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More New Intern Initiatives

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

I was focusing on holding back some of the work in cd dvd duplication so I could focus on my staff structure with auckland media interns, auckland media jobs work experience type people crowding into positions where I can show them what’s happening and they can lift the load.

From answering emails I’m already getting a vibe going. There’s just too many people. If you want to get paid now, it won’t happen. I just need a fair structure so people aren’t being ripped off. I need to communicate that the person who works for free for the longest will get the reward at the end of that, and that I won’t ask people to work on serious projects without getting some money in their hand.

It just won’t be much until the chips fall.

So the hunt is really on for the mega auckland media interns here and I think I need to communicate a bit clearer with a bit of material.

I need to be fronting the candidates with the full knowledge of what could be gained with their supportive active co-operation. There is quite a range of aspects to the tasks here – your prospects need to understand what it is they will be doing for money.

I try to communicate, If you can’t print and pack discs, or edit videos, or do forex, be a fairy or even do the dishes . . . then you’re not that useful.

Yes we are really going somewhere. But you don’t get to walk in here and not do work. But I am trying to strategise around finding the auckland media interns wanted.

Data entry, cleaning, printing, dressing up as a fairy, and managing talent. That’s a lot of stuff to cover, it’s easy to confuse. This is marketing, presenting the delightful prospect without overselling the actual outcome.

My strategy is to accept that in the next few months, we will be feeling our way around anyway, and by that stage we will be willing to invest by offering good money and making that the draw. Brute force. Money talks. Why bother putting a big spin on it

Nonetheless. We would benefit from a bit of forethought into what angle we are selling the brand on.

It just seems like it would be my style to use the money as bait, and then get them to realise that working for me is a holiday. If I try to sell it, I lose the message. If I focus on the message of saying I’ll pay you $20 an hour it won’t get lost. You have to keep things very simple for people.

More so because I have a tendency to roll out so much analysis that it doesn’t really help me convince any body of anything.

But what it means is I only get to extract the value of this strategy, I only cash in when I can find a way to make competition for the positions work for me, or as I am suggesting, bring forward the whole continuum of expectations, so that the money is there for them if they are willing to prove some kind of commitment, committing to turning up to do the job for a few weeks before expecting a pay rise.

What I am trying to get at is that once I have enough money to start the party, things should start evolving of their own accord.

I would expect the girls to get good enough to pay for themselves. Then they can earn a bonus.

It just keeps coming back, getting these people into position and into shape is the whole scene. I’m trying to see what isn’t basically a HR problem. My whole life is an HR problem.

What’s not an HR issue? The buzzing shoot. Basically video related matters that don’t involve our staff. It’s just basically down to video and music, everything else, I can have a staff person here learning to take over.

My numbers tell me I am ready to bring people in now.

We wanted to make breathing space, we wanted to bring in staff to take over pushing all the buttons, where does that leave me? What problem does the staff solution deliver me to?

Video. we know that. Can’t staff fix video? No, because it is the creative part of video and music, the part that makes it you.

Which starts to suggest that in itself, staff is the final solution. How much does it cost to replace me and can I afford it? That’s what it is.

It’s the mechanics of people stepping in to do jobs so I can do something else. We got shane for printing, and two girls for packing, who can all also do videos. So lets get them and their videos going. It’s about thinking of a person for each job, my job is to pay someone to do every other job.

And the important thing is that I actually go and do it, that I pinpoint certain tasks to tick off. The duplicator. The lawyer. Tick them off.

What happens next there? Official forms. Always official paperwork to perceive. Even for the new trading channels, need to scan my passport. More official stuff!! It’s endless. Forms, details. I crave simplicity. But there’s always a new set of forms and requirements for the next check point in the game. What is the next one?

What is the bigger purpose here?

Well I need organise my money so that it remains completely coherent to me where my money is going. Many things get done, but they don’t get done, done. Much of my time, I am merely waiting to be sure it is safe to cross. Now I have the capital, I have to bring it together in such a way that I can manage confidently.

I need my capital organised so I’m confident to take the next step.

It seems to be under control. So my approach is this: Recognise one job – one task – to complete, and set a timetable/deadline.

Everything to do with my legal settlements are dependent on others taking action while I enjoy collecting rents and interest until they have met my requirements. So I have no motivation

It seems the only thing I can think of is tax. How demoralising.

Then I realise the next tier is organising my staff. The money, the past, has to be locked, while the present, the doing, the tasks, have to be locked next. They are pushing the business so I am slowly concerned with it less. They are pushing the videos so it is happening faster. That’s their job to come in and fix all my problems.

Then pushing out the team into the full cohort remains. 3 or 4 employees including the full time boss, and each person growing a shadow who can do their job, and will have their job in any reshuffle.

It’s the process of growing a shadow.

I grow two shadows, a manager and a video person. They each grow a shadow, or i split the manager into the manager and the full cd/dvd duplication person. Because it’s not just shadow interns, its also woofers and other stayers, there is always labour to complete cd duplication, but someone has to organise it all.

Whereas somebody else might be managing all my bookings, and slowly taking over the last of my jobs as soon as possible. Then there’s 3 shadows and as far as I know all I can imagine is I’d need a fairy.

