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Quick Turn Around Video Update

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Finally my brand new vlog update kurb is up on our youtube channel, just discussing relevant issues to kurb and the direction I’m going in there.

SO in the last few months we have not had as much business as I’d hoped, particularly in the cd dvd duplication because that is the most lucrative part of the business, most of the other services we offer – postering, printing, design, online promotion, video production really just supplement that main income, but putting some weight behind the diverse services we offer means we can find other opportunities to do business.

But then I got a bit of a shock when I realised my main contingency plan in receiving financial assistance to support my business has quite severe limitations on how much I can do to build my business.

But as I’ve discussed before on here when talking about doing business in adverse conditions, I am saved primarily by my super low overheads, there’s just one main issue there, my rent! I can’t bring that major cost down, and so it seems pointless to dwell on how we can make more saving when such a huge amount of our budget is what is covered for rent, so the only sensible discussion on making savings would be on how to either profit from that or try to make savings by moving. Pretty much out of the question, it would just too much hassle, the only time it would be worthwhile considering relocating is if some awesome place had become available. That hasn’t happened. Leaving a simple situation. Either rent out space here or don’t. That is the extent of my cost saving options, so deal with it.

Right now I am tentative about advertising, it definitely makes a difference, but it’s not huge, and the kinds of jobs coming in tend to be more finnicky, not entirely appropriate for me to make a decent amount of money without having to focus too hard. But at least it assures me, given my skills, that I can make a few hundred dollars a week from the ads I run. I have those options remaining there.

There are other options to keep us alive day to day that we have discussed here before, but I have become so good at slimming the budget that when the drought finally breaks, we are a little worn out, but we are well adjusted to running mean and lean, and soon enough, work arrives, and we are quickly able to invest because our buffers were never used because we were so lean, the overheads were slashed, we were extremely adaptable in our hibernation strategy.

We may be fine now in the short to medium term but we must have some consideration of what would happen long term. Well, we must do our work, we must continue on. If we don’t steadily complete what we’re aiming to have done in video, with websites, the pirate stories, then we won’t get that opportunity to make room for the next opportunity to arrive.

We are hoping that video production will at least show the way forward – it may not be anything to do with videos, but video means getting in and telling stories so people know, so in times yet to pass, they can examine how it was that we were. And because we are making messages, we are making decisions about the kinds of messages that should be communicated, and what we can explore.

What is it’s outcome? Is it business? Connection? Creativity for it’s own sake? Well all of those things if it could be. We are still laying the tracks to where those opportunities may take shape. We know there’s a story, we know they technology will create the demand for stories to be told and so we push ourselves into gaining knowledge of it.

But it seems hard going with some of the video production projects we’re working on. We have been feeling we need to break through to a more artistic vibe. That we inspire my creativity and get more flow going on there.

It seems like I need other ideas to turn to when I am damn sick of videos, and damn sick of tunes, ready to recharge my enthusiasm and move forward there. I just gave up on the idea of forcing through the 27 archives because I want to move forward into art, into artistic vibes, and archiving is only a last refuge when there’s nothing else, I don’t feel it right now, looking backwards.

So what can we do? Well we want promotional ideas for promoting music and video online. We’re tired of fake ideas, we need connections and networks, even small ones at first to work out how to get people encouraged to support and be involved.

I read this article about kickstarter and I didn’t really think about the kickstarter part that much, but I did pick up one message there, coming from the fact that they said if people dont buy your stuff already, theyre not going to fund your kickstarter. You got to have your audience in place. And then what was it?

“Social Capital”

What is social capital, getting people to be your friend so they will help you and you can help each other strategically. It has to be the way, the strategic alliance. And this is where we filter these ideas through the cohort concept in that your social capital maybe hard to build initially with random strangers youre trying to pull in from unknown online locations.

The cohort is about bringing other people around you. It connects with starnow, we’re bringing people around us. We’re bringing them to work with us and then become integrated into achieving our goals, getting people to be interested in what we’re presenting. Not some far flung internet nobody, but people who are close and who are ready to engaged, because we are trying to make money available for them.

So you need some kind of vision to motivate these people because the money isnt enough, so what is it? That we want to make video that people will engage with, targeting the people we need, and appealing to them directly. You start with bringing video production jobs on board, and then your videos are better quality, they sell the service more, you bring yourself to more peoples attention and so you choose what message to bring to them.

Are you trying to sell something? Promote and image or idea? Are you trying to impress people? Inspire and connect with them? What are you trying to do? Work it out!

Or else what? You just want to be famous? You just want to feed your ego? Well not me personally, I would like to use aesthetics, and character and narrative and concepts to promote ideas I choose are worth promoting. It was music, and that is moving more towards promoting my life as a musician above the music itself, and that is an attempt to promote the artist.

I’m promoting the artist, the DJ, the pirate, the ability for what we can offer.

But as I brainstorm here, really getting the vibe for the essence of the message, that we’re selling the artist, not the art, because we need to milk this concept to draw people in, I think we’ll be asking people, what do they want to see? What are they going to be excited by? Ideas will start to form but I don’t want the same stuff, I want something that can get a lot of views or connect to a business opportunity and right now my ideas aren’t like that.

