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Duplicating Ideas For Auckland Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Okay well I’ve just done the important job that needs to be done, sorted out all my accounts, and seen where my numbers are at and I have been very surprised to see that for the first time every my projection were to conservative, and I’ve saved over $1500 more that I would have in 2 months.

This changes things hugely because by several vectors we have arrived at point where we just don’t have to be concerned about our income. Like I’ve been saying, I’ve bought my overheads right down, I’ve narrowed and specialized on services that are the most profitable and straightforward to execute.

I would expect there to be drastic shifts before I am forced to look at other sources to fun my lifestyle, I am just living so lean now, and I’m secure as.

Which means lots of time for my projects for me, which can still retain a business like footing because we want to promote, and if it works it works, even if I using the fact that I am finacially secure to leverage me into situations where I can pursue my creative goals.

Right now I am moving to a point where I feel I need to start establishing more relationships and so I have to reach out I have to foster a profile.

Right here on this blog I will very soon be getting stuck into a new plan to promote my youtube videos.

I want to start asking the questions, doing the research and reporting back on how the hell you get people to watch your youtube videos!

I am coming up with more material and more content now, so it follows I will be more confident in promotion.

I will eventually be going for a poster campaign. I might just lead with my artist brand but I need some other qualifying concepts or else it will just be fired into a blank void where it can be ignored.

Auckland. Humour. Models. Bass.

Auckland. Thought. Bass. Models. Laugh.

I like it. Now we’re getting somewhere. It seems that’s the campaign I should be pushing.

But what is this all about – this image that you are making a professional appeal to be available to the fans?

Remember I have two equal targets – punters, and then the superfans, the cohorts, the ones who will aid me, and expect the lines to blur and crossing over to appear as fans come in support, and star now people, models and musicians etc start to come around us.

I am still blogging hard right now because I am excited about the new ideas coming up.

This is about new thinking. Old thinking was about how we could get better off with money. It was an assumption that money was something magical that could fix everything.

Now we are levelling up to a more holistic approach, because money only represents labour and expertise, and value that can be applied to certain problems that are tangible or comprehensible at least! But the bigger problems in life aren’t tangible or comprehensible.

How does one simply be? Is that a question for auckland entrepreneurs interested in dvd duplication and dvd printing?

Well I am making gains in considering how I can use innovation to slash my costs so my vulnerablity in the market is drastically reduced, and the viability equation is also rocked sideways, it’s a different affair when you no longer have to work so hard to simply cover your costs because you have brought your costs down drastically by being innovative about how we fulfill your own needs.

What was that quote about forethought being about avoiding an unnecessary action before it’s taken?

This is the vision that I’m offering myself.

I like to observe the way in which my thinking has been effective so that I can leverage that skill to make further improvements.

I have been really effective this year in streamlining my overheads, I know that if I can take this further, I know there are so many different ways to make $500 that I shouldn’t have a problem and so I free up all this brain power to consider what other actions I can take that appeal to more intangible value.


I want to envision a point where buzzing and new beats, a music video and a tutorial video production I am working on are complete.

Sometimes that’s amazing. I would have finally caught up with my music videos with my songs I would have finally arrived there. But it only means more video, more shoots, except one thing. Not only will I be caught up with my music videos, but I will also be caught up with my concepts.

So every new music video is a new concept, and every skit or piece we do is also a new concept. Fresh, we dont let the thing get stale as is what happens to many of our ideas we wait for the opportunity to arrive and it never does, and the idea gets just too damn old and dusty, it’s no longer relevant and pithy.

Because I have RC and Pirates and Drunksploitation ready to go. The moment I say that I see the 2 segments of my future show right there, and you’re adding a 3rd with the musician adventures, and a 4th with misogynist matt who could alternate with make up matt. Then god and other characters, the power master etc, are ready to enter the fray.

We understand this is the picture of these elements tied and working together.

So we also need to be thinking about all the steps a long the way, we might discover things moving faster, or much much slower, we may decide that doing some big youtube show isn’t really what I want to do at all.

That I’m just happy to upload a video now and again, if a few hundred people watch it and think it’s funny then great.

So how do we get to the next modest stage? Well we start poking around, we start asking some questions and we start getting it to happen. There’s the cohort, our team members, we want them in behind it, but we also want the fans in behind it.

I just want to get to the stage where you have more fans who are behind it. But your material has to be better that’s part of the deal, you can’t just demand people like your stuff.

And so there is a time for things to slowly get better and for me to recognise where I am going right and to do more. I can hire more actresses, and I will get the good ones in soon enough. But then what? We have to keep the ideas coming I guess and it might reach the same point as the music where we get a few thousand hits and that’s nice and all but then . . . you’re stagnating.