You said in the end the NYL girls would run it all? Well I guess. We need to get girls into those roles because we need to get them paying for themselves.

The raw facts are that we have more to gain by pushing trading, so I guess that’s where I should be focused. Hiring into the trading positions which means we need a certain type of person.

So what now?

My next step is to go to star now once again to advertise the new angle. The new position is the trainee talent interns, we need them, we need them building, it isn’t just a plan it’s a concept to hold in mind.

because then those who come shall take on the tasks, promoting youtube, promoting gigs. In fact it may just be the task to have our staff girls, cultivating another 20 or so girls, and don’t you know that make a 100+ person party happen whenever I say so. Nice little dream.

This is the cohort that moves to fix my problems. I am trying to use my brain here to consider how to approach paying other people to fix my problems.

That is the problem to be solved here. The problem this side of the solution, and the problem on the other side of the solution.

It will be hard to keep all those people organised.

We need a hierarchy. We need a boss organiser nazi manager person and then below them, the video manager person, and the kurb person, and that could be your core 3 and you just have shadow interns and forex fairies coming up. The forex fairies could be redirected into party planning as that ill also be an aspect managed by this staff. We want a tour most months, and we want a party most months.

We want to promote some party work action!!!

Auckland Promotions Media Intern Outcomes

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

I have to remember people actually come from the main page to read this blog!

Often I am just jotting down lots of ideas going through my head about what I am doing with my business, especially since I’m into other types of growth other than profit. I like working through ideas and my blog allows me to do it, while helping healthy things to happen in the search rankings where I get business.

I needed more help to get new things I’m doing in video production and such, other types of promotion and artist management, and now that we have people coming along who can help out at kurb, I need to have lots of ideas on how to put their skills to use, because I need to pay them, that is my job as the entrepreneur, to give them meaningful work that I can pay them for because it’s so good I can make a profit.

The first thing is of course that the cd dvd duplication must continue. More clients are packing their own. More simple print jobs with tiny margins I am backing away from, more telling clients it’s going to be a week or something, I really need some space in order to get things in place for other workers to be taking over.

Who can pack cases? Who can print discs? drive about between printers, post, and plastic?

Even to move this video stuff out of my way so I can see forward to the next . . . which is pirates. So I get my new employees promoting that?

I guess so. But now I’m really thinking about it. We must get people doing all the jobs, dealing with clients, we have to squeeze them in there, because we want to be ready, preparing while we have a chance, because it means less work long term, when it gets busy again, more people around doing things.

I have to force myself to give them jobs, I need to find the jobs they can do, if I can’t find jobs that are worth doing than it’s my stupid fault for not being a visionary.

packing and printing dvd and cd duplications are fairly easy. then you have to post them off, we have to get the supplies. There’s photoshop to do as well.

I keep worrying what they will do when there’s no discs. But then I remember I will want to do video, and I will have lots of money, so that’s what we will be doing!

It just means I need to think about it, or have a really vibing flow happening. Really it’s about bring the aspects together.

We have other goals.

We want to have archives sorted. We want to have the house sorted, we have projects to engage. We need to get the machine moving and get some output happening.

We’re really sketching a new picture of what the new “cohort” looks like now that we have people falling into place. I have to get people to fill out the picture. Where am I not moving forward right now? Where are the bottlenecks occurring stopping out staff models from getting on with their work?

I’m not organised with my video clips.

The skits and music videos and tour video, these other videos, we’re going to get through this with these two girls? Why wouldn’t we? And moving on?

The street skits we’ve got planned? Bridging to NYL? Pirate stories, definitely.

I may need to do some work on myself about how I’m seeing and what I’m trying to do with my method.

I start to have ideas about the kinds of projects I can set up for these guys.

– new kurb videos for the kurb sites with a website design
– pirate adventures – videos, performances, booking pirates and pirate marketing
– music videos

There really isnt that much to do. We need to be inviting these people to come and do projects, and the way I’m thinking, it’s about getting them to come here and look at what I am actually doing and get their hands on it.

We need to talk to these people about the pirate matty brand.

What is the brief? We need to take it to the level where we have a travelling pirate matty show which we can charge $500 and conceivably do two a day. What we don’t want to do is get everybody ramping and decide im making too much forex money and having too much fun. This is why I should just really honestly leave them on their own. If they can get my pirate shows then they get $30.

But what is the trajectory I want? Well we do the youtube thing, we make a dvd, we hit the malls, we film, we do parties until we reach the point where we’re ready to begin to launch the show.

By then the whole brand could have begun to morph for me, an excuse to do a road trip and go crazy, get some gigs, and perhaps plan the whole thing like that. We have to remember that the budget could allow for something a little bit crazy. But the reflection is on how we move forward with pirates.

By employing people and getting them to push, basically. I am happy to turn up and be a pirate, but I think the fairy thing is even more important. Because the fairy gets me out into the malls and that means I’ve got someone to do video with. It’s not that we need gigs, it’s that we need progress towards the show, and people in place so we can offer a $500 show.

