Experimenting with Trading

I have started to dabble with shares. As in a share, well 3 now. I realised the pattern with shares, they crash drastically and then reclaim their value. I said I wouldn’t touch shares because their value can be wiped out and that doesn’t suit my risk strategy of absorbing losses.

But I also saw that after each of these recent slides, it just carves that decline back again, especially following the GFC, that was a massive rally that’s been going on for years. Some people, again, would have got very rich.

The stockmarket is either going up or down. Once it’s finished going down, just like when a currency spikes downward, the relief rally begins, and it’s time to get in on the play while the going is good.

So it just occurred to me, we’ve just had another severe shock in this latest series that’s hit since the start of the year and I just went to check the chart and sure enough the japanese market composite is down 20% that’s a full sad story, and offering no better opportunity for me to jump in, the japanese is good because one share is only $200, where as the others are grands and I don’t think I’m ready for that, I think I will sit on my japanese for a few weeks and watch how it moves.

It’s much different than currency, you get these shooting star moves where you turn away and the thing jumps a dollar or more, just on a little $200 share. half a percent just like that, and of curse the pattern is then to keep grinding higher, until of course the crash arrives.

What I see here is a perfect opportunity for my trading style to be modded for shares, that is you have to be so careful, and have very deep pockets and also very patient.

You need to wait a day or more while the share either finds its way into profit or falls to a greater loss than 2%, should this happen 10 times, yes it will be grim, but the sharemarket falling that much doesn’t happen most months, it will happen, that’s why you must be so patient and conservative, but it will always move up in shooting movements where you can scalp nice gains, those sp500 shares worth $2k would easily pick up $20 or $30 in an hour or two, but certianly not every day, some days they would quickly lose $200. Let it fall and buy in again because your account can take it.

I already made a nice $5 profit on one of my japanese shares today and I just looked and my american share was worth $15 so I snaffled that profit. $20 today on shares.

I see, much like the turkish, a lovely little earner if I can slowly become confident in what’s going on. It’s just like what I’m doing with the yen crosses, you need to be absolutely confident you are covering your ass because a move in the wrong direction could all start going very badly since you’ve got no hedge whatsoever.

But these little moves that spurt up again and again, they look like sure fire winners.

You buy they dip, you buy, they dip, they rise, you sell . . . you never buy unless it dips significantly, the you’ve got all that headroom to take profit and wait for the next dip, or ot could roll through and raise profit on your next level. Their may be time where profits are slim, and losses run deep but I bet theres many days you can go back the same well several time and take up nice little earners and I believe after a few months I can play it more like the yen, and will really start to see a few extra hundred profits a week.

What is of course intense is the thought of this in a years time when the $20 I made could be $200 – adding another $1000 to my weekly pot.


Day 3 playing with shares. It is really cooking today now that I’ve worked out how to buy small mini lots, the japanese that fell back shot up again netting me $7, while the US stocks I still had in full lots also shot back for $10 and I grabbed a few others and some forex and less than a couple of hours after I got up I’m over $30 up.

I was thinking earlier that one day these shares are going to bring me pain. But not today. It’s part of the cycle that there’s pain at some stage, but I am just hoping I can at least scrimp up a few hundred on these gains to prepare for what will come.

I can’t help but thinking my technique works even better for shares because when it’s peaking, I’m not holding more than a micro lot, $100, the sharemarket suffers catastrope and loses 20%? I lose $20. And then it all begins again, I know the market is on a slow crawl back to the top.

However I could already have started position myself buying the fade so when the collapse picks up, I’m holding say, $5k, and that 20% costs me $1k, that’s the pain I’m talking about, I’ll need a few grand to prop myself up. A serious collapse becomes a lot more scarier for my risk exposure because shares are one way traffic, straight down. But such is the cleansing fire that it is only an opportunity to make more money.

I’m just getting this crazy feeling again as if I’ve cracked it, this doesn’t change anything fundamentally, it just speeds up the process and makes it more likely I will have another situation in my life where everything goes on the line and I have to raise 5 figures within hours to stop the fire claiming my whole account.

The essential thing is that I’ve gotten into the market after the worst crash in years, albeit that it was only slightly worse than the most recent crash in august that killed me last time.

