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Fun With Forex

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Hi this is Matt from Kurb I’ve been running Kurb my little promotions business, from home for over 7 years.

Well on top of my cd dvd duplication and postering which is usually just a short burst of intense work where otherwise I mainly just have to be around for various clients coming and going with cd dvd copying etc., I’ve begun to do foreign exchange trading, or forex.

This is a pretty cool thing to when you have productive downtime. But you have to be careful if you have a weakness for gambling.

Obviously you need a logical strategy based on hedging. It’s not a casino. Everyone’s strategy is different. I never lose money with my strategy but every so often I do get myself into some pretty tight spots. I use the fact that I’ve got deep pockets to cover my hedging strategy.

I knew that that was the danger of my hedging strategy, and because on my second day I distractedly pushed the wrong category, I ended up taking a really deep position I couldn’t back up, and now I have a long road back.

But the more I think about it, it has been a great opportunity to learn.

I knew the weakness in my strategy and so it was, because I clicked on the wrong thing, I had to face it on the very first day. Doubling down, deep into a bad position and getting into a hole.

However it was meant to be. Not only did I face the nature of this issue, which is riding out the stress, which again, is something I can usually do as long as I’m alone, I also was able to quickly move to the solution, which is always hedging.

Hedging means that when you lose, you never lose too badly because you’ve got eggs in other baskets and fingers in other pies.

Wasn’t this how I got myself into this mess? Yes, but we are working through other factors, like seeing a chart I read wrong, and of course the fact that biggest problem was caused by clicking on the some high rollers category by mistake and getting into that deep hole of a position.

We’ve learnt now about establishing good hard limits too our positions based on how much we can back them up. But also, by hedging very directly and very heavily, we give ourselves good insurance that if we’re hit by a massive run where one asset group drops heavily putting pressure on our leverage, it will be immediately propped up from the other side so we’re never vulnerable.

If you’re ever over exposed in a position and falling hard, if youre stacking the other side as you’re falling, you’re actually coming half way back up.

Yes, it means the recovery will also be not so flash, but what I’m talking about is stopping that damage when you’re falling from a high position, giving you just enough friction coming the opposite way to stop the crash landing from breaking you up.

This will be more so the case because we are continuously consolidating our credit line, which was another reason why being hit the first day was so nerve wracking only really having my credit card to back me up.

The fact that I’ve been stressed out about coming into the pitfalls is actually teaching me at an accelerated rate because I am dealing with what has to be dealt with. I am becoming aware now of what the potential issues I’ve got coming over the horizon, because you don’t just step into a new income without having some issues, this is investment, so I am slowly looking at where the risk lies.

But each day, I appear to be learning something new, and it all feels so intuitive, like I am learning how it is. Day 3 I realised my plan could include intricate hedging to ensure I never went bust. Day 4 I learnt a technique for buying as the price rises, but it soon left me with hard positions on one side, which eventually formed a bigger hole with the australian hole. Then on day 5 I learned how to buy inside the curve, watching the mini movements within the bigger movements and trading in a different style depending on whether it was the middle or the edge.

I am beginning to realise my descriptions of the trading side of things may be brief.

This is opening up a whole new direction for my business which I will have to pursue, and in doing so it creates a lot of discussions about business directions.

We laid out a plan under which we would advance our pirate stories and shows, but now we know the triggering condition of a need for income will never happen. We have to rethink it based on passion.

Some of my other plans for event management and video production become almost certainties, but we have to reflect on what exactly we are trying to gain from these situations.

The talent directory idea I had will likely go ahead I think. These are my adventures. Pirates and talent. Getting these going is the first step before we go for any community or music stuff.

So we probably will need management at some stage. Because I want someone to start booking me for DJ gigs, booking the girls, and booking the pirate, and booking tours and all of that, plus doing the promo and the admin. So I say we want an employee coming in for 4 hours 3 times a week, she gets $180. No we need total contractors. This is for the business blog.

But before management comes the promo work that gets the image.

First I guess I will start on odesk,

Video editors, website coders, animators, promo people, we need them. But we also need organising people here. If I had a person, what would they do? There seems to be this disconnect from having someone able to do more than just the job I do at old kurb. CD DVD duplication Auckland.

Another angle I believe is useful is identifying what we won’t do.

It is very unlikely that I will ever film a wedding now, or do many things. Focus on doing print copying? Unlikely. This is all ground we have to cover. Some concepts can remain as a means for a senior employee to expand their role doing these tasks, but they are not for me.

So many business ideas that you’re half developed can be abandoned. Basic models for building content based income. It is possible I may take an employee that I attempt to mold into doing all the things I might have done. But for now we publish and forget, as the limits of that are back to wedding videos and music management.

Content farms. No way, the only content farm I would consider is drum and bass, and even then no content farm is more interesting to me than a farm of content that I curate and I don’t see any particular niche there. I already have a website.

My websites cover my interests. Business, music, video, pirates, talent.