Once we have a helper we can go through all the tasks – new costumes, forex, cleaning, cd dvd duplication, talent agency, hitting the malls, being a fairy in new videos, making videos, shaping a show and approaching schools with that show.

It’s about the people, the staff, again.

They need to push. Music videos, music management, they need to push. I’m not here to do the hard work. I’ve got the money, I’ve got the ideas, now I just need the monkeys to build my monkey pyramid empire.


What are our aspirations in order to get things running smoothly? There are planks we need to put across from here to there, so while we cant snap our fingers to make the perfect lifestyle appear, we can still lay things in place for what our professional life will look like in a couple of years.

Well pirates and trader talent. I have had success setting up new platforms for the trader talent now we just have to attract candidates!

It is also about working through the steps it takes to run the whole business so I can extricate myself further.

The plan as it was was that I would move out and management of the house would become part of the bargaining. But it’s not practical now.

SO will $200 for promo management, $200 for video and 15 woofer hours be enough to get everything done? I’d say so, especially like I said, I’d still come down twice a week, and big jobs wouldn’t be nearly so crazy.

So the first manager person manages all of the jobs?

That manager knows from me the numbers, the details, the art. the supplies are at the house. Workers will come to the house to print and pack and when they are packed they will be delivered by the manager or couriers would be ordered.

The manager makes sure the art is photoshopped, even if they have to send to the assistant. the manager has to arrange for samples, drop offs and pick ups but between 4 staff and woofers there has to be someone around often

The manager also manages the accomodation, they manage the woofers and the trader girls who come also this then starts to become and effort to market these vacant spots.

What are our next steps in consolidating our capital? Well there’s the second property, maori shares, spare room. What can we do once our capital is consolidated? Look to buy in auckland? Maybe? Maybe just keep rolling without any concern?

We have a lot of plans, and yet the conditions have not formed for the perfect execution. Yet. So chill out. Take it easy.

Today’s deal we’re doing numbers and straightening it all out. It’s good to know what’s happening now rather than living in dreamland.

Auckland Promotions Media Interns Training

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014


I have been super frustrated because work for kurb has really swamped me, while I’m trading, and have pirate parties on too, it’s so much to stay on top of.

We have had many opportunities to work with new people but we can’t pull it together because work is crazy and I’ve been getting exhausted and I’m still trying to find a way to get things right.

The first is a number of measures to keep new work from overwhelming me so as a correcting response we have to put in hard guides, starting with every job estimate having an extra day. Every band will be given an “assemble your own” deal.

This while I deal with the appearance of various individuals who appear to be interested in working with us. We need them involved.

Not all of them will last, some will come and go.

We have 1 assistant, 2 video editors, 1 outsource video editor, 1 muso, and 1 helper, I can’t help but think that this is like a motley ensemble that I can forge together, as long as I have that cashflow.

Cashflow continues to be important, but wait what am I going to do with these people?

Well, videos.

So paint the picture working through these types of videos. Soon, after 3 or 4 music videos, the tour video, the skits, my protonarrative vids . . . the pirate . . .

When video projects are underway, I will have to start shooting and seeing more projects immediately. That’s going to jolt me into action, and I need to be aware.

I need to have ideas, pirates, talent, things ready to go. Get this done first, but be aware, this thing could all happen quickly and we’ll need more fuel for the fire.

Then . . . then it’s about management, manage employees to manage me into places I want to go as a pirate and a DJ, I guess.

The pirate represents where we get to a point. I know we want to do the pirate so we will. We will do the video. We will pump the advertising, and we will see where we can use our employees to hustle up shows, an average of 1 show a week, aiming in about 2 years to be doing 3 or 4 shows over one 3 day weekend per month, and pocketing $400 a show, and paying out my employees, just doing it monthly aside from a few shows, so I can focus elsewhere, pushing the pirate through youtube and the DJ/pirate combo.

It’s a matter of seeing these steps, that lead to pirate money making us more confident in moving away from the business. Money earned pirating is money to spent paying others. I do an hour of pirating for someone else to do a day of work on kurb so I don’t.

I won’t really pursue it actively until we move out of the summer spend parameters, mainly because I don’t want pirates getting in the way, but I WILL do the video even if not pushing the birthday party shows actively.

The whole idea of getting this $10k job is that it is dawning on me that I may be already making more money than I can ever spend! It doesn’t look to be. But we do face that situation going forward. Any job we pick up that is on the large side will just generate surplus wealth which to me its irresponsible to give away four or five days of your life to make a few grand, and then never end up working out what to spend it on because the whole time you just figured it was a good deal.

It’s only a good deal if you spend it!

So get people onto videos, get the videos done, get some songs done, get some new website vibes coming, get some pirate gigs happening, get the employees going on jobs for them.


Check print jobs > call print shop (I have to send print jobs)
Check disc jobs / Check packaging > Collect discs and cases
Package discs
Collect Printing / Packaging / Do Deliveries + Postage (I need to provide addresses and contacts)
Finish Packaging / Arrange Deliveries and Pick Ups.

I started to wonder about forex coaching. How much would I charge to teach someone my method? Well how much money can you make using my method?