Often I feel like I’m going to go in and sort everything out. So tell me a story about how if you were making more of a surplus you could plow that back into achieving something, upgrading the standard of the product you’re providing?

Paying professionals. Having a vision and looking at where the contractors, the outsourcers can be involved, so you get the best look.

With video production I want to be able to train up a little bunch of outsourcers to do little jobs and this actually goes beyond video production to social media promotions, link building, distribution of content onto networks where it will get seen.

But we also have to make something that people want to see.

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Auckland DVD CD Burning Is Winning Again

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Do you need cd dvd duplication, burning, prinitng, copying services?

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Now we’ve talked about improving the blog, so it’s interesting to read and possibly even to link to, but it’s hard work getting noticed for your good deeds in terms of blogging quality, publishing stuff that people get excited enough to want to share and act, so again google sees this activity as proof of your value and gives you nice rankings so you can sell your product.

I am getting some results with my recent push to use blogging as a better SEO tactic and return to using adwords advertising. Also last year I did a huge clean up of dead links off the main kurb site, so I am pecking away at little bugs that niggle at my SEO results.

SO many people use google now to find obscure services they may need – as opposed to the services that are on every block of shops – if you do anything like what I do, providing specific services for specific customers, you need google on your side, you need online promo to be co-ordinated, or whoever is leading the field in this market is likely to be cleaning up when it comes to bringing in new business.

Now I found this new software I was offered that detects penalty links and I jumped on it immediately because I’ve been thinking about the fact that I write so many blogs that are original, if not actually interesting to read, and I was starting to wonder why it doesn’t seem to help me that much and in particular, my artist site gets such bad search returns, even for really super niche searches which suggested it had been somehow penalized really harshly.

Even though I have links from totally legit social media profiles . . . and I dump blogs on there all several times a week . . . probably because I produce so much content and so little links. But we don’t know. All we know is can’t really beat fat juicy links from totally legit sites. One of the issues highlighted in the offer was links coming from the same IP and I have so many sites all linking to one another that this may be the problem, too many of my own links as opposed to real, decent links, the proportion is in the danger zone. It’s a combination of these factors, but learning more and getting my sites sliding up is only going to improve my results especially in business, but also I must confess the rankings for my artist site are so poor we have to take the opportunity to look into it.

Realising why we’re being penalized could open up a lot of traffic based on the fact I’ve got so much original content.

But mainly it’s important to keep pushing on SEO, because a breakthrough using legitimate could create a significant uptake in business. The next thing I need to do is to a “Site XML” map, I don’t know what that is, but it sounds like something an outsourced web person could do.

Easy when you know someone who knows how to take care of these things, so that you can remain ahead of teh competition that has simply failed to stay abreast of what needs to be done to be competitive marketing locally online.


I have been working on my recent update video and it turned out to be over 10 minutes long WAYYYY too long!

What should I have done? Edited hard. This is fine though, the whole point of this exercise was to try and do something different that could be executed quickly, and though at first I was bit alarmed that I didn’t look completely crisp as I once did, once the vanity subsided and I was able to make use of my new video production skills to improve a lot of aspects, it actually looked pretty good.

Small improvements can be made to bring me to the point I wanted to get to, where I can show these videos to prospective online video company clients. And demonstrate my presentation skills obviously, but also doing basic titles and lighting etc. all we need to do is consider the improvements that could be made, so that as we produce more videos, the standard goes up and we have more impressive, more appropriate material to present.

The point is, that we have completed one new business video production, we’ve told a bit of a story, we’ve indicated the transition from the auckland dvd cd burning business, and now we can consider the next project, and what could be the best way to improve the standard of the video.

Probably super flash video titles which won’t cost me much, and will look to prospective video taping clients as if the can get a fair amount of skill for the cheap video production services on offer.

Most of all, it has made me much more confident about going ahead in video, and working on my presentation skills.

Thinking about ideas for filming my next video blog – vlog – I think maybe I could do a discussion of business to target auckland small business promotions, but I also want to attract interns or people looking for auckland video production jobs who may be interested in getting involved, pairing their skills with my marketing and business experience.

We could also do a globally focused DVD duplication CD burning campaign where we talk about what angles we could offer there, doing cd duplication for clients possibly anywhere. Then of course we do one focused on my presentation skills. That’s the beauty of vlogs, and youtube videos, the ideas are there, and we have already learnt our last idea was way too long and indulgent so we’re moving on from that, to something tighter.

It seems apparent that 100 words a minute is realistic for video presentations, so 500 words will likely be the hard limit.

But the situation we have now is as we had hoped, giving this blog and my adwords ad campaign a little push is all I needed to get my business sales going again and making enough money for me to be content with a bit of extra spending money, rather than barely covering my bills, this isn’t so hard for me because my operating costs and overheads on the dvd burning and cd duplication are fairly low if there’s only a small volume of work available.

What happens if things go well? Do we just shut up shop? No. We take the enquiries we receive seriously based on what we can do. We offer them a super low deal telling them our actual experience is pretty low.