Anything else is to be removed immediately.


creditcards: 1-models / 2-muso’s / 3 random nz deals / 4 publishing / graphic design
site rehaul >> videos >> boost adsense >> build links>>funnel to newsletter
info product/landing pages + adwords+outsource

goin macro. Using a “Mattnz” unit as standard measurement if 1 x m = n then 2 x m = 2n

The big question right now for me is if 2 x m = 2n then does (2n + n) – m = 2n? #lifealgebra

evolution of blog
1: concept 2: spontent + adsense 3: design
4: blog promotion 5: backlinking 6: time +more spun + rewritten content
7: article amrketing 8: flagship content 9: editing

100 blogs under 12 niches needing spin + submit
I write 5 articles. I edit 10 more = 15 article subs
That should cover every niche, canned content will cover rest
each niche has flagship, feeders or adsense are ready to blossom and monetize or flip

Invest in Auckland Video DVD Production

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Alright I’ve been really focused on dvd duplication and video production recently but more opportunities to get money happening in business keep presenting themselves and I can’t help it!

I’m getting into investment and trading – it’s great when you’ve got lots of cash and time available in running your business, it’s really a great way to use money and time that’s available and invest it!

But other news first.

Until I launched into this investment idea, things had been very quiet, it was all about that zen vibe of letting things proceed peacefully and just being in tune with what is happening. There’s a natural process to all things, and following business is no different!

So there’s been some attention raised to how poor the numbers coming through the sites are, but it doesn’t matter because I have established clientele and I’ve been around for long enough that I get more than enough customers to keep the business ticking over, and though there’s no reason to believe that should change in the next 18 months we have to be prepared with what plans and schemes we have at our disposal.

But my business has become so efficient that it’s becoming something else. I don’t need much income from this business, I’m pretty much satisfied there, but I am interested in using business to accomplish other aims, more creative, social, community, charity.

So that’s the tone I’m writing from now. Because it’s capitalism, when you’re making money, you’re creating value and that value can be passed on.

I have to recognise where I’m losing momentum, and inject cash into the situation, because we play to our advantages and one rock solid advantage I have is cash built up in my business from running so lean.

To bring these issues into focus, on the blog, the subjects we’ve been building on is really about how we’re pushing forward creative vibes, things we enjoy – pirate stories, music videos, and video production – in order to develop the business side of these endeavours in a really engaging fun way.

We talked about how the pirates create the opportunity for video production and talent to expand.

So there’s a relationship. Creativity fuels engagement, excitement, and motivation. And motivation is a huge issue. I’m feeling really unmotivated recently, I am just so lucky my business does that well that I can autopilot, but I know I am missing huge opportunities because I am not excited enough to go after them.

We’re hoping that pirates bring a creativity and unified goal to what I’m trying to do, and we can channel motivation through that.

Do we begin advertising pirates now? No because it’s about triggers. We have enough work coming in. A slump in work triggers the need to get pirate performance work, for now we’re focused on motivation which is driven by making videos and establishing talent.

It’s easy to get distracted, because there’s no urgency manifesting, but it doesn’t change the circumstances that this is my life. That’s why I have a problem with checking twitter. None of this tends to grab me and ask me to make it matter. So I check twitter, might be something on there for my brain to get into.

We have email. Email is always a to do list in itself. Either there is an issue outstanding, or we’re waiting on another party to deliver.

When we are short of ideas on how to proceed in business and affairs, go to the email. Go through what’s there. Deal with these issues.

But there are also new routines and habits to maintain and exercise, in order that we stay balanced, and I think learning to relax and let it flow has got to be number one. Relaxing and flow is all to do with keeping goblins at bay also.


Today I finally got up and got on the forex, and sure enough, it’s really interesting, and I think I can use it to make money in a casual way.

It’s very interesting for me personally because I really only needed something like this – exactly like this, I can make $100 a day just by sitting there and giving it a glance every 5 minutes to make sure things aren’t going crazy, and being able to take out a few minutes to ride out certain booms and cash out when the moment strikes.

I think this is so perfect, because I often sit in contemplation, and knowing that now that will be punctuated by the opportunity to grab $20 everytime a run begins, well I wonder where it will go.

The reason I like forex so much is you can do it a little bit everywhere, when I’m working, chilling, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, I can go out for an hour and put a few stops down and come home and find I’m $20 richer. I can get a little tablet and do it when I’m waiting around, all of that, I know it’s the sort of thing it doesn’t need attention really, you just have to check it every 5 minutes.

Or I could try, and I probably will, taking micro positions, especially when my pockets are deeper, being able to play super fast, buy 3 positions on the same currency within a few minutes and then having them ping off one after another.

So being that I am in the process of getting smarter about this stuff I actually found some long term charts to reflect on and they gave me some thoughts on forex.

I was able to look at what happened on first day in context, and it was quite dramatic what happened when I lost my first $100, as the pound rolled right off it’s surge following the scottish vote.

Unfortunately, this was the highest it had been in months. It seems unlikely I will make this gain back, and yet I am lucky to be only in for about $16, and now I see the trend, I can buy a lot of australian dollars on the other side, and ride that. I have two similar positions, one seems fine, the other again I will have to dig my way out, but being able to see the trend over weeks. At least the AUD/USD I’ve got looks like it will bounce back within a couple of days even if I have to sit on it.

This is not a position I would hedge against with a greater number, in fact I would double down. These are again other good vectors to take.

A currency can easily move 1% in a day. In the case of the AUS/USD, 2 weeks ago it lost over 3% in a week, now lets think about that. I you did have a $10k position, that is $300. these are the realities but I think they are the realities that will save me. I will be fine now because my positions are so small, and in the case of those first two, three, I will hedge my way out.

