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More Auckland Forex Fixing

Saturday, February 28th, 2015



I am writing here about forex because I am still learning, and though I am intent on developing in forex, it is not time for me to become officially a wanna be forex commentator yet, although I have felt drawn to this as I sense my knowledge growing so quickly that I sense it could be come part of my business here.

I don’t apologize for diversifying. I have a brand, and my brand represents good work I do, and I not only do good work in auckland cd reproduction and dvd duplication and auckland posters, but also forex, and children’s entertainment and event and talent management so that’s where I will be focused.

Doing good work in the place that I have the most talent and skills to offer. It doesn’t have to carry strong connections to other work under the kurb banner.

However producing media and making money and being involved with talented performers and events and entertainment has a strong lifestyle component that will attract people to the brand without having to clearly understand what we do.

It’s media. Some of that media relates to forex as a strong way to provide funding for more exciting lifestyle components.

I am constantly making tweaks to my forex system. Now in the latest round of adaptions I am trying a new hedging strategy, that is, if I get out on a wing side of any range, instead of buying bigger positions as we go back – which got me into this mess really – we start buying bigger positions as we go forward, and then only selling when we go backward.

At this stage I will open no more short positions so every time the hedge shrinks, the short rises, thus relieving my equity. everytime the short drops back further, I add more to the hedge, so that if goes any higher, not only am I profiting from larger positions as they rise, but I have a larger hedging position rising to counterset any rises.

Now that we understand the trends better, we can keep this strategy up until we get the signal things have turned around, then we get to begin selling of all those juicy positions as we get more confident with confirmation. On the short side, We are finally able to start placing decent positions knowing that as long as we’re going up we will catch the tail of the big positions eventually.

Wherever we go, a market that is going down, and trending down will only get tiny marker positions offered, that way, always their debt positions are shrinking, because its on the low side coming up that the big positions get placed.

In the end we can always never buy a sinking position, and always hedge against the worst effects. It may plod along, but we will stay alive. We have to consider hedging as an emergency procedure to stop an account frying.

My advantage in my system is that I deal with such tiny lots, that the losses are controllable but we still need to put the breaks on a situation that could threaten to get out of control.

In the end it is better to have a hedge position that fades as you recover so even as you move into recovery, the position loses 5% on $10k, you’re wearing $500, however, your emergency positions have come down over $5k at least by that point,

You’ve got to remember if you’ve got an extra $10k always on each end huge shifts in the market will shift your equity but never knock it out so youre out of the game, and you must be able to keep playing.

In my position right now, I carry a lot more than $10k on the far side where I first began, and I have to carry that. It seems now I have made my pilgrimage to the other side of the market, I must there pay my penance and establish hedges. It will be a very long time until a return to the far shore, and the hedging I commit to now, will never become as significant as the problems caused which create the reasons I am taking this measure.

The trend is for it to continue to go down. Our hedges will be profitable as well as buying us insurance. Every hedge against the euro is worthwhile because when the euro rises, I get relief right across many problem areas and losing $100 on a $5k position would be nothing, If that exteds to 3 x $5k positions you are hoping you can get out in time should it pull back. Grab your profits, and go on.

In tweaking my system I refine it to make it more foolproof and be aware of the parameters. I am hoping in 6 months time, we would have made enough profit that these holes we’ve created will begin to look insignificant. In maybe that we just simply continue to push a bias against whichever side we want to shrink. If we want less debt on that side, by less as it goes down, and more on the other side as it goes up.

Eventually it begins moving to a 2nd phase where the system itself will tell you when it’s time to prune profits. and the relative stability of GBPAUD helps me to do that.

If it’s green and advancing, buy bigger positions

If it’s green and falling, take profits and replace with smaller positions

If it’s red and rising, buy positions rising from a standard lot

If it’s red and dropping, let it go, lay long markers and wait for it to come back.

The idea is that while a currency is rising, we are putting more money down, and that money is going up, and while a currency is falling, we are selling out profitable positions, if we have no profitable positions, then we are having to hedge until the hedge is rising faster than the original investment is falling though this is an extreme of an extreme.

At this point, the turning point must be reached. Bailing out of the hedge at the right time becomes crucial. The bias causes a switch, we begin to buy small positions on the other side to see if they rise.

But there is a technique. A $10k hedge goes deeper, and then again, and then again. Now you have a $30k+ hedge almost 50% of your original investment you’re hedging against. moves in either direction begin to effect equity less and less.