We still come back here to write because we love writing to resolve issues that’s just something I do, I’d rather be writing than pondering endlessly, because somehow with writing you grind your problems down, you beat them in the end. You focus.

If we’re not trying to dig up video in every nook and cranny doing wedding video filming, and any excuse for cd burning, urgent printing, and the concept of directing your marketing towards the premium you can charge for being the quick response, fast service guy.

When things are going well because the auckland dvd cd burning is winning again, we’re still writing but now we’re looking forward and we’re excited about art and connections and that’s business too, because when business doesn’t matter, and also when you’ve got no business, that is when art and connections are invaluable, business is always part of something bigger and we can’t forget that, business is only one way to becoming a better person and leading a better life.

When things are going well, I am focused on creative outcomes.

How can we get outsourced workers who work on video editing and video production online and also do websites, online marketing, search optimisation, how can we get these guys working for us in a way that makes a difference because I want people finding my sites and getting the vibe that I’m on and being turned onto that connection as a source of music and video where they can get involved, and we can cross paths?

How am I even connecting with these people?

Smart Small Business: Urgent Printing Copying Auckland

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Do you need urgent printing copying services auckland?


I just read a pertinent post in regards to my recent efforts to clean my blogging up, talking about when to cull content I already threw out a few dozen posts from this blog that were clearly just republished articles that really offered nothing, but this post I linked to is all very pious about providing the users value – well I offer dvd copying, cd duplication and auckland printing services, I don’t really know what I can blog about that would ever excite anyone who simply wants to get 100 DVD’s made of a school play or corporate presentation.

I just want to rank higher! So here I am continuing to write these kinds of blog posts, fronting up to the business issues I’m dealing with, and I’m not sure if that’s going to ever excite anyone enough to link or comment either!

I have to think seriously about what kind of strategy blogging is offering. My reasoning is that I blog, and I refresh my website with new content which includes my key words every week, and most of my competitors would not do that. Of course I am now no longer writing spammy posts, I am actually trying to front up with a honest discussion of small business promotion issues.

I still refuse to take the keywords out of my title, I’m sorry! Search rankings are always going to do more for me until I write well enough to actually get half decent people linking to me, so right now, while it’s only spambots that read this blog, I have to pull my key words into my blog because search ranking is what brings people to my website to purchase services off me, no one reads this blog when they need cd dvd copying

Hey I am not a search marketing genius but I know enough to keep my business going!

This latest article I read is reminding me that I need to do more than just blog mindlessly if we are going to increase sales.


What I do know now that I didn’t know before is that you have to keep your stress down! I know it’s so easy to think that everything will get better when your money situation is good, but if you’re not organised, you’re making mistakes, you’re going out on a limb, then sooner or later, luck will not be going your way, and you can burn out or collapse.

That’s only a perception I’ve been able to take in as my business has become really quiet and I am looking at ways to get things happening again, and so looking at the situation, I do need ideas to keep things pumping along. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of techniques and tactics up my sleeve when it comes to advertising and using adwords which I haven’t used for nearly 3 years because I’ve just been cruising, but when the going gets tough . . .

With urgent printing, urgent copying and video editing etc., it is about being near the “point of pain” for the customer. Part of our service is that we make ourselves available for that person who desperately needs various printing and dvd copying or urgent video production, video filming services and we are able to charge accordingly.

If you’re doing adwords or whatever you’re going to get people calling up needing their auckland printing and copying jobs or work done urgently, but the reality is most of your competitors will already be busy with their day to day to offer the turnaround they need, because people being people, always leave things til the last minute, being completely unaware of the processes involved.

But because I am chilling at my house ready to be responsive because I’m not tied up with huge volumes of not so profitable work I have to maintain because of my overheads, I am free to charge a premium for taking on these urgent copying jobs.

It’s made me realise that that’s my special skill I am so so lean, I am ready to lose my tail, walk away – or scuttle off – and grow another one. I work from home. These are just things to consider – I function well in many situations because my overheads are so low. So many people assume that many costs are just “the cost of doing business”

These guys in most print shops or doing all the work that I do, well they’re there on the 9 to 5 tip, I’m skilled as a solo operator so I’m only really around doing a few hours work a day, my routine is so streamlined that I have all this time to myself to be innovative, and find solutions that work just for me.

I will do an ad, I will do a campaign for you, my costs are so low, and my budget so limited, because I am only one person, and I can get a hell of a lot done when it comes to making some online promotion happen. Auckland micro marketing specialist, I will get up in the morning and make a video, and then I will put some posters up and I will write some articles to go on your blog, I will diddle up an adwords campaign for you – all in just one day, and it’s only a day’s work so just give me $500 and we’ll be done, that’s how I do business.

Could I seriously do that? Well the posters would take an hour and a half. The video would take 2 hours at least, more for editing, the blogs I could bang out in an hour and a half pretty easy, and the adwords, yeah an hour and a half to be safe. Could it be done in a day? Yes. A one day nuclear bomb for auckland small business, a marketing and promotions blitzkrieg designed to bring devastating results.

What do we do?

