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Cheap Online Video Production Service

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

I’m looking at websites here again, I want it done with, but I’m also thinking that I really don’t need to be worrying about a website that is not already making money, or money or profit, revenue related to websites at all! I’m really not looking for big exhausting growth, I want to have some solid business ideas waiting in the wings for when cd duplication and dvd replication isn’t so strong.

But my video production website is so ugly it doesn’t even have a chance!

We will spruce up the artist website, the pirate website and the video website for appearances, but we won’t even touch kurb for another 6 months unless things change. It’s all about having some forethought and putting in preparation so if the market shifts, I’ve got a few plans in place.

It’s a nod to the future that I can do video for 20 years most likely, just an idea and you can take it anywhere, but that’s all so fanciful, you need to keep abreast of practicalities. The whole youtube partnership advertising thing – 3c a watch? $30 for 10,000 views? 10,000 views is worth so much more than $30, 10k youtube views should get you 5 willing fans or buyers at least, get them coughing up $800 each every month for their video production and video marketing and you’ve got a business!

But surely there will be a year where we struggle to hit even $1200, and we’re not uncomfortable, but we have more spare time, and we know what’s coming.

In as little as a year it could be $800, and things will pinch a little, but that’s the point, we’ve got 2 years, in theory to make video happen if we have to.


What’s my idea for the video production site? A better website? Sure, but what’s the product we’re selling? I’m not sure we know! We have to produce some videos and say that this is what we do before we go getting all excited! What kind of job a re we looking for? A quick youtube presentation, with a campaign, for like US$800, so we might be better off $500 once we’d paid all the contractors, without doing more than half a days work.

And because we’re doing music video production, we should advertise that. Video and promotions package for $795, and the videos we put up initially probably won’t be much chop but in a year or two we should have a couple of decent videos, but even then it’s kind of . . . well a lot of 2 way traffic, traffic coming from youtube to look at the deals on the site, so we just need some examples, and some deals and links etc the blog, and that should do.

We honestly have to shake up the content. It’s pretty sad, the rest would be simple, in terms of just getting a designer who can do something flashy and standard and going with that, but how do you expect it to play? In 18 months our videos are getting good and they draw attention to themselves, people want to pay $1000 for the video and promo and we’re doing one every month and pocketing $650.

Right now I reckon I could charge $600 for the video plus promo, and I would pocket $400 but that’s still 2 nights work, okay but not that worth it, we have to start with the $795 package, a promo package and a few straight video packages.

So yeah we do want to re do the video production site but we need some kind of idea of where we’ll be in a year or two when we actually want to push it.

Really I just want to spend $200 getting it looking smarter, and let video push the message. Pirates right now can look after itself, and don’t see why we should worry too much about kurb for now either, there’s just no reason to develop it much while it’s still doing well.


We’re still looking for that assistant, if they were coming on monday they would be helping to pack up what we’re sending, the band cd duplication, and maybe a trip to penrose for the dvd duplication services. Then we might be thinking about picking up cd cases for cd replication but it really depends what jobs come in.

This helps with packing and delivering, and even printing and supplies pick ups, where are our other issues? In admin. What’s taking up my time?

Worrying about websites and photoshoots and office rearrangement?

What’s this admin business?

Payment Reminders
Design stuff?

Meeting clients and customer service is not something I can really bow out on, and it will always involved people coming and going.
Art + Design Masters
Print Orders

Assisting in Auckland CD Duplication and Copying Expansions

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Okay so coming into 2012 we have a funny situation, where cd duplication is still going really well, we have the opportunity to reach out in new directions, but we can’t overstretch ourselves or what’s the point? What I’m saying is why ruin a perfectly good business by overstretching yourself just to get another off the ground?

You’d think I stop blogging if I wanted to slow down the pace of my business but I’ve got too many ideas and ultimately we want to make the choices that will allow us to grow smart. At the end of the day, 2 successful businesses will bring me to my business goal. But we don’t want to risk one for the other, we want to keep our eye on the ball and develop our secondary enterprises at a sensible pace.

Do I even have to put “cd duplication” here on this blog any more? Cd dvd duplication and cheap printing for auckland and new zealand is what we do here, mainly, we just had to focus on that because it was the easiest thing to turn around – all kinds of marketing and video production and presentation we offered gets really complicated when you’re trying to do it cheaply.

I think the point is you could do a lot of things if you keep at it, it depends on the result you’re looking for. I think maybe business ideas get easy, it’s easy to say hey we can do this, but then opportunity cost rears it’s head – what’s the real opportunity you’re looking for? Is that the opportunity you’re actually missing out on?

We thought heading into 2012 that pirates was the right move. We thought was a great idea because it ticked so many boxes. It’s stiull a great idea, but we decided that if there were more low intensity options that offered the opportunity for a smaller commitment, they should be looked at and considered.

So we focus on where we can take our core activity, but we also consider the bigger picture, that there is always a finite amount of energy and time to put into any effort.

