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Archiving Information for Auckland DVD Duplication

Monday, September 8th, 2014

At the moment I’m trying to resolve a lot of loose ends in my business by going over old writings, accounts, content, pictures, etc. looking at what can be done, are we to use this content, is there something that can be brought forward from this, distilled down, or are we best, in the interest of minimalism, flexibility and clarity to simply zip it up, sling it on some back up drives and get on with our lives?

I swear this archiving game is real because it comes forward. There is everything that is, and everything that will be.

There are still strains of concepts here that are important enough to be drawn out and used, drawn into the threads of concepts we are moving forward with, if even just as experience and understanding of what we won’t be going into.

There’s so much a business can do, it’s good to know what you won’t be doing, and why.

I’m going through a lot of old articles that I wrote when I doing music marketing as part of my general archiving efforts, I just want to put everything straight – everything I’ve ever done!

Hold it right there in one or two 2tb hard drives, and say that’s it! That’s me! No need to concern myself too much, it’s all there. There’s not a missing idea, I went back and checked them all, I thought about what mattered.

I learned a lot in that time, I am holding on to the articles because there’s no point throwing them out, although will I ever going to want to push content out like that on my site? Is this really what I want to do with my life? Like I was trying to do crazy blogs then, and 6 years later here I am. But I know it’s because I’m trying to unstick myself from a work routine and learn to vary my efforts.

But isn’t it an efficiency to arrive at the point where I say, no I don’t want to publish lots of rotten old content, this is not how I will pursue a future need to generate income, my resolve is that I have at least 2 years left in this business, I have to be prepared to get out in 6 months, maybe a year to be honest, or possibly I will still be eking out a living in 5 years from cd copying and dvd duplication.

I am serious right now about focusing beyond the business, and that’s not to say I wouldn’t go back to music marketing management again, but it has made me think, it seems unlikely. It seems that I am too crafty, and that little incomes of $100-300 a week are easy to come by and maintain if you’ve got smarts and patience, I’ll always have a few of those, and my income needs will tend to be flexible.

That was always the plan. I stay in auckland pirates, video production, music gigs, talent, I just stay there, and there will be money around if I just put a few months preparation into it. But really we want to avoid that. My belief is that cd dvd duplication, printing etc will continue to earn me $300 a week on average, for another 10 years. I will have pirates and video as good second strings. The talent and music may never be professional, but can possibly claim losses and make me look busy. In addition I believe my investment and business skills will expand so that I can also make cream there on top of my projections,

It always returns to the known end point, at that point we have RC and the pirates. RC, a more comedy based format is harder to embrace because it’s comedy and it’s such a punt, pirate stories have the back bone of being a business proposition.

Where it all returns to of course is the moment of saying well, we’re doing pirates. I think we need to do it to do it.

Are we going to start advertising? Sure, but the main thrust is to construct a 40 minute show I can do with a fairy for say 50 kids or a school or whatever and swag $300 or whatever in the deal. 2 shows for $500.

We got this great little plan for crowdfunding the pirate visits down there, get my $500 and we’re done!

Except that we know we won’t be motivated to do it for the money, and so that’s not the avenue we’ll find ourselves turning into.

We’ll need to be doing birthday shows most weeks, and trying to hustle appearance etc. More like milford. The reality is that we won’t be motivated to do it unless we have people working with us, to get alongside, and build the thing, so it gets easier for me, and in turn I can improve what I am delivering into new situations.

So ideally what do I want? 2-3 birthdays a month and a 2 day road trip where I

But if your videos actually catch you have to expect $1000+ a week of bookings. 3+ shows. Fine.

I’d make a school show $300 and a birthday $150. $100 for my fairy, $100 for other costs.

I won’t really do much, that will be part of what I’m about, it’s my character, I improvise. I want one school booking, and 1 party booking a week which I expect to spend $50 a week to get, but 1 party or appearance, which could even be as a DJ etc is through the youtube hipster following.

My belief is there will just be too much overflowing from me paying girls to do videos and doing street crawls which I also record, I’ll have a lot of video, hopefully it will build up. The videos form the basis of the show which is the dvd as well, so yup yeah.

How long are we talking? A year? Maybe. Where are the challenges?

Getting those bookings, we will have to be super confident. Doing a party every week, I think sure, maybe not every week. I could make it happen, but crossing over to schools? We’d have to start by offering a product that was too good to reject. Blanket bomb the schools for an hour around with a $250 deal, if you can aim for 10. Well it’s not a matter for counting. I guess I will try and put the feelers out and come up with a solid plan once I get there.

But I guess the idea is to get these fairies on board, get them making videos and hitting the street, until we get more parties going, and once we’ve got regular parties and decent videos to string together funnies, this could easily take 6 months, then we can launch our show, that is the big one. Likely we would have changed out several girls by then, but each one that comes along can see what their predecessor did.

It’s some Dr. Who deal.

Again we see the pirate thing becoming it’s own regular series, and the RC thing possibly and it slowly coming together as one thing.


I look at the articles as they get archived away and think how excited I was once upon a time to offer all my marketing and promotions services.

That time will never be again. Sure I write a lot still, more than I did, but I guess it speaks to the fact I found a way to plan and write that also helped me to get what I’m doing out there to people who wanted to purchase cd dvd duplication auckland. And that allowed me to reach my market, refine my process, and come up with a successful strategy, so that I need not consider such a thing again.

Maybe it might be fun to look and learn and consider as I am right now one day, just to think about how things develop. I know in a lot of ways most of what I am doing right now is the same thing. It is writing for my own sake that really becomes only as useful as the footprints that follow me here.

If I hadn’t taken the steps I wouldn’t be here, but much of what transpired is of no purpose.

I’m thinking about those archiving videos I wanted to make for cd dvd duplication, the concept momentarily lost. It’s supposed video that spans across themes of business, and art, and even greater purpose. We have to continue to explore what it means.

It seems like closure, in the way that putting away all these marketing blurbs for kurb promtions has been, to see, to think of it, to not have much to say in this instance but to acknowledge we probably won’t be doing any online marketing for musicians in the future.

There were exciting thoughts, but they were just excitement, and it wasn’t that it ever had to be. In this way it is my opportunity to say goodbye and close that door, to have closure and finality realising I won’t ever be a person who finds themselves hustling as a consultant.

I’m done with that. And knowing that hustling as a consultant, in that as a consultant I have to be a salesman and a motivational coach, the reward isn’t there. The work will always be undervalued.

But when we tackle this issue with auckland dvd cd duplication, then it will be to a grander scale, in that there is enough significance to warrant a video.

It’s not about a project we’re describing, but a way of moving on from something in a significant way, that recognises what we’ve gained and what we’ve lost.

We don’t grind away on this for money any more, but we do appreciate how media has come into peoples lives, and how helping people use media to communicate and understand, and share culture and information.

Old CD and DVD Copying Jobs

Friday, August 1st, 2014

We are still dealing with all these old DVD’s – old dvd masters for cd dvd copying that are now years old.

The most basic appraisal is that I am not using the space for anything else. But I felt that resolving the physical space in my life is a strong concept of minimalism.

What is the purpose of these objects now that my obligations to the clients who have long since exited the scene are fulfilled? My thoughts turned to a future where the information on these DVD’s could be the only evidence of such a thing ever existing.