Well I just run in there with my camera, and everything, what do you need, we need to have a deal going that’s going to attract customers to use your business, and its got to encourage them to use the business in that magic way that works for them – it’s something that’s in demand, but also either easy for you to do, or there’s a worthwhile profit margin. Or you could be targetting a specific market, like I might do with dvd duplication – weddings, or school plays, these a situations where people need urgent dvd copying, those are ideal small jobs for me to make decent money off, and being able to respond quickly.

You need to get that deal going to the market you’re lining up, get your video filmed, I can present it if that’s what’s required, meanwhile we’re running around with a poster in the streets advertising, flyers, so people know, you’re testing it out, jumping on adwords too, this is how you go crazy in one day marketing, that’s what I do if I can come and get $500 I will just go crazy on promotions, writing up blogs just like this, I tear them out in about 40 minutes, good stuff that makes a worthwhile point.

What’s my point – when I choose to target those requiring urgent printing, dvd copying auckland, I find a way of targeting a market where I can make good enough money because I’m responsive because I stay loose, stay on the scene, like a sniper, targeting the moment you can swoop in to make the cash and be kicking back otherwise, streamlining your business because if you can get rid of that 20% of business that causes you grief and take up your time and lose that off your profit margin, then you’re actually going great because stress is one thing you don’t want.

Because I’m not busy most of the day, or I can drop what I’m doing, it means I have the ability to go in and offer really crazily unique services like coming into a small business situation in auckland and doing a day long promotions blitz. These are ideas that come from playing the small business game smart!

Now don’t forget my roll call, calling out sandringham, grey lynn, mt albert, mt roskill, mt eden, epsom, new windsor, new lynn, blockhouse bay, three kings, royal oak, parnell, newmarket, ponmsonby, westmere, pt chev, avondale – anywhere you need urget printing copying auckland!

Kurb Promotions Auckland Update 2014

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

So I’ve just taken the flying leap of moving from a commitment to better quality written blogs, to actually updating my video blogs on the kurb channel.

So this is the script I went with for that. What am I trying to achieve? Well basically appearing as if I give a toss about my business for a start, prepared to front up and say hey, this is me, this is my business, this is what’s happening. It also gives me a point from which I can begin developing my presentation skills for more online videos that can continue to communicate strong and professional presentation!

As always if you need cd duplication, dvd duplication, printing, Auckland postering, flyer distribution and online promotions services including online video promotions . . . contact me, Matt –


Hi this is Matt Turner from Kurb Promotions in Auckland, New Zealand and I thought it was really about time I posted a new video blog to my youtube channel so people could hear from me what’s actually been happening at Kurb.

The truth is doing CD and DVD duplication actually became really successful for me, and that was keeping me really busy and the money was really good, and the whole production process was really cheap and straightforward, so it really made it easy for me to kind of back away from all the other stuff I was doing at kurb, printing posters, doing music marketing, playing around with video production and promotion. And of course on the side, I not only make and DJ Drum and Bass but I also am I kid’s birthday entertainer, I dress up as a pirate and entertain kids for $150 an hour, so yeah tonnes going on and money wasn’t an issue so basically unless you were interested in getting a CD or DVD done, you liked Drum and Bass or you were turning 5 and loved pirates, you would not have heard very much out of me in the online marketing and videos scene.

Now why was I so successful in that area doing the CD DVD Duplication? Because I had online marketing skills, websites, blogging, search engine ranking, online ads, making videos, I already learnt all that stuff from music marketing, except there was big difference – people still wanted to make DVD’s and CD’s and the technology meant I could do it really cheaply in my spare room and basically charge the lowest prices. Also I need to mention, a lot of people came to the site and they saw my videos of me speaking directly, just like this they saw my face, they heard my voice, and they felt far more assured that I wasn’t in this to rip anybody off with my low prices and homemade website.

So let’s go over that – I had the online presence so they could find me; I had the lowest prices which motivated them to buy; and I had made an effort to engage prospects in a way that engendered trust – fronting up doing a video, jsut like this.

But all good things must come to an end. It may be the march of technology, it may be because I became quite relaxed about my business – I have not spent any money on advertising for 2 years, afterall, and it may be because of my personal circumstances over the last year, or a combination of factors, that I am no longer making super great money doing CD and DVD duplication jobs.

I am still able to cover my bills, and I have been very conscientious saving a lot of the returns in the last few years, which is really awesome because all it really means is that I have lots more time on my hands, I’m no longer as stressed out as I used to be, and I’m able to build my business back up in a way that’s honest and real, this is what I learnt from the whole online music marketing scene, was I couldn’t bear to try and cash in on somebodies big dreams knowing how hard the music game really is.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t consider doing music marketing and definitely online marketing again because I’m good at it, but you have to realise what you’re up against, and what someone like me can actually sell you.

You need a website, you need a blog, you need social media, you need a video, you need a campaign with advertising, and reaching out bloggers, and building some solid links and creating some interesting content, you actually need all this and that’s going to cost you $2k at least and even then it’s going to be nothing flash, it’s just to make sure you’ve got the basics covered.