It moves up again, it’s time to take a profit, probably $100 and then looking at replacing the position at the top. You’ve still got a $30k hedge. You’ve take $1000 profit. on the other side, it’s dropped $2k, so you’re still $1k further back. If you can take the $1k difference, youre in a position to keep the other $1k should it start falling. What of riding it all the way, so you just keep on throwing down $10ks until the equity doesnt really move. the higher it goes, the more likely it will snap back. You may have to take the risk of taking some profit before bed. It rises you lose a little but youre still in the game, while if it goes down, you dont lose as much, you stay in the game, and your equity begins to rise.

In the end when everything stabilizes through hedging, getting your equity to rise becomes the aim of the game. Having a lot of equitey gives you more cushioning against moves in the market that we are forced to hedge against. The more equity we have the less aggressively we need to hedge, and can possibly look at buy back the most toxic debts, afterall equity would stay the same. its only risk/exposure and profit that decline

This would be a good tactic when a swingback has begun to fade on trend and the far heights seem unattainable. This is where we begin to see with more clarity. We want our money on the winning side. It doesn’t matter if the position is in loss or profit. What matters is that it is going up.

This is how a technical system like my own can benefit from fundamental analysis.

The bottom line is, even if I have to lean $50k into a hedge, well, that will cost me a $100 margin so these new investments shouldn’t cost me more than $200. Why wouldn’t I spend $200 to stop me losing $40k??? By the time a huge lump on one side becomes a problem on the other, months will have passed. My account will have doubled. My knowledge of hedging means I never really will run any major risks while we can watch and see what is happening.

Auckland Video and Forex Coaching Plans

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Hi this is Matt from Kurb!

I started this business, kurb, when I was a DJ to help musicians with posters and gigs and CD DVD Duplication, 8 years later I was doing a lot of CD DVD Duplication for a lot of clients throughout NZ and I still put up gig posters for the exercise and the opportunity to look around the city at night.

Even though I’ve always been an entrepreeneur and back in the day I was doing soical media and music and event management, all kinds of online service, and I’m still working on refining auckland video production services. A couple of years ago I decided I wasn’t happy with how stressful running the business was because I felt I was making enough money, and so I focused more on just CD / DVD duplication.

With part time staff, this meant I was often only spending a few hours a day on work and much of the day I was timing appointments and organising production so when I began trading, it fitted right in with my already existing home business set up because I was used to working at a slow even pace and being able to check my trades every half hour made things perfect.

Now I’ve reached the point where I am simmering down off my initial enthusiasm, and my attentions and income are fairly evenly split right now between the business and my trading. Probably sensible.

But I will continue to write about my trading here because I can see it will be a permanent part of my life because that is how my system works its tending a garden as it grows and harvesting with the seasons not get rich get in get out nonsense.

It works, but it’s not foolproof, if I had been using the swiss franc in my trading when they dropped the floor, I would have fried my account, not pretty given im suggesting you need about $10k capital to start generating I’m guessing about

The beautiful thing about my system is that it’s not simple and easy, and it is very organic, that is, I allow my own influences about what I am aware of politically and economically to seep into my decisions, and the rhythm of my strategy, although it is a system, it’s not purely technical, because you can work with the parameters once you feel you are confident in your judgement, or really do what I do, pick the mood of the trends and lean with them according to your position . . .

It is a system but it’s full of many exceptions, counter intuitive aspects etc., it’s perfect for teaching. In fact it’s so perfect, because it’s a very hard thing to do, most of my students and acolytes would be struggling to stay above the line without my constant shepherding and so it appears that there are good opportunities to stretch out the whole process.

The idea behind it is to be able to earn money in really easy ways. If I can collect an extra $200 a week then why not? It’s not the way I envisioned it before.

Mainly because I see the students being challenged to the point where some will never learn and will always be dependent on me. Without being able to check as often as I do, this also will prevent my students earning too much if they have jobs. However many will have the kinds of jobs, or just part time jobs, that allow them to earn $200+ a week and that’s where we want them. Earning enough to pay me, and make all their efforts worthwhile.

So the service I am providing – talking with them for half an hour a week for $40 and maybe I have a $80 package as well,

I have just looked at the referral program and they are worth $500 – $250 in each account. I can probably increase my fee or create a one off intro package for $200 setting them up with their account and getting a basic set up going for them.

What would I set them up with right now? USDEUR, USDAUD, both EUR/GBP pairs to show them all about hedging, CADUSD to wait for the turn maybe, NZDUSD in the same category, also pays good interest, and maybe that TRYEUR combo mainly for the purpose of covering interest, perhaps even go in there with a $5k position to kick off. I wont talk to them too much about it until later, in fact I may purposefully wait to reveal further information to stretch out the sessions but also to help them learn. We know from dealing with employees that you can’t dump too much nformation on people at once.

