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Music Industry and Video Production Work

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014





At the moment, I am really look for strong new promotions directions, and the thing is we still get a few people coming to us with skills who want to work doing promotions with music, or have video production skills.

We need to able to offer these services in the form of a product that our customers, clients want to purchase. But how, why?

They see examples. They see examples of the work, they get the message they see our ability to deliver that message on a budget.

This is where we could see ourselves as an ad agency, if we’re trying to sell ourselves, sell our stories, sell a story that can sell to our customer’s customer, then we are an ad agency. I just want people who know how to promote.

At the moment we don’t need this idea, it’s just me getting excited because I want to do promo stuff, and I see the potential when you can deliver a product.

But there’s no point in launching into such a risky large scale undertaking, for now, I focus on short term promotion, promoting myself, my music, my videos, and my first step is through involving others in what I’m doing, hoping to spread my influence. But the ideas obviously do need to be stronger.

Maybe there is more to be seen in the content of the work, but the point is, we want to bring people’s skills on board in order to advance a model of promoting a product through producing media cheaply. We experiment with what can be achieved on a budget by trying different things.

There still seems to be an opportunity to bring people together to work on projects, such as this cohort concept, that we bring people on board to get involved so that we are immediately exposing our ideas to new people who are invested, and will push your profile, brand and content so that it can reach new audiences.

How do we deal with these people? Well it depends on the level on which we are being approached or are approaching and the first group this concept applies to are those who are approaching me about my business and getting a job doing a music industry job or video production work. I have to tell them there is no paid positions established presently.

So what do I tell them to give them a clear idea?


I don’t have any paid positions available at the moment, but there is still a lot of opportunities available for those interested in learning about music and online promotion, interested in co-operating around online music promotions projects, and building up skills you can make available should the opportunity for paid work arise.

It’s not usually the sort of thing you walk straight into a job doing, you have to commit to holding an intern type of position until you have learnt skills that the clients that approach me will want to use. However, there is a lot of opportunity to move into the gaps once you have those skills as I am mainly focused on CD/DVD production and youtube now, but all the channels I used to carry out this work are still open and ready to be used by someone who’s willing to learn.

These sort of skills and knowledge you can gain about digital promotions will be useful in any commercial situation, and there is the opportunity to use what you pick up primarily testing ideas promoting yourself, your own content, your own work.

There are opportunities if youre interested, you just may have to commit some effort upfront investing into your skills before youre in a position to earn an income.


Thanks for your mail. I’m not sure how much you know about my operation, but in terms of video production it is a little bit of an empty vessel at the moment.

My specialty at the moment is crafting media services at ultra competitive prices and my main business is producing CD’s and DVD’s which has been very successful up until this point, but I am also aware that due to technology this cannot continue long term.

That is why I have begun setting up the video production business in preparation for taking the same approach in the future as I did that made the CD / DVD business so successful, that is, being extremely competitive on price in order to establish a viable client base.

I am confident I can do this, but this may unfold slowly, however if there were people who had the technical skills that I lack available, that would give me more confidence going forward – my strengths are in marketing, business, customer service, not in technical skills, thought I am learning.

What that means is that there is not paid position available nor is there likely to be this year, however it would be useful to me to have someone to offer editing skills, especially on my own projects as I am working to lift the standard of my product to a more professional level, that shows clients some good examples of work that is adequate to what they require.

Unfortunately, part of getting established means there may not be a lot of money initially, but if you were interested in freelance projects and were able to offer competitive costs that I could work with, then that allows me to produce a better product, be more confident when approaching potential clients, deliver good work at low cost, and establish a viable ongoing clientele.

Also theres modern aspects of outsourcing to consider. Cheap labour means that a lot of work can be completed cheaply elsewhere, but this still requires somebody with technical proficiency to supervise and evaluate the standard of work produced by editors working overseas, and most likely do little fixes and patch ups in situations where a client is requesting particular details and changes.

There is a lot of opportunity here of course because I can also deliver these services for clients overseas, which means we can be very competitive on price on certain projects delivered potentially to australia, america, UK, etc.
I currently practice by doing music videos and working with models, this is not something I am able to charge for, however if you were willing to provide some support on these projects at a modest – perhaps very modest rate – then that means I can get closer to the point where I am confident in the product im able to present, and can focus on my strengths, which is marketing, business development, and working with clients.