We used to have this idea that we would save them all and make some kind of time capsule. It’s a weird one.

Is there a future where a computer could watch all these DVD’s and pinpoint the individuals, and build data from being able to place so many individuals at an exact time and place, to be able to render them into actual realities? If it is so, is it important? Is it important to who I am right now.

We go on pretending that somehow these things matter, when really it just takes up space in our mind.

Suddenly the themes seems to be that if I make a video about it, then that’s what it is all about. It’s not about preserving the DVD’s so much as my experience of it. But what we’re talking about is the digital experience. What is the meaning of these DVD’s, the content they hold, what is it’s meaning from now? What is my responsibility to it?

Well it’s obviously something I am thinking about, and I want to use video to create communications, so this is where the overlap exists. I just can’t help but think that it’s a little indulgent. Continuing to make videos about whatever I think is important, simply because I’m thinking of it, so it must be important.

But no it creates the space for some interesting ideas about preserving the past, why we do it, and what we are hoping to achieve, and how that aligns with what I am trying to achieve. There is a story that bridges small business, personal histories, technology and how it’s changing, and the philosophy and emotion of it, not to mention the minmalist approach. And to be able to write something up that communicates that spectrum of messages coherently, and also provides visuals and can be used as an example of my video production presentation material. As well as knowledge of CD and DVD copying of course!

This is an effort to create content more regularly. In the past we have been disappointed to work so hard on video productions that haven’t really been paid much attention. Now we are looking to produce content but in ways that don’t take much effort.

It’s hard to know what will interest people, but as long as I’m attempting to tell a story, which is perhaps only interesting to me because it’s my story, at least I know it’s interesting to somebody! This is my job to make these concepts more interesting.

Now we also have to think about the CD copies, the issue here is that in a lot of cases we won’t know what state the audio is in. We have to start listening to what we’re getting so if we have a clear idea that it’s not worth saving, we can flush it out.

What’s not worth saving? Anything where the music is unexceptional and the recording has been damaged. Just forget it.

What are we hoping for? Well if we can salvage 50-100 recordings and lock them into an archive, then we can offer selections some great recordings that may have been lost otherwise.

That’s the story, we did a lot of CD’s over the years for aspiring artists, most of who would never make it, but often they may have had a tune or two with a little bit of magic. It’s a story that holds on to what could have been, at that many come so close, and yet that’s still meaningful. Many don’t get to have their dream simply because so few do, and I am of a generation where many believed they could be the one who cut through, not realising how many voices were calling for their ideas to be heard and seen.

There’s a story in that, and in that story, I get to clean out my spare room, and see if I get some extra samples. Discover something. This was music that came to me. Perhaps only a handful of songs will prove to be of any use, but I have audited this, and I will send them on into the night with peace.

But then after the process, whatever comes from it, I have emptier rooms, emptier hard drives, and emptier life, but with space ready to be filled by what could be this or that.

It seems like the incessant need to create more money and more space have a limited application if you are successful at requiring less money and less space to be satisfied. Sure it sounds like I’m no longer talking small business or am I? I feel like I’m successful because my business is successful in meeting my needs, I don’t work full time and I don’t require a full time income because of the way I’ve streamlined my whole operation.

I wouldn’t be being honest if I was blogging about bleeding every source dry in pursuit of financial success. It simply doesn’t need to be that way.

So it gets interesting when you settle to a point you’re happy with your income, happy with your environment, but want to strive to do more, to change your life so that you feel fulfilled and empowered.


I just was able to do a full music video edit in less than a day, took about 9 hours, the whole thing! This has got me very inspired, not just for my channel but the idea that I can charge US$300 for this standard of work, and people will get a decent video. I will get a fairly decent days pay, but what’s more, it’s more experience and more footage I can put under my belt.

Definitely a hustle worth playing for.

But how would we push that out? Advertising and blogging, and then going from there.

It’s an exciting possibility but right now it just doesn’t seem to be something we want to invest money and effort into, I will simply keep posting on the blog, and keep dealing with the inquiries as they come in, and keep pushing the idea in thinking areas such as this, that we could get into producing these super budget music videos.

We can’t do it until we’re ready to give it the big push, in the mean time we focus on the content itself, improving the videos for my own creative satisfaction so that in 2 years time when we do offer a music video production service what they’re getting for $300 is a sweet video. I need to keep pushing on.

My idea now for the buzzing music video is to shoot about half a dozen girls in the bee outfit, then shoot tama, and shoot me in town, plus some bee videos, yay its done. Okay so we spent $100 on costumes, oh well. Maybe $100 or $200 on talent, well it didn’t cost so much. Let’s just get on with it, and part of what we’re doing is paying to get good videos with our marketing talent in them. We just are not succeeding in finding a way to use money to make something happen and now I am believing we can just zap something together for buzzing.

We’ll also be doing Your Mine, with the digital neon cowboy vibe, I think we can work it, again, just getting these girls to do some basic shots.

We’ll have to deal with the old cd and dvd copying archives at some point, but until we do, the primary production of new content we can offer comes first.

Video Production and DVD Reproduction Auckland

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

I have been going okay in my efforts to make this blog better in terms of posting blog posts that actually make sense around a theme.

And one theme is getting things done by breaking it down and getting on with it.

In the last post I finally got my video update for the business up on the blog site here, and I was talking about a few issues – I think we have solid strategies in place to weather the storm, we have enough nuts collected, my concern has been making the very most of the down time and thats where my frustration was at, getting inspired and motivated to push forward with video communication – using videos to get messages across, that’s what this update was all about, practicing for presentation of information.

That’s what my interest in video production is based around, the power of video as a communication medium that is falling dramatically in its cost to produce and distribute. This is where I made my money with DVD reproduction and CD burning services over the last few years, technology allowed me a gap of 5 or so years to provide that service of producing CD and DVD printing etc. and a very competitive price where new kinds of consumer behaviour meant that people wanted to use cd and dvd duplication for as cheaper price as possible.

As for the future of communication, cheap video production is valuable, it matters, we have to keep our skills sharp in this area. That’s why I bothered to film an update, because I can always use the opportunity to sharpen my skills when business is slow, and to think about the long term future of this business providing budget communication and media services.

So that’s why it’s still all about the videos. I’m continuing to work on my own video production projects to bring my skills up while the dvd duplication keeps the bills paid, and it seems we have enough jobs coming in to take the heat off now, so while I don’t have the same total freedom of time, I’m not under pressure to make changes to make the business sustainable.

The more time we buy, the better, in fact I think of all the ways this has helped me to refocus and to consider all the options available when eventually I can’t rely on dvd duplication to pay all the bills.

So firstly we are finishing off a few more music videos before we change direction.Although we’re waiting on the audition to sort themselves out – which means I have decisions to make before things can move forward.

It’s getting harder to simply wait for things to happen, and that is a poor strategy regardless. It seems like the time grows now to be more active especially in video production where it seems it’s going to take more work to break the surface.

Things can get sloppy, mistakes get made, results are regrettable. But that’s what you have to deal with, we seem to be trying to reach beyond the plans we have in place so we can start formatting new concepts in video that could connect a lot better, that could work. Could work to get me more excited, more involved. I want to do something people are interested in.