Because I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, I am doing a lot of blogging, I’m building links again, and I’m back into doing a few videos too, because these videos matter, if you want to somehow be real and create any kind of impression with people that you’re someone who is going to front up.

Here with me at Kurb, I’m still going to be doing the CD and DVD duplication because it’s great money, so if you need CD’s and DVD’s done, well get in touch because I have one magic power in this life so far that has made me good money and that is knowing how to get CD’s and DVD’s to you, anywhere in the world at the cheapest price, that is what I have been doing for the last few years.

I may end up doing a few finnicky little jobs – video editing, dvd authoring, dvd conversion, maybe just a few copies of a dvd at a time, as long as I can make $100 for a couple of hours work then I am happy to do it.

But technology marches on CD’s and DVD’s will not be arounf forever. I will still run around my home town of Auckland organising posters and flyers to go up because I’ve done it for 10 years, it’s great getting out on the street, it’s good exercise. I’ll still dress up as a pirate and do kids parties.

But I’ll be back in this video game, shooting video for clients and business in Auckland, also presenting, producing, doing these video blogs, I’ve been making my own music videos for the last few years, so I’m really looking to get my teeth into the whole video thing and bringing everything I’ve learned in that time into the business side of what I’m doing.

This is communication! If you’ve got stuff you want to communicate then there is not going to be a better way than creating a video to get the message across. This is why video matters because people want to see and hear other people doing real stuff, just reading about it or seeing a photo is not enough if you want to get people connecting with the message you’re trying to get out there.

And I’ll still be talking to you guys, to my clients, about what can be done online without it costing you a fortune doing it the expensive way. I’m talking about real skills that real people in small business, in organisations and producing original content need – You need to produce the content that reaches people, on the platforms on the channels that reach people who want to find it. You need to be able to leverage the people working in cheaper labour markets so you can produce better content, get out there further and faster, because there’s no way to do this cheaply and competitively unless you’re using all the tricks at your disposal to wring the most out of your tiny budget.

Value in Auckland Video Production

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Hi this is Matt at Kurb Promotions, Auckland and we offer a range of digital media content services for organisations and groups on a budget – Video / CD / DVD copying, printing, duplication – plus design, auckland poster printing and distribution, and video production.


So recently we decided to start cleaning up the blog by putting in a little more effort to make the blog a bit more interesting to read.

Rather than raking over the same minutiae of my business and various half hatched aspirations, I decided I wanted to attempt to make the blog something that if somebody found it, or I started directing people twoard my blog, or because they were interested in what I was working on, they could read and engage – more reader focused than a personal problem solving focus. I know I have some writing skills but if I don’t stretch them then I don’t have the ability to demonstrate them or put them to use improving my situation. I can’t link to my posts, because they are not good enough for the average reader, but by working on this, slowly, I may get to a point where I can begin letting people know I have a link, I have some writing.

When I post comments on others blogs, or a new community I find, then the trails that lead back to me don’t give the appearance I’m simply a muppet in the game trying my luck trying to drum up support and business, because I’m desperate to establish myself in this.

One of the little things I’m doing is I will be publishing more links which I feel have interesting points worth mentioning. Not necessarily to promotion, or specifically business related themes, but items of interest related to being more understanding or successful in various operations.

In a my clean up post I talked about an article discussing how you can work on yourself as much as you like but the results will only ever be measured in terms of what you can offer the world. If you’re not getting what you want, it’s only because you’re not offering enough to get it.

It doesn’t matter how much work you do to become a better person on the inside, the result it produces is what you will be measured by.

This made me think of my archiving work, my website work, my promotions on my artists site and how so much that I do is failing to provide value to the outside parties – the fans, the clients – I need to attract to make the thing work.

Even writing these blogs endlessly, I mean sure, it looks like I’ve plowed through over 1000 words today already but to what purpose? Make that 2000. Sure, it proves I can write a lot of words. But to what purpose is it all ultimately serving?

So we’ve begun by taking the step to make the blogs more readable and accessible so at least it provides a good look, I can’t really call myself a blogger just by vomiting words onto the screen for the purpose of pushing up search engine rankings, once they become readable articles, well then I have the opportunity.

One idea I had today was that it was time to get on with resolving the issue of all these blank printed discs we have that aren’t really doing anything. But then I realised, again . . . this is just a selfish idea that is convenient for me.

Does auckland, does new zealand want 1000 old CD’s burned with some crappy misprint on them full of my songs or videos? I’m not sure. Just because it’s convenient it doesn’t mean it’s something that’s worthwhile. What I think we need to focus on right now is what people want.

One idea that struck me though is that on one hand, you need to be valuable to other people in order to get what you want.

And yet the less you want, the less you are required to find a way to be valuable.

Let’s have a link then. This from philosophers mail

The dirty truth about Capitalism is not that it is inefficient, but that its ambitions as yet have been so lowly and so restricted.

When we get furious about bankers’ bonuses . . . What we really hate is the idea of bankers getting paid a lot of money when we can’t see how they have helped other people.

Rather than wanting to wind back big corporations, we should have a different and better ambition: we should want them to learn to make their profits by a strangely odd-sounding but in fact plainly obvious goal: truly helping other people.