I’m thinking about promotion but I’m also thinking about productivity, I got some stuff on trademe finally, we want more stuff going out the door, out of here!

We want to be more focused we talked about that, which means cracking down on distracting online, ocd type behaviour, I think it would be horrifying to see how much time is wasted simply dawdling.

What is the next step in terms of this?

Actual concrete ideas to break through. We need to deal with these videos, so my plan is to go and buy some costumes and enlist people to help with filming and then get it going organically before I start to involve different models.

I was getting frustrated because I got these issues happening around the situation with these models and such.

I didn’t sell it well, I was unconfident and unsure, and it hasn’t worked out in terms of getting the girls on board.

I needed to know how to take a step forward. Any step forward to get me moving out of the mud because I was stagnating, frustrated that I couldn’t get these models together in a way where I felt I could deal with them.

As usual it’s about momentum, getting the wheels turning means we can start gathering the momentum to make the jump.

So first the letter for the music industry job applicants, rolling forward our cohort process, I was back on the invoice game, pushing that out, I slapped out another one just then, I wanted them out the door, I get jumped up. Doing my adsense, doing these little tasks, I am looking at the forex. The truth is forex and domains are little out the back business issues where no urgency exists until we are sitting here with no work. If I have money coming in there’s no need to concern ourselves with this.

Although this only takes us back to the point where we do have to deal with the models, at least I feel clean and clear heading back into deal with that. That was the whole point now I feel ready to tackle it.

I’m going to buy a suit for myself, then I feel confident back in my own zone, doing me as the crazy guy, not asking the girls to do anything I’m not doing. When I can get going filming without the girls, with my own costume, then I don’t feel dependent on the girls to make everything happen.


I need to stop trying to do too much. I just have seen how easy it is to mess up a shot, so I try to do as much stuff as possible so we know there’s something to use. But it’s getting out of control and we stagnate.

We need to have clear ideas. We need to visualize more clearly exactly what will be seen, even if you have to write it out.

Youtube promo is about commenting and connecting in various ways, but we see the extension of the cohort. Models are being paid, video editors are being paid, we’re getting a better product, we’re building the cohort, then we stretch it out from there. Who wants to be involved. What are you trying to do? Make good youtube collaborations. If you’ve got an idea, cool, otherwise I’ve got an idea I’m working on.

How do we attract people? Online, we’re growing out, there’s starnow, big idea, we’ll be on youtube, and then I will begin to advertise, and I will begin to advertise worldwide for kids to contribute video productions to a drum and bass channel and be paid if I use their stuff.

We have seperate ad campaigns we have videos targeting video editors, video producers, kids, models, people looking to work in auckland too, this is where we begin to build the cohort. I’m sure we’ll gather our dirty dozen like that and I will be able to reward them, especially as they reward me not only kickstarting the quality of the content to a much higher level, but also the beginnings of a fanbase, having a crew.

Then again we must look at promo options, and how the content will hook people in and how I’m planning to push it forward.

Well we’re making video. I don’t care if there’s money in it, I’m doing what I want to do, what I’m excited about, that’s what I said, when you’re excited about something, be excited because it doesn’t last.

Focus on Productive Music Promotions

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

A recent music video produced by kurb promotions!

As I get more established in business, I’m more interested in efficiency and productivity and creativity than profitability. I am interested right now in concentration and focus so I can move beyond the every day operation of my business doing cd duplication, dvd duplication and printing to the areas of video production and music promotions that I am interested in again.

As I learn to be disciplined and focused again, I see paths forward to promote music and video online.

I want to improve and refine my methods, I don’t need a game changer, and one improvement would be a more productive focus, free from distractions.

So work was starting to slow down again, which it will take a couple of weeks at least before I’m getting worried, because things weren’t too bad there for a little while, I even got busy. It just matters that we get a decent job in at least once a month so we can cover our expenses moving forward.