That’s where it connects with what else we will be doing. The pirate thing.

Do I want to do this, have to be places and do things? I don’t know I just want to keep going forward on the creative vibe. I feel it will get easier now. I can do the pirate parties. I can do the funny skit videos and music videos. And we will come up with better ideas.

It will happen, we will do it, but where is it leading? How many pirate parties do we want to do? What is that to be?

I’d rather go straight for doing the school. And shows. I mean if you could pull off that school show. Remember about the food truck? It all seems so complicated. We need something much simpler. Like just a fold out table with whatever. But we don’t want to sell food and drinks. We want to crack it as entertainers.

That should be our angle. Front up completely. We were trying to milk some practical purpose out of this by making money out of pirate shows one way or the other, but the reality is I don’t want to make money. I want to build my profile so that the doors open for further creative expression, what would you do with unlimited resources?

I would make these superheroes of insanity, guys and girls like me who can create these characters that are just a crazy mess, these gervais type characters that are flawed but sympathetic.

Well I would need a crew to do the mockumentary style stuff, and I would just do my thing. And then we’d have editors, we could do it, we could make it happen, to film scenes, where I improvise through and then we edit it down.

It’s making me think that what we need is a technical person who I can pay like $200 to film and edit, so that I can just go hard.

It’s about always making, always filming, always music, always gigs and touring.

We need something we can tour. That’s a big part of making the road missions viable we need something was can tour, and so we need to have different shaped shows.

You could almost do it through a crowdfunding thing, now we’re talking let’s cut to it!!

More Projects More DVD Duplication

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

In the last post I was talking about the new projects coming up. Videos production, Kid’s Pirate entertainment, and our efforts to seal up the situation with our archiving.

The frustration I have is many exciting things are happening, but it gets harder to stop and say, well what do I do now?

As in right now? It’s great to have a dream. But then you need a plan. And a plan needs details, and it all so quickly gets bogged down wondering what’s going to get us closer to feeling like we have a plan that will work to make a dream come true!

I’m getting too frustrated because although I have loose ideas, as we’re launching into new projects, im hungry to see something work, i grow frustrated because it’s so much work having to fail again and again. Everything that is worth achieving takes so many failures and it’s only ever sweet at the end, when it’s suddenly too easy, it almost plagues you that it’s all become too easy.

And that is the frustration that bears this greater frustration of forcing yourself forward, to progress even though you don’t necessarily have to progress except for it’s own sake.

We can grow beyond profit for it’s own sake, but can we go beyond progress for it’s own sake?

This is why hopes, dreams, aspirations matter.

It’s been great that I have established enough of a surplus to coast along in my business for now, as well as having some legal issues resolved that will free up a lot of capital. I don’t want to think too hard about where I’m going with that because I want to take the opportunity to think things through, to be in even a stronger position, I feel really confident right now, and I want to carry that confidence through to the next level.

Do the things that mattered yesterday still matter today? Well no, I’ve learned to live within a reasonable limit for spending and I am happy with that, and it means I don’t have to work so hard.

I obviously want my youtube to take off so it’s time to start asking the questions about how we can get that to happen. Reading blogs, linking to them, discussing ideas that actually get people to watch your videos.

We are wading through a lot of tasks looking for a resolution. There is a strong push for minimalism still, I don’t like useless junk around, it clouds my thoughts. So I’ve just been throwing it up on trademe, it’s again an example of me using the old carrot to trick myself into doing something.

I don’t need the money, and selling things on trademe is no way to turn a profit, but if it achieves the desired result of getting me to get my life incrementally more organised by getting ever more junk I don’t need out of the house, then great! Outcome reached, achievement unlocked.

I know the next chapter is all about the digital archiving, but to be clear in physical space, well that suits my state of mind.

But look these videos are pretty much done. They’re not completely done but recognising that it’s still 3-4 weeks before we even drop them, and they only need a few hours more work, we come back to the issue of staying motivated. Having other avenues we can go down that are beneficial that don’t involve having to chip away at videos.

My new thought is that we are moving from the sole operator situation to bringing these girls around us so we can enter the cohort stage, at the cohort stage I am drawing attention to the assets I already have – I have the means, I have ideas, I have these promo girls, models, actresses who are getting involved as well, I need align my interests so we can take on more people.

The thought will be for those with acting skills and technical skills.

I’m thinking of dropping bits of cash here and there to get things to happen, we need to find people who can edit good, or can show us stuff to make things happen.

Now we have to start throwing a few ideas about.