I think what I like about the idea of coaching forex auckland and trading and pirates is its simply a service I offer that requires very little preparation on my part.

They are the sort of things that don’t require to much intensive thought, like cd/dvd also, which means I can trade at the same time as making other money which is great because the problem with trading is that you can’t just trade when and owever you like, it doesn’t move that quickly. you need to be doing something else so you can be checking every 15-60 minutes.

But what am I seeking to remove from my work that is causing me most stress?

A real issue I’m having is with CD duplication clients, mainly the musicians and people who want a design done free. It’s the clusters of pushy behaviour you notice. They want something done quickly but when you make a mistake, theyre unforgiving.We have to make the effort to talk to artists about quality control.

The point is I prefer things were I can avoid that kind of nonsense. Design, and print spec stuff, because it means reprints.

What are the actual drags? Don’t help musicians and random people, but mainly musicians and make people know they are their own quality control.

Pirates and coaching aren’t drags because you do it once, you do what you do, you get paid. When it comes to printing, massive variables exist. We know the points where the problem is. How do we do less printing and designing? We insist on the clients having their own or allowing time, but I’m wondering if it isn’t just about discouraging musicians who are consistently the problem from using us by being twice as thorough for our own sakes and blowing out their deadlines.

We have to play it a little bit dumber unfortunately.

My next plan has become to kick off my forex coaching with some forex videos, involving osme of my lovely assistants so we can all work on our presentation skills.

I am already preparing a listing:


I am looking for an female presenter to work alongside me developing a regular – maybe fortnightly moving to weekly – youtube bulletin on financial markets.

I believe a big gap exists for financial reporting that is a little bit lighter to digest for people who don’t understand investing and finance thoroughly.

Initially your job is to do 5-10 minute news desk style interviews with me and stop me from rambling too much or getting off point, and then we’d be expanding your role from there depending on what you feel you can take on.

I’m not expecting you to be able to nail it like the 6 o clock news first time, but I am looking for someone wanting experience really working on developing great presentation and presentation skills along with a basic knowledge of financial news.

Accents are fine, our audience will be international, but your english must be very clear.

I would see it taking 2 hours at the most, where I am in sandringham, once a fortnight moving to once a week, in the afternoon or evening is possible also I am pretty flexible.

I would be looking at paying you once we have a routine and flow established, so it comes down to your experience and how long it takes you to settle into the role. But what I am emphasising here is that because this is related to finance and investment, the most lucrative profession in the world, you will be developing the kinds of demonstrable skills and knowledge that open doors to great career opportunities and associations, especially for those who are wanting to establish themselves as someone who is also possessing of the skills to handle sophisticated subject matter in a professional manner.

This will initially be a modest project I am looking to develop with a team over time. There will be trial and error, hits and misses.

I’m Matt I’ve been running a promotions business for over 8 years and the last few years I have posted many listing on star now for music videos and funny projects I have been working on, which has given a great opportunity to build my experience. I am also more heavily involved in investing as I have built my portfolio up after selling part of my business.

As I said most financial bulletins are far too technical and dry and don’t offer viewers simple suggestions they can use to guide their approach to investment.

I would like to have a female offsider who is interested in developing their presentation and interviewing skills work with me on presenting this and slowly developing it.

I would also welcome others interested in a production role for experience as there would be no pay for those production roles initially until we were established.

You do not have to have excellent financial knowledge, you will need an interest and motivation however, we are after all attempting to make a boring subject more light and easier to engage with.

Now this may not as exciting and fun as some of the other projects I have going, but it does create a really great opportunity for experience where you can build and demonstrate the sort of skills that could provide you with a very lucrative career break, or perhaps the concept could really take.

In any case I would hope that within 6 months we could be producing a bulletin that you could easily present in an application to join a real broadcast newsroom as you move forward.

Needless to say if you were interested in some of the lighter stuff we do to balance it out, music vids, children’s vids, I’m more than happy to look at that with you also. But this could be a great opportunity for a young woman wanting to do the work to develop solid skills that are highly sought.

If you can demonstrate your ability in these youtube clips to present information and reports, interviews on financial subject matter, you will be developing valuable skills and experience with direct connection to the most lucrative profession in the world. There are most certainly opportunities here for someone ambitious and professional to break out.

It just requires some dedication to demonstrate this ability without studio resources behind you, but we will be looking to do what we can to get the best most professional result possible.

As always if we have worked together before I would love to hear from you again, though it is a change of pace from the usual light hearted stuff I’ve done up until now.

But needless to say there will be more fun projects coming up in the mix also, as usual I need to get a few music video projects I’ve started cleared before I kick off anything new!