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Good Auckland Copying Services

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

The good life. What is it? How do we make life easier for ourselves and for our customers?

I managed to have quite a few weeks of good work now so a lot of the concerns I was dealing with – how to balance the budget day to day when income had been poor for consecutive months – have subsided. But I am not getting cocky and confident I am still interested in how to make more efficient use of the budget so that the pressure we have to make money really goes down, and all that space in your head that was used for trying to make more money, and get a venture really harming, is now allowed to gravitate a bit more naturally to where the attention is required.

That “busy work”, that concept of working just for the feeling that you’re maintaining productivity and efficiency when most of it is pointless and for the sake of itself.

When I run out of work I see it happening because I feel guilty going off and enjoying myself if I haven’t done anything for a few days. So I end up doing tasks that really don’t serve any but the most functional maintenance purpose, just cleaning, etc.

When I gave up cigarettes a few months ago, it was a big step. And months later I get to say y’know what? I gave up cigarettes and that’s the difference. Now I want something else. What is the big change that we can make?

We already know that our biggest problem is our rent. But there’s nothing to be done. Having this place, this space, is no luxury, it’s just the cost I pay for the convenience of living alone, having lots of space, and living close to business partners I use regularly and food that I enjoy, this makes life very convenient.

It seems like I get a lot more use out of $25 a day, but I begin to suspect it’s not the case. Not to have others around using the space who irritate me. To be able to quickly organise work because my printing services partners and cd dvd copying suppliers are within blocks, saving me probably at least 2 hours a week

It’s fair enough to get frustrated that over half my income goes on one specific cost, and look for ways to mitigate; Yet we also must perceive why we have chosen this. We could chose to go through a whole lot of hassle just to save $100 a week by finding a smaller place, but it’s just not worth it.

The expense and time it would take to move, forget it. Much like our busy work, we must be able to use our mind as a tool to create the ability see beyond the “tasks” that fill out time, to look at our actual “needs”. To me it seems reducing our expenses allows us more time and less pressure under which to explore, because the new answers aren’t obvious.

Trying to save money, as the next step on from trying to make money, is pretty much a dead end also. Trying to make more money for the sake of it feels like entrepreneurial pressure, the idea that we should be more productive and more profitable for it’s own purpose.

But now we want less stuff because it’s more coherent. We have too much

So how are we to pack the whole house up and make it efficient? I don’t know if it is efficient. We need to be more aware of the issues we are coming across. But there is no great struggle. The biggest struggle is for inspiration.

But it says eventually we have to put each dvd in the dvd player and we have to make decisions about the content, as painful as it is, that’s what we’re doing. The samples, and the music on the CD’s. That’s what we’re doing. Because we have to ask how is it that we move forward? Well the doors are not opening before us, and yet we don’t require that, so it’s better that we can shut doors we’ve opened to get here behind us, so that we can move on and think beyond that.

The archives will be resolved and the operation stripped down, perhaps evolving into a more digital, modern presence from the exercise, what we are seeing is our clients truly, and the job that we have done for them over these years. The job I have truly done in helping these people and can continue to do so, helping people, with the posters, with the CD duplication, DVD duplication, and the creation and spread of online video, video production possibilities.

It is a real thing.

And we can do some art and film it and talk shit, and then the rooms will be empty and it will return to the way it was. A lot of creative ideas happening, but how will it all happen? We have to get talking, we have to get filming, it has to get real, like all this blogging is great, but we totally have to go there and we know that we will. We will.

Because like I’ve said, I’m not dealing with profit and productivity right now, what I’m doing is getting on some foolish other level vibe, where I’m expressing my communication, my understanding in order to tap into where new business is going to be – we know people want to video everything and do all kinds of stuff, we have to be the ones to go and do it ourselves so I can say yes, we can do some websites and design and recordings, getting these messages out there because they are still important.

But the profit bit doesn’t matter so much right now. All those measures – doing pirates, forex, video production, selling products hustling in a variety of ways, they remain as contingencies, even the other ideas about looking into our domain management and email management – we’re spending at least $500 a year too much on this junk we don’t really use. We can do this, because it needs to be done, and yet, we need to see beyond that.

The only thing on the list not related to making money or cutting costs is youtube promotion for my channel. And so we may have to look at what we can do there.

But what inspires us is important too. I think I have been successful tonight in using writing to get fired up about doing something.

Two ideas spring from that – how to keep exciting ideas rolling on, and how to deal with the mundane.

Watch a DVD, decide if you want to rip it or go on. It is likely we do this now to get our music videos moving again, however, however we can. Same vibe just get working. We have 5 concepts we’re working, so go to it!