This means, if I had $10k position I would refuse to buy anymore going down, look to take a $10k position on the other side, maybe even $20k if i can afford it, no it would have to be double, so that I can pick my moment, to cash out of both. Tricky game, but with $10k in your account it’s one you can play.

Risky but you can play it, but more importantly, this gives me the big picture skill. Of course I won’t spend more than $5k when I’m at monthly peak. when it crashes 3%, I have to eat my $150 loss.

But that is nothing compared to the $600 loss it would be if I was still throwing $20k at it. I don’t forget, I’ll catch my cash on the way back anyway. So my first day that I fall off and lose $1k in a day as all my investments fall over may not be this year at all, when I can see when I’m on a peak, and can take my $100 lose before things crazy. So I’m thinking a few $100 / $50 losses a week is more likely than the $1k melt down blow out once a month.

With this in mind, you’d never take more than a $5k position when youre at a peak, but as it drops you can get bolder.

Similarly when youre in the trough, you can be bold, but as it soars, you peel it back.

We would never ride one deal up 3% but it gives you an idea that if you can lose $300, you can also make it on the other side.


We talked about how although my financial plans are fairly simple, it’s good to map how the transitions will occur. Like the fact that there will have to be a certain drop in income before I take rearranging my living situation seriously. Nonetheless I will still move forward in preparation but we drew a line in the sand, while we can earn over $3000 a month, there’s no reason to make finding flatmates a priority.

I would probably have to earn $5000 over 2 months to take this idea seriously, and thre’s a very good chance this may not happen in the next 2 years. But having this trigger in place means it’s not something I really have to consider unless I want to, until that time.

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Minimising Auckland Duplication Business

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

I’ve just been having a look at the stats for the first time in awhile and I really have to face the fact that all this blogging doesn’t really count for much. Maybe it’s telling google something somewhere, and that can’t be discounted, but I have to think of other SEO strategies now.

Or it’s just a call to make more sense with my blogging rather than just typing furiously and pointlessly.

More considered content means I can move to trying to build links to my content.

Of course the overall direction which we’ve been talking about is connecting with the pirate theme to grow our video production. We’re not motivated to go out there and make more money, and yet, what a splendid result this would be! So we look at the the pirate enterprise because it’s fun, we can practice video production, we can make money, we can book gigs, we can interact with other talent in a way that allows us to continue to produce video content that helps with business aims.

This is where the push coming from video production and the pirate thing, the talent thing, they all converge. It helps push forward in three directions.

I am a pirate if it means that through this my video production and talent is expanding, and I am actually improving the business development of the pirate bookings.

So that’s what’s happening on the bridge, that’s where we’re navigating to, cruising as we go, with a yo ho ho as a pirate! making videos as a pirate for bookings for kids entertainers auckland. Which helps our video, and also means we can being more talent on board.

But I think there’s a question of where the pirate thing goes. When you have an idea in business it’s easy to say “It’s going to well, and then it’s going to go better after that!”

That’s not a plan. What is this idea, sure, I’m using pirates to push video and hire fairies which is an in point for new talent.

– The point I’m doing 1-2 parties a week
– The point I can start booking shows

Those are really the only 2 parts, once I can book 1 show and 1 party a week I’m deep into it.

So the first step after we have done the first set of videos is to begin to advertise for more parties. Then we nail the act that we can then shop out.

I’m just looking at ways in which we can get focused on motivation. When pure motivation and inspiration is pushing the project, we’re getting a lot of positive energy behind it.

If I’m motivated in music to get gigs, then it creates social contacts, and motivation to appear as if we are doing the thing. We want to make music, we want to make video knowing an audience awaits, and that more opportunities get created for people with influence to become aware and open doors.


But what’s happening at the back end, what’s the nuts and bolts?

I’m thinking long long term for the future of business because my turnover is probably going to be pretty stable, I just have to maintain my margins by getting super tough about overheads and expenses.

I’m sorry this has to become a bit of an investment blog, but I am only trying to be prudent about how I invest my profits so I get gentle transition moving other business that can replace auckland cd dvd duplication as our main earner probably establishing itself in about 3 years and taking over as main income in 5 years. Because cd dvd duplication, printing and postering services, flyer distribution all of that will still make some money, there will never really be that much pressure and I truly hope the pirate stories and video, and maybe even the secret business strategy we’ve planned – when brought together, they can eclipse cd dvd duplication while it supports in the wings, which is the inevitable.

In 5 years I want those mobile income streams, means of income that won’t tie me to New Zealand.

Well what can be shared, what wisdom have can I produce now that might help you and I both learn about the future of small business and media promotions?

Well one blog I read was saying that you should invest where you have an edge, and you may not recognise where your edge lies immediately, but you always have one edge over everyone else when you invest into yourself.

Give yourself a unique skill or angle that you can bring into a situation where you understand where the profit is to be made on top of existing layers.

Again, just something I do naturally, having come up with strategies all this year to get my costs down, from giving up cigarettes to learning to cook better.

But it’s my rent that has really annoyed me this year, knowing it didn’t matter if I saved a few dollars here and there, it didn’t matter, understanding the scale, that rent was always going to be more half of my regular expenses, I knew paying rent is something I have to withdraw from as soon as possible.