It’s the very best time, there is the lingering threat it may take another leg down, but even then after most stock markets have lost 15-25% in the last few weeks, it would be hard for them to keep losing value when the fire has created all this new room for growth and that’s what the market sees. It wants to fill the gap. It’s wants to make that 20% back because it knows it’s there and the most likely event, that it will cover that gap in the next few months is a very good one for me which should allow lots of opportunity to coast upwards, buying into any dips and fades.

Unlike currency that swings, shares trend up. They want to go up, companies don’t work if they aren’t increasing in value, and so you can have more optimism they are going up. They are generally on most days creeping up, except for those days it spikes down. When it drifts down, that’s bad for me because it tempts me to buy into the dip which I hold as it creeps lower before then spiking dragging a fair bit down with me.

What is crazy about these damn stocks is they jump down and creep up so more often than not when they dip it does a chance to jump in and grab a short ride up, rolling up on only 2 or 3 positions knowing that when spike comes then you test getting in again except now you’re rolling up 4-6 positions, so youre covering the gap with some nice profits – you’re always gaining more comig up from the bottom then you are falling down from the top.

It does mean when the market reaches record highs I am not really going to be making much money as I will be insisting on one or 2 positions because a big drop from the top is always a possibility and that’s where you’d find trouble, falling hard from the top with a whole lot of money down.

All markets and commodities would fall together so you need to have that money off the table.

It’s just watching and learning how stocks behave in their moves I’ve been really surprised. When they start jumping you’ve got a chance to jump on if you’re watching, then you can jump off, and come back later to see if they’ve slipped again and are ready to do a little jump again, this can go on several times a day, and I’m picking up a few dollars and novice level, once I’m settled in it’s going to give me some nice turnover, especially when we do get hit by a crash, it means once you’ve tested the water you can heave back in knowing there’s some steady gains to grab on the comeback.


This I considered was a way to groom assistants that were loyal. Good girls from good families. What you’re hoping is that after a year you have an employee who is completely trustworthy and already earning the best money an 18 year old could hope for. In 3 years this whole thing could have played out, we only need to build someone’s loyalty over a year or two and we will be breaking through. I can put them on a salary of a mid level accountant when theyre 20 and they can be a big girl with a big girls job, working for the marxist tony stark, that guy who does the videos, the parties, the DJ, etc.

It’s quite possible I may have a few. This could actually be my fund. My money is in my account, I check it once a day and it is totally secure.

Then I set up other accounts for the girls. It’s a eggs in one basket situation. If one girl ever goes rogue for whatever reason, she doesn’t bring down my empire.

Each one’s account would only be about $50k and they’d all have access to more funds – $10k. They should all be able to generate $5k a week. What’s more I can have them compete to discover which is the best. They would never trade shares, and their turkish, japanese and swiss trades would be added later and only ever at low risk.

The girls don’t need to know there’s no investors. They can still go with me to trading events, theyre the ones who have to learn the stuff, and being mathletes, they will understand all the fibonacci retracements etc. I mean this is at the stage that if the business is legit, then I can approach the schools saying i’m looking for senior students, just be careful about specifying girls. I think actually what I should say is I have a couple of boys already and I am looking for a girl.

I would likely manage big carry trades on my own with another broker, if I wanted to buy a million lira for example after it had crash badly simply so I could collect $80k interest a year on it

But also it’s an emergency contact so that if I ever I need someone to log in and manage the system, I have someone I trust already trained.

It’s also that a young girl is likely to see this as just a job, it will never connect that she could trade herself. Of course it will eventually, but it would be especially hard for a young person to commit themselves to this kind of life and setting up a front as a proper company will create this impression that just having the system for trading is not enough, when of course it is.

Women are not so likely to strike out from the group. Also of course if the girls think they’re competing it will make them competitive for my approval.

I think in 5 years I would only be trading once a day, but instead I would have a team I pay say $500 p/week plus say 5% of what they earn.

It is likely they may never meet until they get to a level of high trust. But to me that level of trust is when theyre’ hauling in $20k for me, and I’m likely doing the same, I’m way over where I need to be, why is there any reason for me to do anything other than set up a proper business so it all maintains this legitimacy, and I don’t even need customers or to talk about anything I don’t want publicly known.

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