I guess that explains a little of why we’ve chosen to blog this way, and leads to more to be said for trying to really help people, really look to what they want and need.


Because of this return to the value of production, we slowed up on our archiving project, and switched round and started firing out more videos. I’m not sure what we’re heading towards, but we know when you want to produce videos or anything else it starts with getting started.

We’re getting started showing our skills in presentation and fronting up.

What comes after that?

Well more videos. You have one more music video you want to complete in the next month. And also the cohort getting cohesive. We set up a page, and we set up ads, wow it’s really ambitious. But it is also the point from which our honest investigations into local new zealand youtube culture can begin, now that we’re cleaning this blog up a bit more so you can actually read and follow it.

So I want to reach out on star now. I want to jump on star now and say check out my music videos im doing teamed up with auckland actors on star now, who wants to get out there and make some god damn videos for youtube new zealand, okay???

So we get people starting to roll up because they want to be into video editing, they want to be shooting filming auckland youtube videos, theyre in there, doing the yards and we’re producing videos, a lot of videos, and we’re getting good, we’re getting better and better and youtube video production!

We’re doing pirate videos. This is serious. We have a lot of funny kind of “get out there and do it” kind of concepts we want to roll with but we need to get real we need to get serious with these cohort people who want to get out there and do it with us!

A lot of the material we’re doing now, is just warming up for more assured material coming further down the line because we know how the professionals, the showmen work – they have their routines which they work through, we just have to convey that kind of assurance.

But it’s a lot of work scripting and shooting these videos!


I have finally finished shooting 4 vlogs, wow how did it take me 48 hours to write and shoot 4 videos of me just sitting there talking? I guess I kind of forgot how hard this work is, but that’s a reminder that it’s not an easy skill which is what makes it valuable. Also it’s important we do some more this month, so we keep our youtube video presentation skills sharp.

The skill is only valuable as long as I can maintain my skill level and improve. Not that I see a big future in presenting videos! I just want to be able to push my efforts forward in this area, to take a shot, have a go, and comeback with thoughts on how to improve for next time.

I am now slightly confused about where I’m moving to now, and what my thoughts on this whole process will be.

The first answer is we go back to the 27 archive entries. But as discussed we also have video and the youtube video producers cohort on this list, and then music and video promo is the next thing coming up.

Are we ready for promo? Are we ready for the cohort? Before we ask those questions we can see how it’s all flying at us now we’re not working so much, the highway is getting chewed up as me roll through. It won’t be long until wide spaces begin to open up where we get to shape new priorities and new directions.

Yes I am sensitive to the fact that none of this is putting money in the pocket, it’s not arresting that issue of producing value and could be considered a distraction, but at the same time I salute the ability to march onward, we build on each hard fought step forward, we don’t know how many steps remain but we soldier on regardless, not tied to the belief that salvation lies around the next corner. We are ready to turn a lot of corners before we get back to where we want to be.

A few extra hundred dollars, well up until recently, it would have made no challenge, and we have to remember out fortunes could easily change, and we have to prepare to answer the question of where we can go once we’re back on budget with our core services of auckland cd dvd reproduction and printing.

Reaching Out for Youtube Video Promotion

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Hi this is Matt at Kurb Promotions, Auckland and we offer a range of digital media content services for organisations and groups on a budget – Video / CD / DVD copying, printing, duplication – plus design, auckland poster printing and distribution, and video production.


So right now I am trying to reach out to other video producers and youtubers – youtube content creators to network, to learn, and to look at where there is a possibility for collaboration.

Here is a video I made in spring 2013 – I wrote the music as well as shooting, editing and starring in the clip!

So an important point to make here is that it is now time for me to shift my focus from music videos, to doing videos that might engage in other ways.

I was thinking of working with more arty, dramatic themes, because I’m interested in trying different things out to see what works and is effective, but my business situation means I’m looking to at least create content that will get more views for less effort rather than just using various technical techniques to create moods and styles.

It doesn’t help by adding some misleading justin bieber hashtag, it just doesn’t help to try and be popular without having anything of substance to offer. This means you have to an angle where you can talk with some authority.

I thought of doing a kurb update. Putting a new video on the kurb promotions channel considering the last video I did was a really really crazy send up that was not really that professional and now its over 3 years since I put anything up so I think just that in itself is a good enough reason.

So I thought of simply getting into my suit, getting some lights on and doing some talking – because these are the videos that are easy to do, simply shooting and editing. What you may find it you can get some hits but without the great effort of music videos, what ideas for subjects do you have?

Kurb Update on the state of the business and whats happened, explaining whats been happening with cd dvd duplication and posters

Metabass 2. Metabass is a series where I talk philosophy and preview beats. It could be a good idea to lay down another metabass just to not be that precious and accept we might only do a metabass every year or so. We can’t really freestyle a metabass though.

Romantech vloggy update thing on my drum and bass producer channel basically saying what I’m doing, and how I want to connect with other people who are into beats and making videos, we’re talking to people who are excited about music, and making videos and being a part of gigs.