What id we had 4 people who were getting $50 each to make this thing happen. It’s costing me $200, I don’t even know what it is so I think we need to wind back.

We keep doing skits and dramas and music videos for my channel, what will eventually become of it?

But we have done those and we done the latest mix video also, this is going to be part of my push to upload DJ mixes whenever I’m happy with what I’ve done. What we are trying to do is prepare the routine for when the serious promotion and publicity comes online.

Latest on archive thought, well all my old dj and radio cd’s went in the bin today, I have 90% at least of it on hard drives somewhere, if I don’t well I don’t suppose I’ll die.

I have been dividing the piles up so I can see what theyre about, and I continue to work on the footage we already have ripped, that’s hard work.

We’re trying to get an idea of what kind of decisions we will make about preserving various corporate and school videos, I’m increasingly aware it may all just simply go.

Once we have created some weird mash up art piece that represents this content there won’t be any purpose and I will glide on from that point.

I’m in the shed, looking to clear all that out.

I decided to get rid of all the discs for $200. I doubt it will happen, and it will be a good reminder of just how foolish I am being, the mindset of scarcity.


I was thinking of ways to deal with my housing issues long term. Because I haven’t made too much money in the last week and a half, but it’s no big deal. What that screams to me is that if I could deal with my housing issues, that is get my housing costs down to say $250, I could fix my money issues permanently, like covering my budget would be about as important as my tunes or anything else. Something I could throw an odd couple of hours at on odd days. I guess that’s what fascinates me how life would change radically when you truly didn’t have to work.

I feel like I have to take my head there.

I am thinking of spending $100k to buy a place in the waikato.

The main reason is to have a spot to retreat to where my weekly costs suddenly drop from $700 to about $200. $200 is what we expect to generate in additional returns on our investments, so effectively I could survive earning nothing. Which is unlikely.

I could easily not work again and live off my savings. But I would still want a place in auckland for when I had work or gigs, the advantage is that I could have flatmates here because I don’t have to have them around.

Any jobs worth $500 would be worth travelling home for, since every dollar is pocket money. I’d have to bare in mind every return trip would be $20. But on the other hand, I could lurk endlessly for weeks.

It follows on from giving up smoking and energy drinks, saving $60, the freedom of that, realising if I could bring my bills down by $300 I would be swimming free from any responsibilities but whatever I wanted to do.

It means I can go away for a few weeks and not worry about working at all, and then turn around renewed after that ready to work on just about anything probably out of boredom.

Also I’d be able to direct pirates etc at this whole area. I’d also be able to have my gardening ideas going again, organic basil and other herbs for specialist restaurants in town. It could possibly make $200 a week, except I probably couldnt make weekly deliveries.

At least once a month I would return, focus on tunes and editing, check my gardens, etc.

I could have a flatmate down there paying $100. I could rent my room in auckland out for $150. So I’m talking about my weekly costs going down to something like $200 a week max.

I mean if I did get an order for 200 CD’s I could always print them on 2 printers down there, and then maybe have the flatmates pack the cases, and then I can return and

It would be good practice for remote controls. Printing jobs etc, printing and burning bulk discs, in fact a lot of disc printing could just happen down the line.

In reality there is still a lot to explore about how life will become day to day, just like I do now it will become so curious to have all this time on my hands and it could easily change me if I’m not focused.

Promoting Projects for Auckland DVD Duplication

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

DVD duplication is how we make our money, but it’s not everything we’re about.

We are working working on pushing out for new projects, on top of the cd dvd duplication, printing and distributing flyers and posters, online management. We keep examining the possibilities for moving forward with music promotion and management, auckland music videos, kids pirate shows, our archiving and projects around that – and we keep coming back to the same point – we can’t fire up our new projects without a bit of promotion to lay in on it because we have no audience for what we’re doing.

We have to establish an audience, so we have to use marketing and promotions skills. And yet, most of the projects, the concept hasn’t really matured to the point that it is ready to be presented. So what do we do?

We are slaving away, struggling to deliver our work to nobody, as they keep saying go away, keep saying keep trying, keep working, show us something else, show us something better, because no one is responding to this. Is there any way to cut through?

It’s the cold wintery war of promotions . . . the bleak blizzard swept plain . . . it only takes a week of having little work on that I find myself here on this blog looking for new ideas to bring to life, but also the ideas that can make my life easier because I don’t have any work to be getting on with, but I have goals they just seem to be so out of reach.

But often when I’m duplicating DVD’s or doing my CD copying, printing, posters etc. I’m happy because I know I am making money, and I am creating all this value that I can distribute in ways that I want to achieve. It’s pretty easy because I don’t have to think about how I might spend the money to ensure those outcomes.