But then, how in the hell would you sell it? Why would you sell the secret when that takes more effort than execution and let’s not forget your sharing the secret to your power, although trading is an open market, why would you want to give others your strongest advantage? To convince someone to give me $10k to teach them my method, would take so much effort and proof.

What would be the result? I’m a piddling $10k richer, someone else knows my most powerful secret, or either theyre too stupid to get it, and feel youve ripped them off.

It’s just plain foolish. It appears being totally discreet is the best strategy. But I had a great idea.

Get teenage girls to do the trading. Smart enough to know what to do to follow the instructions and understand the “game” theyre playing, or that it’s “data entry” or whatever, but not to realise theyre actually trading real money, not to realise that what theyre actually doing is trading currency.

Not to actually click that I’ve taught them to make millions.

There is only one part of the screen, for the account that actually even uses a dollar sign. And of course, where it says “account value” doesn’t rise steadily it fluctuates – so they would be under no impression they’re generating good cash for me. But I can’t outright lie to them or if they click, they won’t trust me at all. Remember some of these girls are simply not grounded or smart enough to realise they could easily set themselves up. They’re too young to have a trading account, they’re too young to have a credit card. They’re too young to have more than $1k without having a giant dream theyre dreaming of spending it on.

There might be girls who will happily spend the next 20 years punching in numbers and doing anything and everything else I ask them for a modest salary while they just go off and live the life a young woman does.

I am really doing it because I am building my cohort, my team around me. When you’ve got 4 or 5 people who do your bidding wow that must be a lot of muscle when it gets moving.

Can I not promote my music and videos with 4 helpers? Can I not promote my parties? Can I not tour as a pirate and DJ? Can I not get my NYL dream off the ground? Well when the ideas come together . . . it may not be so far away.

But back to now well having a little helper here well this means you can leave the house. You can give them other jobs, teenage girls, you can give them crappy jobs like cleaning your car, cleaning the house, etc. they can do the job of being my assistants assistant.

I would probably have to get them to do a whole lot of other random stuff at the same time in order for them to not realise the importance of what theyre doing, just punching numbers into a screen, doing some cleaning, etc. In fact it might be smart to go for ditsy hot ones because theyre more likely to be distracted by the fact they are a teenage girl, and oblivious to the fact they’re sitting there making me money.

We are trying to draw the threads together.

Next Step In Auckland Video Production Jobs

Saturday, November 15th, 2014



So I’m getting some good goal development and stages of planning going around employees.

3 people have applied for our position doing video and management. We have to remember the most important step is always . . . the next step.

When production is in play because we have woofer level and assistant level, then video becomes the focus. But we are moving fast and while ranging over the ideas, thoughts in progress quickly get left behind.

only a few days ago I was all about woofers in multiple flats. Now I am seeing with all kinds of support coming in, we will roll over the business jobs and onto the video jobs, right ready for these new video people to tackle the new video tasks.

I was on my artist blog assessing what those costs might be, and at first I saw 3 basic music videos and 2 skits and paying $500 for that, basically just post production.

It was the two episodic projects – the tour video and the pirate videos that I budgeted $500 and $250 for respectively, that took up most of my budget but that’s $1250 for 15 individual videos! It was a very specific set of examples though, and the point of this exercise was to determine what my production schedule would be like.

30 videos a year. I couldn’t find a way that it would cost more than $10k unless I started getting more adventurous and those numbers just said to me, I need to get in. Right in. I had $15k as a starting point, the fact we can’t even get there suggests we need to get started and get in.

After that is management of performances and events.

I got a bit mad at this point because I thought I had advanced some ideas in the area of artist management on this blog, I distinctly remember drawing out some performance ideas about management percentages. This is what happens when ideas are moving forward so quickly.

Extensive wooferism concepts got biffed because we wanted a more high end solution. The trader cohort concept came forward. Ideas are changing quickly within days as they crystallize.

We were basically seeing the futility of trying to get them to organise gigs for me, why would they organise gigs for me when they could do it themselves? It’s too naive and not strategic. Then I have to be honest and realistic about what is desirable and possible with pirates and performances.

It keeps coming back to that. It’s not about them booking me the gigs, it’s about me deciding I’m ready for this and it’s what I want.

But additional to this once I move out, I will be getting this person to organise the woofers and any other labour such as our trader cohort. That means the airbnb as well. What will I charge? $40 a night. $200 a week, and of course, $100 a night from the apartment.

Our aim I think would be that we want to make it a privilege system. The manager gets run of the house which means she can extract the rent and airbnb or install woofers or whatever. Move in herself.

That way there is a full $400 worth of value for her and I get the space and labour management free. I still set aside $200 for video. But we can’t bank on that. What we can hope for is that if I have to pay her $200 a week she will organise the rental, which will pay for her.

Management fees are not included unless I actually have paid gigs.

Will $200 for promo management, $200 for video and 15 woofer hours be enough to get everything done? I’d say so, especially like I said, I’d still come down twice a week, and big jobs wouldn’t be nearly so crazy.

Of course the moment we start making more we’ll have pressure on us again to up the ante. If bookings is making $1000 a week, that could be as soon as we hit goals in trading. Which could be in a month.