But there you’ll see this is what I’m talking about in cleaning up the blog – no being self conscious of linking to my own stuff because I’m worried how my amateurish efforts are being perceived. Partly because I am making an effort to lift my game, but I also accept that I’ll never have the full cutting edge polish I am being candid about my work, I am only trying to raise a few extra hundred worth of business a week I don’t need to hype up what I’m doing.

I wanted to do a video on online dating. That could be pretty popular.

I think the best idea is to prepare to shoot video in terms of a set up

Remember, that video is like blogging in that if you’re stuck for ideas, you can always make looking for relevant ideas within a certain box the subject of your blog or video. So that means that I could do a video on the subject of what is covered in this blog post, that is – where do you start when you’re trying to reach out and connect with people on youtube?

Sure that could be a follow up post to what I’m doing, but I think I have some good ideas and I have another idea for a pirate video, doing the phone thing. That’s 5 ideas already. I say we go to it, because I want to freshen up the game, I want to do something bold and new, and I don’t think these videos will make much difference, but my ability to get into that suit, slick my hair back and talk seriously, is something I can use as an asset.

I’m not hoping to achieve much other than to prove to myself I can do it, and perhaps reflect on what opportunities there are from there to do more such recordings.

So I want some videos that are 3 minutes long at the most. But I’m going to need some notes or it will be easy to get lost.

So the first video for kurb promotions would be the update, explaining that ive been doing cd dvd duplication and posters for the last few years and as that business has petered out I’m looking at new services I can provide. Which includes video production so it’s only suitable that I get back on the kurb channel and make a new video. So run me through the key points of what we want to say when producing a business vlog on our own small business, kurb?

– How the success of the CD/DVD Duplication side of the business took over my focus
– what made the cd dvd burning and printing so successful
– moving into alternative business with integrity
– what services are available now through kurb
– the reality of online marketing now
– the possibility of opportunity in video production

With the Romantech vlog I will be explaining what im doing with my videos – the whole modest ambitions while learning approach, and how I want to connect with others interested in collaborating. Yes it’s a warm up for the main cohort vid. What is that we’re waiting on?

Good examples of what we can do, something really impressive? This is more of a philosophical statement rather than a full on recruitment pitch in terms of the cohort.

I was able to knock off the write up for the philosophical content piece also. Leaving the Online dating piece. What points do we want to make there? Oh that needs a whole post doesn’t it? Leaving the pirate video I reckon we can ad lib last.


So I have completed filming for 2 vlogs, that took me about 3 hours, because of course I’ve forgotten all the difficulties that present themselves with video production, learning scripts, pronunciation, strong posture and projection, and it was hard going and I felt the frustration bubbling up. It never got worse that it has in the past, but it still took 3 hours, I was getting tired with it!

But it reminds us that presenting to the camera and getting it really solid is actually not an easy skill that anyone can do, and if I’m in it, I will find it easier to maintain a level of skill, and increase my skills to complete this work faster. I don’t seriously expect to make money as a youtube presenter, but if we can make videos people will actually watch then we’ve got audience attention.

We’re trying to build skills and develop business. I want to reach out also to people who want to promote and want to produce videos because I know that good video content will be valuable however it’s created and whatever it is.

Good video will be valuable because people want the service, but you can also use it to promote what else you can offer that may be more profitable.

You can reach out to more people, but it still comes down to what you can offer them.

We will be going to the basement in terms of prices for video work, while we continue to produce content, whatever content we can for youtube, so that we can learn, we can connect, and we can make something happen.

Cleaning Up: Reader Friendly Blogging

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Hi this is Matt at Kurb Promotions, Auckland and we offer a range of digital media content services for organisations and groups on a budget – Video / CD / DVD copying, printing, duplication – plus design, auckland poster printing and distribution, and video production.


So the idea behind cleaning up in blogging is that rather than just throwing out thoughts for the benefit of better search engine rankings, if we make an effort to make our blogs more readable, then we don’t have to be self conscious about what we write in a way that would compromise the ability to promote the blog, and interact from that standpoint.

We want people to be behind what we’re doing. We can’t do that without demonstrating that we are offering something, that what we are doing isn’t pointless.

Having content that is perceived to be fresh and relevant on your blog is an excellent way to improve search rankings and start bringing in traffic, but having blogs that are not reader friendly and just spew out content makes it hard for you to present links to your blog in a social media situation and have people take your blog seriously.

A lot of people won’t understand why you would simply publish long winded, random copying business babble, and could possibly draw any conclusion about the authors state of mind. People who are creative and seek empowered knowledge won’t exactly be riveted with inspiration reading most of the posts I’ve put on this blog so far.

I mean how can I present myself as having the skills to do a wide range of media and promotion tasks, if I’m fronting up with a shaky looking website and a blog that is full of useless boring content where I try and fit “DVD Duplication” into the piece enough times?

Your blogs may not be a masterpiece or be saying anything new, but I am taking the step of at least trying to make my blogs pleasant to read, so where I am connecting, where I am linking, where I am presenting myself, any time I choose to, it’s not going to reflect badly on my “brand” that I have a blog that is basically a beating drum of what I plan to do tomorrow, next and maybe next month.