So I came up with the idea of buying a house on the furthest edge of auckland that I could stand. This means I could have a place to live outside of auckland, which would allow me to rent the rooms out of this place, and live and work out of both spots, significantly downsizing my operation in auckland. This is an excellent cost saving plan which also allows me to have the best of both worlds, lots of private space, and low cost, and still have location at a fraction of the cost I pay in rent for this whole place with 2 rooms I never really use.

I couldn’t have boarders until I had a separate space I could retreat to for work, art, romance, whatever purpose. Great plan. Now I’m considering the nuances of how to complete this transition. I can’t leave the business until the activity starts to drop down, but I believe that will happen in 6 months, so if we start preparing now, it may all work out nicely.

But when we say “drop down” what do we really mean, because we know if we can make over $900 a week here, we can’t leave at all. How far does it have to drop? Remember, to go to $600 permanently would mean one week we made $200, the next $1000.

Would I be happy making $600? Sure. Because I’m sure I could drum up $200 from other sources outside of the auckland duplication and printing services. And that would give me enough, In fact, I’m certain in 3 years I’ll still be able to draw $500 from cd dvd printing and auckland posters as well as $200 from elsewhere – whether it pirates or forex, and as long as I can could take $300 cream from other investments well thats my $500 weekly costs and $500 good life level. Perfect.

But it’s about the staging, I can buy the place, but then, what will make we want to not hang around here? If I start making less than $600. How long will that take? At least a year. possibly 2 or 3. You won’t want to leave. And so I guess I won’t.

It seems more likely that I will have more short term borders and bnb business, which I will try and scratch $5k a year out of. But we know the moment we lift up to $700 a week again, we want our place back. I sense a tension there.

But it’s basically recognising the parameters for our flexibility. While we’re earning over $700, we won’t want any flatmates.

This could go on throughout 2015 and 2016 until I buy a place of my own. By that stage, I have to collect rent to pay my mortgage, and it would seem a bit silly to live in 2 houses and not have anyone in either of them, I mean, that wasn’t really the strategy. My costs of course are the same.

So it’s likely we will still make $700. So it’s possible to consider renting out house #1 to pay most of the mortgage on house #2 so I can live alone in house #2 if I want. Or on the other extreme, retreat down to house #1, have house #2 rented out for $500, and collected $500 from extra to my savings, which is basically enough to survive on pretty nicely down there.

Crowdfunding and Auckland Video Reproduction

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

It’s one thing to picture hopefully how the future could look, and then glance around to recognise what a step looks like in that direction.

But it can be hard to tie those things together. You need to recognise what the true outcome you’re seeking really is.

The blogging I’ve been into recently has really shaken it up, I don’t even give myself a hard time for blogging and pretending it’s real productive work any more, I seem to crank a lot of ideas, I seem hungry for the next nugget of wisdom to be turned up.

It was most recently I decided that pursuing performances and events aggressively was just too challenging. Kurb started as a response to my failure in event promotion – needing to earn money from the skills I’d gained to pay the debts. Continuing to be cautious about gigs means more opportunity to focus on other entertainment we’d like to promote.

So yeah, the report in here at kurb promotions, is that our accounts are in rude health due in no small part to how streamlined our expenditure has become, and the running of all our business around cd dvd duplication auckland, printing, posters, video production and other promotions services

The DVD production is indeed staggering to it’s feet as we bring together people, skills, budgets.

The idea is having strategic plans to push out, to use people to complete tasks, to progress forward, to spend money to get attention so that the profile grows. That’s what we’re beginning to move towards. Real promotion power.

Websites. Advertising, people producing cool cheap videos and thinking about talking to bloggers, having bloggers favourable to what you can provide, old school social media type stuff with bookmarking, but it’s all about having good content.

We mainly have to focus on getting the best content out there. What professional presentations would I give for youtube videos promoting what I am trying to do?

Well CD DVD Duplication because that’s how I make my money.

Posters, Printing etc.

Models, talent and the cohort. Video production internships, work experience, get involved type pitch.

Selling the video production angle. Auckland wedding video.

These are some ideas. Of course we need to think about what we’re trying to achieve, the cohort is the main focus, to bring video making people together to make good videos.

So we want testimonials. And we want the cohort. Getting the lay out for that cohort page, is number 1.


So it comes back to our childrens entertainment business ideas and we know we’re taking a different approach here. We’ve had lots of good ideas but it’s about the scale of when all this might be happening – 6 months? A year? 18 months?

The challenging thing about it is well, what else? Because I have no reason to believe cd dvd duplication will slide so dramatically and so this will be my only effort to expand my business, and so I guess it does need special attention. I will be plugging away at my video production and I think I will find a way towards getting work there also. Don’t forget that this is really what pirate stories is all about – filming them also as part of my approach.

So it’s very much about framing what this is.

One way to frame it is to see where we could be passing through this and what that looks like.

Well, when I’m doing 3 shows a week, birthdays or schools with the dvd done and the assistant and everything, and pulling in say $600, knowing it could easily be my primary income, because the truth is, doing that work while $2k worth of cd dvd duplication work comes in would be a minor windfall, but money isn’t what I’m looking for.

And so it suggest other avenues. My top secret activities.

But pirates is the platform we can access right now. I know I can turn into something, I know I can go into a situation with 50 kids, entertain them, make some cash, do well. But it’s obviously something that will emerge slowly, the fact I’m earning well from cd dvd duplication will always thwart my motivation to push it.