In a month the first conception of the head management position could be surpassed. But we’re still living here! We’ll still be here in january! We have to stay here and so we are trapped in certain models. And the realistic forecast is remaining in the lower range now so we have to be cool, and stay here.

Which means we’ll save a lot of money, but the real problem we’ve discovered is that saving money isn’t the problem, it’s about having cash to spend and that’s where we have to go easy.


The first step is production management for printing CD and DVD duplication. The next step is video production management.

I’ve got a picture of the final team, the main manager, the video/events assistant, the kurb production manager, the VA and then the traders and woofers and talent at the bottom, would cost about $2k. The business would have to grow. having 3 people, a va and various random hands here would be pointless at this stage. the business has to grow into it, or else it really is just my trading and it’s a cover for my artist promotions.

Why be obvious? The beauty is kurb is becoming freer to determine what it is. Maybe it years to come all that’s left of it is the part that promotes me using my money, but that’s not really on me, to be honest. I’m just a businessman, and an artist.

But we’re still talking about video production employment roles, working in promotions and indie media type stuff, working at this promotions company which is slowly becoming a front for my personal brand workshop funded by a combination of what remains of the business and my investment successes with the capital i generated doing cd dvd duplication.

So paint a picture of me working with employees. It’s monday meet at the cafe to go over jobs. It’s about matching which prints go into which cases, how many, which master and art to be burnt and printed and packed into one case.

I will have my opportunity to provide all the ink and extra supplies.

It is likely I will need to check the printers and supplies every other day, so there is likely no meeting until I inevitably have to deal with the printers/prints/ink/cases/discs. It is still likely on sunday or monday I will take that supply trip and check everything, then packing and printing and burning can go on without me. I still like the idea of shane floating around so he can keep the printers going and someone is focused foremost on getting the disc jobs done.

Clients will be forced to drop stuff off without going on. Collections and drop offs can be triangulated at my apartment. Dudes who have problems with their art or their dvd duplication authoring, I will force them to drop off to me to look at. No sit down howsit going. I guess actually we will have to have them in the apartment, so many people seem to want to discuss the whole affair with me. A lot of this will be over.

But if we have woofer girls and teenage traders here as well it means there will be someone around.

Photoshop and samples are still an issue. I would say I would handle all sales and samples. I would not let go of sales until I passed a combined $4k from the business and trading, any which way. $4k, I drop sales.

The video production will be the main thing we need to break down and think about.

Basically, my videos, are my videos, that’s what I want. Any other videos are all about my staff getting paid and me increasing the size of my team power so I can accomplish more for my videos.

In 4 weeks I was expecting 3 videos. That could be 4 or 5 shoots, 20 hours editing, and organising it all. That would be worth about $600. Okay, but we have to start as lean as possible.

You see I have to be my own customer. What do I want to pay? Well If she said shoot and edit the video like my other ones for $300 I’d say that would be pretty sweet. I’d sell that for $500. It’s worth it. The other videos such as the skits, they only take some processing and some basic chip chopping.

But I can’t say $400 for 3 videos. All I can say is $50 for a location shoot, $100 for a studio shoot and or short edit, $200 for a music video or pirate video session, or drunksploitation town mission. $500 for a bigger project such as the tour videos, or RCTV, Again we have to play the “paint the picture” game.

Wait what am I trying to organise? NYL right? You have to keep the two spheres separate. Video and talent are not the same.

First is the organising. Would I let her organise my talent? Not likely, not until they were established and thats down the road.

Video Production Interns and Assistants Auckland

Friday, November 7th, 2014



We are moving forward finding people to bring around us to keep media promotions and auckland videography pumping here at kurb – we need to be aware of where we can elevate people to the tough jobs so to make room for more people coming through to do the less interesting jobs.

So setting up this theoretical position, what are their tasks?

– The first set of tasks outlined by cd dvd duplication. Printing jobs, disc jobs, disc packaging, disc mailing.

Printing discs and packing cases are simple enough tasks that there will either be woofers or kids or somebody else will have to do the job.

That is why the job is immediately introduced as management. Managing the printing, print jobs and discs coming together

– The second set of tasks outlined by video produtction. organising shoots, shooting, editing possibly extending into promotion.

The first two are easy. The next bit comes down to what how we are operationally proceeding. That is, what do I want to do, does the position need to sustain itself?

Not necessarily. But we want to see the two outcomes. A financially sustainable approach and a personal management approach.

What would be done to sustain the position?

Well CD/DVD duplication would have to fall for a start to even question the sustainability.

What is sustainability? The job remaining permanent because there is enough income to cover it. The impetus is on the intern to create more business. More CD/DVD business. More flyer business, printing flyers, distributing flyers in auckland.

That’s what we do, so extending won’t be hard. But I suppose that pirates would fall under the spotlight, because I don’t believe in hustling for more business. I would have to offer those options beyond what I alread do, for the intern to open. Artist management. Auckland wedding videos. Web design.

All the things that could be making money. But aren’t. Because I don’t want to do them. I don’t.

But I just don’t really believe it. If I’m making a grand I would install them doing all the jobs that I want done to push toward the vision I want. So I had better have a vision.

What’s that? Well the videos obviously for a start. Pirates. And somehow pushing the videos and the pirates towards the talent set up and some kind of video production service.

