up less time, taking up less space, and having good systems, organised in regards to everything that needs to be maintained and stored according to the needs of your operation.

We have thousands of old masters from cd duplication and dvd copying jobs we have done in the past and over the years I sought a way to manage this – not only for convenience to our returning customers, but also to keep a record of all the great independent music and productions, local New Zealand and Auckland productivity we’ve been involved in.

This includes my own writings, music, video recordings and libraries of images and pictures.

When I leave here, I don’t want to take a bunch of DVD’s and CD’s with me.

I don’t want to think there are unresolved ideas that could be valuable.

What is the end goal here? That moving forward in music, video, concepts, that we have the foundational tools on hand. We need our sample libraries organised, as well as easy access to a selection of idea that still have some hope.

This is the same with design etc., we have so many designs that are the same as samples, half finished and finished pieces that served a purpose then, we need to ask what purpose they are serving now. Remember the narrative excursion project, where I used old half finished songs and cobbled them into a set? We need to visualize these kinds of outcomes.

A half finished song or a half finished design is to be moved forward, left behind, or stored as a resource for a future possibility that hasn’t formed yet?

Well it needs to be grouped, once we can see the kinds of groups and the kinds of themes we’re seeing there, ideas emerge. Maybe there is a concept there. Maybe it’s obvious to see there’s a lot of crappy shit that has no future. Maybe it’s obvious to pick out just 2 or 3 projects that could have a future reincarnation.

Does this item have a future on the website? Does it have a future on the website? Or does it have a future as part of a bigger project or as inspiration? Or does it need to proceed to the trash?

As we do the archiving a lot we discover a lot of thoughts and concepts that have been left behind. Little ideas keeping pushing themselves up in this promotions game. Thinking about writing for money, the most important thing is that we write something worth reading before we worry about whether anybody wants to pay to read it or pay me to write more.

We thought about the shape of promotion budgets that could see our videos being promoted, so that having the resources to put $200 into promoting a video, having over 2000 targeted people see it. We are experimenting here with low budget promotion options for music video productions, through low level, affordable publicity options – what is the extent of what we can make happen with a couple of hundred dollars to get underground interest on new video content, new artist content?

Then of course there is video production itself, continuing to produce the content despite much certainty on where uptake might occur. Any way we can get filming as a secondary aspect to what we’re trying to carry out – just like I do with these blogs, we need to use video in such a similar way. Bring the message to people’s faces by actually doing it, filming it, putting it on youtube actually, not just presentable content but the details and thoughts fro which is is emerging. Ideas. Discussion. Thought.


The archive situation is bringing up some interesting items. We have a lot of resources we’ve written to promote our online services. I am just being given such a huge reminder of how caught up in business I’ve been in the years passed, how many ideas I had that were crazy and were going nowhere. But that doesn’t mean they have no use. The purpose of these items in terms of the greater goal may yet to be seen but at some point we must say this has no value. There must be some way of discerning whether such an item has value. I think that has to do with finding out, determining a greater purpose to all this.

That is the point of minimalism. Being that there is less to consider there is more opportunity for a new unknown possibility. Aspects that seemingly offer little advantage need not be over analysed.

Or analysed at all. At the moment we are simply grouping things as much as we can. A lot of stuff doesn’t even need to be looked at until we start recognising what wants to be finished or represented, a bunch of pictures of clowns or hipster animals? No, not really required. Not required to be trashed, throw it in a pile, but it on a hard drive or something, forget about it.

Thinking minimization, what is so big and annoying? Discs for cd copying, dvd copying, cd printing, littering the place. Then the clumsy surplus of samples for when we’re writing music, files for work scattered everywhere, drum and bass, the possibility of design galleries, the possibility of old songs reemerging in new forms, video content taking up so much room.

SO what are we left with?


MUSIC 2 SORT / NZ MUSIC / 2nd video / Jazz & Soul / Storage

That still seems like a lot of stuff. Now I made a sorting pile. What is to be done to sort all the clients artwork for cd designs and disc surface dvd printing? Well much as with all of this archiving process, we have to group it together and have a look at what we’ve got.

Right up to 2013 thats ended up around 7GB not counting this year, or any crustiness turned up on some old discs. I’d say pick through for clients that there’s a vibe about them returning or their content, and dump the rest onto hard drive, knowing we may resurrect old client content for whatever reason. There are some of these areas we don’t want to deal with right now, there’s nothing to be gained, video stuff for a start – too much rotten old material where enough time hasn’t passed to let us know it’s no good.

Cd duplication designs from 5 years ago for some corporate data storage disc, we know we don’t need to keep it. Off cuts from old video productions, video presentations not needed.