The bigger picture is why would we want to grow our business? To create more opportunities outside of just profit. I guess if we’re already thinking about more people, and assistants, then anyway we grow the business increases the viability of that person. Just doing the numbers now, it’s crazy I haven’t moved on this. It’s just opportunity cost again, because we need someone who can pick things up, so I do less – literally. We recognised that driving around is probably the first thing, and combining that with printing and posting duties.

Someone can’t walk into that job, they’d have to work with me. It’s still pretty stressful, what about me, why do I want to grow this business?

Well as I said, just a little bit of growth and I’m in a pretty comfortable place financially. I’m not raking it in, but it’s enough for me. At the moment I have enough, with another business going strongly I would have enough to do more things that I didn’t expect.

Because it’s good to push yourself forward, push yourself to your best. With help, I could do more, but more importantly when it comes to the business, I do less, and at this stage, to remove all that would leave me with a lot of time, I think – to think, and know what I really want to do with the opportunities I’ve been given.

So in a lot of ways it’s all about not just hiring an assistant to do more jobs so I do less, but being able to pay an assistant to provide the ability to push forward with new ideas.

I would be just focused on the important stuff – sales, debt collection, accounting, and then my growth strategies. You’ve got to think of the assistant as the person who can get you out of here.

You want someone who takes the client, sorts out their art and printing, sorts out their audio, sorts out the cd duplication order, packaging and posts it off, on the way collecting ink, printing and discs for the next order.

so the work they are doing is
– dealing with clients, printers
– driving around
– cd duplication packaging

and the areas we are consolidating in

– buy dvd player
– stockpile supplies
– get assistant

Then I just get on with my own little expansion agenda.

We were talking about giving someone trademe, getting them going with the trademe side of things. That is a bit of a luxury though really.

again I was talking about getting over to australia and getting some cd dvd replication action on there, connecting with melbourne operations to get the discs flying out, people I was talking to were talking about sales being pushed by peple who could come in and help me, targeting certain markets, replicating not only the business model but the marketing strategy also.

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Growth for Pirates, Printing and Promotions, Auckland

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

There are always new opportunities in business but the important thing is to focus on what matters to you – it’s your business, you should get the things you want out of it. The mistake I often make is in thinking that more money, more profit, more revenue more turnover is what matters, and for the first few years, getting going becomes an obsession.

But as I’ve not only grown my business but actively shut down parts of it to reduce the stress on me, you begin to appreciate a little more that it’s a different approach taken when you’re looking to capitalize on your success, rather than grow something big from the beginning. My best idea recently allows me to pull back if I get too busy, but also stockpile so there’s no wasted effort. It is a limited enterprise, but that’s not an issue because I only want something small I can grow with low maintenance.

I want to have ideas on the ground so that if my main business declines, I have options. There’s another business there that just needs 3 months hard graft to get up and running rather than a year or more.

A lot of the old ideas were all about rolling out this business model and replication of systems but systems so often break down and as you progress you start to ask yourself whats the value in constantly fixing them? Business like that for the expanding entrepreneur doesn’t work because they divert attention and frazzle the wits. You’re looking for low maintenance business commitments.

How do we get there?


It’s almost as if from this point I can only expand with an assistant baring everything that would have been lumped on me as the entrepreneur forging the way. What do I do with all the music marketing, youtube promotions and graphic design, website design – all these enquiries coming in for me? I know better than to take them on. But when does it get to the stage that an assistant could make a living out of my offcuts?

How does the assistant fit with what I want to do personally? That’s why I always have my reservations, I don’t want to waste time telling some employee what to do when I’d rather be doing what I want to do.


I have not been advertising for 2 months now which means these blog sessions that help my seo are pretty much the only form of marketing I am doing and I am always looking for ways to leverage my blogging even further than simply writing more and more. A readership would be nice, but at the end of the day, it’s the search rankings that matter and SEO and it’s modern state must be considered.

Writing blogs is great, but article marketing doesn’t really seem to suit the bill because of how no follow has spread. Writing often serves me well but a little bit of organic action – links, fans, buzz, whatever, well it couldn’t hurt. I think we need to recognise how we can repeat the success of the cd duplication services and apply that to new ideas.

Focus your advertising, blogging, link building etc. on pirates or talent or whatever new ground you’re trying to break.


Blogging is not responsible for 100% of sales obviously, it just keeps my search ranking up, and people are coming to my site, seeing my deal is straight up, and it’s all happening from there, more people are using google, etc. to find the services they want, so my strength in online promotion has meant I’ve risen with that tide, but because I’ve been going so long, at least half the sales I get are repeats or word of mouth.

It bodes very well for the future , and will probably have me reviewing being aggressive with cd dvd duplication again next year. But I can’t be aggressive with anything without the staff!

But how do we grow word of mouth and repeat business, is there any way to do what we’re doing, better or is it simply to do it knowing the next few years will probably be an easy run? I think we’ve been over its and it’s simple: don’t aim for more work unless you’ve got the system and people to handle it, otherwise I’ll just be stressed out.