Giving people a good time and a good quality product and a good story to tell. I sense increasingly when there’s nobody willing to pay us to promote things, and we can’t rest our confidence on filling our war chest for a weapon we don’t quite understand, well, then we must learn to promote ourselves, for the benefit of growing our own projects and concepts.

Nothing will move forward without promotion, awareness, communication. We’re doing a lot of projects, but if no one is connecting with what we’re doing on any level, then it is going nowhere. The cohort amongst other things, is about the super super fan, who isn’t just a fan, or a helper, but is part of the team. We have to claim them for the team.


It’s hard to get excited when it isn’t obvious. It seems the only option is to zen down, and push through.

At the top of my list it says, “promo”. But such amorphous tasks don’t really get to be on top of my list. I can’t just sit down and start doing promo.

It’s obvious that I require some task that I can execute, and I don’t want to do a video about forex. Because my solution in these situations is often to plan some content which shows how I am taking on a certain task, so I’m learning, and passing on those learnings while being humble about the process.

But doing a video about forex is just to lifeless. I will do it if there’s nothing else, but if there’s nothing else, I think we have serious problems.

Why would I want to make a video about forex rather than do something cool? Because it got old.

But it takes effort to stay focused on what has to be done.

The main thing as I just mentioned, is cool stuff, finishing videos and songs. But this is also a business blog, so we go about it in a business like manner, what is at the top of the list? Finishing the most recent music video. And what has to be done there? It’s important to focus on the steps that will remove that item from the list.

We need to film the singer. We can hopefully do that at the gig next week. Moving along. It will the noob beats concept. Once that is done we’re going to find things really blowing open.

But pirates now becomes this thing that’s there and I can do it. We are carefully plotting the distances between doing pirates and getting our youtube video talent really cranking.

I can have some numbers going just to visualise what this thing could look like.

Perhaps I only get 8k views a week, but that should still be $250 in advertising, plus I pull in another $250 in various endorsements but most important when I DJ, do a pirate show or simply do an appearance with the models, which might be twice a week, we’re making $1500 which I split with the girls, half for them, half for me, or yknow, I will have a grading system, so one girl is higher up, $300, $200, $100, that means I can keep $900.

Which I like because to me having to organise this whole deal would be a lot of work. And I would prefer not to have to rely on any other non passive income if my job is to shoot a ten minute episode and do 2 engagements every week

Though I shouldn’t assume my business or anything else wouldn’t bring in another $500 p/week and that puts me earning $1400, a week, that’s $400 more than our perfect budget. Well It’s no certainty, and it’s nice to have the buffers there, so if we’re overestimating and thinking about slogging through the 6 months it would take to get from here, to a sustainable position.

There just seems to be a disconnect between when I’m up late writing trying to see a plan and I get up and face the cold light of day.

Yes we can get an assistant, yes we can get motivated to produce more videos that will push us in the right direction. Then we arrive at a point where we have the videos, we have the front, but there’s no coverage, there’s no exposure. Then I guess we’re kicking into advertising, so suddenly we are doing pirate gigs every weekend, I am making $300 from that. As the videos progress, we have the opportunity to make a short little show that we can begin to tout as well.

There’s a 6 month period from when the videos and promo start coming together to when we’re established and ready to start pushing new offerings that are more lucrative.

Unfortunately we’re facing the same dilemma as all artists, how do we generate the promo for our auckland artists?

The more we do, the more promo becomes the big issue and we have to start spelling out what tools we have to make that happen.

But now I’m feeling as if I can depend more on the talent to push it forward, I focus on the content first, and interacting with the talent, hoping that we’re starting to bring something together that people will be excited about.

Men are excited about beautiful models. We can’t help it, I happen to be a man, and the whole thing excites me. I am passing on that experience to the customer experience. Male customers are going to have positive associations with any interaction that involves pretty girls. And so we start from the very beginning, in our video marketing, creating those positive associations.

So you could do a forex video, but with a smart girl in it.

And this was the moment I started to see. We have certain girls who can help us build this bridge. It’s a motivator. When in doubt, get a girl to help us make a video that will bring the concept forward to a resolution.

Though there is a new challenge presented by that. Sure there’s negotiating the territory around monetizing but I guess at this point I am switching up the centre of gravity around my productivity, it’s no longer about profit but other outcomes that are less tangible. To me working with models and promo girls just motivates and that’s what I’m mining here, that fact that given I am male, I am motivated to not let down these girls because I feel some kind of pleasure principle in action.