But if I can make $500, because I’m integrating a school show, well then maybe I could be doing several school shows a week around the country and pocketing over $1k, plus DJ shows. That would motivate me to perhaps want to chill on the road for a few months at a time over the course of a few years.

But right now all we see is that we make enough money, which makes it hard to do birthday parties, but we want to work with fairies to get the videos done.

Once the videos are done, we can put together a show based on the videos. Then we can send a dvd copy of the show out to the schools saying we will do this show for $300+ if we can book another show in the area within 24 hours. Tell them look, you and a neighbouring school could each have a 40 minute show for $500 for 2.

I really like the idea that in a few years I’d have an agent and have a youtube following and would easily pick up $500 for an appearance with my fairy, which could be a show, or a town fair, or a celebrity appearance, or corporate gig.

With an agent, getting 2-3 decent gigs a week, including the tours organised, by an agent, plus I have to pay the fairy, but I’d still be getting $6-900 a week, my agent is getting $2-300 for that price they should be getting me DJ gigs as well, maybe even some acting!


So I just got a huge idea for crowdfunding childrens entertainment in the small centres.

The question is when am I ready to do this? Well I need to sort out what I’m offering, and what the deal is. At the moment the deal is that I don’t leave home unless I’m getting $500, then I should have a month or two to hustle up another opportunity, somewhere else to play or appear or whatever, would you go away for $400? Sure I would. But I would have to be getting a lot more hard up, we might have to keep this plan moving slowly which means focusing now on auckland.

Focusing now on what I can bring to myself, more birthdays.

And trying to hammer out some kind of show, we can charge to put on.

I can target a crowdfunding campaign for every single spot in New Zealand. I think there are about 30 towns within 6 hours drive.

So basically set the funding limit at the cost of the trip.

Which I’m thinking is $500. If I could earn $1000

1 x $250 – 40 min show at local school

1 x $195 – 1 hour visit/appearance

2 x $120 – 30 minute visit/appearance

20 x $10 – 1 hour adventure

50 x $5 – DVD and goodies bag delivered personally

00 x $2 – goodwill donation!

That’s a total of $1140.

So yeah by the time you got lets say, $750 it would be well worth it, however, it would be about 4 or 5 hours work.

But our model suggests collect 2 x $500 over 2 days in an area which may involve an hours drive.

Archiving Information for Auckland DVD Duplication

Monday, September 8th, 2014

At the moment I’m trying to resolve a lot of loose ends in my business by going over old writings, accounts, content, pictures, etc. looking at what can be done, are we to use this content, is there something that can be brought forward from this, distilled down, or are we best, in the interest of minimalism, flexibility and clarity to simply zip it up, sling it on some back up drives and get on with our lives?

I swear this archiving game is real because it comes forward. There is everything that is, and everything that will be.

There are still strains of concepts here that are important enough to be drawn out and used, drawn into the threads of concepts we are moving forward with, if even just as experience and understanding of what we won’t be going into.

There’s so much a business can do, it’s good to know what you won’t be doing, and why.

I’m going through a lot of old articles that I wrote when I doing music marketing as part of my general archiving efforts, I just want to put everything straight – everything I’ve ever done!

Hold it right there in one or two 2tb hard drives, and say that’s it! That’s me! No need to concern myself too much, it’s all there. There’s not a missing idea, I went back and checked them all, I thought about what mattered.

I learned a lot in that time, I am holding on to the articles because there’s no point throwing them out, although will I ever going to want to push content out like that on my site? Is this really what I want to do with my life? Like I was trying to do crazy blogs then, and 6 years later here I am. But I know it’s because I’m trying to unstick myself from a work routine and learn to vary my efforts.

But isn’t it an efficiency to arrive at the point where I say, no I don’t want to publish lots of rotten old content, this is not how I will pursue a future need to generate income, my resolve is that I have at least 2 years left in this business, I have to be prepared to get out in 6 months, maybe a year to be honest, or possibly I will still be eking out a living in 5 years from cd copying and dvd duplication.

I am serious right now about focusing beyond the business, and that’s not to say I wouldn’t go back to music marketing management again, but it has made me think, it seems unlikely. It seems that I am too crafty, and that little incomes of $100-300 a week are easy to come by and maintain if you’ve got smarts and patience, I’ll always have a few of those, and my income needs will tend to be flexible.

That was always the plan. I stay in auckland pirates, video production, music gigs, talent, I just stay there, and there will be money around if I just put a few months preparation into it. But really we want to avoid that. My belief is that cd dvd duplication, printing etc will continue to earn me $300 a week on average, for another 10 years. I will have pirates and video as good second strings. The talent and music may never be professional, but can possibly claim losses and make me look busy. In addition I believe my investment and business skills will expand so that I can also make cream there on top of my projections,

It always returns to the known end point, at that point we have RC and the pirates. RC, a more comedy based format is harder to embrace because it’s comedy and it’s such a punt, pirate stories have the back bone of being a business proposition.

Where it all returns to of course is the moment of saying well, we’re doing pirates. I think we need to do it to do it.

Are we going to start advertising? Sure, but the main thrust is to construct a 40 minute show I can do with a fairy for say 50 kids or a school or whatever and swag $300 or whatever in the deal. 2 shows for $500.