Pirate birthdays are now a focus because we’re looking for those opportunities we can grow without too much stress. It’s not always easy gearing up for a party but it’s 1 hour and it’s done. I do need to be ready to put my prices up also. But it appears that youtube may be where I have the opportunity to make money, if I do a pirate video every week, and I’m getting 50,000 views a week, well I’m making $150 youtube partnership. That’s not too bad, because that’s what I’m talking about in terms of boosting income.

A key to this is that I don’t need more staff or resources in the short term to grow. It means lower commitment and being able to move forward here with th resources I have. Until I find good staff I have to maintain that approach. But what’s more interesting is that once you get to that level then I do become in demand, there are more possibilities opening up in terms of media etc.

Secondary income streams opening up, the main one I see is really doing youtube videos, as I said, and then well I’ve talked about shows – you perform to 100 kids for $5 a head for 40 minutes – well you’re making $500 a pop. it’s certainly something I have to build up to, but the marketing, and establishing myself in SEO, word of mouth, online advertising etc., that’s the important part for right now and anybody reading this.

You do your online marketing in advance. I don’t know when I’ll be able to support graphic design and music marketing and youtube promotion and video production so I’m not planning in advance, but the pirate birthdays is different, I can do it now so I can do the marketing now.

Auckland Duplication, Reproduction, Printing and Copying Website Looks Good

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

I just can’t relax until I’ve made a little bit of an effort with my websites for all the services we offer from cd duplication, dvd duplication, reproduction, printing, colour copying posters – a1, a2 – all that stuff we offer here in auckland new zealand – well it couldn’t hurt if I decided to really make all the websites look better and I’ve got the opportunity now.

If you’re interested in the best service and cheapest price contact me Matt at Kurb –

I mean, what is the obvious thing? The websites don’t LOOK like they should be doing that well, so with a little improvement, I’m sure it’s the easiest thing to do long term. If I was to be slacking off for the next few years, I could afford to do so if I didn;t forget the basics.

Website has to look good, for the benefit of that significant part of the market who look for visual cues of professionalism. I could be missing a whole part of the market who think that my sites are too cheap and it doesn’t give them much confidence in the level of my skills.

I am still chipping away on the auckland colour copying website, I am giving it a new, bolder heading without flowery pictures. The only picture I’m planning is a picture of myself, which will come later when I do my new photography, then I’ll decide if I really need a picture of printed posters and flyers for really stupid people to understand what the site is. Well you know – people just have to be instantly knowing what it is they’re dealing with, the cues have to be there.

I think a picture of me holding out some flyers and brochures in front a big poster should do, but it’s about revising and seeing what works, the only problem is that each revision can be expensive.

It’s just like with my video production, you actually have to make some thought out preparations to do something properly, thinking it through, or you’re just going to end up wasting time and energy.

As the copying site and the artist site comes right, now I’ll be thinking of my pirates site, then the talent agency. Yes, I would like to develop the music marketing and video production sites but there’s no justification right now, I don’t want the work, so it’s pointless to work on something when we’re not certain if we even want to go ahead with it.

The pirates will be about getting my man to go to the format with the thesis theme, and again on the marketing talent site. The marketing talent site needs a new front page. Here’s the bill:

artist site, links and pages redesign: $120
pirate and talent wordpress design: $120
talent front page design: $60

$300. Not bad. We’ll get on to the video production and music marketing sites then but I won’t think about it too much. I think we come up with some quick ideas for our talent site and just get them rolling.

So then I need to think about my photo before I move ahead again:

– one with cd / dvd
– one with posters / flyers
– one with video
– business portrait
– hamming it up – I need like full length shots and shots of me pointing for websites.
– pirates

So it’s pretty weird to think at that stage, come january, there’sno more business development for me to do unless cd dvd duplication, reproduction, printing and copying drops off. If it doesn’t drop, then I’ll keep cruising – though staff will actually still be a big agenda. Getting staff to help me cover the work while pushing out little ideas like the online retail activity.

Specials and great everyday prices:

colour 100 x a3 / 200 x a4 / 400 x a5 / 800 x a6 = $95 Delivered (+ $15 for glossy)
200 x a3 / 400 x a4 / 800 x a5 / 1600 x a6 = $175 Delivered (+ $25 for glossy)

colour stickers: 100 x a6: $75 / 200 x a6: $110 / 400 x a6: $180

paste up distribution cost: a3: 70c a2: $1.20 a1: $2.25

colour 10 x a2 / 4 x a1 = $130 delivered

Ask about our weatherproof / Tearproof banners from $195

terms and selling points

– excellent prices on $50-$1000 spends
– free delivery
– 1-2 day turnaround
– so competitive on combined jobs
– poster / flyer distribution and design services
– cheap banners and sticker printing

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Cheap Design And Online Marketing For My Pirate Website

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Though I’m quickly running out of things that have to be done right now, the idea of another assistant position being created and solid go-to cheap auckland print marketing material was put across as a cheap way of marketing the business based on opportunity, but really I don’t need to aggressively expand right now so if I really wanted to grow aggressively I’d be focused on the assistant, the marketing materials, but because I’m not really struggling and I’m interested in strengthening my business in other ways, I’ve rather put those ambitions on the back burner.