I don’t think I’m going to get romantically involved with the girls I work with, but as it would not surprise dr freud, when I’m working with pretty models and promo girls suddenly I am motivated to do a much better job!

So working on videos with a girl who helps us do a beginners forex video? Sure. Domaining? Email lists?

This is linked with another idea that we will eventually arrive, through pursuing pirates and music videos and other content avenues, we will converge at a point where I a doing what I enjoy, I am doing something interesting to people and something that is worth the time in terms of renumeration.

This is the early days of video projects for me. It’s not meant to be profitable and I am not needing it to be, but we still need to think about what it is that we are trying to benefit from. It’s not about profit, it’s about creativity, inspiration and community.

Promoting in Auckland: More Projects

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

We’re still keeping heaps of CD and DVD duplication jobs, printing, poster priniting and distribution and flyer distribution going here at kurb, that’s our main bread and butter, but I don’t have to work that hard to support myself in those areas, so increasingly, the kurb promotions brand is pushing out into other areas that are perhaps not quite comfortably profitable and easy, but are more interesting and present exciting challenges.

It also opens the door to new income streams once we have more mastery of what we’re doing – especially competing in areas such as video production where there are already people established with good skills to offer. Many of them are clients for cheap auckland dvd duplication services!

But part of the reason I have written this blog is to discuss my knowledge and understanding of keeping bare bones, streamlined small business going right here doing auckland promotions – not only do I run a small business, but that business is all about budget promotions, so in this way we’re trying to extend the insight 360 degrees.


The possibilities of our pirate entertainment for kids has come back again, of course we have a ready made plan to execute. But I feel like certain questions have to be asked about what we’re trying to achieve. Some of them may not be appropriate given that this is a business blog which is really focused on promotions.

That’s not to say that we cant have a holistic approach to business, the result is not simply to make money, but to use economic means to achieve outcomes.

When doing pirate shows, we can lay out plans to make a profit, and that profit can in turn secure other benefits, but there is also other benefits that aren’t economic to be regarded – doing something fun, worthwhile, community and relationship based, something that is adventurous and exciting.

I’ve found through my business in the last 8 years that making enough money isn’t really much of a challenge is you have modest goals, and it makes room for other priorities that are equally important.

But the first challenge with the pirates or any new venture is getting to a sustainable level, so you can plan to jack it up to the next level from a solid foundation.

If I can do 2 parties a week or weekend, I can offer the girls $50, pocket $300 for myself, but accept that $50 of that would be advertising. That’s the point at which we can look at doing a bigger better show to take on the road. All the plans we once had, $400 to do a school.

That’s all great, but it’s something you need to be motivated towards actually doing. Is this going to happen? Is it real? Sure I would definitely like to be doing more parties, bringing on more people to help manage that,

The possibilities are wide open, so we have to think about the attractors in this situation. To me it’s travel with purpose, being able to travel with a purpose, and streamline my activity.

If I was travelling most weeks and earning more significantly from that, then my business operations here would no longer be a priority, and I could get permanent flatmates meaning my weekly cost drops to $400. Given income support from my investments, I only need to earn $200 a week to survive. What I assume would happen is I’d be on the road making $300-400 a week but then I’d also come home for several days at a time to make $500 there so I could easily be $100-200 a week in surplus which works for me if all I do every week is a couple of jobs at home over a couple of days and 2 gigs or shows down the line.

In order to move towards a goal we have to paint a picture of how I might live that life.

But we need to be able to focus, and to do that we need to be assured about what else is on the menu?


Firstly, promo, that is more ideas to promote our video and songs using publicity, advertising, etc.

And secondly the cohort, which is about reaching out to younger people around us who are interested in making video, writing content, work experience, and getting involved to the point where they are active pushing the content.

Just to have 10 people share your stuff on social media and get 100 views that way, could be good. If we are having trouble getting a thousand views then we need to think about a plan to get more views. Building real fans one by one. We’re talking about the cohort, and attempt to reach out to people who want to make and do stuff, do online video.

Both are more concerted efforts to promote the content we are producing, especially to coincide with improvements to that content. When the content reaches a certain level then we can consider a poster campaign.

But this is where pirates, and the cohort and the talent management all begins to converge, because it could easily become the same project if you’ve got ideas.

It’s where you’re planning your hit. It has to be planned around the hit you can make. It’s about the people we need to do the jobs that will make a difference, our content is not ready yet so we need the help to make the content that will take us to the next level.