We got this great little plan for crowdfunding the pirate visits down there, get my $500 and we’re done!

Except that we know we won’t be motivated to do it for the money, and so that’s not the avenue we’ll find ourselves turning into.

We’ll need to be doing birthday shows most weeks, and trying to hustle appearance etc. More like milford. The reality is that we won’t be motivated to do it unless we have people working with us, to get alongside, and build the thing, so it gets easier for me, and in turn I can improve what I am delivering into new situations.

So ideally what do I want? 2-3 birthdays a month and a 2 day road trip where I

But if your videos actually catch you have to expect $1000+ a week of bookings. 3+ shows. Fine.

I’d make a school show $300 and a birthday $150. $100 for my fairy, $100 for other costs.

I won’t really do much, that will be part of what I’m about, it’s my character, I improvise. I want one school booking, and 1 party booking a week which I expect to spend $50 a week to get, but 1 party or appearance, which could even be as a DJ etc is through the youtube hipster following.

My belief is there will just be too much overflowing from me paying girls to do videos and doing street crawls which I also record, I’ll have a lot of video, hopefully it will build up. The videos form the basis of the show which is the dvd as well, so yup yeah.

How long are we talking? A year? Maybe. Where are the challenges?

Getting those bookings, we will have to be super confident. Doing a party every week, I think sure, maybe not every week. I could make it happen, but crossing over to schools? We’d have to start by offering a product that was too good to reject. Blanket bomb the schools for an hour around with a $250 deal, if you can aim for 10. Well it’s not a matter for counting. I guess I will try and put the feelers out and come up with a solid plan once I get there.

But I guess the idea is to get these fairies on board, get them making videos and hitting the street, until we get more parties going, and once we’ve got regular parties and decent videos to string together funnies, this could easily take 6 months, then we can launch our show, that is the big one. Likely we would have changed out several girls by then, but each one that comes along can see what their predecessor did.

It’s some Dr. Who deal.

Again we see the pirate thing becoming it’s own regular series, and the RC thing possibly and it slowly coming together as one thing.


I look at the articles as they get archived away and think how excited I was once upon a time to offer all my marketing and promotions services.

That time will never be again. Sure I write a lot still, more than I did, but I guess it speaks to the fact I found a way to plan and write that also helped me to get what I’m doing out there to people who wanted to purchase cd dvd duplication auckland. And that allowed me to reach my market, refine my process, and come up with a successful strategy, so that I need not consider such a thing again.

Maybe it might be fun to look and learn and consider as I am right now one day, just to think about how things develop. I know in a lot of ways most of what I am doing right now is the same thing. It is writing for my own sake that really becomes only as useful as the footprints that follow me here.

If I hadn’t taken the steps I wouldn’t be here, but much of what transpired is of no purpose.

I’m thinking about those archiving videos I wanted to make for cd dvd duplication, the concept momentarily lost. It’s supposed video that spans across themes of business, and art, and even greater purpose. We have to continue to explore what it means.

It seems like closure, in the way that putting away all these marketing blurbs for kurb promtions has been, to see, to think of it, to not have much to say in this instance but to acknowledge we probably won’t be doing any online marketing for musicians in the future.

There were exciting thoughts, but they were just excitement, and it wasn’t that it ever had to be. In this way it is my opportunity to say goodbye and close that door, to have closure and finality realising I won’t ever be a person who finds themselves hustling as a consultant.

I’m done with that. And knowing that hustling as a consultant, in that as a consultant I have to be a salesman and a motivational coach, the reward isn’t there. The work will always be undervalued.

But when we tackle this issue with auckland dvd cd duplication, then it will be to a grander scale, in that there is enough significance to warrant a video.

It’s not about a project we’re describing, but a way of moving on from something in a significant way, that recognises what we’ve gained and what we’ve lost.

We don’t grind away on this for money any more, but we do appreciate how media has come into peoples lives, and how helping people use media to communicate and understand, and share culture and information.

Personal Media Archiving Storage Production

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

I get on my archive. I’ve been such a proponent of minimalism in the physical space and it’s been great for me.

Now I realise that in our lifetimes we leave so much digital waste, so many pics, vids, projects and things and stuff . . . we need to control it!

I am certainly keen to push through to gain control of my digital space, my goal is to be able to reduce my life to a couple of hard drives, back them up, spread them out, and that’s me!

I think it would be such a great exercise for clarity and personal grounding, to see your life reduced to a little black box, y’know, it’s no big deal. This is what I am, right here, that’s my story if anyone cares. Otherwise I’ll be doing my thing!


So now we’re looking at archiving all our writings so many files from so many years of my documents. It all has to be done. It’s not a good idea to start, but a good idea to look and keep trying to gain some scope on what we’re trying to do here.

There’s the writing, and then the music, and here we have dnb, and nzmusic . . . then go back there’s samples, there’s videos, a whole folder of music, a whole folder of web design, huge areas. What’s the plan?

Well this is our main drive here for this, other than another mirror situation happening on the other drive.

When it comes to client artwork, this can simply be organised and then locked away. It’s not a big job. We don’t want to biff it, but we do just want to store it and forget about it. The idea is to make sure all this art ends up in the same place so if we are looking for an old job, we can see it all in one place.

It keeps me asking what do I need this stuff for, old clients files and nonsense?