So we know it must soon be audio cd duplication archives to get started on. Some music can be kept, listened to, curated, some music can be sampled, and then there will be a lot of music there simply is no reason to keep, and like 5 year old cd copy art, just bung it on a hard drive and forget it.

We will have taken all the good music, and all the good samples so dispose of the rest.

We have 14 gb of client music and 13gb we’ve picked up elsewhere we have to deal with. Drum and bass over 20gb. New zealand music, almost another 7gb.

I think we will hit that 13gb first because we can strip it and send it to the knackers once we’re done.

So I’m talking moving forward with these archives in the pursuit of minimalism. I’ve already said that pursuit of these 27 write ups that we went in on is just an extension of the archiving that allows a platform for the results of that to be published and included.

Images, music, writing that has a future on the website.

But once there is a precedent in establishing that material, well we’ve already discussed, the website is simply a stage. So what’s the actual next activity planned? A cohort focus, and a new front page, new swag. New swag is definitely planned for cd duplication and auckland dvd duplication.

Using video production to establish cohort concepts. Looking at how fans could be brought on board, and how the design of the site could support that.

Looking for promotions, printing, duplication, posters, video production, videography and video services in Auckland, New Zealand? Kurb provides great cheap budget options for auckland duplication and cd dvd printing in Grey Lynn, Kingsland, Ponsonby, Newtown, Newmarket, Mt Eden, Mt Roskill, Sandringham, St Lukes, Mt Albert, Avondale, New Windsor, Blockhouse Bay, Hillsborough, Onehunga, Penrose, Royal Oak, Three Kings, Epsom, Remuera and more!

Blogging For CD Duplication Auckland

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

So what is the purpose of this blog? I guess it’s a think tank for the wider relevance of our promotions business here, producing auckland cd/dvd duplication, printing, online video production, promotions management.

It’s about blogging, it’s about how you can use casual blogging to help you promote and build your business and ideas in different ways.

Recently we have had a bit of doubt about how to keep the business bringing in enough work, but it’s also about proper functioning, work in, work out, jobs resolved to the satisfaction of our clients here in auckland and new zealand.

But we wanted to dig deep for inspiration. We support artists and creative people, and we’re looking to become more creative in the content that we are able to develop so that it actually connects here online rather than just trying to get better search results, it’s about looking for a product and a promotions approach that engages with people – what do we mean “engages”? Well a new angle that speaks to a new problem – or perhaps an old problem that is not being adequate addressed.

We all want more promotion and more visibility for the kinds of work we’re doing, we want to make people aware, but in a sophisticated way that doesn’t mean ramming it down their throats but rather, making people aware that you do something in the best way. That you’re offering something unique.

In what aspect are you the best? We provide the cheapest cd duplication and dvd duplication in auckland and new zealand, and we provide a special service that helps our clients with cd design, multiple disc orders, urgent cd copying without taking the opportunity to overcharge – because people are looking for a cheap dvd copying services, they come to us, and that works, we offer convenience. But when it comes to online content people aren’t just wanting whatevers cheap. They want something of quality that speaks to them.

But what about in terms of video? Presenting and producing video thats going to create interest and engagement. Well you again have to be providing something tailored to the audience that is of enough quality to appeal.

I’m thinking about going back to doing straightforward, to the camera videos that explain certain fundamental ideas that matter. I jump on my blog here to explain why I blog – it helps the search rankings which is a really important one. But it also helps me put forward ideas. Ideas for getting business moving, working, addressing issues I’m facing day to day and throwing ideas around to see if anything can come together.

This can also been done for basic video production – why we do it, how to get the best out of it, and aspects that can be more compelling, more appealing, more engaging.

But I’ll be happier when there’s more business coming through so it’s all about tightening things up, looking at where in the process there could be problems that are losing us customers, such as the website not being optimized efficiently.

But there is the fact to consider that I have so much time on my hands now, how do I use that time productively? Well we talked about tightening up parts of the process, but that can be time consuming and tedious, we’re looking for something that can really change how we appeal, who we reach.

We want to write to get our ideas out there – or more specifically to develop ideas that resonate with people. We’re all trying to promote our stuff, so what can be identified as universal about the promotion process?

What makes a difference is a unique quality, and unique qualities reach people, because theyre relevant. How do we get in tune with what’s relevant?

Well nobody wants to be working crap jobs, they want to make it. How do you make it, bring yourself to the attention of people who think and speak and matter?


A really great idea when thinking of video and promotion, is hiring people cheap to do a certain monotonous task for our benefit, that we can then fit together and offer the same benefit to somebody else for twice the price. Harness outsourcing and management skills, although my management skills aren’t the greatest.