But their is a practical admin aspect arising from out new set up. Whoever lives in the house will pack and print the disc duplication. Video production is a separate thing. Then there is a management role.

Firstly the woofers have to be organised to stay in the house and do the work. It’s on airbnb. So is my apartment. The third tier of interns, work experience type people would kick in as my assistant needs an assistant. Then there is the management of pirates, DJ’s and event management.

What do I want to do with pirates?

Well measure it like this. If you could do one pirate party per week, it would probably cover the extra needed for running kurb. Slightly better trading and one pirate party a week, no more kurb, other than sales, oversight, etc.

But trading is likely to give us enough anyway. But we are still committed to the pirate and so it really moves on over to the youtube channel as merely an indulgence of mine, and we have to accept that the better I do at trading the more the business is really just a front. It’s my baby, but it’s also my brand. And the pirate thing falls under that as well.

See that is totally fine, as long as I accept what it is, and know the boundaries where the business stops and my fantasies begin.

It looks so much better to have a promotions company with staff than admit you have a staff and full time commitment to promoting yourself.

So it’s establishing the support for what I want to do. Video production and then management. Management of space and labour. And the management of performance.

Manager stuff is easy. you make 20% of what I do as a pirate, and 40% of what I make as a DJ, minus costs. This is effective because I can have more than one manager or agent. Then we can discuss plans of attack.

My ultimate model would be a residency and regular pirate bookings for $200 each. She’d take $120. Probably less after costs.

But then she may choose another direction with the event mangement. I might say, hey look, you can take all the money, I’ll play for free, organise the gig! Is that really going to happen? Putting someone out there on their own to organise a gig for you for free? It does make them do the hard yards I did, but let’s face it. It’s not going to happen.

The whole purpose of this model is to put it there, that anyone stepping into that role can get that benefit and I can see once the trading picks up we will skew to 25/50 to up the incentive. No one will be wasting their time with booking gigs until all the cd dvd copying and posters and all the video production is done.

Then the question is . . . gigs. Bookings. Promotion with content, and then targeting. We are getting our team members thinking. We want to get the party started.

The party can make money. The party can increase the status of the brand. The party can give our associates something of value. The party can give us an enjoyable occasion. So the party has a lot of value, especially if trading takes off, as I say I have to admit then kurb promotions is really just a front for me to spend my money on having big parties and gigs, while still helping people to get my services as it is run by the same staff who manage me and my parties and videos.

It’s only a matter of dreaming what we could want.

I would say a full time master person. They have to organise all the woofers and traders and talent and everybody. But specifically someone like shane would be making sure the discs were printing, entertaining the girls

the traders and woofers would do all the disc printing and packing and cleaning, shane would just sort everything out so it’s done right because my main person couldn’t always be there supervising everything because her job is also my manager, getting my pirate and dj and other gigs sorted. So she’s getting gigs sorted but she’s also organising the whole video production game, producing one video for me each week, pushing more videos as part of the business, promoting the business and our ability to do auckland video production.

If more money starts coming in there, then they can increase their managers assistant role to produce more videos of which the full profit is in their hands.

Staff wishlist

Full time manager: $800
production manager: $400
Managers assistant/intern: $300
traders: $300
odesk: $200

That’s when it’s like at the $5k stage. That’s a wee while off. But by this stage, kurb should be making $2k a week, and covering itself, once you add my performance fees. We wouldn’t let this happen unless the money from the business could cover it. Between the girls and I, I’m making $3k in 6 months. Kurb would take a year to reach this stage anyway. So we gotta come right back to where we started from. It’s all about building a bridge.

So how about this version? In this version, we have a $600 budget for one main person but the assistant could be two people – shane doing the printing, sorting out the woofers and the traders to do work, and a video assistant. Both are casual, but we put $400 to spread amongst.

manager: $600
production assistant/intern: $400
traders: $200
odesk: $200

I can quickly cobble these numbers together of what the first edition of the manager job would look like in january.


$100 – 2.5 videos p/month
$200 – run kurb production (12-15 hours)
$120 – manage pirate/DJ, 2 gigs p/week
$80 – space/labour management

That’s $500 for what would equate to probably 3 days a week.

Auckland Videographer Media Promotions Intern Job

Thursday, November 6th, 2014



I have been doing a lot of blogging about how to get things moving here at kurb when I’ve got lots of money to spend to really get some new initiatives off the ground, but I want to be expanding into doing other things that are more interesting for me.

I can’t leave without beginning the process of making sure everything keeps running smoothely and I can make the money available, and we need someone willing to take on auckland media jobs.

Today’s deal we’re doing numbers and straightening it all out. It’s good to know what’s happening now rather than living in dreamland. We need to capitalize in trading, so we can establish the cashflow we need to pay our new bills.

First step is to get our trading account jacked up.

We have already but one ad up on the big idea, what will happen if no one is interested? Well I guess we try the film schools and star now.

I now believe we will try trademe too, because I want this to happen now, I am getting too tired, I need people on this.

It seems that this blog will now very much be about the transition from this point where income from the business supports my lifestyle getting into trading, and as I increase my trading results, using that to make the business independent of me, and have new people push it forward, whoever those people happen to be.

