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We have to start with a video to get these ideas moving. This is always a great idea when you’ve got new concepts coming through – Start blogging or coming up with a video idea to explore and demonstrate the strength of your idea.

I have some people coming who are going to make their videography skills available to me so I wanted to be prepared to take advantage of this by nailing a whole bunch of videos including these concept videos where I just discuss ideas for each concept I’m still involved in – how it came about, how I see the advantages offered by me and any additional benefits or aspects to be considered, as well as some rudimental projection on what could proceed from this concept as a starting point.

Subjects proposed

– Digital Apprentice
– Self Reliant Living
– Forex Begins
– Pirate Matty

Is there an idea for Kurb? Well why would I want to make a video to tell people I’m ot doing CD/DVD any more? It’s about something I have no intention of continuing to develop unless it was a retrospective or archival approach, and we already have that

I guess since I lost my original notes I am taking the time to think again about why I am doing this. It’s because using video to present a concept is such a simle and straightforward way to communicate. We need to be in the habit of presenting ideas. So we need ideas to present.

We also felt this needed to be done as part of our progress – once this is done I won’t really be looking at any videos for awhile except star now. Maybe then we go on to set up our digital apprentice web site and begin to get the ideas for the ads in place.

That’s probably another post – right now we’re still pushing out these scripts we’re using for the next set of videos.


Hi this is Matt from Kurb and I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you about my new digital apprentice idea, I’ve been running my own online businesses for over 10 years now, working in various areas of marketing, promotions, event management, new business ideas, websites and content such as blogs and video, social media, so if youre a young person at all interested in finding independent success in these areas you’ll be interested in this.

Having succeeded myself it’s time for me to leverage those skills by giving others the benefit of understanding the massive advantages you get of going straight into online freelancing without training so that under the guidance of someone like me who can give you experience, training and a very basic level of paid work. This means you can maintain a baseline guaranteed income, building toward a career that will give you massive independence and freedom, in a world where those who want to succeed will have to train and compete harder, paying more in rent and mortgages, for the dwindling amount of jobs offered by the old system.

So you’re working for me, but you’re also learning how to attract and manage your own clients by offering a range of online services, learning to work for yourself, and this is so important, because the way we are living and working in the city now is changing the quality of lifestyle available to us. There are less jobs for people without highly specific and developed skills, taking years of costs and training, leaving more people fighting for less jobs, while the rents and the mortgages continue to climb as those people competing fr those jobs, drive the market up, squeezing all the opportunity out for all but those who are able to succeed at the top.

This is not going to reverse in less than a generation, if you don’t have the deposit for a home in the city now, you never will, only those who can innovate and renegotiate with the system for a better way of life are going to have the opportunity to have a lifestyle that isn’t indentured, that means doing everything because you have to keep paying just to do it! That’s how the old system won by grinding people down, when now it’s simply clear that the technology of the internet gives people who have the courage to chose it, a better way of life.

The internet is not going away, it is where it’s happening, everyone knows this. You need to compete there where simply the fact you speak english gives you an advantage, you only need to prove your skills and the market is there, that is the upside of globalisation. You have access to a worldwide market to sell your skills on.

When you’re involved with someone like me who has succeeded again and again in finding lazy, simple ways to scratch a few dollars out of the internet you can learn to create opportunities that every freelancer lives by – flexibility not only in when you work during the day or week, but where you work, which begins to free you from the high costs and resource draining intensity of city life.

Because when you’re a freelancer you’re on your own, you learn vital survival skills that people clinging on to their jobs at big companies simply don’t have. It’s the empowerment of being your own boss – you’re not under any pressure to do or be anything other than do a great job. Who you are and what you think is no longer your employer’s concern because you don’t have one.

But my digital apprentice concept I am developing is not merely about me setting you as a freelancer for an exchange of labour, it’s about functioning outside of a tired old system that is grinding down the people and the planet, in a way that we can form a community based on more co-operative ideals

So what will happen if you get in touch with me about this digital apprentice concept? Just as I accept that you are coming to work for me and you need something to put in your pocket, you have to accept I am taking time to teach you skills that I have already proven will work if youre conscientious about it. It depends on your skill level how much I can pay you, when I start assigning you tasks to teach you skills to manage online projects. It starts simple with content creation, writing, videos, social media tasks, the beauty of being a digital freelancer is that everything you learn t build your own business is exactly the same skills you offer – blogs, videos, social media, websites, design, even hiring and managing your own freelancers!

I’ve done it all before, and if youre willing to take the time and work with me, I will show you how to be successful and independent and escape the trap just like I have.