But the real feeling I’m having is actually excitement because I am able to focus on other things that aren’t work where I wanted to make progress, just like I did last time, except it’s so different now. I have already given up cigarettes. I’m a better cook. I started running, I stopped. I can start again. Taxes are done, all that nonsense with the tree and all kinds of bills, all fines, and debts, they’ve all been taken care of.

You could say that maybe it’s a problem that we’re having to face that I’m finally realising as I’m getting here, doing videos, doing music, doing the thing I’ve waited to do, I have to discover that nobody is really caring that much. But that’s part of the beauty, no cares if you fail, because they’re simply not that interested in anything except what blows up.

And failure means I can learn, I need to use the resources I have to experiment.

I had a strong thought in productivity today. Giving up cigarettes I was able to pull off because you’re stopping a negative behaviour. Jogging fell over again because I have to motivate myself to do it. So we should always be looking for a negative behaviour to avoid, something we do compulsively that we have to stop, mainly concerning our lack of focus and concentration, like I can see this as a major issue as I have less to do, it’s just too easy not to feel like something has to be done.

Zoning out on an ego trip on social media, it has to be stopped. Sometimes I can’t write a sentence without checking twitter and touching my hair. These are the real subconscious components of my behaviour that I don’t recognise.

What did I do all day?

I did this.

I checked twitter and my hair, and I wandered from room to room tidying various things, and none of it made sense.

So by stopping these two habits, we hope that more productive behaviour patterns emerge from amidst that. Where does the time I used to spend smoking, and going to buy energy drinks, papers, filters – looking for papers and filters . . . probably 3 or 4 hours a week at least, probably more. Where does that time go? It expresses itself differently.

I did this.

And then I did this again here later.

It’s hard to think of the outcome. The outcome in this case is not only do I get my time that is wasted by clicking away, but it’s about learning self discipline again to follow a thought because this was my realisation, I maybe very smart, but I am super slack as well, today proved it, how I just sat around knowing I’m not under any pressure and it will take at least a week for my to start getting anxious. And so I just sat around all day slotting into the groove of that perspective, I gave up cigarettes last time . . . what this time?

What do I want this time? What is the easy big change for a permanent boost.

I did this.

I tried to think of what the big change could be, and I understand that it is mental discipline. But how can I be more disciplined in knowing what I have to do?

We know it’s about the videos and the music, and yet I am not motivated, and so I have to ask where does the motivation arise from?

It is there, but I have reservations, negative emotions telling me I am missing something here, and I can’t tell what it is, and so I click away to twitter or I ponder on some other useless matter, when I just want the easy thing that will make the big change.

It’s not like that. Not if you don’t know what you’re wanting to do.


I was trying to concentrate on how we would get motivated to move forward in video production and music promotion.

I was really working there on my concentration, but now that business is good again, we don’t need to concentrate, but we still should because it’s the same business to be carried out.

When it comes to talent for creating solid content, money can only really buy you reach, buy you eyeballs, it’s up to you to produce the killer content and I feel that pressure on me now to test my talents before I back myself too hard, but looking into what promo we can do that is suitable to where I’m at

I’m in exactly the position my clients who would come to me for music marketing back in the day were in, I need to drop about $200 a month on smart promo.

But what to do? I want little minions doing white hat type of stuff, I’m already looking at bookmarking, I mean if my minions run in and post my videos to 20 places and it takes them 3 hours and that costs me $20 but it gets me 1000 views, real views, than yes, that’s great. that’s real views. We need to come up with little drills like that, that work, adwords, and hitting more blogs and paying them off.

Commenting. There are 162,000 liquid funk videos on youtube, what if I put a comment of “liking this!” on every single liquid funk video – well maybe just start with 1000, dont you think that people would click through to my account? That might only cost $25 and you might have 5 people come in every day one way or another, whether is a hardcore of a few dozen fans, or just a few dozen wondering on from the links, or it could boost my seo.

The more I look at it, the more I see I have to go in myself, establish a task, and get some minion to do the task everytime I release a new video.

Or just one offs, we have to see what works.

Social bookmarking, social media, forums, comments, etc, ones where guys are going into communities and posting, and also publicity where established blogs are being given $50. What do I want for $50? I want 500 views at least from drum and bass heads. It’s a tiny step but if it means we have an audience than good.

I’m getting militant about promotion, I want $50 to get me 500 views every week. I want 5 new fans every week.