The tasks and problems you’re actually facing day to day, make good subjects for content, but there is such a way you can write that makes it interesting to follow. You may not inspire your readers initially, but if it serves as a platform from which you can connect with other creative aucklanders and media content producers then that’s at least a step, and you are learning the discipline it takes to write good articles because it’s focused on what people want to read, rather than your repetitive efforts to bring in search traffic.

No one is going to comment or link to a blog that barely makes sense. They’re not going to read such a blog. And that’s a terrible shame because bringing in a few decent links would be great exposure as well as SEO – probably better than just grinding out pointless content. You have to remember google is always refining it’s ability to judge whether a site is providing value, and so the most authentic way to do that is to earnestly attempt to provide value, even though you accept it’s never going to be that easy.


So right now I am still working on my personal website archive, detailing 27 entries on creative projects I’ve been involved in. These form groups by which a lot of material I am cleaning out of my hard drive to organise will be catalogued and made permanently accessible so it has two homes – online in a curated form and a offline backed up on 2 hard drives in 2 different locations.

It showcases the projects I’ve been involved in creatively, and gives me a sense of where I’ve been creatively, my journey there, which gives me inspiration about where I could be heading.

After that I will be working on a music video for shadows, that definitely has to be done but looking down the list it is the cohort concept that is looming up. This is an idea about bringing people who are interested in making videos, auckland video production together. The idea to clean this blog up and quit droning on indulgently and micro planning everything out loud comes from the cohort – if we want young youtubers, youtube creators to be interested in what I’m doing, they can’t be coming along and checking out ratty old blogs where I’m telling some sob story or droning on about cd dvd duplication all the time.

What are the steps to get people involved?

Well I think we want to do a video. How are we going to promote the video? Well I think we will set up a web page with the video with advertising, but we will also go to star now, and we will start orbiting online locations where this kind of activity may be taking place.

We may even go back to dropping in on various blogs and leaving comments, getting involved, doing our thing.


One thing I’m going to start doing because I want to be more useful and less indulgent is posting articles I read that have offered something interesting.

This is one on cracked, 6 harsh truths that will make you a better person.

Name 5 things that you do well, not that you are, but that you can do. I said I duplicate CD’s and DVD’s the cheapest in auckland and new zealand, I know where to put up posters in auckland for free so they get seen and stay up the best, I’m a great childrens birthday entertainer, and I can also make videos, websites, edit DVD’s, I make music also obviously, I write blogs, I know about online marketing.

all of society is the bleeding gunshot victim.

If you want to know why society seems to shun you, or why you seem to get no respect, it’s because society is full of people who need things. They need houses built, they need food to eat, they need entertainment, they need fulfilling sexual relationships.

There is some really harsh stuff in there that’s for sure! This guy definitely knows how to write with a punch too, which is worth noting.

The point he makes is that whatever you are inside, it doesn’t really matter, it’s what you are to the world. You have to take a look at yourself, and I see a lot of my behaviour is simply self indulgent. This reflects on the ideas I’ve had about blogging, the blogs I write are valuable to no one! We have to really start thinking about how anything we are doing offers any body anything!

These are important things to reflect and meditate on.

This sprung from checking out another article on “effort shock”

So, people bail on diets. Not just because they’re harder than they expected, but because they’re so much harder it seems unfair, almost criminally unjust.

Do you ever think that it’s some kind of conspiracy of victimisation that has landed you in this unfortunate state? I do, and I run a fairly successful business!

It’s a good chance to reflect. Doing things is hard. So I guess you better get started then.

This was all inspired from one of my favourite bloggers, venkat rao’s twitter. He is a totally fascinating writer for me because he seems to have an engineering perspective on philosophy and scratches the surface to reveal the inner workings of many ideas

Effort shock is a depressing, motivation-killing concept, but better to learn about and make peace with it sooner rather than later. You cannot beat effort shock unless you EITHER a) rethink what rewards mean to you OR b) are the Rainman

So you have to rethink rewards?

Will bringing in obscure philosophical perspectives help to clean up my blogging? The idea is value in ideas.

If this gets me thinking about being more productive and less indulgent, then awesome. If it makes me re examine the ideas I have because of how good I had it doing dvd duplication, then that is good as well.

dvd reproduction is so profitable, it gets hard to think about how it is doing other kinds of business because they seem like a waste of time!

This next article I read on brain pickings was about “wu wei” – succeeding without trying – “trying not to try” I guess a natural, organic approach to getting things to happen.

I didn’t actually finish it to be honest but it made me think about settling from a “trying” mindset . . . do or do not, there is no try. Everything takes effort but it is how that effort is used. I personally found I was focused on goals, that never seem to eventuate.

Reading about this concept made me really think about the dynamics of achieving, progressing without an obsessive focus that paradoxically appears to limiting us.

Working less has allowed me to give up cigarettes because I can focus on what I want. We are settling into more rewarding patterns from which ideas can grow because we’re not pre-occupied. We just have to use this time to build into the strongest ideas we have.