But bringing a fresh professional feel to my sites is a big one that is refusing to budge from being put off.

It’s because I decided on growing business in a way I enjoyed, mainly in music and talent and video – auckland wedding video production for example, and those ideas need solid marketing and promotion – not an assistant to handle organisation, or a brochure or flyer printing, but a solid internet concept that can then be pushed by my adwords ppc skills.

I know I can use advertising to promote my new offerings, but it’s hard to promote something that doesn’t look good, a website is where you push your product or offering, if it doesn’t look professional then you’ve got a credibility issue straight off the bat.

So the best idea for me is to get all my websites sorted out – this product launch plug in I’ve been looking at seems to offer a lot of the things I need for my small business websites. Especially the video production (including auckland wedding videos) and talent management sites I’ve got bubbling, they were only realy looking for a more proffesional look to the landing pages anyway.

Sure, what I’m doing with my artists promotion and music marketing blogs means this won’t fix my issues there because I need big presentation.

I have accepted for now that juggling more employees isn’t as beneficial as I thought, it takes a lot of focus and organisation to put employess to work and I felt it was just another thing that was counter productive. All the productive, industrial methods rely on swapping in cheaper labour which is fine in theory until the primary tasks are disrupted. The brochure

I want to improve website design firstly focusing on presentation, and then raising the quality of my content.

I’ve already been talking about how I want to develop my music promotion and entertainment brands – which is why making these sites stand out with a professional look is a big priority for me.

But my new tactic is for my pirate stuff to lead the way because it’s already established and more viable, I can double, triple my advertising and see instant results, I just bumped it up by 20% just then, to get more into it, get more bookings.

But that will happen so much faster and easier when the website the advertising takes them to looks professional.

The way I want to unroll my pirate birthday marketing is similar to any entertainment brand – a solid and well presented proposition on the website, then the big advertising push. Once the site is working, then augment that with tight video and written content, but it’s all pushing to a series of revenue streams.

– performance bookings – performance bookings is the best one because it is the clearly most valuable most chargeable proposition you can deliver.

But also:

– content sales (dvd, mp3, ebooks etc.)
– affiliate sales + branded merch
– advertising / youtube partnership views
– franchising, getting fairies going

And then:

– Sponsorship is your end goal.

But there won’t be a serious jump in income until I can get one of my other add on extension units established, and that’s going to be work.

I think “operation tinkerbell” is the next big step. Because then we can film more, work on a show, and I’m moving toward a point where I can manage my fairies as a pirate king. Or possibly a goblin king who drives my fairies round and materialises to terrorize the girls or tell a story with the fairies.

THEN when I’ve got that going , because I should be able to film a video with the fairies every week, the website should be cooking and everything else should go from there.

I may need to invest into tinkerbells because it will take me 3 months to train them properly at least before they can go out on their own to do girls parties, though I will be with them, it may still take effort to raise the business so we’re doing 2 parties a week.

It’s as much needing tinkerbell for filming as developing her as a fairy, but long term if I can develop a performance concept . . .

It’ll be just like having a gig. Or we could get hired for more appearances, especially through youtube – big writing:

Pirate Matty and Fairy Fairyface

Birthday Parties: $200

Pirates Story Performance: $500

Event Appearances: $200 for first hour, $125 p/hour for up to 3 hours subsequent.

But if you can do a half hour performance anywhere, do one at a school every week for $500, again, we would be super cheap, because if 200 kids watch it, it’s a deal.

The performance I would like to see more interactive, like the kids are part of the show – like what I do with the kids anyway, except they stay sitting down.

We could have 2 or 3 sets after awhile, makes you more versatile, but at that stage I’d probably be cooling on it anyway. after doing one show a week, a birthday party, copying money from the site, I’d be more interested in going back to my original entertainment brand and making that happen.

In fact by that stage I’d probably want a serious assistant, managing my business, the pirate story shows, and my entertainment brand stuff – again, a long way off.

Pirate Promotions in Auckland – Cheap Services For Entertainers.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a businessman (and entertainer too) working in entertainment services – cheap auckland printing, cd printing and duplication, dvd replication and copying, online marketing, websites – all great afoordabel services entertainers need in auckland and new zealand.

I’m really good atthe making money part, now I’m reaching for things that are more stimulating for me, but still make oney – that balance is fundamental, poverty is no good, bit neither is losing the spark in your work.

There’s several things I’m wondering about my business as it changes in nature, really about creative ways to grow the business – and when I mean grow, I don’t mean grow profit, I should say “develop” – I’m more interested in developing a sophisticated organisation than an organisation that makes more money, that’s just a happy bonus.