But right now we still have to push through these last few music video projects. To do that we need to get excited about what is coming next.

What’s coming next is a transition from focusing on the music videos, to doing more arty style vids that are on the fly, and give me an opportunity to investigate concepts, using narration, seeing what can be done when shooting under compromising circumstances. Because we still have to complete the music videos first, we won’t go too much into that.

We are trying to finish a music video for the song “Shadows”, but it’s hard to get excited knowing people aren’t really interested in what’s going on here, it doesn’t seem like it’s something worth spending more than a night or two on because people just aren’t that interested. We’re only doing it so that we feel that we’ve stayed on point with what we’re trying to do.

Which really is about setting ourselves up to making videos people are interested in, and often to create a quality product, you’re on a journey which is going to involve a lot of lessons. Another reason why we want to reach out to others interested in cheap video production and youtube video production.

So in other areas beyond the actual video projects we have down to be completed, I want to start looking at the cohort, which is a concept i developed to get people involved in doing video projects. Again, this concept is about having these last 2 music video projects completed, so I can put my first modest little project video up. Then I have a video to start basing new page lay outs around. Once I have a video and a landing page, I can set up an ad campaign, just to see how it feels, take a step back and look at what it looks like.

We’re looking for a selection of people who are probably in their 20’s or maybe someone similar to me, still looking for an in late in the game – who are pretty unlikely to be pretty girls for a start, they are not actresses or models but people interested in producing video. so my aim is to find a few people who want to commit a few hours either once a fortnight or a month to filming something, whether it’s a music video, a comedy skit, something weird or arty, anything – I help them do something one time, they help me one time. A co-operative attempt.

What are you trying to achieve from this?

Well taking my video to the next level – not just my skills, but my ability to deliver something that people want to see and are getting excited about. They want to share, they want to be involved.

But it’s also about getting me excited. I’m not giving it everything right now because I’m tired of doing music videos on my own. It doesn’t it matter what I try next, I want to be excited and confident about it, and I know if I’m connected with other people who are excited I can possibly achieve more, learn more, and reflect better on where I could improve.

Hopefully I will have an opportunity to reflect on what we could do, what kinds of video we could produce that is effective and simple.


What are your plans in business outside of these preparations in cheap auckland video services? Well advertising I think can add $200-$500 to weekly turnover in auckland dvd duplication, so it’s worth pursuing.

When we reach the stage with video production we are looking at pirate stories again, then we have to think about wether that’s what we want to be doing. I think we are certainly not backing off. Whether we want to build an empire, I’m not so sure. If all we really want is to do a couple of parties a month, then maybe we have to think about that.

But this question is coming up because we want to move forward and we have this question of what we want to make more money with, and what we want to do with video and the pirate stories concept is strong there, but we have to be sure that that is what we are excited about doing.

Event Management and Promotions Experiences, Auckland

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014



I started kurb as a promotions company which was based on my experience marketing gigs and events around auckland. So it was mainly my postering, poster printing flyering, flyer distribution services that I started the business with.

I was not great at promoting gigs, I’m not really that charismatic and skilled as a social networker, but what I am good at is organising on a tight budget. So I used those skills to build my business of kurb promotions in auckland and also adding cd duplication and dvd duplication services which would become a major component of my business.

It is funny that with the change in my personal circumstances we see that kurb is likely to change at least somewhat.

We still want to do postering and cd dvd duplication as that is our core business but there’s no need to experiment with new profit and growth driven ideas that haven’t been really considered and valued. We want to focus on music, gigs, children’s entertainment and video production.

Now that I’ve been more successful with my business I am feeling my own personal interests are more of a priority in the mix. This is still business, we want to profit and we want to grow where it is possible to do so without heavy stress and effort.

So what is the big idea, that is of personal interest? Do I turn now to pirates seriously? I don’t really see myself wanting to hustle right now, if I work all week, I don’t really want to go out and do a pirate birthday n top of that.

Maybe it’s simply a matter of getting more towards a content factory – from pirates to whatever else, maybe it’s just about making videos, knowing that if I make a video every week, and it gets 1000 views, if you say 50 x 50,000 views it equals $7500 in youtube pay outs.

It doesn’t seem like much when you could be advertising some service, or building up a more powerful brand.

And there are opportunities to do that, but what is also clear is that it’s time to curtail and curb a lot of old ideas that are presented here so we can make room for what we are going to do – here on kurb or otherwise.

By doing that, choosing what youre not going to so, you make room for understanding what you might then choose to do instead.

Should I sell the music marketing management site? Would I take $1000 for it? I’m not sure. What am I talking about? All parts of my business that are just gone to seed basically, just tear it out of our consideration, and then spruce up what’s left, leaving what remains to exist as what is for some years until a more final resolution can be reached.

I do like the idea of minimalism, if you havent used something in a year, then you don’t actually need it.

But it’s different, this is heritage conditioning, I am preparing to make the last alterations to this site so it can gradually peter out over a decade and I needn’t concern myself, the site, nor I, require it to be impressive and compelling.

It is certainly a time to signal the end of the old way of trying to expand into new promotions services and such, we will only grow with serious intent and consideration now, it’s not really motivated by profit, it’s about other outcomes in business.

And herein lies the opportunity to decide to stop developing these sites and favouring low maintenance approaches so I can focus on what I’d rather do.

What you then choose to do has better thought out outcomes. We’re still doing event management, tour management, event promotions but from a personal perspective.


This was written as a sort of sign off post, that while business was good in CD DVD duplication auckland, and auckland promotion services in general, then we wouldn’t have to pound out nonsense on this blog to keep the SEO functioning at a level that brings me in enough customers.

We pound away on this blog, writing away hoping that amongst our efforts to impress the search engines, we will also be offered so kind of revelation of our own, about how we could bring this business back around despite the fact that cd duplication may not last as a seriously viable choice. We may have to try some different ideas.

Being aggressive in terms of the business we can secure for disc burning and copying, is the first step, and I believe for the next couple of years, enough business will dribble in, it just may not afford me the means to really be aggressive about what I’m trying to develop and push here. In that case we have to build skills, and have those skills be not only the thing that brings me income, but also allows efforts in my own promotional projects that can benefit me.

Pretty soon there will come a time where we need to do more than simply write on this blog, and it means cheap cd duplication, it means auckland poster distribution, bill stickers, flyer distribution and it means childrens entertainment, and it means auckland video production all offered and aggressively cheap prices, because that is the service we provide. We are aggressively competing on price knowing that we need to establish our client base, our reputation, at once the business is proven to be viable and the market is established, then we can get more practical about what we offer and the prices we charge.

There will be advertising and aggressive price competition but we also have to remember that we have the luxury of being able to watch things play out, and being tactical and strategic.

I already sense that I need a new project, something new I can get fired up about because I don’t think I can play this minimalism / simplicity game for too much longer, I have the skill sets to build and promote an idea online, I just want to discover something I am excited about doing, and that often comes back to video simply because we have the ability to make the videos and to present them also.

I guess this was meant to be a sign off post, and I am completing it because I am in pursuit of simplicity and minimalism, I want to leave unfinished business – even unfinished blog posts behind me – but whats a bigger goal we can aim for in this regard?