What’s my vision for this, what am I trying to achieve? Well I’ve made my money, my dreams are in big ideas for communal structures that are not based on exploitation but co-operation. I am reaching out to bring young people on board because although some people who take up this opportunity will go on to forge their own path like I have, I also want to bring a small team of people up with me as I develop new ideas, and leave the opportunities I’ve already established in the hands of the digital apprentices – people who stay with me through this process will have great opportunities in new, ethical ventures

So this is the first video I’ve made about my idea, I’m calling it the digital apprentice because that’s the idea, your being trained on the job for a smaller wage, but as you are working on my projects you are also learning and developing your own ventures, that’s a real opportunity and I hope you’ll think about it, tell people about it and be back to see my next video talking about more specific, and letting you knnow more about why i believe this is a great opportunity to be involved in.

Self Reliance

Hi It’s Matt from Kurb here and I had started working on a video about my digital apprentice concept and I realsied this needs context. I need to talk about what is happening on the greater scale of working and living in Auckland, in New Zealand, in the city and in those places in the future.

To me it seems those trapped in Auckland, trapped in the big super cities of the globe will be continually squeezed in different ways as they compete for less jobs, less work made available to pay ever rising rents, amongst increasing areas of structural poverty traps people on low income can’t escape from. With the technlogy available creating new opportunities you can choose to level up to a more self reliant way of life in order to succeed in a new paradigm. Like climate change was well forewarned, the decline of the welfare state, whatever your politics you must accept the governments of modern democracies are not preparing adequately for the strain their demographic make up will be put on cities and society. There are strong arguments that are moral and practical, to adopt a more self reliant approach to life, that unhooks us from a system that is not just using us, but using us to oppress others.

Wouldn’t you rather simply get up , do a few hours work online to put some money in your pocket, do half an hour in the garden, and spend the rest of your day doing as you please?

This is not a crusade it’s about choosing a better life, one that withdraws you from exploiting and being exploited. This is so much more than orientating yourself toward working freelance using your skills online and then becoming flexible in new living arrangements and costs, it’s about being active in demonstrating better ways we could all live without the old system that won’t change unless we force it to by withdrawing from it.

Auckland is my hometown, I love it, and I will always want to be near it because I’ve spent my whole life here and I am attached. But unless you are very wealthy or have certain skills in high demand by corporates, it is not going to be a place where people can thrive. The housing will always be too much. The traffic will always be terrible. You will always have to work terrible hours and submit to terrible demands to compete for the few opportunities offered to the people continuing to come to the city looking for them

Or you make your own opportunities, it’s what I’ve done all my life. I grew up in the inner city, I know how important it is to be tuned in to new trends and thought, but now that is not exclusively in the inner cities, it’s all online, there are so many opportunities to not just sustain yourself selling your skills online, but to socialise, culturalise and educate yourself – as long as you are near the city for whatever practical or personal reasons, there’s no need to maintain the incredible cost and inconveniences of having to work there

I made my money – over 10 years I tried so many different ways to make money online until I settled on just the ones that suited me to make the most money, and I know this game, it’s not just about your flexibility so you can work whenever and live somewhere where you don’t pay nearly so much rent so you don’t have to work so hard. The time you save every day by not commuting or having to look professional every day for your role. It is about you moving to a position of empowerment where you are not just a dog at the table waiting for scraps to be handed down in the form of a promotion to an more demanding job where you work even longer hours. I can say whatever I like online, I can live the life I choose because my clients came to me because they need what I do, but it took me years to find out what that was, but now I’m set up.

And so this is my vision I am talking about. We are going out of the city, I will be looking to buy multiple properties in what at the moment is looking like the Hauraki region where we are still only an hour and a halfs drive from auckland and inviting people who want to learn to live self reliantly rent free – propping themselves up, rather than the system that drains us, so that we can live and we can allow the system to if not die, at least be forced to change as more people escape from it’s cycles weakening it, and positioning themselves outside of it, should it begin to fall apart.

I can teach people to make money onlline. We can grow vegetables, we can install solar panels, this is the concept of a community for people who are forward looking. It’s not about leaving the city. It’s about recognising that we need to renegotiate with what the city is offering us. This is an opportunity for musicians and artists creative people, modern people, free people, who still need to be near the city to use it, but don’t need to sacrifice themselves to live there, when other opportunities exist that means your career, your social life, your culturalisation should not suffer unreasonably

The over arching concept is self reliance. We can’t stop climate change. We can’t build a fairer society. But what we can do is make our own personal choices to live a life that’s not just a better choice for us personally but a better choice for everybody, and a great example of how the world could change one by one not by making a sacrifice but by choosing to empower ourselves.

I’m Matt Turner at Kurb and I hope you’re listening because I am looking for people to be part of some great new ideas. Thanks

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