This is why I blog a lot more now, because I’m really in an ideas phase, looking for bigger and better ideas than “how to make more money”.

What ways can I better invest my time into the business long term? How can I grow my entertainment brands to provide a minimal supplementary income as partial validation, and provide just that bit of extra income that makes all the difference when treating yourself.

But then you get a problematic loop – You’re less worried about profit, you’re more creative, your activities are more wasteful as they may not provide good value, as it is unmeasured and perhaps unmeasurable, and then you’re stuck doing something no one cares about and making nothing from it – you’ve become completely self indulgent.

So while my entertainment brands are a priority for me at the moment it once again brings back the auckland pirate birthday party ideas back from the brink, they always hovered there because it is working, it is making money, and it is through entertainment.

My strategy is to build my pirate entertainer service over the next 2-3 years into somthing that contributes a good skill and can open some doors for more of my entertainment ideas.

Long term, it’s developing a road show and a sponsorship deal for my youtube video and website etc, where it would really pay off.

But for now I just want to be doing 2 parties most weekends and putting my prices up to $200, adding tinkerbell, and using her to get more girls parties, develop a show, and a brand.

Because I;ve established a toehold theres a web of opportunities that exist.

I could have 4 fairy parties booked and take $100 off each one. I could be doing 1 or 2 shows worth $500 a pop, I could start booking shows out of the city for tours, I could do some kind of videocast, youtube thing, but also if I’m going around promoting and filming myself, recruiting fairies, then I can also promote other stuff as well.

Put together a marketing deal for shops I go into, combining online with some kind of entertainment, performance.

I guess on one hand I just have to get out there and play with it, but I need to refine my pitches, if I’m in some store talking about marketing and promotion I need to be able to cover some attractive options without long winded details.

We need to be weary of getting involved in things we don’t want to be locked into. We can charge $300 for a website, $300 for video, $300 for an ad campaign – we can work out all these deals, but it’s not what we want! What it does offer, is a glimpse into ways we can jack ourselves up if we get into trouble with cd dvd duplication falling off.

So how do we ramp up the pirates?

– website design
– youtube videos, hopefully with tinkerbell
– more advertising

Then develop a show, and keep the videos coming.

Especially anything that could lead to us selling more dvd’s, like if you did some filming around the school and with the kids, and sold them for $10. Sell it as a package for $750 with 100 DVD’s.

How much should a shop pay to be in an episode of pirate matty? $500 at first, but that’s a long way off. Let’s not get too carried away just yet . . .


Growth Trap: Questionable Wisdom in Auckland CD DVD Duplication Printing

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

This is the kurb blog, where I journal my business progress and thoughts in business, promotions services and auckland businesses and services here in New Zealand.

I would like to show less boring subjects on this blog such as the music clients and various projects and organisations we work with, but that would require a little more effort and craft and really the main reason I do this is to keep my search engine rankings nice and healthy. That’s why I jam references to auckland, dvd cd duplication, cheap printing etc in, google loves it! If you have a website in New Zealand and would like to swap links I’m sure we can work something sweet out – I have dozens of sites with great keywords to give your site relevant influence within local search results.

But a real change is taking place for me now that after 6 years, doing business is no longer a struggle as long as I don’t risk stretching myself, getting too ambitious.

Or it could be said that right now, mitigating the more draining aspects of business is a more successful stategy than bull headed growth.

So the best idea for me – to grow without gorowing, which is to say, improve without expanding – is to get all my websites sorted out – this product launch plug in I’ve been looking at seems to offer a lot of the things I need for my small business websites which are messy right now, I’m not getting great conversion when compared with my stellar advertising performance

Especially the video production (including auckland wedding videos) and talent management sites I’ve got bubbling, they were only really looking for a more professional look to the presentation so they didn’t come across dinky or half assed.

Sure, what I’m doing aesthetically with my artists promotion and music marketing blogs means this won’t fix my issues there because I need big presentation, it’s not about being clean and “on message” so much as creating brand impact, a little bit of shock and awe where and to whatever extent is possible. In this case, I can’t just try something, I do need a clearer concept.

But it’s really getting to a crazy point now, I think I worked about 3 hours today. I’m not complaining but it shows a shift in what’s happening between me and my business.

Up until now I was focused on growth, this year I decided to cut down on more stressful activities, the services I offered that earned the least amount for the stress involved – I cut out most consultancy. Now I’m really putting the foot down on graphic design because it’s consistently causing me problems for what I’d expect to earn in no more than a few hours. It’s just not worth it.

Yes it’s irritating that leads go begging every day but all I need it as is a back up plan should things go very dim with my current successful enterprises.

What this is pointing to is that it’s hard to tackle new forms of business when 1 core business is doing so well – it’s feels more challenging doing something else that is relatively unfamiliar and is seemingly difficult when it’s not part of the same work I do day in and day out, and have developed measures upon measures of organisation, systems and backups for.