We are still trying to get inspired about doing auckland video production, because I am always working on a video I am – just like I am with this blog – always advancing ideas always putting forward concepts so that I will be, and I will show what I am doing, what I am pushing forward, I have kind of gone quiet again but that is because I was uninspired. But I believe if I push, eventually I will get better, just like DJing or anything else. What I’m doing now is the right direction. I am practicing making videos for when I’m really ready to rock it.

Except that perhaps we need to think a bit more about what people want to see. There are better drum and bass producers. There are sexier models. There is material that is more technically executed and aesthetically pleasing. How do we compete?

By being local, and having character.


In archiving we are attempting to put everything we’ve archived already onto one drive so we can be sure of what we’ve done and what we’ve got, then we can continue with the operation.

You see once we’ve ripped the videos for whatever purpose they may have, we only really need to keep the disc images, we may keep some playable files that are noteworthy – certain pieces that could used again in a video project, or just as interesting piece such as a local independent film, it’s for my archives afterall. I just get this sense like I said, that even though it’s not my concept or creativity, it’s still my work, I’m still connected to it and it has meaning that way, but I also feel I should protect it.

The idea of me being able to put all the DVD’s onto a hard drive and say, hey, this is 8 years of my life duplicating DVD’s. A lot of the school plays, I’m not sure if I will even make images of them. I won’t throw out the master, but I will simply put it in the final box, and the final box means if I have to leave in a hurry, it won’t be coming with me. What will be the point of having two dozen random school plays in 10 years time? It doesn’t really have artistic value.

It will really depend on what these mash up derivative videos end up looking like. I may feel it doesn’t really offer what my previous trawlings on vimeo and youtube brought up.

I think we are moving to a point where we won’t attempt to keep everything. It’s like stirling says, it’s either useful, beautiful, or has a story worth telling, if it’s none of those, biff it. Decomplicate and free yourself!

But what about once the videos have been rinsed for their mash up potential? Well would you watch it again? Then keep those, which is really just a few movies and docos and such, anything interesting, keep a few things that may be visually useful, but other than that just chop it up and export it out as a lump of video mince, if we need random images, we will pull it from that.

The ultimate goal is to be able to throw it all away knowing our journey is done.

So once we’ve seen what we’ve already got we can continue with this project – 2 rips of the disc, one for editing, one for storage – and toss out more discs, we’ll have to make sure the disc images burn, but other than that we can be clearing that room for a brighter future, including the dream of the “superhive”.

Moving my bedroom to that smaller room so that the whol of this big room can be fully focused on creativity and industry. These are the new old plans presented by our progress and development.

Productive Auckland Video Production

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

DVD duplication, CD copying, postering distribution, printing services of posters, printing screens, stands and displays – this is still our main work here at kurb, but as that is steady for my needs keeping the core business ticking over.

But we are creating lots of opportunities for us to continue to develop our video production services so that we really bring the same vibe to our content creation as we did with the disc duplication – so cheap and so fast, getting it done in a way that you didn’t know was possible to pay that price and still get the result because it’s about combining resources online with the skills to put it together so that you get a suitable and appropriate outcome, without it costing you all that extra money just to get it perfect.

The first indication we are improving in the videography making services we are offering in auckland and around the world to different clients requiring interesting, low end video presentations for promotions is that our whole process is becoming streamlined, and we are able to produce videos made of royalty and copyright free footage in a very short time and these can be useful for promotions for songs, or just really getting your youtube fleshed out.

I’m also developing my skills in online video production myself, shooting music video and short films with little narratives, I am doing as I have always done – learning how to do it cheap and easy without the fuss you expect from hiring real talent.

As an artist I like to work on music videos because I’m working on my skills learning to make videos, and I am able to produce something I can upload that presents my music and ideas that represent it.


Soul Science hits back delivering more soulful experiments from deep in the lab, brooding back alley urban vibes are sliced and diced with broken and cut beats, and basslines delving deep into the heart of the night. Hitting hard with this one off the “Summer Days” EP on the Liquid Drops imprint going deeper with their signature liquid funk sound coming out of Auckland, New Zealand

It’s not that great, but I am learning to do it more quickly and more effectively, and that means as I develop my video editing and production services, I can charge less, and the services I offer are becoming more viable. So I’m learning.

At the moment I am mainly working with a lot of montages splicing up found footage to give my music videos a theme. This is because I used to film original footage but it turned out to be heaps of work, and it seemed like a waste when I’d only get 200 views on my videos, it seemed a bit sad, spending 40 hours on something that was only ever seen by 150 people.

I felt I had to learn better editing techniques, better understanding of formats, compression and preserving a crisp image, there was so much to learn before I got involved in how to improve my actual footage! I had to break it down.