Well we want to confront the cohort issue. We want that, we want to push forward there. When loose ends are tidied up, I can commit more fully to finding people who want to work with me to create interesting videos in auckland. I’m not even that fussy about what the videos are about, it’s about working together to capture something cool and interesting.

Maybe we want to create some kind of “youtube club” just for star now. I even started searching for NZ youtubers and realised there is a bunch of young dudes doing it, all younger than me, but what the hell. I have to get with my people. I have to clean up my act, and start fronting in the game.

I’m here to get views. I’m here to make beats. That’s what it is. But I’ll have to clean up my act before I start fronting and that is what this post is really coming to. Once upon a time I started a business for auckland postering, and then it was all cd dvd duplication, and now I must make my return to the online promotions that has lurked around and in the background of this thing for so long.

It’s the online promotion and content creation, doing it for myself, doing t for someone else, just doing it.

Just as this was a sign off post meant to leave things steady as they are until the next chapter unfolds, I can see the signal is here, I will have to start writing my blogs properly. If I am going to spend large amounts of time just blogging and thinking, because I have the financial security, then I have to become more disciplined about what I write, and putting together pieces that will actually connect with readers, rather than me rambling endlessly for the benefit of google.


What is the next job after the sampling? I think we just have to remember and believe that once this sampling is done, we will have a great many samples and a whole lot of music to enjoy, but also a wisdom in having arranged all these archives, about what kind of music we want, about making music, we just have to restore our passion there more than anything. There are many archives from the cd duplication business to work through, but once that is done, we have the freedom to try something new.

For now we want to keep the cd dvd duplication auckland services alive and kicking for as long as possible.

Making Auckland CD Copying Happen

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Work has been getting pretty tough recently and has not been easy for me. Mainly having a lot of work to catch up with and having ongoing issues.

If it was just catching up on being behind, or just trying to sort out some production issues, then it would be hard, but something you work through in a few days. But having both at the same time? Stress and pressure can really break you down and get the better of you. It becomes harder to choose the right way to proceed. Choices become critical, this is managing a business. The decisions you make at this stage can dictate how much you fall behind in the long term.

There are safe guards you have to have in place so whatever your core activity is – such as cd duplication, cd copying, keeps moving forward, I need to recognise in advance where I could be tripped up and fall flat on my face.

The actual cd duplication copying machines are not so much of an issue, but we must always seek to improve and create back up options in case we find ourselves caught short in such a way again.

– ensuring there are clean printheads ready to go. The only way to do this is by setting up a second station with 2 printers, knowing that I have 6 is not only the power to churn out 1000 discs in several hours, but that if 1 fails, 2 fail, it’s not really an inconvenience. I wanted a 2 printer set up in the superhive so if you had jobs under 200 you could just do them as you worked.

– running out of discs only happens every few months also. It’s only a problem when everything else is a problem. Otherwise, you just suck it up and pay $10 extra. Even if it costs you $100 extra on a big job, well, is it really that big a drama? Well what we want is the safe guard. Running out of discs for disc duplication isn’t a problem, it’s when it happens at the same time as something else

– the burners, the cd dvd duplicators are again not likely to become a significant problem again this year, but we plan in advance for next year by trying still to refurbish one of the other cd burners. What this also does is buy our time lost over the last 2 weeks back when a job that would occupy our mind for 6 hours can be cut down to 4 hours. We have to source some decent sata drives and begin trying to create a frankenstien creature that can perhaps live in the front room so if the girls are chilling for a few hours they can easily burn a couple of hundred discs.

– after that it is all stuff like tax and fines and acc and unpaid debts all niggling little things lurking around. My car. Yeah just when it wasn’t sounding so bad, my car needs a lot of attention. The water bill. The tree in the yard. So it goes on. But you know that once I start blitzing this lot, life gets a whole lot easier.

So what happens then?

Well it’s the work and stay workstay business going on again. They come in, they do all the work. What do I do? I go back to finishing up my artist managament work, and then turn again to the children’s entertainment and artist tours.

It’s about how I work the opportunities I have with children’s entertainment, video production, artist work new ideas for services such as a food truck and getting my workstay people on in there with this.


Okay what have I got to do now, seriously?

wedding cd copying: 90
church+astro: 200
hitler doco: 600
hair: 500

Okay it will be nice to get more of those hitler docos done, but we will also smash everything else, and possibly the hair dvd production also, so that’s about 1000 in 3 days, though that could easily be 4. Which is just plain easy.

So now the gardening experiment is all over I have to accept that growing my own was not a

You could see it a different way – that is was a great little project while I was getting business back on it’s feet but I think I know right now that it’s for the best.

It looks to me I was only saving $50 a week, where the power alone was $20. Did I spend more than an hour a week on related activity? certainly I did.

Think of all the drawbacks, the smell, and the dirt, the work, the secrecy, all of that, is that worth saving $30 a week for? The answer is staring you in the face and you know it. Because on top of that we’ve got the whole girls and borders thing going on. I knew it was kind of a favour to me to make me realise.

And don’t even start me on the archive.

But let’s get serious because this whole situation with the gardening means we have blown the whole work stay thing wide open, we can have girls, and they are coming and they are coming to clean, and work and cook and are you ready?

What I’m seeing is the cleaning and the work will just get rolled through and then what next? They’re archiving it all already? They’re challenging me as to how we can move forward, are they doing my tax and whatever else? They’re cleaning, they’re working, I get my car sorted, I say yes I want this tree dealt with and gone.

I want a moment to feel rich so I can zap some bills. My fines. My water bill, ACC etc., so I can get ready to kill that tax.

Then, finally this what is happening I am challenging these girls – wait theyre challenging me – with ideas to help me move forward. Fresh ideas, and it can’t be avoided. It’s coming. Ideas in video, in promotion. Cd duplication auckland too obviously.

Making videos of pirates for kids, making crazy food truck plans, working out how to get a show on the road. Making it happen.


Are you looking for short term / low commitment accommodation that’s affordable, spacious and non-creepy?

Furniture can be provided, or else, there’s heaps of storage if you need it! Performers on tour? Group attending an extended event? Save big time, get in touch for a special rate!

Short term bonus: You don’t need to give notice when you need to go, just clean out your room, grab your bond and scoot!

Maybe you need a place for just a couple of weeks or a month or so where you can chill out and make your next plan – well you can come stay with me.

I am a youngish entrepreneur who is always busy, often at home with my own projects. I got this house so I could be in control of any disruptions to my business dealings, but I figure it would probably be good to have someone around who’d help pay for the place . . . but just not for too long they end up driving me crazy.

The house is no oil painting outside, in fact to be frank from the outside it looks like crap. (nonetheless – a good security measure as a deterrent I’d suggest) but is fairly typical inside, and the new paint job helps.

The lounge is a separate and very large room (6m x 4m) that I don’t use at all. (I’ve taken the 2nd bedroom and I use the master bedroom as my office/social/relaxing space), and there’s also a small bedroom/sun room that opens on to the back deck (3m x 3m) that’s free. Spacious kitchen + seperate laundry, lots of osp, large yard, and a large garage with power which I don’t use at all, so yeah – there’s heaps of space.

I’m big on quiet and space for people to do their thing. It’s good to have someone around but as long as their not bugging me. Smoking outside I’m okay with (I smoke outside), I got no problems with people having an after work drink but I really don’t appreciate drunkenness.