That’s why I was talking about ways to increase our cd dvd duplication services because that’s where my money is coming from, and it’s so much easier than expanding video – auckland wedding video filming, also the marketing consultancy, music marketing, it becomes to hard to get motivated when I can make twice the money for half the effort duplicating CD’s in auckland, new zealand, and we are also eying up australia.

Cheap auckland copying and printing, the pirate birthday party, the talent management – I can handle that, I do it. My own artist promotion – I do it. If more printing jobs come in, more pirate birthday party bookings, more talent seeking a promo deal, or my own entertainment artist work gathers traction, it won’t really drain me at all.

But having to videotape an auckland wedding, or do an online video presentation for business, or doing any kind of consultancy – it takes time to sell people, keep them informed and execute the work required, that’s what makes it so demanding, and when I’m doing fine financially it tends to rankle me more than anything else remembering I have all these obligations and appointments to meet.

I just went to hire some more writers, I put my price down again but restricted it to these topics which I’m already in. This is the knowledge, if I’m sorted out for income and profits, how I may I going to get a new business off the ground unless I’m already going through the motions?

The flipside is . . . am I leaving myself open? Not if I work on weak links I’ve identified such as presentation, then re evaluate. They will need videos. There’s the crossover because I also realise that video is bigger than just a new strategy in business, video has powerful reach, as well as converging with my personal creative goals. Believing this, I have to push myself along the path of video production.

But where would I like to be in 3 years? Making videos, heading up digital marketing campaigns, or spending 6 months overseas and on tour playing gigs? Probably both. Either way I’m smart to further the online skills I can deliver while on tour, which makes me generally more flexible.

Being the big digital agency is to big for me right now. Maybe one day with the right people. Right now, I’d rather be adventuring, experiencing and creating, if in this window, I can find a way to make a little bit of extra money from it without relying on it, then great, I really am home and safe financially.

cd duplication falls

Blog and Web Content to Develop Web Property and Business Online

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I am still getting more leads but I’m not really too worried.

You could call that negligent customer service and there’s a good argument for that, but my argument is that sales really only helps the business short term, and doesn’t help at all if you’re unable to see the bigger picture. I need to make sure my clients pay their bills, and I need a clearer vision of how things could play out in the next 10 years before I go tearing off in one direction or the other.

That’s why I love blogging for nutting this stuff out. Making that extra sake for an extra few hundred bucks, sure, could be the start of something much bigger, but how big do you want to get? So big that you’re always trying to make an extra few hundred by fitting that last job in?

It’s better to have a plan to disentangle yourself. Which can take many directions, but this after all is a business and promotions blog, so it’s probably smarter to discuss how we can live more productive, profitable and stress free businesses than curtail our standard of living.

I’m focused right now on web property. It’s a broad premise – a veritable garden of possibilities for growing new business.

So from amongst almost 80 sites I own, I’m developing a bunch of websites I’ve picked out as having a long term advantage, because in promoting them, I’m promoting a service I can offer, I’m creating opportunities to get paid through advertising, and finally, the asset value of the website. If I can’t sell something off it for whatever reason including being too successful elsewhere, I can still make money advertising, and failing that, sell it.

In ten years time, my prize specimens such as graphic design cheap could easily be worth $10,000. That’s the value of prime real estate.

Securing some advertising recently totally randomly made me realise there’s a future here, because if I build these now, in 5 years time they could be just humming away making a few dollars a day – 20 of them, I just have to renew my domains and hosting.

At the moment I’ve just been blogging away and it takes a lot of time. I’ve been looking at outsourcing freelance writers, but it is so much about building brick by brick, that’s why I see the need for more skilled writers who can look at the sites we’re trying to develop and contribute articles that people want to read.

The question is whether paying outsourced people $5 an article is really going to help in the framework of developing these websites. Well that’s why we focus on the websites we are trying to leverage for further earnings elsewhere. Auckland Pirate website and our video production website – well in fact music marketing and auckland colour copying also, then modelling and our artist websites – there are all motivations that exist there beyond just covering $5 to pay an outsourced freelance writer.

Will $5 paid to a writer eventually come back in advertising? I think we need to be more aware of where our advertising revenues are coming from, that way we can post articles on the relevant sites and see some returns from advertising. Finally, it’s the sites that one day we know we will sell or put to gainful employment otherwise.

I guess that’s why the graphic design site and the youtube promotions site are candidates to eventually be sold, because with graphic design it’s very demanding for the money you make, while on the youtube promotions site, I can’t advertise through google becuase I’m using “youtube” a google trademark. But what’s a little spending on articles if you sell up for $10k and manage to get some advertising and/or services running – albeit modestly in the years it takes for it to gain value?

I think there’s a bigger point to be recognised about reinvestment also.

So it’s my job to develop these sites. I am already using web design and blog design to develop the presentation, but because hiring writers is cheap, and more importantly, it makes me say . . . blogging is taken care of – well, what do I do next once I hire writers?

At the moment I am spending at least 10 hours blogging a week. By spending $50 on writers, and a few hours on editing, I am still geting the same amount of content out there. But I need to get decent content people want to read.