Now I’m making videos and learning techniques but not working so hard for such a small response. You have to stay motivated which means you have to give yourself a couple of carrots to keep going. I will begin to bring back original footage, to music videos, so I can balance these aspects to get the right feel I want, feeling it out my way. But this is probably only after I have gone in some new filming directions, trying out a few video productions based on narrative and narration.

This gives me a chance to come back to filming and shooting video without the pressure of conveying the vibes you need to make a good music video, fun, funky, energetic, youthful, cool – now I’m set to discover new moods to project, and bringing that experince back to music videos should help me improve my scope and range there.

I am already back on fiverr getting various guys to do titles and other littles that I can make part of my music videos but also re use when throwing together montages for future songs that are not that important that their video needs a big deal made.

This is all about training and producing something while I’m learning that can help promote me, I’m hoping that the appearance on my channel will be as if I am someone serious about projecting my concept.

I don’t expect I’ll be a great director one day but if I can get my point across, well that’s what it’s about. Having the skills to put something across.


For the original positive vibes video we’re going to start by laying down all that visual stuff as a bed, then we might put the kings video on top and mix it in with about maybe 50 odd photos from the early soul science era that we’ve never used. It’s from that point we’ll do positive vibes remix by pulling most of the photos and adding over the top all our new found footage. We’ll also have a couple new clips from fiverr.

All the new content – happy people, rastas, party people, will then go over the top and that should all be fine.

Second chance will be the first video derived from this hulk of content, but it’s base will mainly be arty kind of VJ videos we’ve peeled off youtube and vimeo.

It’s saturday. It’s very hard to get motivated. It’s easy to make a plan, but getting something to happen is a bit harder. That’s when I get frustrated and I want to see things happening, just about anything!

But I also believe now that all this writing I like to do has value, because I think of the great minds of history, they were all the types of people who would just write and write, they’d write every day, and even though it’s not structured it is about working to build ideas for life, ideas you can take forward, knowing that I have my issues with concentration, twitter, and news, and items are so tempting to your curiousity, I am always keen to pick up new knowledge but from being on the internet all this time I have learnt that it is simply trash knowledge, or you absorb this stuff and you just glide on, still not yet capable of putting your plan into action and I want to action my plans.

It seems fruitless to write endlessly in the way that I do, but it means that eventually some kind of confrontation with what is holding us back must occur.

I gave up cigarettes and it was huge, it was a step I’ve taken in a new direction which has made my life better ever since, and the same could be said about other steps I’ve made in my personal life.

Now writing on this blog, I don’t make a distinction between what is kurb promotions business, and some of my more creative projects, because reflection on those projects, about how to be successful and promote creative concepts, well that’s what this business is all about and always has been, me looking for successful promotions strategies and then scaling them to create a competitive and viable business.

Just as I making videos and music videos, cheap online video production, I am learning skills to off this service, so that I can be working in this area, learning short cuts, learning techniques, learning from mistakes, and the general quality of what I can produce will rise.

We are still thinking of plans. Plans that are going to get me more creative engagement, and more opportunities to be involved in what is going on.

But there are always background tasks that require attendance, so that we can take advantage of what opportunities there are.

When identifying a problem – like no one to sort out the tours, we then have the opportunity to reflect on a solution.

We need someone to organise the tours. The problem is in identifying whether its a recreational purpose, or it’s actually something you want to scale.

We can only take the mildest step, and another tour for March might be the next plan.

These feel like serious thoughts. I’m going to find my way forward. I blog because I’m serious about finding the direction I want to go with business and creativity. I believe there is a place we can get to where it’s all clearer.

We have to have a stronger vision for the future, where we’re not doing DVD’s or blogs at all, because I’m doing what I want to do.

Old CD and DVD Copying Jobs

Friday, August 1st, 2014

We are still dealing with all these old DVD’s – old dvd masters for cd dvd copying that are now years old.

The most basic appraisal is that I am not using the space for anything else. But I felt that resolving the physical space in my life is a strong concept of minimalism.

What is the purpose of these objects now that my obligations to the clients who have long since exited the scene are fulfilled? My thoughts turned to a future where the information on these DVD’s could be the only evidence of such a thing ever existing.

We used to have this idea that we would save them all and make some kind of time capsule. It’s a weird one.

Is there a future where a computer could watch all these DVD’s and pinpoint the individuals, and build data from being able to place so many individuals at an exact time and place, to be able to render them into actual realities? If it is so, is it important? Is it important to who I am right now.

We go on pretending that somehow these things matter, when really it just takes up space in our mind.