Being a straight, white, educated male, I’ll say I’m tolerant of other lifestyles as long as common courtesy is observed, the one thing I am not tolerant of is intolerance.

how about a link exchange out there people? I’m after anyone with “duplication, copying, printing, marketing, auckland, music, video” in domain or page title.

Auckland CD Copying and CD Printing Service

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

We are still working on SEO again for this site and this blog since we found out things have really slipped, and although we are doing well in terms of the bottom line because we have a good base of customers now, we may be missing out on opportunities to rake in a little bit of extra cream and make things better all around so auckland cd duplication and new zealand cd copying are the terms I want to see some traction on because we’re already pretty healthy for the dvd duplication side of things.

But we’re much more interested in new ideas, as much as improving our core business, because we have so much opportunity to make a bold new idea in business work.

Okay, next, next, next.

Next to what even? Look it’s easy.

What have you been doing? Well it’s holidays. Not much business is happening, I’m going away, and I need to think of how I’m slotting back into my business activities when I get back.

Mainly the work and stay stuff I’ve been looking at. There are going to be people who want to work and stay, and they will do a lot of work around here, so not only do I not have to earn as much because I’m not needing to make as much profit, but people will come and do most of the work. The issue maybe finding work for them to do!

I think the more people we have coming to stay the more we will find things for them to do as we see what has to be done. Especially if I am then able to work less, then, I can be planning projects such as filming etc. and I think if it becomes clear that we can have 3 girls every week then I will have to come up with something they can do.

Especially on the week I have a gig. If I can send the girls out with the mission of selling 10 tickets, or if it’s a free gig, just say look, just bring as many guys into the place as possible – but the next two gigs we have on, will be definitely door entry so we need a more strategic strategy! A more tactical tactic!

But there’s a few things we can do, we can push pirates, and we can push to see if the girls want to hit the road to be my support crew.

That’s a critical area, where can we put these workstay people so that they can directly help certain outcomes? Video, publicity and

I guess looking at what management services we can get involved, but before we get management we need a suitable presentation for the entertainment we mean to provide – we need a show to do a show!

It’s later in 2014 we can expect to be fronting pirate shows and tacking the DJ possibilities onto that. It may start with one pirate and one DJ on different nights but if we’re going away to come back with $300 then yay and it’s all good.

But it is time to start putting plans in place and building a bridge from here to there. Which means we really have to start working on the pirate thing. We need to have an act that is solid that we can start booking, and then as I mentioned, the thought for the artist management side, and bringing those threads together, so I have one person able to manage that.

Having a show to book, being prepared; then making and managing the bookings; then making arrangements and going off and doing it.

That’s an easy 3 part break down. Then I can refine what structures I have in place where management and support people are involved.

So then when you’re booking as a pirate, you’re booking as a DJ and you’re doing cd duplication and dvd videos, it’s just about being organised to complete the tasks, and that’s where our support people are coming in and getting involved. If I can get the balls in the air myself, I can then bring in people to keep them juggling, and like I said, moving to a point where I just chat to the people once on the phone a few days before, roll out my plan, and roll off.

Somebody else takes the booking, makes the arrangements, and does the invoice. The idea is to get 1 gig nailed 6 weeks out and try to build 3 more around it. Often it might be 2 gigs on 2 days and that’s it. We need to get a phone hustling person operative, to handle this.

I’m thinking of a more passive technique, why would we spend money on management and promo when I can just drop my fee from $250 to $195 and make it a killer proposition?

Then you go away, do 4 gigs, get $800, the gas and the room costs you $300, you make $500. You’re making a little top up if you do it once a fortnight. Or once a month and a local gig every other week. But a little top up may surely be all that is needed right now if cd duplication and dvd copying keeps trucking along

And so it comes back to the fact we may have a lot of time on our hands and we need to keep ourselves occupied taking steps towards real goals. Getting into this pirate stuff and getting next level confident in the pirate shows and artist shows, and so I have to be more involved with that.

I need to improve my product there, and then sell it nice and cheap.

What are the moves that will take us forward rapidly?

– Sorting out better pirate costumes and tricks and such, and sorting out my DJ sets so they are more solid in terms of broad appeal, we need to archive that music much better.

– We fire up the advertising online and we get someone hustling on the phone. Ringing schools, ringing venues.

– finish the pirate scripts, website write ups. Make preperations for the cohort instigation – write ups, web pages, ad concepts.

Man we’re running out of action plans, fast!

Well what is your plan for a pirate show? Where are we going to be targeting? Who will be the one to do the legwork? These are the serious questions that need to be answered before we make any progress. I will front up to try to make the initial arrangements but from that point


So I’m just running some numbers to work out if our budget is covering all our spending plans so I don’t have to save any profits for a rainy day, I just need pump back into the business for things I would like to see.

We have funds earmarked for vehicles, work wear, computers, video projects and web projects

There is no money earmarked for putting on shows, travel and similar luxurious expenses or perhaps other equipment outside of computers. But when we see that surplus profit bubbling up, that’s where it can go. I want to blow $500 on a video, and $1000 on a gig, I want to do that, I want to blow a grand on luxury, and buy some new equipment.

It would be good to suss out our issues with cd copying and auckland dvd copying, and of course getting everything organised for work and stay people, workstay auckland to all work out what kind of jobs they can do to help me.

I guess I’m also thinking of bringing along a few more things I can do while I’m mobile.

But now I’m getting more onto my work vibe, I am thinking about what I have to do now to get things flowing.

Getting a new duplicator for cd copying and making sure all our cd printing issues are behind us, it’s only for a little while longer, maybe only 2 weeks we have to deal with the fall out from christmas, holidays etc, it is really just the next history documentary and the dance school dvd videos that we have to process through, the rest should be fairly easy as we find ourselves fronting up onto the front foot.

New jobs mean new cash, and new cash means moving forward. But I think we still need to think about the steps moving forward, buying a new copying machine, getting the inks so we can afford to experiment with new ways of getting all our cd printing done, but then what?

Well move the helpers, the workstay, homestay people on in to do the work? well sure. Building the systems that people can jump into and do this.

Music Audio CD Duplication Business

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Just because I don’t require my business to be super profitable or growing steadily, it doesn’t mean it can’t be more efficient.

Writing this blog because it helps with search results is one way I help my website for dvd duplication and cd duplication stay at the top of the rankings. And it still seems to work!

The situation we’re in now is that we are under no pressure to grow, but if it looks like an option why wouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t we take the opportunity to do things better. Yes some machines around here could really use being replaced. Where are the bottlenecks now?

Also where can we look at making business processes more exciting and interesting for me, fulfilling? These are legitimate outcomes once you’re happy with your business performance in terms of profit. As I’ve been talking about I want to do music video production and I want to be more involved in promoting events and children’s entertainment. Possibly even some kind of food truck but we do want to keep a limit on what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to be more free, are we not?

Free to do business or not!

Where are our productive processed stalling on our current projects?

With video well we have 3 videos to edit and we have 3 videos we want to start working on, organising the shoots for. Then we have to get back onto the pirate stuff. That’s our content factory right now.