What is the next step? Really producing something better with the cohort formation in place, people helping to make it good, then you’re getting more stickiness and the thing starts to breed as your fans feed it out without needing blogs and links and bookmarks and adwords to make it work.

Your $50 may still get you 500 views, but those views get you 500 more. And the following builds until you’re on a better label and you get more coverage, and then you get booked in New Zealand.

It’s about a critical interest to get you signed to the good label that will then take you forward to a new audience making you known in NZ and australia and ready to be booked, and make exciting parties happen.

The Domains of Auckland Video Production, Printing and Copying

Friday, June 13th, 2014

So I am trying to get my latest music video projects moving but it doesn’t seem to be making much progress I need more people in auckland – auckland models, auckland camera operators, auckland video editors auckland film crew auckland videographers, auckland people who can help me because the good news is we seem to have good business in dvd copying once again, but we’re stuck on pushing our video projects forward and that in turn stifles the flow of other concepts we hope to have bubbling up.

We are not near to connecting in a big way with video and music projects, doing that promotion, so we need to be moving faster, not getting snagged up dawdling over video projects, that’s why we need to pay ninja commandos to come in, models on the screen, camera persons shooting them, and awesome editing fx people making it all look awesome so I just have to think of all the stupid ideas and the awesome crew of the brilliant underpaid young cohort will have me producing video that gets thousands of hits and that I can show off and promote and sell sell sell on the quality.

I’ll bring high end arty swish quality to my kurb promo vides saying look, come on, hey, I will sell you this. This thing right here you will look professional and awesome the cohort are all coming to do it, models, cameras, editing and fx, here’s hundred bucks each for half a days work and I’ll put $200 in my pocket and we’re all happy now.

I also need to practice optimizing my outsourced video costs and providers retained for such tasks.

What I am really selling here is access to cheap skilled labour and the means to communicate between parties in those regards, which I can also use to do my own little video projects, which in turn spread to push other enterprises, pirates, gigs, food carts, talent services, whatever.

Here at Kurb it’s the auckland printing and copying services – especially dvd copying and cd copying and printing that keeps us busy by my oh my isn’t so much going on in the background!

We know we are too dependent on dvd printing and duplication services and we are trying to scuttle about getting ourselves future proofed and one of the ways of doing that is offloading costs and a bad one for me as an entrepreneur is too many domains. That’s up there.

Too many ideas that are never going to turn into something so do everybody a favour and knock it on the head. Give yourself more potential with less opportunity, less choices, less investment spread too thinly across too many ideas, just forget it!

Which one? I’m not quite sure. All the vanity sites and the dodgy sites too.

I was talking about potential issues that can distract us moving forward – making sure all bills and taxes are up to date – I still owe ACC money. I haven’t handed in my tax, but I’ve done all the numbers, I just have to hand it in before August.

I still have 65 domain names, at least 30 I’m trying to sell and I have to get rid of them – I counted 34 I want to sell or ditch in the short term, this year. I have to accept that a lot of those domains will never sell and I’m better to cut my losses before I lose another $15. Of the 30 left well, I would a dozen are fundamental for business and art, and another dozen are fall backs, back up positions for particular activities.

Still costs me $500 a year, $10 a week to run those domains. That’s quite a bit, I counted 16 sites that I felt were absolutely worth $15, so it will be my aim within 2 years to have only 20 sites. Will not renew, so I’m aiming to have less than 50 by the end of the year, 30 by the end of next year, and 20 in two years.

I see that I have 25 sites currently up for sale. I am putting them down again, and sites with customized lay outs and good domain names are going out the door, it makes me think I should spruce the whole thing up. I have already established my desire to make $3k out out of these sites, and I believe I should try peddling them elsewhere, as self contained businesses, for example.

Doesn’t it just seem like something that could be done? 10 of these could easily be pushed off for $500. Or $1000 as part of a bigger package to set someone up and support them.

Is that something I ever want to do? Writing sites, design sites, video sites, youtube sites, other sites, I could build them all into a beautiful package and make $20k but is that something I would want to do? Well I’m lucky enough to believe that 40 sites would pull in the $3k I need to make back even if it costs me $1000 to keep them going for 2 years until they all sell. I just might have to be realistic that they won’t sell on godaddy.