Suddenly the themes seems to be that if I make a video about it, then that’s what it is all about. It’s not about preserving the DVD’s so much as my experience of it. But what we’re talking about is the digital experience. What is the meaning of these DVD’s, the content they hold, what is it’s meaning from now? What is my responsibility to it?

Well it’s obviously something I am thinking about, and I want to use video to create communications, so this is where the overlap exists. I just can’t help but think that it’s a little indulgent. Continuing to make videos about whatever I think is important, simply because I’m thinking of it, so it must be important.

But no it creates the space for some interesting ideas about preserving the past, why we do it, and what we are hoping to achieve, and how that aligns with what I am trying to achieve. There is a story that bridges small business, personal histories, technology and how it’s changing, and the philosophy and emotion of it, not to mention the minmalist approach. And to be able to write something up that communicates that spectrum of messages coherently, and also provides visuals and can be used as an example of my video production presentation material. As well as knowledge of CD and DVD copying of course!

This is an effort to create content more regularly. In the past we have been disappointed to work so hard on video productions that haven’t really been paid much attention. Now we are looking to produce content but in ways that don’t take much effort.

It’s hard to know what will interest people, but as long as I’m attempting to tell a story, which is perhaps only interesting to me because it’s my story, at least I know it’s interesting to somebody! This is my job to make these concepts more interesting.

Now we also have to think about the CD copies, the issue here is that in a lot of cases we won’t know what state the audio is in. We have to start listening to what we’re getting so if we have a clear idea that it’s not worth saving, we can flush it out.

What’s not worth saving? Anything where the music is unexceptional and the recording has been damaged. Just forget it.

What are we hoping for? Well if we can salvage 50-100 recordings and lock them into an archive, then we can offer selections some great recordings that may have been lost otherwise.

That’s the story, we did a lot of CD’s over the years for aspiring artists, most of who would never make it, but often they may have had a tune or two with a little bit of magic. It’s a story that holds on to what could have been, at that many come so close, and yet that’s still meaningful. Many don’t get to have their dream simply because so few do, and I am of a generation where many believed they could be the one who cut through, not realising how many voices were calling for their ideas to be heard and seen.

There’s a story in that, and in that story, I get to clean out my spare room, and see if I get some extra samples. Discover something. This was music that came to me. Perhaps only a handful of songs will prove to be of any use, but I have audited this, and I will send them on into the night with peace.

But then after the process, whatever comes from it, I have emptier rooms, emptier hard drives, and emptier life, but with space ready to be filled by what could be this or that.

It seems like the incessant need to create more money and more space have a limited application if you are successful at requiring less money and less space to be satisfied. Sure it sounds like I’m no longer talking small business or am I? I feel like I’m successful because my business is successful in meeting my needs, I don’t work full time and I don’t require a full time income because of the way I’ve streamlined my whole operation.

I wouldn’t be being honest if I was blogging about bleeding every source dry in pursuit of financial success. It simply doesn’t need to be that way.

So it gets interesting when you settle to a point you’re happy with your income, happy with your environment, but want to strive to do more, to change your life so that you feel fulfilled and empowered.


I just was able to do a full music video edit in less than a day, took about 9 hours, the whole thing! This has got me very inspired, not just for my channel but the idea that I can charge US$300 for this standard of work, and people will get a decent video. I will get a fairly decent days pay, but what’s more, it’s more experience and more footage I can put under my belt.

Definitely a hustle worth playing for.

But how would we push that out? Advertising and blogging, and then going from there.

It’s an exciting possibility but right now it just doesn’t seem to be something we want to invest money and effort into, I will simply keep posting on the blog, and keep dealing with the inquiries as they come in, and keep pushing the idea in thinking areas such as this, that we could get into producing these super budget music videos.

We can’t do it until we’re ready to give it the big push, in the mean time we focus on the content itself, improving the videos for my own creative satisfaction so that in 2 years time when we do offer a music video production service what they’re getting for $300 is a sweet video. I need to keep pushing on.

My idea now for the buzzing music video is to shoot about half a dozen girls in the bee outfit, then shoot tama, and shoot me in town, plus some bee videos, yay its done. Okay so we spent $100 on costumes, oh well. Maybe $100 or $200 on talent, well it didn’t cost so much. Let’s just get on with it, and part of what we’re doing is paying to get good videos with our marketing talent in them. We just are not succeeding in finding a way to use money to make something happen and now I am believing we can just zap something together for buzzing.

We’ll also be doing Your Mine, with the digital neon cowboy vibe, I think we can work it, again, just getting these girls to do some basic shots.

We’ll have to deal with the old cd and dvd copying archives at some point, but until we do, the primary production of new content we can offer comes first.