Once we have content, then we need to have the promotion channels working so that the content is getting out there, and bringing fans in, and that the fans can be engaged from there. How does that work in practice?

You just have to have more videos, more songs, more blogs, more pics. and the systematic process to distribute it.

So moving on from that point, first, to get promotion underway we are setting up specific blogs, facebook pages, twitter, tumblr, instagram, youtube etc to get the content out, and so that users can find their preferred content stream and then we begin the advertising.

This is pre landing page. We’re talking facebook, and adwords going to the news blog. Then you have to keep posting pics, videos, sounds. Vines even as teasers for youtube videos.

Get all that bookmarking going. Link building. Even for the dvd duplication and cd duplication because more money is more advertising, then we’ve got our audience what are we going to do with them? Well we need content that is funnelling towards specific objectives and more often than not it’s about getting people to turn up for the gigs. Yes, getting people to pay for the music is great but we need to increase our appeal with people who want to come to the gigs because thats where the objective lies in all of this – not making money, but free holidays playing music! Producing videos! Opportunities to do music and create successful experiences.


So we need to bring people on board. Activate the cohort. When sound, video, pics or text content goes out there must be a regime that follows the submissions of particular content and then the bookmarking or whatever it is these days.

We build a press list of mainly nz, australia this and that for when the song/vid combos do drop, somewhere around february. So we kind of get a flow chart check list type deal going on so that content is processed out there.

The idea is there are very specific promotions jobs to be taken care of. Some of them can be managed at a lower level, this becomes straight forward but there are specific skills we are lacking in order to bring our best plans to effect.

Maybe I need to actually connect with actual low level agents and managers. We can find people to do the work for the business, and to help do filming, those are low level, cohort jobs. Then fairies, and people who want to be more involved in our event promotion.

But then there’s the people who make the big difference and offer skills to meet my deficits.

So basically if the gigs all booked themselves there would be no issue? You have to do the numbers.

$400 a day? 3 days? $1200

Costs? Travel? $200 – If it’s any more, then that has to be reflected in the fee, IE queenstown, wanaka etc
Accommodation – $300

So you give the agent $200 and you keep $500 for 3 days work. That’s not really much money. I think they should get 20% of the profit, $140, so I at least get $560.

But what if I was charging $300? Well then I would make $1040 and they would make $260. That’s lots of money for me. $250 sounds sensible I mean come on I make $800. But seriously to drive somewhere, hamilton, tauranga, friday, saturday, pirate gig sunday and drive home? Collect $1000, costs $300?

So the agent books the gig, and the travel, and the accommodation. They collect the money and pay me. What details do they arrange for?

Pirate: well time, requirement

DJ: 2-3 hours, $50 tab, gear.

I mean if the travel is arranged, and accomodation, then what do I have to do except turn up and do my thing? I don’t even have to get the money. It’s mad.

I’ll just say to the agent, 1 tour per month.

I need 4 gigs. Imagine you could do small town malls and small town market/fair days. They all have $250 for an auckland guy. Or sell the combo and charge $500 and a room for the pirate/DJ combo on the town fair day. That should be easy to sell! A school on the friday. So once you have the $1000 locked in, $560 in my hand, and $140 in the hands of the agent, thats like 8 hours work.

From that point they could add another 1 or 2 pirate gigs. Or a gig on the thursday if there was accom, and then aim for the thursday pirate. If that happened I’d be in for $800, and the booker would get $200 for 6 gigs.

Then we lay out a plan for auckland. Maybe just add $50. No well they cant book us into dnb line ups can they? They have to book us into nights.

We offer posters and DJ’s and turntables for 4-6 hours. We want $100 bar tab, sound system, dancefloor. The agent gets $100 finders fee, and 20% of earnings therein. Or talk to the agent and say you should be getting $100 to make the gig a success, take steps to get an extra 20 people down there.

And basically 50% for any other gigs – drum and bass, chill out, house, reggae, NZ – pirate gigs! I want to be able to film a wedding and DJ at it for like $800 after expenses. But we dont want them loading us up with gigs. Thats the thing if an agent can make $100 a week out of me by booking 1 mini tour, and a few others here and there, then I’m only one of 10 clients they might have.

She wants to see me make $500 a gig and do 10 gigs a month so she can get $800 thats almost a weeks pay. I’d be making $800 a week just from DJing and pirates? I mean remember by the time we’re getting $500 we should be able to be grabbing those gigs anywhere.

$600 is more realistic. While still making $1000 or more from cd dvd duplication? Wow! Then I would definitely be pouring moneys back into promotion and looking after the manager, but remember, I can give her more work if she wants to hustle more.

So there are all the options there, we just need to be aware of the point at which we can start easing this person in once we have acquired our target.

But we also have to be aware of the promotional materials we will need. Sample mixes. Videos. Campaigns to back up our objective, to make us look like an appealing proposition to those we are approaching, so we’re tooling up in the game.

Ella might be good for some presentation videos. A new kurb intro and maybe ones for cd dvd duplication, postering, and video production. It needs a serious way of doing this! I mean, where is the big business idea?

Auckland CD Duplication Services Survive

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

There are still plenty of reasons to use cd duplication in the 21st century and if you’re looking for auckland cd duplication services, kurb offers a cheap and professional cd printing and cd burning service which means you can get your CD’s copied with little cost and no fuss!

I imagine we will still be doing some cd duplication and dvd duplication for 5 years or more, it won’t simply decline without warning. It will be a lesser part of my income sure, but while it’s still a great visual way to physical pass on data and media, then we’ll keep offering auckland CD copying and cheap rates.

Bands will always want a physical representation of their product as an audio CD. While corporates just find it easier to distribute alot of information or data through a cd which is inexpensive and simple to produce, or a dvd which can provide detailed instructions through videos, there really isn’t a more straightforward means to distribute this kind of media in a physical situation.

As more people use videos, the more they will see the added benefit of having a physical copy of that video through dvd copying, and again the visual aspects and branding that cd dvd printing offers.

Why the Shiny Piece Of Plastic Isn’t Dead Yet

Everybody knows that the Compact Disc has died, replaced by a digital world where files and streams are the main methods of music delivery. The only problem with that statement is that the CD is not yet deceased by a long shot, and it’s still a real tool in the belt of artists and bands everywhere. Sure, it’s rapidly diminishing in importance, but important it still is. I know that most of you reading this don’t believe me, so let me give you three reasons as proof.

Reason #1: Last year there were 211 million CDs sold in the United States, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. While this number is down 78% from the format’s peak in 2000, it still amounted to around $2.5 billion in revenue, or about 35% of the income of the entire industry in the US. If you think that there’s weeping and gnashing of teeth in the business now (although there’s less than in the recent past), you’d hear some real wailing in record label boardrooms everywhere if the format were to disappear into the ether tomorrow.

Now 211 million of anything is a lot of units, but keep in mind that these are only the sales that the RIAA could count through their traditional distribution channels. This doesn’t account for all the CDs sold independently by artists at gigs, shows, church services, or online from personal or band websites, and who knows how many other outlets. And keep in mind that CDs are a high-margin item that makes not only more revenue per sale but more profit as well. An artist or band selling a few units per night might not seem like much, but this is occurring by the thousands daily, which adds up to real money that’s not on the books anywhere and never will be.