It’s more about bringing a complete service that is actually effective together and the way we do that is to test it for ourselves, getting an outsourced person working in this way, doing video, website design and other online promotion services for musicians and entertainers

what are the jobs they are doing? Producing content, and promoting content.

I am just looking for the ideas to keep cashflow rolling but now that things are looking better for cd dvd duplication auckland business, then we can have alternate plans to support what we’re doing.

Pushing video production, getting those bees buzzing for our special busy bee music video special. We have options for more people wanting to be involved in the music video production deals.

We said we could make some equipment purchases to improve music video production but I think that the budget must then swing toward promotion of content online, we have to think about producing content people care about and then promoting it.

I could possibly become a writer if they paid me 20c a word for 1000 words? That’s $200. I don’t think I’d get that. Maybe $50. If it was US that wouldn’t be so bad, to get a gig like that everyday, still take me 2 hours to write a really decent piece though, wouldn’t it?

So we still seem pretty challenged in terms of the steps we can actually take to improve our situation when we seem to have all this time on our hands! I think my only choice right now is to keep producing our cd dvd duplication jobs and on top of that build on some archives.

We managed to sort out ink problems with the machines and install the new modem, which is two tech wins, and we know now it just gets harder to find something to do, because everything left to do is hard.

It’s a hard search now looking for the things that could benefit me and my business. I think minimalism is the focus. Do less, have less, do more with less.

The great archiving machine rolls on.

New ideas will be popping and cropping up, from a bygone era of marketing. It’s already bringing to mind the things we once did to make this all happen. There are lots of ideas there it be considered and perhaps negotiated as future options that could be developed, revived, the essence of the information there distilled down into something somebody could enjoy.

We talked about $50 for a 1000 word article. What if I could write something that people would buy for a $1 that was 10,000 words long and sold a copy every day? Do you think you’ll be pursuing the kid’s pirate stories? There are a lot of questions to ask, which don’t have immediate obvious answers. We have a process to get on with.

There are so many ideas. We have to think about what would work, what would be easy, and probably most importantly, what can we benefit and progress with despite whether something succeeds or fails? That is why I chose video production services.

But thinking about paid promotion, I already pay $5 to one blog that gets me about 50 hits, Would you pay $50 for 500? Well if they were targeted and there was some evidence – even be it dislikes – that somebody was engaging with the content, and I could afford the advertising spend, then yes, why wouldnt I? If i saw a really good result from that – more subscribers, commenters, likers, any kind of momentum, then sure I’d do that once a fortnight.

You’d have to see where it goes. Search out blogs, offer them $20, if it manages to get you and extra 250 views, then it’s worth it!

If there’s plenty of business coming in for cd duplication then thats something we can do to see if it works.

Urgent Duplication Options

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

What can you do when you’re experiencing major down time in your business?

Well I figured I know plenty of ways to keep a business up and running so if I can help myself in keeping the cd copying, dvd duplication and replication going as well as printing, posters, flyers and all that kind of thing, then, great, I can write about it here to keep my rankings in the search engines nice and healthy and people can possibly come along and read and get some ideas also, but most importantly I keep my rankings up so I can get some work in!

Now I can always restart my advertising, I haven’t advertised in 2 and a half years, for any business that has to be crazy, and so I put down $20 and it was gone in 2 days flat, but I did get one job out of it worth $120 so it was worth it I’d say. It may be the beginning of a long road back. We may have to combine this with a drop in prices for smaller jobs.

But it only takes just having a little bit of work come in and suddenly I’m not that inspired. As usual we trawl our to do list for monotonous tasks to tick off so we don’t have to think about it, so that when we are inspired, we can cruise through to a new height. That’s why I’ve got all my tax done already, months before it has to be handed in. I just want to work out how desperate I will be, will I do it myself to save money?

Getting video production and website designs completed isn’t a bad thing even if what we’re doing seems to ineffectual, it’s paving the way for a better video promotion or a better web design concept that will make a difference.

We are already thinking of how the next step beyond this one is making an even more effective product, service or experience, which is modelled on a concept of who actually wants to see this stuff? Well I need to connect with people who are interested in the worthwhile things I have to say, if I made an effort to say them, instead just padding out all my blog posts for search rank. I need a concept that is relevant and it might not take straight away.

What does the world need, is that not what the ultimate question is?

What can I provide? Well it’s the backbone to a stronger concept, that is animated, the website doesn’t work on it’s own. People see something I’m involved in, my ideas, and then they come to the website to seek more information, and the purpose of getting that information together is to provide focus on core themes, when you look at the lives you’ve lived, in starts to make sense.

