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Duplicating Auckland Staff and Interns

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

So the project focus is not on the business. It’s on the image.

It’s about brand as a platform to launch off.

It’s on the videos and the website. So not much has changed there. Except we have no desire to make them successfully viable. It’s just a website and some videos. They’re meant to sell the appearance but not the actual product.

Why? Because my business is no longer a profit driven entity it’s now my personal lifestyle vehicle.

This kind of vanity driven exercise is still business nonetheless, and it’s based on branding. What this actually shows is that it’s staff to push forward my branding and promotions agenda – that’s at the core of what we need to focus on. Staff to push forward . . . everything!

If it’s work related, kurb related, video related, we need staff in place. What are my tasks as it stands?

Well I still need to front my videos.

I still feel as if I’ll be doing some forex videos to kick off, just talking about my personal experiences leading to me getting into forex. Laying the ground work.

My plan is to get a girl who will do forex videos with us, and then as we get our content team running, get them to design the kurb forex site while I nut out all the terms.

But now . . . I’ve had a better idea. Forex Radio. I still want to do these videos maybe a few to get my channel rolling in that direction, then involve girls in both forex and pirate videos when that comes on the agenda.

The forex direction I’m going in has really made me think about the bigger picture for kurb, I still want to keep the business functioning but I can no longer really focus on it, until I have put more support in place.

We have done some real thinking recently. The realisation is that kurb will continue to become a branding front for business supported by my forex profits. The businesses and services run under kurb are the tentacles of my forex octopus.

I can’t focus on kurb primarily as a business any more, but it will fall under the tasks my staff will carry out so it’s over to their management. I can’t prioritise that.

How do we prepare the business for transition into that phase? Where are the weak points? Duplication of CD and DVD copies is easy it can be done by machine, it is the CD DVD printing that poses the biggest challenge, we need to have more printers set up ready to go.

I would still handle a lot of sales by email but I would need a new phone and a new phone contact for the business.

What keeps coming up as the magic ingredient is staff. We can’t afford to pay staff to make everything work and be better yet, but we have been challenged by this important solution so we need to take steps to improve.

We can start making progress. I took a step to post a job to hire a student for a role video editing, because I just got so frustrated with the lack of progress there I just need this bee video to be done.

But then I thought, I am a bit worried with a staff member how to ease them into doing everything, if we start with a video editor, is there going to be enough work for them?

This is often the problem that makes me become so tentative and cheap – not very compelling for prospective employees – being desperate to get things moving but not sure what exactly there is to do and move once the intial obstacles are cleared, I often need weeks to see where I am heading to next – big plans are problematic because perspectives can change quickly.

But video editing projects have we got?

Bee video – 2
Youre Mine / Dusky Sound / Second Chance – 2-3 weeks
Tour Videos – month
Pirate Videos

Then I realised. The forex videos. I can get them to execute a whole show, the whole thing. Once I have the routine of doing the forex report down, I can add an extra segment, and pay them $200 a week I reckon for 2 videos, plus we need our model which I guess I would pay $50, that’s still $250 a week we need to raise. But we also thought about out business. $400 a week to do everything, plus performance bonus. What we’re no saying is here is the ultimate expression of staff. Put $650 in a week, get out video and work goals.

The problem is, I would then have to make sure we were doing no less than $500 a week work or we would kind of be paying. But this is the point. Staff do work and video.

I’m left to do trading, music and all the other fun things.

So we’ve got two points here – where I am now, and where I am where I can pay people to cover my video and kurb.

But it still needs action. And my thought eventually was that most stuff can be done online if I have the perseverance to work at it and pay. So off I went back to odesk, which is upwork.

There are still problems in that the outsourcers can’t do everything, but for $500 you will get some super awesome shit. I’m not even spending that on this video but I know I am desperate to break the hold and make some progress. Procrastinating and being precious has got us into this mess.

The secret is to start activating staff, activating employees.

Activate people to do jobs then look to improve remembering we have plenty of money and limited results, we want to see results even if it’s a result that needs a lot more refinement.