Reason #2: There are still certain audiences who would rather buy a CD than get their music from a digital alternative, like country, hard rock, and the church market to name a few. You can argue that this may be because these audiences are less tech savvy than the mainstream, but the fact of the matter is that they’re currently comfortable with the format and will happily make a purchase if they like what they hear. If you’re a label or artist, you have to give the customer what he wants.

Reason #3: Here’s a major issue that many digital proponents don’t understand. If you don’t have a CD, you can’t get reviewed. Reviewers just don’t take digital-only releases seriously, especially for newer artists, and unless a writer has that bright and shiny disc in his hands, the release doesn’t count. No disc, no review. Believe it or not, this also applies to bloggers, who ply their trade in the virtual world.

While most artists would rather play on a stage filled with broken glass than be part of some old-school distribution technology, the beautiful thing about our current digital world is that even the most physical-averse artist or label can press CDs without the hassle of buying a mass number of copies like in the past. CDs can now be purchased in extremely low quantities (as few as one) from on-demand companies like Kunaki or Trepstar, who will even drop-ship them to a customer if the purchase is through CD Baby or Amazon. A DIY artist or band no longer has to play the physical game as it was once played. Need 37 copies and not a disc more? It’s now possible.

Don’t take this article as the rant of someone still living in a music world gone by. I haven’t bought a CD in years and wouldn’t be bothered a bit if they disappeared tomorrow. In fact, I believe that the future of music is getting brighter as we live more and more in a streaming world, and it will eventually be as prosperous or more than the CD era at its peak. The fact of the matter is that while the CD market is clearly drying up, there’s still a lot of water left in that lake. CDs remain more important than you think in the grand scheme of an artist’s survival. Ignore the format at your own peril – at least for today.

Auckland DVD Duplication Video Breakthrough

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

It’s really hard to move forward with so many video production ideas moving forward it’s like an army, I think I may have gone too far. 16 music videos, 10 tour videos, and a dozen pirate videos and then going forward with the auckland dvd duplication and cd duplication on top of that? this is insanity.

So I’ve just jigged up a new system going through all the clips we’ve got and feeding them out to projects, about a dozen, I think we should be able to lay a lot of this footage to rest, I’m just coming up with a big thinking plan so we can get all these vids done by march. I know I’m insane and obsessive but out of this must come a new feel for what we have to do, remember girls and bass will part ways.

So if we can spend money to get these videos done, we will, I’ve already put up $300 to help the editing along.

But it still may take a long time so we have to know what other stuff we need to be getting on with.

Paper Tigers: Editing, Mash Ups, Fiverr, $200
Gonna Getcha: Editing, Fiverr, Talent $300
Kingsland Dawn: Editing,Fiverr $100
(Meatgrinder: Editing, Fiverr, talent $200)
Blue Room: Editing, Fiverr, $100
Worked Up – $200
Inside Knowledge – $100
Shadows – $300
Buzzing – $200
Who Loves Ya? – $200
Tell You – $100
So Good – $100
Override Protocol – $200

So we start to move towards shaping stuff out here. Like even in the car I was wondering what the clip will actually look like. But I got lots of different stuff I think I can use. I don’t know if it will be more interesting with more girls, we just have to do what we can, we should try and do it the other way, where we edit as we shoot until we’ve got enough.

We can start editing paper tigers, blue room, kingsland dawn. We can get on with the archiving in order to get extra footage for these. Ugh. Editing, Archiving, Shooting. You can see it might not be long before I want to write some more music.

I think the job here is to understand that some of these videos are going to get boring to do, and as long as we’ve completed some essential aspect, it’s okay for us to head on to the next in the hope by march we can catch up.

Goddamit so much footage it’s insane. So many tours. We may be forced to just stay focused on kingsland dawn and paper tigers just to keep us on track to get the projects we want done, done.

This weekend we have to be focused on getting those shots we need.

In the editing booth, I think we have to open up new projects, and start seeing old footage going into each one, maybe even 10, and as each one fills up, then we can move forward. This is going to be hard to manage, but once we recognise the issues then we can move forward. I have a system for the best result – in terms of the kurb dvd archive footage, that’s not so, so I don’t want to do it.

Kingsland Dawn is 6 minutes long so if I go out 2 or 3 times more I should have plenty to work with.

I know I’m blow by blowing here, which probably means I deserve to lose all this writing again, but this is me on my courageous grind, to get this next phase cranking up. When I meet a girl, it becomes easier to meet girls, when I do a shoot, easier to shoot, when I start this editing game, easier to edit.

I just want a reminder

worked up – aerobics
akira – balmoral
wishes – pink layers/viaduct
inside knowledge –
shadows – shadows’n drama
buzzing – bees + summer

I was really overwhelmed.

But then darcy sent me some instructions regarding my camera which I ignored for a few days but then I decided to start watching some vids on youtube about my camera – y’know it’s stormy out so i certainly cant film or anything – just like with my money, uncertainty about overall methods in video production was bubbling under the surface manifesting as frustration that i’d lost the part of a $30 tripod which I know is ridiculous getting ragey over $30 and a drive down dominion rd.

And again that whole vibe sweeping me up, how could I have been doing this so dumb and so wrong for so long. If only I’d learnt this a year ago, it would have saved me weeks of work, not to mention have allowed me to sustain my morale to power forward rather than sinking into a slump.

Breakthroughs are pretty exciting!

I’m looking to change the size of the footage, I’m like ayo darcy why you tell me to shoot 640 x 360? that’s pitiful. I’m not sacrificing quality for convenience. But I’m watching this video and I don’t know what ISO is but that’s the button you push when you’re shooting at night. I think . . .

Higher ISO settings are generally used in darker situations to get faster shutter speeds. For example an indoor sports event when you want to freeze the action in lower light. However the higher the ISO you choose the noisier shots you will get.

So yeah. That whole issue with shitty dark images pretty much much more sorted. Found the button for it. But then you can change the exposure comp as well, and then the little wheel also seems to affect all that, so I got 3 ways of now making shots lighter.

And I’m selecting all the settings – I watched two videos saying to turn the sharpness and the contrast down and I’m learning what all the different camera modes do, though im not so worried about photography.

Later I’m pushing other buttons and I find the 5x / 10x zoom – great for filming people covertly for a natural look.

But then I go back to what Darcy sent me, and I download the programs – now I remember what he meant! Covert the vids down to 640 x 360 just to edit, and I do just like he said, I convert new copies the video down to a seperate folder, and sure enough, it’s a dream to easily edit, it took me about 20 minutes to edit a 30 sec sequence. Then I simply replaced the low quality clips with the original quality and I was buzzing out.

Sure I was bummed out at how I’d lost weeks of effort through not knowing this trick, but suddenly the work involved in the videos coming up which was killing me and causing all this frustration to manifest, was no longer so daunting.

I’m excited, after the conversion, I’m sure I could do Kingsland Dawn in one night. Gonna Getcha, Paper Tigers, will be sooo much easier, I just saw this repeat of rewards and rest home, hours slogging away while the computer ground to a halt, the program crashed, and I couldn’t do anything, waiting 20-30 seconds for the computer to do anything, time and time again, we are freeeeeeee!!!

I’m really excited because with a new computer, it will grunt twice as fast.