Well I think we need a separate file that asks does this matter? We once thought we might produce this content again, but I’m only going to keep it in the event some random client comes back from back in the days of old. What this means is in a few years, we can ditch it. But at least I allow myself to be at peace with that. That’s how I’m zenning.

Like some native creature who thanks the gods of this or that, I give my thought now to the years of business, the discs, what they were what it meant. A lot of discs. I chose to do my work, I was detemined to succeed and not be broken. So many discs, so many jobs. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

So now looking again. Yes lots of consolidating to do. We take all the old artwork to one place now we see it’s not essential, and that way we can go through it all.

Samples reminds that we are processing music, we still have all the soul music to go through, then we move to the cd archive on g drive, this is being used as an example of what happens to random songs arriving from uncertain destinations. It has a counterpart in drive e – “music to sort” which is already divided between clients, friends, random,

There is a folder here called “zips” would we bother keeping zipped files we don’t want to listen to? maybe if we were going to sample it.

Again once we have sampled the content whether audio or video, unless it has enough significance, we can delete.

All client and friends music will be stored. Other music we dont want to delete will be stored.

only the stuff we listen to, sampled to significant effect or could make up a future archival compilation will be kept on the hard drive.

in a lot of cases we just have to see whats there, sort it, and then trace it to a point where it gets sampled and then tossed. Of course there is a NZ music and a dnb folder, but right now, they are folders for music, there is no thought of any sampling going on there yet, that is at least one boundary in place, I’m not sampling my whole mp3 collection.

mainly because I know that music already, i dont have to listen to it, i know i want to keep it in some way, so theres no need to make the decision whether to chuck it now.

I just sent the whole “music to sort” folder over to the cd archive. Once the CD archive is processed it will be time to start adding more rips to it.

I’ll already be doing the housekeeping on my video archive. The videos I want to keep on my hard drive, and a full back up and some on my externals.

Old web designs, that doesn’t matter so much either, so it goes in that folder with the art work to linger for a few years to see if we can be bothered to see what it means, it’s just in the final stage before departure, what is here that is worth preserving in any way?

Perhaps we want the databass site, or some image or screenshot, yes, in an artistic way – which probably comes under master images, we still want to showcase the aesthetic vibe of databass, definitely.

Most of it is covered by the master images collection, but one day we may want to make sure, and get rid of all the html files, saying goodbye to that. Not now.

At some point the dnb and nz music collections join up with the main mp3 groups, as do the video collections merge once the back ups are in place. CD’s are already ripping to the archive and out, leaving writing. That’s when the final approach will begin on the master images and master music.

But initial forays will already be made to prune off long hanging fruit – much like art will be the endgame for a lot of material in physical archiving we just cant let go of, so it will be for the quick stuff we can grab from these major archives to present new art.

The process is in recognising when a tune has no future, when there is certainly no original file to work with, and we have not choice but to either accept the final destination it arrived at, or abandon the concept altogether.

If a good tune is lost to all improvement, release it with some freaky slideshow of stupid pictures stuck on my hard drive from another era, and then say goodbye to the the pictures and the song.

I guess my thought on it is that it may take years. But I will discover more.

We can’t of course forget we will also come from the top down. We will publish our 27 pages, then we will filter through the top looking to allocate pics on that basis, so the best pics also find their final place, and every alternative can be slung into storage. Again with a lot of storage, once we’re all done with this, we may very well realise we have a tb or 2 of material that we dont need a dozen shitty variations of, the original is fine, the way we’ve chosen to present it is fine, and that is to be it.

And so finally it all makes its way to my website.

When I’m done, what’s worth seeing will be there for me to see, and that’s what I’ll do sometimes, play with the design some, or just leave it, and ponder at the narcissism. Well I only wanted to understand my life, and in doing so, create the opportunity to present what I discovered.

If in creating understanding and flow through closing out all these trails left behind me, I can then find something new to say, to create, then that is all part of the process.

Video Production Videographer Work Experience Auckland

Monday, September 1st, 2014



So I am on the hunt for people who can help me with my video production and youtube videos, developing these concepts I’ve got. Just paying them to come in when I need help, just getting them in on my terms, and paying them, and then hoping things can loosen up.

I need to pay them something, but I am also hoping they will get in behind what I am doing, they have to understand that I will pay everyone the same – not much at first – but the person who does the most work and helps out will be the one I’ll be calling back first.

If you want this kind of auckland video production work email

But I am really looking for people who want to help me, and i wouldn’t be surprised if I have people working for next to nothing soon, because I am encouraging them to support what I’m doing.

So What’s the deal? Just say, look, I’m giving you $40, I need you for at least 2 hours, maybe 3, just please come and help. Do extra, takeaway homework, you’ll be the one asked back. Maybe we can work it out so I can slip you $50-100 to do a lot of the editing work.

with two $40 pods I should be able to produce 2 x 2 minute videos every week. But I could make it 3 or 4, depending on who was around and wanted to rock, what we did together, what the vibe was.


I was just browsing star now for local people who work both behind and in front of the camera, who have skills and want to develop experience.

I run a successful promotions company, but long term I am developing my youtube channel with a combination of music videos, kids videos, comedy, vlogs, etc. it’s just a hobby for now but I would like to take it somewhere, so I am looking for more people I can work with to get more productive and make better content.

I am more of a front of camera person, and I can tell big gaps in my technical knowledge is letting me down.