Just as this advertising deal I got comes up, it raise the idea of having quality material for an audience, having someone who you can work with to go with a story that you know will work. I was looking at new zealand writers because they could provide articles that would interest new zealanders. We could use this blog to post generally topical items, just to get local visitors aware of what we do.

By posting about adidas jumpers or happy feet or anything that is really topical in new zealand, visitors will come, see we do cd dvd duplication, video services, cheap printing etc, and then we’re building the brand.

We really have to identify the site because we would quickly flip the blog to quality content – we couldn’t have one random bad post, the metamorphosis from spammy poor content caterpillar blog to social media destination butterfly won’t work if you interrupt the process.

Where can we focus higher quality effort? These are the sites I am working on – upgrading presentation and adding blog posts – for more business, advertising revenue and a decent sale price

pirate birthday videos
music video marketing
viral video marketing – explosions
Auckland copying.
NYL / modelling video talent
artist sites

as far as I’m concerned, music marketing has crossed the line into higher quality content, but it’s a hard one to get writers to understand what I do.

But if I could get quality new zealand writers . . . and stage it as a me vs. them panel type situation where I get them to lay out their assumptions and research and then address it, such as ” is buying twitter followers, facebook likes and youtube views a smart move”. It’s a whole different approach in finding something worth writing about, first.

This works for pirates also because of what I want to do with this site.

Just remember our services are available in grey lynn, ponsonby, westmere, sandringham, pt chev, mt albert, mt roskill, mt eden, epsom, newmarket, kingsland, eden terree, newton, parnell, remuera, hillsborough, three kings, royal oak, greenlane, herne bay, freeman’s bay and all over auckland and new zealand.

We also offer cheap auckland printing and photocopying, banners and posters – a2, a3, a4, a1 printing and posters.

Business Planning for CD, DVD, Printing, Video and Online Media

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Right now I’m getting a clearer focus for my blogging.

Cd duplication and dvd replication all kinds of cd printing and dvd printing, packaging in auckland new zealand is at the core of our business so much of my secondary activity has to feed into that. That’s all content based.

It;s either going to be a video, or a blog or some ad copy. So the content has to be there, to bring someone to the proposition – that’s where I make money. But I really just trying to focus on being creative enough to get something happening. Some great videos, a great blog a great newsletter, that’s going to matter. That’s going to happen. If you’re focused on creativity in video production and your blogging, newsletters, you’re connecting with people, then go big enough, you’re going to inspire people somewhere to do business, and once you’re already rolling like I am, it’s just adding to the momentum.

Where does it go? Well if I am picking up an extra cd or dvd replication job or working on online video productions and online video marketing then it’s going to be a score for me. If I can work out how to get more artists and clients trusting me then I may be able to take this to the next level.

Right now, I’m doing great but I’m trying to project here that cd and dvd replication may not be around forever, but as you’ve seen the more I research, the more I feel that the decline may only be beginning in 5 years. But as I’ve said before, if the decline begins in 3 years or 7, I’m still going to need a plan, but that plan must be governed by a deeper understanding, that’s why I keep raking over this topic, because if I know cd and dvd can fund my business development over 3 – 7 years then I know there are possibilities available.

It may sound crazy to think I could do online advertising campaigns fully developed on big budgets, manage talent and make money from my own art, but once you put it into a 5 year plan, that’s doable, planning to arrive in 5 years is not ambitious at all when you know that you have a revenue source to tide you over.

But what’s that plan? That cheap printing is already a part of my business. Between the printing and what will be left of cd and dvd duplication, cd replication services, we should be able to scrape up some money – I really think after being in printing for 10 years, I’ll have contacts and people who come to me for business so that I probably make twice what I do now from that but half as much in cd and dvd.

Leaving my video and online work to replace the shortfall.

Income sources from 2015:

Cheap Printing – including graphic design
Online Video Services – Cheap Auckland Wedding Video, Youtube Marketing, Music Video Production
Online Marketing – Music and Business
Artist Earnings / Online Retail / Ad Revenue
Hospitality / Retail

So in 5 years I expect my earnings from doing video work and other online marketing services to have doubled or tripled what they are now, 4-5 years ago I was earning as much online as I did from cd and dvd copying, and in 4-5 years it will return to that situation.

I also hope for some of my hobbies – my artists stuff, the talent agent services I’ve been looking into, and web income from other sources such as advertising to make up a good supplement of a few hundred a week, gardening and pirate birthdays are there as options when I need them, but the whole damn thing is a big option! It’s a big old safety net, but we’re trying to analyse what rate of progress is required.

The reality is over four whole years I need to double my already tiny online and video production work, but it’s at that point, that there could be a sharp drop, and I need to know there will be something in place. There will be, but the fact is if I’m going to rely on doing video I have to be already doing it, and so some hard work might be involved! You can see why timing is so important, I don’t want to burn myself out, but I don’t want to go through a couple of lean years because I didn’t plan ahead.