There are 17 somewhat dodgy sites I could try and sling for $1000. leaving me with almost 30 sites with some of the juicier offerings there. Because it’s likely by this time next year, I will have to ditch them, and cut my losses some $500 at least, so we have to move on it.

If I start making a lot of money I will make the cut myself, simply because I want to see this resolved because it’s a potential goblin, it’s a good $600 a year I don’t need to be spending.

There are about 10 websites that represent writing, graphic design and youtube services, music services, those are the ones that could kick up $200 or maybe $500 sold to someone with the direct attention, they’d be sold last in the last hope of recovering $2000.

There are about 10 there that are related to business ideas I’d like to push – video production and talent management, I want to keep the idea of those businesses alive even though I couldn’t really sell those domains, but I am willing to spend over $100 a year to wait to see if I want to take that idea forward, solid ideas that could work, that are an insurance policy in a world where I only need to make $500 a week to live comfortably.

So now that the domains are under control, I have to think about the websites I am developing themselves.

The plan I am laying out for websites is to wait for the 27 entries to be done, but I am also pushing forward with the cohort section, and I’ll have a separate plan for the cohorts, and I might think about a new front page with a new vibe. But I might wait to see where my next video direction is going now I am turning away from music videos and towards videos that tell a more intimate and artistic story.

This may give me new ideas about how I want to front my site, what I want to hit people with when they first arrive from that direction.

But right now with domains as with the site, we’re waiting for leadership and ideas to come from elsewhere before we make the decision.

Cohort is the concept we can solicit support for auckland video production services and projects.

We need to face up to the actual challenges and this is what the cohort means. The cohort is about enlisting support, and we need a payroll, we need to have a budget to pay people to help make what we’re doing good. If you can’t think of what to spend your money on, well, it’s the cohort. Pay people. Your biggest issue to push through right now is making videos that people will think are awesome.

When you revisit the challenges of getting these next two videos done, use your surplus to grease the wheels, get moving to the next challenge.

The next challenge appears in the shape of the pirate game. Again, how can we make decisions about the domains, the website and our pirate performer business when we don’t know what’s happening around it? Is money coming from DVD duplication? Well then we won’t want to do pirates, and we’ll be happy to spend on improving our websites.

If not, we need pirates in the equation we need to fall back there.

SO we have all the B plans on standby, what’s the A game? What is the game based on the fact that DVD’s will sputter along and keep us alive somehow for 2 years?

Well that is video production coming through and hopefully the ideas from that pushing the website forward with ideas that will resonate, that projects that are good content that is what the website is behind, its not really a thing in itself. Video production is also pushing the pirate thing into the niche it fills whether being it’s own marketing or evolving into something else.

The pirate thing is evolving, the website is evolving, I am somehow making my $500 and I am somehow finding myself with 40 less domains, I think that is adequate. If we want a new domain for a new auckland website whether it for printing or copying or whatever else, I’m sure it can be managed as a new

Yes well that’s fine but where’s the clear plan?

Complete music video production, then move onto more narration / narrative based productions, we’re talking about new beats, the new RC, which then flows onto new pirate story videos.

So the truth filtering through is how dependent we’re becoming on video progress to make any progress at all, and is that to say we’re dependent on auckland video production ideas to move forward, is that where our goals lie?

Video Production and DVD Reproduction Auckland

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

I have been going okay in my efforts to make this blog better in terms of posting blog posts that actually make sense around a theme.

And one theme is getting things done by breaking it down and getting on with it.

In the last post I finally got my video update for the business up on the blog site here, and I was talking about a few issues – I think we have solid strategies in place to weather the storm, we have enough nuts collected, my concern has been making the very most of the down time and thats where my frustration was at, getting inspired and motivated to push forward with video communication – using videos to get messages across, that’s what this update was all about, practicing for presentation of information.

That’s what my interest in video production is based around, the power of video as a communication medium that is falling dramatically in its cost to produce and distribute. This is where I made my money with DVD reproduction and CD burning services over the last few years, technology allowed me a gap of 5 or so years to provide that service of producing CD and DVD printing etc. and a very competitive price where new kinds of consumer behaviour meant that people wanted to use cd and dvd duplication for as cheaper price as possible.

