Building A Digital Marketing Intern Team

I needed to throw down some notes on how I was going to run my apprentice game and I lost a whole bunch of writing again so I am quickly trying to jot down as many of the ideas I had as possible.

It wasn’t anything major or groundbreaking, it was just working through the issues that may come up or considering a plan of how things would unfold and be implemented

The way I see it I throw down the job ads on the jobsites, get my first person and put them on facebook organising the ad campaign. This should get a few coming in. But you see I quickly realised the ad would bring in more candidates than I need and there would be no need to put them straight onto a facebook thing unless it’s branding because we want to stagger the candidates as they come through.

We won’t go pyramid too early. By pyramid I mean encouraging new apprentices to get more apprentices.

Now it’s coming back to me.

It was quickly apparent that my own publicity needs were of priiority over any kind of regular business, it’s always good to use thinking on my blog to recognise the real objectives so you can focus on being profitable where and when you need to be, and if the objective is not being profitable you recognise the nature of the product is different.

If the business makes no money but does an effective job of promoting my brands, then I am happy, and so we see effective promotions services as the goal not viability which does shift the paradigm.

Firstly, because you then end up asking what I see as effective promo – more and bigger gigs really.

It becomes about the gigs. I really just want to play gigs, like promoting your music seems pointless because people either like it or not, selling it is ridiculous.

Yes you need to have a team who knows how to push out your content in fact we were getting deep into this stuff and we picked out 3 threads – ads, content promotion and influencers, that is standard publicity, contacting sources from which info pushing the brand can reach audiences.

Doing this stuff professionally is essential but doing it aggressively is ridiculous, how are you going to be seen as cool if youre just dumping money into having your face shown everywhere?

Your team runs your presence. Buzz around your gigs can be leverage for the attention you want, getting people to the gigs, and interested in their own experience they are sharing with you.

When you’re building your team from scratch it’s content, websites, ad campaigns, first. Flyers and posters, build your own team. You are me, doing the job for the client except this time, I’m the client.

I’m your customer, I want the work done, content, websites, campaigns, promo, then management and bookings, get on odesk and work and also hire the people to do the work you can’t do.

Get a virtual assistant in action doing donkey work that works, do publicity and prom the old fashioned way, who do you want to talk about you? Get in touch. What do you want to say, what is the brand you are pushing? Look at other successful artists to see what they are doing.

The web presence must offer ease of access to the content, to allow the fan to engage. Fan engagement becomes the big focus, not clickbait bullshit or massive push advertising, but managing relationships with fans because the idea is to get them to come to the gigs.

Not street team bullshit I mean a nice good thing that fans enjoy. When I say fan engagement I mean interactions that get them to the gigs, that get people to gigs.

In this respect, promoters are like superfans in that they are the fans that are most important because they send you straight to go, they put you on at the gig so you can get your name circulating. You can’t teach interns to schmooze. But it would be good if you could.

Coming back to the gigs, this is why the team need to be on the gig out look, because gigs are meat in a promotion sandwich, they are what can actually be promoted as the outcome rather than the artist brand, because you need to take the steps to get someone to actually engage to the point that they are going to be a supporter and be part of a swell of interest on which you can leverage attention.

We already know, sometimes organising your own gigs is all that you can do. But what I had said was that this would be second phase. You have to teach them content, ads and some publicity first but you can start to get them identifying targets and getting on the phone or the email to try and secure the object of the hustle around gigs, but as with hustling and the art of getting on the phone and making things happen, it goes beyond gigs.

It seems though really all we need is a manager, a video person and an assistant who runs kurb. Online assistant, forex person? Commune person? As I said, none of these are really full time jobs, one person may take 2 jobs to have a full time position but it seems the manager and the video person are the main roles and the kurb online person is the runt. The forex perso will be a maths girl.

That’s your basic set up, that’s say $1200-$1500 a week when previously we budgeted this at $2700 for 6 staff. there’s no way that’s happening with 18 months though.

In 2017 we’re kicking off on $1200 for staff, $1300 for rent and costs. We cycle back $3k, We collect $150k, which is enough to king us up to our desired level rolling into 2018 but to be honest I don’t think it matters. Once we hit that $5k level we’re just coasting.

Manager person, get me gigs, get me content delivery, kurb person, do kurb and then help the manager, video person, do video. It will be a slow process building up, because I need to be focused on what these people are doing or they will get lost and dawdle. In fact it maybe my need for them to maintain systems I build.

Whatever I’m trying to achieve, my staff are doing the work. I want gigs. DJ gigs, pirate matty gigs. I want people living in the commune. I’m on the star now, looking to get actresses for videos and fairies. We are trawling for talent. Gigs, videos and promo for the gigs and videos. Websites, all our prime web properties need to keep getting pushed forward.

Kurb, Romantech, Pirate Matty, apprentices, new forex, cheap video, etc., all these ideas need love.

But what are the ideas that I need to work so that I’m getting my $1200 worth a week?

Don’t you think you could get a video person $20 an hour on call? Sure, but stop being cheap. I need my gigs. Why pay a manager when you can just pay for the gigs? Like seriously. It makes me think that the little jobs can be worked up with my trainees but the serious missions I am better off saving my money and waiting for the sniper shot of what I want.

Gigs on the coast. Tour. Internationals, my own parties. We don’t have a manager we have an assistant to help organise our gigs such as touring internationals and a few gigs out of town, plus we try to jump on a few of our own, and of course a big hi and bye party. They’re event organisers.

The more I see it these are all novice people I may be struggling with a bit so I’m not paying them much at all, I am hoping – and we may have 3 or so doing the job of 1 – that one of them actually starts to show some skill for some particular thing whether organising, doing the discs, video, or websites. Luckily this shouldn’t cost me more than a grand a week. I really need some serious video clout I call it in.

So it’s their job to keep kurb running, I know nothing of it, hopefully, I just watch the money come in and make sure theyre making more than theyre spending. Once they get trained up that is, but what I’m saying is that you might not get these people doing high end tasks for some time. You will have to take time out to work alongside them, but at least it will get me focused on the two jobs – pushing out the work and teaching someone else to do the basics so it gets easier for me.

In the end I think that’s what we end up looking at – who is going to help you if you don’t push things forward yourself?

You might be surprised what could be accomplished with a smaller team.

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