We didn’t render the low res vid. But we don’t need to, we can see it properly now.

I can start watching this footage knowing it needs to be sorted before it’s converted, and when it’s converted, it can remain accessible as the low res file, knowing we can simply pull the original file of a hard drive somewhere, so it’s a win for organising video also. 3 wins this week.

SO what do we need to do next to improve video production and auckland dvd duplication?

Well the focus is always pretty crazy. Now you said that you were going to see if you could spend $300 to get some work done on paper tigers, gonna getcha and meatgrinder. I can carry Kingsland Dawn on my own it will take me a night at most I reckon.

With the other footage I say we take a few hours on each, try to get it to 10-20 mins, then send the tune and tell them $50-60 to make it 6 minutes.

Then I’ve got a few hours to do my final edit, so each vid should only take me a night.

My whole budget for these 4 vids is $800!

Paper Tigers: Editing, Mash Ups, Fiverr, $200
Gonna Getcha: Editing, Fiverr, Talent $300
Kingsland Dawn: Editing,Fiverr $100
(Meatgrinder: Editing, Fiverr, talent $200)
Blue Room: Editing, Fiverr, $100

$400 for editing. $250 for fiverr. $50 for mash ups $200 for talent, sounds about right.

Now once again for the computer.

i7 – 8gb – 1tb –
SSD – $1000
GPU – $950 – 2tb$1100
monitor – $1200

monitor – $230
GPU – $180
SSD Drive – $150
firewire – $50

i7 – 8gb – 1tb – SSD – $1000
monitor – $230
GPU – $150
SSD Drive – $150
firewire – $50
software – $200


DVD Duplication for Kid’s Show Promotions

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

So I have been involved with a few events recently and now it’s that time of year to really get into my grind! I’ve just lost focus a bit after this event promotions I’ve been involved in.

I know I was pushing to get my pirate thing happening and we are staying on that, we have locked in a date to do our first filming. I am excited about these youtube video production as I think they will be able to be put into a 40 minute video for dvd production, and from that dvd reproduction, come up with a show possibly before the end of summer.

So also other music videos to complete – we need to bring shannon and claire in to finish paper tigers principally and then we have filming to do ourselves.

So we do shannon and claire in the next 2 weeks as well as all the other filming we need to do then we start editing. Boy this will be tough. But between event video filming, music videos and kids video promotions, if we do 20 videos this year still, we have to be pretty stoked with that.

But focusing on video like this it just seems a little bit frivolous! I know I have debts to collect and accounts to stay on top of and I have to look after the boring stuff too! Don’t forget to chip away until you can bring her down, because with that out of the way I can roll on to get this filming done and I can roll on more confidently onto new songs, new videos, new projects and getting my tour sorted.

Today I have:
– contacted shannon
– sent out invoices

Well I did the accounts so there’s a start – typical outcome, good but not great, but good! What’s next?

I still want to
– shoot in kingsland
– start editing / archiving


so I have ramped up my production circumstances, just in the way I use my office tech to complete more, especially in more creative enterprises

Basically we have the foundation of CD/DVD duplication and now we’re spreading the kids entertainment services up, more creative and sustainably successful, but not as profitable. Then on top of that we have DJ stuff, music promotion, event promotion

Right now I think we have to hammer out the first videos we will be producing for children’s entertainment on youtube, basically building blocks, baby steps branding, getting the thing going so we can come back half a dozen times until we’ve got something really cooking that we can make that DVD duplication project up with.

What is stopping us from fronting the schools at that point? Somewhere about autumn? Well I think right now what I’ve got to be doing is sussing my fairy out. If within 6 weeks we are ready to knock out ten minutes of youtube video every week, it won’t be long until we have our half an hour and we can go for it.

I’ve come up with the first half a dozen skits. We knew the idea was to push a story together through the skits, and now I see I can pull 10 minutes out of just what I’ve done already, I realise taking it slowly it won’t be long until we have a whole story unfold.

But the thing is will get more complicated, in the second edition we’re already looking at different locations, and adding our clown character possibly. Each time I say we try to do at least 10 minutes worth of video footage, within a few months we will have enough for a show and a dvd.


Have a dream? That they give you $50k to make 8 hours of TV a year? 10 minutes a week? That seems far off. Maybe 5 minutes a week.

But what if in a year we were doing 2 shows a week, or a party and a stall or a street market, and birthday parties were $200, and I’m just doing so much and filming every week and the youtube channel is starting to pop and there’s facebook . . .

You don’t need 100,000 views on youtube to be doing well. As long as 10,000 people watch your video, you just need to find a way to get $1 out of them. We need to have some kind of concept to take it the next level. Will we just keep stuffing the DVD with videos? And when it gets stuffed full, start on part 2?

Well if we could sell 250 $20 DVD packages that would be $10k.

Well if you’re 2 doing 2 shows or appearances a week and giving out DVD’s all over the place, I reckon pretty soon, come 2015, you would have a following and you would be able to get 200 kids down to your show paying $10 and make $2k, Imagine doing shows that big? Or, wait . . . I just found out that you can hire all these community halls for $26 an hour.

So you book it for four hours, and do 2 x 45 minute shows, you need 50 kids at each of those shows. $10 a head, plus $400 on merch and food truck, I dare say thats $1400. What if I could go home with a grand. What if every school holidays I did 10 shows and took in $10k? 3 times a year? Cash I might add!!

You also forget when you do a show, you get the kids and the adults, and you have to charge $10 or else they might think it’s shit. So I think all costs considered, you could clear a grand. And if you rocked hard on the advertising, and had your following, you could rock $2k.

2 x 30 parents – $600
2 x 50 kids – $800
2 x 30 $10 merch – $600

Okay more like $1500, but if we pulled $10k 3 x a year and we could still do 4 tours and make an extra $10k, long story short I could easily be making up $50k in 7 full weeks of work, and 20 other gigs throughout the other 45 weeks of the year.

You could get to the point of one hall show, one school show, one birthday plus merch etc., be making $1700 just of pirates, another $800 still coming form my normal ways waht would you do with an extra $60k? I think you need to start thinking about this, because I imagine I would use it to start ramping my drum and bass and getting NYL and all that established and having killer parties.

Man y’know I should do a pirate matty movie. You know I could. A half an hour one? Maybe like an hour, or a TV hour, 47 minutes. but what of it? Someone might see it and give me my big break? Not likely. But it would be fun to do.

We need to do a kickstarter for the pirate mattie movie, and raise $20k, most of course of which I would pocket. If I managed to raise $25k,

1000 x $10 = $10k
200 x $20 = $4k
100 x $50 = $5k
30 x $100 = $3k
20 x $200 = $4k
6 x $500 = $3k
2 x $1000 = $2k

= $31k

Or if I managed to raise $31k for the pirate matty movie and dvd duplication run, then I would pretty much be focusing a year on actually doing the movie. Yeah I got a plan for a movie but it’s more fun and excitement than anything else. Such as?

Well paint me one of your perfect pictures.

Well $1500 a week for the next 3-4 years doing pirates and fairies, and that’s about 3 cruising days work.

So I can do my music. Do other videos. Do my websites.

So we need to start doing it.

What is the barrier between now and then? These music videos. A solid songwriting session, in fact I might just have to push through.