As for the future of communication, cheap video production is valuable, it matters, we have to keep our skills sharp in this area. That’s why I bothered to film an update, because I can always use the opportunity to sharpen my skills when business is slow, and to think about the long term future of this business providing budget communication and media services.

So that’s why it’s still all about the videos. I’m continuing to work on my own video production projects to bring my skills up while the dvd duplication keeps the bills paid, and it seems we have enough jobs coming in to take the heat off now, so while I don’t have the same total freedom of time, I’m not under pressure to make changes to make the business sustainable.

The more time we buy, the better, in fact I think of all the ways this has helped me to refocus and to consider all the options available when eventually I can’t rely on dvd duplication to pay all the bills.

So firstly we are finishing off a few more music videos before we change direction.Although we’re waiting on the audition to sort themselves out – which means I have decisions to make before things can move forward.

It’s getting harder to simply wait for things to happen, and that is a poor strategy regardless. It seems like the time grows now to be more active especially in video production where it seems it’s going to take more work to break the surface.

Things can get sloppy, mistakes get made, results are regrettable. But that’s what you have to deal with, we seem to be trying to reach beyond the plans we have in place so we can start formatting new concepts in video that could connect a lot better, that could work. Could work to get me more excited, more involved. I want to do something people are interested in.

But right now we still have to push through these last few music video projects. To do that we need to get excited about what is coming next.

What’s coming next is a transition from focusing on the music videos, to doing more arty style vids that are on the fly, and give me an opportunity to investigate concepts, using narration, seeing what can be done when shooting under compromising circumstances. Because we still have to complete the music videos first, we won’t go too much into that.

We are trying to finish a music video for the song “Shadows”, but it’s hard to get excited knowing people aren’t really interested in what’s going on here, it doesn’t seem like it’s something worth spending more than a night or two on because people just aren’t that interested. We’re only doing it so that we feel that we’ve stayed on point with what we’re trying to do.

Which really is about setting ourselves up to making videos people are interested in, and often to create a quality product, you’re on a journey which is going to involve a lot of lessons. Another reason why we want to reach out to others interested in cheap video production and youtube video production.

So in other areas beyond the actual video projects we have down to be completed, I want to start looking at the cohort, which is a concept i developed to get people involved in doing video projects. Again, this concept is about having these last 2 music video projects completed, so I can put my first modest little project video up. Then I have a video to start basing new page lay outs around. Once I have a video and a landing page, I can set up an ad campaign, just to see how it feels, take a step back and look at what it looks like.

We’re looking for a selection of people who are probably in their 20’s or maybe someone similar to me, still looking for an in late in the game – who are pretty unlikely to be pretty girls for a start, they are not actresses or models but people interested in producing video. so my aim is to find a few people who want to commit a few hours either once a fortnight or a month to filming something, whether it’s a music video, a comedy skit, something weird or arty, anything – I help them do something one time, they help me one time. A co-operative attempt.

What are you trying to achieve from this?

Well taking my video to the next level – not just my skills, but my ability to deliver something that people want to see and are getting excited about. They want to share, they want to be involved.

But it’s also about getting me excited. I’m not giving it everything right now because I’m tired of doing music videos on my own. It doesn’t it matter what I try next, I want to be excited and confident about it, and I know if I’m connected with other people who are excited I can possibly achieve more, learn more, and reflect better on where I could improve.

Hopefully I will have an opportunity to reflect on what we could do, what kinds of video we could produce that is effective and simple.


What are your plans in business outside of these preparations in cheap auckland video services? Well advertising I think can add $200-$500 to weekly turnover in auckland dvd duplication, so it’s worth pursuing.

When we reach the stage with video production we are looking at pirate stories again, then we have to think about wether that’s what we want to be doing. I think we are certainly not backing off. Whether we want to build an empire, I’m not so sure. If all we really want is to do a couple of parties a month, then maybe we have to think about that.

But this question is coming up because we want to move forward and we have this question of what we want to make more money with, and what we want to do with video and the pirate stories concept is strong there, but we have to be sure that that is what we are excited about doing.