But what this means is that as long as I can get one video production or auckland wedding video each week, I will be doing half as much work in cd dvd reproduction which would free up more time and more focus. It’s doesn’t take as much time, but it is hard to focus on other business when you’ve got enough as it is, that’s why I write these blogs to have a long term plan in plce while I have the luxury of the time to plan.

Maybe I can cruise for a few years but I need to know I can get enough video work to cover the decline, and once we pass the tipping point, have a whole new business to get into. The old business providing a third of my income, the video production the same, and new business the same.

We can’t quite say what new business maybe because we’re talking about 7 years from now! Ideally a boutique where I can do my cd dvd stuff and printing and have some other things going on, what was the plan? shop in 5 years, shop + hospo in 10 years, and shop + hospo (bar/cafe) + bigger hospo (club/restaurant) in 15 years. In 15 years, that could all be happening, at some point I will level up as an entrepreneur and stop worrying about whether I made enough to cover my outgoings this week because it’s bigger than that. You have a shop / cafe / bar / restaurant spread over 2 or 3 locations, you’re probably getting by.

I mean seriously, if you run a hospo spot wouldn’t your food bill go down $100 just from getting coffee and meals there? I’m just saying – possibilities exist beyond what we’re doing now.

So the outcome is, we are preparing for something that won’t happen for 4 years. It’s good to have a backup plan, but when is it overkill?

We have to be serious about the fact we’re not in control of all the opportunities, anything could happen.

Blogging On Cheap Auckland Printing, CD DVD Duplication

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Contact kurb promotions in auckland new zealand for cheap auckland printing as well as the most competitive cd dvd duplication and replication service in new zealand!


I’m Matt and I’ve been developing my promotions business with online techniques for over 6 years now.

At the moment I’ve been thinking about promotion and online marketing because I often use blogging as a default promotions strategy to boost my search rankings, and I can place advertisements in page which will be there for years to come. Publishing a blog, though such a small thing is still an effective strategy that provides for long term options.

But it is time consuming and it’s a hard thing to pin down if you’re trying to replicate the successes of the top bloggers. Most businesses are looking for cheap ways to increase awareness about what they do, blogging is one of the cheapest ways to increase your profile, mainly because it helps you rank above the competition that is perhaps not blogging.

Google pays attention to fresh original content. Your competitors may have been smart enough to throw up a dozen articles on their website for googles appreciation, but a blog allows you to update regularly. I find if I’m posting a lot on this blog, it doesn’t effect my rank a great deal, but a month or two later, thing have usually picked up, it takes awhile for google to get used to what’s going on.

I often think about adwords. Often blogging like most content strategies you’re trying to capture attention and refine that into sales of something. Their are different strategies from being super relevant to those wanting to make a purchase, to building brand recognition and trust long term do followers and customers respect the brand, and trust in purchasing. With blogging for SEO or adwords, either way, you’re plugging into googles massive influence, in order to tap into their massive practically unrivaled audience.

Do you buy that influence or do you try to use a content strategy such as blogging to create attention through it? My thinking is that sludgy content is a poor strategy worthy of only the lowest rung, I should be beyond this, I should be refining.

Remember it all revolves around sales of high value products and services in this case cheap auckland printing, cd printing, dvd prinitng, cd duplication, dvd duplication. Not the easiest thing to form a content strategy around, and so, advertising would seem the smart option.

So even if you have high quality content such as online videos and well written blogs how does that translate to sales because you’re only other option is advertising, which can be expensive. You’ve got to look at your product.

For me, anything that leads to the sales of CD or auckland dvd duplication, copying printing, is effective. That could be my SEO and my advertising, blogging increasing my SEO performance or word of mouth. Long term I’m also doing posters, cheap auckland printing for flyers, etc I’m doing video production – and ideas such as classifieds and trademe marketing are specifically designed for mail contact so I can then send them out this brochure I’m putting together.

These are solid services but there’s here’s only so much advertising you can invest into before you need to think about branding, building loyalty etc. and that comes back to having an excellent product and service. Talking about solving problems, sure, but given that’s in place, now I need to use branding, promotion and marketing to make myself the most obvious competitor the way michael hill and mad butcher did.

The music marketing blog is where the most attention has been received, go there, build the brand, blog creatively and push cd replication, dvd replication, and services that I can make decent money on. I’ve been talking about making a connection between what people need, and where they perceive the value. If you do all this stuff they need such as design etc and manage those needs and then sell them the cd dvd duplication and all their printing as well then you’re making it all worthwhile.

There’s a process:

– blogging is too time consuming and not creative and valuable enough as a promotions strategy for cheap auckland cd dvd duplication and printing.

– adwords frees up effort in marketing, blogging

– so then I have the time to slowly plan how I can make money out of what I enjoy – blogging, music, aspects of video and content that offers narrative and creativity. Ideas include:

– bringing more persona to my music marketing blog and leveraging it sell CD DVD replication deals, especially if I target australia.
– using blogging and content to push a newsletter