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Auckland Forex Music Scene Hipsters

Monday, December 29th, 2014

My recent efforts to find interns and helpers has not gone so great. But I am an unstoppable force given my new found means rocking the forex, and nothing can stop me. Yes, kurb becomes a big front for my own vanity moves but that does not mean we can’t – because we will – serve our customers better than ever with a bigger staff and more resources.

It’s just kurb will be focused on spending money to make me look good, feel good, and do things that I believe are worthwhile, often merely for my own personal development. Organising a lot of parties and events now will focus me on developing into a more philanthropic and innovative, thoughtful investor. But right now I want to have a good time and reward myself, and take the opportunity to consider what is really good when you’re trying to use business and creativity to create something positive.

We know there’s no way around it – we need staff doing tasks, we need to leverage the efforts of others in our employ and under our influence.

Staff is such a major part of expansion, when dreaming up ideas of how it could all ultimately shape up, I want to tell you how it’s going to be when I have all my staffs that I need, we told you perhaps before – we have 3 main areas. Management of performances and events, Video production, and day to day kurb doings – cd dvd duplication and printing.

Each of those people having an intern of there own. The top manager manage everything – everyone else and in particular, manages the parties, their intern manages me. The top video production person manages all video production, their intern focuses on the youtube and NYL stuff. The main kurb person fronts kurb, their intern prints and packs.

I want to get on with my own stuff, I want to focus, I really do, but that is the price I am paying, working hard in the lead up to christmas while trading the whole time, well. It gets pretty complicated trying to sort out staff and keep my head on where I’m at promoting and producing my own content.

I can’t get real about music until these video issues are done, it’s just clogging my pipes. I want to relax when I do my music, and not really be thinking about trying to do anything in particular.

I am thinking strongly about DJing and archiving based activities, but then I can also take the dream ticket once more, dream a little dream – what if I had these videos done, what would I do?

Well you’d be looking at RC and pirates, various skits, writing music. The pirates thing I think is a good starting point to build staff and enterprise around, whereas RC and various model skit type stuff is going, but separate. It’s us muddling through our video projects.

But somewhere also, promo must begin. We never thought of promo like this before. Big budget and staff. How famous do I want to be? George FM DJ famous? Basically. Auckland famous. Not famous enough to be on TV. More famous than auckland’s top dnb dj but less famous than auckland’s top house dj, i dont want to be in society pages unless it’s by accident.

I want to be on the list of the usual suspects that get roped in for the dnb room at festivals and big multi room dance brands. Do I want a show on george? Yes. That would basically secure my position in terms of DnB DJing and party DJing, finding my vibe in those spaces as well as promoting parties and NYL party brands.

So in a month, you’d do a couple of pirate gigs, a dnb dj gig, a party nyl gig and an indie gig, and do a radio show every month?

It just seems like I won’t have time to do these properly while shooting video and writing music. This is why we lay these dreams out, so we can have a look and say, well, it’s not really that realistic.

Will I still be like I am now, often feeling like I need a day or two to process? Will too many gigs disrupt my trading? Not on the weekend.

I think it will take some time to build into this pattern, and as we do, we will begin to see whether it’s something that can work, whether doing so many shows would tire me out.

Which would I give up first? party rocking with models? Forget about the show format and go with a reality-to-youtube type format? Give up radio?

We need to stop spreading our focus so thinly we never get anything done.


So although I made my money doing this promotions gig at kurb, I was able to improve my position significantly when I got into foreign exchange trading.

Because kurb is a business, my business, and forex is a business activity, it turns out that while I am still thinking about what the branding means, I need somewhere to blog about what I am doing with my forex strategy, so here we are.

A low budget promotions company which forms the itsy bitsy bikini for the alluringly sexy upward profit growth curves of my forex gains.

On the auckland hipster forex scene, I am looking to try new platforms for my own experience and wisdom, but I also want to use separate accounts to train my new generation of little traders.

What is of interest to me shopping for new forex brokers in auckland and new zealand?

– my scalping strategy, that is, lots – hundreds – of tiny positions. high maximum positions, low minimum position size. Hedging is another consideration, but I am depending on most places to be okay with scalping and hedging.

– paypal. Being able to fund an account with paypal.

– security, although its not my main account I still want the security of knowing my money is with a legitimate outfit. CMC has a significant presence in NZ, more so than any other outfit in that they actually hold talks and speakers and have an office – when I first registered my account, a New Zealander called me to tell me I had to fund it or it would be closed. This is tremendous reassurance that I can talk to these people if there’s a problem or that the likelihood I wake up to see empty spaces where my grands used to be is extremely unlikely.

– spreads and “money market” – I have realised that my spreads and the “money market” model are not rated highly under my current account provider so I am keen to try someone rated better in those areas really to see if it makes big differences over time to my gains. If I discover im taking big disadvantages because of my trading style then long term i need the best platform for my style. Also im seeing a lot of people wanting the “direct market” model as they say the “money market” model can be manipulated by the broker.

My trading style means I never make losses, but if I could improve my gains simply because I open and close so many positions every day, then long term i want to make the best choices.

I am currently with cmc markets, and am looking at XM as they were rated highly for scalping strategies, have high leverage and have a NZ regulator and NZ contact. Unfortunately they dont allow paypal. However since they have an NZ contact I will be able to call them and ask a few questions.

So I came to FXpro. They allow scalping, have high leverage and were rated for having low spreads, they do do paypal, but dont have that NZ connection.

XTB also allow scalping have low spreads and allow paypal, but there wasn’t really much else to recommend, it seems that XM and fxpro are what I will try for.