I don’t really want to rush headlong into the intern situation, although I will work with whatever is on offer. My woofer driven strategy – organic strategies that don’t rely on my stewarding, that is what I’m looking for. Strategies that draw on me for a commitment of anything other than money are to be avoided.

We still have the issue of the video editing though. That is what I see driving it, that I can afford to spend a few hundred trying some people to come around and help me or whatever. We can start looking around the film schools if we are prepared to pay them.

It is about staff, about learning to pay people to do certain jobs. I am looking on odesk for locals now so we’re into it. Odesk, star now, we need to use internet powers.

We do need to by a new dvd cd duplication machine though.

It’s hard to believe all those ideas about food trucks and everything are all to be blown away, they are all happily rearranged by the fact I have an easy way to simply make lots of money. Now I just need to think about how I will go about spending it to make the things i want happen.

Again we need our organising people.

We need that person who’s going to come in for 12 hours per week and take $200 in the hand. But these are just details, it remains solid, a person has to come n and do things, or I get too bored to deal with it. Until we have an apartment lets focus on the work person first.

To have one main worker established will be very strong when I move out also.


So tell me again what the deal is? We just sit and wait until the money and the employees turn up? Yes. And try not to take on too many rubbish jobs.

I think we will go for trademe if nothings happening, we’ll size it up. We have one applicant so far but what I see is with woofers and interns coming, we just make it happen, just bring it on.

What do they do? Well they can learn what we do with woofers and models. But really it’s about what has to be done. CD DVD duplication comes first.

Then what? Me and my personal problems with videos. We have to get these videos done. We need to make improvements to what we’re doing with videos, I will set them off to edit video, whereas also, we will sit and edit video together. Mainly the idea is you just watch what I do and take over where you can.

There’s disc stuff, and then video stuff, and with the video stuff we go on to the odesk stuff.

Then there’s pirate stuff, and booking stuff, and talent stuff.

I mean if I’m paying them and they’re coming here, what’s next? What’s next? It’s NYL.

We have to level with them about these ideas. Promoting artists and artist management is another diversion, but I would have to be ramping some capital.

I need the capital for the apartment so I can move forward. Also the process where we swap over to me no longer running the thing. There are areas to work on.

I just don’t want to be standing there in 6 months with hardly any work and having to pay someone. Well, we’d go to work on our videos, and push the talent agency.

Will I get to the limit where I am having to find work for myself to pay them to help me? No way.

There will always be something. Pirates. Talent. etc. there will always be something and it’s teaching me to be the boss.

Also, we will replicate the situation. Once we have one person, I will give her the job of recruiting another person. Intern #1 comes to work, she already has intern #2 and woofers to do the work.


Check print jobs > call print shop (I have to send print jobs)
Check packaging > package discs (I have to stock cases)
Collect Printing / Packaging / Do Deliveries + Postage (I need to provide addresses and contacts)
Finish Packaging / Arrange Deliveries and Pick Ups.

Part of the deal is that we have to start telling people it will take a day longer. every job is 3 days. Or they can pay urgent fee.

I still make sales, i would hand over photoshop later, and I have to stock the place.

So it’s on me to deal with art, and I would probably have 2 printers and a burner with me so I could do any job that was just discs and produce a sample.

Now we actually have workers turning up, so we need to be clear on what they are doing. We have a lot of cd duplication / dvd duplication to be getting on with.

We need the workers to be doing that so that we can be investigating into when and where the next moves forward are happening, so we’re going ahead. My job I guess is to go in on the bee video once and for all.

It’s easy if there’s dvd duplication to get on with, posters etc., fine. If there’s an especially annoying job such as the bee video and the new beats videos that have just been so annoying and in the way, what else would fit into that category coming up?

Well so begins the cohort, so begins the examination of our whole video deal. Are we set up for editing and such. organising, filming, editing. those are the main jobs, right? That’s where the cohort begins. We need now the next person. The real trainee. Their job is to spend up to a day doing the initial edits, for which I give them $50.

Auckland Promotions Positions Available

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Are you interested in getting into promotions – managing media production of promotion materials, event management, and assisting in managing artists and entertainment needs?

I am looking for people at various levels of experience to blend in with what I am doing and eventually find someone to take over my job in the next 6 months.


ar with me I am working on my listing here, trying to be straight up without all the fluff!

I am calling for people in auckland who would like to help and learn successful strategies in indie media business and promotions, and get into some great opportunities working on, organising and hustling in indie video projects (youtube stuff), events, entertainment management and my already established promotions operations.

My main skills gap is video editing specifically and video production in general so skills and/or enthusiasm in this area is a big draw.

Someone who is good on the phone organising gigs doing agent type stuff for artists would also be valuable.

Yes there is a real job for the right person amongst this.

I am hoping to employ someone casually who has skills to keep my video projects moving, and in the next 18 months I would like to step back from managing my promotions business and step further into video and events which creates the opportunity for a decent job position to materialise.

If I am comfortable you have proved you can do my job running my promotions business, and dealing with my clients, many who are musicians and artists and are as annoying as hell with their amateur photoshop skills, you can have it.