It wouldn’t be very regularly and I cant pay a lot, but I will pay something.

Just finding out who might be interested. Thanks!


So yeah I do a range of stuff, I’ve had this one man band approach and worked with lots of keen models, doing the whole thing myself – mainly music videos at this point, but ive done plenty of skits, road movies, vlogs – organising, performing, shooting, editing, the works. needless to say, because I do that all myself I spread myself pretty thin and the effect is pretty cheap, and I accept I am selling myself short.

As I said I am not that technical, and mainly focused on my performance, so that aspect of my videos is suffering.

I thought it would be great to find technically experienced people who are also interested in jumping in front of the camera with me, so I can get the most out of it and keep my super streamlined approach running.

This is how I compete, by being small, fast, and agile.

I run a successful promotions business already we do printing and cd’s and dvd’s it goes great and I don’t have to attend to it full time.

I am also a chilldrens party entertainer, I dress up as a pirate, so there is a part of this that is already working as a business, it’s just my video production is not a professional operation right now, it is still my hobby but I am prepared to invest into it because I want to take it somewhere.

I would like to think if I could build a solid team with my previous business experience I could probably make this into a business opportunity also, but that is long term.

I would probably need help for a few hours once or twice a month. I will need to have several options just so we can all be flexible, im not relying on just you so youve got some freedom if you cant make it when I need a hand, and I can have a little network going.


So yes one response so far from some teenage girl – it’s as I’ve said before, we need to find jobs to put them into to begin their development. I am encouraged by bonnie, knowing that if I can get the girl through a few sessions with me, then they will find out what I’m about and worrying about the girls, like with bonnie, won’t be so much of an issue, worrying about whether they can handle themselves.

Now have had another girl interested – so we definitely have to start aligning what we want to do with where we can bring these girls on board.

We can put drunksploitation up there. RC1 episode, pirate stuff we definitely recognise.

The push to have our pirate story, our pirate dvd locked as a basis for our show is a business milestone, it means we can make a show we can take on the road.

And very clear guides pop into place here. I said I’d pay 2 people say, starting on $40 for 2-3 hours work helping me to make 2 x 2 minute videos.

$160 over 2 sessions of 3 or 4 hours for me, and that could create 8 minutes of footage for the weekly show. Well I’m trying to work with the concept, within the confines. Maybe a 5 minute show every fortnight? No you’re constraining the wrong parameters. Because we can’t go into that kind of production right now.

The fact is we would work through our stuff, right through to business stuff, we’re working the pirate stuff, we have our show, and pushing through out the other side to what else we can offer.

– pirate party / show
– DJing
– Girls appearance
– event management
– corporate video
– wedding video

We can go on adding stuff to the mix, we can crowdfund and all the rest, but what’s the conclusion its heading to?

Well me pulling in $500 a gig doing either pirate shows or DJ shows. and doing 3-4 gigs a week.

In order to do that we may have to really get down with these girls and tell them how it is if they want to breakthrough which means doing the work. From the work, the opportunities will arise.

Think of milford market day, lots of fairies coming down, lots of filming, a tight little ad for milford and pirates and whatever created.

Opportunities being worked.

But the resolution reached here is that there are so many possibilities, it’s mind boggling to orientate ourselves to that. Yes, use the dreams, pitch specific dreams to lure you forward because those are lures that work, even if it is to trick yourself into something meaningful.

You can have a plan like basically falling away from gigs to focus more on the cohort, because that’s a plan for now. Plans are for doing. Dreams are for focusing plans.

We’ve had some nice dreams and seen what they look like, we recognise the pattern, we can choose our path forward, we just need to make the right choices traced back to needs we truly recognise are legitimate. Money is not really a legitimate goal in of itself.


A major issue is that we are backlogged with so many videos to edit, it just makes me think we need to instigate our coaching regime weekly do get that caught up, and we will be blasting through because we know our financial goals are tight, to have that same hold suddenly erupt in video, that would be great.

But before we go in deep on auckland video production let’s look at what else there is to do.

The landing page for the cohort ads and links is going to be the next thing. We’ll start with some copy. Then design it up. Do we really think we’ll go forward? Now that we’re recruiting elsewhere? Well at some stage, of course.

We’ll give our interns interns.

We need to be thinking about how we’ll be bringing people on board moving forward.

Drunksploitation, Pirate videos, Editing – editing has to be seen as a big part of this now. The more I shoot, the more I fall behind.

Which means I can ask them to do the bees straight away. I could ask Michelle to edit the first bee video, the dnb bee girls. Then followed by the bonnie skits, I mean seriously that’s 20 hours of editing, 2 weeks going hard. Easily worth $500.

We could get help for NENB. Again, $80, 2 x $40 but this is also a great tester, because it’s so easy. But if we found someone with a good camera or who was into hipster emo cinematic stylistics, that’d be great, we would also of course do Flatmates. A really good camera person. Put aside $100. $500 for bees and bonnie. And then we come to all the gig footage. What we’re saying is though it’s a big job if we break $600 for that too then what we’re saying is we could jump forward swiftly with cash, I can see that now.

By the time we were doing drunksploitation, which could be any time because we’re rolling in with tanks, I’m not doing gigs, I can spend on this.

Then pirates and lord perhaps even RC1 we would be way beyond our video requirements. But the girls would need more, and so on we ride!!