But how does it become something that engages with people? It doesn’t. Just present the content. You’re doing this as an archiving process. Which has it’s own value, but not to promote the website. The website must be best to present the content, and in order to do that you need strong content.

So it’s back to coming up with something that would work. I say get started on talking. Talking about things that people want to know about. Maybe even coming back on it from a kurb youtube promotions type tip, promoting the cd dvd replication, but what I’m talking about is what gets built on top of that promotion, where is that promotion, that attention and energy, where is it going, what is it going into?

Well attracting more appropriate the clients, targeting just the right kind of client, so we need to tap into what appeals to them.

I need the opportunity to show my expertise and I think this is where the video production remains strong, and we have to accept that we have compromised quality in order to catch up.

In terms of what I’m writing here, I have pandered to my own indulgences probably a little to long and we need to have ideas that can start to resonate because they are meaningful.

We write a bit of a diary – it’s not very interesting to read I suppose, but it helps you to review and plan on a micro level – in order to focus on pushing through all the ideas and thoughts that have to be taken care of.

So todays activities will be taking my washing down, picking up my printing, and going by the supplier to pick up more cd packaging and supplies for cd dvd duplication business, as they helpfully called. Now that I have completed that, I get onto my next. Get these DVD authoring conversions taken care of and pack the last of the queenstown band cd copies so they can be posted away.

Hopefully we can box up those cd printing jobs tomorrow. After doing the radio show there won’t be much so I’ll have to focus once again.

And that’s what I’m finding, panic gives way to boredom as it appears more work is on it’s way, which will cover my bills, but there’s not actually a lot to do right now.

So what if things turn around now and go back to normal? Well I would have already learnt how to stay lean. A lot of the ideas we were in behind before, the main one being of course, putting money into developing our video production services so that we can do auckland wedding videos and other online video services youtube video production and extend that whole cheap promotion out there to even cheap dvd duplication. Extra services.

In order to prepare for that we would be spending more money on the upcoming music videos and more importantly, video promotion, and also working on the website but this is what I’m saying – we’ve already decided it doesn’t need much more than $100 here and there.

We talked about a sub, but again, where is the inspiration musically. There’s no inspiration, there’s nothing.

I used to believe I was part of a tribe who was inspired. It might take a trip, but it shouldn’t need that, but it does need some kind of prompting. I keep thinking about music, and music videos, and it’s not working. But what about my story?


So finally, let’s make a list of things we could possibly make money from if it came down to it.

It seems like if we could raise $300 a week in this way, surely we can hope and pray for at least $400 worth of other work. Because I have savings I can go on for weeks, and discover this as a time to find other things of benefit that I can enjoy, and maybe really start thinking about new directions I can head in.

I have just happened upon a very cheeky little scam that could bring me in $300 a week, it may limit me in a few ways, and I will have to jig and poke a bit, but it could be enough to ensure that one way or another, I should be able to handle it.

Perhaps we need to go with the fact that people still need music, still need video, and still need their children entertained but we have to think of what it is we can offer that meets those needs. This is basic stuff in business but of course technology and society is moving so quickly you need to be able to adapt to offer people something that they want.

Our material needs to obviously speak to people more directly, speak to their needs.

We obviously need to work at being more coherent. Our communication is obviously not working, because it’s incomprehensible and I’m too self indulgent, I’m too focused on my problems perhaps and not the skills I offer to solve other people’s problems.

Auckland Duplication and Copying

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Boy oh boy have I had the squeeze put on me recently, it’s been years since we’ve had back to back weeks where we haven’t even covered our costs. That is a serious situation because that’s not the trend I am used to.

All this year we’ve had a pattern of a bad week, and then a not so bad week, but to then have 2 bad weeks in a row, well that got me worried. The pressure is on to have plans in place in case we need to start generating business not just in cd printing, dvd duplication, auckland postering, but also business promotion, poster design and flyer printing.

I am not overreacting and I have been using the time to be diligent and carry out as much maintenance and administration as possible so when it comes to the practical side of bringing in business and carrying out the promotion jobs of dvd duplication and cd copying in auckland.

I only just noticed I hadn’t posted on my blog at all for 2 months – that would be because of all the crashes for a start, and also spreading my thinking out a lot. My business may be under pressure but I am not under any financial pressure long term, and so the stress is not that bad and as I mentioned there is the opportunity to take steps to make everything more organised and consolidated.

