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I have continued to use this blog to throw together ideas about how to build a promo team.

The point I reached was that it may be a lot simpler than I thought – that is the plan may be more simple, but the work involved is unavoidable.

You’re never going to find employees under $20 p/hr who know what theyre doing. Everyone and anyone is going to need training, so you may as well accept training as a necessary evil.

If you are going to find good people to work with you have to take them on as interns, pay them something, at least $10, and train them up.

Next comes new opportunities in music management because this is how business works, we can have as many little dreams as we like about the business we would like to run, but we need to deliver services that artists want to pay for in order to make money, so getting clients and tailoring services to them can help us create a service artists will want to pay for and that means we can pay staff and build a team that is capable of functioning on a high level.

How do I think this is going to help me? The sooner I have established music industry work, that is at least $500 a week, the sooner I can pay someone to jump into that role. Having one or two clients is the start of something that can be built on. But in reality I am only paying them to work for me, but I am leveraging my position so that as long as I can provide the work for them, I can get all my work done as well. What does this involve?

Well the website, maintaining the website development, and the social media tasks we talked about this, content, advertising, publicity.

The website you can charge $500 for and ell them there’s an annual fee of $100. Social media and publicity you have to bill like a lawyer. It shouldn’t take an intern an hour to update social media.
How long should an advertising campaign take?

I play the client, I will tell you how much it’s worth to me. A good ad campaign? 3-4 hours. Research for publicity and bookings? Hour by hour. How long should it take? I look at the results.

I charge my staff at $30 and I charge myself at $60 s they have a choice. Of course this is actually $20 and $40 american, I might make mine $50 american it gives them a nice choice and lets them know that they can have quality if they prefer that choice for jobs like copywriting the publicity. Design.

I will only pay my staff $NZ20 and explain this is for 2 reasons – it’s realistic that I would take a proportion of their earnings in some way, but also I have costs and responsibilities to meet running the business and this has to be acknowledged. For the most part it grows the business. But they don’t have to know that the business is not really that viable. They just need to get paid.

So I’m saying to them, I will give you 20 hours work for $200, but the rest is commission, and you can earn $400. We will be looking to review this within a few months. The point is when they want to give up the $10 hours, they can. If they want to earn a pay rise from me or the clients they just have to do better work, and I have plenty of ideas.

This is sounding much more like a real job and not just as apprentice. A real job can be advertised. We just need that $200, and the beauty of it is that a trademe ad is only $150, we could get it all happening.

Internet jobs is free as a website and I don’t really see we wouldn’t take the most simple version of the concept and use that as the site. No the concept isn’t sophisticated or slick it’s internet jobs.

What, more sites drifting around? We want the sites that work, that’s the idea. If it works, good, if it does it, move on, if we don’t need it any more, move on. As far as I know right now, given that we have a source of income that is sufficient, all we need is good staff. That’s why we can commit to this.

The digital apprentice is a nice concept but internet jobs is so much more clear but also versatile because it is simple. There is a purpose for it in years to come when it’s primary use of getting me my first staff members has been accomplished, for it can still feed in.

Then, the gigs. Someone has to book te gigs, but someone may need to look after the gigs. And finally, publicity. All this, $40 p/hour, we just have to refine our results as we develop.

But wait now. I am starting to think this may be all to client focused when at the end of the day, I am the main client, and I am the client to keep happy.

I want videos. I want gigs. I want promo. I want publicity. I want all my websites looking good. Forex, the commune, some of this needs basic social media facebook all set up from scratch.

It seems like the sort of stuff that could get done pretty easily and then be done.

Let’s revise:

4 people to do my video, 1 social media and 1 manager, and 1 commune manager. Then there’s the maths girls.

In the old version it was just 1 video person, 1 social media and the assistant manager, but we’re expanding to cover the whole of NYL and video projects. So it may be the old model, 3 people are getting $600 and then there’s a second tier and instead of being internly dogsbodies, which can really be done a lot of from the commune, I choose girls for NYL.

But wait, I said no video person. For the big projects we will bring someone on board on contract.

Again, instead of paying them, I just rent a house and let them live there, I fill it with girls. Again instead of charging them in advance and bond, I can shake 12 hours out of them for a room they might not even have to themselves.

So as compared to how it was before, I actually only budget $2000 for 3 main people, but there’s $1k covers the cost of this place and an apartment, so I then have 3 different addresses where people can stay and swap services for rent. So I have my NYL and my commune, and another staging address. The cost to me is $4k.

But this could easily have the apartment and the third person removed saving me $1k, making my weekly cost $3k, making this a level we could be at next spring, but we wont be because we cant organise all this before then!

We know it would probably take us 2 years to find 6 people for all those roles. We only did this to work out the costs and suddenly it’s not the costs, it’s going to take time and we can’t get started now. But money is not the issue. We can afford $200 for our first employee with the sneaky trick move built in, and it’s really about us practicing having work for them every other day.

The difference is, from day one, they are working for me, on my projects. Not some random ass client that doesn’t exist. Right now my priorities are getting gigs, editing video, doing website improvements, of course as I said they would run kurb and the commune as well, the pirate and the forex stuff. In the beginning that’s just kurb and pirate – there is an order of things and forex and apprentice/commune stuff is not there yet.

But what do you want?

An assistant who just lets me know and I turn up and play the gigs. Once you have that, you cruise – but you have to build it first and it takes parctice with other artists to get into other venues.

We need a jobs list and a bounty. This helps us see whatkid of jobs we need doing and how much theoretically they might be worth.

Edit the tour videos: $600
Edit the archive footage: $500

Book 1 international tour here 2-4 gigs: $200ish
organise parties x 3: $200ish
Book 2 4-6 date tours: $200ish
other bookings including pirate matty: $50ish

The gig details need to be confirmed with venue and artists / promotion organised / payment secured. I simply turn up with the artists and play and drink and leave.

Confirming dates and all the specifics between the artist and the venue is the hard part, but once you’re working all your venues, you’re fine.

If you pay them by the gig you have to keep paying them. But if you pay them on a contract, it’s all part of their job.

Set up social media for the commune, romantech, kurb: $40 p/week

Fee for a videographer to complete a music video with me: $500
Fee for videographer to film NYL stuff for 3 hours: $80-100

It’s fine to say what something is worth to me but it’s just not likely I can go hands off, I have to be partially involved.

I’m gettnig a bit tired but the point I’m reaching for is that we are focused on my stuff and so we will sit down and nut it out.


All we can do is start working on our job ad, and working that on out.

I am an entrepreneur and investor looking for digital management assistants at various stages of experience to train up assisting me in a number of exciting projects managing promotional content online and offline as well as organising events.

I work in music, video production, event promotions, but I have also been a freelancer and a small business owner for almost 10 years it is a fantastic opportunity to learn skills that are indispensable in management and marketing.

You either will have the following skills or be willing to put a extra effort to learn:

– Video production and editing
– event management
– online promotion: social media/advertising/publicity

This is initally a part time role of up to 20 hours but could easily be full time for a motivated person who can make themselves extremely useful. I stress this is an incredible opportunity to work with someone with invaluable experience and skills in building and executing small business projects in and around digital media.

There is an opportunity to establish yourself in a position

Hours are very flexible in the afternoon or evening. you will likely be asked to accept a training wage for an initial trial period of 2-4 weeks depending on your level of experience.


I had some ideas for a romantech app. that’s where it ended, but we have the power to commission ideas for our promotion but I also see it in another way – we don’t need to do anything to keep our fans hooked because it’s some kind of business sales funnel, if you’re not interested, it’s not some huge problem for me, I just want to keep a core engaged.

Maybe I don’t need an app.

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