Employing people has been a massive waste of time for me mainly because it seems I can’t offer a good opportunity with decent money, and I’m not a great boss in terms of making my expectations crystal clear. These two things make it hard for me, and like experiences elsewhere in my life, having tried and tried again, it’s now made me very wary about the whole situation. It’s hard for me to be positive and to make the step of not being so cheap when that’s my natural reaction to people being unreliable. Just be even more cheap and nickel and dime.

I am just speculating as to why staff is one of many areas in which I experience other people being really unreliable. I often wonder why people never do as they say they will.

My conclusion is that we’re living in a world with so many options and opportunities, but most people lack initiative they can’t really do much unless they’re being pressured to perform.

They are not used to the consequences of their decisions, so they are not very good at taking initiative and making decisions. They are good at being paid $20 an hour to do as theyre told and try not to get fired. Anything complex or challenging involving decisions is simply too difficult for them to confront.

This is why I have had so much trouble with clients, often I will take the initiative to provide a solution, which the client finds unsuitable, creating a wasted effort that must be repeated.

Most modern employees simply do not make decisions, which the client also finds unsuitable because there is no solution.

Basically another story of why I have been successful as an entrepreneur and I find it really hard to relate to employees who have a more of a jobsworth approach of just doing whatever theyre told to do without really thinking about what theyre doing or even how to do it.

As an entrepreneur, I only get paid when the client is happy. I can’t turn up at 2pm and leave at 4pm and get paid if I havent actually achieved anything. It’s amazing how many people just simply don’t know how to think.

My hope is that by investing more into the process with money and effort, I will be starting to find better people and

We still need Auckland intern staff and Ukraine staff.

Few of these staff will be actually full time. We just need to sketch out a framework so we can be certain we can afford these staff, because we know, staff can be activated to totally take over a lot of work and video duties, but our next task would appear to be plotting these developments against how our income develops to cover these costs.

We quickly realised here that it isn’t our plan to launch the forex service seriously for a few years, and their wages would be completely contingent on my ability to support them through trading.

$1000 is all I need to start making things happen seriously.

STAFF 2016 – 2017

Video production + editing // $100
Agent, Promotion and management europe // $100
Website + social media // $100

Kurb // $400
Auckland Video production
AUckland management, agent + events

Music production
Ukraine forex person – customer and brand manager for russian speaking clients fund
Auckland forex person – customer and brand manager for english speaking clients fund


So turning over an old stone, we go back to this ideas which was the first in a string of ideas that came thick and fast, but it is business focused so we take the opportunity to look into it.

Basically I don’t see the forex fund or the forex coaching advice taking off in the next couple of years. I can begin laying the groundwork, but no one will be interested in investing until my brand is powerful enough to tractor beam people in.

My plan is once I get my property goals sorted, I will start to coast on the $5k-$10k level. I wouldn’t need more than $500k and then of course theres the turkish. What is my adjusted rate for the turkish?

It’s about 30%. Add some profit, Let’s call it 40%. $100k in a turkish set up would render you an income of $800 a week. I guess this is more focused towards covering our expenses, but it’s a reminder how quickly things could happen for me once multiple income channels start opening up, and my only major expenses become mortgage repayments and staff, which id not major because those payments are offset by gains elsewhere in property value, and business profits.

This is how I am able to keep my trading in a bubble outside of one thing – having to produce equity for my housing plans.

I will then seek to establish a hedge fund of up to $10 million dollars. If you could continue your track record of 1% a week, 50% a year, $5 million dollars. That’s crazy.

I’d have the best staff. I don’t need a huge staff really, just the best.

My one hardcore NZ manager person who organises all the video, all the music, all the events, all marketing and promotion, all my travel etc. – she knows what I’m trying to do and she is doing it.

She’s telling me when I’m travelling, all my gigs, my regular video shoots, and she is tracking the post production of music and videos. She is in direct contact with the video people, studio people, and online marketing people, and whatevers left of kurb.