For a start I have collected so much money that has been owing to me from clients, simply because I could focus. Removing these kinds of distractions really clears the path for new possibilities. You’re no longer dwelling on innumerable issues, you can focus on the real problems. I don’t have a lot left to mop up, I have to pay the accountant and sign that off but I think this year I will look at doing my accounts myself, just to see how it goes, there are lots of ways to save money if you find yourself with a lot of time freed up.

I also recognised a lot of ambitious spending simply wasn’t worth it. From video to website to flash items, it’s not really me, it doesn’t seem to make a difference, but I will do my little list of to do’s just so we can stay focused moving things forward.

We’ll be planning a new video shoot. It looks like we’re going to move forward shooting two new music videos, I just need to plan some of the shoots and co-ordinate the girls.

– First I will get the girls to khyber pass once I have the bee outfit, and get the shots I need for wishes, plus get them in the bee outfit.

– Then I will plan night shoots in town for who loves ya, and once again I will have the bees out on it.

– Finally I will do a day shoot with Tama and several of the girls

So my next task is sorting out what kind of shots I need for who loves ya from these girls.


The luxury we have is that we only need to find alternative income sources of a few hundred a week and that will give us a lot of stability – I think we may have to look at diversifying from cd dvd duplication just so we’ve got contingencies in place because we can diddle along like this for weeks but at some point we have to reach a stage where we look at the situation and accept we can’t rely on cd dvd copying and printing if we’re going to make our money. It will be an interesting time.

I think we have to look at the resources we have available and also the options that are going to be less stressful. Of course we could go out and get a part time job but working part time for a very average wage is going to be kind of stressful in that I have to go and do a whole days boring work, perhaps doing thinfs

We can still do our advertising. We could also look at listing more products. we could look at becoming some kind of outsourcer. It’s a tricky one simply because I only need to make a couple of hundred a week. Do I get into forex? Do I push the pirate thing now, for just $150 extra a week? Well a pirate party each week and some other similar source of income would probably be enough.

The fact is my rent is the biggest cost I am meeting every week, but because I’ve had some major changes in terms of my habits and routines, I can look at renting a room out and saving up to $200 a week. That’s probably the best way I can use the resources I have to make income passively. But just think if I got super desperate, I could always have 2 people living here, and not only get about $280 per week rent out of them but also that would save me at least $20 per week in bills. There’s your $300 right there! Suddenly I’m only under pressure to make $300 a week and that is just simply nothing.

But having 2 people in the house at all times could make things difficult, but I maybe able to cope simply because if my goodies kick in, and I only have to raise $100 a week, and any week I make $800 I’m basically a prince, then

Then there’s services like Air BnB, which claims I could be making $280 a month in my area. But I would probably have to get a bed in the room. But then it occured to me if someone was coming to stay, I could put my bed in the room, and just sleep on a mattress.


Business is not going well and I have already began to roll out the options I might have should things not turn around long term. Advertising will be our first port of call, and we may have to look at dropping prices even further. But I am not discussing the business side more the philosophical side, because already it’s obvious we have huge amounts of time to do the things that are significant.

The first steps we’ve made are in health and I’m kind of clinging on to the positives there, that I’ve made massive gains, almost to the point where, well, do I honestly think there is much more progress to be made than the point I’m already at?

I remember telling my mother that I would just do my posters and I’d make a few hundred and that would be my life. Don’t forget auckland wedding videos also. There are possibilities if I’m willing to get behind an idea.

The cost of my accomodation is the next thing I’m looking at now.

It seems quite depressing to me the idea of having to get a flatmate so I think the airbnb is what I will go for first. That may mean charging $30, getting $60 a week . . . not really $200 though is it? Or y’know business could just turn around and I think ultimately that is what I’m hoping for. Not really the grim and gritty way to face things down is it?

We’ve started advertising for cd duplication, dvd duplication, postering and other services, so lets just see how that goes now.

The beginning of the thought I had was if I want to get things rolling again and feel real with it, I need to have a serious think about the skills that I can offer and the sort of work I’m comfortable doing. It’s pretty easy to write these blogs mindlessly in the hope it will help my SEO and we can get things rolling again so I probably will be writing about a broader range of topics just to get some word counts under the belt!

I think I have a lot of skills promoting small business. I can get involved with small business and offer the kinds of skills that a small business would benefit from – blogs, websites, videos, design, postering, even an idea that could work with CD and DVD?

Maybe I could make some videos that showcase my skills? These are all ideas. It’s good to have ideas, but an idea that works is the one you really want. In terms of just getting on with it, then yes, selling all these crappy domain names that have never done anything for me, I would have been better getting more auckland dvd duplication websites like my competition did.

But time to publish this. I am hoping for more work in auckland dvd copying and cd duplication but we really can only hope, and keep throwing ideas around about what could possibly work.