In a years time there could be 2 part time jobs doing video production and promotion management, or it could be 1 full time job it really depends on who turns up.

But I have grinded on my own for years to establish myself so you have to be committed to proving yourself. I need people who can help me as much as I can help them with my knowledge, resources and proven track record.

For someone operating as a lone wolf outside traditional organisational structure in creative industries, skills and experience I have to pass on would be invaluable as someone who has been successful forging my own path where the great majority fail.

I have ideas in indie business and media, and some of those ideas have already been successful, so I now have more resources to pursue more compelling creative directions – youtube videos, music events and gigs, children’s entertainment services.

If you are already in a band or some kind of creative project you’ll have access to my resources and knowledge in promotions.

I am willing to take on young people with little experience who are keen, but I can’t pay you until I can see that there is a fair exchange between the labour you provide and the experience I am offering.

There is always flexibility between boring jobs I can pay you for, and “fun” jobs that dont pay. I am a great believer in working with what works for you. I am pretty chilled out, but deeply aware I need people who are motivated around me to succeed at the next level, gaining more of a profile for our online media and events in auckland.

I am a night person not a morning person, otherwise, I am extremely flexible, and am currently in sandringham. Location is also important because much of how I work is based around flexibility and convenience.

I have made a decent amount of money doing things my way, and I would like to make some more but also have a lot of fun getting stuck into video, managing creative projects and events.

I would love to have motivated and creative people with flair who would like to pay their dues under the wing of somebody who has arrived at the stage of having established themselves on their own in creative industry and has their hard yards in the rear view.

I think the main thing I offer other than invaluable experience is security. I am not fly by night. I am well supported financially. You’ll become aware all my projects are very low budget and run exceedingly lean, absolutely no frills. But currently I am highly capitalised. The money is there waiting if you are willing to work hard to earn it.


The main issue of course is getting people into positions, but right now I am looking for some oversight on the things that have to be done to move us forward – whether there is someone to take on the job or not, someone still has to show up to keep things pushing forward and while that is me, I had better know what steps are lined up to move us forward.

With so much business coming in, the first thing is to keep the clients happy as the work turns over.

That’s the boring reality, if I don’t stay on top of things, I will find myself in trouble.

But after that, things get more interesting. Staff, we know is the priority, but we have video tasks to move out of the way.

We also want to integrate short term goals with long term goals. Isn’t the goal to find people to work in the business? Yes. But what is our strategy to attract people?

Well our first strategy is to continue to have more woofers come and come, and more woofers means more chance of somebody who actually can handle the situation, or where there is no quality at least we may have 2 or 3 people here at a time who can do the work.

That will take about 3 months to unfold. But what if nobody shows up to lead the team, and what about the short term solution?

Well trade me for $195 exists. I just know there will be a deluge of applicants, and we have to manage that smartly, we want unskilled people to train up. We want skilled people who can get things done.

But this is a real money issue in that $195 is nothing in the greater scheme. I just realised that I could extend my woofing / short term stay and work auckland scheme to actually advertising as a flatmate situation. Of course it’s not saving $195 that appeals to me, it’s the casualisation.

Anyone can be moved along if theyre not suitable and it’s not a work suitable thing, it’s about the need to house other expected individuals, the beauty is I get to play musical chairs until the best spots are filled.

It’s starting to suggest my whole employment strategy is going to be based on swapping board for labour. What this does is avoid me having to claim for paying them, when I claim for the cost of the house. I am hoping that one person comes through that is so good, I am able to ask them to stay and continue to work.

SO what do I have to do to get this scheme working? Well can we handle 2 woofers here? No we need to go into the apartment, then we can fill this place with 3 or 4. When there’s 3 here, you have the choice of where you stay.

So basically we just 1 coming at a time for a short time until we get over to the apartment, then we can start letting them all in, and kick in with a trademe ad as soon as it’s needed if we’re failing to maintain 2 people at a time. Don’t forget there’s still couchsurfing and of course air bnb, which will be a major, so there’s lots of ways to use the space.

Some weeks I might rent my apartment on air bnb and be making $200 on the top, so I’ll be back here loitering around, but at least making good money.

I could rent both places out, be left with one woofer, so it’s a road trip to meremere to chill and do some work, but I’d be $1200 richer where usually I’d have paid $1000 rent.

The bigger point is we have to get the support, from $1500 we need support, from $2000 we need a position, from $3k we need to be stepping away, by $4k I’m pretty much gone because I know if I reach $5k on the trading, I would be gone from kurb. By that stage I would be paying someone $1k to take over.

We hope it won’t reach that level, we hope by the time a full time girl comes up, the boss woofer, we can pay her some money.


Now before we lost the next piece of writing here, we realised the woofer house could become the NYL house. It would be a slow process.

But before that we decided the best thing to do in the interest of a progressive process was establish an employee before we go to the apartment.

We can still have the woofers doing whatever. But we’re using the employment strategy to make sure we have every option available to have someone good, now.

They would also be involved managing the woofers, but I could set the woofer house up so all they would have to do is turn up and all the information about everything going on under kurb would be available to them, they could becoome like a little cult.